iOS 13 Final Review! A Perfect Update

by birtanpublished on October 2, 2020

welcome to the future iPhone I was 13 is
the biggest baddest best iOS update to
happen to your iPhone in a very long
time and I couldn't be more excited to
share the biggest features coming to
your iPhone on September 20th and this
is the gold master final edition what
you see is what you'll get on release
day to begin I'd like to make a shout
out to Apple for their legendary device
support continuing to support four to
five year old phones with their latest
software's show me an Android
manufacturer that can do that and that
will continually get faster over time SC
is just as fast as when it came out
thanks to iOS 13 after ten years of
suffering with the volume HUD Apple has
finally upgraded it and given us this
nice implementation of it or you can
adjust it tuck it away without intruding
on your content same goes for the ringer
switch here there's a very nice
animation up here and of course adjust
there as well one thing that you'll
notice system-wide is the updated glyphs
icons everywhere they're smaller sharper
bolder Apple has been refining
everything in iOS 13 down to the
smallest details like these and a great
example of these changes is in the 3d
touch menus
Apple has spent a lot of time here
refining and restructuring everything
you can take these apps and drag them
just like that now previously you could
not and fundamentally 3d touch changes
completely for devices that have it it's
now way faster on the home screen and
that's funny since Apple is getting rid
of it but the functionality is still
there for devices that do have it now
this is the new default orientation for
your home screen applications slightly
restructure it there many of the icons
are refined such as contacts the watch
app reminders clock and so on and a huge
fundamental change to older devices
without 3d touch is the addition of
haptic touch everywhere so Apple has
made this feature accessible on devices
without the physical hardware because of
the new iPhone Elevens but again older
devices with 3d touch still function as
normal and it's great because it gives
you so much more accessibility where
previously you did not have it and of
course the star of the show is dark mode
Apple has given us a new control in the
control center or access it in the
brightness settings here and you're able
to put your device into a full tilt dark
mode it's not pure black but fairly
close all of your favorite applications
are now more energy-efficient easier on
the eyes
something we've been asking Apple for
the longest time and you finally have it
the implementation of it is beautiful
also the wallpaper in the background
will shift with the dark mode on there's
a new feature here in the wallpaper
settings called
dark appearance dims wallpaper and
whether or not it's a system wallpaper
or yours it will shift of course there
are a number of new wallpapers here with
iOS 13 that include that color shift
feature and there will be more of course
with the iPhone 11 the control center
gets even more capable now as you can 3d
touch into this platter here and then 3d
touch on individual controls such as
Wi-Fi and then have a shortcut to go
straight there just three touch on a
toggle you'll come up with your pairing
list here airdrop same deal and one of
the best reasons to upgrade is that it
makes your phone faster up to two times
faster app launches on iOS 13 generally
using it I have noticed a huge speed
boost and apps get lighter the storage
required for applications shrinks by 50%
after updating iowa's 13 so you'll get
more storage back there's also a great
feature with your battery health and
mind called optimized battery charging
where it extends the life of your
battery by leaving the last 20 percent
to charge up until you wake up so it
learns your schedule and helps your
battery last longer an apple claims face
ID may get up to 30% faster after
updating I can corroborate this and
quick type has been added to the native
iOS keyboard it's seriously great allows
you to type faster using Google's
implementation and the way you edit text
has fundamentally changed in iOS
of course the trackpad control is still
there but if you want to take that
cursor just select it and move it
anywhere you want no more magnifier also
there are some new edit controls so
three fingers back is undo three fingers
forward is redo if you want to copy a
word go ahead and pinch it copied and
then outwards is a paste and if you want
to cut it's 1 pinch followed by another
it's a little finicky takes some getting
used to but once you get these controls
rights it really makes your text editing
experience so much better and there's
also the menu with a three finger tap or
you can get to all of those controls
without needing to use the gestures and
I was 13 there's a completely revamped
share sheet it looks great more modern
you can adjust all the actions here
bring some up to your favorites and
also the air drop interface gets a
completely new look here
Safari receives a new start page with
your favorites frequently visited and
suggestions all in one area also Safari
now has a download manager so if you go
to any file in particular one of the
coolest things is you can download
videos directly from in Safari so
download the video doesn't work on all
but now appear as you can see there's a
download manager and these are directly
linked with a new files app which has
been completely overhauled when you'd
like to see your file click on the
search icon go here and you can begin to
view it so very cool the files
application has been revamped with this
new feature take two fingers and drag
select icons that way also you can
create folders in files it's very
versatile you know Apple is finally
taken the files application and made it
more of an actual file browser you can
go to your drive you can go to files on
your iPhone even third-party sources
it's great and in general in iOS 13
there's new scrolling behavior you can
actually take the scrubber and scroll
this way instead of having to go and
manually scroll the entire way down in
Safari you can now take full-page
screenshots in the interface menu go to
full page and you can crop it where you
like very useful finally for devices
that support portrait mode in the camera
app there's a new effect called high key
light mono and this is the type of
picture you can expect to take with it
essentially erases the background around
a group of subjects in black and white
and the Photos app has received a
complete revamp one of my favorite
features in the Photos tab you'll find
this new view here where you can zoom in
and out of individual days weeks and go
into months and years you can find what
you were doing in a certain time period
much easier than before instead of all
the endless scrolling there's a
completely new way to edit photos within
the photos application you can actually
adjust the intensity of portrait mode
effects to for the first time ever and
the general just editing the the way it
looks has been completely changed more
control very cool there's markup in here
as well with a slightly new interface
made it a little bit cleaner and more
skeuomorphic and now you can edit video
with much greater control within the
stock Photos app you can skew you can
apply filters lots of control that you
simply did not have before the Maps
application has received a complete
it's now more detailed than iOS 12 Apple
is rebuilt from the ground up in the
actual controls you have favorites here
much easier to keep track of things here
and you can build collections that you
can share with people and there's a new
feature called look around where you can
essentially make Google Street View
within the Maps application now it's
much smoother than Google Street View
and I like that
Anna system-wide change in Iowa's 13 is
that you can use dictation within a
search field and a fantastic feature in
messages is the ability to preset a
custom avatar in a name and that way
whenever you text a new number or
receive a text from one you can
automatically see who it is and their
image that way you don't have a bunch of
non image avatars to the left of course
we have memo G's where you can create
your own avatar edit it to your heart's
all the little tiny things and then go
ahead and send stickers from the sticker
pack in messages now it gets a little
annoying because they're also in your
emojis so you have this section here
which doesn't go away and one of the
best changes is if you use a secondary
language on your keyboard you no longer
have to cycle through it to get to your
emojis now there's dedicated emoji
button in the keyboard you go straight
to it in messages someone at Apple
listened and fixed one of the most
infuriating things is the broken search
now search is so much more reliable and
you get an actual list here to go back
it's way better nine-day difference also
within the search page everything is
neatly organized you have all your links
photos videos everything that you can
quickly scroll through here in music
there's now this lyrics button or you
can keep track of where you're at in the
song and a very beautiful background
effect so mimicking some what color flow
here really like it just wish it was
available as a visualizer you know
without having to be in the lyrics page
there's also another button for up next
for easier customization here some great
upgrades to Apple music but in my
opinion still far behind Spotify and
find mine it's a new application that
combines find my friends and find my
iPhone into one clean app or you can
keep track of all of your items here
very convenience also offline finding so
if someone steals your iPhone puts it
into airplane mode and Bluetooth is
still on or
in general than any iPhone surrounding
that Meekins off of that can let you
know where your iPhone is it's encrypted
end-to-end and font control within
settings there's an area for fonts where
you can download fonts from the App
Store and change them within third-party
apps I was 13 does support controllers
so your ps4 or Xbox controller can be
paired with your iPhone or iPad and use
it to play games that also goes for
Mouse's as well with inaccessibility
Apple allows you to use cursors as they
call it within the new accessibility
settings by the way these have been
brought outs on the first page so it's
its own tab now Apple is really getting
serious about accessibility and in a
touch settings assistive touch you can
connect a mouse here in devices and then
control your iPhone using a cursor also
applies to iPad and the Notes app has
been overhauled and now features a new
look or you can have a gallery view and
folder control we can put folders and
folders more versatility there automatic
sorting so if you click something on top
it'll get sorted all the way to the
bottom and very nice and the search in
notes has been revamped completely mail
has received a lot of great upgrades one
being a tabbed view for messages for
drafts you can switch between them very
easily new icons here and new controls
for quick swipes same goes for the
reminders app it's been completely
remade now features a much cleaner
interface a quick toolbar up here and
the whole map now supports security
cameras with end-to-end encryption there
are some new wallpapers and generally
the performance is better app store is a
bit different now your updates are
nestled within your avatar you pull down
here and to go ahead and see those and
there's a new section for apple arcade
where and here you'll be able to
subscribe to that 499 section we haven't
seen it yet but that's all now Siri
integration with shortcuts is much
greater she now supports third-party
apps so for example you could ask her to
cash up someone because cash up now
supports shortcuts also series voice
sounds way better once upon a time in a
virtual galaxy far far away there was an
intelligent young agent by the name of
Siri she generally has better flow
sounds more human now the phone app can
now silence unknown callers although the
interface for it still hijacks your
entire screen we may receive an update
for that in future versions of iOS
13 and privacy so Apple has included a
new feature called sign-in with Apple
which could be used to replace this
entry point here for many websites many
applications with one universal sign-in
called sign-in with Apple inside the
health app there's a new interface
Apple has revamped this slightly there's
new tracking also such as cycle tracking
amongst others
Iowa's 13 also supports AR kit 3 meaning
he gets more advanced you can hide
objects behind people and general
tracking and realism is much improved
and that updates the car played or my
favorite things in iOS 13 just how much
cleaner the interface is better buttons
you can now see your artwork in the now
playing menu a complete overhaul versus
iOS 12 and there's Iowa's 13 this is
just scratching the surface there are
lots of smaller features I've glossed
over you'll find many refinements in
your daily usage now I have no reason
for you not to upgrade please do do
yourself a favor it's a fantastic
well done Apple hope you enjoyed the
video and I'll see you next year for iOS

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