Instagram Ads Tutorial 2020 (Step by Step)

by birtanpublished on August 23, 2020

So in this video I'm gonna show you everything that you need to know when it comes to running ads on Instagram now look Instagram is owned by Facebook and so if you're interested in running ads on this platform you could do it through Instagram through the app or

What I would suggest doing and what I'm gonna show you in this video is how to actually run Instagram ads through the Facebook Ads manager okay and so that's how we're gonna do it for this video if you are familiar with Instagram I'm

Going to assume that you already are but it is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world and so we're gonna discuss that in this video on how we can run ads with this we do talk about Facebook ads Google Ads

YouTube ads everything else on this channel as well so if you're new here and you want to learn more about running ads on some of these different platforms on these social platforms then make sure you hit the subscribe button and let's

Just get started with this video we're gonna try to break this down as simple as possible here and first of all let me just show you the different types of ads that we can run and then talk about some of the pros and cons of each one of

Those different types of ads that we put on Instagram and then how we can implement those two to really get the highest rate of return for whatever we might be doing for these ads okay so this is actually just business on

Instagram this is part of their website and this kind of goes over some of the different ads that you can run on their platform so the first one here that we're going to see a story's ads right and this is actually kind of a newer

Type of ad that we've seen on Instagram obviously Instagram has been around since I believe 2011 2012 around that is when it started and so stories didn't come around until much later probably about I'm gonna take a guess if I can

Remember correctly probably about 2016 maybe 2015 stories came out on Instagram all right and so you can actually run ads in between stories for Instagram so they're much longer the size of somebody's phone most likely and a lot

Of companies do like to run these ads I'm gonna show you how to do this in this video and then we're going to look at some different types as well so photo ads just basic photo ads in the feed okay so when you're scrolling down and

You see an ad that comes across here this is just a singular photo this can be effective you could get a pretty low CPC for this but we're gonna talk about that then we're going to talk about video ads within the feed as well so

This is nuts stories this is within the actual feed that you're scrolling through and this can be up to 60 seconds long for a video ad now there are some other options as well so carousel ads this is one of my favorites I think this

This only really is going to be applicable if it's the case where maybe you're doing e-commerce for example and you have a product like these shoes here I'm gonna show you how to do that we're probably just going to do a mock ads for

Some shoes later on in this video but this is great for selling a product displaying a product or maybe you are a real estate agent and you want to show a house right and so you can make this carousel ad where it is within the feed

And is photos but they can swipe and see a number of different photos different perspectives so this is something that can be very effective as well and it is one of my favorites is the one that we would likely use most often in a lot of

Cases so then we also have something called collection ads this is something that I've seem to be a little bit newer to and so this is for example here we're looking at Ashley home store right there selling furniture so once again a lot of

Products you might be selling something that you want to display a number of different products this could be a great option for you but then there's one other here which is another thing that I still relatively new it's it's been

Around for a little while but I didn't see it on this Instagram business advertising page until recently and then it's actually having ads in the explore page so this would be very similar to the other ads that you create for

Instagram but when you go over to this tab to the little magnifying glass here your ads to be showing up in the explore page which could be very effective now what I'm going to do today in this video is we're gonna go over to Facebook's ads

Manager and we're gonna walk through every step of the process of setting up those Instagram ads but I think what's incredible about this is that when we're using social media marketing you can essentially target very very specific

People so if you are say you are a company that does tourism attractions in your local area in your local city right let's say Philadelphia and you you you give tours of the city right you can target Philadelphia you can target that

Specific city and then you can target people who are just visiting that city but are in the city at the moment it's incredible the types of demographics so we can tap into and and really kind of focus on and so let's get over to so

Let's go over to Facebook right now actually and I'm going to assume that you have Facebook account if you don't just go and create one and once you're on your Facebook account it's actually pretty

Easy to get into the ads manager so this is the the front page of Facebook here from my account and all we're going to do is go up over to create so if you can see where my mouse is it's it's right up in the sort of upper right hand corner

Of the screen and you click on create right here okay so it's right after Nate and home here is create okay so I'm gonna click and create and then we have a number of different things we can create well we're gonna go for an ad and

This is actually gonna launch us into our Facebook Ads manager okay and so let's just wait for this to load all right so it just loaded and you're gonna see something that looks like this and you know it can look a little bit

Complicated at first but don't get overwhelmed with it trust me we've done these ads for Google and YouTube and various other platforms and you're going to notice a common trend that if you look on the left side of the screen here

When you open up your Facebook Ads manager you're gonna see three things you're gonna see campaign and they're gonna see another block here which is ad set and then you gonna see another block here which is ads so if you're ever

Running ads on say Google or many other platforms it's gonna be very very similar to this okay so you first create your campaign then you create an ad set within that campaign then you create an ad within that okay and so what we're

First going to do is create our very first campaign this is going to be pretty simple setup and then we're gonna decide what Instagram ad we believe would be most effective for us now you need to keep in mind that whenever

Running ads there's something called split testing and a be testing and this is really important to understand because I think the problem that people face when they run ads on Instagram or any other social media platform is they

Think that this there's one ad that they create is going to be the end-all-be-all ad for them and it's going to make them so much money or drive so much traffic to their business but the truth is in just about every case and professional

Marketers do this every day they will do split testing they'll do a/b testing so the first ad that you create for Instagram might not be the best one the key here is to create multiple different ads okay so you create three or four or

Five different ads see which one is performing best then start to tweak that ad and then test the tweet ad versus the non tweaked ad and continue to tweak it until you get and higher and higher conversion rates

Or more sales or more leads by kind of modifying that ad so that's what I'm gonna have to do to really make sure that we're getting the most optimal return on our investment when we're using the Facebook Ads platform to drive

Traffic with Instagram ads okay so let's go down to our marketing objective you can see so many different options here what we're going to do for this case is we're just gonna go for traffic now you will want to think about how you're

Actually doing this and what your objective is here because if you just want a brand awareness or if you just want more video views then this will likely not cost you as much per view versus something like app installs which

Is a little bit more difficult to get people to convert on so you do want to make sure that you're doing this correctly and and goats something that is the true reasoning for why you want to actually run these ads on Instagram

So for this we're gonna go traffic and we're gonna click traffic and it's going to take us down to this page here so now we're going to scroll down and let's just create our campaign name here so for this let's call it traffic let's say

That we're selling shoes okay and this is campaign number one this is just arbitrary we're making this up as we go but I'm sure you have something to sell or promote your business in some way or maybe your own personal Instagram

Account I've seen people grow their instagrams by just running ads on that it it can work we'll talk about that in the future now we're creating split testing we're gonna do this later but this is something that is important from

My point of view to do split testing a/b testing and then let's set our campaign budget so first of all a hundred dollars a day probably not what we're gonna do most people that probably bankrupt them pretty quickly for running a hundred

Dollars a day in ads but even if you have a pretty big bankroll where maybe you have a few thousand dollars to spend on ads or ten thousand a hundred thousand dollars to spend on ads I wouldn't suggest doing it on right away

Because as I said earlier you're gonna want to start to tweak and to modify your ad to see what performs best so the whole point here in the first really few weeks is to kind of test different types of ads and see how they perform

So our daily budget we do not want a hundred dollars a day we're going to go for something a lot more reasonable and let's say ten dollars a day okay so ten dollars a day is probably a pretty good rate

If you find yourself with not too much money available at the moment maybe go $5.00 a day if you go any lower than $5 a day you might find that it's gonna be difficult to actually get data to see

How well the ad is actually performing because you're not getting that much traffic you're not getting that many clicks and so I would suggest doing anything between five and twenty five dollars a day if you start to run these

Ads to start to learn the basics of them and then we can kind of go more in depth on it now we can click on show more options just to see what we're looking at here our campaign bid strategy lowest cost that's definitely what we want to

Go for you can edit that to see some different options that are available so we can look at you know if we want to get a cost cap or other options but we're gonna go with lowest cost for now and then we want to run ads all the time

Maybe you don't want to run ads all the time sometimes people want to only run ads during business hours because let's say that they are a real estate agent and they are running ads on Instagram for a property that they're trying to

Sell and if they run an ad at 3:00 in the morning or 4:00 a.m. and they're sleeping and they get a potential lead from somebody who wants to call them it's just going to be very weird and maybe they could leave a voice message

Or something but I know a lot of people who want to just run ads during the work day for example or or during daylight hours business hours so that they're able to get leads and actual physical phone calls and that's just something

You do want to consider okay so let's click continue here let's move on to the next page all right so this is where it gets fun we're going to start looking into the actual ad set okay and so first of all let's just rewrite our ad set

Name so let's just make it ad set number one just so we don't get confused here and then let's start to look over what we actually want to do so where do we want to drive our traffic – well let's just drive it to our website

Right let's let's drive it to our website where we are selling shoes that's the example that we're going to use today obviously if you have an app or even messenger you can get people to if you have an Instagram ad and then you

You can have it go right into Facebook Messenger and you start to have a conversation with somebody I think that works really well for people whatsapp works as well so for this we're gonna click on website traffic now this is the

The ad set so this is actually where we're actually deciding who we are going for who we are trying to target for you ad so if you look over here to the right I'm going to see this little meter looks like a gas

Right and it says audience size right now our audience size is 230 million people 230 potential people that may be reached from this ad now that's pretty large that's almost the size of America it's two-thirds the size of America

That's probably a little bit too big unless of course we're selling something that's ecommerce or nationwide and we don't really care about who's buying our product men women you don't care about their

Their income their age then you could keep it pretty broad you want to realize that if if you keep your audience rather broad you're going to see that in general you're going to be paying less per view than you would if you were

Trying to niche down into a specific area okay so what I mean by this is that if you are attempting to run ads in Philadelphia right in the city of Philadelphia and you want to run ads on men who are over 35 years old in

Philadelphia that's going to narrow it down quite a bit and when you narrow things down with Facebook ads or this really goes with any ads with Google YouTube anything you're going to see that you're actually paying more per

View for that because it's sort of more demand for that right so if you keep things broad it's going to keep it cheaper per view but it might not be as effective because that might not be your target audience okay so let's go through

Here and create our audience here so location we're gonna stick with the United States just because we're selling shoes in this example and we don't want to do International shipping age 18 to 65 you know that's okay but I don't

Really want to target old people let's say no offense if you're a little bit older I don't mean that in any offense whatsoever but for for my example I want to you know maybe go for people who are interested in in athletic Nike shoes not

So much New Balance I don't know but let's say that we want to go for people who are up to 50 years old how about that so 18 to 50 now like I said this is going to now we see to the right here now we're only talking about 160 million

People instead of what we had earlier which was about 220 or 230 million people let's keep it to all genders here for this for the purpose of this and then let's save this audience here okay so we're not really tweaking this too

Much we just kind of lowered the age a little bit so we don't want anybody over 50 that's just what we wanted to go for for this now let's go from here and let's look at how we're actually having these placements okay so we're gonna

Click Edit placements here because we want to run Instagram ads we're not trying to run ads on other platforms if you do automatic placements this is recommended but this means that this won't get put on facebook on whatsapp

Messenger it'll get from throughout Facebook's networks because Facebook owns not only Instagram they own whatsapp they own messenger they own a lot okay and so instead of letting them kind of put it

Out onto any platform out there we are just targeting Instagram this isn't always the best option sometimes I find that Facebook converts the best because there's a lot of people who have money on Facebook generally if you look at the

Demographics people who are on Facebook are generally a little bit older today versus say you're advertising on something like tick-tock where everybody's like 12 years old right so let's go just Instagram for this because

That's the purpose of this video and then we're going to decide how we're actually you know what kind of Instagram ads we're actually going to make here so do we want them on the explore page Instagram feed how are we doing these

Are we doing Instagram stories so let's actually not do stories let's just go for the Instagram feed and maybe you know what we'll keep with the Instagram explorer page we have had some luck with that in the past okay but we're getting

Rid of stories it's just not something that I'm thinking would be a good option for this if we're selling shoes Instagram stories might not be the best option and then let's go down for what are we actually trying to do so what is

Our goal here is it link clicks do we want impressions do we want just more unique reach we want to just reach more people and so let's go for link clicks for this because we want to get people to buy our shoes we want to get people

To our website and so we're gonna go with that now how do we want to schedule this so we can run your ad continuously or we can set a start and an end date I suggest setting some type of end date the reason for this and you know some

People disagree with this I've seen people disagree with this but I always like to set an end date for and AD and the reason for this is because if something happens say where you can't access your Facebook account or you end

Up in the hospital or something and then you're just running like hundreds of our sources of ads everyday Facebook's just gonna keep charging you okay they're gonna keep charging you until you tell them to stop running this ad so

I will set an end date just for that sort of the heck of it so let's say January 27th is a great time we can always just continue this we can always just extend this it's not the end of the world if this ad ends on January 27th

And we just restart the ad but that's just what I like to do to set that end date for ourselves so we're gonna do that and then we're gonna click continue here okay all right so now we are in part three here we've created our

Campaign we've set up our ad set now we're actually creating the physical ads so this is step three here now we're gonna go up and just change the ad name so it's not just default let's make this let's call this carousel ad number one

Okay because as I said earlier we're gonna go with the carousel ad because we're gonna be selling shoes in this example and so we're gonna make sure that it's labeled correctly so that we don't get these ads confused because

We're gonna rot want to run multiple different types over the coming weeks okay and so you're going to go down and you're going to look at carousel so I'm going to click that and then we're gonna

Actually have to upload some photos so let's go scroll down a little bit further and we're gonna click select image now this might open up some of your facebook or your Instagram pictures already but we're gonna actually have to

Go and upload some images here and let's just upload this one here and let me just upload a couple of these very quickly and this is going to be image one of three and then we can edit each thing here okay so this is kind of a

Mock of what it's going to look like on the side here so okay looks nice we're selling shoes and then we can go and we can edit the wording for this so then what we're going to want to do is go and enter our website URL so let's say San

Trail is our website and then a description so let's say let's say New Year's or Memorial Day sale 40% off storewide okay so that is what we have there this is a little mock-up ad that was actually the description I

Should have put that as the headline so let me just move that to the headline and then for our description let's make something a little bit catchy something that we think might work and then like I said we can certainly tweak it and you

Know try some different wording to see what works but I always found that you know free shipping worldwide is something that a lot of people find to be pretty valuable and pretty attractive so once we have that set up then we can

Look through this see what else we want to add into here but that is one of three okay so then we go to number two we select another image so let's go through that process let's pick another image continue and then go through the

Same thing okay so that that's number one that's number two right and so let's go through this as well so the same URL maybe we want a different URL for that and then create this another headline and then go through and create the third

One as well so let's just do that very quickly for the sake of time we'll just do that very quickly and then once you have all of this set up and you've entered all the information that you would like to do then we're going to

Scroll down a little bit more and then we can actually look at some really interesting options that are available to us so there's something called Facebook pixel this is really interesting but this is how you can

Essentially re target people so if somebody visits your website you can have a pixel which essentially tracks that they came to your website and then you can run ads against them it's the same reason why if you are on Google or

You're on a website somewhere or you're watching a YouTube video and all the ads seem very tailored to you for example you're looking up camping gear on Google and then the next thing you know you're scrolling on Instagram and you see like

Camping gear ads everywhere that's called pixels okay so there's Facebook pixel that you can use to essentially track people and we actually have a video on this if you want to learn how to use this for your ads but

This is how you can target people who are already interested in your product it's incredibly interested but it's something that you definitely want to look into maybe not right away if you just want to get your feet wet

Here with ads and you don't have to really about pixels but it is something that you do want to look at in the future and then we just click confirm and then we're essentially done with setting up

Our ad that's essentially all we're gonna have to do to get started here you're going to have to enter your payment info for this when you set up your ads manager accounts so just keep that in mind using a credit card is

Totally fine it's not going to cost you extra some extra fees most likely and so that's essentially how we can set up these Instagram ads like I said earlier it's just the three basic steps you set up a campaign you setup the Adsense and

Then you set up the ads and you can create ads within the ad sets you can create ads within the campaign okay but the campaign is the overlying thing that you're promoting the overlying company that you're promoting and for every

Separate company you might want to create a different campaign okay so that's how we can do this like I said I would suggest running multiple ads and do some split testing start with five ten fifteen dollars a day and see how it

Takes you in if you've any questions comments let me know down in the comment section below feel free to send me a DM on Instagram if you're just trying to clear clear something up and you just want a quick question answering I do my

Best to get back to everyone I can't promise that I'll get back to everyone but I really do my best so thanks for watching and I'll see everybody in the next video

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