iPhone 11 Pro vs XS vs X SPEED Test!

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

welcome back guys today let's test out
Apple's latest processor the Apple a 13
in this video I'd like to compare the
iPhone 11 probe to the iPhone 10 s to
the iPhone 10 this is three generations
of mostly I'd say the same design just
camera differences and processor
differences let's see how far they've
come in that regard now Apple did not
upgrade the RAM still at a paltry four
gigabytes compared to most of the
Android competitors but the processor is
the crown jewel here now I'd like to
start with the real world speed test
we're gonna run through these apps
consecutively and I think it applies to
most as you probably use one or more of
these applications throughout your day
just a good way to gauge the speed of a
new device and on the Left being the ten
slowest of the bunch three gigabytes of
RAM on the right is 11 pro with four
gigabytes in the fastest processor of
course the a 13 so I started with some
light social media applications then
jumped into a photo editing program with
a 10k image all handled that fairly well
now the first large game player unknowns
battlegrounds which is fairly heavy app
and the iPhone 11 pro breeze through its
followed closely by the 10s then on to
the next big game asphalt 9 now
throughout the course of the day while
filming this video I have several
observations I'd like to share with you
I was very shocked at how close the
tennis followed the iPhone 11 pro they
were neck-and-neck pretty much and I
suspect that this is because most of the
developers have not taken advantage of
extra power that Apple has given them
yet with the Apple a 13 most of the
optimizations would be coming from
Apple's end and I'm not sure how far
they penetrate into the apps so maybe
that's why the iPhone 10s is doing so
well here at one point it even overtook
the iPhone 11 Pro they were just
bouncing back and forth for a little
the iPhone 10 without a doubt was the
slowest of the bunch many of the
applications just hung on and took a
very very long time you can tell that
this device is finally showing its age
it is now several years old so it only
makes sense now the iPhone 11 pro did
overheat a lot and that's something I've
noticed even with my personal one in
casual use it heats up there's even a
weird sound coming from the display at
one point very strange and I'm sure with
iowa's 13.1 things will get a little bit
better but for now you can tell that the
device is in pretty rough shape
straight out the door and this speed
test may not be fully indicated of its
capabilities so I'll have to redo it at
a later time so at this point we're
getting fairly close to the end of round
one on both the 10s and 11pro as it's
compiling the 4k video which is about a
minute and 30 seconds in length and lo
and behold it was one second behind in
the iPhone 11 Pro that blew my mind and
this time around I loaded up the speed
test with plenty of heavy applications
which the tennis handled very well the
iPhone 11 pro I wouldn't say did it
necessarily that much better so round
two I noticed that on the iPhone 10s
there were a few open applications in
the beginning more than on the iPhone 11
pro further backing up my point that
it's a non optimized device and things
should improve in the future I mean
theoretically it's a stronger device as
the same amount of RAM there's no other
reason why else like some of the
applications just weren't open on round
2 and that's why the iPhone 10s got such
a lead here some of the apps were open
and it was able to gain an advantage on
the iPhone 11 Pro meanwhile the iPhone
Town was left in the dust with a round
one time of 4 minutes and 23 seconds
which was a bit disappointing because I
think it did better in iOS 12 not to
mention there was one issue that became
very apparent and that's heat when
you're running so many games so many big
games on these iPhones I noticed that
there's a defect where Apple will
actually dim the display to about half
or a third of its max capacity like the
iPhone 10 is in right now in order to
minimize the heat inside these things
cooked up so hot no kiddin like the
device would slow down from the heat and
I think going forward for future iPhones
Apple should definitely implement some
sort of thermal management inside like
Samsung has the cooling chambers or
whatnot it's simply not enough as is
anyways back to the test
the iPhone 10s surprisingly won round
two it has the same amount of RAM for
gigabytes as the iPhone 11 pro yeah it
had more apps preloaded or still loaded
after round one in the background giving
it a 30 second advantage over Apple's
latest iPhone 11 Pro this to me is
shocking you'd think your new iPhone
would be able to handle application
management Ram management even better
than the old one but it does still have
the same amount of RAM I guess not much
changes at
just a very surprising result if you
have a 10 s and you're thinking about
upgrading to an 11 or 11 Pro just for
the performance don't there is no
I mean from what I can see at least here
and from the iPhone 10 to the iPhone 11
Pro I'd say a pretty wide margin like I
would upgrade there and let's move on to
the next round of speed tests before we
continue want to cool these off I do
suspect there's some sort of thermal
throttling going on as the new iPhone
even in regular use gets very hot now I
want to continue with a start up test
all these are off all of them on the
latest iOS 13 firmware here we go in
three two one
they're off so this is three generations
and then the fourth we're gonna see that
2020 refresh they're pretty much a
carbon copy of each other unless you
turn them over and actually look at the
back side and wow the iPhone 10 started
up first would you look at that and
second is the 10s and Wow considerably
later the iPhone 11 pro on iOS 13 that's
very shocking to see and with the app
switcher is cleared I'm gonna try and
launch some apps here one two three
pretty much the same there and camera
applications so some stock ones first
and this is really hard but one two
three and yeah just about the same there
App Store here one two three pretty
close for system apps I'd say fairly
close here asphalt on all one two three
and this one is fairly heavy on all of
them fortnight by far was the longest
loading and the iPhone 11 pro suffered
heavily with that one for whatever
reason and it appears that this one is
loading first yeah so in a standalone
race it did load first with how anything
else really going on in the background
cool and YouTube here one two three 10s
was last Spotify one two three all
pretty much down the line here of 10
being the last one
so in standalone app launching I
wouldn't even say there's that much of a
difference whatsoever it's pretty much
the same you're very unlikely to notice
any big difference it's only the big
apps like fortnight where I really
noticed it
for us I've done some safari testing all
the websites that I tried to show you
comparison between they all load at the
exact same time really almost no
difference once you're at this level of
performance in a smartphone and the
browser scores are all the same
so a lot closer than you think like do
not upgrade to the new iPhone just from
performance alone like even the iPhone
10 is not bad it's well optimized with
time Apple has polished it fairly well
there was no reason to be here for
performance alone you have more than
enough already now let's jump into
Geekbench and see what we can get here
with an actual benchmark this is where
you usually see all the differences is
only in the numbers usability as I've
shown you the iPhone 11 pro may even be
a downgrade from the 10s at first with
time of course the app developers
everything they'll update the apps it'll
get better but for now I just don't see
a reason to upgrade for performance okay
and there are those scores the iPhone 10
seems to suffer from this problem a lot
where when it overheats the screen dims
some sort of throttling is going on
having that a lock here now as you can
see steady evolution this is using the
new Geekbench 5 prometrics it's a little
bit different but fairly in line with
what you're gonna see on most of these
devices both multi and single now in the
benchmarks yes it's impressive I'm not
seeing this performance being reflected
in the OS just yet the animations if
anything on the iPhone 11 Pro or even
buggier especially when you're trying to
move apps
I noticed the stutter did you see that
when you grabbed it system animations
are not very smooth here it's a slow
stutter I don't understand why so the
Polish certainly is not there yet now
while it's running the antutu test just
want to see hottest point on the phones
so we've got 97 degrees on the 11pro of
99 on the 10s max 101 so running a
little bit hotter and the iPhone 10 104
degrees definitely struggling the most
here so I think all could do better oh I
love and pros actually at 102 1 you know
102 ish in Tudor results are much more
promising on the 11 Pro a bigger
difference than I thought memory though
lacking on all of
Apple dropped the ball on this one six
gigabytes of RAM would have justified
the pro naming before in 2019 I simply
think is not enough as this video has
proven last thing I wanted to do is test
the Wi-Fi six capability I do have a
Wi-Fi six router and we'll be seeing the
LTE performance which should be about
thirteen fifteen percent better solid
performance all arounds now using my
eleven pro in just the last day around
my house where usually I have some
spotty signal spots it's been great
like Wi-Fi sakes I can tell permeates
the walls better and I'm just generally
happy with the service so one more on
cellular so I live in a dead zone with a
Verizon and my tennis you know
understandably with it's really bad
Intel modem got the worst speed the
iPhone 10 was faster than my love and
probe but the test would yield different
results from time to time so I wouldn't
call this anywhere near conclusive let's
check out this multi angle face ID see
if it's actually there wouldn't say from
not one one two three it unlocks just
about in the same angle as the iPhone
10s here once again from side a little
bit okay maybe a little you know I
wouldn't say it's anything special in
what angle were they talking about okay
right there but the tennis did it to and
once again so I'll be looking at the pro
unlocked tennis from the same angle
unlocks wouldn't say there's anything
special about the angle it's exactly the
same for me
tennis on the left 11 pro on the right
face ID one two three mm-hm
not any faster I say that the speed
improvements they were talking about
just adhered to iOS 13 as a whole
because that does improve it on all face
IV devices otherwise between the 10s and
the hello I'm probably not seeing a
difference let's see between the 10 one
two three make it a little bit faster in
on the animation scale one two three
yeah one two three okay pretty close
there it's not that much faster just a
little bit but then again that does add
up over time too
three so yeah the animation is a little
bit faster here on the 11pro otherwise
both are fairly good and that concludes
my speed test I'm shocked that the
iPhone 11 Pro is not that much faster in
most areas versus the 10s or even the
iPhone 10 I mean surprisingly such a
small amount of difference so hope you
learned a thing or two peace

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