iOS 13.2 Final Review! Best One Yet

by birtanpublished on September 24, 2020

Hey guys I was 13.2 is almost here with a release date likely within a week to support the new beats solo Pro headphones I wanted to go ahead and cover everything new and significant in this update and why it's actually one of Apple's most important software updates

For the iPhone ever some seriously awesome changes inside now yes it's very likely that Apple will be releasing this next week to support the new beats solo Pro headphones as currently Apple Notes these headphones require Iowa's thirteen

Point two to function and normally otherwise this is the screen you're gonna get when setting it up so just to support those headphones which are releasing on October 30th you will need this updates okay so with

Thirteen point two on the right and thirteen point one point three on the left wants to dive into all of those changes so first thing is the lag has been removed from the lock screen when opening up the camera very annoying

Before as you don't have to wait every single time I don't know why but there was that delay one of the biggest changes in iOS 13 point two is the addition of deep fusion so this is where all three camera lenses are taking the

Perfect picture no matter which one you're using at any given time Anapolis implemented this subtly under the covers so there's no actual option for it you never really know when it's working it's just always there the picture is taken

With that reveal that when you zoom in on certain details certain textures it generally looks better the lighting is blended much more nicely I just noticed I'm able to take a better picture on 13.2 most of the time so it's

A feature you definitely will notice and finally with the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro you can actually adjust the video resolution at frames per second in the camera application just tap on the HD 4k button over here and you can swap

Between them and between the resolutions 24 30 and 60 same goes for the actual slow-motion now for whatever reason Apple has not added this to older devices you know they should be fully capable of doing this I hope they do in

The future currently reserved for newer iPhones only now the volume HUD has this new slink away animation I like it a lot are you refined and it spends less time on your display intruding on your content

Also within the control center the device you're connected to will now be shown here in the volume platter a very nice visual change reminding you that yes you are connected to this device when not connected to a device the

Volume icon here is larger you jump into that platter the icon is now top and it's not as a responsive as before there's this weird delay which I don't like the iPhone icon is now gone in silent mode no longer has red text on

The on portion for whatever reason less urgent and Apple has updated the system sounds for 3-d or haptic touch so wherever that's concerned you'll hear this new sound here and the old one so less shrill more like the sound when

You're typing on the keyboard and when 3d are haptic touching I notice the animation is now sharper when leaving it so it's not as drawn-out takes less time to return to your content a very subtle one but definitely there and also in 3d

Are haptic touching an app Apple is replaced rearrange apps with edit homescreen so an option change and a new additional option to delete apps this way you don't have to hold and wait for the app to wiggle you can delete it on

The spot just like that the folders quick action icon has a new icon a little pencil instead of a boxed pencil the share audio interface is now a moving video of the device you're attempting to connect to before it was

Just a static image and there's a new pop-up prompt to temporarily share audio with a device that you usually don't connect with which i think is also a very useful feature and a seriously cool one is an update to the apps which are

Animation it's now faster more responsive so closing apps becomes even more efficient as the app cards pop into view and you're able to swipe up on them faster than before when you only have three apps in your dock now on iowa's

13.2 there's new spacing so it's not as wide more condensed I think it looks better and emojis one of the biggest changes in I was 13 point 2 but first that goofy-looking emoji button I don't know what it is about it but I like the

Old one better this one looks too weird also on the right side when in Lite mode the microphone icon is no longer filled in like it used to be more in line with the emoji icon and of course all the new

Emojis so Apple has added 59 new emojis more variations with skin tone and all that many accessibility focused ones only one new face a yawning face and a bunch of new props some animals very cool stuff I'm glad that Apple is

Focusing on that always fun to see those and inside of the emoji picker when in couples over here apples added new emoji picker where you can actually change each individual value here it's a nice new picker and announce messages

With Siri is now back and functional in 13.2 you do need air pods to to work with this but in settings and the notification settings or series settings you'll have this option here or you can go ahead and enable them so the great

Thing about it is that she'll read you your messages and you can reply without confirmation this is a very useful option time-saving and just a less annoying general without having to say Siri and confirming every single time

And a number of changes in the music application first off the shuffle and repeat buttons are more distinct so it's easier to tell when they're pressed and now when you scroll up you'll feel a haptic feedback and you'll jump into the

History section so now Apple has a history section where you can actually look at all the old songs you played which is very useful instead of having to go back back back every single time and now there's a clean new interface

When 3-d or haptic touching inside of music you get a much cleaner interface like this less scrolling involved just generally more pleasing and now I'm selecting shuffle songs you'll see an actual animation of all the songs being

Shuffled so a new visual change and now when you decide to love a song there's a new graphic or before it was this really ugly looking heart now it looks more in line with a regular one and there's this very cool new animation when you

Actually click into an album or an artist it'll bounce into that view which i think is very nice and now with dark mode enabled Apple uses a lighter backdrop in the music application so your controls are easier to discern

Against the backdrop especially the seeking and volume controls after updating to 13.2 you'll be confronted by this screen here improved Siri in dictation and it gives you the option to opt out of share audio recordings also

If you do opt in at any time you can go into the Sirian search settings to this new auction here Siri in dictation history and delete your dictation history and this will give Apple a request to delete all of your data and

Also within the privacy settings there's a new tab here for research this is for research kit that application also if you go into analytics and improvements here's the option for improved Siri in dictation I don't know why these are

Separate but here you can disable that listen in feature where Apple uses your data your voice to action improved Siri and their home pod responds in settings the handoff tab is now airplane and handoff and inside a

Couple new changes so first off an option to automatically airplay to TVs or you can adjust that and an option to transfer to home pod so you can enable or disable that here and of course your handoff option remains and in home kit

For certain devices like motion sensors which are grouped usually you can now ungroup them in 13.2 and when adjusting wallpaper and selecting the perspective zoom button you'll now get respective text telling you if it's on or off

Easier to tell now and in Safari where the show and hide link previews option is applicable there is no longer an option in the quick action menu sheet it's now built into the actual preview where you can show and hide it right

There so a little bit cleaner also when jumping into that preview there's a new bounce animation which is very pleasant and in the Safari toolbar the options are now segmented off a little bit cleaner also going into reader view here

Apple has hidden the fonts menu away into a separate menu which is cleaner and you're now able to access website settings from within the reader view and in all of your photos when you scroll to the very top the dates are no longer

Overly directly on the photos making them easier to read the TV app receives a similar treatment to Apple music and now has a cleaner 3-d or haptic touch interface instead of taking you to a separate page and inside of the Apple

Watch app there's a cleaner interface some bolder text and the actual displays now show the Apple watch series 5 and the car play interface has been further adjusted on 13.2 now the album art is smaller and you can actually read entire

Titles without scrolling which is a very nice visual change also the buttons here have been placed in the middle so all in all great changes to car play and a few changes on the iPad you can now close out of multiples of the same app in the

Multi window display very much like the app switcher great change and in the settings couple differences here so first off Apple is split up the wallpaper and home screen in dock settings from the same page to separate

Once I guess making it easier for people to understand that your icons can be shrunk I don't really like it makes things more cluttered here but cool and also the Apple pencil setting has a new icon here which is a visual change I do

Like and a very interesting one is with dark mode enabled if you take screenshot now on 13.2 it's not as bright so apples saving your corneas so they're not being blinded by that flash of white

Light at night couple changes in shortcuts now the app drawer can be swiped and downwards or previously it would just swipe the apps so that's been fixed and you can actually share individual shortcuts seeing out of the

Shortcut action right here go ahead and share them with your friends and I was thirteen point to give us our first look at the new airports pro design via this leaked glyph found in one of the betas so it shows that in air design pretty

Cool essentially meaning that to run these natively with all the features enabled like the new focus mode coming to air pods Pro you will need to be running Iowa's thirteen point two and I'm hoping that that means we'll be

Seeing these by the end of the year I mean if not in October with an events maybe Apple will just drop them via a press event on their website although I can see these being a pretty big deal and I could see Apple wanting to release

Them by the holiday season so let's hope and here are the Geekbench results so as you can see the screen is dimmed in max brightness that means the iphone is overheating now on thirteen point two beta four although in my personal

Experience on my eleven pro have not had an issue in weeks of using thirteen point two beta I don't think you will either on the final it's been fantastic experience all those small changes adding up oh there it goes popped back

In adding up to be the best software update ever deep fusion and the camera controls have really changed the way my iPhone takes pictures even though it's already been so good on the 11pro so I'm very happy with what apples done do

Yourself a favor and do update as soon as this is out sometime next week hope you guys enjoyed it peace

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