iPhone 11 vs XR DROP & BEND Test! Thinner Toughest Glass

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

what's up guys round 2 with the iPhone
11 in this video let's go ahead and see
how Apple's world's toughest glass does
on the cheaper iPhone so this is a step
up from the ten are definitely in terms
of durability still features an aluminum
border I'm guessing it'll do fairly well
as we just got done with the 11pro and
11pro Macs and they did spectacular
beyond expectations and I expect this
thing to do pretty well if you like to
use your phone without a case
this video will let you know whether or
not that's a good idea if you want to
use a case of course we're developing
one and I'd love to share that with you
all the details on that down below been
working on it for a while and of course
we are doing a giveaway me and Aaron for
mister who's the boss are giving away
for 11 s for 11 pros all the details on
that down below
so when yourself one shiny one while I
break this one okay we're gonna be doing
the lavender and comparing it to the 10r
now physically dimension wise there's no
difference weight wise they're the same
weight whereas the iPhone 11 Pro and 11
Pro Macs are heavier wider taller than
the predecessor the 10s now I already
got it set up these are all brand new
it's always a shame to do these but
tradition is tradition we have to keep
that alive new slow-mo setup on the
iPhone 11 Pro max and ultra wide I'm
very excited to try that out and already
got my gadgets my iPhone 11 pro max
setup man I love love love the matte
feeling on the inside it's so amazing Oh
Apple did so well just like geeking out
I love getting new Apple products and of
course the titanium Apple watch already
getting used to it we're gonna do waist
height head height and then go higher if
it still survives
we'll start with last year's 10r which
this thing did fairly well in the drop
tests and here we go in three two one
it's a side-impact same on the 11 in
three two one
and those survived today actually
several people did drop tests of the 11
and it's kind of interesting to see
which kind of results they get depending
on the surfaces this is more of a smooth
lightly textured concrete so it's not
really testing jagged edges poking at
the screen just overall shock and that's
what I'm going for
or so you won't be dropping your phone
in an ideal situation every time from
the other side in three two one all
right and three two one
okay both alive still look fantastic
now aluminum in my experience does not
hold up as well as stainless steel yeah
we're seeing some scratches scuffing
already and that did not take very long
more apparent on the purple color here
but my goodness that is so beautiful I
love the neutral tones of the color on
the rear so start with the dual ion on
the 10r I really do wonder how it was
made this durable Apple didn't really
tell us much in three two one
hoppity hop there the eleven three two
one I don't like the sound of that one
oh okay all it took was one bad fall
from the waist see this is what confuses
me the 11pro and eleven Promax survived
up until the 10-foot drop here I drop it
at waist height and it's outperformed by
the 10r even that's so surprising the
seen so it's always a game of chance if
anything this is a lesson that you
should be using a case on your phone no
matter what because you never know when
you're gonna get that one impact where
it lands perfectly this thing landed I
think perfectly flush and that's why
I've gruesome okay I think we'll
continue still got the front to break
and really we could push it past its
limits see really what it takes to
completely kill it at what point maybe
the cameras stopped working so far
everything's good face idea was still
working and face down ten are in three
two one and the eleven three two one
the soon did survive the 10r did survive
still looking fairly good of it in the
back here and I did crack of the 11pro
lens in testing so I know those are not
invincible either but okay well let's
continue so at this point we're just
going to see what it takes to break the
front glass and this is in three two one
side impact and on the ten arm three two
nothing yet looking good and the eleven
on the fries still looking good so
hanging in there you know I think the
back would definitely be worse to break
expense wise on the new iPhones other
side impact and head height three two
never mind my bad and on the 10r what
will it take in three two one
yeah it went face down but still
survived you never know
completely random sometimes the 10r is
out surviving the eleven even and face
down this is the one I want to see three
two one I don't know about that one
three two one smack OH surprisingly both
are still alive not cracked but heavily
scratched on the side the aluminum here
has scratched but the display itself has
held on for dear life okay and this
one's still okay so from head height you
know both have survived on the front
it's the rear that buckled in fairly
early on the eleven but let's see at
this point if everything is still
working that was eight hard Falls
cameras ultra wide telephoto looking
good and face ID is still working on the
eleven so let's go higher to near ten
feet see if we can break the displays
I'm very surprised that this thing broke
I expected it to do fairly well the
glass is sort of jutting out on this
platform right here just one area where
it can make contact with a ground sooner
just a prediction at the neared ten-foot
drop with the standard of 10 R after
this we'll do a slide bend test to see
if the aluminum is malleable on the
frame but they're so thick I don't think
that's a concern at all okay and
dropping in three two one oh I see that
from here those banding lines glass did
not break though and over here so on the
Eifel eleven in three two one

not very aerodynamic yeah the actual
lens cracked over here that's so bad I
wonder how that looks and another grisly
sight over here the iPhone 10 R so that
does not look very good but it did
survive the glass did not break that's
why it's very important to have shock
absorption in your case
oh when the back broke so when you do
get a case even if your iPhone drops you
still have a chance of something like
this happening if the internals get
jostled real hard so take care of what
you wear on your iPhone and over here
you can see the back did crack so you
know equally damaged that's what it took
for both of them the iPhone 11 glass did
survive still I think we'll throw this
one off one more time just for good
measure glasses glass and it will break
over time if you push it to its limit
and let's total the 11 so last drop see
if we can break that toughest glass is
it still refuses to die here we go in
three two one
I think that did it
and e10 are I mean it's broken but the
glass isn't so regardless three two one
whoa took a chunk out of the eleven
that is something isn't it Wow
so definitely broken definitely broken
that that did it so the glass on the
iPhone 11 pro 0.85 millimeters on the 11
I'm getting 0.75 so it appears that
there is a slight thickness difference
between the glasses and I wonder the
11pro was a little bit more durable here
at the end of the day you still want to
be using a case both of these are
absolutely totaled this one is at least
still working though with Apple's
toughest glass so last thing is I want
to do a little test of the frames and
see if there's any difference in bending
them this test won't really say much
just with the screens broken can we get
a bend out of the frame not easily
definitely not easily yeah no ways that
bending on accident with two broken
screens it still doesn't want to
and the antenna band just broke surely
did not take much but yeah if the glass
wasn't broken
it wouldn't have damaged as easily let's
try the other one though yeah no that
was just that one instance and @nr yeah
I did break in the same antenna ban
place so that is a little soft spot
right there it's not too hard to break
but the glass doesn't need to be broken
already otherwise I would not say Bend
is an issue here took a lot of effort to
get that to happen but they did both
snap there okay well guys there it is
the – 11 it features the same glass but
maybe slightly less durable thanks to a
slightly thinner panel I'll need someone
else to confirm that 0.5 to point 10
millimeter difference in thickness
between the 11pro in the iPhone 11
otherwise still features the same glass
I'd say in daily usage will still be
durable but definitely use a case
alright guys thanks for watching be sure
to enter that giveaway down below for
iPhone 11s and for iPhone 11 pros your
chance to get a brand new one of these
alright thanks for watching guys stay
tuned for more peace

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