iPhone 12 Lineup Leaks, Galaxy S11, Cybertruck & More Apple News!

by birtanpublished on September 9, 2020

Hey what's up guys everything Apple Pro here sorry for the absence it's been an absolutely hectic month for me and I wanted to get back into the thick of things with an Apple news update we've got some leaks regarding the 2020 iPhone actually a lot of them considering it's

Only December also the Galaxy S 11 design has leaked and have one-upped Apple in the lens Department I'm just shocked here also some se2 stuff mini LED iPads MacBooks and the future beyond I also wanted to discuss the cyber trek

Event I was there didn't get a chance to post but first things first I promised an update on our case and let me tell you this designing a case from the ground up from the concept to actually the physical product and having

It be exactly as you wanted it to be is the hardest thing I've ever done in my life and compound that times 21 different iPhone cases were making so that's a mold for every single case unlike glue with his new cases we just

Bought them and rebranded them from Aliexpress we actually modeled and designed every single one it's about a fourteen thousand dollar cost per mold times 21 iPhones you want every detail to be perfect but we're opening up the

Website on December 15th and pre-orders on January 1st that's like will not change 100% is the date so I'm so sorry for the delay everyone waiting we'll have these out soon and I'll be celebrating with a

Massive air Potts pro giveaway on launch ok well let's get into those leaks and I wanted to start off with a quote from 95 max saying don't be surprised about the early leaks because last year we had the 11pro design in January apples working

On things years in advance so to hear about them a year in advance now ten months is not too surprised now a new report from JP Morgan is confirming that Apple is completely overhauling the 2020 lineup the five point eight inch iPhone

Is shrinking to a five point four inch screen size the six point one is staying the same but there will be two different variants of it I know what the differences will be and the 6.5 inch is growing to a six point seven inch

Display so Apple will be making its largest iPhone next year and shrinking its most popular five point eight inch model they did confirm that 5g will be available on all of the models and that 3d sensing cameras will only be

Available likely on the 12th Pro and Promax not the budget and model also that report JPMorgan claims Apple will be staggering their iPhone release schedule starting in 2021 meaning they'll be releasing two iPhones in the

First half and two iPhones later on in a year in order to better keep up with arrivals and seasonal demand it's an interesting departure from their once-a-year release which iPhones they'll be releasing earlier probably

The budget and models and the report says depending on how people react to the new features or designs they'll be tweaking the new iPhones later on in the year accordingly that actually sounds pretty smart for the iPhone development

Team oh and we've tweaked our 20/20 iPhone concepts based on new information from Ben Gaskin he claims the time-of-flight camera sensor will be as small as the microphone sensor based on his sources so we adjusted that I don't

Know where the microphone would go maybe sit right next to the new time-of-flight sensor but it's definitely not in your face being that small and a report by et news is also corroborating all the new screen sizes in 2020 claiming five point

Four six point one and then six point seven inches will happen and they're saying that all of them will have an organic LED display so that means no more LCD on the mid-tier 6.1 inch model although the premium twelve and twelve

Probe maxes will have an advanced organic LED display this is using Samsung's Y octa technology where they remove a layer for the touch panel and print it directly onto the organic LED panel saving space and likely reducing

The cost and a report from Barclays claims that Apple will be upgrading the RAM on 2020 pro model iPhones to six gigabytes so an additional – to handle all of your multitasking and more demanding app needs although the

Standard 6.1 inch 20/20 iPhone will have the existing 4 gigabytes of RAM and some recent iPhone se 2 news in the barclays a report they're claiming that production will begin in February and we should be seeing a launch by end of

Quarter 1 of 2020 ming chico also published a recent report claiming it's still happening and will go on sale likely around March this will be Apple's budget and iPhones starting at $400 4.7 inch display three colors any Apple a 13

Processors I'm excited for that one and I do hope that they tweaked the design at least a little bit from the iPhone 8 I hate for them just to throw it in that show but with a tweaked antenna design it is

Likely and some highly questionable news from digit times it claims the Apple amongst other vendors are looking to include tws headphones in the packaging of their new smartphones starting in 2020 in other words it's a new trend for

Companies to add more value by providing Bluetooth enabled headphones directly in the box and for Apple this would be air pods likely the first version which are the cheapest and compared to their $29 wired version

It seems extremely unlikely that they would add this and even if they did you'd see a meteoric rise in the price of your iPhone thanks to that it would be cool but what if you wanted the pros why include an inferior air pod

Technology and then likely charge you more for it if you wanted something else instead let's just say this one is extremely unlikely to happen and Apple just submitted a patent titled a hybrid wireless charging system which is the

Missing link for that reverse wireless charging feature in that patent goes on to describe how an iPhone could reverse wireless charge some accessories or your MacBook could charge your iPhone by placing it onto a pad so a lot of

Utility here but essentially to charge and then reverse charge from the same wireless charging pad it's a feature I'm seriously stumped why Apple wouldn't add it to this year's iPhones but it could be that they needed to make the battery

And wireless charging pad more mature before adding it so hopefully 2020 iPhones get that and there's a crazy new report that no one has really picked up on yet from HM sec which is an analyst division of Hyundai yes Hyundai that

Makes cars where they're talking about apples and new adventures in 2020 and 2021 and actually this is a completely separate report but it does confirm that new release scheduled for Apple so first things first is they do confirm the new

Lineup for 2020 but going further in 2021 you can see that the release is staggered between four devices – in the beginning of the year and – in the second half of the year there's a few interesting changes here for one in 2021

It appears that Apple is looking to release an iPhone se 3 with a 6.1 inch display replacing the 4.7 inch so Apple will be making some adjustments there it's far too early to tell but the release schedule here is interesting

Also in the first half of 2021 Apple is planning a refresh for their 5.4 inch iPhone model and a 6.1 inch iPhone model as well so it looks like the budget or smaller cheaper iPhones are being released first in the first

Half and in the second half Apple is refreshing a 6.1 inch with an always-on display and the new 6.7 inch also with that always-on display the earlier rumor we heard about Apple adding an LTO display to the iPhone could be happening

According to this source here we haven't really seen them talk about iPhones before it's a bit unusual and a report from digit Times claims that Apple is expecting to sell 100 million iPhones in the second half of 2020 compared to 80

Million with the iPhone 11 and 11 pros it's a considerably big refresh year for Apple there's a lot that's happening and I'm excited to learn about all those smaller details the closer we get and an invention by tamperer University

Caught my eye recently they're claiming that they have made an unbreakable glass that could one day make its way over to your smartphone no doubt Apple is looking for the perfect solution for the glass they keep making they're stronger

It's interesting because it's aluminum based it's aluminum oxide where the atoms are tightly packed together using a laser and the complexity of it probably will prevent it from being in your smartphone for many years to come

But I wonder if it's something that Elon Musk could use and one of his cyber trucks I was actually at that event and wanted to mention that so that was actually one of the coolest things ever for me being able to stand by Elon Musk

And bask in his intelligence from like 30 40 feet away I absolutely loved that thing when it came on stage I could not believe what I was seeing like is this real life is he actually selling this low-poly model to the masses and I

Personally loved it I've always loved unconventional design why I wanted even my case to be different it's just something that you're not used to seeing can you imagine driving that on a street just does not compute how that's a real

Thing and I love that you on has the money to make amazing things like that happen okay let's please talk about the Samsung Galaxy S 11 so when the original iPhone leaked with its three lenses the uproar was monstrous people hated it now

That the Galaxy S 11 has been revealed by on leaks the variant I'm showing you here is the s 11 the s 11 plus is even worse the lens encapsulates five cameras and a laser time-of-flight manual it's truly horrendous looking it's a

Platter that's way worse than Apple's three simple camera layouts in comparison I don't know how that one will go over below ice universe it does claim the final product will look better than this that this is not an accurate

Representation of it let's hope compared to the iPhone 11 Pro I mean that design is like a blessing for your eyes compared to the new Galaxy S 11 I don't know it is unconventional design I guess

That's the only redeeming factor about it is you will not see that anywhere else oh and this is the actual CAD file sent to me by Mac swine back I'm a little disappointed they didn't get rid of the chin so it'll still be an

Evolutionary year and although the camera up top did shrink Samsung is not placing it beneath the glass just yet so Apple does have some time to get rid of their knotch they don't have to rush it just yeah and it's

Very likely the s11 will come with a 120 Hertz display which will pretty much gloss over any of the negatives about it including that design there was a recent leak where it's probably gonna happen and if the Galaxy S 11 gets it Apple

Uses Samsung displays so they'll likely trickle down to the iPhone hopefully please Apple and a recent report by mark Germann claims the 2020 iPad pros will have a dual lens system instead of triple lens so it's unclear what that

Additional lens will be hopefully a wide-angle lens but in addition to that there will be that laser time-of-flight sensor which will be eventually happening on the 2020 iPhones as well and in a separate report by Ming Chico

He claims the iPad pro 12 point 9 inch which will be arriving in late 2020 will be the first Apple product to receive a mini LED display this is superior to organic LED in every single way it'll last longer it's a thinner panel it's

Brighter at her contrast ratio better energy efficiency and so on also to be closely followed by a mini LED 16 inch MacBook Pro refresh also late 2020 and he did add that an apple a 14x will be inside of that new iPad pro so Apple

Will be making some serious hardware changes to the upcoming iPads also a massive report by the information goes into detail on Apple's new AR headsets they claim that the release will happen in 2022 which is more of a gaming

Headset for AR and then in 2023 there will be a sleeker more civilian or daily use version they'll be releasing they go into detail how this will eventually replace the iPhone and Apple wants it to be perfect by the time it's ready to do

So so they'll go through many refinements and eventually instead of being an accessory to the iPhone it could one day replace it it's a very interesting theory but naturally something has to come after the iPhone

And Apple's banking on the AR headset being the one right there it is the latest leaks I'll be coming out with videos more often sorry about the absence and remember December 15th the site will be up January 1st is when you

Can pre-order and we should be releasing them roughly early February mid February probably so it won't be too long alright guys thanks for watching peace

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