iOS 13.1 Released! Final Review

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

hey guys it's an exciting day to be an
Apple user and today is a big software
release day I was 13.1 has officially
been released I've had OS 13.1 also
released and in this video let's cover
everything that's changed everything
that's new and why you should be
updating as soon as possible before I
begin I wanted to remind you I'm doing a
giveaway with Aaron for mister who's the
boss for iPhone 11s for iPhone 11 pros
all the info on that down below before
updating from Iowa's 13 about a 500
megabyte update on an 11 Pro here and
before updating I had this much free
21.4 after twenty four point seven
gigabytes freed up quite a significant
amount of storage for me now the number
one thing is the bug fixes I was 13 has
been very unstable very buggy and for
many people a worse release than iOS 12
so if you've been encountering
instability just in general crashing and
I know a lot of people have even me
personally on my 11pro lots of issues
Apple has actually went and updated
their changelog with a bunch of bug
fixes here just goes on and on and on so
this will definitely fix a lot of things
that were wrong and I was 13 but aside
from that there are a number of new
changes and also there has been a
passcode bypass found in Iowa's 13 which
allows you to see contacts and contact
information which you should not have
access to this is the first bypass for
the iPhone 11 Pro in iOS 13 while the
phone is locked that's been fixed and
the iPhone tennis tennis max antennae
are getting that controversial processor
throttling feature which will slow your
device down in the case where your
battery has degraded over time and iOS
will warn you when you'll need to but
this is an updated version of that whole
fiasco back in the day it's really not
that bad a non-issue I think and
shortcut automations have returned so in
the shortcuts app there's a tab now for
automations and in here you can create
whatever you want to your heart's
content even NFC tags super cool and a
very cool iPhone 11 pro feature is the
addition of an airdrop exclusive feature
using the new u1 chip inside of the
iPhone 11 pro notice how you get some
new animations here on the airdrop menu
and you can go ahead and go into the
menu which by the way has been
redesigned now it will show you the
device with its respective iOS wallpaper
on it so if it's iOS 13 will have the
very cool touch now this feature here
whichever iPhone 11 Pro when I was 13
point one is next to you it'll show up
in the devices the soonest when you
point it at it very cool
takes advantage of that new chip and I'm
excited to see what else that you one
will eventually be able to do on the
right as I was thirteen point one now on
the home screen the Apple TV icon is
simpler no more blue in the middle of it
I think more in line with the rest of
the icons here and when 3d touching or
haptic touching man I still gotta get
used to that by the way one of the
biggest biggest drawbacks of the 11pro I
hate that that there's no more 3d touch
is that the platter is actually go
downwards now where applicable they'll
always be more in reach instead of
having to stretch upwards and that's a
very nice optimization and a few changes
to some haptic touch icons here on
settings you'll notice a much richer
fuller looking set of icons the battery
icon is all the way full which reflects
the new battery life at its the 11pro
nicely so that's cool also the health
app has some updated icons here no
longer as bold thinner more in line with
the rest and same goes for calculator
here and on the iPhone 11 Pro in the
wallpaper settings Apple has restored to
the iPhone 11 Pro wallpapers on 13.1 if
you were on a beta this part would be
blank you just didn't see them also
dynamic wallpapers they're updated so
they have new previews and new looks and
Apple has restored a number of older
ones an audio sharing is back Apple has
restored this feature on thirteen point
one I'm having some grief with it can
get it to work there usually is an
option when you connect some ear pods
below it to go ahead and share audio you
get this very nice new preview it's an
animation and it'll cycle through all
the number of devices that you can
connect beats products now you should be
able to just open up another pair of ear
pods bring it closer and for whatever
reason for me that just doesn't work but
usually what'll happen is you'll get
this screen here it'll show you the
device that you're trying to connect you
can click share audio and this happens
to me so hopefully there will be a bug
fix to patch that but for now it is just
not working for me
I do love the new animations though
there have been a number of
optimizations in the audio department in
the control center there is a larger
volume icon here in the volume platter
and the actual volume HUD so a number
Changez here first off the actual look
of it has changed so they've dropped it
down a little bit and I think that it
matches up with the volume icons here so
Apple has very carefully matched that up
on devices it looks very cool nicely
positioned and another functionality
change is it'll minimize into its
smaller view actually one click sooner
so instead of three clicks it does it in
just one just like that and the actual
fully stretched view is now thinner and
longer so that's a little bit easier to
discern the volume HUD no longer hides
now also when taking a screenshot
and in the screenshot menu the back and
forward arrows have been moved to the
right and the actual glyphs are now
larger and that seems to be a
system-wide change so in photos you'll
notice that glyphs are larger so Apple
has been making things a little bit
friendlier and easier to click and of
course the biggest change to volume HUD
is the new graphics so depending on
which device you're streaming to you'll
get a little icon in the volume HUD a
very nice touch and even in phone calls
it has its unique little icon there so
depending on which one you're streaming
to you'll always get a different icon on
the music application on 13.1 there's
this new splash screen when you open it
up letting you know there's a new lyrics
experience for you to try very cool now
when you actually go into the music
application there's a slight interface
change the play pause buttons are now
larger the more info icon is now larger
and share is now share song a couple
cool changes in the home app now there's
a number of new icons when setting
lights so just click on the light icon
you'll get this here you can change them
to several new ones and these icons
actually have a very cool animation when
clicked so you'll notice that they dim
slightly and have this very cool
light-up animation I love the attention
to detail and the Maps app has brought
back the share ETA function so now when
you click on it you'll get a contextual
menu depending on whether or not the
person you're sending this to is running
iOS 13 so you'll either send them the
actual directions and very nice pop-up
or an SMS with a quick status update and
also now in maps when deleting a
collection you'll now get a confirmation
to make sure that you want to delete all
the items at once and in the weather app
when haptic touching on a pane here it
now has a new pop-out animation
alongside haptic touch it's a little bit
more responsive when moving those few
changes in notes
here when haptic touching on a preview
you'll now get a full screen preview
with the options instead of having to
scroll up to get to those and also when
previewing a link now there's a new
interface for it and you now have the
option to show link previews so you'll
get a quick preview they're very cool
you can hide that too also when sharing
a note you now have a slightly new icon
here on the top left it's a text edit
icon instead of the notes icon in the
settings font page there's a new look
and a link for the app store where you
can go ahead and download new fonts
personal hotspots has a slight interface
change some new descriptions also and in
settings book settings under reading
goals you now can include PDFs in your
reading goals as well – strange changes
in 13.1 so – emojis have been adjusted
the heart eyes now feature larger
shinier eyes and the kissy face same
thing a larger shinier heart I guess
these are two of the most popular emojis
so Apple wanted to dress those up and in
messages when sending emojis in this
larger view the send icon has been
dropped down towards the bottom a couple
smaller changes in the app store share
icon is new updated to an actual share
icon and in apple arcade when watching a
video preview you can actually select it
to mute and unmute and you actually have
an icon to control down here newly
downloaded and updated icons as well as
beta icons now are solid instead of
being washed out so they're no longer
changed by the background more distinct
and now connected controllers in the
batteries widget will have their own
generic little playstation controller
icon very cool in an issue affecting
many people when scrolling very fast in
the Photos app and you'd experience a
crash no longer happens in Safari and
the bookmarks history or favorites you
get an option also here to hide and show
link previews this was not an option
before and now you can't control that
couple changes in the watch app
displaying text size is now just
displaying brightness and the Nike Plus
run Club has been renamed to just Nike
run Club and also the splash page for
the app store section in the watch app
now has a link to go explore Apple watch
apps in a bug where you couldn't swipe
up three apps at once has been
majd so you can do that with more gusto
and you can no longer press and hold
with three fingers to reveal the Edit
menu and no longer happens now and that
menu in general now features larger
bolder icons and I was 13.1 adds HEV C
video encoding with alpha channels so
you can make green screening happen with
video from your iPhone just a couple
things while the Geekbench is running so
there are a number of features that we
haven't seen yet in 13.1 one being new
emojis the new unicode language with the
new emojis haven't seen that yet deep
fusion where it combines all three
lenses on the 11pro to create the
perfect picture haven't seen that yet
responding to messages via Siri has not
been implemented just yet and
communication limits in screen time
nothing for that and Apple went and
released a warning today that there's a
bug where third-party keyboards could
grant full access to the iPhone even if
you didn't allow it and they said
they'll be releasing an update for that
soon so very likely thirteen point one
point one will be here any day now to
patch a couple things with this update
and of course that third-party bug and a
little update on the case so I got my
prototypes in they are beautiful the fit
is so solid man I'm just I'm happy with
how this came out this is only 70% done
so we'll have these out very soon follow
app phone rebel to stay up-to-date on
all of the progress on it and here's a
Geekbench which is considerably lower in
the multi-core versus iOS 13 not sure
what's going on there but hope to see an
improvement in the future anyways thanks
for watching guys there is iOS 13.1 a
very big refinement update with a number
of visual changes do yourself a favor
and update as soon as possible and of
course save yourself from the contact to
bypass hope you enjoyed it guys stay
tuned for the next one peace

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