Inside $100 Million Dollar Celebrity Mansions

published on July 12, 2020

The coolest part about being a celebjust might be having an incredibleluxury home and we've got some prettyamazing examples there's Tom Cruise's 59million-dollar mountain home in ColoradoEminem's multiple mansions in Michigan

And cardi B's royal residence in Atlantaand what about the mid-century Malibubeach house that jason statham renovatedby himself these celebrity homes aremore than extravagant and they've allgot stunning price tags to match so from

The rock to Kanye West let's go on atour of some of the best celebrity homesDwayne Johnson's nine point five milliondollar 46 acre ranch in the small townof Powder Springs Georgia is the perfectprivate residence for a mega star

Located just outside Atlanta the estatewas once a horse farm the rock loveshorses so he enjoys the full 12 stallbarn and riding arenathere's even a 150 year old farmhouse onthe property but of course the home is

Just as luxurious as it is rustic the 8bedroom house features multiple sittingrooms with high ceilings and lots offireplaces there's also a wine cellar acozy library and windows that overlookthe garden in the master bath and when

It's time to relax and get away from theheat the rock can turn to his lavishyard which includes a huge saltwaterpool with its very own pool houseJohnson also owns a Mediterranean styleFlorida mansion that he bought for 34

Million dollars in 2012 it spans morethan 13,000 square feet with 5 bedroomsand seven bathrooms it also has twothree-car garages a 14 seat home theaterand a relaxing resort style pool jasonstatham is more than just an action

Movie star he also renovates houses inhis spare time like this eighteen pointfour million dollar mid-century home inCalifornia Statham told ArchitecturalDigest that he's always on the lookoutfor property to renovate with this

Beachside home the actor focused onclean lines and symmetry the revampedmid-century mansion has four bedroomsthree bathrooms and sleek open livingspaces but Statham's most fun renovationto the home was

Personal he reinforced the ceilings sothat he could create a professional athome gym for his training sessions heeven installed a barrel sauna and evenan ice maker and stainless steelimmersion tub outside so that he could

Partake in his regular ice baths despitethese personal touches Statham hasalready sold the home to look for hisnext house to flip if he's still lookingfor new places to renovate we'd be happyto volunteer our homes eminem has been

Notoriously private about his mansionsin michigan his main house is in ClintonTownship and spans almost 9,000 squarefeet the rapper bought the home back in2004 almost 15 million dollars butwe've barely been able to get a peek

Beyond the large driveway an elaboratefountain but we do have an inside lookat another of Eminem's mansions which hesold in 2017 the four point 75 milliondollar home in Rochester Hills includessix bedrooms and nine and a half

Bathrooms plus each bedroom is its ownsuite the outdoor portion of the home isalso stunning there's a waterfall poolspa tennis court a cabana for guestsentertain themselves and even a guesthouse with its own game room despite the

Luxury Eminem really only used this homefor some rest and relaxation away fromhis slightly smaller mansion and maybethe occasional pool party if you areEminem would you have spent more time atthis dream house feel free to let us

Know in the comments LeBron James hasbeen living it up in a luxurious 248million dollar mansion in Brentford LosAngeles four of the eight bedrooms inthe house have their own bathroom whilethe master suite has two bathrooms a

Huge walk-in closet and a private patiopair this with the houses elevenbathrooms and there's no way anyone inthe James household is running out ofspace anytime soon the estate also has agame room and a cigar room which

Features some state-of-the-art airpurifying technology that keeps the roomsmelling fresh at all times when he andhis friends are done playing pool andenjoying cigars they can always grab abottle of wine from the wine cellar and

Settle into the private cinema of courseLeBron has to keep fit so the house isoutfitted with a gym sauna steam roomspa and massage room outside there's alarge pool as well as an outdoor kitchenwith a grill and beer taps will

Holding out for an invite to LeBronsnext backyard BBQ in 2019 car DB andoffsets lurched on a 58 million dollartwenty two thousand square-foot SandySprings mansion for Christmas thegigantic home has five bedrooms seven

Bathrooms four half baths and even asteel enclosed gun range the inside ofthe house features grand staircases highceilings chandeliers and even balconiesthat look out over the massive sittingroom there's also a wine cellar big

Enough for 1,800 bottles and barsscattered across the house car D isespecially proud of a huge masterbedroom which has his and hers closetsas well as its own laundry room thecouple also planned to turn one of the

Huge upstairs rooms into a playroom fortheir daughter culture the outside ofthe home is just as epic it sprawlsacross nearly six acres of land and iscomplete with a pool private garden andfour car garage car D and offset are

Known to have large barbecues andcookouts with friends in their massiveyard which comes with multiple indooroutdoor sitting areas Tom Cruiserecently sold his gorgeous and extremelyprivate fifty nine million dollar

Mountain hideaway located just outsideTellarite Colorado for any celebrity whowants to escape from Fame for a littlewhilethis mountain estate seems absolutelyperfect the 298 acre property comes with

A lot of features like beautiful viewsof the mountains a private system ofhiking trails horse riding stables andeven a helipad the drive from the frontgate to the front door is about a mileso there's no chance of unwelcome guests

Making their way to Cruz's privateproperty the house itself is about10,000 square feet with seven bedroomsand nine bathroomsbut despite the luxury and the size thehome is fairly cozy it's styled with

Natural wood earthy and neutral colorsand has an amazing panoramic mountainview thanks to the many large windowsfor entertainment the home comes with acustom library rec room and some simpleoutdoor seating with a spectacular view

Of course Tom Cruise doesn't alwaysspend his time hiding away the actoralso has a penthouse in ClearwaterFlorida that's part of the Sky View aluxury apartment complex built by one ofthe world's richest Scientologists

Moyses egamiJennifer Lopez has built quite thereal-estate Empire in the past few yearsone of her best-known residences is herdowntown Manhattan apartment at theluxury Whitman building which she

Recently put on the market for almosttwenty five million dollars the 6500square foot property has four bedroomssix bathrooms windows overlookingMadison Square Park and elaborateterraces but even more impressive than

Her Manhattan pad is her 28million-dollar bel-air mansion that shebought in 2016 to gain entrance to JLo'sbel-air digs guests have to cross astunning covered bridge the almost14,000 square foot home has seven

Bedrooms and 13 bathrooms which seemslike a lot but Lopez does have a prettybig family with Alex Rodriguez and theirfour children the home also has a largemovie theater to help keep the familyentertained the inside of the home has

Multiple living rooms and fireplaces aswell as one of J Lo's favorite roomsa spacious rustic kitchen with hugewindows and a skylight the outside ofthe home is another highlight there's aninfinity pool and a hot tub as well as

Lots of lawn for the kids to enjoy EddieMurphy has already sold his giant tenmillion dollar estate in Granite BayCalifornia but there's no way we caninclude this epic mansion the 25 acreestate includes a 12,000 600 square foot

Modern mansion a 5,200 square foot guesthouse and even a 1,200 square foot gymthat's tons of space for the star andhis family who also enjoy the deluxeoutdoor swimming pool and sports courtthere are 10 bedrooms and 10 and a half

Bathrooms in the main house there's alsoa rec room arcade and a movie theaterbut one of the best things about theproperty is the elaborate and luxuriousdecor one of the bedrooms in the homewas even themed after Shrek homage to

Murphy's role as the donkey in theDreamWorks flick the other children'sbedrooms are also themed for maximumchildhood fun outside large second-storybalconies look over the infinity poolspa and sprawling backyard it's unclear

Why Eddie Murphy wanted to get rid ofthe property but we're sure the actorhas a lot of luxurious housing optionsout there Angelina Jolie's massive 21acre estate in Los Feliz los angeles isboth luxurious and historic the house

Was first built in 1913 and owned byfilmmaker Cecil B DeMilleJoely who prefers an art deco-styledecked out the twenty five milliondollar mansion with tons of art andcolor all while keeping the homes

Historic charm with views of both thecity and the ocean the spacious home ismeant for relaxing and taking it easythere's a large library withfloor-to-ceiling bookcases beautifulgrand staircases and a grand master bath

But where the property really shines isoutside there is a huge patio thatoverlooks the large lawn which includesa landscaped garden old Hollywood stylepool and arched fountains there's also aseparate pool house with a gym a

Self-contained guest house and even atea room for Joleon guests in totalthere's about 11,000 square feet ofinterior space on the property it's nowonder that when Jolie bought theproperty back in 2018 it was the biggest

Home sale for the entire Los Felizneighborhood the West family bought thissprawling California mansion for 20million dollars but with all therenovations they've put into theproperty mom and manager Kris Jenner now

Claims it's worth 60 million dollars notthat the West's are planning to get ridof their luxurious new home anytime soonKanye West described the majorrenovation in architect Digest as atransformation quote from suburban

McMansion to futuristic Belgianmonastery and quote the home isdefinitely unique and unlike a lot ofthe surrounding California mansions itboasts large and modern open spacesneutral colors and lots of open hallways

And space outside for the West's fourkids to playKim has also shared photos of hergigantic closet and master bath as wellas pics of the spaces designed for thekids and of course they have a massive

Yard and pool outside perfect for whenthe entire Kardashian clan pops over fora visit which of these celebrity homeswould you love to live in let us know inthe comment section below don't forgetto hit that like button if you enjoyed

This video and subscribe to the richestfor more thanks for watching and we'llsee you next time

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