iOS 14 Beta 6 – Slow but steady..

by birtanpublished on October 4, 2020

What's up guys my name is brandon and i've been using ios 14 beta 6 all week and i wanted to give you guys an update on how it's been running for me on multiple devices including the ipad so i know i've kind of neglected the ipad and ipad os throughout these ios 14 and beta videos but i got a request in the last video to talk about that more so that's what i'll be doing in this video and probably for all the forthcoming videos of ios 14 as well but anyways as i always do every single saturday i wanted to give you guys an update on how the

Software has been running for me we're also going to talk about some additional new features and changes we're going to talk about the battery life the performance bugs bug fixes and also when we can expect beta 7 of ios and ipad os 14. all right so let's go ahead and take a look at some of the additional new features and changes found in beta 6. so the first one i want to talk about is actually picture-in-picture with youtube so as you guys know

Picture-in-picture with youtube is not native in the youtube application like you can't use the youtube application and then just go back and appear on your home screen you do need a shortcut for that which i did actually show you guys how to do that if you did not see that video it will be linked up in the cards but a lot of people have been saying that they have picture and picture in the youtube application and there's been you know screen recordings going around i think mac rumors reported on it as well but i believe that's a bug i don't think

That apple's actually or youtube is actually testing that feature out with ios 14. i could be wrong but i just don't see you know youtube bringing that to ius 14 the picture-in-picture from the youtube application just because that kind of defeats the purpose of youtube premium and you know playing in the background so anyways i don't think that's happening that is just a bug i saw a lot of people talk to me about that as well but one thing that's actually changed in

Beta 6 is that 4k videos are not appearing anymore for some people so if i go ahead and search for one of my videos here let's just go ahead to my channel here and then go to this you will see that some people are actually not getting the 4k quality option in settings or inside of the youtube application if you go to quality right here you can see even myself right here i am not getting the 4k option even though this is a 4k video so

That's also something that's kind of disappeared for some people because it used to be on this phone but now for some reason the 4k option is not available in youtube so i'm sure that will come back but as of right now in beta 6 it is disappearing for some users also the tall news widget which i mentioned in my what's new video how i told you guys there's not a really massive news widget anymore it actually is there so it doesn't show up right here on the home screen so when you try to add

The widget from the home screen it does not appear but if you go over to the widget section of the today view all the way over here and then click on the plus and then go down to news you will see that it appears right here so you do get that big long news widget which originally in beta 5 you could you know see it from the home screen view but you couldn't add it to the home screen you could only add it to the today view now it actually shows up only in the

Today view and you can't even see it when you go to add the widget to the home screen so apple just kind of fixed that we also see some changes inside of the app library so some of these names are a little bit different here in beta 6 as compared to beta 5 and any previous beta so some of them like creativity that's new so that used to be named something else also one used to be called lifestyle and now it's called other so that's just some minor changes here

I'm not sure why the test lab is in other but and they did also move the feedback application to other down there as well so just some minor tweaking to the app library as expected throughout these betas that is a new feature in ios 14 so things like the widgets and the app library you can expect to see constant changes and you know improvements to throughout all of these betas now as far as ipad os we do also have some new features

In ipad os 14 beta 6 and the first one is actually that you can now use the ipad while using siri so apple actually listened to mkbhd in the interview he did with craig federicki he actually mentioned this and it seems like apple actually listened and you can now interact with your home screen and your device while siri is active so let me just show you what i mean what time is it it's 11 40 pm and take a look at this i can just do anything in the background now i can

Move i can go into a different application and it's not just stuck there and i guess the main thing is just being able to go through your screens like this while siri is up and that's actually pretty cool i mean you couldn't do that before and it was a big complaint and now you can do that you can't do it on ios only on ipad os for now but that is new here in beta 6. also the spotlight search now shows siri suggestions so instead of just having

The search bar right there you now also see siri suggestions which is really nice and it looks very clean and it's you know it helps a lot having those serious suggestions there they're actually you know pretty well done inside of the spotlight search here in ipad os 14 beta 6. also if we go into our settings and then go down to apple pencil we have the try scribble button right here i cannot remember if this has been in previous betas i'm pretty sure it has i just don't think i've covered it here

On the channel so this will just basically show you how to use the scribble feature which i've already shown anyways but that is pretty much everything that's new on ipad os 14 beta 6 that's not in ios 14 beta 6. so i know one of my top you know liked comments on my last video on my what's new video in ios 14 beta 6 was to cover ipad os so i want to make sure that all my ipad peeps out there are satisfied with my videos as well now while i have the ipad here i do also

Want to talk about some bugs in ios 14 and ipad os 14 beta 6 and on the ipad i've actually had issues with the widgets disappearing so sometimes i would just tap and hold and when i went out of it the widget would just disappear so this happened with shortcuts and sometimes it would happen with smart stacks as well so it's not happening right now i can't reproduce it every single time but it appears to happen more with the shortcuts widget and also with the smart stack

Widget sometimes so that is the bug i've encountered quite a few times here on beta 6 of ipad os 14. also facetime is rather buggy here on ipad os 14 beta 6. so on ios facetime is fine i had a lot of issues with facetime throughout the first like four betas but it's gotten a lot better in beta 5 and beta 6. but for some reason on the ipad the facetime application is still pretty buggy it still crashes for me sometimes when i hang up the phone call and you know there's just a little

Stutter sometimes when i go out and it goes to picture-in-picture it just stutters a little bit and freezes a little bit so i've just had issues with facetime on ipad os but on ios it seems to be fine now going back to ios there are also some bugs on ios 14 beta 6 here as well and the first one you can actually see on the home screen right there so i'm not in dark mode right now but my clock widget is still dark so that's been a bug for a while and for some reason it's still not fixed

So they clock and other widgets may not adjust to your dark mode or light mode so that should be light right now but it's dark that is one bug that's been there for a while but anyways i do also have issues with the app library so if we go over to the app library over here i sometimes or not sometimes pretty much every time i cannot click the first application inside of one of these folders so on this it works but on my main device my iphone 11 pro max let me show you what happened so if

I go over to the app library the first application right here i cannot click on watch this the first application in every folder i just simply cannot click on for some reason okay so that one opened for some reason but not every application i can click on right there for the most part but the application beside it or below it or diagonal from it i can click on no problem as you can see right there as you can see right there you know i can click on all these applications but for some reason the

First one i just simply cannot click on so i've been facing this bug for a little while now i think for the past two or three betas and it's still not fixed here in beta 6. so hopefully apple does get on that also another really annoying bug i have is inside of messages so i've been facing this bug since beta 5 and it's still here in beta 6 and it's that text messages sometimes get erased when you switch applications so let me

Show you what i'm talking about so i'm writing a text message right here and pay attention to the text i'm typing so you can see there it says buying docu and then i will switch over to a different application the robinhood application and then when i switch back i'll fast forward through this when i switch back take a look at this so it's still there and then it just erases for some reason and goes back to what i typed beforehand so that was actually something i typed in backspace and started typing something else but for some reason when

I switched applications and switched back it showed that again and i had to retype everything i was just typing so that was really annoying i've had that again since beta 5 and it's still present here in beta 6. very annoying especially if you're typing something long and you switch applications and you go back and all that text you just wrote is gone it's pretty annoying i'm also still having issues with face id so it doesn't happen every time but sometimes face id

Will just simply not be available or it just won't work and won't register my face and i just have to type in my password every single time until i reboot the device so that's been happening as well since i believe beta 4 and that is still present in beta 6. also shortcut automations still do not work in beta 6. they haven't worked at all in ios 14 and beta 6 still does not fix the automations it says it's running at least now in beta 6. that didn't happen in previous

Betas but now you know i still don't hear anything so i don't hear the text i'm supposed to hear and you know my automation just doesn't work properly in beta 6. and going back to widgets you can see here that the notes widget is always blank so this happens on every device as well for some reason notes always just shows up blank and sometimes if you re-add it it will start showing content but if it's a you know pre-existing widget it will just be blank which for

Some reason that has come back that was in beta 1 and beta 2 and i believe beta 3 4 and 5 fixed it but for some reason a beta 6 note is now showing up as blank still now i mentioned this in my what's new video but i've seen a lot of people talk about it and apparently it happens to every single person with the airpods or at least the airpods pro you get this text right here the center content item center text this little placeholder code right there instead of actually showing

Your airpods name and them connecting so that is clearly a bug and that will definitely be fixed in the next beta and beta 7. but i just wanted to talk about that because some people have been messaging me asking if i had that and i showed that in my what's new video and yes it's affecting everybody now as far as performance goes in ios 14 beta 6 it's good but you can still tell it's a beta so sometimes i have an issue where applications will just hang like i'll open them up and they'll just hang and sometimes i

Can't interact for like two or three seconds so there's still a little bit of stutter here you could tell it's a beta but overall things are fine i mean it's a beta i know that so i'm not really expecting too much from the performance side of things games run fine games play perfectly fine you know social media is good for the most part it's just that sometimes applications will hang i've not had any random reboots not even a random respring

So on that side of things everything has been good but just the slight hang in applications would have to be my only complaint now as far as the ipad pro and ipad os 14 beta 6. things are really good over here on ipad os 14 beta 6. now clearly i don't use this as much as my iphone but i do use it pretty much every single day for multiple hours out of the day so i definitely have noticed a big improvement in the stability in ios 14 through the betas especially

Going from beta 4 to beta 5 to beta 6. it just seems very solid here on ipad os 14 and beta 6. of course the only thing that's really annoying to me are the widget bugs and how sometimes you know it'll disappear when i tap and hold on it and let go but that's really not gonna be something that's gonna you know make your day terrible you know it's not something that's gonna you know you're gonna complain too much about because you don't really interact with the widgets

That much like that so as far as playing games and just you know raw performance wise everything is perfectly fine here for me on both ios and ipad os 14 beta 6 which is great news because it's just going to keep getting better from here on out until the final release now as far as battery life goes battery life on ios and ipad os 14 beta 6 is pretty good but it's still not quite on ios or ipad os 13 level so for some

Reason the battery life on my ipad seems to not be getting better as gradually i guess as ios so my ios battery i can actually see you know improvements over these betas more than i can on the ipad if that makes sense so ipad os 14 beta 6 feels exactly the same as like ipad os 14 like beta 3 or beta 4 to me whereas iphone and maybe it's just because i use the iphones more it seems like bigger improvements and more noticeable improvements to the battery life over these you know smaller beta so i

Don't know it could just be because i use the iphone more like i said but it's not anything to complain about the battery life is not bad at all on ios 14 beta 6. i don't have any battery drain at all on any of the devices i use whereas i did have you know battery issues on the earlier beta so it's come a long way and i think it will start getting better as well here very soon if you are having battery drain issues on your ipad or your iphone and i've been reading your guys's comments as well and a lot

Of you guys actually have had better experience with battery life on beta 6 compared to beta 5 and it was actually pretty noticeable to a lot of you guys as well and speaking of your guys's input let's go and take a look at the community poll over on the channel so if you guys go to my channel here and then go over to the community tab every single week i post a poll here to ask you guys how the latest beta or even the public release like for ios 13 sometimes ask about that as well so

Everybody's included but i asked how has ios 14 and beta 6 been for you and leave a comment with your device so for me i would vote as good just some minor bugs because there are some annoying bugs which i showed you guys in this video and that is the most you know voted on right there as well aside from just simply not being on ios 14. so 17 and this was just four hours ago almost 6 000 votes so i appreciate you guys

Who voted of course more votes will start going in and more comments as well so if you guys want to read this at all just head over to the community tab and you can read through all these comments as well i've read through pretty much every single one of them and we'll talk about those in a minute but anyways 17 on excellent compared to 15 so the excellent has gone up since beta 5 26 on good that is up as well four percent on decent that is down and two percent on terrible

That's the same as beta 5 of course less votes but still you can see the ratio there it's pretty good so some pretty good results that you guys are having with beta 6. so let's go and read some of these comments here as well to see what you guys have to say about beta 6. so marcus here says the battery life on his iphone se 2020 has improved immensely from beta 5. and you can see 12 thumbs up there and also multiple people agreeing with them in the comments as

Well so if you did have battery issues on beta 5 or any previous beta on the iphone sc 2020 which i have a video coming on that very soon by the way then you should see a nice improvement here in beta 6. somebody's mentioning the airpods issue that i talked about there as well you can see here zach also says going strong on iphone 8 only minor bugs here and there battery life has been better than previous betas for me so as you can see a lot of people are reporting much better battery life here

On a beta 6. another one talking about battery life improving on the iphone 7. slight freezes like when i hit the home action it stutters for half a second so that sounds similar to what i was talking about earlier in this video as well kind of my only hang up with the performance here in beta 6 is that slight little stutter and that slight lag when you open up an application sometimes jay here says that he's on the 10r and it's good no bugs even my mom says it's good and

She's on the 6s edit by far my battery has gotten better from it as well so you can see here someone's commenting here saying that the battery life was good in beta 3 and beta 5 but hasn't been so great on beta 6. so that's interesting of course there are always going to be varying results and you know opinions on the battery life in these betas supercyro here is having issues with the airpods pro not automatically connecting every time so they have to manually connect every time i've not had that

I did have that in previous betas though so i know that is a a bug so apparently it may not be fixed for everybody nikki here is so impressed with this beta that he may stay on this until the gm release he says battery life is great and everything as well another comment on the sc 2020 being great and then we also have the opposite end of the spectrum like i just mentioned so wilfredo says that sadly my iphone 10s keeps rebooting randomly so that's an issue that i have not had since the very first beta and it

Only happened one time to me so that may be an issue deeper than just ios 14 beta so i would maybe look into that maybe just restore your device the flash here says that i hope they fix pokemon go crashing and had and always on display so a lot of people always ask me about pokemon go as well and like i've said numerous times i would not expect pokemon go to work until the final official release of ios 14 is pushed out i think that's when niantic will release an update for ios 14 for pokemon go and

Then finally here's bing pot's comment he always leaves some nice detailed comments here as well which i really appreciate so he says that battery life hasn't improved a lot for him and he's on the 10r by the way a lot of apps have bugs such as youtube and instagram and performance i've not actually had any issues in youtube or instagram autocorrect is still wacky so that is one thing also that i will say autocorrect has been off really ever since ios 14 beta 1. so hopefully that will get fixed i just got

Tired of saying that in every single beta airpods are having some more problems but instead of randomly disconnect sometimes when i switch the output to my phone speakers it automatically reconnects and plays audio and airpods and then there's also that connection textbook so more issues with the airpods here in ios 14. he also goes on to say connectivity is going great that modem firmware update helped a lot so that is one thing also i wanted to mention so a lot of people

Did also report that they have less dropped calls and just better connectivity overall they can even hear people better as from what i heard and some of the comments so that modem firmware update definitely made an improvement to some devices and then he says performance throughout the system has been great and no major bugs with widgets besides the clock widget light to dark feature which i mentioned in this video so thanks a lot for that comment you always leave nice detailed comments on these community

Poll posts so that's what you guys had to say about the software overall i would say 95 of people had a great experience inside the comments on both my what's new video and also in that poll but as you guys saw from the poll you know the results here everybody is having still some minor bugs but of course it's a beta so a lot of people are expecting that so a lot of people are saying good things about this beta compared to previous beta so that's always good to hear we are on the sixth

Beta and i would expect at least a few more betas as well so that is great news that things are getting a lot more stable especially after seeing beta 4 how much of a train wreck that was so again i don't think that's ever gonna happen again so from here on out it should be pretty much smooth sailing like i mentioned in one of my videos that was the title of one of my recent videos now finally let's talk about ios 14 beta 7 and when we can expect to see that so i would expect to see ios

14 beta 7 next week so the week of the 31st we will probably see it on either september 1st or september 2nd so apple has really liked those tuesday releases but since it's the first of the month i don't know apple is weird sometimes with the release dates so i would say the september 1st or 2nd will be when we see ios 14 beta 7 and just like we saw with beta 6 we can probably expect to see the public beta on the same day as the developer beta as well now that we're on

That one week cycle so that is also good news for public beta testers oh and then i also wanted to mention that ios 13.7 the final release actually could be released next week as well so we may even see that on you know the second third or maybe even the fourth apple doesn't usually do friday releases but anytime anything is possible really with apple these days so i would say that next week we could see ios 13.7 because as you guys know last week as a random you know

Release apple released ios 13.7 to both developers and to public beta testers as a beta but it was like a gm of 13.7 it was really weird so i would expect to see 13.7 next week if not next week then probably the week after the week of the 7th at the latest but be on the lookout for that next week as well and if you guys aren't in my discord server i always talk about this kind of stuff in there and also if you're not following me on twitter i always talk about that stuff over

There as well so if you guys are not following me on any social medias or in the discord server or anything like that those links are down in the description below as well so anyways i hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did i would appreciate if you gave it a thumbs up and of course make sure you guys subscribe so you don't miss any of my future ios 14 releases video releases of course i wish i could release ios 14 software but anyways guys thanks again for watching and i'll see you soon


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