iOS 13.3 Jailbreak & Best Tweaks! iPhone 11/11 Pro!

by birtanpublished on August 25, 2020

Hey what's up guys everything Apple Pro here and welcome to my jailbroken setup on iOS 13.3 on the iPhone 11 pro max this is truly incredible like the best jailbreak experience I've ever had and in this video I'd like to show you my setup with about 25 jailbroken tweaks

And how you can jailbreak on iOS 13.3 on Apple's latest iPhones it's actually kind of crazy that this is even possible but the jailbreak is out now and with full tweak support everything is working everything is working so well and that's

The most surprising part so let's run through the tutorial how to install it first and then we'll go through all of these amazing jailbreak tweaks there's some really really cool stuff here some really great new ones I'd like to share

With you alright so there are several methods I'll show you the first one on your device without needing a computer and the computer version they're all easy super easy stuff so first things first is make sure you do have the

Correct device and mine is on 13.3 so this is for the iPhone 11 pro the iPhone 10 S series 10 R and of course the iPhone 11 and iPads are compatible so compatibility list will be down below if you have an older device that'll be a

Link for a jailbreak for you there as well I'm just trying to cover all bases here now if you're on thirteen point three point one unfortunately you cannot jailbreak thirteen point four also cannot jailbreak so you must be on

Thirteen point three or lower I believe there are a few issues right now with thirteen point two firmwares but that will be ironed out quickly I'll leave the jailbreak Developers Twitter down below so you can follow him and all the

Updates oh and just a reminder I am giving away five sets of earpods pro three Galaxy S 20 ultras and a titanium alter-ego case details on all those down below now let's start with the on device method no computer using appcake there's

A couple different ones you can use this is the one that worked reliably for me you visit the site download the app and then it'll ask you to verify once again in settings with the profile easy stuff once you do set that up in the tweaked

Section you'll notice there is uncover the latest 4.0 point one version that's the one you want to make sure you're installing go ahead and select get and it will begin to download for you so I already have that and if you want to use

The computer method there's a couple ways to do it alt store is one of my favorites there's also city impactor but this one seems to work most reliably for me so I'll run you through this real quick on a computer

And visit alts stored to i/o all links down below select your operating system mine's Mac OS so we'll open that up and select open it'll ask you to set it up with your mail server on your computer just click allow and then with the

Device that is plugged in via a lightning cable go ahead and select your device and you got to log in with your Apple ID here it'll ask you to install a plugin you want to make sure your mail app is running and then you want to go

Into your mail preferences plugins down here and select the Alt plug-in bundle apply and restart mail and then go back into the alt server and install an iPhone this time it should work and once you do have alt store installed on your

Device successfully you want to visit uncovered dev link also down below download the IPA and then from inside the download manager you want to share it to the alt store here once again it will ask you to log in to your Apple ID

With you logged in it'll refresh and your app should show up here you have it side loaded usually for you it'll be one week I do have a developer account that's where you're seeing 365 days and there it is so it'll show up and now

Uncovered 4.0 point 1 is running now we get to the fun part here now before we start the jailbreak process there's one more thing you need to do and go into your iphone storage in general and in here if you see an iOS update which you

Guys likely will iOS thirteen point three point one you want to delete it mine is already deleted enter airplane mode it just helps to boost the success rate or maybe it's placebo and select jailbreak so this may take a few times

It doesn't always work on the first time sometimes it takes around five times even to get the jailbreak running but once this respring is we'll go again usually you need to do it twice once to respring it and then the second time to

Complete the jailbreak and install Cydia okay and this time worked so a couple of things to try if it's not working the first time for you put it in airplane mode make sure that Siri is disabled I don't know why that works but it works

Clear all apps and just open the uncover app and sit here for about ten to thirty seconds before clicking it and try that process over up to five times eventually it will work and this is on the 11pro which a lot of

People are having issues with anyways it will respring after the ten to thirty step and eventually the process will finish on round two it took about five more tries for me but after this respring you will have cydia installed

On your phone it has officially been freed and you can enable Wi-Fi again now you have a working Cydia and let's get into all of those cool tweaks cool things we can do now that we are jailbroken just want to say this process

Will get more stable with time this jailbreak just came out earlier yesterday so give it some time if you are having issues okay so let's get into that list the first thing on my lock screen is complications so this brings

The Apple watch look complications to the iPhone and you can set all of these presets you can choose apps it's a very intuitive app where you find actually where it's really great now down here you're looking at accent it groups your

Notifications just like this clean and oh well you're looking at here that's mobile goofs so that's a really annoying goose that just walks around your screen it's more of a joke a gag like the old ants app for the jailbreak but I like it

A lot and you can't really interact with him much but he does bring up some memes sometimes that you can dismiss really funny tweak actually and of course maple to one of my favorites it brings the airpower animations to your iPhone and

When I don't have accent installed it'll bring this up cleanly it doesn't interact well here but it gives you that air power interface on a jailbroken iPhone it's super cool actually and it changes the animation depending on your

Device and down here you're looking at quick LS like jumper you can set shortcuts here to jump into apps just like that very easily I like the fact that you can pretty much set it to anything you want and that brings me to

The star of the show prism one of the best if not the best most well-made jailbreak tweaks I've ever seen it's a control center replacement that actually replaces your OEM control center and you can put it right here in the bottom or

You can control it with one hand much easier of course you can customize that there are many settings but essentially it brings this amazing iowa's 14 looking control center that you can then customize with CC modules to add more

Modules here and as you can see I have some app shortcuts just very versatile and I can't wait to see what comes next just look at how beautiful that looks this is what jailbreaking is all about right

Here and then next up is cuboid hold the status bar up here and you can go ahead and control the icon layout on your device so all right here let's just say we want more rows it'll actually adjust in real time look at how brilliant that

Is this is the setup that I like optimally and you can hide the icon labels here now I'm using this in conjunction with spring timaeus 5 if you're not familiar with spring to Mai's 5 it's one of the most advanced

Jailbreak tweaks where you can go ahead and customize pretty much everything about your device from animations to your app switcher control center icons so I actually shrunk my icons down a little bit to make them a little bit

Smaller it pretty much is cuboid but a much more advanced keyboard is one that works nicely with I was 13 just a very versatile tweak also now I can place my icons pretty much anywhere I want not using ridiculous but blank icons this is

A tweak that just lets get a blank icon that you can move around and then place your apps the other apps like anchor and ridiculous don't currently work for me so that's a little workaround and down here is live Safari it's actually a very

Cool one where you can rotate your Safari icon and it acts as a compass it doesn't actually drain the battery life any more than normal but it's a very cool life icon and I'd like to see that sort of life brought two more icons on

IOS anyways on the home screen here is floating dock plus 13 which brings the iPad dock to your iPhone and it enables a whole bunch of features one that I love is a double tap on this middle

Section right here locks your device a very cool way to do that and lo as you can see it still could be a little bit buggy it'll be getting better throughout the next few weeks of course this just came out yesterday do you have to

Remember that and you're able to do split-screen multitasking so it's a feature that's not currently working right now it's a little bit buggy but you'll be able to bring out another app and then do the split-screen either

Vertically or horizontally and it actually works really nice of it and a very useful one is kill X Pro so you can slide down on a card in the app switcher and it'll close all the apps or you can just click

Little X and it'll close all those out you will be able to selectively choose which apps closed so you can keep streaming apps open like Spotify or music and selectively delete all of the other apps and also in settings here's

Circle settings makes all of these icons a circle one of my long-standing favorites from the jailbreak scene and also when I recommend is OTA disabler so you can get rid of that annoying over-the-air badge on settings it

Doesn't get rid of it here but on the app and no longer shows up and if you're gonna be jailbroken it's gonna get a little annoying and also a really great one is silica Pro or silica 2 if you have air pods here you can get true

Customizability add a quadruple press even a triple press it's really cool what you can do and there's new actions so you can choose from all of these you can decrease volume increase to really get the flexibility that Apple doesn't

Let you have with air pods and here's var moji so recently used or frequently used emojis here you can set certain ones that will always appear and then you can't scroll through them and it's just a very nice little subtle tweak

Something that I could see Apple adding to I was 14 and here's a brilliant one call assist barb it doesn't take your phone hostage every time you receive a phone call you can actually go about your business while

Receiving that call very clean interface then you can decline it as normal and same goes for small Siri so this is a small Siri interface that you can put up here down here it actually has a few settings but something clean that Apple

Should implement and force in picture so it's a brilliant solution for picture-in-picture on the iphone it's ported directly from the iPad it's native it feels really good you can tuck it away resize it pretty much do

Anything you want while watching video on your iPhone something that Apple again should add to iOS 14 and it works so well kind of wonder why isn't it there already and ok guys so that's pretty much it that's the Iowas 13.3

Jailbreak on apple's latest devices crazy almost the latest firmware just that this is even possible and it's so smooth this is by far the best jailbreak experience I have ever encountered I absolutely love it so thank you to the

Guy that made this possible absolutely brilliant work I stay tuned for more jailbreak tweak updates hope you enjoyed the setup guys peace

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