published on August 2, 2020

she wow using only real data and transposing it from the last time the bollinger bands were this tight

And volatility was this low at the end of 2018 we'll transpose both scenarios here in regards to a bullish and a bearish break and what that would mean for bitcoin's price

And how volatile things are about to get as soon as this break happens we'll show you exactly what it would look like if bitcoin had a break similar to these last two points in bitcoin's history

And it'll most likely be much more explosive than you think and guys is it possible like we talked about a few videos ago that we actually do get that massive retracement because of this one indicator here or is it all absolute

Gobble gook bitcoin is on the verge of a huge move and as well is this xrp rival the next coin have an explosive rally here in the next week we'll be taking a look at that and as

Well ethereum and all coins definitely set to outpace bitcoin in the short term and potentially throughout this entire bull cycle and guys contrary to this bearish scenario

Bitcoin options traders are actually not betting on a short-term bitcoin price drop there are so many mixed signals going on on these bitcoin charts you and i both are eagerly waiting for

This massive break guys everybody in the community is basically still in stall mode that's why everyone's transitioning to alts for the last few weeks only covering them basically because bitcoin

Has done absolutely nothing however we're going to delve in to these two massive scenarios you gotta be oogling wow what's going on everyone welcome back to an absolute late night mega so

We have a lot to get into and i'm specifically making this video for one reason and it's basically to show you this bitcoin chart now the data that we're gonna show you is

Calculated using one of the tools here on trading view but it's specifically hand-picked from two separate points within the last two years where bitcoin's volatility was the lowest historically that it's been

In that price range in that time frame and it's actually wild that's how specifically the bear scenario lines up perfectly with the actual triangle that we've had going for almost three years now on bitcoin's macro chart

It's absolutely huge the bullish scenario basically speaks for itself but this bearish one is even more interesting so i'm insanely excited because huge if you're new to the channel make sure to drop

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Dive into the website wow guys so this is the triangle that we're talking about and the main chart we're gonna spend a lot of time on here today is actually on the blx i wanted to get

The historically longest amount of bitcoin data here and basically what we're gonna do is transpose two different time periods where volatility was extremely low and both times an explosive move

Happened and guys i don't think there's anybody any doubt in anybody's mind that we're about to see an explosive move the question everyone has been asking is well which way and we're gonna show you most likely

What'll happen if it goes either way because this is very interesting so i'm really excited to talk about these two ways here i do want to highlight that while we had this drop we were in the middle

Of this long term two and a half year triangle and we had this move up we were at the bottom now so basically the third option is at the top because we were in the middle here we're at the bottom here and now

We're at the top and as you guys know these bollinger bands the last time they were as tight as they are now was all the way back here we covered this about a day or two ago and right about here we had the biggest

Drop that we've seen in a very short amount of time period in a very long time for bitcoin right there similarly guys then we went into an ascending triangle and absolutely had a massive breakout in the summer of 2019

Actually kind of throwing off the charts from what it kind of looked like the last having after the last having but now what we have is interesting here so so guys if we actually take the bar pattern here this indicator

You just basically draw let's just say that we draw from the drop to the next time that it reaches that same price level okay it gives us something like this and basically all that is i already

Transposed it but this is exactly what it does now this is really interesting because we look at this you can see let's say we do get a rejection sharply off of right here

Okay let's say we get that break to the downside this actually lines up incredibly well as you just saw i didn't manipulate at all it comes up with the same exact pattern drops here to the bottom of this

Plummets through tries to find support again you can even see it actually goes down and coincidentally hits that absolutely lowest pullback area of about the 4 000 range that some people have been

Calling for bounces around for a little bit absolutely pumps back into this triangle you can see find support here for weeks and weeks and then as soon as it breaks that you see it turns into a

Massive breakout so this pattern technically actually looks extremely accurate just based on the trend lines and all it's doing is basically literally just copying from here and let's actually do the whole

Thing i'll do it right here so you guys can see how i made it you just draw it from here where it actually broke out to it going into that rally and it's the exact same pattern here

Guys you can see it transposes exactly over this and now the reason this is so interesting i think is because it actually looks as though these patterns are lining up and

Providing resistance and support even though it's completely arbitrary right these lines are just from a move that we had back almost two years ago but you can see this actually lines up and that's maybe

Some sort of fractal or something you can see this actually looks like an extremely realistic price action when it comes to this pattern all i mean by that is falling here you

Know falling through finding support at a very key level and kind of just bouncing back in here and as soon as it finds support in here kind of just lifts off and most likely what would happen after

This also becomes insanely bullish too and most likely climbs uh very much higher but i just think that was very interesting how you can just transpose that put it over here and it comes into a

Situation that looks pretty realistic now i'm not saying that that's the only bearish scenario for bitcoin here but what i want to say is i think that that's the absolute most bearish scenario for

Bitcoin okay and then we're also going to talk about the most bullish because there are obviously some other scenarios that could easily happen uh some people are even just talking about uh as we were

Saying maybe coming back to the six thousand dollar level we talked about that a few videos ago but ultimately what this chart that i'm showing you right now is my most bullish scenario for bitcoin

And my most bearish scenario because this is realistic price action and as well it does hit so many of these targets that just make a lot of sense this also technically would still be

A higher low as our first one was around three thousand second one was around three thousand nine hundred this one would be about four thousand three hundred if it came down to here and test at the very bottom of this

And guys if we actually pull out the vpvr you can see all of this lines up as well i mean for pete's sake you can see the vp vr is the second highest right here with this line okay this whole area here

The very highest right here which is down at this this support level right here and then obviously this green box is one of the next biggest zones there so all the ta lines up it's not a really complicated ta but it looks

Incredibly sensible it looks like it would obviously make sense and our next scenario is even more straightforward which is this after the last two and a half years of consolidating in this seeming symmetrical triangle we just

Break up right it might not be a massive moon shot for the first few weeks as you can see here might take like a month or a few weeks after this to actually find support on the top of this which would make the

Most sense but as you can see it could just go parabolic and a price target of easily like 25 000 uh which again i think is possible by the end of the year if things actually choose

This bullish scenario the more bearish scenario would have us actually breaking all-time highs maybe within the next seven to eight months so again that's a little more uh prolonged it would take about eight

Maybe even up to ten months to reach those all-time highs if the ultimate bear uh bull yeah bearish scenario would happen here and in the more evolutionary we could see that actually reaching all-time highs with only about

Three months from now but these realistically i think are two uh scenarios that make a lot of sense let me know what you think specifically about this bearish scenario because necessarily i don't necessarily think we

Are gonna break 6000 again uh realistically for a bear scenario for me i don't think we're going to break 6k but again the point of this video is to show you the absolute most bearish scenario

In my opinion and also the most bullish with that being said guys i just wanted to go over some of these also i have pulled up here a little bit different some of them are the same from last update some are a little different

We have chain link actually getting a little bit of a pullback a bounce around 76 xtz still looking primed for a break guys we haven't actually broken uh this previous pattern right here

Right around the three dollar mark uh if we significantly break above like 33 i think we could actually see this go a lot higher here interesting pattern here with v chain though we're stalling right around this

Area which is similar to kyber network okay similar charting right here where we have this kind of stalling where the price action was around the middle of 2018 okay for kyber network it was around a

Little under you know a dollar seventy and for v chain it was actually a little under a little under 20 cents here and guys short term price action for bitcoin this is very interesting here because technically you have this ascending

Triangle but this two and a half year resistance also does make up this smaller symmetrical triangle as you can see very valid here you can see just how many lines of resistance it's at here

Same thing here a lot of resistance and a lot of resistance here as well the only reason we don't only have that on here is because obviously it's broken out a lot from that two and a half year but it's

Gotten pushed back down every single time but ultimately this line is much more important here and at the very at the current moment we're like literally just the very bottom of this

Still but again uh before this date here within less than a week from now i mean there's going to be no consolidation and i think within the next week

Is definitely where we're going to see that scenario here where we're going to get a decision where we initiate one of these moves now keep in mind the first week of these moves both of them aren't

Insanely crazy right the price could go up to about ten thousand dollars for the bullish scenario over the next week and then the bear scenario only has us maybe even going to 8600 which is very

Interesting breaks 86 let's say that would happen because that lines up with our ta as well 86 we could see it go down to about 7 000 according to this

Ultimately i think we would probably find support closer to that 7 dollar range but again for our most bearish scenario sees us see as us maybe doing a pattern like this but again the main reason i'm

Showing you the most bearish scenario is to show you the most bearish and just get you prepared for potentially something like that happening you can never count that out technically the structure of the last

Two and a half years would still be intact if that did happen but it would literally push it to the absolute limit of uh what would be able to be intact okay guys huge so i want to cover this

Conor devitt daily huddle article xrp rival has incredible potential and he's talking about xlm here so xlm has been uh very interesting it's one of the coins that we talked about and then i've made an update recently in

The active investments tab because it is a coin that i'm holding here so it says here peter brandt uh says xlm has incredible potential and could be the next altcoin to see significant price action so you guys are

Probably pretty familiar with peter brandt he has a lot of followers here on twitter uh xlm is currently trading under 10 cents it's gained 50 percent of value just in the last month though and it's

The 14th crypto by market cap he's basically just saying is xlm going to be the next altcoin to pump it's been in this descending channel for quite a long time here and similar to

Bitcoin what we saw uh within the last year it did break out of that uh channel very strongly and guys if you're not familiar with brandt he gained a lot of fame because of that january 2018 crash which

He was calling for uh and he also says though he expects ethereum and altcoins most all coins to outpace bitcoin in the short term and as well i wanted to talk about marcel peckman's article on coin telegraph uh

Crypto analysts have recently suggested bitcoin options are flipping short-term bearish but data just simply shows that's not actually the case so basically the gist of the article is

That bearish options are not that significant compared to the bullish options okay so people are not overtly bearish when it comes to this information here there is no evidence of

Fear or investors leaning bearish uh because of the three-month annualized premium so again i just don't think for the most part there's too much data leaning bearish the one thing that i was talking

About in the last few videos is just this ema ribbon here again this is not a full proof indicator whatsoever and there's a lot of other stuff going on on these macro charts this is on the

Daily this has only been going on for the past few months when we have yearly uh data and charts that were much more important i think but yeah let me know what you think what would you do in either of these scenarios and which one

Of these do you think is more likely wow guys absolutely huge thanks so much for coming by and as well if you're interested in getting 50 free dollars of mco when you sign up and having a new place to buy and sell cryptocurrencies

Check out the cryptocom app guys when you complete registration you and i both receive 53 of mco and as well if you're interested in learning trading uh technical analysis getting access to these charts

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Platinum at checkout you

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