iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Galaxy Note 10 Plus Camera Test Comparison

by birtanpublished on August 24, 2020

What's up guys Sakura on super-safe TV and welcome to another super safe style camera comparison this time it is of course the much awaited one between the iPhone 11 Pro max versus the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 the most requested thumbs up for that would be appreciated of

Course we're gonna be looking at all aspects of the cameras we're going to be looking at the front facing cameras the rear facing cameras all of the different lenses we're also going to be looking at low light and also look out for the

Audio icon right now we're the front-facing cameras on both what's great is we've got 4k recording on both for the first ever time so unless they test out the stabilization from the front-facing cameras on both here so

Just walking now let's go ahead and watch I mean we think okay now we've switched over on to 1080p just to see if the stabilization is any different at 1080p Oh walking and let's go ahead and run again now let's test our

Stabilization so it's gonna walk for a bit under this path that's a let's rock every do you have multiple lenses on both cameras so we can optically zoom times two on both devices and we also

Have the ultra wide so what that means is we can get a whole load more into our shot check out that that looks so cool right so now we're gonna test our stabilization but on the ultra wide so walking let's go ahead the dynamic range

Is like we've just switched to 1080 now to see what the stabilization is gonna be like because you do have super steady mode on the note 10 plus when it comes to 1080 so just to show you the difference 1080 on both let's go ahead

And we can also switch to the ultra wide so once again 1080 on the ultra wide civilization but right for this final video test we are gonna film at 60 frames a second this video is gonna be exported out at 30 but just to kind of

Show you what these two look like when we have from that 60 frames a second let's see what the stabilization is at 60fps as well we got now it's doing a quick low-light video test well there's some light

Coming from there but let's just look at some darker areas there's something a lot of people keep asking about but I'm generally a little bit worried about my safety because I don't wanna be touched up by a ghost or something so that

Happens and I'm blaming you guys that anyway that is low-light video right a new feature that we've got on both devices is zooming audio so the way this works is when you zoom in it's also supposed to zoom in to the audio source

And make things from sound clearer let's test this out now we assumed in on both 2x optical and this is what it sounds like on both devices we'll switch between these as well definitely let me know which one you

Think sounds better we're gonna test out the autofocus on the iPhone 11 Pro max seems to be doing really really well same test this time on the samsung galaxy note m+ also seems to be doing very very well now the note 10 plus also

Has a light focus video which is supposed to blur the background while we're in video let me know what you guys think I should be in focus and the background should be blood now this feature live focus also has support for

Some effects like having the background in black and white while you're still in color yeah let me know what you think the note 10 plus also has a light focus video from the front-facing camera so it should be blowing the background out and

Once again you've got some effects and things that you can apply while you're in live focus video so that's just one of the features that we've got here on the note now Apple's answer to this is slow fees slow motion selfies

Right there is a lot to get through that was the video now before we move on to images a quick reminder if you haven't already then be sure to subscribe and hit that Bell icon that way you won't miss any future super staff style

Coverage now looking at what we're working with here we've got a very similar triple camera setup on both devices there's a primary there's a telephoto which is gonna give you two times optical zoom and then there is an

Ultra wide now the note does have an additional depth sensor here as well and for the ultra wide camera the note does have a high resolution but for the front-facing cameras the iPhone has a high resolution and just quickly to note

As well that all images that you see have been taken on automatic I haven't tweet any settings and that is to keep things as fair as possible let's get straight to it right so starting off with an image

Outdoors in very good lighting both doing an amazing job great dynamic range on both devices but we can definitely see some differences in color the iPhone going towards the more natural true-to-life colors where is the note is

Going for the more vibrant more saturated punchy colors this is something that I think you're gonna notice throughout this comparison it's something that Samsung devices tend to do you may or may not like this some

People do prefer that more punchy look straight out of the camera so you can share it straight away some people like more of a natural look which you can edit later on now testing out the telephoto camera on both devices both

Once again doing really really good you've got around about the same room on both here I do like the note image better it does seem to have better dynamic range if you look towards that space man more details in the shadows

Have been maintained on the notes compared to the iPhone now it's time to look at my favorite the usuals will be ready for this you have the regular angular view and then boom we have the ultra wide and this lets you get so much

Into your shots you guys know I'm a huge fan of ultra wide cameras and both of them seem to be doing a good good job what I really like is that kind consistent between the three cameras on both devices however I do notice that

The note is sharper if we go in 200% was the grass area especially you can see that the iPhone is a little bit soft towards those areas whereas the note has maintained those details that might be down to the fact that it's got a high

Resolution 16 megapixels versus 12 but I do prefer the ultra wide shots here on the note now moving on to some more outdoor shots primary camera both doing very good overall colors a great dynamic range is also very very good on both

Devices using the telephoto camera once again does let you get in closer or once again color differences but both are doing very very good here and then we've got of course the ultra wide lots more interior shots once again however I do

Notice that the note does seem to be sharper now inside the iconic st. Pancras station using the primary cameras the colors again you can really notice the color differences here the notes definitely more vibrant if you

Look towards the the body I'm not sure what you call them the the metal rails that are holding up the roof they seem more in the blue side on the note whereas you're definitely getting more of a natural tone on the iPhone now if

We do use the telephoto cameras the color differences are there but I'm noticing that the note is sharper so if we do go in 200% towards this clock I am noticing the sharpness here on the note now I know the note does sharpen in a

Post as far as I'm aware but in this image I do prefer it once again boom we have that ultra wide getting in so much more into your shots this is a great example of how you can just really get some epic landscapes using the ultra

Wide so I'm definitely digging the fact that we've got Auto whites on both of these the note once again sharper we had the color differences as well now I wanted to test the ultra wide even further so I took it in a very tricky

Dynamic range situation so we've got the Sun coming in here from the background and the color difference is once again all here but you can notice in the shadows the note has mean more details there it is brighter in

Those shadow areas so I would say I do prefer the ultra white sofa on the note compared to the iPhone now let's move on to portraits this is one of my favorite areas both seem to be doing a really really good job here I do definitely

Prefer the colors on the iPhone it has maintained the dynamic range a little bit better as well on the notes if you look towards my t-shirt some of the highlights have started to blow out and it does seem to be a little bit washed

Out in my opinion on the notes compared to the iPhone but the note does seem to have better edge detection if you look towards at the edge of my glasses that has been cut out better on the notes and also that little very very little area

In between my jacket that has a big blood on the note but it hasn't been on the iPhone now that does seem to be thanks to that additional depth sensor on the note which is giving you a better job when it comes to edge section but I

Do prefer the colors on the iPhone now one new thing that we've got on both devices which is really cool is that you can use the primary camera for portraits as well and this will let you get wider portraits which I'm not a huge fan of

But it's nice that we've got these here and here once again we do have those color differences the iPhone is maintaining those colors better and it's also not as washed out if you look towards the background where the Sun is

Hitting things have been blown out a little bit on the nose whereas those have been maintained on the iPhone and you know edge detection wise I think both are doing roughly the same they're both not doing great I think you do get

Better edge detection when you are using the telephoto camera not the primary camera but the option is there if you need it one thing that I'm noticing is that the note does seem to have like a gradual blur so if you look at the grass

Near where I'm standing it does seem a bit more natural because you've got kind of that fall-off a blur which is trying to replicate what you'd get on a DSLR whereas on the iPhone that isn't as prominent another shots on we've got a

Similar story here colors once again I do prefer on the iPhone I feel it was my jacket details have been better maintained on the iPhone we do seem to have a bit of a washout on the notes but edges have been detected better on the

Note once again compared to the iPhone especially again towards my glasses you can see that the iPhone has struggled a little bit there whereas a note has done a better job though you know we're getting a very

Similar theme here across the portrait images colors and dynamic range better on the iPhone and edges seem to be better on the note now final portrait shot this is something with some very very harsh lighting in the sunlight and

Here I definitely do prefer the iPhone you can see that it's maintained colors a lot better dynamic range as well on the notes things seem to me very very washed out if you look – as a background there's a lot of highlights that have

Been blown out towards those windows and yeah it does make me look a little bit pale here whereas the iPhone has maintained those details a lot better right now the section that you've all been waiting for low-light this is the

First time we've got a night mode on the iPhone where it's gonna take multiple exposures I'm so glad that Apple have finally included this because traditionally the note has easily one when it's come to low-light images here

Is an image that's taken on both devices automatic defaults so we're not using night mode on this shot just to show you the difference both doing a good job actually seem to be doing pretty well but we do have quite a bit light coming

From the space sensor but wait for it boom look at that so now we've got the night mode it has brightened up the shot so much better and you've got a much more pleasing shot I do like both shots here I think both have done a good job

Both have clipped a few of the highlights from the lights but that's fine we've got a much better shot from both devices and I really do like the night mode I would call this one a bit of a draw

Now another shot using night mode from the primary cameras are both doing a good job overall if you do go in 200% however the iPhone does seem to be a tad sharper if you look at towards this sign it does seem to be a tad sharper on the

IPhone so I do prefer that compared to the notes but so once again both are doing a good job now if you use the telephoto camera so this is the two times optical zoom because night mode is available on both of these when you are

Using the two times optical zoom and here I do prefer the iPhone overall I think because it's got the slightly wider f/2 points or aperture it is letting in that much more light it is giving you a bright

For image especially if you look towards the ground area you can see that it is brighter on the iPhone compared to the note now what's interesting is that the iPhone doesn't have a night mode for the ultra wide camera the note does so I'm

Not sure why this is I'm assuming because it's an F 2.4 apertures so Apple haven't applied the night mode to that on the note however you do have the night mode for the arch wide camera and although it's not a perfect image it is

Quite grainy and it's not as sharp it's nice to have this because look at the difference here you've got essentially a viewable shot and you've got something which you can't actually see because it's a completely black here so I'm not

Sure why Apple haven't included this I hope they can include it in a software update but currently when it does come to low-light from the arch white you know you've got a night mode versus no night mode so it's clear wait here for

The notes another shot outdoors in low-light with the primary camera here I do prefer the iPhone it's a brighter image overall it's also a tad sharper so I do prefer the iPhone here compared to the notes and a final image indoors in

Low-light and here both are doing a good job the note is brighter but it does seem to have a bit of a green tint the seat that we've got on the image is gray but it's definitely looking a bit more green on the note so although you are

Getting a brighter image it is giving you a bit of a tint on the note compared to that on the iPhone right now let's look at selfies so we've got a very similar selfie setup on both cameras you have the regular and this is gonna shoot

Around 7 megapixels but if you do want to go wide then it's gonna allow you to get a lot more into your shot so this is just as soon as you open the camera and you take a selfie both seem to be doing a very very good job here great details

We've got great dynamic range as well there's a bright background but both have done a good job in maintaining those details the note does seem to have a bit of smoothening going on I can definitely notice that even though

Beauty mode has been completely switched off there is still a bit of smoothing going on which I'm not a huge fan of you might like that but I'm personally not a huge fan of and then we can use the wide so you can switch between this manually

If you'd like and you can get a lot more of the background and yourself into the shots it seems like the iPhone is a tad wider here so you are getting a little bit more into your shot of the iPhone compared to

That of the notes but once again I think both doing a very very good job now I wanted to test out dynamic range so here's a situation where there is tricky dynamic range it's a very bright background and here the iPhone is

Definitely doing better it's maintained details and colors in both the background as well as the foreground whereas I am appearing quite a bit darker on the notes compared to the iPhone so here the dynamic range I'm

Definitely liking the iPhone better but I wanted to do some more tests so I moved a location slightly and I used the wide angle and here I do prefer the notes although the iPhone has definitely focused on me and made me bright it has

Blown out some of the background where is the notes although it's a darker image overall it has maintained at the detail in the background as well as in the foreground so here I prefer the notes no portraits from the front-facing

Camera now this is interesting because I've quite struggled with the portrait mode from the front-facing camera on the notes and it might just be specifically for me because you know I do have a beard and I tend to wear sunglasses a

Lot but for me it has been quite hit and miss because sometimes it will do portrait mode sometimes it'll tell me that it's taken a portrait shot but when I go into the gallery it's no longer a portrait shot so that's something that I

Definitely do have to mention and it's something that I found quite frustrating with the note and it's something that wasn't there on the samsung galaxy s 10 plus it's something that's never been a problem on the iPhone or the Google

Pixels so I'm not sure why this is but anyway when it does work here is the result so you can see that's both actually have done a really good job differences in color once again I do prefer the colors on the

IPhone better I'm starting to look a little bit yellow on the notes image if you look towards the back that strip there is supposed to be white but it is now yellow on the note so I am preferring the colors on the iPhone

Better here but the edges seem to be a little bit better on the notes if you look towards my hair you can see that the iPhone has struggled a little bit whereas the notes has kind of done a little bit of a better cutout so this

One is an interesting one I do think that both are doing a pretty good job overall however and and now one thing is that the iPhone when you are in portrait mode then it only lets you use the crop tape

Version it doesn't let you use the wider version on the note you can use both when it does work and here you can see that we have wider shots still with that portrait effect this is something that you can't do in the iPhone it doesn't

Let you go wide when you are in portrait mode now here's another shot once again you are noticing the color differences I personally do prefer the icon colors a little bit better the note seems to be

Making me fairer and there is still that smoothening that's going on in the skin and although the edge detection does seem to be slightly better there seems to be a bit of a sort of halo effect going on because of the HDR on the notes

So again I think it's gonna come down to your personal preference which one of these you like better now low-light selfies so here is in super low lights and you know I'm not sure why you'd want to take selfies in this sort of darkness

But here I did prefer the notes a brighter image and it's also not as noisy as the iPhone and if we do use the front-facing flash once again I do prefer the notes here it's a sharper image it's also a brighter and it's got

Less noise compared to the iPhone right so that was a lot to take in now I have to say that both of these cameras are very very good they're some of the best cameras out there and I wouldn't have a problem shooting with

Either of these but of course you guys are not gonna forgive me unless I give my conclusions and my opinions so let's break everything down initially when it comes to video I am gonna have to give the overall winner the iPhone the video

Was more stable even up to 60 frames a second on the note as soon as you go to 60 frames a second you lose that stabilization this is still there on the iPhone from the front-facing camera you can also go up to 4k 60 but you do lose

Extended dynamic range there but that's something that you can't do on the note so when it comes to video I still have to say that the iPhone is king and if video is your thing that I think that the iPhone still holds that crowd to

Know however is not bad by any means it still shoots a great great video it's just not as good as the iPhone in my opinion now what about images okay let's break this down into different sections so

We'll look at the different lenses when it comes to the primary camera I think both will vary good in good light they were great in low light they were also very very good and very very close there are those

Differences in color I would say that overall the iPhone does give you more natural and true-to-life colors whereas the note gives you the more saturated more punchy colors I think that's gonna come down to your personal preference

Some people do prefer those colors some people like the natural shots I like somewhere in between these two so I'm gonna say that when it comes to the primary cameras both are very very good also for low-light both are very very

Good I'm so glad that Apple has a now up there low-light game and a lot of the low-light shots I did prefer on the iPhone but overall I'd say when it comes to low lights because of the night mode that both of these have both are very

Very good moving on to the ultra wide cameras ultra wide cameras I would say that the note still has the best ultra wide camera on any smartphone right now images were just sharper with better dynamic range compared to the iPhone the

IPhone um I did like the consistency between the lenses when it came to color but the ultra wide was just a tad softer and the dynamic range wasn't as good so when it comes to out white the note is definitely the king here and also for

Low lights I'm not sure why Apple haven't included a night mode for the ultra wide camera so if you do want to get a shot saw with the ultra wide camera in low lights then again the note does take the edge here now talking

About the telephoto cameras this was quite interesting because in good lights I did prefer the notes you had dopper images with better dynamic range overall I found so for the telephoto camera in good light I would go for the notes but

In low lights because of the slightly wider aperture you do get better low-light shots with the telephoto camera on the iPhone when it comes to portraits this was quite interesting because you had better edge detection on

The notes but you had much better colors and dynamic range on the iPhone so which do you prefer from these if I was to pick overall for portraits I would still go to the iPhone it's all my favorite for portraits just because it gives you

A better pleasing shot straight out of the camera yes it might not be perfect on the edges but for me personally colors and dynamic range are a little bit more important to edge detection this will probably come down here some

Reference now for selfie it was interesting I would call it a bit of a draw overall because in a good light I did prefer the colors on the less smoothening that you have on the iPhone also you do get a slightly wider angle

Of view on the iPhone and it was more consistent for me when it came to portraits with the notes I did find it a bit miss again this might just be down to my face but it is something that I've noticed I hope Samson can improve this

With a software update it wasn't there on the s10 plus I had absolutely no problems with the selfie camera on the s10 plus when it came to portraits that might be thanks to that secondary depth sensor which denote no longer has but

The note does have the option of a portrait like focus mode whatever you want to call it from the regular angle of view as well as the wide angle of view and it also was better for low-light images from the front-facing

Camera and when it came to audio it was quite interesting because I think both did a really really good job you can go back and have a listen I did prefer the no overall I think it had better noise cancellation and also the zoom in mic I

Think it did a slightly better job compared to the iPhone that's what I think anyway what do you guys think that was a lot to cover definitely let me know in the comments below now if you want to see lots of images posted from

Lots of different devices I do post very regularly on my Instagram I am at super sass so be sure to give me a follow on there I hope you enjoyed this video I've bought it useful as you can probably tell it took a very very long time to

Put together so a thumbs up would be appreciated and if you wanna see more content like this super staff style then be sure to subscribe and hit that Bell icon so you don't miss it thanks for watching this is SAP on

Super-safe DV I'm gonna try to get some sleep this was such a mission to put together

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