Intel Responds – 2020 Razer Blade + Zephyrus Duo

by birtanpublished on August 25, 2020

All right so a few days ago we got to see what those new AMD processors were capable of doing these Rison 4000 chips are just incredible eight cores very power efficient and easily cooled like you can keep that thing properly cooled in a 14 inch device that is super small

Very impressive stuff however Intel was bound to respond and they have so they came out with their 10th gen stuff and here's the reality it's not a huge jump up in performance right we're looking at a small bump up in clock speed and some

Of the SKUs have eight cores now instead of six cores but it's still 14 nanometer still got six cores on the bottom and it's still marketed as having a 45 watt TDP so these new 10th gen intel chips aren't super exciting to me like I'm

Much more interested in what AMD brought this year so the million other question is why get an Intel based laptop right now like why would you get one of these instead of an AMD thing and it's because we don't we don't get to choose like we

Literally don't get to choose it's not like a desktop if you have a desktop you just go up by an AMD motherboard AMD processor and you have an AMD system with this stuff the manufacturer made this choice for

You a year ago or a year and a half ago so most of the top-tier kind of premium gaming laptops are all running 10th Gen Intel stuff this year not that they're bad or anything but I just I would have liked to have seen more AMD offerings

Because of how much potential that chip has and the other thing they also have the new are TX super GPUs from Nvidia so if you want the best possible graphics and the best possible gaming laptops you have to go with Intel ok first device

Zephyrus duo this is this is so cool I'll show you again when you open the device watch the the hinge area already you open the device the secondary screen pops up to this I think it's like 13 degrees ok I have done several videos on

Devices with secondary screens and they've always been these devices that were kind of cool and almost like these tech demos of what you could do with a secondary screen but this is the first one that I've used and the first one

That I've ever seen where I'm like I want this this is a device that I actually want to use as my regular machine because it's so much more functional and usable with this tilt it just makes that whole

Secondary screen like you know it just it brings it up to your face you don't feel like lean over and look at what you're doing and I've tilt it this way so you can see um okay so it's got your regular trimmings as a gaming laptop

It's got your 15-inch 240 Hertz three millisecond screen it's like a standard high-end gaming laptop screen but this secondary screen it's it's touch sensitive for one its 4k and it's so cool and I've only had this for a couple

Days to just kind of play around with it it's an engineering sample I can't do like proper benchmarks on it because this is not like retail hardware but I'm just gonna be straight up when you play games and like lets you have anything

Running down here like it could be a website could be discord it could be like hardware info is you can monitor your temps it can be anything you wanted there it's right where your face would be it's a really nice angle I wish it

Was a little brighter but my overall experience using this as a secondary screen was excellent and if you're video editing you throw your timeline down there you're good to go if you're into music production I imagine

Extra screen real estate is good for that world I know nothing of music production but that's just how I picture it if you're doing anything anything that can utilize more screen real estate which is I imagine a lot of people

That's what this offers so it's running the tenth Gen Intel C using at either the six core or the eight core it's got the RT X 2070 super max Q or an RT X 2080 Super Max Q so it's very powerful stuff in this very powerful system now

To achieve this secondary screen they have to shove the keyboard down we've seen this kind of keyboard setup in a lot of premium gaming laptops where they're trying to do something with that extra space up top and in this case it's

A screen and there's also fans underneath the screen where it sucks in the air to just kind of keep things as cool as possible but this lowered keyboard position is something you have to get used to now I'm someone that's

Tested a lot of laptops like this so I'm used to it I'm not sure if they include a wrist rest in the retail version but it is a different kind of keyboard positioning then you would be used to not just like the angle of your hand

With the wrist rest or not it's also you're further away from the screen than a regular 15-inch laptop right so normally your hands would probably be like four or five inches closer to the screen which means seem

A lot but if you're used to playing games in a certain position like your hands are now just further back than they used to be on this particular gaming laptop the keyboard layout is pretty good I believe that this one is

An ISO layout like from the European region that's why the shift and the slash key are down here and there's also the trackpad on the right again if you're not used to it it's a little bit weird but you get used to it if you're

Actually someone who's picking this up for using it you can adapt to it quite readily but I think most people be using a mouse with this system regardless so the reason why they did this whole shift was really for the screen like to be

Able to have this mechanism where the screen pops up and down or just even have a screen at all on a system like this you need to shift that down but look at that look at that hinge like it when you close it it goes down and when

You open it back up it pops up and this hinge is really well made like you put pressure on it it feels rock-solid it doesn't look like it's gonna bust or anything like it feels it feels good it does make the

Device a little bit bigger like you can see the chin of the screen is a little bit thicker than your kind of average 15-inch gaming laptop and they've done it because they just needed the the real estate in here to fit everything they

Could the screen the keyboard and whatever they need it internally for cooling okay let's take a look at the inside this is a easy device to get into on the bottom and inside you have your one upgradable RAM slot you also have

Your heat sinks with liquid metal from thermal Brizzy which is really cool like we've seen other companies do it as well but when you add liquid metal if you're unfamiliar with this stuff when you add liquid metal as the thermal interface

Material on laptops you get significantly better temperatures there's two nvme slots and is one Wi-Fi six card from Intel and there's also a 90 watt hour battery now because this system is powering a lot of stuff like

That secondary screen probably sucks up a good amount of juice I don't expect battery life to be amazing but because it's not a huge laptop I think it'll be okay that'll come in my future review of this

Device I've only had two days with it so I haven't done a proper battery test on it but I think the overall design of this laptop has also done quite well it's got this kind of muted grey – it's all metal it's nothing super obnoxious

Or flashy no crazy red accents no crazy lights it's like a very business-oriented device I can just play games incredibly well so during the day you can check your stock markets with that second

A screen and because the markets are so trashed right now you probably play games during the day as well but that's the Zephyrs duo keep your eye out for the review on that thing because yeah that's a very interesting device to me

Second device of interest to me is the razor blade so these have been updated this year there's two models like the previous year there's a razor blade base model which I have here as well as the razor blade advance now the thing we've

Changed with both of them that's most interesting to me is the keyboard if you've seen any of my razor blade reviews I've always bitched about the shift key like the right shift key I know it was such a minor thing and like

It affected seven people in the whole world because no one seems to use the right shift except for me and Linus but there's right shift key is now with this proper shift key it's like a regular full-size shift key where you won't be

Making mistakes the other thing they've added to the base model is you can now get an OLED panel option in the base model and on the inside they've gotten rid of the two half inch SATA drive and they replace it with a secondary m2 slot

So then there's two nvme drives inside the razor blade base model now this unit here is again an engineering sample I can't run benchmarks on it I can't run like I can't do anything with it at least not officially so you'll have to

Wait for the proper reviews on these things but the base models do not get the r-tx super GPUs you have to go to the advanced model to get the latest and greatest from Nvidia these have just

Like the regular RT X cards it does have an improved screen so it's got a gaming screen like not this one but they have like a 144 Hertz option but the advanced model has a 300 Hertz option probably take advantage of the new GPUs but

They're both running 10th Gen Intel CPU so both the base model and the advanced models have those new Intel CPUs again I'll be doing full reviews of these devices as they come in ok now I want to end this video off with a discussion of

Why why are almost all of the good laptops still only running Intel this year it's a question I think a lot of you guys might be asking right now because of how good am d's chips are and there's obviously some conspiracies out

There like maybe Intel's forcing these companies to use their stuff because you know for pricing I think the real like the reality is just track-record AMD has not had a good track record when it came to mobile

Processors clearly it's different this year clearly made something that's really good not just good not just excellent but like exceeded expectations but that's just their first time right so 1012

Months ago when laptop manufacturers were trying to make that decision do we make an AMD based laptop not everyone was willing to take that risk Asus did the g14 is excellent and it paid off for them because the chip is so

Good but for these guys right they don't have the tooling capabilities to try something like that if you asked razor to make that gamble a year ago hey razor let's make an AMD blade that's a risky move for them that's that's a dangerous

Move for them considering how small that company is compared to a C's so I think what will happen is that because the industry has has you know we have eyeballs all right now on the AMD chips they're clearly excellent like everyone

Loves them so next year I think these brands will probably be more aligned and more willing to go with an AMD based laptop so we may see an AMD based blade we may see AMD based Mac books in the future like there's just there's there's

Reason now there's incentive now to build an AMD based laptop okay I think that wraps up this video I mean these are really cool I think an AMD based version of these things have been even cooler but there we have it okay hope

You guys enjoyed this video thumbs we liked it subs of you loves it see you guys next time

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