Inside Bieber’s Ridiculous $100 Million Dollar Mansion

published on July 9, 2020

Love him or hate him you can't deny theabsurd success fame and fortune ofJustin Bieber when the young pop starwas just 18 years old he forked out sixpoint five million dollars for aproperty in a gated Calabasas community

From there the houses added to hisdiamond dazzled portfolio only gotbigger fancier and way way moreexpensive but hey when you're up to youreyeballs in cold hard cash then you canafford to splurge a little try to

Restrain your jealousy as we take you ona tour of the wildly wealthy mansionsthat justin has called home our realestate journey kicks off in thecelebrity hotspot that's rightTinseltown despite being a born-and-bred

Canadian justin has found himself in hotproperties around Los Angeles time andtime again none of his cribs howeverhave been as well-documented as theone-of-a-kind salad spinner house it'snot hard to see where the name comes

From jokes aside this glass galoreproperty is as exquisite as it gets the7,500 square foot house is nearlycompletely transparent made up ofcircular walls of glass this welcomesstunning views of both the city and the

Ocean depending on which way you looksound on Loma Linda Drive which is righthere the glass Palace features sixbedrooms and six and a half bathroomsand is jam-packed with amenitieselevator infinity pool University style

Courtyard and six car garage just toname a few and you can bat that he stockthat garage to the brim with supercarsbut we'll take a look at them a littlelater contrary to what many believersassume Justin never actually owned the

Salad spinner house he merely rented itand only for a couple of months betweenlate 2014 and early 2015 at a price tagof oh dear 60,000 per month that'salmost $2,000 per day why such a shortstay who would have guessed that a glass

Facade would prove a haven for paparazziif he did opt to buy it however thenthis property would have been the mostexpensive darn salad spinner that we'veever seen it was last available for salefor just shy of fifteen million dollars

As much as we'd all love to be able tolive in this kind of luxury the realityis that these mansions are reserved forthe rich and famous in other words theones who have cash to burn example aJustin Bieber himself quick 20-second

Rundown of hisrise to fame go talent manager ScooterBraun discovered Justin on YouTubehe signed a record deal the year heturned 14 moves to LA he released hisfirst album my world in 2014 and the

Rest is history he's had his highlightsin his low lights since includingwearing overalls to a meeting with theCanadian Prime Minister but hasundoubtedly soared to superstardom thesedays the singer brings in 80 million

Dollars per year and is worth close to265 million thanks to sold-out toursendorsement deals and investments instartups like Spotify and snapchat addnow wife Haley Baldwin into the mix whohe proposed to with a $200,000 solo and

Company ring and they become a truepower couple edging toward a 300 milliondollar combined net worth lesson timeabout Justin's rise to fame is over sonow let's circle back to his exquisiteproperties just before moving into the

Salad spinner Justin found solace in atwenty nine thousand five hundred dollara month party pad in Lake Hollywoodwe've all heard about the singer's wildparty side and this spot was perfect forexactly that take a look it boasts at a

Private nightclub space a movie theaterthree bars multiple elevatorsjaw-dropping views and perhaps mostunnecessarily a glowing replica of theHollywood sign the property's music roomwas even lined with mattresses and

Referred to as the boom-boom roomaccording to TMZ the houseguests wouldnever be lining up for bathrooms becausethere was a whopping 18 of them aroundthe property as well as 10 bedroomseven though Justin was renting the

Property did go up for sale for a walletdraining eight point nine milliondollars seriously though how much neonis too much neon all right so let's getthis straightneon mansion followed by Glass House and

Then what feeling a little moreconservative in relative terms of courseJustin opted to move into this fivebedrooms six bathrooms mansion inFebruary 2015located smack bang in the middle of good

Old Beverly Hills we all know that thenine oh two one oh zip code carries apremium heck the area's median houseprice is 43 million but this mansionthanks to its exorbitant features placesit well above average the 6,000 square

Foot padsat on a larger ten thousand 236 squarefoot piece of land the asking price ofcool thirty-five thousand dollars permonth topping off the long list ofattractive features were a modern

Kitchen four fireplaces of personalcinema and ofbeautiful pool complete with a hot tuband serenity fountain come on whodoesn't love a serenity fountain not tomention the well-lit expensive white

Hallway decorated with i popping artworkkeeping up the trend this spot alsooffered exceptional views of the LAskyline evidently Justin wasn't really afan of settling down in one place fortoo long

By May of 2016 he had already set up newroots in Toluca Lake the area just northof Hollywood's Universal Studios as hismost expensive property to date with astaggering monthly commitment of $80,000beaver had no qualms going big that's

Nine hundred and sixty thousand dollarsper year and what does that get youthirteen thousand square feet of spacefor starters littered with over-the-topfeatureswe're talking guest house screening room

10 bedrooms 16 bathrooms game room and adecked out gym that would make evendwayne johnson proud the nearbymountains are visible from his propertywhich sits on the lake justin regularlyspoke about going rowing or bass fishing

Using the water as a place to get thesongwriting systems going fast forward afew years and Justin now with Haley onhis arm moved into a nother Toluca Lakehome in October of 2018this one highlighted by a gourmet

Kitchen pool spa and dock with twopaddle boats found here at 99 28 TolucaLake Avenue the luxury crib also offersfive bedroom suites including anoversized master with a large walk-incloset and it's very own spa-like

Bathroom the listing agents haven'tshared exactly how much the celebritycouple dropped in rentalthough TMZ was reporting that it costthe pop sensation nearly 100 thousanddollars per month

Damn since moving out the Toluca Lakejoint has hit the market for eightmillion four hundred ninety fivethousand dollars with an inflated priceclearly due to its photogenic positionon the water honestly though take one

Look at this view and it's hard to arguethat it isn't worth every cent it's notall about California though for someonewho spends months of the year travelingthere's a recurring need forinternational accommodation in typically

Flashy Justin Bieber stylethere's no settling for arun-of-the-mill hotel he goes all-outputting every single rental house toshame that we have seen thus far castyour eye toward this 27,000 square foot

Monsterprosody over in London not LondonOntario London England wine cellaroutdoor pool indoor pool private theatretennis court steam room and sauna andpersonal gym highlight the extensive

List of features on offer the NorthLondon property was built back in 1910and covers an enormous 24,000 squarefeet that's enough room for 15 bedrooms13 bathrooms two kitchens and moredining and living areas than any one

Person could ever need oh and a standardfive car garage not that he'd know howto drive on the left side of the road sowhat's the number ready for itone hundred and thirty three thousanddollars per month if you stayed in this

Place for five years you'd pay almosteight million dollars in rent alonethat's insanely expensive sure but it'sstill not the most expensive stay whenwe consider cost per night while touringin 2016

Bieber's bus broke down in the middle ofHamilton Illinois rather than arun-of-the-mill motel 6 he opted for adecked out Airbnb that costs 10 grandper night it did come with an arcaderoom infinity pool and a gym but it's a

Lot to ask for a small city on theMississippi River worth it we'll leavethat up to you seeing a pattern hereJustin's been a renter for most of hislife and fair enough to he's relativelyyoung and seemingly wasn't ready to lock

Down any serious roots as the years havegone on he's left his on the movelifestyle mostly behind and in terms ofhouses has transitioned over to thepurchasing side of thingsfollowing their whirlwind engagement

Justin and Haley have signed on thedotted line for a beautiful West Coasthome in yuppie you guessed it BeverlyHills they bought this stunning 1930sMonterey colonial estate for areafforded 85 million dollars for that

Sort of sky-high price you'd hope thatthe property would be stuffed to thebrim with features and it is fivebedrooms seven bathrooms a sunken familyroom and a bright kitchen start thingsoff with a bang

Then comes the beautiful wood paneledlibrary the home theater wet bar andwine cellar inspired by the famousBeverly Hills hotel the backyard isoverflowing with greenery but what makesthis house most unique is the front

Courtyard a fire pits it's surrounded byolive trees offering a truly insteperfect setting Justin and Haley haveshared snackof their current photo worthy abode timeand time again justin's heritage isn't

Exactly a secret we all know that hehails from the great white north as thesaying goes there's no place like homeand every so often Justin Bieber headsback to where it all began he doesn'tplan to crash on his mom's couch though

He's got his very own house actuallyHouse is an understatement because asyou're about to see this thing is amansion and a half the singer hands atover five million bucks for thejaw-dropping 100 Acre property in

Wellington County Ontario it straddlespost-lunch Lake located just over anhour's drive from downtown Toronto andit offers a two-story wine cellar brightkitchen separate boathouse incredibleviews a bathtub fit for a king a games

Room a personal gym and a built-intheater room there are four bedrooms andsix bathrooms for the power couple toshare and of course a three-car garagebut which cars does he store there goodquestion

He certainly isn't short of optionsthat's for sure we won't dive too deepinto his car collection but there'snothing wrong with a little sneak peekon any given day the paparazzi havespotted Justin cruising around in a

Cheetah print 180 thousand dollar outir8 a $115,000 Range Rover Sport SVR$200,000 may Bach s six hundred twohundred and forty thousand dollarLamborghini Huracan and the festivelydecorated $130,000 Mercedes Benz G wagon

Just to name a fewthrow in the cost of the bikes threewheelers and regular chauffeured andhe'd have spent millions of dollars onvehicles and transportation that's inaddition to his tens of millions maybe

Even hundreds of millions of dollarsspent on housing if you had money comingout of your ears where would be yourideal place to call home would you addany unique features to your house thatwe haven't seen yet let us know in the

Comments don't forget to like this videosubscribe to the channel and as alwaysthank you so much for checking out therichest see you next time and have agreat day

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