Interview with Rich of DeBoss Garage on F350 Diesel Build

by birtanpublished on August 29, 2020

We check this out and you see if this guy's filthy these filthy rich guys thanks for coming by we didn't realize we're like 20 minutes away from me oh we can't hook you cannot stop in Brian's mobile one alright so today's vehicle has a 93 is an f-350 it's got the 460

Engine in it and the problem with this truck is that it has a 460 engine in it is a good engine but it's also terrible on fuel everybody likes diesel right diesel brothers on that kind of rage so who better person to address this

Problem than rich deep oscar college so this is legit in my garage just as you guys remember the telehandler that we've done so many videos on so it's a rare treat that he's just in the neighborhood and happened to come by so he's here

With Aaron you probably don't recognize me so we bought this truck because we don't have these trucks around there anymore they just rest away so those are the Scott perfect oh good decade was probably the last time you saw one of

These running around you see him occasionally but they're pretty they go in the water – I heard you talking about a boat talking about so what they did is they flew to California yeah and then they're picking this truck up and then

They're gonna take it back to Ontario area and then they're gonna put in which in the Commons you guys do common swaps everybody knows you for coming sponsor right yeah I think we're going to I think we pissed off a lot of four people

Asli telling the telling you what's wrong with ports how but I think 7/3 was a good engine it we're gonna rebuild a 7-3 we're gonna take it all apart sugar that's how it works and then put a 7-3 in this but we're gonna put a six-speed

Allison behind it yeah just kind of build the ultimate did not go crazy with the horsepower we built a nobody racecar we're gonna tow the audi around with this cuz i've got a regular cast silver out over the Cummins in it and that's

Not much fun with three people so when you show up with this and nobody's seen it in a while and you're in canada and you have it like a nice diesel truck four doors with handles on the sides that light up like pretty good algid

Cool stuff so what are the guys in your neighborhood gonna be thinking you're gonna be usually bringing up a lot of emotion a lot of memories we built a eighty-five crew cab long box dually for a guy yeah 85 was the last year Dodge

Put crew cabs in and they're gonna start putting commas in till 89 so we swapped the comments put on automatic to a manual we made it from two-wheel drive to four-wheel drive and he gets weekly offers for people to buy it just

Knocking on the lower they got a parked up front and basically how much you want for your truck not for sale and that's that's business so the truck prices are going through the roof and actually our

Second-hand car market truck market is really difficult because the floods and stuff down south with your dollar but the American dollar being so strong all the dealerships are buying up our used trucks so trucks like this are

Coming up way up and value because we can't afford it I'll leave in the can yeah yeah so where nobody can afford a forty fifty sixty thousand dollar bid range let alone a diesel 3/4 ton you're looking at seventy eighty thousand

Canadian so these old trucks are going up and value like crazy no missions and just yeah though there's something cool about it so plus you get the road trip and you've got you've got here so actually what we've been doing is

Having meetups to check in on other people's bills because we we basically like saying you know all the manufacturers did it wrong like make sense for 60 these gas prices who can afford so yeah that's that's cool and

The e4od is what's in here which is kind of a match to the for our 110 i think those are the four transmissions and for people that don't speak d box right there the dirt the filthy-rich language what is that what is that so so the e4od

Is the transmission that's in here and it's a shame because it's just been rebuilt the guy says oh yeah yeah I just got this rebuilt this transmission is more general like good it'll get us home as soon as we're home we're ripping it

Up and the four are 110 is the 4-speed that went behind the power stroke but we're gonna put a six-speed in it make it a little bit more fuel-efficient yet we're gonna the power strokes we found its 2,000 power stroke because Ford

Likes to do stupid stuff where they're like alright we did something really well and it works really good so ninety-eight I think they came up with bigger injectors turbo and a pump and they had forged rods but then in

2001 they decided you know let's put these powder-coated or whatever rods in there and they'll work stock but if you do anything to it then it's not gonna work in the merger so we'll open it up a little bit better exhaust the the

Exhaust comes off the back of the turbo and it's like pancaked so it doesn't hit the firewall and it really chokes it out so just doing something with simple stuff like that where you don't have to be

Working through that it's called a sledgehammer or body lift that's probably a cleaner way to do yeah little more money but you know in the to spend a little more you get a little hockey puck see right now just a few

Issues we think that he never filled up the rear tank yeah luckily the front tank was full all the time because the sending unit didn't work so he fixes saying this is already an adventure cuz the guys from Canada are flying to

California they're driving this thing back there might be some more story to unfold they yeah I think people want to follow you what's the best way to follow you on your journey Instagram on the journey for now and that is d-box garage

Yeah just nasty box garage yeah I'll leave a link in the description you'll be able to follow on both the YouTube channel will be documenting the trip which should be a lot of fun we already took it up a mountain this morning

Figured if we were a little spice of adventure on the victory if we actually bought 10 years ago I bought a service truck from California so it's a DT 466 a 4900 international 20,000 pound Trek my brother and I drove a lot of metal oh

Yeah and the first thing we did was go up the mountain see how far we get until the tech was spinnin and then we set up camp we slept in the back and we loved the road trips like America's such a beautiful country versus and it's cool

They can go for me what Americans say when they go to candidates you know but it's cool you go through like state to state then you're like I think we're in a different state and and it's like that there's like this imaginary line but

There's like a sense is like I think we're in a different place and it's pretty cool that's awesome well thanks for coming by yeah your truck yeah and look forward to

Seeing what you do with it yeah I've seen my money I've seen guys I've seen a lot of videos that he's done in the past where he comes up with all kinds of fun cool amazing stuff and all the way that with the energy that you

Bring to it you guys have a good time no matter what is a lot of work but you ever have a lot of fun do cold well sounds pretty good you don't hear a lot of ticking tapping or whatever so what are you gonna do

With the engine which do you think they'll take it in Canada even though it doesn't have a lot of rust they're not gonna know what to do with it they're gonna be so spoiled right we

Have to take the box off amazing I feel like royalty like it would take me a day at home and it's early forty-five minutes awesome so if you need a 460 for one of

These set this guy up yeah come with it go what's the other transmission that you guys are getting with it with the Lou angel we don't have it so we're putting in a 6-feet Allison in it right but the block you're buying

Comes with a is six there you go six-speed manual forever you got one of those for sales so if you follow us along the route meet us somewhere to take it off our hands to actually at home they can get a hold of

Your Instagram to direct messaging yeah that's about six feet look how clean this is even the bumper I mean you got to look hard you find a little rest and it just surface stuff very cool it's very long all the way up

Esque you know like very very dry or I like fish tank aquarium at the dentist's office or something we got a check to see if the truck sits in the log maybe some big do you see this I don't know very cool it's got that sound yeah so if

Anybody's interested and wants to know more about you know like I've got some 7-3 stuff you know I did a leak off line replacement all that kind of stuff I've been sitting on that footage for a while if you're interested and you really like

This kind of thing let me know in the comments below well let's check out this long minute here this spare tires you brought your own beer nice and warm

California plate comes with it that's what yeah that's a class you got it you know you just go to the DMV and they'll just give you a trip tournament and it's a blank piece of paper and they said here put this on your dash fill it out

Like I should send you a bunch yeah lots of oh I got a lot more that are in storage I'm gonna get some kind of facade yeah yeah and then I'm gonna do I'm gonna do a secret art project I've got all 50 states we're gonna do

Something fun with that can people send you plates yeah for the wall yeah they deliver an address in the description yeah that's like blowing handles like this was so chic I remember being a kid and seeing that and just think it's so

Cool someday I want that in my life and not a lot of rest look at this look at this yep and it's dirt it's not mom don't know there's not you think it's dress and it's just dirt because he took it

Money yet so brake fluid doesn't damage paint really yeah but this seems overdue that's brake screen and already know Clark brake fluid he was changing his brakes on a car beside him he had a pail for a brake fluid and he dropped his

Caliper in there and it's spring back but it got him in the eyes and stuff too so he ran that don't worry about the pain oh he ran into the house took care of himself and I came to market you brought into the house that was American

Oh you cheated the last three days later not right away so we got to see if we can try and clean that up because we can't paint it as soon as you painted it the value goes down really because it's a tater no no because I go it's all full

Of on the earnings all right so no this is original paint it's new painted what about this can we fix it yes so we'll pull the moldings off and you can buy new moldings and I think this it's coming off your bill because I go back

Like stealing content you're getting the bill for that not the drunkard until you repay I can go back in the footage of this line is exciting this truck is awfully awfully clean yeah California needs a good polish I think the interior

We actually found a really nice road ship stayed right now but you might wanna know actually what's really good it's not that this seat is actually in the front and the back seat and crew cabs are the same so he just took the

Worn-out seat and put on the back and then he's got a nice brand new seat for the front and it's not that's like spares on board yeah but I think we're gonna rip the whole thing out four buckets in it and maybe put like a

Modern interior in it dashboard is remove that one back to the back no like do a whole freak out of matching like so I maintain it that's bad but it changes okay exactly bondo is the button berate you but they want to climb into the

Truck could feel like it's a modern track it's a mod of like a more modern engine a better transmission and it actually rides really nice so I don't have them put a nice modern interior and you don't have to very cool

We just need a whole bunch of time and money to do it listen and watch see if this hops up or not you guys ready the real test straight industry there's not a Toyota it's a Ford but it's in such good shape

That's what we're talking about well very nice guys thanks for bringing this fine yeah doors man thanks for having me pointing a camera at you tired you want but it's a great holiday oh yeah

Hopefully we can send some people to your channel after doing this so it'll all be worth it thanks I'll check them out link below debounce garage and and what do you say on the box garage we really encourage

People to do their own stuff so remember if you're not filthy you're not always building I can't help thanks for watching be sure to click like and subscribe

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