iOS 14 Beta 5 – Smooth Sailing..

by birtanpublished on October 5, 2020

What's up guys my name is brandon and i've been using ios 14 beta 5 all week long and as i do every single saturday i wanted to give you guys an update on how the software has been performing for me on multiple devices and also how it's been performing for you guys as well near the end i will talk about your guys's experience with the software as well but in this video we're going to cover some additional new features and changes that i did not cover in my initial what's new video we're going to talk about the battery life the performance the bugs the bug fixes

Everything about ios 14 beta 5. so first off as expected beta 5 is a huge upgrade from beta 4. i mean night and day difference between the two beta 4 i still think is the worst beta of any of the ios 14 beta so far and thankfully i don't think there's going to be anything worse than that however there are some new bugs that were introduced with beta 5 and we're going to talk about those here in a moment but first let's discuss some of the additional new features and changes

In beta 5 that i did not cover in my initial what's new video the first one is inside of safari so if you're in safari and you're on a website if you go to the address bar and click on the two a's right there and then you go down to privacy reports you'll see that you no longer have to click on privacy report to see if there are any trackers on that website now right below privacy report it simply says no trackers contacted and if you click on it of course it will give you additional information but you don't actually have

To click and go into the full privacy report now to see if there are any trackers on that website which is nice also new in beta 5 there is a slight adjustment to the lock screen when you're in bedtime mode so i'm going to go ahead and turn on bedtime mode right there lock the screen and you will see of course it is a little bit dark but it now shows the bed icon instead of saying sleep well so just a minor adjustment there a little bit cleaner on the lock screen

When you are in bedtime mode we also get some changes inside of the music application so you'll probably notice these right away but the album artwork is a little bit smaller and the biggest change here in beta 5 is that the background color the dominant color of the album artwork is now a lot more accurate than it was in previous betas as you can see over here on the left it's like this real intense blue color whereas over on the right it's a more subtle more accurate color

More accurate depiction of the actual dominant color in this album artwork so it's constantly getting better with picking out the colors and now it also seems apple has made that color in the background more subtle and easier on the eyes we also get a slight change inside of the photos application so over here on the left our previous betas where it just says photos and then on beta 5 now it says library so instead of photos

That's been renamed to library but they do the same thing they just show all of your pictures we also have a new option deep inside of the settings so if we go to our settings and then go down to privacy and then location services and then down all the way to system services i also want to point out that there is a hang here inside of settings when you try to go to system services in beta 5. this did not happen in any previous beta so for some reason it just really gets hung up on going into system services

And just to show you guys it's not just on this device you can see here it's hanging on beta 5 on my iphone 11 pro max as well so for some reason that is a bug in beta 5 it just hangs and it takes forever to get into system services if you can get in there at all okay the system services tab is completely broken in beta 5. as you can see it locks up my entire settings application i tried it on multiple devices and happens on every single one of them but

There was something new inside of system services but it's just for developers anyways it wasn't anything major but i ran into this bug here and that's pretty annoying in beta 5. but anyways moving on to the next new change here in beta 5 there is a slight change to the folder so you may have noticed this you may have thought something looked a little bit off with the folders and beta 5 and that's because they are slightly different so they are a little bit taller and a little bit slimmer

Than they were in previous beta so i'll pull up another folder over here and you can see there they're just a little bit taller just the shape of the folder is a little bit different in beta 5. also when you go to add the clock widget to your home screen you'll now see city first instead of world clock and you would have to go all the way to the end and previous betas to see city but now that is first here in beta 5. also there is a slight change to the order

Inside of news as well so if you go to news you'll see that the today view is first in beta 5 whereas before it was topic and then it went on from there and speaking of the widgets i've not had one issue with widgets yet so i've rebooted my device multiple times i've checked the clock widget all throughout the day to make sure it's showing the correct time and it is the music is changing more frequently the weather i've noticed is also updating more frequently

Than it did in past betas so widgets seem to be doing a lot better than they were in previous betas they were pretty much a train wreck and betas one through three four even though it was buggy still fixed a lot of the issues with the widgets and now it seems like pretty much everything is refined with the widgets here in beta 5. but of course apple will continue improving those so that they are perfect now also in beta 5 i talked about this in my what's new video but i did just want to add

Some additional context to this so the scroll wheel so if you go to add an alarm now in beta 5 you now don't have to manually type in the time that you want to go to sleep or set your alarm for which was extremely annoying i didn't like it i thought it was very unintuitive i thought that the scroll wheel made a lot more sense and was a lot more you know enjoyable to actually use your finger and you know feel the haptic feedback well

In beta 5 you actually can do that so you can scroll right here but a lot of people probably don't know that unless you watch these youtube videos because it's not really apparent i mean the the box the text box there is still tiny there's nothing that really says you can scroll so i really think that apple needs to make this box bigger or just add some sort of ui element to show that you can actually scroll right here because it's small it's kind of hard you know to get your finger in there

And scroll and also a lot of people your average users probably won't know that you can scroll so i hope the apple does make some minor adjustments to that scroll wheel in future betas and i will be you know keeping an eye on that as well to see if anything has changed and as far as additional bug fixes that i've been testing out all week first off i could say that all the issues with the airpods seem to be resolved here in beta 5. so the main thing was phone calls when you'd be listening

To music or just having your airpods in and you answered a phone call you would not be able to hear the other person on the other end of the phone at all and there was also an issue a major issue which i haven't talked about because i didn't actually think that it was related to ios 14 but now i know that it's been fixed in beta 5 so it was a bug on betas 3 and beta 4 is that there was a very major echo when you would make a phone call via bluetooth in your car so

Specifically in the tesla i noticed that but i have also heard other people talk about it in other cars as well so that issue with the major echo seems to be fixed here in beta 5. also the keyboard disappearing bug is completely fixed in beta 5. i've not had that happen one time and i've also not seen any reports of the disappearing keyboard happening again in beta 5. i know that was one of the major things in beta 4 that a lot of people hated

And it actually happened in beta 3 as well but beta 5 your keyboard will not be disappearing even when you add media to text messages or if you're in twitter and you're typing it won't disappear on younow in beta 5 thankfully and then of course one of the other major issues in beta 4 was instagram constantly crashing so instagram would crash for people a lot it crashed for me a lot as well especially when i went into stories and then i tried to zoom in on pictures

Or you know when i would go to somebody's story highlights and click on those and go to the next one it would crash the application there were just a lot of issues with instagram and beta 4 and now actually in beta 5 there is a new issue with instagram so if we go in here i will show you this new issue so if you go to your stories right here and you take a picture take a look at this it just turns completely black you literally cannot even post

Instagram stories because of ios 14 beta 5. if you want to add you know something from your library if you go to do this you can see there that it turns black as well so you literally cannot post anything on instagram now if you guys use instagram stories a lot and this is kind of a deal breaker for you you're in luck because i do have a workaround for this so you can post photos on ios 14 at beta 5. so all you have to do is take a picture it will turn black but go to your photo library and go to

The picture you want to post so say i wanted to post this photo on my instagram story on ios 14 beta 5 but of course when you go to select it it just turns all black well the workaround for this is go to the share button right here click on copy photo and then go back to instagram and you will see this pop up right here if it doesn't you can just go to the text right here and then just tap and go to paste and there you go you have your photo you can blow it up

You can add other text on there and everything of course it doesn't look great right there but you can't adjust it in there it's not going to be perfect but it is a little workaround for still adding photos to instagram stories on ios 14 beta 5 since it does appear to be broken now another really annoying bug in ios 14 beta 5 and this is a bug i've never had before on any previous ios version face id just simply would not work sometimes so like yesterday

I was on my phone i would lock it i would go to unlock it and you know i just had it unlocked i would unlock it and it would ask me for my password right away it wouldn't scan my face for face id so i was like okay you know i'll put in my password and then next time i did it same thing happened it happened over and over and over again for a couple of hours face id just didn't work it didn't even want to scan my face it would just have me put in my password so that was really annoying

I know first world probs but still that was annoying and that is a new bug here in beta 5. other people have also had this i know somebody asked me over on twitter about this earlier tonight as well as you can see right here mike said have you heard of reports of face id not working all the time on beta 5 and that's what i told him happened to me yesterday like i just told you guys so that's a really annoying bug if you do have a face id device i'm not sure if it's happening with touch id as well i've not heard any

Reports of that yet another bug i had in beta 5 is that i simply cannot play my music on the homepod so you can see here this is a screen recording of me trying to play music on my homepod and it just simply will not play the music i tried changing you know back and forth between different sources i tried playing on the homepod itself and nothing worked so that is also a bug here in beta 5. some users have also been reporting a bug with youtube where it would show that

Your microphone was being used while you were watching videos so this has not happened to me and i'm not sure if this is really a bug or not i mean some people probably grant access to youtube and i'm not sure really what's going on but if you were having issues with youtube and you know ios 14 showing that your microphone is being used in the application let me know in a comment down below because that's not happened to me yet but one bug that has been happening to me recently

Is that sometimes i cannot open applications from the app library so the app library is still pretty finicky here even in beta 5 sometimes when i would go into a folder and i would click on an application it just simply wouldn't launch i tap it multiple times i'd hold on it and nothing would launch the application seems to be working right now at least for this folder right here but there are times when it just simply doesn't work as it should now unfortunately the autocorrect is still a little bit off

Here in beta 5. so i know a lot of people have been talking about this really since like ios 14 beta 2 but the autocorrect is still a little bit off sometimes it will just simply suggest words that you've never used before that don't even make sense so i'm going to see if i can type anything so yeah it's not going to work on this because this isn't my main device but the autocorrect and the predictive text does seem to be a little bit wonky right now

On beta 5 still so it's still not fixed so now let's talk about the performance in ius 14 beta 5 and i will tell you guys that it definitely feels smoother than beta 4 and it's not just the amount of bug fixes which is a huge you know part of why it feels so stable in general here in beta 5 but also the raw performance just seems a lot faster really that issue inside of settings was the only issue i've really had besides you know like instagram and

Stuff like that this is really the only issue where it like slows down the system that i've had in beta 5 whereas in beta 4 and beta 3 i had random issues where it would just freeze and hang for a while and sometimes you know when i was in sleep mode i wouldn't even be able to unlock my device things like that were happening none of that has happened so far in beta 5 so the performance seems to be very very solid here in beta 5. now as far as the battery life goes in beta 5

The battery life feels exactly the same to me as beta 4 unfortunately but i never had any issue with the battery in beta 4. so some people as they always do with every version of ios ever people are going to have issues and complain about the battery life but i have seen a lot of good reports of battery life in beta 5. so for those of you who are not getting as good of battery life in beta 4 beta 5 seems to fix it for a lot of users so this chart won't really tell you a

Lot but it kind of gives you an idea of how i've been using my phone and you can see that i really didn't charge my phone very often throughout the day and besides you know that little charge there when it got low battery life has been great i mean take a look at how much time i was on my phone today so that's great that i didn't have to charge it for that long when i was constantly on my phone you can see the dark blue bars there mainly from just trading on robin hood which by the way if you guys want a free stock on robin

Hood i will leave my link my referral link down in the description below but the battery life has been really solid here in beta 5 absolutely no complaints and it's pretty much the same to me as beta 4 maybe just a slight bit better if i had to say better or worse but it feels pretty much exactly the same as beta 4 to me so now is it safe to update to ios 14 beta 5 and i say yes definitely especially if you're on beta 4 right now you should absolutely

Update to beta 5. i even said that in my what's new video i could just tell already that it was better than beta 4 because beta 4 was so bad but if you were one of those people who stayed back on beta 3 i think it's safe to go ahead and jump onto beta 5 and you'll you know pretty much feel like you're back on beta 3 with some new additional features and also probably slightly smoother and more stable as well and then finally let's go ahead and take a look at the

Community poll so if you go to the community tab here on my channel every week of course i do ask you guys how these betas have been running for you this is how you guys can get an input and it also helps me understand you know some of the bugs that people are facing the battery life issues performance this really helps me understand how you guys are doing so i just selected something random it's actually excellent for me so i'm gonna go ahead and select the one that actually applies to me but

You can see here i asked how has ios 14 and beta 5 been for you and 16 percent said excellent no annoying bugs 26 percent said good just some minor bugs five percent said decent buggy and bad battery and then two percent said terrible i had to downgrade and of course 52 are not on ios 14 yet and comparing this to beta 4 so we had 16 and 25 up top if we compare this to beta 4 look at that

10 and 24. so 10 said excellent that is a 6 increase in excellent here in beta 5. so that alone tells you that this is a much better much more stable software version than beta 4 but of course it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out but anyways let's go and take a look at some of these comments here and i really like by the way when you guys do these right here where you just have a bullet point of the issues or you know whatever you want to say it makes it a lot easier to

Read and obviously some people agree as well nine thumbs up here so rag he said that instagram camera stopped working i talked about that storage bug so it looks like he's having that other storage increasing which eight gigabytes is not a lot battery life kind of good little laggy clock widget solved keyboard bug solved so buggy but it's good better than beta four hoping for the best in the next update so thanks for that

Input there standard iphone 11 works like butter don't notice a significant battery drain compared to before the update so that's good to hear as well on the iphone 11 and you see a lot of people talking about that instagram bug that i mentioned earlier good overall i haven't encountered any bugs although when i used any widget that used my location my iphone se2 would heat up and battery would drain fast so i had to remove any widget that

Used my location very interesting i've not had that before i know a lot of people are you know worried about that in the beginning but i've definitely not had any issue with the widget so far so that might be a bug because i've not heard of that and that definitely shouldn't be happening on the 2020 iphone se so of course there are issues with third-party applications you can see here fizzypop said that twitter isn't letting me check the following follower account or dm so obviously this

Is a beta i just talked about how it's fine to go ahead and update but keep in mind that it's always a beta i mean you're going to have issues with third-party applications you're going to have crashes you're going to have random issues like that it's a beta it's not a final stable release so you should be expecting you know bugs in general and app crashes in general bing pot here has an iphone 10 r and although it's much better than beta 4 he is still experiencing some bugs

So we talked about the autocorrect being wacky talked about airpods randomly disconnecting so i've not had that issue on my airpods pro some apps such as adobe premiere rush and instagram have some bugs like the camera not really working in instagram we talked about that battery life isn't really good but i understand the apple isn't focusing on that right now so i've actually heard a lot of iphone 10r users say the battery life isn't great so for some reason that's supposed to be

One of the best phones for battery life and it's struggling here on these early betas of ios 14. he also talks about the clock widget it's fixed so he also says that the light to dark on the clock widget are set up to align with the sunrise and sunset are delayed i have noticed that as well so if you guys go to the home screen the clock doesn't actually get dark right when it goes to sunset it's like an hour delayed for me as well so they are still working out that issue with the widget on the clock

There and then you can see here bun said battery life is slightly better than beta 4 but still worse than ios 13. i would agree with you there bugs talks about the instagram bug he also talks about lag on iphone 7 plus appears to have problems to launch a phone properly after unlock a phone with touch id then he also talks about overheating when charging sometimes which overheating during charging is probably just because you're using the device while it's charging which will just heat it up you know by

Nature and that's you know not really the best for the battery life but that's also not a bug with ios 14. one weird check said that in my app folder when i scroll to the next page in a folder it glitches like say i scroll to the fourth page the dots indicate it's the third page until i just scroll again also the audio light indicator is now yellow instead of orange on the iphone 11 so that appears to be a bug in beta 5 as well and joshua also is having that there's a few apps that aren't compatible

But other than that it hasn't been bad so yeah some of those other apps are apps like pokemon go there are still like one or two banking apps that still don't work but most of the making apps have been updated and work with ios 14. call of duty mobile also works with beta 5 as well but anyways you can see here running very smooth on iphone 7. battery is slightly better only bug eye experience was instagram and some people you know agree with that there as well

So good news for the iphone 7 but anyways if you guys want to read through all these comments you can i read through all of them i just can't read through all of them on this video unless you guys wanted to sit here all night and listen to me read these but you can go ahead and check them out over on the community tab i appreciate every one of you for voting and leaving the comments of course stay tuned for the next poll and leave a comment for your chance to be featured in one of my videos here but overall the

Consensus is pretty good for beta 5 and i think it's a nice update over beta 4. but of course like always let me know your experience down in the comment section below how has it been for you do you agree disagree with anything i said in this video let me know down there in those comments you guys know i love reading them and also replying to them but anyways if you guys enjoyed this video i would appreciate if you gave it a thumbs up and also make sure to subscribe so you don't miss the ios 14

Beta 6 video which could actually be coming as soon as early next week so the week of the 24th is when we could possibly see the next beta probably on the 25th or the 26th since apple does like to release on tuesdays and wednesdays but if it doesn't come on the 25th or 26th it could come on you know the early september so the first or the second so just stay tuned i will talk about it over on my twitter and also in the discord server as well

Links for everything are down in the description below but anyways guys thanks again for watching and i'll see you soon you

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