iPhone 12 Pro Max Clone Unboxing!

by birtanpublished on October 2, 2020

hi everyone aaron here for zollotech and
this is
something a little bit different so i
thought we'd take a look at it and
this is actually a clone iphone 12. so
let's see what it looks like
open it up here see if we can get in
and i have no idea what this even looks
like so let's go ahead and see what
we've got
so no box just a bunch of foam it looks
nothing else in there and let's set the
box aside
so there's no box here let's see it
looks like we've just got
a phone inside nothing else so let's
take a look at it
and this is kind of interesting this is
not what i expected
we've got a little looks like protective
bumper here on the side
so let's see if we can remove that
it's got plastic wrapping all around it
so let's take the wrapping off
and let's take the screen protector
cover off it actually has a screen
protector pre-installed with some air
bubbles under it and this is what the
design of the iphone
12 pro max sort of will look like
this one has four different cameras
which is kind of funny
and as you can see here is the prototype
for case makers
and it has three cameras which is what
we think the actual look will
be like with a little lidar hole right
here and a flash
so this one is a little bit different
along the right side edge you've got
that power sleep wake button
a sim card tray and it looks like even a
lightning port on the bottom
with a speaker and microphone and then
your volume buttons and they definitely
don't feel like apple buttons
and then a silent switch so nothing else
let's take this screen protector off
since it
looks pretty terrible
there we go and let's boot it up
and you can see there's some pretty huge
bezels here this is kind of
funny that they actually made this this
way the bezels are huge on this
let's see if it fits in the case that's
supposed to be for the iphone 12 pro max
and so it does fit the button placement
is wrong
compared to the case the square is a
little bit wrong with the cameras
the volume buttons are a little bit
wrong so everything's a little bit off
with this particular
phone the back is actually a frosted
glass so that looks pretty nice though
and it's booting up android that says
so let's see what happens when it boots
up here and there we go so let's go
ahead and swipe
up and we have a chinese version of
ios 14 it looks like so let's go into
and it's similar we've got general let
me see if i can change the language of
now i was able to change the language so
everything is legible for me anyway
used a little translate app to do that
so you can see it looks
very much like ios let's go to general
let's go to back about the touch is not
that great
about you'll see it says ios 14.0 of
this is not ios 14 it's android the
swipe works there's a little bit of a
vibrate when you
swipe back let's go back and then again
if we scroll
we swipe up if we swipe up and hold
we sort of get an app switcher let's see
what the camera looks like so we'll go
into the camera
and we've got all the different modes so
we can zoom in let me bring in the
other one here we'll zoom in so it zooms
just a little bit and sort of have a
wide angle
let's go to video
and this is incredibly slow but no real
options here for video
and it looks like the camera doesn't
hardly even work so if we swipe you'll
see how buggy it is so if we swipe out
go back to the camera maybe we'll go to
photo snap a picture
and we'll go into the photo and
everything is so slow
so we'll zoom in and it's out of focus
and looks terrible so
it's kind of comical how they've set
this up let's go to the app store
and it wants us to have cellular access
which or
wireless access not going to do that
let's go into weather
you'll see what it looks like we'll go
back to gallery
and there's the photo we took
and then if we swipe over to well let's
go into imessage here
and so it's sort of like imessage
and then again we have all of our
different apps so we've got files even
and the interesting thing is they've
made a fairly good clone
as far as its look but it's fairly
clunky and of course you have these huge
bezels around the outside edge
now if we go to settings and maybe if we
scroll all the way to the
down to the bottom we have apns
and a couple extra apps installed let's
go to
general and
the software is up to date so it's
really funny that they've got this set
up this way let's pull down the control
and it actually works see we can adjust
that's as bright as the display goes so
it's not very bright at all
bring it down and of course
it's a generic version of an iphone but
the one thing i do have to say is it
pretty good in the hand it feels very
much like an iphone 5.
so where an iphone 5 actually has this
sort of chamfered edges on it i really
like that
of course i can't wait to get my hands
on the real thing so i can see what it's
like to hold but
it has a this is plastic i'm pretty sure
but the feel is actually pretty good
it's very grippy because
it's not rounded and slippery and i
think it'll be pretty good this is
laughable of course but in general i
think it's pretty funny
something a little bit different and i
thought i'd share that with you let's
see if a lightning cable works with it
now i did plug it into a power adapter
i'm not plugging it into my computer
which is nearby but it does work with a
lightning cable
it will charge off a lightning cable and
it works so it's a fairly convincing
hardware clone as far as the way the
ports are
sort of the buttons and of course
face id doesn't really even exist so if
we go to settings
go down to face id and passcode
iphone unlock and get started
and you'll see it's using the forward
facing camera
and it's just sort of faking face id at
this point so it's just going around the
hit continue we'll set up a passcode
and this screen isn't even retina i
don't know if you can see that but it's
it's pixelated i can see the pixels in
it so if we swipe up
tap on the screen for face unlock it
now let's do it so it's this way
it's actually looking for a face anyway
so it's looking for my face it won't
unlock and
it wants me to put a passcode in so
that's pretty interesting it actually
looked for my face at least
but the hardware overall if you turn the
screen off and you didn't know that the
bottom bezel was there
actually feels pretty good it's pretty
large and
like i said compared to the the
prototype used for case makers of course
it looks very different
and it's similarly sized to an 11 pro
max for example so here's an 11 pro max
next to it
and the squared off edges look really
nice so i
i prefer the squared off look let me
know what you think in the comments
but let me know if you want to see more
of these in the comments below i thought
this was pretty interesting and
it's fairly convincing at least the way
it looks of course the four cameras
gives it away that i don't really think
that's what it's going to look like but
something a little bit different but let
me know what you think about it in the
comments below i'll link a new wallpaper
for you as well in the description like
i normally do and if you haven't
subscribed already please subscribe
if you enjoyed the video please give it
a like as always thanks for watching
this is aaron i'll see you next time


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