iPhone 11 Pro Max Real-World Test (Camera & Battery Test)

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

good morning another day you're at
camber camp now if you missed my last
video I'll explain what camber camp is a
little bit later but right now in this
video what we're gonna do is a
real-world test of the iPhone 11 pro max
that means I'm gonna just go through my
normal day here at this camp again I'll
explain later and just kind of check in
on the battery throughout the day and
see how it's doing as well as taking
photos on that phone and a few of its
competitors put them up on the screen so
you guys can you know be the judge and
see how you think it's doing also just
so you know this is a Sony camera camp
and they're letting us borrow equipment
to use while we're here so I figured I
would test out the new a 6600 and I have
their you know 16 to 55 G master F 2.8
lands on here and also their new
microphones so let me know how it is
hopefully it's good really hope so David
first things first coffee

okay we got it
now I've actually have a class today so
this sony cam thing just so you guys
know it's a thing that justine and jenna
and Sony have put together where they
kind of brought all these creators to
this beautiful place in Montana and we
have classes every day that we can sign
up for and it's kind of just like a way
for all of us it kind of network and
just you know feel a sense of community
which I'm super thankful that they
invited me and that I'm a part of it but
I have a class right now because of that
which is cool it's actually right over
here and it's a DJ I who's going to
teach us how to use gimbal

yes that was just super cool one I
balanced the gimbal never done it before
my life it's a useful skill and now just
finished the roping of the horses that I
got the film which you saw which was
really fun and going to my next class
which is called the perfect camera
settings and it's taught by somebody at
Sony so interested in that

get done with that camera class was
really fascinating learn a lot of little
neat tips and tricks it was great and
now we're heading to lunch but I
realized I haven't checked in on the
battery yet and it's already been quite
a while I took it off the charger to
about 7:30 in the morning it is now
twelve twenty nine 12:30 and we are at

okay after lunch let's talk about the
first thing I want to talk about
is the design now I'm not gonna lie like
I the three circles at the top for that
like the leaks that we were seeing
before like looked really bad it does
not look as bad there's like a piece of
acrylic that kind of can connects all
three of the lenses there's only they're
all at the same level I don't know it
doesn't it doesn't like the bad at least
here on the white model or the silver
model that I have here also something I
was really surprised by was that the
back has like this frosted glass like
matte finish to it and it feels really
nice so I was surprised by that from the
front of the device it doesn't look any
different to when iPhone tennis max it
basically looks the same I know there
are some differences between the two but
you know as far as like bezel and things
like that but it's not it's not apparent
to anyone else looking at this from the
front they're just gonna think you have
an iPhone tennis max okay let's check in
on the battery really quick it is 1:17
p.m. we're at 84%

there's a fire trucks – essentially the
middle of the woods to have dinner it's
just crazy
but hey while we're here really quick
before I make it further into the woods
into wherever this dinner might be it is
6:02 p.m. and we are at 63%

dinner was amazing and now we got back
on the fire trucks and now we're at the
barn this what you do right you go have
a dance at the barn
apparently when you're in Montana real
quick though check on the battery it is
7:55 p.m. when you're at I mean pretty
good 61%

all right
that little shindig was nice got to test
out the night mode it's pretty
impressive I'm not gonna lie that you
guys let me know you've seen them now
tell me what you think in the comments
but now battery's still going it is 9:09
p.m. and we are at 56% pretty crazy I'm
not gonna lie I'm kind of impressed
right now uh but nice so going I came
back to the room to get a tripod because
now I have another class it is light

it is 1217 a.m. I'm calling it a night
but we are at 42% which is frankly just
nuts I'm impressed
not gonna lie also looking at the photos
pretty impressed by those as well you
guys be the judge though let me know
what you think in the comments below
would love to hear from you guys
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as always though regardless thanks for

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