iPad Pro 2020 review, live from the mancave

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

hey guys call me pres and this is the
new iPad pro for 2020 yeah it does kind
of look like an iPad pro from 2018 ah if
you don't come the little stock design
here and if you haven't seen the new
iPad pros since two years ago first of
all really and secondly yes it does kind
of look like a prototype that made it to
the production line but the design has
grown on me it's very light very thin
very comfy carry around and just do your
work well on the go and I can kind of
see where Apple was going with this
especially since they announced the new
magic keyboard which is not out yet
these are starting to look like sort of
MacBook Pros but not really so what's
the only inside well of course there's a
new processor is the Apple a 12 Z what
does that mean I don't know all I know
is that the 2018 edition had the Apple a
12 X inside so this is a Z all I know is
that we're running out of out of that
but it is interesting to note that the
iPhone 11 has the Apple 813 so
technically this iPad pro does not have
the latest generation family of apple
chips either that or Apple poached the
guys from Sony who are thinking of the
experience but now don't worry about
performance this thing flies especially
with the 120 Hertz screen which has been
a staple of the iPad pro line for the
past few years if you haven't seen I I
mean iPad OS run on 121st screen so far
it's so much smoother is just awesome to
use now let's talk about this thing so
yep we have a triple camera but the
third thing it's a lighter sensor
hey what okay okay I know that dozens of
youtubers have explained to you what a
lighter does but look I went out and I
got myself an old Sony camera so I can
get footage of the lasers in this thing
so we're talking about it basically
lighter shoots out a bunch of lasers
that measures how much time each one of
them takes to come back and this way it
can determine
what kind of objects there have been in
the environment how close they are to
you how big there are their edges
distances measurements so on so forth
what do we want to use it for augmented
reality Apple has said that AR is the
future I'm not sure I can see it yet but
that's where we're going so yeah of
course we tested it unfortunately all of
the apps that we found in the App Store
using air have not been optimised to use
the lighter yet so yeah they work but
you won't see much difference between
this and the other iPads or the iPhones
so technically the lighter should be
able to spot real-world objects coming
in and out of you so the virtual objects
from your AR should be able to interact
with them in some way either hide behind
them or ignore them or move and we
haven't seen this yet but the baked in
measure app that does come with the iPad
pro is better so first of all as soon as
you launch it
you don't need to wave your device
around until it figures out what it's
looking for the lighter is instant you
launch the measure app you're ready to
measure the surface in front of you it's
definitely more accurate than previous
iPads for the iPhones still not
perfectly accurate but it does get a
good job done it mostly struggles with
remembering where the virtual points you
placed are so when you turn around and
you turn back to where you started from
the point is slightly off which throws
off your measurement by an inch maybe
basically the longer the distance is
you're measuring you still get a higher
chance of a mistake but we found out
that for short distances it's pretty
oh yes we also get two cameras on the
side that we have the irregular
wide-angle and an ultra wide-angle
camera the wide-angle one is a 12
megapixel shooter it performs pretty
much like the iPhone 11 it's probably
the same camera same awesome color
reproduction great details fantastic HDR
the ultra web camera has been slightly
downgraded it's 10 megapixels here
whereas on the
11 it's 12 megapixels so with the iPad
pro we get softer details on the ultra
wide-angle pictures some more noise
especially if you move indoors I mean
it's usable it's good but not as good as
on the iPhone
now even have noticed that I'm kind of
zooming as the camera part here there's
good reason for that
who cares hip-hop's cameras on a tablet
I mean who walks around shooting
pictures with this thing yeah I know I
did I did I was walking around the city
taking samples for this review people
were looking at me but I mean otherwise
there is one camera on a tablet that
does matter and that's the front-facing
camera cuz you know you'll be using this
for business calls Skype calls FaceTime
with your friends so it would have been
really nice to get the same high quality
selfie camera from the iPhones here but
no this is a seven megapixel shooter
it's not terrible it's not bad but it's
not as good as on the iPhone I was kind
of hoping that the lighter would be used
for a portrait mode on the main camera
with the iPad but no portrait mode on
the iPad still only uses the
front-facing camera
utilizing the face ID sensors onto the
big news no iPad iOS 13.4 finally
supports it bluetooth mouse now of
course you can just have a simple
pointer on the iPad because Apple has to
do Apple things and you get this
circular pointer that kind of changes
shape every time you go in and out of
items and different items on your screen
so it looks like a cartoon metal
character I'm not sure why it still just
works like a regular pointer and it's
available on all iPads that support the
u.s. hybrid OS this in combination with
split screen and the slide over mode
really make this a multitasking machine
well sort of it's it's not PC great
multitasking but it's nice to see it
which brings me to the obvious question
can the iPad pro replace your computer
ya know maybe crap well it depends
who really depends what you're gonna do
with it I mean I love walking around
with this thing as I said earlier taking
calls checking emails chatting with my
colleagues maybe even writing a small
article or even the notes for this
review I wrote them on the iPad now now
I'm cheating by reading them from yeah I
also absolutely enjoy using iPads for
music I've been doing it for years it's
super fun
it's portable it's powerful there are so
many apps it's it's just amazing but if
I have to sit down and write a meteor
bigger article if I need to do my
open hundreds of tabs in my browser edit
images down to the pixel I'm not going
to use an iPad I am going to use a
computer of some sort maybe even a
MacBook so it really depends on what
you're going to do with it
like if you're an artist you're gonna
love the Apple pencil if you're in a
sort of musician you will enjoy the
portable power you get with this but you
have a computer I definitely see it
replacing the computer for some users
but it still has some way to go and now
you're probably asking yourself is it
actually worth getting an iPad pro for
eight hundred dollars when I can get the
base iPad for three thirty or the iPad
air for five hundred dollars both of
which support iPad or West 13.4 and have
Mouse support they have their own
keyboard accessory they even support the
first generation Apple pencil in my
opinion this is absolutely worth it as
an iPad fan but also if this was the
2018 iPad pro I wouldn't have been so
sure the 2018 model has a starting
storage of 64 gigabytes which kind of
pushed you to upgrade I mean if you're
getting an iPad pro it's minutes you're
kinda serious about your tablet usage
now this one this one starts at 128 gigs
which is definitely not bad it could
take a while to fill those up on a
tablet the iPad pro also has the USB
type-c port which allows you to connect
it to Tom
accessories out there like external hard
drives even or this old Sony camcorder
which I used to record the lighter
lasers and then I downloaded the footage
from this to this magic that combined
with the quad speakers in stereo setup
indeed awesome 124 display I love it
I would go out and buy this one if
you're just dipping your toes into iPad
territory right now and if you are
wondering if it's for you get the base
model the cheapest one and and if you
like it for going down the line you can
get accessories for it like a keyboard
and pencil but if you're out there
looking for an iPad that's you know
serious and you're wondering whether you
should get the iPad air for the iPad pro
hands down get this one I love it I
absolutely adore it
hey you like the home set up well
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