iPhone 12 Pro Max Clone Unboxing!

published on August 3, 2020

What's up guys everything Apple Pro here another year another unreleased iPhone clone today let's go ahead and take a look at the latest iPhone 12 pro clones these are straight out of the factory and they incorporate the new changes Apple is bringing to the iPhone 12 of

Course these guys always like to be Apple to the punch and this year is no exception presentations a bit lacking as usual well let's see how these new clones compare to Apple's iPhone 11 pro series

And how close they come to the actual design alright so oh whoa okay that's new I've never seen something like that so this box actually has some depth to it I like that they're doing something different at least gives me hope that on

The inside it'll be a little different 512 gigabytes includes an iPhone 12 pro max earpods with lightning ooh these guys are a little late that's not happening this year and we have one of a different color

Here but no matter which color you get they all come in the same packaging this one's gold this one's green but the exterior is silver now apparently the latest cavs are showing us that we're not going to be getting a quad a camera

But then again the latest cabs aren't representative of the final product so that may yet change what we are expecting is a smaller notch a quad camera design a boxier design more reminiscent of the iPhone 4 series oh ok

Wow that is a I'll tell you the presentations a little better than last year at least it's not wrapped in bubble wrap and you get straight to your phone here packaging actually supposed to be super thin on this year's iPhone about

The thickness of an air pause box here's this one oh okay so I like that it's boxxy boxxy feeling is pretty great actually very comparable to the housing swap mods that we've done here on the 11pro

And the lenses looking a little small compared to the real deal here actually considerably thinner than I thought and this one actually a smaller notch maybe it's hard to tell so there's the gold one let's take a

Look at the green one which according to the rumors shouldn't be happening it should be navy blue okay so Oh midnight green actually very close to apples color looks good so there's that midnight green color you

Can see flat edges which feel magnificent in your hand now these incorporate a bevel on the edge which Apple should not have on the final product the edges will be very reminiscent of the iPad pro curvature

And this one is showing it more extreme SIM card trays still in the same place on these models and it's nowhere near as big as Apple's version will be this is the pro max actually not as wide and the camera lens is way smaller than the

Final product will be so actually comparing the sizing to the 11pro max here so yeah they went off of this sizing which is exactly the same so future clones will be a little bit larger lens orientation so even on the

Latest CAD it's considered wrong here this is theoretically how it should be but these lenses are way too tiny still I like that they're following the protocol at least of the latest leaks so let's go ahead and turn these bad boys

On see which version of iowa's 14 we're running as they're sometimes running a futuristic build on the inside have a lightning to USB a and USB a 5 watt adapter which is loosely incorporated into the box and ear pods which should

Not be here now no Apple stickers but we do get a sim eject tool I haven't seen one of those in a while this version does not have air power in the instruction manual so a little bit more realistic

These have arrived with different times oh did you hear that it has the old iPhone 2g swipe to unlock sound they're bringing back the retro vibes iPhone 2g sound effects one more time nice for the money this feels solid that's a solid

Metal border very sharp feels great in the hands brightness does not get up very high and let's see software-wise how advanced they got the icons are looking a little whack here YouTube icon looks different

So definitely not Iowa's 14 icons let's see what it's running so I was thirteen point five point one I feel like Apple wasn't confident enough to release I was fourteen with

Their new iPhones it's always a random version of iOS but the name is iPhone 12 Pro max here pretty much in line with what we've seen before let's see if this has helped us in the control center nope they do you have it on the home screen

Back before the battery icon was filled in on that menu there and the camera app so way old definitely not anything recent screen is very dim very slow and choppy only two times zoom no six times even yeah they tried so you have this

Massive chin area here on the bottom and compared to the current 11 Pro max display definitely looking a little bit dated but considering this is roughly around 130 hundred forty dollars you know it's still pretty adequate so when

Wi-Fi is off they call it close here so not even off just close do we still have more selection than Apple seems like they do as far as the cameras go they all look fake I think yeah one two three these are all fake we have one good one

On the back it's connect to Wi-Fi and get some specs going although I still feel like they're running the same processor all these years later alright so I've just finished the geek bench test and I'm running minecraft on

This clone and just to give you an idea of how agonizingly slow this is it's terrible so there's lag just walking around without anything of action happening when you look at the sky that framerate

Gets better you come down starts lagging down here another thing I noticed it's gonna be hard to catch but looking at the knotch you can tell that the top layer on the glass is a larger knotch than what's underneath

I believe the notch ends literally right here and they just overlay this it's a ridiculous they had to add more fake not just to match apples it could have been smaller on its own so a actual Geekbench score this is what we're looking at a

Solid 412 and a thousand 95 multi-core you do get two gigabytes of RAM which is nice comparable to the six gigabytes you'll be getting on the actual 11 Pro or twelve Pro Series Android 60 why bother

With the newer versions and all of the instability and issues they bring the older the better they're still using the same processor you would find on an iPhone clone from the 6s era so as a the displays get bigger they save money on

The processor just think that's funny they literally will never update this processor we'll be making these videos five years from now and they'll still be using the mt6582 slowest piece of crap processor ever formulated all right so

Absolutely terrible experience on the speed system UI interface not so bad I guess last test is let's test that quad camera layout see what the fourth one offers I'm not seeing a lighter sensor on this clone another interesting thing

Is we do have a little cutout here this theoretically should be the SIM card tray on the final and it's not on this clone apparently this is a 5g millimeter wave antenna and we'll see on the final version but one thing I'd like to point

Out is it's surprisingly comfortable the rounded edges on the steel flat sides here make a world of difference in comfort it doesn't really dig in it's very pleasant to hold actually gives you a little bit more grip in holding the

Device I personally find out a little bit more comfortable than the 11 Pro max you just have something to dig into honestly not so bad and I like how sleek it makes your phone feel course with a straight edges Apple can cram more

Internals in there but yeah let's go ahead and test out the camera and then we'll come back and do a little teardown but this is in every way a step back for clones it's funny how some years they get better then they go backwards older

Version of Android just absolutely nothing special about the software in fact there are some elements of the software from Iowa's and era I honestly don't know why they do it do people actually use these so

Let's test this hour in our 3d print lab been doing a lot of printing this is with the front facing camera honestly but the coolest things ever is learning about 3d printing making cool gadgets for the future phoner of also we're

Working on the wireless charger now part of focus here and the next beta of our rebel series case this is for the 54 in sheathing Owens gonna be a very popular option just because of how small it is let's go check out the kiddies so here's

The mama kitty details actually not bad up close and here is the spawn you know cute young goodness it's my favorite one these are part Maine Coon I don't know the other part but they are adorable there are three left unclaimed if anyone

Wants to pick one up cutie so as far as detail goes not terrible still 480p quality and some greenery as you can see pretty much unchanged from the older models absolutely terrible and as far as all the other

Cameras here I'm not seeing a setting for changing between the lenses so maybe it's because they look fake so this one's plastic tops off just like that and flash oh wow that's alive so it's not a quad flash it's a dual flash and I

Believe it's just one flash unit with a little filter acting as a amber flash okay and surprisingly removed without breaking very similar to the actual structuring of an iPhone 11 pro now the moment of truth ah lies indeed just the

One miniscule camera module will appear the rest are just duds and the flash just two standard LED flashes with completely false coloring on the amber lies everything all right so there it is the iPhone 12 Pro max clone would I

Recommend it absolutely not I don't actually know why they're still even making these at the very least it's indicative of what the iPhone 12 pro max will feel like even though it will be just a little bit larger and yeah so

There it is latest pile of crap from China let's hope the next version is at least a little bit better I think they could have done so much better here thanks for watching guys stay tuned for the next one peace

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