iOS 13.2 Beta 2! New Emojis, Camera Controls & Animations!

by birtanpublished on September 29, 2020

Would this one's a good one I'm so excited I was 13.2 developer beta 2 is here and with it new emojis with Unicode 1259 new emojis and most importantly camera controls the forbidden camera controls that Apple has never allowed us to do in 12 13 years of iPhone are

Finally here we can adjust resolution and frames per second within the camera app and it's not a very large update under 500 megabytes but it comes with a ton of little refinements and changes that just make me proud to be an iPhone

User and I got about 2 gigabytes of storage back before and after updating and that's always nice so first and foremost with beta 2 on the right let's take a look at that keyboard and there is now a new emoji keyboard button it

Features a silly looking grinning emoji there so they had just did that actually jumping into the keyboard it's not immediately apparent but there are 59 new emojis here they're scattered around as for faces there's one new yawning

Face but not a lot there but the full list of them can be found on emoji PDA org so it has a lot of accessibility emojis people with disabilities new animals here some foods ice apple kills the game at emojis that's kind of their

Thing here so it's always really cool to see them so a bunch of new ways to express yourselves just remember when you send these to someone else that's not an iOS 13.2 beta 2 they're gonna get a questionmark emoji and basically will

Not be able to see what you're sending them otherwise very cool I'll be seeing this on a wide release soon there's also a new skin tone picker for multiple people before that was a not an option now you select and then once and you can

Go ahead and adjust the skin tone color of individuals it's kind of cool that there is that customization and as you can see it's all custom and yet another secret internal mode has been found in referenced earpods 3 by developer rambo

It actually shows you how to adjust the noise cancellation options in a control center so we can assume that there will be some new controls beneath the volume platter after you have to touch on it in regards to the new airports 3 there

Really excited for these and I'm guessing because of the amount of these references we may actually see these air pods 3 being announced at the event on October 29th this month and the camera apps so this is where things start to

Get exciting actually jumping into it you'll notice the is gone for whatever reason it was present there on newer 11pro devices and now that's been resolved so the camera app will launch instantly now which is

Nice and this is something that hasn't been on an iPhone ever is the ability to change the resolution and frames per second directly from within the app I still think the interface is a little finicky you know no one would really

Know that this is here unless you accidentally clicked on it so I hope that Apple gives this its own little interface but even so it's amazing the fact that you can do this we've been baking Apple to do this for the longest

Time and this works both on the front-facing camera on the rear facing camera it doesn't really matter you can adjust the frames per second and this works on slo-mo as well here so super super cool here's just 120 and 240 so

I'm glad that Apple is finally added that and I'd like to see expanded support with time in the music application a 3-d or haptic touching on a song reveals a new interface much more aesthetically pleasing and less

Scrolling involved here I like that update matches the new one in the TV app also jumping into now playing and going to next up when you actually click on the randomize button here there's a nice new animation there did you catch it or

Everything gets shuffled up instead of just flipping just like that so Apple made that one a little bit prettier just a nice attention to detail here in the music app when going from up next to history via scrolling there's now haptic

Feedback letting you know when you're going from one section to the next previously there was not a change I appreciate very much is in the app switcher so Apple updated the animations here notice when I swipe down the cards

Start moving and when you swipe up and they appear faster at your fingertips so you can actually swipe in clear apps faster than before Apple continues to tweak the volume HUD the timing has once again been adjusted and now it

Disappears off screen even faster so being clicked at the same time it intrudes on your content less now also when putting your device in silent mode the text is no longer in red the on text it's now just grave Apple is updated the

Sound of 3d and a haptic touch when it enables so for example in the control center the old version sounded like this and the new version goes like this so it's more muted but sounds good in the control center we

You've got connected devices they will now appear smaller up above the volume platter and another very good example of Apple's attention to detail is that they've adjusted the screenshots to actually not be as bright when in dark

Mode so on the left is regular dark mode it's a very bright white flash of light now it's more muted so it's more gray and side-by-side definitely not as bright here on the right with dark mode enabled saving your eyes in that

Darkness in the control center the blank icons that weren't showing up before on beta 1 have been fixed so everything's working properly the accessibility shortcut has a new icon in the platter when haptic touched here also the text

Has been fixed in a control center that was showing up dark now more legible after updating to 13.2 beta 2 on the setup menu you'll see this screen and this is new so this is where apple asks you if it's okay to share your audio

Recordings with Siri and your home pod with them and this was a big scandal so they finally added an option to opt out of this previously was all opt-in essentially and within settings the Sirian search settings there's an option

Here for a Siri in dictation history so jumping inside of here you can delete your Siri in dictation history also within the privacy settings and analytics and improvements there is a new option here for improved Siri in

Dictation and this is also in the same regard so they won't be able to hear any of your conversations once you disable that on the home screen a number of changes to the way 3d and haptic touch works for example on news rearrange apps

Is now edit homescreen and this applies to all apps easier to understand there's also a new option to directly delete the app right here and it brings you up to the prompt to delete it much faster than holding it and then waiting for it to

Wiggle or editing and then selecting a little X button when in that wiggle mode though the dumb button is back to its original look so translucent now no longer grayed out and also when 3d touching on anything I notice the

Animation is slightly different when you leave this it's a little bit faster to get back to the normal States so the animation isn't as drawn-out get back to your content a little bit sooner I also noticed when haptic touching on apps

There was a strange border now it's been fixed from beta 2 so gladly clean that one up and I also noticed that on the same row of apps selecting a third-party app here the share and edit buttons have been swapped

So easier to edit as it's closer to your finger on beta to a smart battery case now actually shows up as a smart battery case on the 11pro series previously just said and then a bunch of numbers and this is in correlation with news that

Apple is working on a smart battery case for the new 11 pros that was leaked at an earlier beta so that will be coming soon and I think this is further confirmation that that will be happening in the widgets page Apple has cleaned up

The bottom so there's no longer this weird spacing they added that in the last beta it's now more compact and when going to turn your iPhone off the menu is now a blurred version of your iPhone wallpaper no longer just black it's a

Little bit cleaner in there it maps when viewing a destination the directions and flyover buttons are now full width so easier to click a number of changes in Safari when actually looking at a link preview you no longer have an option to

Hide or show the link preview it's baked into the interface up here and you can show and reinstate it or hide and reinstate it without leaving that interface also when clicking into that preview notice there's a new bounce

Animation which is quite nice also a number of changes to the website options so first off the options are now segmented off and have these barriers and going into reader view a number of changes here first off the fonts are

Hidden away so it's not this huge list of text you're now going to a separate submenu for the fonts which is more compact and also you now have an option for website settings where previously you did not you had to leave the reader

View to get to those also within the tab view on Safari the background is once again the color of your iPhone wallpaper not just the solid black also within a share sheet couple of updates here so the X button has once again been meddled

With Apple cannot make up its mind this has been changed at least five to ten times throughout the Iowas beta it's just why why is it so special and going into users wallpaper the iPhone is no longer as thick it's now streamlined in

An actual normal iPhone glyph within the TV app when in a show the add button on the top right is more user-friendly in automations when setting up an automation the check mark is now smaller and carplay now looks different on the

Bottom here is 13 point to the album art is now smaller they've adjusted the controls and a text made it so you can actually see you know the entire length of the song here and adjusted the positioning of the buttons

Overall cleaner and a couple older ones from the first beta here's a now sharing prompt which introduces you to dual audio letting you know that that is possible and one in the music application that introduces you to time

To lyrics which allow you to sing along to the song okay and after running the Geekbench here the results so multi-core score 34 32 single 13 31 and previously the scores were lower so on the multi-core more of a difference

Here so I've been using the 13-point 2 beta now for a week since it came out and I really don't have anything negative to report aside from a couple of bugs I've had the volume HED bug where it would stick and just not go

Away no matter what I don't know why that was happening but it doesn't seem to be happening anymore on this latest beta in Spotify performance is great like Apple is killing it with the updates they're releasing them so fast

And furious and with all these little tiny quality-of-life updates like in the camera app I am so excited to be an iPhone user like I cannot wait to see what happens throughout the year with thirteen point three thirteen point four

Apple will keep adding these little features and this is only I was 13 Iowa's 14s coming out next year and it's supposed to be the big one with cross-platform apps Apple keep killing it please although I would like a split

Screen mode and possibly for Siri and phone calls not to hijack the entire display a little tiny interface up on top or towards the bottom would be really cool other than that the iPhone is really growing into quite a beast

Okay guys thanks for watching there it is I was 13.2 beta to a much needed quality of life update and I can't wait to see what comes next peace

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