iOS 13.4 Beta 2! 50+ New Features/Changes

by birtanpublished on August 24, 2020

Hey what's up guys everything Apple Pro here today I'd like to cover I was thirteen point four beta two sorry I'm late on this one we were launching our website yesterday wanted to make sure everything went smoothly to everyone that pre-ordered thank you

We got three thousand orders in 24 hours and were two months out so I'm honestly really psyched about that anyways there are over 50 changes in 13.4 since the last video there's actually a lot from the first beta and Apple tweaked and

Fine-tuned a bunch of new things in thirteen point four let's get into it and I did want to mention I am wrapping up the giveaway so about one week to go on the air pods Pro that's five units of those and doing a giveaway for three

Samsung Galaxy S 20 ultras links for those can be found down below in the description all right let's get into iowa's 13.2 beta 2 which is quite an extensive update let's start with the iOS restore image Apple has made those

Available now on 13.4 they don't work I wasn't able to actually use it to update my phone but they are there now and on certain iPads I've tested this on the 10.5 I believe the nine point seven it might be affected also the Apple logo

During boot up has been centered so previously it was sitting a little high on my eleven and twelve point nine inch they were always centered so I guess Apple wanted to make it uniform across all iPads and I was thirteen point four

Beta two will always be on the right in this video so Apple no longer lets you opt out of iPhone analytics by default so the share with Apple button has been replaced with continue and this is during the setup menu and Apple

Continues to refine 4.7 inch iPhones this is presumably because they're launching the new iPhone 9 here on March 31st and the latest change besides the status bar in the control center is when you actually enable airplane mode

Now the 4.7 inch iPhones will display the carrier despite the fact that it is in airplane mode an x-up find mine clearly Apple is working on air tags in an updated interface for fine line so first things first here on the actual

Pin point you can see that it doesn't sit on top of the blue dot anymore it's cuter it actually sits right on top of it and a bunch of the icons have been updated it's the play icon now is a little bit smaller the directions icon

Notifications icon the share my location icon is a little bit bigger now and the actual location icon is now a spinning a little loader instead of just saying locating clearly Apple is working on this extensively and when you

Actually use maps from fine Meyer or just Maps in general you can see the directions page has been cleaned up driving options is no longer scrollable so it just looks quite clean like this and when you expand the interface and

Find mime you can see it's all spaced out there's more spacing and the mark has lost icon is new also in affine my in the me tab in receive location updates in here you now have a done button once you're done selecting and

When completely zoomed in on the device here looking for as you can see the actual circle is not as large anymore seemingly more precise maybe apples using the U one ship more accurately or will be after this event

And in the me page you can see the spacing is different more spaced out now and notification section is new it actually has an icon now for the same options and the VPN icon has been tweaked once again it's now a thinner

Font so looks a little smaller in wallpaper when selecting a wallpaper with a light and dark transition wallpaper you can see the icons are now centered and Siri can now take you to the home screen take me to the home

Screen so no matter which app you're in she'll actually go to the home screen and this is a thirteen point four beta one feature in the air pod Bluetooth settings on the very bottom you'll now see disconnect and forget device before

That option was not there you actually had to go out to the bluetooth menu to do that in a stocks app Apple has updated the Yahoo icon to new Yahoo Finance in Safari Apple calm and iCloud calm no longer show up green in the URL

Bar in beta to it's just regular black and iCloud calm now works with smart invert properly so when you enable that it actually triggers it into dark here it does not in Safari the sign-in page has been cleaned up it now sits just a

Little bit lower and now in the share settings menu devices that are near you will show up up top properly previously they did not you actually had to go into airdrop in order to see them now they sit on the shelf up here and now apps

Have to ask for permission in order to add things to the reading list a number of changes again to the toolbar in mail so for one the reply button on the very right has been replaced with compose the reply button has been moved left words

And instead of a flag button the reply button sits there now and if I jump into the reply menu here if I want to flag this message I can do that here previously you could not on fly get from this menu I think it was

Bugged but now it's working and there's a little icon interface change here the actual flag does not change colors when you change it the only changes up here wants you to establish that change in the TV settings you now have an auction

To use cellular data for streaming and for downloading so these are turned off by default you might want to check with your plan before turning these on and there are also new options for data saver for cellular and Wi-Fi by default

The cellular one is put on data saver which is 600 megabytes per hour and a Wi-Fi is high quality you can adjust those here there's also a new option for downloads so very similar you can choose between fast downloads and high quality

So over Wi-Fi also an Apple has rearranged the options they've placed the Sirian search notifications and other options below the new download and streaming options so in beta one we learned about a new feature called car

Keys or you'll be able to use your iPhone to unlock a car now in beta 2 it's been discovered that you can actually share a car keys with other users so you'll be able to send them a message with a car key in it maybe a

Temporary one maybe just forever and they'll be able to unlock the iPhone using NFC and the prompt they'll get will look something like this car key and I'll actually get an instruction manual with this prompt basically a

Little explainer of how to use it so it's very interesting that Apple is looking at this it's a feature available in some cars like BMW but not standardized I'm very excited about the possibilities this opens and it may ship

With iowa's 13.4 after the March event we don't know but 13.4 is the first firmware that's capable of using car key and Apple has been working on transit passes one in particular is sweet I'm not really sure how to say that but

They've tweaked the interface in beta 2 and are definitely focusing on transit and in many areas throughout iOS you'll see a much cleaner Apple ID sign-in page for example this is in wallet it takes up the full page now and just looks

Cleaner and Apple has introduced a number of new carplay changes in iOS 13.4 number one an adaptation for wider screens this is a particular for BMWs you can see the navigation page here is now wider and they've actually tweaked

The now playing page and the little widgets up here so for example the add to library button has been removed from the Now Playing page and those buttons are the only things that remain the Now Playing window on the

Main page is now larger and it is adaptive so depending on what you're doing up here it will shrink or grow larger and it is adaptive so Apple is making it work with more displays in more settings using more applications

Here's another example of those cards and how they can switch in sizes so as you can see you have a small view for the call and a larger view also and if you get directions that can go up there and it

Is adaptive so you'll see a growing shrink depending on what you're doing and carplay will give you this view here when sharing your location for the first time with someone okay so a number of changes in the music application Apple

Is really refining their craft here you can tell they want to compete with Spotify more and let's go into the up next page which has been renamed playing it next now and on the top right you can see that the shuffle and repeat icons

Have switched places interesting change there if I have to touch a song you'll notice that play later has been renamed to play last same function though in a number of changes in the lyrics view jumping into that if there's an

Instrumental before the lyrics start you'll see this little progress bar up top first and if you actually select some of the lyrics you'll notice this white outline which lets you know you're actually clicking this lyric before is a

Little confusing and when you actually select it now there's haptic feedback a number of changes in Safari selecting a link you'll notice there's an actual dedicated open button now so instead of just clicking on the preview you can

Select that and in 13.4 Apple has riad ability to use camera in web view within Safari so certain websites will actually be able to access your camera without needing to leave Safari in the whole map Apple has made the tiles brighter now as

You can see they're not as dark easier to discern against the background and in the home app small temperature adjustments are now available these increments are back and in the Apple TV app splash screen when opening it up for

The first time instead of start watching and house has continued in privacy settings same system services on the bottom Wi-Fi calling is now an option in here in Safari settings in experimental features Apple has added a number of new

Ones there's at least five to ten new experimental features for Safari your Apple ID device list certain TVs like the LG Sina is now showing up in the list with this new icon and a number of changes in the

Assistive touch menu so first off dwell has a new icon Boulder bigger and if we go into change an icon here you'll notice there's a new pinch and rotate gesture here instead of just pinch and a new rotate gesture which didn't exist

Before and on the bottom and dwell controls Apple has added a new move and menu and dwell control and down here drag lock is no longer an available option for tracking speed and a notification

Stacking bug which some users were experiencing wear notifications would appear like this has also been fixed in beta 2 and on iPad I just wanted to share the keyboard controls with you these are activated by holding command

On an external keyboard and you know photos these are the new ones that Apple did add in 13.4 just to give you a visual and now on 13.4 a really cool thing that Apple did is they added the ability to use these arbitrary keyboard

Controls without needing to hold down the command key so within native applications you'll just be able to click certain shortcuts and things will activate in that application alright and that's it just wanted to say thank you

To everybody that pre-ordered it's been a crazy 24 hours and we're still running the giveaway for the air pods and from the three Galaxy S 20 ultras so about one week to go on the air pods and I'll be announcing winners thanks for

Watching guys stay tuned for s20 videos peace

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