India and China Struggle Border Battle

published on July 2, 2020

India and China fights over a disputed

border and Taiwan could become a

bargaining chip welcome back to China

uncensored I'm Chris Chappell

while the world is kind of distracted by

this whole coronavirus pandemic the

Chinese Communist Party has started

pushing the envelope in several

territorial disputes with neighbors in

the South China Sea with Taiwan with

Japan and now with India on May 10th

Chinese and Indian troops clashed here

in north sikkim it was a 150 person

brawl with soldiers fighting and

throwing rocks 11 soldiers were injured

why because they were throwing rocks at

each other I didn't even know adults did

that but that was actually the second

incident that happened between Chinese

and Indian troops in less than a week on

the night of May 5th 250 soldiers

classed in eastern Ladakh near Pangong

Lake so at least 400 Chinese and Indian

soldiers have been involved in two

separate skirmishes this month these

kinds of physical disputes between

Indian and Chinese soldiers happen more

often than you might think

China and India actually fought a

full-on war over territory back in 1962

now both sides have chosen to

substantially reinforce the deployment

of armed forces for the time being this

may remind you of a similar border

conflict that happened back in 2017 when

PLA troops harassed Indian ones near the

disputed border its personnel be caught

on camera jostling with Indian troops

sometime in second week of June across

the aisle a scene thickened that

resulted in a month's long conflict but

this time both sides are trying to

downplay the dispute Chinese foreign

ministry spokesperson jolly Jian said

China and India stay in close

communication and coordination

concerning our border affairs

thin existing channels meanwhile one of

India's top generals said as far as the

situation in the northern border is

concerned I will not call it skirmishes

I would rather say it is face offs and

these face offs have been happening in

the past also nothing new about it

yes India and China are involved in a

face-off the Chinese Communist Party is

trying to box India in they control a

port in Sri Lanka that could one day

become a naval base they're also helping

India's rival Pakistan build another

port that could also one day become a

naval base and they've been trying to

interfere politically in several

countries that border India Nepal Bhutan

and Myanmar and judging by how

aggressive the Chinese regime is getting

with all of its neighbours why is this

latest border spat being treated as

nothing of concern well it could be

because India is still deciding if it

wants to align with China or the us

India has bargaining power with both

countries and now there's an unexpected

bargaining chip taiwan india which is

set to take over as the next chairperson

of the World Health Organization's

decision-making executive body in May is

faced with a major choice on whether to

support a us move to reinstate Taiwan's

observer status at the World Health

Assembly or to China's opposition to it

and China's little incursion across the

disputed border could be a gentle

reminder to India that China has a

military that's willing to fight you

know just in case India decides to

support Taiwan or it could just have

been that some Chinese soldiers started

throwing rocks but if India feels like

it has to make a choice between China

and the United States the choice is

obvious I hope one shares India's

democratic values the other is an

authoritarian regime known for a history

of breaking

mrs India shouldn't have to settle for

a status quo where regular face offs are

nothing new speaking of which since

these latest face offs Chinese

helicopters have been spotted flying

along the border and Indian fighter jets

have now been deployed to the border as

well something tells me I should save

this graphic for future use and now it's

the time when I answer questions from

you my loyal 50-cent army fans of the

show who support what we do through the

crowdfunding website patreon hydrogen

one asks thoughts on CCP taking slash

stealing vaccine information across the

globe in order to create and use as a

bargaining tool not great question as if

starting a deadly global pandemic wasn't

enough the Chinese Communist Party has

now been accused of trying to steal data

on coronavirus research and vaccines

this claim has been made by the FBI and

the cyber security and infrastructure

security agency they didn't give a whole

lot of proof but it certainly follows

the Communist Party's mo countries

around the world have shut down their

economies because of the corona virus

and even as some begin to open up again

there are fears this will only result in

a second more deadly wave of the corona

virus so if the Chinese Communist Party

held the only vaccine for the corona

virus in its hands it essentially can

hold the entire world hostage since the

entire world's economy would be on the

line and maybe then countries wouldn't

be so eager to investigate the origins

of the corona virus or pull their supply

chains out of China basically the

Communist Party is trying to turn the

corona virus into a weapon it can use

against the rest of the world I hope it

doesn't succeed thanks for your question

and for all of you watching if you want

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new episodes once again I'm Chris

Chappell see you next time


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