Installing a New Radio & Speakers 1988-94 Chevy Truck #ETCGDadsTruck

by birtanpublished on September 8, 2020

Greetings viewers ere at the car guy welcome back working on dad's truck got a long list of stuff to do but on that list is installing the stereo and speakers it's a GMT 400 by the way so if you have a GMT 400 and you're not happy with the

Stereo like I am well this video is for you now I've already done an unboxing video on the stereo head unit and stuff that I'm going to be putting in here so if you want more details on that I'll link that down in the description

Otherwise if you want to see how to install it keep watching step 1 remove everything from the dash and all of its components I'm just kidding I've done that for other work that I'm doing on the truck

But it has led me to a place where I'm going to start with the speaker's particular I'm gonna start with the ones in the dash there are also speakers in the pillars behind the seats I have removed my front seat or my only seat in

This truck which will make getting to those pillars easier so you might consider doing that I've already pried off the speaker grille on this side but that's all you have to do you just come in and pry up

Now mine was pretty old and one of the clips broke I'm gonna have to reattach it but they do pry up they're not fastened down by anything as far as I could tell there are four 9/32 fasteners holding it in and maybe looking through

The windshield will be helpful what the fasteners removed you should be able to lift it up out of there pull up on that tab because it hooks in here is the new speaker but you can see or maybe you can't see that the holes for the

Mounting don't line up so I'm not gonna be able to just directly bolt these into the dash these speakers came with this mounting plate that can go over the top of the speaker and this will match up and hold the speaker in place i thing is

This interferes with the screw holes so I won't be able to screw directly in there so what I've got to do it's got to take the speakers and I'm gonna cut the ends off so that I can use this to mount it down this is pretty thin metal I'm

Just gonna see if I can trim it down with tin snips I just need to get it down past the point where I can run a screw through it oh yeah totally easy to do it this way also doing it this way makes it so

There's no metal shavings this is the other front speaker I know I'm gonna have to trim this one else no so just doing it now if I use the cutoff wheel then there'd be a bunch of metal shavings that would go straight to that

Magnet now I can drop this into the space like to hold down I could go in trim the wires to the connector that was already going to the speaker and add my own connections and do everything at the radio that's a possibility but I'm gonna

Choose to do something different each speaker comes with 18 feet of speaker wire that already has the correct ends and everything put onto it and there's nothing I need to do other than install it and label it for when I go to install

The radio run this down through the dash to get it down under the dash and basically pointed in the direction of where I'm going to mount the stereo label this left front and pretty much call this done yeah I already have my

Hand on it take the old connector and shove it way down in there so it doesn't come in contact with anything take my new speaker and it appears there's a big connector and a little connector in here and the big connector has a white stripe

On the wire I'm going to call that was positive so when you hook it up to the radio just make sure you hook all the positives up the same and all the negatives up the same drop this in another rattle on a – but speaker is

Securely mounted that's important the same thing happened on the other side and I'm gonna take some epoxy or superglue or something and try to superglue that back in place before I reinsert it

Seriously take a whole dash out a little help I may not have been too far off with like remove the interior and the dash but as far as the seat you're gonna have to take the seat out because all this ball these plastic bits are

Interlocked and the only way that I could see to get to them was with a seat removed I'm gonna start with unhooking the seat belt the cover is missing from this side the one and there's still one on the other side but pop the cover off

And you'll get to this which is a t-50 I don't want to take this whole rear thing out but there's another screw that's like way down here that you may need to remove I'm gonna try to just peel it back far enough to where I could get to

Stuff I'm gonna remove as many screws as I can which I still have one more screw here one more screw here but know that that there's another screw down here so don't break this so you'd have to remove that whole piece also there's this

Center plastic piece that goes the whole length of the truck I can't find any screws or anything holding this on so it's got to be clipped in at least I hope it's clipped in oh it's clipped in but the clips are

Breaking once you pull it out push up I'm gonna have to remove this lower piece no matter what for a couple of speakers this giant stud sticking up it's got to come out I'm just gonna hit it with a little penetrating oil

Thankfully my muffler and all that isn't in the way they put Loctite on it thanks guys over here sort of I was like what looks like a 13 millimeter nut I also need to remove this so plate are three screws

Holding it in and look we can get to the final screw now now with all those screws and stuff out Ellie takes a bit of fiddling there's a giant spike in the middle that

Giant spike goes over here in this hole but that's how that's supposed to come out don't try to pull out the top cover first and it looks like there's another clip it goes along that in another clip probably up here that's on that other

Piece so a couple body clips you thought you wanted your stereo sound better until you figured out exactly how much work it was gonna be to make that happen same as the front these are 9/32 boo tubing just like the other speaker

There's a tab in the middle you know what mr. speaker where you're gonna live way down there oh that's quite again that's them they're not gonna cut as much off there I'm just gonna cut off the end where the

Holes are before I go there let speaker wire down through here I almost wish I would have cut them like this on the other one to left there's little tabs sticking out make sure they're round they're insecure because the plastic can

Kind of fool you into thinking ah I'm done well give it a little tug make sure it's connected that's installed to run the speaker wire I'm gonna pull out this driver's side kick panel I did the same

On the passenger side already these just should pull straight out like that no run the speaker wire down in the same place check this out you can just open this up straight down through where the other wires go

once that's in you just click that in good isn't it leave yourself some slack I don't want to put that tape panel back up in there you can run this up over the top of it am I should be glad that I

Removed that because this would never get past it so I'm not hating on having to take that bolt out anymore this is where the clip is right here right by the speaker knowing that it's there makes it easier to take out so why

Save the wires well if someday someone wants to go back and put this truck back to what it was when it was born more power to them but that'll make it a little easier hey that was like I planned it yeah so just like that I

Heard that solid click when it was fully seated no there's no conduit going through this side but I'm not concerned I just want to be sure to leave myself enough slack so we can put this under the sill plate

Well this one I've already removed the kick panel just gonna try to feed this up through here because I can speakers installed we've installed all four speakers now the intent is to install the radio head unit and the amplifier

Unit and get those things wired up and ready to go I believe I've come up with a method that I can use to test everything because I want to do that before I put all these panels there everything back on make sure all the

Speakers and everything work I suggest you do the same just in case almost forgot about this and this is the hands-free microphone and that'll probably the first thing I install so I can run that down to the location where

The righty the radio is going to be to do that I need to first remove this a pillar trim I'm super frustrated viewers and I'm sorry I'm not a great mayor I've been working very hard long days long hours for a long time some a little

Crabby and I'm really crabby since I just broke this there's two plastic pieces that hold it up along the top of the door what I would do if I were you is that would just unhook this part and leave this top part attached and see if

You could sneak the wire down through here rather than trying to take this whole thing apart there's a lot more involved here in other words you have to take apart the entire truck to install a stereo and four speakers just saying be

Prepared now we can run our hands-free mic so this is going to go down to the dash here and just keep our wire length somewhat correct this is designed going a Sun Visor I'm just gonna hook it right there

For now it's about where it's gonna be and then I'll take the other end and run it up towards where the radio is gonna live in the middle remember how much trouble we went through for that and our first phone call we can be like yeah all

That effort so that I could say hey what's up mom away other end of where that plugs in external mic in here this guy needs to live someplace and I'm trying to sort that out now someplace where it's kind of out of the way

Because the head unit gonna live up in here I'm gonna get the in fact I can attach that now and why run all this extra wire I don't get it doesn't look like it's helping anything it's just one big loop I mean it's my

Radio it's installed right my presets I'm done just gonna install this because I can and you're done end of video if you have automotive questions head over to air at the cargo comm this is not a permanent

Installation I'm just putting it in here in where it lives now so that I can make sure my wires are routed correctly but there are other fasteners that hold this up or – piece on and you may not even have to remove any of this I'm doing

Other stuff but this will give me an idea where this radio is located and how far I can stretch the wires I've been trying to figure out what this goes to this connector plugs into the front of the amp as you'll see later in the video

There are two other connections that also plug into the amp mark left and right left and right are not marked on the amp but if you get it wrong it's really easy just to switch them around these need to plug in on either side of

This so that's what I'm trying to figure out now I'm trying to figure out where I can mount this guy and also still have access to like this stuff just putting that one screw in there for now no idea if that's correct I still need to

Connect everything up to this I'm gonna be able to move it over a little more I honestly don't see mounting this maybe I should take that back I see mounting this with zip ties this is the connector that was into the back

Of the factory radio that I just pulled over to here I just wished that these wires were a bit longer so that's gonna come in there that goes at top that means guys coming down so they will come down I've got this out now through that

Giant opening so if you're a smoker well sorry all roads lead to this guy under the dash so what you think is a radio in your truck there's not the radio this is your radio this is the antenna I think this

Can go away cuz this is really the factory radio I just need figure out what wires go to what and plug those into my new head unit let's gonna open up some space under the – maybe I bring that guy down

Here and mount it cuz this actually had a bracket on it that I could reuse – I might be able to move that down here which would give me more wire length on stuff with the old radio removed I dare call it that I use a live here I

Found this lives up here nicely and if you straddle this part here you'll be able to run your auxilary things into the ashtray and you have just enough cord and I'm thinking probably the best way to do this since it's there's not

Enough cord for it to mount there which would be awesome if I could just mount it down on top of this but I can so what I'm gonna have to do instead likely zip tie this thing down there's just no real place to attach it I'm gonna try to do

Whatever I can to help eliminate any rattles but that's probably about the best I can do right there I just noticed I tried to plug the antenna in they gave us an adapter I'm gonna send it this way there's a

Door an HVAC door that's right in here plus I want to mount this up a little bit higher I want to wait and find out if I've gotten my things plugged in on the correct sides before I commit to that according to the wiring diagram

This is our boy this is the connector you want the black connector it comes off that unit that we pulled out from up underneath the dash but it has these wires this orange yellow grey brown and black that's our main dude right here

This is that connector it has our battery power solid battery power cause the battery power from memory power antenna which we don't need it has ignition hot also and it has a ground and that's all we're needing on

This I don't believe there is a dimmer circuit on this as far as the radio goes because it was just a digital display to begin with there's no dimmer wire that I can see in this wiring diagram anyway so there's no dimmer to worry about so you

Just need constant power ignition power and ground those are the only three things three things that you need constant power would be the orange wire ignition which is 43 which is the yellow so yellow is going to be already

Ignition last but not least our ground the ground should be black and it is black when I look at my harness going in so the blue white is an amp turn on it solid blue is power antenna which we don't have red is ignition hot black is

Ground yellow is constant 12 volts I can't stress enough how like using a proper wire stripping tool makes like all the difference because it does for the longest time I just took a pair of side cutters ripped out like four

Strands yellow is constant 12 volts which should be orange I believe orange yep so we'll take this yellow and go to orange about that much is all you need in fact that's probably a little bit long this is actually the

Yellow one I did better orange to yellow oh they'll that's why you always check my tools acting stupid today these wires are already capped off so I'm not gonna worry about him I'm routing the left

Front speaker now I'm routing it up over where the steering column would be so this is the microphone input and after routing this speaker wire I think I'm gonna take this hands-free microphone the same route not having the steering

Wheel in a way makes this awesome not saying you have to take out the steering wheel to install your stereo given that these wires are this long and they're going at the same place I'm gonna incorporate that into this connector so

That they're both about the same length front left there's gonna be the white set so when I why are these up I'm gonna go stripe to stripe it's how I'm gonna do it to make sure everything's in phase it doesn't matter what you choose so

Long as you do it the same on all speakers just to make it easy you can see this is a black with a white stripe and the other is just a solid black that's black with a stripe and this is gonna go to the white with a stripe

as long as we're on the Left let's see their life here I'm gonna make sure I got sufficient slack to like avoid this parking brake lever good

We're left is green just happen to have that in my hand sir I've just right here's my right front leave some slack here behind the glovebox so up front right is gray there's only one left I think these

Gonna purple that be right rear purple okay these things just need to plug into here I want to see if this power is up and if it does and everything works then I'm gonna complete the installation of

The box and you know just make it so that all I need to do is plug that guy in there's one more thing I'd like to plug in that's my hands-free mic no all the wires are run both of these connectors just plugging it here and

There's only one way they plug in so you can't plug it in wrong and I could tie up this loop once everything's done don't let go grab the steering column and then figure out some way to supply power to this important note this was in

A bag marked for the Newport radio they make a new port in Santa Cruz I believe the new port is like their flagship so it uses this different connector so you have to wire this in based on the wiring diagram that they give you I'm sure

Everything is similar here but different connector let's get them power out there this is main power for everything goes into the power distribution block I don't need to have the giant battery cable that's only there for the starter

But this guy here will power up everybody the dome light do I have no antenna on the truck and I don't remember where I put it so it's not like easily available but

It's not powering up we need to find out why next on air at the car guy yeah it's like it's all going alright well I just gave this cable a Yank this would normally plug into a regular radio face I never plugged it in there we are

So take that little pigtail out plug this guy and instructions don't have an illustration of this so mean without pictures well I guess I'm lost there we are now let's give this a try that's the radio

Sweet I'm just gonna leave it on static that's right side can you verify over there oh wait sorry oh we can't have music no no no okay we have a working radio and

Actually dentally pushed the wrong button and got some actual music in there which the YouTube bots will beat me up over so just gonna use static and check the left right that's on the right it's on the left it's all the way

To the front that's all the way to the back I like to be slightly biased toward the rear personal preference but that radio is installed I'm not going to go over all the features and everything because

That would be well extensive let's just put it that way there's a lot of stuff in this thing but we have a working radio and now I'm going to go in tie things up get it all out of the way and make myself a nice clean installation

And get it prepared so that I can take this out and put it back in at will here it is viewers the finished installation of the retro sound radio now I was concerned about this gap down here and I still have a little bit of a

Gap but what I ended up doing was going in here and adding a couple of small washers between the screw and the radio and that sort of shim things out and allowed it to sitting here a little more reasonably but this is the finished

Installation I think the – looks good with it in it I think it you know fits in here rather well and it sounds okay it doesn't sound great I mean those small speakers sounded a little bit tinny there's for me there's not enough

Base to my taste but as far as its function functions pretty good something that I felt was not clear in this installation video is the part where I plugged in the radio to this head unit up here so nothing was working until I

Did that now I'll try to pull up some footage of it now not pulling this back out of the dash but that cord that wrapped around and went through the front of the radio needed to be pulled out and I needed to plug in this head

Unit into it in order for everything to works there was no there was no connection between the radio up here and then the head unit that's down below then so that needed to happen in order for all the stuff to work so I'm sorry

That wasn't clear in the video but I'm hoping that it's more clear now so you've got a you've got a plug in to that unit from this to this in order for anything to work but since then the radios worked and as I said it works

Fine and it works just as intended anyway I'll put links into the description to all the stuff so you can check it out also the unboxing I did of this video if you want more information on that also links to more videos on

EGCG dad's truck which as you can see at least to me turned out pretty well anyway thank you so much for watching oh by the way if you have automotive questions I asked you had to air that will also be linked down in the

Description with all the other stuff that I mentioned please don't forget to Like comment and subscribe I really appreciate it when you do that stuff be safe have fun stay dirty and I'll see you next time thanks again for watching

the state intimate getting intimate it's getting so intimate alot comfortable do you feel like you're in a hostile work environment Brian

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