iOS 14 Beta 7 – Almost there..

by birtanpublished on October 4, 2020

What's up guys my name is brandon and i've been using ios 14 at beta 7 for a few days now and as i do every single saturday i wanted to give you guys an update on how the software has been running in terms of the performance the battery life the bugs bug fixes and of course any new features or changes that were discovered after my initial what's new video so first off let's go ahead and just point out the obvious here beta 7 is great it is the best beta yet and it is really the first time since testing these ios 14 betas that i feel like

We're close to a gm because beta 6 felt great but i still had issues i still had glitches i still had bugs but beta 7 fixed most of those and we'll talk about that shortly but this feels like we're very very close to a gm which of course is expected from a beta 7 but still it feels great so as far as any additional new features and changes you should not really be expecting much from a seventh beta but there were just a couple of things

That i've seen and talked about in beta 7 that are new and the first one is actually this right here so this is a new ui for dismissing suggestions in the spotlight search so i got this from a user over on reddit and you can see here we have like this little menu right here with a down vote and that looks a little bit different than it did in previous betas where it basically just showed you the regular 3d touch menu instead of this so that is new also if we go into our settings and then go down

To privacy location services some people were actually missing these significant locations before so right here inside of system services significant locations was missing for some people now i did not have this but for some people it was missing in beta 6 and it came back and beta 7. so i'm still not sure why that disappeared for some people and i don't know if it was just for a specific device or not but whatever the case may be it is back in beta seven but aside from

Those two changes really nothing else has changed besides what i talked about in my initial what's new video so now let's move on to the bugs that were fixed in beta 7 because this is where i really think beta 7 shots i think beta 7 was a great great update for fixing bugs that i've been experiencing over the past few betas and the first one i want to talk about is one that i've talked about a lot in these beta videos and that is that i can now finally click the first application in my app library

Folders every single time so i talked to you guys about this before but on my main device i would go over to my app library and i would never be able to click this first icon right here but check this out boom i can open it boom i can open it you can see there i can open up every single application now the first application and look at that it was a little lag right there so of course this is still a beta and there are still things like that that are going to happen i'm going to leave this

In here just so you guys can see that happening in real time but the point is you can now see that you can click the first icon here inside of the app library and it works perfectly fine whereas in every previous beta that was an issue that was a bug for me so for some reason it didn't happen on my iphone 11 pro it only happened on my pro max so whatever the case may be i'm not sure why it worked on one device and not on the other so that's how i know it didn't affect every single

Person but it did affect me and i showed you guys in multiple videos but now that's thankfully been fixed here in beta 7. now also the backtap feature has improved greatly here in beta 7. so i've not had near as many false triggers as i did in beta 6 and previous beta so before as you guys know the back type feature first off if we go to our settings and then go to accessibility and then go to touch and then all the way down to back tap you can see right here i have it off on

This i have it on on my main device but basically if we just want to go home right here with a double tap just double tap the back of the screen or the back of the phone and it takes me back to the home screen so we just go into calendar here double tap the back of the phone and it takes us to the home screen so now i found that it does not have near as many false triggers meaning that just because i set my phone down or just when i have it in my pocket unlocked it's not going to take me to the home screen or perform whatever

Action back tap is set to just from that so it seems to be more you know tuned in to actual touches with your finger on the back of the phone now and just because you you know ruffle it around your phone like this it's not going to trigger that so let's just test it out just to kind of show you guys so you can see here this before and previous betas would take you back to the home screen they would initiate that double tap just moving it around like this or you know setting it down on your desk

It would take you to the home screen and as you can see there beta 7 has greatly improved the accuracy of backtap and that is great to see because this was a great feature but i was not going to use it because it was just so finicky and no matter what you did you know it would just initiate that action even though you weren't actually touching the back of your phone so thankfully apple has really improved the backtap feature here

In beta 7. now thankfully beta 7 has also fixed one of the major messages bugs and that would be when you would add a contact when you would have a contact saved in your phone but you were in a group chat sometimes it wouldn't actually show the contact's name it would show like their letter or their profile picture over here on the left so it knew that it was saved as a contact but when it would show the name of the person it would just show their full phone number and not their contact name

So that's been fixed in beta 7 especially in my group chat my big group chat that i have over on my main phone i've noticed that it has been fixed another great fix and messages is that the reactions can now be viewed instantly when you want to see who reacted to something in a group chat so you can see right here multiple people reacted to this photo if i tap and hold up top it shows who reacted right there so before in beta 6 it would

Just take forever to actually show up right here you know maybe 10 15 seconds and then you could start seeing the people who reacted but now it happens right away as you can see right there which is nice also the spotlight search when you would search for an application has been fixed so before beta 6 and previous betas when you would type in something sometimes these applications would just simply disappear like if i were to type in twitter right before i could tap on it it would just simply disappear and i talked about

This in previous videos as well but that has been fixed as you can see it stays there i can tap on it and everything i've also heard that the voiceover lag has been fixed here in beta 7 so i don't use voiceover but for those of you who use voiceover apparently there was some lag in previous betas but now that seems to be solved here in beta seven i saw multiple people mention that and then we also have a fix inside of the health application so if we go to browse and then to activity

And let's just say active energy if we go ahead and switch from the day to the week to the month to the year view you can see everything adjusts accordingly and previous betas there was a little bit of lag here and sometimes it wouldn't actually switch the view as it should so any kind of bug inside the health application related to the yeah the hour the day the month the year you know and switching properly has been fixed it's not just for this section right here there are multiple

Sections inside of health where that was an issue but that's been fixed in beta 7. so there are a lot of bug fixes in beta 7 however there are still some remaining bugs in ios 14. so the first one i want to talk about is actually right here on this widget and you can see that the notes widget still shows up blank sometimes so i've tried going into notes and then going back to the home screen and it still just shows up blank even when i add a new notes widget sometimes it will just show up

Completely blank like this so that is still a bug and i would expect bugs still with like the widgets and the app library since they're brand new features to ios i would expect bugs like this but hopefully that does get fixed before the final release also i noticed that the music widget does not update as frequently as i would wish now i don't think this is technically an issue with the widget i think it's more of an issue with apple music the service

And updating you know what you've recently listened to but still i wish that would update more frequently it took a little while at least like 10 minutes after i was listening to this album right here to show up in the widget so i wish that would just update more frequently and again i think that's on apple music and not just the widget itself now also shortcut automations still are not working as they should in ius 14 beta 7. so i have an automation on my

Main device my iphone 11 pro max where basically when i wake up it speaks to me and tells me the weather and the time and the chance of rain and things like that but it doesn't work properly it'll just like start and then it stops after saying like one letter of what it's supposed to say so shortcut automations are still not fully working in ios 14. i've also noticed some issues with snapchat so sometimes snapchat will just show a black screen and you can't even take a picture you have to fully close out of the

Application and go back into it also when you take a picture take a look at this the exposure like brightens up and it gets brighter than it should be and you basically have to put a filter on to make it back to normal so there are some issues with the snapchat application and hopefully that's just on snapchat and we get an update to the application sooner rather than later and then as far as bugs go on the ipad and ipad os 14 and beta 7 here is that bug i was talking about where you would get small

Icons on the home screen of ipad os 14 and beta 7. so somebody sent me this over on twitter so shout out to brandon the real brandon right there um he has this screenshot here where you can see these small icons which just look really fun even a folder up here is small so that is one of the bugs i talked about in my what's new video and here is an example of that and some people also had their widgets showing up small as well so like these widgets up here would sometimes be small like they are on ios so that's strange

And i would definitely expect that to be fixed in the next beta so those are some of the bugs and i would expect most of them to be fixed within the next beta or two now as far as the performance goes performance has been absolutely excellent so i've not had a single lock up or a random freeze in an application i've not had any random resprings or random reboots or anything like that all the applications respond well the games play great i really have no complaints you guys saw that brief little lag when i was in the

App library and going into an application so there is still you know minor lag and things like that but that's really nothing major and that's honestly the first time that's ever happened to me in beta 7 or even beta 6 that had never happened so that was pretty rare and performance overall is great on ios 14 at beta 7 and the same can be said about ipad os 14 and beta 7 as well i've not had any issues at all i've used the apple

Pencil pretty much every day with it no issues there i've played games on it i've taken notes i've done you know picture picture youtube really no issues at all with the performance on ipad os 14 beta 7 and thankfully i've not had the small icon bug on my device now as far as the battery life goes battery life is also excellent here in beta 7. so beta 6 was a big improvement for most people myself included and beta 7 should continue on that with

Even better battery life and it should continue getting gradually better you know as these final few betas get released i'd say that we're almost at ios 13 level battery life here in beta 7. now we're not there quite yet but it's getting close to being just as good a battery life as ios 13.7 and that is a very good sign and that usually indicates that we're getting pretty close to a gm build and i'll talk about that here in a moment after we take a look at

The community poll for this week so just as i do every week i have a poll here on the community tab on my youtube channel so if you go to my youtube channel and then scroll over to community you'll see this poll right here i do this every week and i ask this week how has ios 14 beta 7 been for you and let's go and take a look so for me it's been excellent so let's go ahead and see those percentages so 25 i believe that is the highest rate yet

So if we go down and compare that to beta 6 yeah huge improvement and this is based off of 14 000 votes in 19 hours so i appreciate every one of you who are voting in these polls really makes my life a lot easier and it also helps you guys understand how the software is running so 25 said excellent no annoying bugs versus 15 that is a huge improvement 10 is a lot when we're talking about 14 000 votes here so

15 on good compared to 25 so that shows you that beta 7 was a nice improvement over beta six we have three percent on decent and bad buggy and bad battery life versus four percent on beta six we have two percent on terrible i had a downgrade versus two percent and then 55 percent not on ios 14 versus 54 but the main thing to look at here is the huge improvement in excellent so it went from 15 to 25 that is massive so now let's go ahead

And check out some of these comments here that you guys left aloha boy said that using reduced transparency mode some library doc folders have a white background so i actually think that's how it's supposed to be so reducing transparency mode means that the folders would have to be you know white because that's kind of a blur and the whole point of reduced transparency is to reduce the blur and effects like that so i think that's

Supposed to be like that i think it's supposed to have a white background but i don't use this feature so correct me if i'm wrong down in the comments below alaska heston here says that it feels pretty solid so far i haven't encountered any annoying bugs and battery life feels kind of close to what i was getting on 13.6.1 something i've noticed though is that when listening to audio messages using the earpiece the screen will not turn off but stay on that didn't happen before on ios 13

Or the first betas and he's saying that's happening on his 11 pro max so that is an interesting bug i've not encountered that but it seems like some people tend to agree here with that lexa here said excellent on my iphone 11 pro messages bug is gone this doesn't feel like a beta anymore and you can see there 23 people agreed with that and i would actually agree with that as well it doesn't really feel as much like a beta as it has previously adriano here says that randomly siri

Will activate itself when i didn't hold the side button or say those magic words on my iphone 10s so that's a weird bug i've not experienced that but if you guys have let me know down in a comment below somebody here ray said that when playing games and suddenly restarts which is pretty annoying so i've not had that at all i've played many games on my device and have not had any random restart so that may just be an another issue you may want to just restore your device

And install fresh i know a lot of people ask about cod mobile so somebody was saying that cod mobile became laggy after the update so maybe that has to do with call of duty needing to update their application to make it more in sync with beta 7 and more optimized for beta 7. i've not had issues with call of duty mobile though that's one of the main games i play on my ipad and on my iphones and i've not had any lag so it appears that some people are though michael here says that

Picture-in-picture while changing episodes and netflix is quite buggy the screen turns black and i have to restart the app that's the only bug i've noticed so far so i've not actually used picture-in-picture with netflix so apparently that is a bug i will test that out after this video and i guess i'll talk about that and see if it's been fixed in the next beta aiden here is still having issues with the keyboard so he said that his keyboard goes invisible sometimes seems random so far and you can see here

I asked them in which applications and he says that it happens most often in the app library when i swipe down to search but also happens when typing within notification responses and in notes so yeah more bugs with the app library i would expect those but he's also saying it happens in quick responses to maybe like messages and things like that so that's interesting i have had that in previous betas but i've not encountered it here in beta 7 at least not yet i literally cannot install apps anymore

Now i don't think that's at all related to ios 14 beta 7 that's probably another issue you have going on there emilio here says that the shooting star animation is still missing in imessages can you cover that in one of your videos so there you go the shooting star animation is still missing maybe it's not going to be in ios 14 i'm not sure i don't really use any of those imessage effects or animations but apparently that is missing in beta 7. and then the final ones i'm going to mention here fixes the music app

Crashing when trying to play music on my ipad mini 4 so that is good news caesar here says it's been great i'm using an iphone 8 and they finally fixed the problem with voiceover voiceover is now as good as it was on the public version of ios and then somebody also is expecting or anticipating the spatial audio feature as we all are for the airpods pro here in ios 14 because that toggle is just simply a toggle and the feature doesn't actually work yet but anyways thanks to all of

You guys who commented and voted on this poll of course there are you know 234 comments so i'm not going to read every single one of them here on the video but those are just some of the ones i wanted to highlight and again thanks to everybody who voted and commented on that poll now as far as when to expect the next beta beta8 we can probably expect that next week now next week is a holiday week so it is the week of labor day labor day is on monday september 7th

But we can probably expect to see ios 14 beta 8 either on september 8th or september 9th that is the tuesday and the wednesday of the week we could probably expect to see beta 8 then i don't think it's going to be the gm build that's just me just my gut feeling saying it's not going to be the gm build i think we'll see that either the last week of september or maybe even early october but i would expect to see beta 8 on the 8th or the 9th hopefully it's on the 8th so that we get beta 8 on the 8th i think

That would be kind of cool but also we will probably be seeing new apple products next week as well based on a tweet from john prosser we could be seeing a new ipad and also a new apple watch as early as next week via a site refresh or a press release from apple so next week should be really interesting and of course i will keep you guys posted over on twitter and also in the discord server which are both linked down in the description below now

I also wanted to mention that ios 14 the final version will probably be out before the 2020 iphones get released so that's not normally what apple does but since we see a delay in the iphone 12 lineup this year we probably will see ios 14 be released before the new iphones and the new iphones will launch and come with ios 14.1 on them so that's why i think that we'll see ios 14 the final version be released probably

In the last week of september and then we'll probably see the new iphones at some point in october but of course stay tuned because nothing is official just yet but anyways guys there you have it that is ius 14 at beta 7 a great great release and really shows that we are close to a gm build if i had to guess i'd say that we're probably a couple of betas away from a gm so maybe a beta 10 or maybe a beta 11 one of those two will probably be the gm build so we're getting very very close

And there's just a few bugs that still need to be fixed but we're well on our way especially with the performance and the battery life but anyways let me know how beta 7 is for you and if you want to add anything else onto this video let me know down in the comment section below you guys know i love reading those and responding to those as well but anyways if you guys enjoyed this video i would appreciate if you gave it a thumbs up and of course make sure you guys subscribe so you don't miss any of my future

Ios 14 coverage so anyways guys thanks again for watching and i'll see you soon you

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