iOS 14 Beta 3! 70+ New Features/Changes

published on August 3, 2020

Hey guys everything Apple Pro here let's take a look at I was 14 beta 3 released today exactly one month after the initial release of iowa's 14 and quite a bit new inside so many new icon changes a lot of adjustments to the widgets and Apple music and we have this new Apple

Music icon down so all-around fantastic update let's get into it first and foremost the issue that many people were experiencing with storage has been resolved and you'll no longer get a really crammed storage section on your

Device for whatever reason that's been fixed you'll also notice a lot of speed improvements and animation changes in this beta and won't be covering all of them but overall Apple has a refined the user experience and made it a lot more

Fluid so on the home screen you'll notice that all of the icons are sitting a few pixels lower now and kidding obviously you won't notice that I barely caught that one myself but yes Apple has lowered all the pixels and the page dots

So these bad boys now sit a number of pixels lower also and compared to beta 2 here you'll see that they do sit lower and the actual border surround is now smaller around them and Apple has now enabled display zoom for iPhones with

58 inch displays this is presumably in order to prepare iOS for the 54 inch iPhone and this is what that looks like compared to stock iOS so the widgets perhaps everything is zoomed in here all the system menus are slightly bigger and

More condensed shaped to fit a 58 inch display also with system text size have Mac's you'll notice that many widgets have been adjusted to fit more information in for example the files widget appear going to weather you'll

See that more information has been adjusted to fit in correctly on multiple weather widget sizes and in the control center in the home favorites widgets here in these tiles you'll notice that the icons have all been shrunk in the

Individual tiles so they whent large and then back to small size here and the view within the home pod settings in home favorites is slightly different so the icon up top is now translucent for home pod same goes for the X icon and

Down here you no longer get this square border around the information and the text to speech interface is now back to the thinner bars from beta 1 for whatever reason Apple is going back on several design changes now in the emoji

Search field Apple has added a timeout function when selecting an emoji as you can see that border it disappears here previously when holding an emoji you had to select it in order to let go so a welcomed function and of course there's

That new Apple music icon which reminds you of the old I was 7 – I was 8 point 3 days very nice I do like it and there's a new Apple music widget look to go with it same color now a solid magenta although I don't like this change as

Much the dark mode changes don't apply to it so it's always sticking out and there were quite a few changes within the music application so for one you can now share Apple music to snapchat stories and you'll get a very similar

Pop up here well you'd see on Instagram also in this beta there's any splash screen for music and friends locating your friends profile for sharing music and more also the color used throughout Apple music is now a darker magenta less

Pink has more substance to it this is a pronounced change in all of the system menus here also within music clicking on the search icon and then clicking it again will now bring up the keyboard it's a very nice shortcut

Also within the search page here he'll notice the results are slightly different so dance has been removed – replaced with alternative and hip-hop has been removed added to one of these smaller categories and a very welcome

Feature taken from Spotify playbook is to resume playback upon closing of Apple music upon reopening it awesome I've been waiting for this for quite some time as you can see your position is saved and

The music itself on beta – it just resets to this so thank you Apple for finally adding this one also when haptic touching within Apple music and then selecting on the search result notice there's a new animation it's much

Different not so much pop up more like very subtle so a lot less going on then in beta – I quite like it actually and then in here you'll notice that these buttons are now not highlighted in magenta so more subtle same goes for the

More icon on the top right also within the library tab you'll notice that the text is no longer highlighted in magenta and there are now icons to the left of all the categories so actually going into those categories

You'll notice that every single one has a new icon here very nice and Apple has done a ton of work two widgets in beta 3 here going to the widgets page first off in the search results you'll notice that the exhale icon is now larger easier to

Use going to the very bottom here you'll notice there's now an edit icon like there was before and if you go ahead and enter edit mode and now on beta 3 you'll notice that there's a new icon for customize so this will edit your legacy

Widgets here those legacy widgets now have this darkened platter which you can use to customize them instead of having to go into edit mode and then click edit mode right here and the clock widget is finally here

So app will show this one originally when announcing iowa's 14 now you can add your own and there are three different types to choose from so for your city for world clock and a horizontal world clock like this would

Slightly more information and the cool thing about this clock widget is that it will actually change the coloring inside depending on the time of day so after sunset it changes to a dark interior if I go back to current time it goes back

To white very cool detail now Apple is also put in a lot of work on the screen time widgets so the small version now is more condensed shows more information and same goes for all the other views this is the medium view a lot more info

This sidebar here and the larger view is a bit more condensed with better spacing on the bottom and there are several new pop-ups for different functions in I was 14 one is for refreshed widgets so when you enter your widget view for the first

Time after updating this is what you'll see basically letting you know that jiggle mode is a thing and you can edit your widgets using that also for editing the home screen for this little navigation bar here the dots basically

Tells you you can click on those to get into the app library view if you go into app library you get this description here which says a new home for all your apps organized in smart categories quick summary there's also a new size for

Smart stack which is now available in the super massive size previously was not there's also a super massive series suggestions widget size are here for shortcuts suggestions double the information also a feature I missed from

The last one when adding – series suggestion shortcuts to the same page even if they contain the same info iOS will automatically select and choose different icons here so as you can see in a moment there you experience

That switch and she'll give you different suggestions the tips widget is now working for me and I'll actually suggest something useful instead of just these dots on beta 2 and when selecting the stocks widget on beta 3 symbol is

Now the first icon with watchlist on the right so you don't have to go to the very right to get to symbol also when deleting a screenshot in beta 3 you'll get a different interface for it so Apple brings it down to finger height

Right here easier to click also that back tap accessibility feature where by tapping the back of your phone you can do different things such as ring up the control center this is now available for older phones such as the iPhone 8 plus

Also for older devices 3d touch is temporarily disabled in this beta so it will be coming back it's now replaced by haptic touch I hope Apple brings it back also Apple has introduced a new mask look firm emojis and beta 3 this one has

A smooth look with a split seam previously it was ridged a couple changes in Mayo swiping right reveals a new color for the flag background icon also when selecting multiple emails will now you can select them once again you

Know I was 14 beta 3 where previously that was not an option there's also a quickened animation when haptic touching on an email and then jumping in so it now happens about twice as fast once again I was 14 beta 3 now supports on

Device translation so this wasn't something new per se but it now works entirely offline a couple changes I missed from beta 2 in shortcuts on the bottom there's a starter shortcuts section here also Apple has added a few

New glyphs here when changing the icon namely in symbols and this stacked icon one also when using this Shazam shortcut there's now this very pretty animation some built in up top previously nothing would really happen and when you go into

Your control center and see the usage of your microphone it'll now specify music recognition instead of just a vague shortcuts app also when Shazam doesn't recognize a song you'll get this new prompt

Face up top instead of this centered one from before and a number of changes to maps so for 1 maps will now ask you if you prefer walking and there's a preset setting for it if you do select that there's a new prompt for getting there

Safely unless you know to pay attention to your surroundings and obey local laws also you'll notice when navigating by public transport the icons within the directions here are all condensed also when navigating using a bicycle the

Little alert icons are now smaller and not as dark an interesting change also in maps when haptic touching on the air quality index / weather icon right here you'll notice the icons are slightly larger and now the Sun sits on the right

Side so they've been somewhat mirrored here in the clock app when adding a new alarm it'll now automatically populate the time area so you don't have to click it to bring up the keyboard in the weather app current location is now

Called my location to clear up any confusion when haptic touching on the photos app if you have a screenshot in the preview you'll notice it's now been shrunk so it's not edge to edge and when haptic touching an image in photos

There's now a new option to select it doesn't work but it's new also when I'm pressing into that photo there's now a new animation it's also been shortened similar to the male animation the less movement happening and it jumps into it

Quicker within the share sheet couple new icons so there's a new one for slideshow it's now in a box instead of a circle and a new icon for create watch face with actual watch hands on the watch icon and when editing photos in

The crop and aspect ratio settings here on the left you'll notice the new icons for mirroring rotating and new icons for aspect ratios if you went happening touching on a note is now much larger reveals more of the note no bottom bar

Here in notes when entering drawing mode you'll now see grayed out icons up top or previously there was nothing and they'll become populated as soon as you begin drawing in Apple News there's a new screen detailing audio stories

Within Apple news itself there are a few interface changes so in the news plus category here the part detailing subscription in the description for it and in the following page there's interface changes here

The titling search farm and the sizing cure upon opening books in beta 3 you get this prompt that your collection has been renamed and the actual view now just shows the current book you're reading instead of recent – in podcasts

There's a new icon for the Browse tab here and when going into the notification settings here you no longer have the options on the bottom to remove recommendations and new features in podcast settings some of the options are

Now highlighted in blue in health environmental sound levels is now headphone audio levels so all reference to environmental has been replaced by headphones and there are now new location-based reminders for

Hand-washing in the health app also for whatever reason in YouTube starting with this beta you can now stream in 4k on iOS devices and lastly in phone settings there's a new tab here for call blocking and identification and a new option for

Silencing junk callers alright guys and there it is I was 14 beta 3 a ton of changes ton of refinement here overall beta 2 has been very good to me I'm excited to begin using this on my personal device will report if there are

Any issues but so far so good I'm really liking where this is going thanks for watching guys peace

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