Indie Game Devlog #1 – The Train

published on July 20, 2020

hi and welcome to the second episode of my dev vlog series this week there are a number of things I want to focus on but the first thing I want to get out of the way is I want to make sure that the train is randomly generated every time

You play through it so you don't have to play through the same map every single time so that's the first thing I want to work on so the basic idea is to fill an array

With all of the Train parts and then pick one random part from this array and insert it into the Train and thus randomly generating a train or at least that's the idea and once I run out of parts to pick the twin I will just

Refill the array with all of the initial parts again so the coding part is pretty basic and shouldn't take too long but the problem I just run into is that the train parts all have different anchor points or pivot points if you will and

So I have to change all of them to go to the bottom left so that I can easily change the train together otherwise I will have to do a lot of calculations in the code and I think just changing the pivot points will make things much

Easier on my part so that's really going to be the lengthy process here but now I'm gonna go and get some exercise done and hopefully when I come back I'll be able to finish the randomly generated train

So I got everything up and running and what you're looking at right now is some top secret confidential behind-the-scenes footage off the train you know being randomly created which is pretty cool there are still some issues

But for the most part this works and I will fix those issues along the way but it's not really a big problem right now it's just kind of annoying when it happens but I know why it happens and it's a it's a pretty easy fix so I will

Definitely look into fixing that very soon I haven't done anything too interesting in the last couple of days but I've added a wheel which sometimes rolls across the train parts which you can see on screen so just to add a bit

More dynamic to the gameplay I guess it's kind of boring at the moment and I want to add a lot more things and I have a couple of ideas in mind but for now it's it's just a boring wheel and I've also added a bit of a depth of field

Effect to the background so I've just blurred some of the images depending on how far away they are so it kind of looks a bit better and you feel like there's more depth to the game even though it's 2d it looks much better in

My opinion something weird started happening though while I was just play testing the game the a ice would just do some weird stuff like the final cowboy boss who would just run off the map and kill himself on a rail track which

Didn't really make a whole lot of sense because the final boss isn't really supposed to do that and I realized why it was happening because I changed the pivot points of all the train parts and basically the AI was looking for the

Middle of the Train part so he could kind of run to the middle and shoot from there but he no longer knew where the middle was because I had changed to change the pivot point and so he would just randomly run off the Train looking

For the middle of the Train since each of the maps are going to have their own little story I wanted to implement some sort of dialogue and I felt that one of the better ways to do

That is making cutscenes this wasn't too hard to implement and you can see an action here obviously this is not the final product at all this is just some testing just dipping my toes into the water but basically you just add a game

Object and make it a cup scene object and then add as many text Pro objects as you want to with the text you want to add and it will basically play all of that text in the cutscene and the cutscene will last as long as you know

The text is there so you can see it on screen right now that the cutscene starts and you can't really move while the cutscene is playing obviously and then once the cutscene is over you can move again and and blow him up good

Times but yeah it looks like absolute trash but this is obviously not the final version and you can also add like emotions I guess to the scenes so for example if I add shake is gonna start shaking on the second text this doesn't

Quite work yet because I haven't really implemented it properly so it's a bit weird but the idea is there so it's gonna start shaking and it kind of goes out of the screen but you get what it's supposed to do and that's what I will be

Working on implementing as well when I start working more on the cutscenes I've also been working on implementing a bow which obvious issues arrows which stick to your enemies which is quite fun but as you can tell it doesn't it doesn't

Quite work very well yet but I'm working on it and I also wanted to add Indians to kind of have like a cowboy versus Indians theme but it came to my attention that it could be considered racist which I obviously don't want to

Have in my game so if there's any cowboy vs Native American experts out there I want to know if there's any way I could make this not racist or offensive or if it's really as offensive as some people say it is because I live in Europe so I

Don't really know how offensive people consider this like is there's a really sensitive topic because if it is I'm just gonna stick to cowboys and leave the Native Americans out so again if there's any experts out

There then let me know if there's any way I can do this without being you know insensitive or if I should just stick to Cowboys altogether because I might just have to do that if it's considered insensitive or racist in any way shape

Or form because that's obviously not very good but that's really going to be it for this week's episode I will try and upload weekly as long as I have something to show obviously if one week I've got nothing new then I'm probably

Not going to make a new episode but as long as I manage to implement new things then I will definitely try and upload regularly that's the plan anyway so I want to thank everyone who subscribed watched or liked and comment the video

That means a lot and also if you're interested in getting a bit more involved in a community I have a discord where I post gifts and we just kind of have some general discussions about things which is fun so if you're

Interested there is a link down below but yeah that's going to be it for this week's episode I want to thank everyone for watching and I will hopefully catch you guys the next week

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