iPhone 11 Pro vs First iPhone! 12 Year Comparison

by birtanpublished on September 27, 2020

Hey what's up guys everything Alpo pro here as is tradition on this channel let's go ahead and compare apples oldest iPhone the first iPhone also known as the iPhone 2g – their latest iPhone 11 Pro and this is a comparison 12 years in the making

It's simply astounding just how far Apple has come and these kind of videos are always fun for me just getting that perspective what people were living with in 2007 and what we have now in 2019 future of course is going to be even

More exciting let's go ahead and get a little bit more in depth here I actually want to do a mini teardown go inside see just how these compare in every possible way so from the packaging this is my actual ripoff iPhone that I paid $3,000

For it was resealed the original had a very similar packaging experience the boxes are actually very close to the iPhone 11 pros both black here and iPhone text still shiny on the sides just the storage labels are gone

Apple logos still presents and they pretty much look identical on the backside here I'm astounded just how similar they are after all this time so this is the 13th iPhone in succession although it is called the 11pro

It really isn't the 11th iPhone and I've never opened a gold 11 pro so this is a new one for me – there's that and I'm sure you've seen these a million times over on YouTube already cool so the iPhone still remains very similar in

Form factor glass on the front although on the back apple has replaced the aluminum and now with this matte texturized glass which is the world's toughest glass and actually in durability testing I found that it does

Stand up to that the 11pro is extremely durable even the original iPhone was very durable in my testing there's very thick a glass and the first time ever that Apple is used Gorilla Glass on an iPhone and in all these years of iPhone

The form factor pretty much stays the same here volume buttons on the side the mute switch which has survived all generations of the iPhone a very nice touch one of my favorite things about using an iPhone the power button has

Migrated to the side though and overall the design is very similar now the lens did not protrude back then now it does and of course you have this triple lens configuration with the ultra wide on the bottom

Apples up to their trickery as always – speaker grates even though there's only one speaker on both sides here and the iPhones this is a barometer I'm not sure what that one is and one more thing to know is just how clean the back of the

IPhone has gotten no more texts no more labels or badges of any kind just the Apple logo in a very nice matte texture the original that have one as well with that aluminum and also a shiny Apple logo so in a way sort of a throwback

There to slide to unlock sadly has not survived we have swipe up to unlock but inside the layout looks pretty much the same all these years later icon grids and even some of those icons still retains some of the original looks here

The first iPhone came with four gigabytes of storage and now we're up to 512 so we've come quite a long way in terms of solid-state storage the next iPhone is rumored to come with a terabyte now that's quite amazing Apple

Discontinued the 4 gigabyte though not long after releasing it just wasn't enough storage just in display technology alone Apple has made leaps and bounds the 11pro has the world's best display organic LED it's brighter

Sharper larger better viewing angles lower reflectivity it's a marvel of engineering and it's only gonna get better with mini LED now the original iPhone was still good compared to what was out at the time

But yeah things have come a long way for the iPhone display in terms of usability though this one was way more comfortable all those ads where you can reach all the corners absolutely true here it's harder and harder to get to them but of

Course would you ever go back I don't think so now the newest being iOS 13 point 1.3 or thirteen point two in beta versus the original 1.0 the world of software for Apple has changed the game entirely on

An iPhone you can do things that you could never even dream of doing before like dark mode that's truly one of my favorites right now I mean when did you ever think you'd be able to get this without a jailbreak Apple has finally

Started adding a lot of features that simply weren't available you know before you couldn't even swipe between pages couldn't copy and paste couldn't move applications couldn't even screenshots man the iPhone started here and like

They promised with software has only gotten better of course before you had a built-in YouTube application which no longer works only with jailbreak tweaks Google Maps still work and that was really nice on the iPhone you had

Really good maps and then the whole fiasco with Apple maps now Apple maps have gotten so good Apple started updating them to be even more detailed you've got look around which is amazing built-in like this app finally feels

Amazing so the refinement and software has been game-changing in terms of power powering the first iPhone was a 412 megahertz processor made by Samsung and it didn't do too bad but there was really nothing special about it I don't

Have the a13 on hand but the processor remains about the same size just a completely different transistor density 90 nanometers on the original iPhone and now we're at 780 meters plus this is what the ultraviolet lithography so in

Terms of processors man completely different worlds your iPhone can do so much now with the amount of power is just unprecedented and it's only getting better with five nanometers next year back in the day you pretty much found

Yourself playing games like this as the iPhone really couldn't handle much with it's very paltry graphics and very weak processor you were still happy doing it because there really wasn't an alternative and accelerometer man that

Changed the game when the iPhone came out what you could do with it tilting your phone man I remember that impressing me so much the graphical power of the iPhone man nowadays it's amazing what he can do with pretty much

Any game consoles back in the day dreamt of looking like this and of course all those class sessions with Angry Birds how could I forget this one this is pure nostalgia right here on the original iPhone this is what made owning an

IPhone so much cooler than anything else and the Geekbench score is pretty much can be compared anymore due to different metrics but this is what the original had 135 just 135 and 128 megabytes of RAM compared to four on the iPhone which

By today's standards is still considered fairly weak at least six gigabytes would have been nice to keep more apps open in the background although you're lucky you could even multitask before you could not do that on the original iPhone it

Took the 3GS to get multitasking before it just was a shortcut to open the phone app and cameras oh boy this is the biggest difference between them now we have three a telephoto wide-angle so wide and of course you know this

Paltry two megapixel on the original a huge flash larger than the original camera by several times and of course microphone recording where before he used the standard talk microphone and didn't have multiples and comparing the

Actual camera modules that really gives you a scope here just how much improvement there is there's that dinky little two megapixel shooter and on the 11pro we've got a 12 megapixel three lens setup here this feels like a Tetris

Piece very cool man to hold this in your hand and know how much work and billions of dollars of research went into it it's quite astounding so there it is 12 years of camera evolution now the camera app has come a long way here on the 11pro

Apple finally added new controls in Iowa's 13.2 where you can actually change the resolution of here which is a godsend I love this it only took them you know twelve and a half years to get here but I'm glad that we have it before

You pretty much had no options just take a picture and that's it of course the 11pro has deep fusion and a night mode so the picture-taking is on a whole nother level like it's never been this good on a smartphone and it's blown me

Away the performance of its original iphone had no selfie camera anyone of course does a 12 megapixel and let's get some samples on that one and video but is possible because of a jailbreak tweaks I quarter this is where we're at

Got 4k 30 frames per second on the 11pro simply stunning all the color dynamic range people have to settle for this sort of quality back in the day simply I don't show I really cannot believe how good camera quality is

Nowadays I never thought it gets this point and then of course we've got ultra wide video which very very close to the subject while being super far away at the same time it's amazing it's stabilized digitally but it's one of the

Most impressive things about this year's iPhone and I think one of the most impressive things about owning an iPhone is the speaker quality just to let you know how bad it used to be is a little excerpt from this song and now it is

Piercing Dolby Atmos that has come a long way well has gone backwards though is the support of Cover Flow no longer that's just not here and this is not my music this is some random person's music I bought off eBay and from a

Repairability standpoint Apple has certainly made things a lot easier on the newer iPhones before you get to pop this cover downwards and then unscrew all these bolts remove the aluminum nowadays you just popped a display off

Not to say replacing the back is any easier this is like a $600 job and it can't be done just by replacing the glass you have to replace the whole housing okay and this is the way the 11pro opens up on the inside to the

Right and the original with its shelves pops straight off and that's what the interior looks like so you can see that in 12 years Apple has completely went and redid everything every process every part every screw even is different now

On the new iPhones they are not alike in any way and look at that battery evolution Apple has this solid L now a huge battery very dense and the materials are different the actual connection is way different used to be

Soldered to the motherboard as funny as that is very sloppy and you'd have to resolder it if you wanted to replace it nowadays it's much easier to replace and hopefully in the future we get even more battery evolution but it's been so

Impressive on the iPhone 11 Pro it'll last you one to two days and the vibration motors so here it is on the original and the it's actually quite small for a taptic engine this is smaller than the iPhone

10's but since you don't have 3d touch you really don't need that large of a taptic engine anymore it still works very well I mean it used to be a simple vibration motor but this is one of the biggest and best evolutions on an iPhone

Just how good their taptic engines are and one of the most impressive things about the original iPhone was its stacked logic board layout as we know on the newer iPhones Apple has been doing this since the iPhone 10

It's a space-saving technique inside of the iPhone and as we know Apple is trying to get every single little bit of space out of the internals get a bigger battery in there and more components I'm not going to take this one apart but the

Apple a 13 sits inside of it it is seriously tiny and that's the first iPhone logic board both were actually very similar in size both were stacked and then Apple went to non stacked on the three gene it's really impressive

You know they had it right since the very beginning of course we have regular SIM card versus nano SIM now and in the future ECM and price-wise the first iPhone cost $500 on contract that's four gigabytes and it costs two hundred and

Twenty seven dollars to build which is about two hundred and eighty one dollars and today's $1.00 compared to 490 for the 11pro Mac's over the starting price of a thousand and ninety nine dollars so the profit margin for Apple actually

Remains pretty decent although you'd expect it to be more four hundred ninety dollars to build this is very high price and then of course you got a factor in R&D and all that I think it's still comparatively fair compared to what you

Get in an iPhone R&D is not cheap making all of these components is not cheap so yeah there it is my yearly check in on how Apple's newest iPhone is doing compared to its oldest iPhone and it's doing great apples made huge strides in

The camera performance in battery life the finishes are amazing this year the display is the best ever it's simply the best iPhone ever and I really can't wait to see what happens next year so stay tuned guys got more interesting stuff on

The way peace

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