iPhone 12 Pro, AirPods 3 & iPhone 9 Event Leaks!

by birtanpublished on August 24, 2020

It what's up guys everything Apple Pro here and boy do I have a leaks update for you today so a lot of news a lot of happenings the iPhone 9 event we have the actual date some more leaks on that a lot of iPhone 12 stuff iPad pros are coming sooner than we thought there's a

New air pods pro light and a lot of other news so let's get into that it's a very exciting week for us we're launching our cases on Thursday so pre-orders I'll have an actual ship date for you before Thursday right now we

Don't know the outbreak threw a wrench in the plans of Apple even in terms of manufacturing in China it's pretty bad out there well we'll give you an update on that soon also we are still running the giveaway for five airpot pros three

Samsung Galaxy has twenty ultras and the titanium case details on that down below now first and foremost let's start with the iPhone 9 a German website seems to think that Apple will be holding an event on March 31st to launch their new

4.7 inch iPhone se 2 replacement which is supposedly going to be called the iPhone 9 they're saying they'll be launching it on April 3rd thank goodness it's not an April 4th everyone would think that's a joke and I would expect

Apple to start sending out invites fairly soon here also Ming chiku published a report on the iPhone 9 despite the corona virus outbreak the launch is supposedly still happening the first half of 2020 and he gave an

Interesting detail here the lens on the iPhone 9 will remain a 6th element plastic lens like the iPhone 7 and 8 before it and this is to reduce complexity on this new phone and that would add further delays on top of the

Outbreak and delays that Apple is currently experiencing and that's an interesting note because it's very likely this will be the exact same design as the iPhone 8 series which would save Apple a lot of money in

Manufacturing costs and not to mention the price is staying at 399 dollars this has further been confirmed again by Fast Company so it literally is a follow-up to the iPhone se same price same strategy of just taking the same shell

Of an older phone and refitting it with newer internals that's a good thing I mean that's how you keep the prices low and I'm actually very excited for that device in case makers are already preparing cases for this suppose that I

Phone se 2 is what they're calling it and that's a very easy case for them to make as the only difference is that the iPhone will be 0.5 millimeters thicker which shouldn't really make it in a case some older ones will still fit

And whether or not it'll be called the SE 2 or iphone 9 it seems up for debate right now between these case companies but let me know what you guys think iPhone 9 or se 2 and in a new report by digit times they're claiming that the

New iPad pro will be releasing around March which perfectly coincides with the rumor that Apple will be holding an event on March 31st where they'll announce these new iPads also from digit times a report from earlier last week

Says that the iPad pros will be happening in fall so they have since revised that but in that report they detailed that a 5 nano meter a 14 X chip is coming on the iPad pros so that's gonna be an absolute powerhouse I can't

Wait to see what it's capable of knowing what the a 12 X can produce right now also included in the report is that these iPads will support sub 6 gigahertz and millimeter wave 5g technology also a product of really looking forward to

Hoping to see it at this event is the Apple air tag this was leaked long ago before the iPhone 11 Pro is even launched and it'll use the U 1 chip to be able to locate items precisely indoors presumably on a keychain you'll

Be able to stick it to things just a very fun little solution and a great take against tile and digitize has been on a roll in a separate report they did mention ear pods pro-lite amongst several products Apple is working on for

The first half of 2020 apparently we'll be seeing a refreshed version of ear pods they're calling them air pods pro-lite now margarin quickly commented on this by the way I met him at the Samsung event that was a really great

Moment for me he's a hero of mine in the Apple leaked scene but anyways he did mention that this is most likely just referring to original air pods now what's possible is that they meant that Apple would be refreshing air pods too

And developing air pods 3 so a slightly improved version of air pods – possibly with a new h2 chip I don't know what they could possibly improve on it maybe the new bluetooth LE standard I'm really not sure here another far-out thought I

Had is could these be the air pods that Apple is developing to be low-cost to include with the 20/20 iPhones also mentioned in a follow-up article by digit times ear pods pro-lite will not be going into production until after

Quarter two they were originally planned for core so it's possible we could be seeing them at the same time as the iPhone 12:12 Pro release in an interesting study provided by counterpoint research is saying that

Apple is primed to sell 100 million pairs of air pods in 2020 now for comparison they sold 130 million in 2019 they're just killing it absolutely dominating with their ear pods line and that isn't stopping anytime soon I also

Wanted to talk about car key so as a feature coming to the iPhone eventually we don't know when it was found in the beta build of iOS 13.4 by Steve Moser and it really shines a light on the future and what's gonna be happening you

Really won't need to carry around keys for a car anymore much like on a Tesla but pretty much on every car Apple wants to create a standard a car key solution using NFC starting with Iowa's 13.4 possibly Apple might add that then or

Wait until the iPhone 12 Pro launched but essentially you'll just walk up to your car you'll be able to unlock it with a face ID authentication and then you can start the engine and drive away and that's a very exciting prospect for

The future now taking that even further the U 1 chip inside of the iPhone 11:11 Pro right now Apple isn't really doing much with it there's a feature for airdrop and that's it could make this so much better the u1 chip would work from

A distance not NFC distance you can actually just walk up to your car and the doors could open you know there's some features that Apple could work with car manufacturers to implement there and that makes me excited as a car guy not

To mention with a u1 chip if you have home pods in separate rooms and you're playing music walking throughout the house could activate music in different areas it's a very exciting piece of tech that's in an iPhone and really hasn't

Been activated yet all right now moving on to the iPhone 12 stuff so maca takara earlier did share these three models of the suppose at iPhone 12 models coming this year in it is a 5.3 inch which is the 5.4 inch iPhone 12 then there's a

6.1 inch and the supposed 6.7 inch but the sizes are all misaligned it's unclear if these are actual CAD models and have been printed or if these are just an estimation fan-made render but it does give us an interesting look at

What Apple could potentially be releasing in particular the 5.4 inch looks pretty good the sensors seem a little bit bigger than the iPhone 11 Pro Series and that's why this could be legitimate as we did

Hear from an earlier report that they would be growing it's a cool look at a potential squared off design that the iPhone 12 is supposed to adopt according to rumors now one interesting detail I noticed is that on the 6.7 inch looking

At the flash it appears that it might be a ring type flash where the flash might encircle a feature potentially the 3d camera or the mic and as a result we've changed our iPhone concept to accommodate this just to give you a

Visual and it doesn't look too bad now I wouldn't put it past Apple that they do this as one of the original iPhone 11 probe prototypes from back in January of 2019 one that Apple was actually actively debating whether or not to use

How to ring flash and that never materialized so Apple was looking at that technology it's possible they could add it to this year's iPhone or at very least the six point seven inch and also an interesting

Detail is looking at the speaker ports on these models they're still asymmetrical now in an earlier report from active car they did mention that Apple would be making the speaker ports more uniform and what I took that as is

That they would be symmetrical Apple would go back to having the same amount of speaker holes on both sides these models do not reflect that change though and also in our latest concept we did change the camera on the 6.7 inch

IPhone to be larger about 15% this is reflecting the leak from Mac Takara where they said the camera sensor would be getting larger so just to give you an idea of how that would look and I'd say it doesn't look too bad it's only

Natural that the camera will keep evolving so don't put it past Apple to make that larger this year and a new report by Fast Company is detailing how Apple will be building their own antenna for the 5g

Modems inside of the 20/20 iPhones originally they gave that job to Qualcomm not only would they be providing a modem but also the antenna with it the qtm at 525 apparently Apple engineers balked at the design of this

That it was too large to fit inside of their sleek and industrial design of the iPhone 12 and as a result Apple will be developing their own I thought that was interesting looking at the actual pictures it does look a little bulky

Here and hopefully this doesn't mean or cellular reception or speeds as it's Apple's first generation of 5g modem antenna an interesting detail also mentioned by Fast Company is that Apple is working on an alternate prototype

That will be incorporating this antenna from Qualcomm but as a result the iPhones will be thicker so it's possible that this year's iPhones will not be getting thinner as earlier mentioned at least the six point seven inch model

Would be getting considerably thinner versus the 11pro max Apple is really pushing the engineering edge here and they certainly don't want Qualcomm to throw a wrench in their plans Fast Company also mentions that Apple is

Developing a phased array antenna for the 2020 5g iPhones and what that means is without moving the antenna like in the old days when you had to extend it out of your flip phone it can electronically steer the signal without

Moving the antenna bit and digit times mentions that coronavirus will not affect the launch timeframe of the iPhone 12 but it will affect the release thing so Apple will still launch the iphone 12 in September as planned as

Usual and it's possible we may see a delay for the actual shipping of this product by up to a month we've seen this before with the iPhone 10 so it's nothing unusual and it's totally understandable also wanted to mention

The leaked Google pixel 5 from John over at front page Tech and I think it's so interesting I personally like it it's crazy but I just feel like this year we're gonna be seeing crazy designs companies are trying to stand out

Compared to Apple's crazy design for the iPhone 11 Pro and we're seeing stuff like this as a result and some trivia to leave it off with yes we knew that the original iPhone processor was multitudes faster than the Apollo 11 computer used

To land man on the moon but did you know that your iPhone charger has more power than that very same computer right guys that's the latest I have a huge update for you this weekend stay tuned and see you at pre-orders guys thank you for

Everybody pre-ordering and supporting peace

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