iOS 13.2 Beta 1! Deep Fusion & AirPods 3 Design Leak!

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

hey guys I was 13.2 developer beta 1 is
here always exciting to see a big
release like this a significant amount
of changes in this one including deep
fusion where you combine all three
lenses into the perfect crisp image on
the 11 and 11 Pro Series we'll be taking
a look at that and also the biggest
revelation in this update is a glyph
that's revealed the new air pods 3 or
air pods Pro this was found in the
accessibility live listing settings of
iowa's 13.2 and there's this glyph right
here that's a very reminiscent of the
air pods 3 case prototype leaked that I
was showing you in the video earlier
actually almost looks identical to a
very short stem we'll have a concept and
model out on this fairly soon but it's
just very interesting that things keep
leaking in iOS betas also alongside that
new icon there's direct reference to a
new focus mode a capability coming to
these new ear pods which would
essentially combine listening mode plus
the new in-ear noise cancellation and
there's a new icon for it as well
so very exciting to see these changes I
hope to see these new headphones in
October and also developer rambo found
that Apple updated the glyphs of the
rotating devices in that little pop-up
menu meaning it could eventually support
dark mode since they're cut out now
Apple could change the background color
in case you're in dark mode and have
that adjust accordingly like that
concepts I showed you earlier would be
pretty dang interesting now the biggest
change coming to Iowa's 13.2 is deep
fusion it's not a setting that you can
change it's not one that you can enable
or disable there's no icon for it
The Verge reports that it's all
happening in the background Apple wanted
it to be seamless where you can't see
anything happening essentially it's just
taking all of the camera data from all
three lenses combining them into one
super sharp crisp image and the early
results are basically saying it's
working it's not very noticeable until
you zoom in but things are sharper in
particular textures like sweaters
t-shirts fabrics and in my testing I
didn't really see much of a difference
but on the outer edges in ultra wide
mode things do appear sharper as it's
combining the data from the other
sensors which don't have the aberration
on the sides so I was very happy to see
that it is a slight improvement and
another major change unclear if it's
been enabled in this beta
will ship in 13.2 is the ability to use
third-party messaging applications with
so she'll be able to quick reply and
read you messages from a third-party app
Apple is relaxed their restrictions on
that and we should be seeing this ship
in the final version of 13.2 okay let's
get to all of those other changes so
after updating I had a dedicated
software update complete screen and this
is new for me usually it's a tiny little
bar in the notification center and the
splash screens and menus in setup all
had larger bolder text towards the
bottom and Apple continues to refine the
volume HED animation now there's this
new slink away animation before it did
not exist kind of just popped away now
it has an actual slick new animation
which is very cool and the actual amount
of time that it stays up on screen is
shorter so you don't have to wait as
long for that to stop disturbing your
content one more thing is no matter what
you're connected to it will no longer
say that device on the bottom so speaker
is no longer listed in this example or
if you're connected to air pods it just
shows the glyph there and not the actual
text a number of changes in the control
center the volume platter now features a
larger bolder volume icon and when you
have to touch inside there's no longer
an iPhone icon up top it's replaced with
the volume icon which doesn't work as
well the animations are very delayed so
over here they're instant responsive I'd
like to see that fixed what overall
cleaner I guess and a very cool one now
is your connected devices will show
their icon glyph in that volume slider
so you no longer have to jump inside to
see what you're connected to a very easy
way to tell I love it these subtle
little refinements are what make apples
so special to me
also when you're actually in the
connections menu and you want to connect
with another device the share audio and
I go ahead and present this one here now
notice that the interface is rotating
it's a mini version of the pop-up window
whereas before the interface looked like
this just a static image of the device
so that's a very nice touch also
presented in 13.2 and if you are sharing
audio the little badge representing that
is gone
instead of replaced with one built into
the volume HUD and the volume slider now
no longer has the ball
my cons there as well so matching the
rest of the interface very cool
as always the newer version is on the
right here 13.2 and when 3d touching or
haptic touching on folders now there's a
new icon for rename just a little pencil
inside a little letterbox and also over
here notice that icons with very long
names have been shortened abbreviated
there so you can't see the rest it
looked a little bit strange for example
Geekbench 5 pro had this very long title
now that's been abbreviated so a couple
things when you're in the edit mode here
dragging apps around the dumb button is
now solidified in grey not so
transparent I'm not sure I like that
change and one more thing that's very
apparent on the 11pro is when you take
an app to drag it there's a lag that
happens in the first few seconds of
dragging it then it goes away now that
no longer happens on the latest beta
smooth all the way around now with
screen time when you reach your time
limit on a certain app there's a new
styling for the OK button looks much
better when editing in the widgets page
the icons are now are much bolder bigger
easier to see and on the very bottom
when you scroll all the way up you have
a little bit more room now everything's
not crammed at towards the bottom and
several changes in the music app in the
now playing page with dark mode enabled
Apple is light in the background
interface it's no longer a true black
it's a few shades of brighter
easier to discern your controls and now
in the next up page scroll down and
there's a history section so you can
check out when you just listen to go
back to it without having to guess and
another great thing here is these
shuffle and repeat buttons have a border
so they're easier to see where
previously they just lit up very much
appreciated visual changes in the TV app
there's a new 3d touch or haptic touch
interface here it's much cleaner so your
content and have these options here
instead of going to a separate page a
nice visual change in the Photos app
scroll all the way to the top of all of
your photos and Apple gives you some
breathing room up top now instead of
overlaying the text on your actual
photos making it very hard to see the
upper ones and now in the airdrop menu
there's a slight interface change so for
devices with the u1 chip the arrow is
now bolder thicker so I'm just slightly
easier to see another big feature that's
finally been reintroduced with iOS there
point two is announced messages with
Siri where your incoming messages will
be announced through air pods – or other
beats headphones and now in notification
settings or Siri settings you now have
the option to re-enable that and start
using it in the privacy settings there's
a new tab for research this is for
research kit it requires an app at the
moment there is really nothing to
download but you do have this little
explainer here and also within the
privacy settings analytics are now
analytics and improvements and within
the general settings previously airplay
is now airplay and handoff and inside a
couple new options you now have the
option to automatically airplay to TVs
no questions asked or if you do want
questions asked there's that option
there and also continuity with home pod
right here via transferred to home pod
is here apparently it doesn't work just
yet but Apple will enable it in the
future and when selecting a wallpaper
now towards the bottom there's an actual
explainer text for this middle button
perspective zoom on and off so it'll
actually let you know what it does and
in live wallpaper when you haptic or 3d
touch on the screen the text disappears
faster so you can see the content sooner
and there's been an issue with the
wallpapers where they would be very
faded for no reason whatsoever
you'd have to restart to fix it and
that's been fixed in iowa's 13.2 in
accessibility settings on the 11 and 11
Pro Series haptic touch previously was
just haptic touch now it's 3d an haptic
touch and has a new description in notes
you no longer have the option to show or
hide link previews by default you're
gonna get the link preview there and it
fills the screen it looks good just
strange why Apple would remove that also
a visual change in Safari when in the
tab view the background is no longer a
blurred darkened version of your iPhone
wallpaper it's just dark almost black so
an interesting visual change in Safari
in shortcuts there is a visual change
for ask each time it's now bigger with a
little icon next to it and you can now
share shortcuts so if you wanted to
share with another phone or their device
you can send that and the app drawer
within shortcuts can now be closed just
by swiping previously all you get is
that you'd have to go up and then swipe
down and the Edit name and photo prompt
and messages is now
little bit more incessant it'll actually
describe why you need to do this before
you can close it off and for homekit
accessories that can come paired with
certain sensors or other products you
now have an option to separate those
into different tiles within the home app
in the watch app Apple has updated it
visually slightly with better
positioning and the Apple watch is shown
are now series 5s at least the watch
faces same in the app store section just
some slight visual rearrangements and
Apple has actually added four new
gradient types to the gradient watch
face if you're updated on watch OS 6.1
beta 2 so you'll see four new ones here
a couple things on the iPad also so if
you were previously using an app in
multi window view so two windows for the
same app and then you bring it over and
slide over you have this new interface
where you can close one of those windows
and just enter one very nice also within
settings display brightness previously
had in the home screen and dock section
built into it but Apple has separated
those making it easier to control how
your iPad looks on the home screen this
is controlling the app icon size I don't
like the clutter but for people that
didn't know that existed it's a nice
change in the carplay view on 13.2 here
on the bottom the background is blurred
more aggressively and it's brighter so
easier to see your controls and discern
text against them and here's a Geekbench
5 pro results not sure if this says
anything but multi-core score is
modestly improved single core just about
the same performance still feels great I
actually updated on my personal device
to 13.2 and I'll be beta testing the
watch u.s. 6.1 beta as well haven't seen
anything wrong with it in a few hours of
using it although it is a beta so do
proceed with caution otherwise there it
is a pretty significant upgrade I love
all those little quality of life little
tiny improvements that apples have been
doing with the volume HUD in the control
center it's great they're making the
best iPhone even more enjoyable thanks
for watching guys stay tuned for more

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