iPhone 11 UNBOXING Green vs Red

by birtanpublished on August 24, 2020

– This video is sponsored by Tech21. Get 10% off all cases using the special link in the description below. What's up guys? Saf here, on SuperSaf TV and welcome to another unboxing. This time, we've got the iPhone 11 and not only do we have it in green

But we have also have it in red because we're doing things SuperSaf style those were the two highest voted colors and it was so, so close I thought why not bring you guys both a thumbs up for that would be appreciated.

If you want to check out the iPhone 11 Pro Max then that video has also been uploaded. Here's the box. So you can check that out that's going to be linked in the cards

And in the description. In this video, we're going to be checking out the iPhone 11s Now you might remember last year I predicted that iPhone XR would be the most popular iPhone of the year. And I was right.

And I have the same prediction for the iPhone 11 I believe this is going to be the best selling and most popular iPhone of the year. Why is that? Well let's unbox these and find out. Now taking a look at the boxes initially

You can see that we've got white boxes with pictures of the iPhone here in color. On the iPhone 11 Pros we have black boxes. So, a little bit of a difference here. And then we've got the green as well as the Product Red so the official name is the Product Red for the red version

And that's because it is associated with the charity Red and a portion of the profits will be going towards that charity which is awesome. All right, so let's get them out of the plastic. That's the one. That's the other one.

All right, we're going to do these both at the same time. Let's see if we can do it. Ready for it, guys? Just messed up. Oh, look at that. Look at that. I do like that red.

That is definitely a nice color. Let me know in the comments below which one you prefer. Do you prefer the green or do you prefer the red? The green is more of a Does it match my band? Kind of does. It's kind of on the teal side. Shall we say?

Not this whole muted green that we've got on the iPhone 11 Pro. Which I also have here. Quite a big difference in terms of the different greens. We'll leave those to the side while we see what else we get in the box.

Immediately you notice that we've got this red leaflet inside the Product Red version and this gives you a little bit more information about the partnership of Apple with Red. Apart from that, everything else is identical. So we've got some white Apple stickers

I've said this before but I wish Apple would have red stickers for the red iPhone and then green stickers for the green iPhone. Make that a little bit more personal experience, I would say. We have some more paperwork

And there is a SIM card ejector tool. We've got some lightning ear pods and then we've got something, which I'm going to have a mini rant about. We've got a USB type to lightning cable and we've got the standard five watt power brake.

Now this is something that we've had on iPhones for such a long time and the iPhone 11 as well as the iPhone XR all of them support fast charging but the charger that you get out of the box does not support fast charging.

Now I get it, this is a cheaper iPhone. You only get the fast charger included on the Pro Models but it just would have been nice to have had that faster charger included. But wireless is supported on the iPhone 11, which is great.

Personally speaking I do use wireless charging more than wire charging so it would have been nice however to have had fast charging included in the box. Let's get to these shiny new iPhones. We have a screen protector to at the front

And there is actually nothing in the back. Usually we have something that goes around the full iPhone. I'm just failing with this today but anyway Here they are. Both of them do look really, really good. We've got a glossy glass finish. On the iPhone 11 Pro we have more of a matte finish.

Let me just quickly show you here. So, you can see that we've got quite a bit of a different here. Which one do you prefer? Do you prefer something more matte or do you prefer something more glossy

Like we've got here in the 11s? And you can see that frame is color coded. So we've got a red frame on the red iPhone and a green frame on the green iPhone. There are four more colors available. We've got a black. We've got a white.

We've got a yellow. We've got a purple. Yeah, that's everything. (laughs) That's four I'm just not calculating well today. If you want to see a preview of all of those colors then I have looked at all of them in my hands on video. Which I'll link in the card and in the description below.

What's interesting is that the frame had been made with 100% recycled aluminum. Which is absolutely great that the environment is being considered here when building these new phones. And Apple have said that the glass that

They've used on all of the iPhone 11s is the toughest glass on any smartphone. I'm not going to be doing drop tests on these, I'll take their word for it. Now let's quickly bring in the iPhone XR. which the iPhone 11 is a successor to.

Just for a bit of a comparison. You'll notice straight away that the Apple logo is now more in the center on the iPhone 11s. We also don't have the iPhone logo anymore like we had. We still got some of these labels. Unfortunately, we still have to have these

I know in the US you won't have any of them and it will make things look a lot cleaner. We do have the Product Red logo here on the red version. This is something that's unique to the Product Red version. The green, all the other colors don't have this. And, then of course it is the camera module.

So the iPhone XR has a single camera but the iPhone 11 has a dual camera, which we'll be looking at. There's also this sort of square module here. Which doesn't seem to be needed like it doesn't seem to be functional, this square.

But it seems to be to kind of match the design more of the iPhone 11 Pro which has the three cameras. Now what's interesting is that this square panel here does have a matte finish like we've got on the iPhone 11 Pro where as everything else is glossy. However, this has all been made with one piece of glass,

Which is definitely quite cool. And what's also interesting this year is that we've got IP68 water and dust resistant so you can submerge these into water more than what you would have been able to do on the iPhone XR, which is IP67.

So you've got up to two meters this time. Now before we have a look at the front, let's talk about these cameras because these are very, very important. These are the same two cameras that we've got on the iPhone 11 Pro.

The iPhone 11 Pro does have an additional telephoto camera, which we don't have here. But we do have the primary camera as well as the new edition this year, the ultra-wide. So both of these 12 megapixels,

The primary camera has an f/1.8 aperture and the ultra-wide has an f/2.4 aperture with a 120 degree angular view. Now traditionally, iPhone with two cameras have had irregular as well as a telephoto to give you optical zoom.

This time, Apple has gone with the ultra-wide and I'm so, so glad they've done this. I love telephoto cameras but if I was given the choice, I would always pick ultra-wide. Ultra-wide cameras just let you get so much more to your shots

And let you get some really, really interesting results which you otherwise, just cannot get and I'm really exited to test these cameras out. You still so get a portrait mode so you also get that blurry backgraund effect. It supposed to be better

Because you've got two cameras this year. Now for portraits I do prefer a telephoto camera because i just think that gives you more of a pleasing image. Around the 50 m-m mark which photographers usually will shoot portraits at.

But I'm happy to compromise that in order to get that ultra-wide. We still also have a night mode so this is where it's going to take multiple exposures to give you better low-light images. We've also got all of the video features

That we've got on the Pro iPhone. We've got 4K at 60 frames second on both of these. Extended data may range up to 60 frames second as well on both cameras. Now on the front you will see that things look very familiar.

We do have the same display as we had on the iPhone XR. So it is an LCD liquid retina display with the same resolution. Now these are not bad displays. They're actually very good displays. They're also very color accurate

But when you do compare them to the iPhone 11 Pro then there is a big, big difference and that's because we've got all LED technology on the iPhone 11 Pros versus LCD on here. And just to give you better of an example on the iPhone 11 Pros we have

A contrast ratio of 2 million to one. Where as, on the iPhone 11s the contrast ratio is 14 hundred to one. So we've got a big, big difference here. The iPhone 11 Pros also have up to 800 nits of brightness and this can be boosted up to 12 hundred nits

If you're watching HDR content. The iPhone 11s have around 625 nits of brightness. For the pixel density you've got around 326 which is the same as what we've had on something like the iPhone 8. And we still of course have that border bezel

Which is slightly thicker than what we've got on the Pro models as well as that notch. Now having said all of that, once again I want to to emphasize that these are not bad displays. I think for most people they're going to be absolutely fine. I think people who are going to be coming to this

Will be coming from maybe an iPhone 7 maybe an iPhone 8. And for those people they are really going to appreciate the smaller bezels of this phone compared to the previous versions. I don't think they're going to mind that resolution. Yes, I would have like to see 10 ADP.

It's not something that is a massive deal in day-to-day usage but if you phone quite close you can realize the sharpness difference and if you have it up against a phone like the iPhone 11 Pro than you can notice that difference. But generally speaking these displays are going to be

Absolutely fine for most people, in my opinion. Now, if we carry on looking at the front we do have the same 12 megapixel front facing camera that we've got on the iPhone 11 Pros this has an f/2.2 aperture. It can also record up to 4K at 60 frames a second,

Which is insane. And we've also got a wide angle of view now for the front facing cameras. So, if you do tilt it in in landscape it's going to automatically go wide so you can get more people into your shot.

But if you want to go and just take a picture for yourself you don't want to get to much of the background in then you can also have the choice of doing that you can switch between these two manually as well. And within the notch here as well we do have the sensors for face ID.

Face ID has been improved compared to last year. So we've got a 30% improvement in terms of speed. It's also going to work with more angles. I have briefly tested this and you know if I just have it tilted up slightly it still does recognize my face which is quite cool.

Also within the notch is one of the two stereo speakers. So we've got one here and then we've got one at the bottom. We do have spacial audio this time and support for Dolby Atmos. So when you're watching content on here, the sound is going to be a lot more massive

Compared to what is was last time and the speakers do pretty loud too. And also at the bottom we have a lightening port. On the right hand side we have a power button as well as a SIM card tray dual SIMs are supported but you can have one physical SIM card

As well as a second eSIM card. On the left hand side we've got the volume buttons with the mute switch and we've got nothing at the top. Now internally, these are powered by the Apple A13 bionic chips so this is the same process that we've got on the iPhone 11 Pros

And it is going to be one of the fastest out there. It's up to 20% faster compared to the A12 that we had last year and it's also 30% more power efficient. The iPhone 11 is also supposed to last one hour longer according to Apple compared to the iPhone XR.

So we've got a slight battery improvement here as well. But the iPhone 11 is no longer going to be the battery champ when it comes to iPhones and that's because the iPhone 11 Pro Max now has that crown. But if my usage on the iPhone XR is anything to go by

Then these are going to give you some great batter life. And having that low-resolution screen also helps towards not using up as much battery. Right, now towards the start, I did say that I believe these are going to be the best selling and most poplar iPhones this year,

Like I said about the iPhone XR last year and that's because of the price point. These are actually coming in cheaper compared to the iPhone XR. So, they're starting at 700 dollars, around 730 pounds. That is for the 64 gigabyte model

And then you will be paying more for a 128 or 256 gigabyte model. My advise would be, just go for the 128 because you're only going to be paying around 50 dollars or 50 pounds more for that. For that lower price, yes, you are missing out

On some of the feature that you've got on the Pro models. Mainly that third telephoto camera, slightly more premium build with the stainless steal frame and most importantly, the all LED displays. You do have much better displays on the Pro models.

You also get a fast charger included out of the box. So I would say that over all, those four things will be the main reason why you might want to go for one of the other iPhones but if those things are not that important to you than my advice would be to go with the iPhone 11s.

You are getting a much better deal in my opinion and you are saving around 320 pounds or 300 dollars in the US on the iPhone 11 compared to the iPhone 11 Pro. Of course, if those features are important to you

Than I would recommend checking out the Pro models. That's what I think anyway. What do you guys think? Definitely drop me a comment below and let me now your thoughts. Of course there's going to be a lot more coverage with the new iPhones here on the channel SuperSaf style.

So if you want to see all of that content first then be sure to subscribe and hit that bell icon so you don't miss any of it. And as mentioned towards the beginning, if you want to protect your shiny new iPhones then you might want to pick up a case

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And found it useful. If you did, then do hit that thumbs up for me Thanks for watching this is Saf on SuperSaf TV and I'll see you next time. (upbeat techno music)

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