iPhone 11 Pro DROP Test! Worlds Toughest Glass!

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

hey what's up guys just got back from
the Apple Store got the new iPhone 11
Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Macs and you
already know today's video let's go
ahead and durability drop test it so
what's particularly interesting about
this year's release is Apple is claiming
that these are the world's most durable
smartphones the glasses
front and back using a new technology
new process to make it there's a new
feeling on it even I'm very excited to
test it out in real life now mine came
conveniently dropped from the Apple
store on the corner very nice so I
already had a mild concussion a little
late to this party but even so I'm still
super excited to feel the iPhone 11 for
the first time ever ooh okay so the
packaging is different already only the
front now has the plastic and Wow so
just about as I imagined a very nice
matte coating and it's beefier wow it
feels thicker and heavier than my iPhone
10s definitely a huge difference on the
feeling in the back the logo placement
is such a powerful brand move I love it
Apple is just flexing on the other
companies no text whatsoever and the
iPhone 11 pro max so obviously this is
going to be my daily driver oh man
that's beautiful I love the green here
and I love how Apple continues to make
small refinements everywhere like even
in the packaging what I've noticed is
now that the plastic is different on the
iPhone over here this little packet is
now circular rounded off Apple continues
to refine refine refine what I think
will change this time around is we've
got heavier devices so that'll be a
factor in the durability the lens itself
is I'd say maybe a little less raised
than before there are three times as
many glass lenses though and inside of
here it's all glass inside of the camera
lens so that could influence this but
Apple did say this is their most durable
glass ever let's go ahead and test this
just taking a moment to appreciate the
beauty here I love it I love the feeling
too bad you're gonna slip a case on this
right away and forget about it now
before we get into this I wanted to
announce a giveaway I'm doing with Aaron
for mr. who's the boss from giving away
for iPhone 11s and for iPhone 11 pros
and you can find out all about that down
below in the description so there's many
processes we're giving an iPhone away
from many different ways so do check
that out so let me turn these on get
them set up and we'll introduce them to
the ground as is tradition now
why I'm particularly interested in drop
tests all these years have been doing
them is because we're finally releasing
our case and I think it's the best
companion you can have for an iPhone
because it allows you to appreciate the
design of your phone while protecting it
at the same time you can find out more
about that down below we're gonna drop
it on the side on the side back then the
front and go from there so I think that
these will be fairly well equipped for
waste hype I'm gonna start with the
11pro world's most durable glass here we
go three two one there's that one and
the 11pro max in three two one
unscathed stainless steel does scratch
of course a little dent in there but
overall perfect let's go to the side
three two one oh and one more three two
one that's a little gnarly but seems
okay nothing has happened still looks
really good
no scratches or anything and the back
impact this is one I'm a little scared
for because the lenses just it's the
entire piece of glass together will
change the dynamics here three two one
ooh before I look at that the 11pro max
in three two one
okay moment of truth and the ringer
switch went off so that was quite an
impact okay both have survived and
flawless glass the shock absorption is
amazing in Apple's advertisements they
have like a bunch of lettuce and you
know soft objects flying at them but
when the concrete's hitting seems to do
fine too so far and one more in three
two one face down nice little jump
and three two one smack okay nothing has
happened and nothing has happened that's
a pretty good sign so far they have
survived the waist height drops this is
where pretty much everyone will be
dropping their iPhone this is fairly
smooth little textured concrete's
even so did well okay so let's take it a
little bit higher you know for that rare
occasion when you're talking and your
phone drops will it hold up on the side
here head height in three two one ooh
wow that hit this actual back I swear
that something is really weird about
these they're unbalanced they can
usually drop them fairly well three two
they don't like to hit the side but
perfect still I'm amazed three two one
SIM card tray came out that's a first
I'll move this away three two one all
right nothing how okay so this has never
happened to me before but the impact
literally ejected the SIM card tray and
yet nothing has happened really really
starting to believe that world's
strongest glass the fact that it's
milled out of one single piece is
amazing no scratches scuffs wipe right
off let's go to the rear so triple lens
meeting the ground in three two one not
broken that's amazing and the 11pro max
in three two one
that sounds bad mute switch went off
again nothing my goodness they're both
holding up so it's not just luck they
genuinely are durable and the face down
so from head height there we go
three two one not broken
and the 11pro max in three-two-one
what they've been dropped eight times on
various angles and nothing you can't
call that a coincidence
Apple has definitely put in the effort
to make these durable now yes I'd still
recommend a case because the stainless
steel does scuff with a heavy impact
let's see if a side he still works and
it looks good to me
cameras are still working I love the new
switch camera button okay perfect now we
got to go higher as this did not break
them so bring over the ladder get as
much height as possible here almost 10
feet both beautiful and durable here we
go in three two one that's the side and
once more in three two one

quite an impact Oh
so we've buckled the actual stainless
steel border that has broken inwards and
yet the glass still refuses to break and
on the 11 same thing the 11pro nothing
has happened a very badly dented
stainless steel border yet no damage in
three two one so more of on the back and
three two one oh that's an iPhone

I thought I heard something oh there it
is so Wow that took repeated drops just
to get to this point and the 11 has
broke on the front so that was a little
of a weird fall they both hit each other
maybe maybe the only reason it broke is
because the world's most durable glass
met the world's most durable glass and
something had to budge but that's what
it took so near 10 feet and repeatedly
had to do it twice just to break it now
when this glass does break let's see the
situation here so it's definitely
sticking out and there's a very weird
color shift effect going on in the
cracks here wow that's a very
interesting so apple's coating there is
peeling off and yeah so this is not like
Gorilla Glass where it's not sharp you
definitely got to be cutting your
fingers on this one it does break in the
lens surprisingly nothing really bad has
happened here this took so much effort
just to get here on the front it's a lot
smoother so no jutting pieces here I
could still use it normally the entire
phone is a little warped it's like it's
bent and only then would it break so
Apple you did really really good with
this glass would I still recommend a
case a hundred percent and I hope to
offer the best here very shortly and
let's total these let's go all the way
eleven last test on the screen in three
two one
nice little hop

and rear impact for the 11pro max three
two one oh that did it okay so this one
has a gnarly mess going around the
camera lens but it took such an impact
for this to happen it's ridiculous
they've made the screen too too good the
front didn't even break on this one
after a almost 10-foot drop so I am
actually very shocked at the durability
of these phones Apple did fantastic you
know still use a case you want to
protect it but know that in the rare
occurrence that if it does drop without
a case and pretty optimal situations not
too jagged you'll be just fine
until that one time happens when you get
out of bed and drop it a foot in it
shatters like always and last thing I
want to test is if face ideas working
which it appears it is still fast as
this one actually did crack in one area
earlier forgot to mention that but
cameras are still working telephoto
wide-angle everything's beautiful and
front-facing so there is a crack there
but still looks good but anyways guys
there it is now be sure to check out the
giveaway we're giving away eight iPhone
11s 411 s 411 pros all the info down
below in the description thanks so much
guys and stay tuned for the next ones

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