iOS 13.4 Released! Final Review

by birtanpublished on August 17, 2020

It what's up guys everything out pull Pro here and it's an exciting day to be an Apple user today I was 13.4 has been released and it brings with it exciting new features such as the trackpad support for iPads iPhones and a host of other changes I'll be covering the

Biggest changes and some of the more recent stuff here as there are simply too many features to list but let's go ahead and start and I'll begin with the new iPad trackpad stuff it's actually super exciting so let's just agree to

Pretend this is the new iPad pro with the magic keyboard it really doesn't matter as these features work with any trackpad and any Mouse and it completely changes the way your iPad works it's unbelievable that Apple added this in a

Point for release okay so first off the hover feature so wherever your cursor is you'll notice that icons do react you'll notice they will hover especially useful in settings to know where you're about to click strange in settings they don't

Have any sort of hover feature to know where you're hovering but in Safari other apps you'll notice that it is built for it so as you can see the cursor does highlight in Auto select certain icons so that's pretty cool I

Can totally see Apple add more support in future applications another thing is if you hold and press it will bring up the haptic touch menu right here so as if you were holding and pressing it on the iPad super neat and you can grab an

App and just drag it away to move it right away how neat is it that you don't need to wait sit there with your figure on the screen easily drag it and move it very neat thing as if you're in an app and you bring the cursor down it'll

Bring up the dock right here you can quickly jump between applications and to activate slide over from within an app just drag to the right and the slide over app will pop up also in the general settings Apple did add a new section for

Trackpad right here so with one connected you'll easily be able to control it without having to dig in accessibility settings so trackpad and mouse will be in here also Apple has added new keyboard shortcuts in the iPad

App just hold the command button to see what's available from within an app hold one and there are more options here so Apple has completely changed the iPad experience made it more versatile in many apps and I'm very sure that Apple

Will expand support on this with time in any more applications with added features I'm moving to the iPhone these features are of course available on iPad OS as well so in messages Apple has added new memo G stickers so there are

Nine new ones including this macbook one and several new expressions and Apple has added a new Shazam action in the shortcuts app it works but a bit redundant when Siri can do this although it does still work good not very pretty

But it does the job in Safari wouldn't have to be touching a link there's now an option to just open previously just open a new tab and to open it you'd have to click on the preview and just when I thought Apple was done playing with the

X buttons in Safari there's yet another new one a square one you better bet you that'll be rounded again in iowa's 14 in the Photos app you can now drag this segment control down here previously you could not in 13.4 and it seems so

Obvious but it's nice that Apple out of that Annapolis finally fix their mail app clicking into an email down here you'll notice they gave you more control with the mail toolbar so now you have the additional option to add to a

Mailbox and to compose a new message from within an email in the files app you now have the option to share iCloud folders so a 3d touch on them you have the option to share an entire folder also Apple has fixed the very unstable

And unreliable airdrop feature now it properly displays how many devices are available and on the top shelf you have available airdrop devices and your recents which is a very nice touch previously not available in thirteen

Point three point one and notice that there's this new visual this is new and the recent betas so around the airdrop devices there's this ring activates as soon as you move your device I thought that was a nice touch definitely

Integrated with a u1 chip in the TV settings you now have the option to stream data over cellular using data saver or high quality and same thing over Wi-Fi also with downloads you have the option between fast downloads and

High quality also in the TV app this is the view for the next upcoming episode so slightly refined in wallpapers Apple has placed the icon letting you know that there is a light and dark version available evenly in the middle looks

Much better there are a number of changes in the music application in 13.4 Apple is further refining their craft here so starting with a new splash screen which lets you know you can automatically down

Music when you add it to your library seems to be on some sort of timeout right here and will automatically dismiss if we have to touch on a song you'll notice play later has been replaced by play last clarification

There much needed also in the up next section up next has been renamed to playing next inside of a song if we go here to the next up you'll notice the shuffle and repeat buttons have swapped places still the same function though

Also in the lyrics view if you select a verse it'll have this white outline on it making it easier to know what you're clicking on or before did I have that and selecting a verse will activate haptic feedback on your phone it's a

Nice little confirmation within wallet apple services used to just be a grey wall now Apple actually lets you see which Apple service you paid for with a nice icon and all iPhones with a home button now have the status bar visible

In the control center it's nice very similar to what you'll see on the iPhone 10 and above interface just cool that they're updating the older phones with newer features and Apple has made extensive changes to define my app in

13.4 clearly preparing it for the new Apple air tags a lot of the icons are updated new ones and things are just looking a little bit cleaner Apple has also fixed the interface for getting directions in map now cleaner instead of

Having all this junk on the bottom and Siri can now take you to the home screen from within Iowa's thirteen point four that's a new feature also starting with iOS thirteen point four on the bottom of your air pod settings you now have the

Option to disconnect or forget this device so Apple just consolidating those settings into one place an app allows further refined carplay extensively starting with support for extra wide displays such as on BMWs and the windows

Now for now playing or for the call screen are dynamic so depending on what else you have going on they can shrink or grow as you can see here much more visually pleasing on Iowa's thirteen point four and again found in thirteen

Point four car key is a new feature where you'll be able to store your cars keys on your iphone four different cars and use NFC to unlock them even if your iPhone is dead it's unclear when Apple could activate this but it seems that

Thirteen point four is the baseline firmware for this feature to work and more recent icons have shown how that grouping will look in iOS 14 super interesting this is where it starts Apple is also

Added support for unified purchases between Mac and iOS so if the developer makes an app compatible with Mac and iOS you can buy them all at once if the developer so chooses there's also a hidden feature in 13.4 for OS recovery

Again like car key it's a feature that's dormant it's hidden until Apple activates it but essentially you'll be able to restore your iPhone over the internet or using another iOS device without needing to use a computer super

Interesting stuff also starting with 13.4 a home pod will not show up as home pot OS or iOS it'll just be a number whenever you get an update for one of those an apple is added communication limits inside of screentime or you can

Limit phone FaceTime messages and iCloud contacts and within an allotted time or just in general of course how can I forget carplay now allows you to use third party navigation apps on the main screen so that's no longer restricted to

Just Apple maps and within Safari this should be a feature that works it's not for me so when selecting a URL and then clicking into it once you should be able to just pop the cursor in and on 13.4 here that's not working for me

Apparently that's a new feature they're adding but not working the measure up has a new icon for the quick action shortcode previously not solid just an outline inside there's a new animation for the measure application for

Calibrating it will now go side to side and upwards instead of this cube there's a slightly new animation when disabling the VPN and a larger bolder icon and in the health app if we go into browse all the way to the bottom you can now add an

Account from your medical provider here and in stocks Apple has updated the old Yahoo icon with a new yahoo finance icon also when booting 10.2 and ten point five inch iPads the Apple logo is now centered this is to make it more

Synchronous with the eleven and twelve point nine inch iPad pros which have their Apple logo centered interesting change alright so moving on let's see what the Geekbench numbers are so on the right is thirteen point three point one

On the Left thirteen point four and as you can see quite a divided here now a multi-core score is lower but single core is roughly the same and in performance I wouldn't say it's really particularly worse I've been using iOS

Thirteen point four as my daily in the beta form for the last two months it's quite an extensive beta actually and it's been fairly good my one complaint is the battery life the battery life has been abysmal on my

IPhone 11 pro series and on the Mac's it has been affected also so I'm hoping that they resolved something in the gold master in the final build here before releasing and that it will be improving by the way if you guys were on the beta

Seed and you were on the GM you will not see a different update it's actually the very same one so same build number has the gold master you will not have an update in there also there are a ton of smaller changes that I didn't mention

Here these were just some of the new ones and the bigger stuff in the actual change log Apple lists a bunch of changes and fixes here so as you can see it's an extensive update it's a massive update one you should be updating to

Immediately I couldn't think of any reason other than jailbreak why you shouldn't update and I was 13.4 will be able to be jailbroken on the check-rein devices either way but if you're on iPhone 10s and above and you want a

Jailbreak don't update stay on thirteen point three point one for now anyways my experiment with Samsung is coming to an end here soon so I'll be making the decision whether to switch back but thirteen point four is so nice so

Enticing and so smooth apple has fixed a bunch of issues and I cannot wait for iOS 14 which we're hearing so much about alright new iPad pro video tomorrow guys stay tuned super excited actually the trackpad feature in general it's got me

Excited about the iPad again that's awesome one of the coolest things I've seen from Apple in a minute alright guys thanks peace

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