Introducing Elementor Theme Styles – WordPress Themes Are Dead??

published on July 17, 2020

If you use Elementor I don't think there's a reason to use a wordpress theme anymore and I'm gonna explain this right now let me show you exactly what I'm talking about Here I am on my element or website and there's a brand new version of Elementor

Running on this site right here so when I click on the hamburger icon right here on the top left you're gonna see this new option that says theme style this is brand new and it's going to enable you to do things that normally you had to

Have a wordpress theme to do let me show you just a refresher this is the prior version of Elementor you can see there's no theme style option here this is version 28 and under but now we have this theme style option and when you

Click on it it's going to show you these five different things that you're now going to be able to control on a global level that affects your entire website now let me show you how to get this I'm using a bed of beta version of Elementor

There's no secret access code to be able to get this everyone has access I don't recommend doing this on your live website but you can log into the backend of WordPress click on element or click on Tools and there's this tab here that

Says version control and then down here it says beta tester and you would switch that to enable then click on Save Changes and check to see if you have an update available on your website so here is my list of plugins and you

Can see I'm using the free version of element or this is not element or pro this is the element or that over almost four million people are using right now and you can see it's version 29 and it's the very first beta of this ok

Enough chitter-chatter let me just show you what you're able to do you're able to globally control these five different parts of your website that traditionally you needed a theme for but actually it goes way beyond because a lot of themes

Don't even give you some of these options but now everyone that uses Elementor gets them now keep in mind even though I'm on this particular page right here every change I make here is going to affect the entire website it is

So convenient and it's going to make your website design so much more consistent it's gonna make it easy if you want to change something in the future you know in the 80s fanny packs were the thing everyone

Had a fanny pack but you know what nobody has would be caught dead with a fanny pack today Sika styles change and now with this new feature you're gonna be able to change or update the style on your website with just a few mouse

Clicks so let's take a look at these five things we're gonna be able to do you can first change the background color the next thing is typography so let me expand these options you can change the colors and the typography

Properties for your paragraph text and for all six headline texts and you can also control paragraph spacing but wait you can also change the link properties you can set the global color of your links the hover color the typography all

Of that very easily in the same interface that you already know how to use if you use Elementor okay let's go ahead and collapse this and now check this out buttons buttons are a pain in the rear end but now you're gonna be

Able to globally style those buttons including the hover properties so when I go on hover you can set a different border you could put your box shadow in for two radiuses you have control over all of these properties next formfields

Now this is going to make a whole lot more sense right here this is a WooCommerce checkout page and you can now using the new theme style change the way the form fields look and I'm going to show you that in a second you don't

Even get that kind of a feature out of a wordpress theme so this new theme style feature goes beyond what a theme offers you anyway I'm going to show you that in a moment and then you can control images so the same with normal or hover you

Could put borders you can put border radiuses change opacity box shadow CSS filters you name it you're able to do it now so let me just show you the typography real quick and then I'll show you that form a fill the feature so I'll

Click on typography and right this is an h1 heading right here but check this out this is an h2 and this right down here is an h2 as well so when I modify the h2 font it's going to affect both of them and every place

There is an h2 heading on my entire website so let me scroll down to h2 let me go ahead and I'm just gonna play around with the typography so for the transform oops I actually already set it to uppercase because you can see I was

Playing around with this I could change the size and you can see how they're both changing together so all the h2s on my entire website are being adjusted right now and you can see I've got it right there I can set the line height

The letter spacing I get to have control over all of it on my entire website right there it's just that simple let me just show you the image option right now because I have an image right here so I can go ahead and set a border radius if

I wanted to you can see it's very extreme but it just rounded it all out I could add some box shadow there and this will apply to all of your images you can globally control this and if I wanted to add a CSS filter I could do that as well

And this will affect everything obviously I wouldn't want to blur every image but you get the point you have global control over all of it now let's take a look at form fields this is really cool so I'm gonna click

On the hamburger icon I'm gonna click on 'theme style so I can get back into my theme styles I'm going to click on form fields and it's kind of hard to see these form fields actually so let's go ahead and I don't recommend doing this

At home but I'm gonna darken the color and I'm gonna just just to show you what you can do so here's the boarder type so I'm gonna set it to solid and then I'm gonna scroll down here and I'm gonna set the color so I'm just gonna make it

Black so it's very obvious right now I can increase the thickness if I wanted to but that's a bit too much I can do the same thing with the border radius if I wanted to make all the fields pill-shaped check this out but I can

Also change the kiss properties so I just clicked on focus that that's what happens when you're clicked in the field so see when I click inside there that means it's now in focus mode so I can manipulate that

As well so if I wanted to set a different background color I don't recommend doing this at home but there it is check this out now when I'm focused on a field you can see that the colors

Changed this stuff is really hard to do unless you know CSS or have some tool that enables you to do these kinds of things so I just said it so when I'm clicked in a field I get some box shadow we can even do something really weird

Like let's see if that works yep there we go check that out boom try doing that one at home okay so there we have it and that's how you do the form fields now a really nice feature that's built into this is some of the same stuff we're

Already used to with Elementor so if I screw up and I said something and I'm like I don't know about that you can still use your keyboard shortcuts or right here there's the history option on the bottom left and there's a full list

Of everything I just edited and you can even see these saved revisions that I've done in the past this is when I was playing around with it and lastly if you click right here in the settings on the bottom left you can name in who knows

What this stuff's for it says kit settings I just discovered this and then right here you can name these style settings but this is kind of cool you can leave them to disabled so you can perfect it and then you can publish it

When you're ready because it affects your entire site this is actually very nice because you can have these changes go live and and once they're perfected I just love that so then you're gonna go ahead and click on update now I'll just

Go ahead and do it I'll click on update and then I'm going to click on this X to get out of the theme style and now I'm back into the normal element or isn't that easy now keep in mind it's different than the normal element or

Interface so if I'm in here making a bunch of changes and I haven't saved this is what happens if I try to get into the theme style so I'll click on the hamburger icon I'll click on theme style and it's saying whoa we're gonna

Leave for a second you're not even to notice it but do you want to save these changes and you have your option to save or discard and there you can see now I'm going to get kicked back into the theme style so I'm gonna go ahead and get back

Out of theme style in here and just to be thorough there's another update that's included in this latest update form Elementor if we go back into the hamburger icon we go here to global

Settings and I click on lightbox we've got a whole heck of a lot more options here for lightbox let me show you what this looked like before so this is the prior version I'm gonna go into global settings I'm gonna clicking lightbox

And we only had these four options right here not much but now we have a whole bunch of more options here we've got counters full screen zoom share footer text and we could choose the text the title the

Description background color toolbar icon sizes navigation icon sizes you could see you got a ton of options there for Elementor users you might not need a theme anymore this perfectly feels what it was missing if you wanted to use the

Free hello theme from Elementor it totally fills the gap and now you can use the hello theme from Elementor and have all the flexibility that you would have from a normal theme that's why I'm saying a theme is dead however there are

Certain situations where you still need a theme I just showed you if you're using the free version of Elementor you still need a theme if you are doing more of an app style website like say a listing website where you want directory

Listings you're probably gonna want to use the my listing theme which gives you those features that you're just not gonna get out of using Elementor so it adds them in with the theme in that scenario you still need a theme same

Goes for the buddy boss theme if you want this really slick kind of Facebook like experience on your website with groups forums and learning modules you could do that with the buddy bus team you're

Never going to get that out of Elementor so the theme actually brings unique features so in those situations you're still going to want a theme as well hey if you don't have Elementor Pro I do have a link in the video description box

If you click on it it's a referral link which means a little bit of money comes back to the channel to help keep this thing going but I want to ask you what do you think about this new theme Styles do you think a theme is dead for

Elementor users I kind of do I don't see a reason in most situations to buy a theme anymore when you're getting this in the free version of Elementor it's amazing stuff but I care more about what you think and I love to hear about that

In the comment section down below hey I'd really appreciate it if you thumbs up this video if you shared it someplace on Facebook or Twitter just to get the conversation going if you're not subscribed subscribe click on that

Notification bell thank you for watching this video and I'll see you in the next one

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