Inside the World’s Largest Sneaker Collection | Iris

published on July 2, 2020

this is the world's largest sneaker

collection we stopped counting at about

6,000 pairs one sneaker became two

became a hundred and it just became a

never-ending collection in fashion now

is such an interesting and fun and

amazing time for women to be in the

sneaker industry because there's so much

to offer I hope that more women get

involved with sneakers because of us I'm

Arianna Peters on Dresden Peters and I'm

Dakota Peters and we're the chase okay I

don't really remember a time before

sneakers the collection got started with

her parents they were very involved in

sports my dad always loved playing

basketball we all played basketball when

they're younger our mom loved running of

course in order to play the sports you

have to have sneakers so this is our

home basketball court

of course we're big Miami Heat fans our

dad loves to play basketball we've

always played basketball so here we are

so this is our Air Force run room it's

my favorite room in the whole entire

house as you can see it's go floor to

ceiling with Air Force Ones

we keep the room in here pretty dark

because depending on the light if it's

too bright will cause yellow into the


so this is our chicks with kicks tour

bus we tape it to sneaker shows we

wrapped it in honor of the Supreme Louie

Vuitton collaboration I wouldn't be able

to say one particular pair that is the

rarest but we have many very rare pairs

of sneakers

these are Air Jordan ones our favorite

shoe we have about 300 of them Nike Air

revolutions they're samples they were

made for Bad Boy Entertainment which is

P Diddy's music label these are the Nike

Air Force Playstations 150 were released

they were only given to the Sony

executives the Nike Air Yeezy z– over

there the fame taste these both are

samples I could show you the sample tag

I remember being in middle school and

always wanting to wear like ballet

slippers like everyone else and we were

like my dad was always buying US Air

Force Ones I didn't really think of it

as you know like a collector's item

I always just thought it was a shoes I

think we got more involved with the

collection as we got older our

collection started from our parents as

we said and our mother passed away and

she started collecting little baby

sneakers so a lot of these are from 1985

I was three years old or my mom passed

away I was seven and I was nine and she

passed away in a car accident after the

accident okay how do we recoup as a

family now and you know make sure we're

there for each other and that whole

process I think is the hardest part so

this is the women's closet it used to be

our mother's closet we have some vintage

clothing we have some sneakers I think

continuing our mom's legacy is

definitely something that fuels our

collection and fuels everything we do I

would say being at you know attending

sneaker conventions we've definitely

experienced men treating us in a certain

way they usually tend to skip our booze

they don't really pay mine to it and I

think it's because of course it's three

girls there's a powerpuffs logo behind

it but we do that on purpose we make

sure our step-and-repeat is feminine and

that's what we want to go for it because

when you go to these conventions you

have thousands of booths that look the


saying that have the exact same sneakers

we don't want any part of that we're

going there to make a presence to show

females or just involved as men and

commoner come take a picture at our so

gonna be I think we're definitely making

our mom proud there's been numerous

occasions of when I've been at a sneaker

on and a girl or a mom either said thank

you for doing this and thank you for

being the only girl being women in this

male-dominated industry I would say we

have gotten tested sometimes or

sometimes people feel the need to quiz

us on our knowledge just for their

satisfaction I think it's not necessary

and we definitely know our stuff so


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