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published on July 2, 2020


whole thing so sad Vera was the best I'm

gonna make film tell the story of Vera

I think it's better just alexinnz lie


you knew there are as well as anyone

didn't to me she was a mystery

we questioned close to 150 people and

there was proof she had been maltreated

at home father is a bastard let him move

rocks even though you never made a

confession and her body was never found

you were found guilty do you maintain

your innocence it's the human weakness

to be obsessed with the truth weird

sentence and one for murder without a


what is isn't are you serious there is

some strange stuff in this story why

don't you explain it where did you get



can I come in I'd seen the marks on my

body she never talked about it no this

feels wrong do you think it's a bad idea

you and I have a very different view of

morality I don't know what to think

Henry because I know that you've lied

we got the wrong bloke locked up I did

not kill there we can't continue like



I've never quite for us why are you

little people I need to know everything



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