Interview with Min Kim Co-Founder of ICON | AC3 & MouseBelt

by birtanpublished on September 10, 2020

What's up control bang welcome back to another episode if you guys are new here we do a giveaway at the beginning of every single episode and today's winner is David doodad thanks so much for commenting on the previous video David I just sent you some crypto episode I sit

Down with Min Kim the co-founder of icon one of the largest blockchain networks in the world and you guys know grow your base the platform that I've been working on as well as ac3 the token based on the icon blockchain has been in full swing

For the past six months or sighs our new to the channel ac3 is effectively the token that's operating on the grower based platform where people can go and earn and learn about tokenized assets and NF T's and develop their digital

Portfolio or in the mouse belton accelerator program and then has a really robust university program they are actually working with 67 student organizations in 14 countries opportunities for students like their

Investments their hackathons they have all these great things to help with funding for students in the space and we're working with them also in tandem to support the icon network being in the mousepad accelerator and working with

Universities directly is going to be super powerful or grow your base and icon so I figured it was very suiting to sit down with the co-founder of icon learn a little bit about his story how icon came to be and many things about

What's coming in the near future to not only the peer EPS that ac3 is being a part of but also the ecosystem as a whole because there's a lot of movement going on in the icon ecosystem right now and before I dive in all the links will

Be in the description below about icon the vote where you guys can go and support ac3 so without further ado let's dive into my interview with Min Kim the co-founder of icon stuff everybody I am here with Min Kim the co-founder of icon

How are you doing then great thanks for having me yeah for sure for sure so for all the viewers and listeners out there everybody's interested in your story so how how did you get into crypto and what's your background

Sure so I mean I've been working in the technology industry a very long time about 15 plus years I started my career as an investment banker very familiar with the traditional finance world worked primarily in the

Technology investment banking space so my clients included the yahoos you know AOL Time Warner's back in the days Nokia and mobile manufacturers to semiconductor companies so really got a good feel of how technology companies

Work but in addition to that how the capital markets work in particular to equity side the debt for a few years and then just being in the Silicon Valley motivated me to come out and start my own company

So I started several startups you'd say starting in around 2009 and yeah and these companies varied from e-commerce to you know mobile marketing to social media so various all types of companies and luckily just being in the Silicon

Valley and working in the financial district and also in with a lot of tikkun entrepreneurs I had an opportunity to work with some of the best minds in the FinTech world as well and just then I got an opportunity in

2015 to go to South Korea and help build one of the largest fin tech Holdings company called daily Financial Group daily Financial Group had about 25 portfolio companies underscore pearl umbrella one of the companies that we've

Acquired was a very very small asset exchange called coin one and through this small I said we I started learning more about Bitcoin how exchanges run the and of course the technology called blockchain behind like all of this and

Then you know it's just just like you and just like everyone else the story behind Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto etherium you know metallics writings all of that kind of came together and just suck me in and

I remember days when I spent just like I spent nights reading different books different articles but surprisingly there weren't too much back then back in like 2015 there weren't as many bloggers but we had forums we had different

Pieces of information that I would gather and a lot of them order also just information sharing between community members so people like you I will contact in Korea we had a very small Bitcoin Center and very small youtubers

That I will contact and invite them over buy them lunch and we will have a very deep conversation about the future of ball chain technology and then sooner or later I just got very convinced that this is what I wanted to do the

Blockchain technology is just absolutely wonderful industry wonderful technology that I wanted to be a part of so you know I decided to incubate a a a service or a company within daily financial group called the loop later we changed

The name to icon loop and we started focusing on how we could apply blockchain technology to the broader world so we started working with enterprises we started thinking about how we could you know build a something

Different then we'll be already half today and how would you make it better so long story short yeah I mean my background is finance FinTech and then I've been focusing on blockchain for the past several years and of course the

Icon project is is what I've been working for the past couple years that's awesome in terms of what Ikon is I know you guys have a really sleek you know one-liner it's a hyper connect the world so

Everybody that's new to the space that's viewing or listening what what's kind of the mission of Ikon in terms of you know hyper connecting the world right so the big vision and how we see this world is that we have

About 200 nations on earth all with different type of governance different you know government I will say with different communities or different citizens different malls they all figured out how to work together we

Think something very similar is going to happen in the digital world where we'll have multiple blockchain networks that will be interconnected and working with each other an icon it's going to be one of them we might not be the biggest we

Definitely won't be the smallest we'll be something in between but Ikon will be its own network that will be interoperable with all the other networks so you know I think how we how we view things is that we have to do

Everything we can to try to create adoption which is we give our technology the icon blockchain to our enterprise partners to the bad companies so we try to increase as much adoption in this world as possible and you know I don't

Think there's going to be a linear way of how this network's gonna grow its going to grow and sporadically in different pieces but at the end of the day the goal is for all of these pieces to come together and interconnect and

That's why we have you know our slogan is hyper connect the world which just a bit broad I think in the big picture it's it makes a lot of sense for us yeah yeah so in terms of icon census you know I

Love Hasselbeck term it's like consensus mixed with icon and the P rep or public representative election that's happening right now you know as I mentioned and a lot of the viewers and listeners know that I'm part

Of a c3 which is in the runnings for a P rep position and you know grow your basis platform is based around icon and what are the benefits of a massive Network like icon moving to you know the P rep type model and the zpos model

Right so you know we're looking at icons Network or we call it the icon Republic saying that we are a digital world so icon Republic is still at a very very early stages where founders like me have a lot of influence and actually thinking

About the vision it's kind of setting the initial stages of the project or the network which is the reason why we be published the first paper called high Constitution another play with the icon word there's high Constitution just like

The Constitution of the United States have the icon governance paper so that one paper is you can think of it as a first draft or the first taste of like how we want to create a guideline to everything else that will follow in the

Future so right now is still where a small group of people like me have certain um you know some amount of control over the network but like you mentioned through the I consensus process we're actually giving up our

Influence and decentralizing and allowing our community and the network participants to actually govern the network itself so the icon foundation and I will be a part of that initial governance but you

Know we will be one of many you know validator Torpy reps like ac3 that will be a part of the governance so it is very very exciting times for us right now and you know is when I believe a real Republic will be born and it will

Wait and see how everything will kind of come together and function and how it will grow as a community going forward yeah it's really been it's been cool to watch because this is very much experimental phase on the cutting edge

Like literally right right on the cusp of moving to a decentralized network and like you said giving up influence over these like P reps supporting the network is a really fantastic thing to have front-row seats – yeah exciting so in

Terms of what's coming for the rest of the year is the final question like what what can people look forward to obviously we have the P rep toes going on right now but what can what can people look forward to yes so the first

Step will be we got to make sure that our network is very secure we have a the IAE SS our the reward mechanism the trust mechanism is set in place so that once the staking takes place our doesn't get a proof of contribution

You know functions the way that we designed it you know right now so I'm sure we will continue to make small adjustments to the initial design but our goal for end of September end of this month is for the network to run

Like it was intended like as it was designed and and basically not break down what comes after this month will be our team will be now starting to focus on building all the features and necessary components to make amendments

To the network so for example a contribution proposal or network proposal component we've published the paper I think just a couple weeks ago called contribution proposal which is on the icon Foundation

Website this is just an initial draft but it's basically our community will be able to make proposals to the rest of the community we could all vote on it and there will be automated or on chain governance for the network so I think

That's what's very very exciting for us I think Icahn is a very promising project because we're very grassroots driven we're very community driven we will have a lot of the these features that will be built into our blockchain

Itself which means that there won't be any centralized party like icon foundation that will be really reliable that that will be half that people have to depend on in order to make systemic changes to the network and I think

That's something that will be more and more unique to the icon ecosystem I think a lot of people compare us to like D credit which we have a lot of respect for or make or Dow that we have a lot of respect for and we actually learn a lot

Of the you know a lot of you know we get we take a lot of lessons from those type of projects as well but I think icon will be very unique in a way that we will have one of the most powerful on chain governance of other other networks

Yeah that's fantastic cuz I've interviewed contributors from D cred and Minero and some of these dowels like hydro and stuff like that people that are really trying to move into that that proposal driven community driven

Reionization and I love that that concept so we're stat a very early stages so totally totally I think such an exciting experiment to watch and one kind of bonus final bit is there

Are citizen nodes and as I mentioned before you know we're in the mouth spelled accelerator that has you know partnerships with 60-plus universities all over the world that we're working and in terms of the citizen node we just

Spun one up but can you tell people a little bit about what the citizen nodes are in addition to the P reps so well how do I explain this that's a very very good question I haven't really thought about how to explain it to most people

But essentially anybody could run a citizen note I think even our a lot of our exchanges actually run through the notes but yeah it's to say mechanism where basically is how a blockchain should operate or how network should

Operate where any party or any person who wants to contribute or build on top of you icon network could join their citizen note so I think that's the kind of the easiest way to explain it where you know

You have you know there's no selection process where you know if you want to be a contributor if you want to be active and you have a way of actually becoming a part of network yeah yeah that's fantastic and just as far as the vote of

Confidence you know it's good to be both like what we're doing with citizen and alone I love supporting it love the DPOs move and herbed ow coming in to icon but all exciting so thanks so much for sitting down with us today men that's

Great thank you and yeah we'll be in touch and we will have you know other than what I just mentioned today will have other exciting news for this year that I can't really talk about but yeah we'll have some some other good good

Things ahead yeah plus different my interview with min cam at the co-founder of icon it is a fantastic he goes to some and I'm excited to be part of it with a c3 and Berger basis mouth spells I think there's a lot of

Potential with icon and don't forget to like and subscribe and I'll see you on the next episode of our crypto

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