iPhone 11 Real-World Test (Camera & Battery Test)

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

morning it's another day here at camera
camp and I guess that means that I have
to do another video on an iPhone today
though we're doing a real-world test on
the iPhone 11 it's gonna be the same
thing if you haven't already seen it my
iPhone 11 Pro video I just did that
should have gone up already you guys
should check that out but I'm gonna do
the same thing I did with that one I'm
gonna go throughout my entire day here
and kind of take photos with this phone
and a few of its competitors put those
all up on the screen so you guys can
kind of judge and compare them and then
also we'll check in on the battery
throughout the day to see how it lasts
I'm actually really curious to see how
it does against the 11pro Maxx like how
much different is the battery life
we'll find out also yesterday I shot
that on the a 6,600 which is a camera
that Sony let us borrow it's a new one
of theirs that I actually really really
like and you go check out the footage of
that looks pretty good a link below but
I have to go back today so I'm back to
my a7 3 but the one thing I did do was I
stole the new microphone that they let
me borrow so I'm still using that
because I think it sounds great
what do you think let me know otherwise
though let's get started with the day
and that means first getting some coffee

there are definitely worse places to
have your morning coffee it's really
quiet day here at camera camp because
most people were on a hike that started
with like 7:00 a.m. I had surgery like
two weeks ago and I'm not really allowed
to do too many strenuous things so I'm
missing out on it hopefully though I'll
make the afternoon part of it like the
sunset part to take some shots with this
we'll see how how intense it's gonna be
and if I can do it otherwise just a
couple of first impressions about this
phone I love how light it is I also
really like the colors like come on mint
and I just spent an entire day with the
11pro Max and so far I mean you can tell
that this doesn't feel as premium but
it's just a feeling right like there's a
little bit more bezels also the back is
kind of like the glossy plastic which is
kind of what we've had on older iPhones
so it's like it was premium then it's
maybe not as premium now because that
I'm and I've said the last video that
Matt frosted glass on the 11pro Max and
the 11pro is pretty nice not gonna lie
other than that though some background
real quick we do have two cameras on
this one instead of the three but the
funny thing is they're the same cameras
so we have a wide and the standard right
identical to the 11pro and the 11pro max
now the only thing they have that this
doesn't is a telephoto lens which
honestly is the least used lens that I
have on these phones I always like the
wide and then standard one so I don't
know already start to feel like this is
kind of a good deal if you guys aren't
familiar with camera camp and I keep
mentioning it I mean either check out
the last video or you can check out my
social media at the links below to see
kind of what it was and why I was here
and how much I'm gonna miss it real
quick it's only been a little bit but
let's check it on the battery to see how
it's doing so far it is nine forty one
in the morning and we are at 98%

I've easily just edited all day yeah
Saturday table edited my iPhone 11 pro
max video so that is now up by the time
you see this but it's been a pretty
boring day so didn't film a lot of it
but now now we're actually being taken
to the glacier national park nearby I
asked they told me that we're going on
like a bus and like it's not gonna be
that strenuous so I should be okay which
I'm excited about because I really have
never seen a glacier I would like to go
check that out and so of course as we do
here let's check another battery it is
456 p.m. we are at 69%

welcome to Glacier National Park it's
quite pretty here and my phone has no
signal so I'm kind of just wandering
around and taking photos obviously I'm
just kind of taking it in okay nice we
made it all the way up here in like a
shuttle and we're about to leave here in
a little bit which is like a nice cedar
forest again that's pretty cool but then
we're gonna head down to the lake to a
lodge we're gonna sit and have lunch

today we had dinner and we made it to
the lake we didn't make it for sunset
but tor lights not so bad either

all right while we're here let's check
on the battery it's been a while
it is 8:05 p.m. and we are at 53%

okay there we go
calling it a night it is basically
midnight it's 11:57 and we are at 35%
not as good as the 11pro max obviously
there's a lot bigger of a battery in
that one but still that's pretty good
I'm impressed with all the iPhones so
far as far as battery is concerned in
the camera the camera is again the same
on this as it is on the 11pro max you
just lose the telephoto which it's
probably the one I use the least so the
fact that this is you know a few hundred
dollars cheaper than that makes it a
pretty good deal now the thing to me
though is if you live in a country where
most iPhones are sold you probably have
a subsidy of some sort like in the US or
UK etc so the real difference between
the two isn't those $200 if you are
eligible for one of these discounts it's
$12 a month and that most of us and
myself included would probably just get
the higher end phone but if you're
buying it outright that changes things a
little bit and then I think I don't know
I don't think this is the worst option
in that case because you still get a
really good battery and the cameras are
the same and great and so there you go
let you guys think in the comments below
love hearing from you what do you think
about this video I'm always trying to
improve them please let me know I can do
that and well also what'd you think of
the phone really appreciate it if you
like to vote please thumbs up it or
share it it's greatly appreciated and if
you want more videos please check out
the rest of channel and ding the bell
links were to subscribe so you get
notified when I do new videos as always
though regardless thanks for watching

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