Infection spikes in South Africa and India | Coronavirus Update

published on July 9, 2020

South Africa has reported a sharp risein the number of corona virus infectionsnearly 11,000 new cases were reported onSaturday that's the country's biggestincrease in a single day since the startof the pandemic the government is urgingpeople to respect social distancing and

Other measures to halt the spread of thevirus but as DWS Adrienne creasedreports from Cape Town is provingdifficult for some communities Cape Townone of the epicenters of the coronavirus pandemic in South Africa but

There's little evidence of it in thissuburb few abide by the mandate to wearmasks and social distancing is unusuallike normal you see I was positive inisolate myself at home so nothing waswrong with me no I'm not afraid because

I cover me every day under the blood ofthe Lord you understand so I'm saved soI'm not scared because if I die and Iknow we are going to but poorovercrowded neighborhoods is just wherethe virus is rapidly spreading many

People here feel the economic fallout ofthe pandemic is the greater threat thanthe disease itself that's why I covered19 mission from the Health Ministry istrying to convince potentially infectedpeople and their contacts to enter

Quarantine isolation and quarantine toprotect yourself infecting them sothat's why were saying that where youtake you the government has put massivefunds into field hospitals andquarantine rooms but while more patients

Go to the hospitals the quarantine roomsremain emptypeople who refused to go into isolationhow big of a problem is itare we talking of huge numbers wherethis is happening huge because we've I

Think to us about 10,000 so beds that weprepared for the current in an isolationcombined out of those and the last timeI checked there's only about run abouttwo thousand that were activated and youfind that in those areas is the people

Who don't want to of course the Lorddoes say that you have to give out issuea court orders but at what extent fewpeople seem interested in theawareness-raising campaign in thetownship even though the region is a

Coronavirus hotspotI'm honestly posit associate isolate welive in a two-bedroom apartment so whatdo isolate all of us to stay in one roomyou see so we couldn't keep called inthese kids around so it's difficult it

Was beta because we could have we tookmove with the key over so we were scaredlike what is gonna happen if she's notworth as and many people here are tooafraid to leave their homes for extendedperiods due to the high crime rates in

Places like this self isolation isobviously very difficult that young ladywe just talked to lips with nine peopleand a two-bedroom apartment but manypeople here still do not really take thethreat of the virus serious despite the

Fact that Cape Town is currentlyexperiencing the first peak of thepandemic in the country and DWS eitherincrease who filed that report joins usnow from Cape Town good to see youAdrian South Africa reported around

20,000 new coronavirus cases over theweekend is the country headed for asecond lockdown well as you know SouthAfrica had one of the strictest lockdowns worldwide in the initial stage ofthe corona virus outbreak here when

Infection numbers were very very low andthe president he has said himself thatwas the bazooka the strongest weaponthat the government had and some peoplehere are wondering now if possibly thestrongest weapon was used to early

It gave the government time to preparethe health sector but what also happenedin the same time is that the overallreadiness of the population for strictmeasures against against the virus isgone down there's been a massive

Pressure over the past weeks to reopenthe economy and now we have restaurantsopens schools are open again religiousgatherings are allowed again and this isall happening at the time where we'reseeing you know the first peak coming

Closer and closer but at the same timeyes there is pressure to come back withanother lockdown in local areas likehousing for example the area aroundPretoria and Johannesburg where localauthorities are already asking the

National government to consider anotherlockdown how is South Africa's healthinfrastructure coping with this surgeand infections I would say verydifferent depending on the provinces andregions here in the Western Cape it

Seems they are quite prepared a lot offield hospitals we're set up you've seenthat in the report but in other regionsit looks more problematic in accountingand the Eastern Cape for example two ofthe other AP centres of the pandemic in

South Africa they still not needs to bedone you have a big gap in hospital bedsin intensive care units a lot of workneeds to be done there but you also haveto remember that the South Africanpublic health care system has been over

Stretched for years I talked to anofficial in the Health Ministry lastweek and he told me that's been thereality for us remember South Africa hasbeen facing massive health challengeshigh rates of HIV AIDS patients diabetes

Patients at tuberculosis for example andthis of course was covered now putsadditional pressure on the health systemon the other hands you have officialssaying well it might be also a chancefor us because we're experienced in

Dealing with health crisis and scenariosand there's one well a little bitpositive thing maybe as well if you lookat the death toll it's much lower thaninitially expected South Africa has routabout the same number of kovetz cases

Like Germany but only 3,200 people diedoff covered so far in Germany the numberis three times higher Adrian thank youso much that was cw's Adrian Krrish inCape Townlet's bring you up to date now and some

Of the other developments in the kovat19 crisis hundreds of scientists arecalling for the World HealthOrganization to revise itsrecommendations on combating the virusto focus on airborne transmission Saudi

Arabia has banned gatherings betweenthose attending the this year's Hajj theannual Islamic pilgrimage to prevent thespread of the Quran of virus people inEngland appear to have for the most partbehaved themselves as pubs reopened over

The weekend according to Britain'shealth minister and Ireland will easequarantine restrictions on incomingtraveler starting July 20th based on agreen list of countries with lowinfection rates India has announced that

It has nearly 700,000 coronavirus casesmaking it the third hardest hit nationin the global pandemic after the UnitedStates and Brazil the number ofinfections in India is also expected torise for several more weeks and experts

Predict the 1 million figure will bepassed this month the country's majorcities are bearing the brunt of thepandemic a mammoth facility to face amammoth challenge at the weekend Delhiinaugurated a 10,000 bed hospital to

Treat coronavirus patients one of thelargest in the world this even as Indiaeases restrictions balancing the needfor a return to normality with the needsfor public safety people are learning tolive with the virus we're scared but we

Still have to go out everyone in theworld is worried about dying but westill have to work what's needed isawareness if people are are aware thenwe should be able to control the spreadwith infections around the 100,000 mark

Delhi is one of the city's hardest hitby covert 19 but new infections aresurging not only therea fresh spate of cases in the city ofAgra forced authorities to reverse plansto reopen India's most famous landmark

The Taj Mahal the reopening would haveseen just a fraction of visitors returnand a tight hygiene and physicaldistancing rulesIndia's coronavirus tally is predictedto reach more than 1 million before the

End of July how long the country'smonument to love will remain closed wellthat's less certain and DWS Munira chadari joins me now from Delhi with moreMunir why is India having such a toughtime getting a grip on this virus well

Terry let me begin by saying that thiskind of rise in the number of cases wasexpected by medical experts initiallywhen a couple of months ago when theywere being interviewed when the virushad started spreading in India because

We need to also understand the kind ofpopulation and the population densitythat our country has this kind of localtranch transmission is very muchpossible and apart from that we havecome out of a nationwide log down to a

Large extent there have been a lot ofrelaxation in those rules andregulations and restrictions so a lifeis coming back to its usual state ofaffairs and so human to humaninteraction has of course also increased

Leading to this kind of transmission butcritics also say that the initial fewmonths when the lockdown was implementedthe Indian authorities could not carryout contact tracing as well as theycould have the focus was still or a long

Time entirely on people who had justtraveled who had come back from othercountries and their immediate familymembers and the people they may havedirectly interacted with but beyond thatperson-to-person interaction was not

Taken into account for a long time thesupport of the critics had to say anapart from that our testing numbers arestill low and they were much lower ifyou talk about you know the past coupleof months so that did lead to a

Possibility of a lot of asymptomaticcases being left out who survived thevirus but who could have been possiblycarriers of the virus spreading it farand wide take for example the migrantworkers we saw mass exodus' after the

Lockdown was implemented and possiblythese workers also tookthe infection from big cities to smallertowns and villages pay by shredding likea number of pieces okay well numbersinfection numbers are clearly rising due

Authorities have a plan to tackle thoserising numbers well if you talk aboutthe nationwide strategy then one thingis very evident that a nationwidelockdown again is not an option forIndia considering what it did to our

Economy which was already lagging behindeven six months ago so at the moment thenational government is coordinating withdifferent states at its own level butdifferent states with their own localgovernments are also taking matters into

Their own hands for example differentstates whether it's the southern stateof Karnataka or eastern state of Assamthey are taking calls of implementinglockdown in particular regions where asudden surge of cases might have been

Seen or some event took place wherethere was a large gathering and a coupleof other tip cases were detected so thatis what they are trying you knowstatewide for example Delhi governmentsare very openly projected that Delhi the

Capital city may reach a case count ofhalf a million by the end of July sowhat they are trying to do right now isof course maintain containment zoneswhere there are more cases and increasetesting camps regular organise regular

Testing camps to detect cases faster sothey could be quarantined or put inisolation but apart from that the focusright now is to increase healthcareinfrastructure to the extent that we canhandle that case note whenever thank you

Very much that was DWS Munira Chidori inDelhi so you look now at some of theother developments in the corona viruspandemic in Australia authorities willclose the border on Tuesday nightbetween the country's two most populous

States Victoria and New South Wales asafter a spike in covered 19 cases in thecity of Melbourne it's the first timethat that border has been closed sincethe outbreak of Spanish flu a hundredyears ago Spain's our Munira

Our marina district a longer northwestcoast will go back under a five daylockdown after a spike in corona virusinfections around seventy thousandpeople will be affected localauthorities have traced the outbreak

Reopened bars the world's most visitedMuseum the Louvre in Paris is reopeningtoday after being closed for nearly fourmonths because of the coronaviruslockdown but with many foreign touristsstill unable to visit the city it'll be

Anything but a return to business asusualhowever the reopening two weeks ago ofanother famous monument the in theFrench capital the Eiffel Tower showsthere are reasons to be optimistic it's

Still as breathtaking as ever gettingclose to these 10,000 tons of iron thetower was built for no other reason thanglory an engineering wonder by GustaveEiffel designed to look like lace sinceits opening in 1889 it has been closed

Only during the two world wars and nowfor a hundred days due to the coronavirus pandemic there have been fewvisitors since the reopening which suitsthis family just finein Belgium the couple thinks it's a very

Good time to visit it's such a bigsymbol of Paris and if the first time tocome here with the whole family and alsocurrently so calm in Paris it's a hugetime to be purethey are going up on foot only one of

The lifts is operating so far and atmuch reduced capacity but more of thetower will be opened in the coming weeksvisitors will have access to the summitfrom mid-july but climbing the 704 stepsto the second floor isn't bad these days

Crowds can be dangerous and the towersmanagers are doing all they can toprevent it becoming a kovat infectionzone we implemented a couple of measuressuch as social distancing by one metreand a half and with the mask the face

Mask is mandatory here though some weretaking them off for a quick selfiefinally we have a limit of 1400 peoplewhen normally it's 5,000 peoplerestarting Smallville but those who docome this summer will have the unusual

Feeling of having the Eiffel Toweralmost to themselvesyou

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