iMore show 494: Candy crushing your battery

by birtanpublished on August 23, 2020

Yeah yeah so we probably are fine well no but I wasn't recording my side either cuz I'm just that's what I'm saying yeah no sorry i was totally recording well we're all messy today recording morning how many started making everyone do over 2016 it is Friday I never mind ever

Knows this right sorry it is January 26 2016 I'm Rene Ritchie and right now we're gonna talk about where Apple should make their damn computers how Google should make their day maps and virtual reality because why not this is

The I'm or show joining me this week second time around so energy Caldwell who are you Ren hello um as I said the first time I am recovering from being sick so I may be a little stuffy today but otherwise I'm doing pretty well you

Want to stuff your day sooner you're better than most people on their best day we'll see we're in good hands also joining us she put candy crush down for an hour to join us George Atallah for a Georgia it's Friday sorry so I'm

Actually getting the Winnipeg office i'm standing in the office of kevin mitchell look right now with his Quentin Tarantino homage and his according to Georgia serial killer light on a Lex Friedman style treadmill desk and the

People in the office are doing blazer Friday's which I've never heard of they're all wearing Blazers today that's weird usually like casual Friday right yeah blazer Friday ya know must be like if the simpsons where they have hat day

At the nuclear factory and someone's just guzzling another person is just you know cleaning there with their weapons its if I don't if I don't make it out of here you guys know where I will my last coordinates yep we're carry on the

Shadow for you ranae alright I appreciate it um alright so let's get right into it Wren what does Apple up to now well gosh Apple Apple is doing constant things and but I specifically for talking about apples ventures into

Virtual reality they're taking a look at a hiring some folks in Virtual Reality other actually according to Financial Times hiring a virtual reality researcher to to kind of expand and explore the avenues virtual reality to

Which I say this is not a price there there are plenty of people working on VR inside Apple that us this also doesn't mean that Apple's releasing a VR set in the next six months I know it's the popular thing to do right now

Everybody and their mother is like via but I Apple being Apple Apple likes to wait Apple likes to see Apple likes to methodically plan to make sure that whatever they release is not going to be you know useless I'm so exciting they're

Like we got to try the oculus at CES last year oh it's so much fun yeah it's getting better and better and now um there's the vivre there's the hollow lens they're still Georgia tried google glass and this is got to excite you

Georgia right you can play candy crush like immerse already there's there's not enough candy crush so many question 3d would just be so much better than the regular candy crush I'm excited I'm hoping that we're going to get some sort

Of little you know some sort of glasses that we can stick with their iphone so i can look ridiculous like everyone else that's out there it doesn't mean that we're really going to be getting something but you know what that's where

The things are going and i think that being able to be more immersed in your phone is only a good thing maybe not that good of a thing but i wanted it isn't could this be for the apple car so that you're in the apple cart it's

Driving you instead of showing you a disgusting highway around you it's showing you beautiful pastures and orchards and animal hey that sounds like dangerous that's the worst idea that's a really bad idea so the apple cart is

Bringing you somewhere you don't want to go you won't know well like i said of the train passing by it's like a dragon flying by i mean just think of the potential oh boy it could be terrifying oh I'm excited I thinks Wendy's actually

Right like I apple doesn't do chipsets they do feature said so just because something like NFC exists or something like inductive charging exists or to talk about later it doesn't mean apples going to throw that chipset in there and

Just do the base the base solution for it they try to think of well I don't care about contact I don't care about radios I do care about mobile payments so what is what hiring these people in doing virtual reality work maybe they'll

Make a headset like oculus one day but maybe it'll be in the car or maybe it'll be in a cottage or D LaForge visor I don't know mm-hmm well you know it's interesting to me because Doug Bowman is primarily you know you think about a

Sort of prior venture to VR and it's all you know small start-up companies Doug Bowman's been a researcher and a professor for a long time um at Virginia Tech is very very smart guy and I sent some really

Interesting things with virtual reality and it's actually one of the first people to get a hollow lens grant um so they could explore so that he could explore what the hollow lens could do I don't know I think this is this is Apple

Exploring this is Apple saying again we want the a level people in the room to tell us what we don't know about this and to tell us where where we could go wrong with some like typical apple exploring you know exploring avenues and

Saying let's see if this is actually a good fit for a company and whether or not we can do something to actually move the needle and not just release a product to release a product although they did buy that you know the company

That made the original Kinect hardware and they now got the VR guy so I'm just gonna put it out there Pippin to you are Boogaloo I have to say I would really love a connect style bar from my apple TV after having to try and play just

Dance now with the remote in the hand while trying to dances no yeah yeah I gotta beat Georgia a Superman again on some gaming system haha we can try that out make we'll make it a thing it's a dirty for the last while you've been

Giving me nothing but battery indicator complaints and you just mean you were not happy about it now so here i am i'm using my phone and it tells me i'm at forty percent I'm all happy the day is good and then suddenly my phone is off

Which is stressful oh cuz I'm in the middle of candy crush of course and I didn't expect it and I may not be anywhere where I can have my phone charged and so this is a much bigger issue I think than Apple is leading it

Out to me because say that you're on the road or you're driving or there's someone that you need to connect to you might not have a charger and you don't know that your phone is dead so what happens is that the battery percentage

Does not change it gets fixed at a certain number and kind of stays there so I don't check my phone I actually work during day and I don't check my phone very often and so I will and I have been able to look at whatever it

Says on my phone and believe it to be true but this has not been the case so I've been left out in the middle of Boone evil with my phone completely dead and unfortunately I didn't even have a charger on me and the the worst part to

This is that i found out that um the reason that this is happening is that if you are changing time zones when traveling there's a small bug which kind of fixes your battery percentage on it now for me it's not because I'm changing

Time zones the reason for me that this has happened so often is because when I'm playing candy crush you you use up I know I know this is so sad you use up a certain number of lives and then you have to wait like you know 30 minutes an

Hour until you get more lives so if I but if i change the day i change it to one day forward and then open up the application and then change it back a day after the has been open but the game not being played I get my lives reset

And so there we go it's because of candy crush that my phone has been freezing and so the good yeah I know I know there is a good fix for diff it's happening to you and if you're playing candy crush or changing time zones it might be a good

Idea to do this anyways you only have to do this once you've changed is go to settings general date and time and you can then you know take a look at at dealing it reboot your phone and check it but don't switch around the phones if

You're plenty your phone playing candy crush appear in Boone evil without a charger just wait the lives out instead of you know switching around the date and time so it is a real book and why is that if you don't let the phone manually

It so I automatically manage time you start doing it manually the battery percentage stops working so that is a bug that they have to fix you are bringing this on yourself because you're doing it all the time for candy crush

Which most people wouldn't do but I mean that's not your problem that should work if you do it it's not my fault so at least we know what's happening so if you like Georgia would rather cheap time then pay money for premium games just

Make sure you reboot afterwards I would totally pay the money if I had unlimited lives I'm just saying Oh hundred dollars then that'd be done oh so very nice all right so this this is this is just funny so professional

Twitter troll Donald Trump did an interview where he said Apple should make their you'll make sure Apple makes their damn computers in the US now I'm not an expert at parsing language so we might have meant just the damned ones

Like the ones that aren't damn that's fine they can make those anywhere but the ones that are going to go to hell they got a v8 in the u.s. it already makes the next row in the u.s. like of all the computers that is probably the

Most damn to given its jet black soul but this is super interesting because we talked about this before and it's such a multi-factor thing just to name a few like definitely labor is far cheaper in China they've also got generations of

Investment in the kind of technical skills that you need to do this level of assembly and they've also got all their facilities in one place really close together so if there is a problem you can just drive between buildings and fix

Them and not you know fly across countries to various factories in various states uh but Georgie you you've had interesting opinions on this in the past put it that way what do you think well I was I'm fully ready to go like

Apple how dare they you know you know to spend a little bit more money cut your profit margins and be able to do this I'm I would be fully on board with doing that I feel I feel like you know I love Apple but I don't mind throwing it under

The bus if it deserves to be thrown under the bus unfortunately in this case there is truly no bus through age that is warranted because though it would cost in China about eight dollars to produce an iphone it does cost about

Eight bucks and 65 more and manufacturing in the state so we're talking about a difference in profit margins which would be very minimal when they make about depending on the phone around two hundred and fifty dollars in

Profits so it wouldn't really cut down to them it wouldn't really cut down in us if we carried that cost over spending fifty dollars more for a phone that 600 plus is still not a huge deal but the problems is that there's huge issues in

The supply chain so if you have most of all of your supply chain in China it creates a huge logistical challenge in order to have all of that moved to the States it would make apple have to pay a huge premium in taxes

That less you which I think are pretty it was cute it was cute which is you know completely warranted but that's the difference between two percent and thirty-five percent and you do owe it to the people that are your shareholders to

Make sure that you are increasing profitability it is a company but I think that the biggest thing is the amount of workers that you would be able to get in the workforce is a huge difference so in China they could fire

Thousands of people per day and then rehire them and we because we've already sent most of our manufacturing jobs overseas we don't have the workforce to be able to truly manufacture something plus the workers in China are just much

Hungrier they will work overtime they will stay late they live on site and no one here would be able to do that and so I think that it's one of these things that it's now at an impossibility with you know people that are not skilled at

Doing these jobs anymore because there aren't the jobs here to do them and so this is probably something that is going to be increasingly something outsourced not coming back here and it isn't really about the money because to Apple it's

Not a huge axis probably would be but for the actual cost for iphone it's not a big deal but we just don't have the labor force in order to be able to produce the trip trained and the the trained at a lower certification so you

Don't have to pay them the same amount and so it's just one of these things that it's an impossibility yeah I I tend to agree with Georgia here and also I'm daring fireball John Gruber wrote of great takedown on this as did recode

Where it just it it does not make sense any kind of sense for Apple to move its manufacturing the manufacturer that it does back to the states because of what Georgia said because there's no possible way for one thing if we were even able

To get manufacturing up to a decent wage I how are we going to manufacture 70 million iPhones in the space of a quarter I mean I looked I was reading John's piece earlier and it's something along the lines of what did he say who's

Like 10 iPhones a second or something yeah 10 iPhones a million iPhones a day 10 iPhones a second uh we don't have the factory capability right now to do that and to build the factory capability to do that might take four or five six

Years I mean you think about the mac pro and you think about the US manufacturing factory that Apple has built for for the pro and has worked on to get those computers made in pretty much entirely in the United States that is a small

Small company that event it was like that's a small factory there about what 50,000 mac pros and yet it just doesn't it doesn't make sense it's also an international way of looking at this too and that is like you know China is an

Increasingly important market for Apple India is going to be does it matter to someone in Germany whether the computer is made in the u.s. or China doesn't matter to someone in China whether it's made in China or the u.s. I understand

Apple was founded in America but apples becoming a global company and if I didn't want to buy any computers that were made in Canada I would be sitting here totally unconnected from the world right now I have my blackberry in a

Dream basically uh so I think it's just another sign that not not everyone is paying attention to the to the global scale of manufacturing and technology anymore oh the Donald I I kind of wish that Gary Busey was the Democratic

Nominee because the seasons of Celebrity Apprentice where they had Busey and trunk we're just the best and I think we're missing out on some magic there yeah probably that's hilarious so serenity apple launched a brand new iOS

Happened you took it for a spin they did us 11 wednesday apple launched music memos which is basically a combination between voice memos and GarageBand for people to record stupids of songs or test songs little ideas germs of thought

Into this beautiful app called music memos which then automatically cord your song whether you're playing on a ukulele or you're playing on a guitar already playing on piano it automatically figures out the chords for

It and offers you optional bass and drum backing as a way to fill out and flush out the song you could change the key you can change the tempo you can change where the drum is hitting on the upbeat you have a limited selection of bass and

Drums to kind of choose from too twee keer you're playing accordingly but um I was able to make a song make like half of a song in 30 minutes where I just I took three I was taking a couple of different chords on my ukulele and I was

Just playing like you know d minor b b flat and a minor or something like that and I'm just like strum strum strum strum strum strum and I did three other chords and three other chords and voicemail Moses cool a because it

Automatically breaks up when you segment so like if you've been playing three chords and then you stop for a second and you decide to change to a different three chords to see how that might sound it actually intelligently knows that

You've finished playing one section of song and it saves it as that section of a song and then starts a new recording of second section of a song which is something that I've wanted in voice memos for years the fact that we have it

In music demos is super exciting so you I I had no idea when I first heard about this um and it went live I was talking to you about I said why why would they do this because Apple has limited resources as all sorts of things we want

Them to do like fixing the full screen podcast video playback on the iPad please and they're devoting resources to making a new app and you sort of had a you sort of explain it to me in one person yeah I said to I said two words

Apple music because well I know I actually said two words Taylor Swift yes but I'm but Apple music is the big thing here Taylor Swift in Ryan Adams both of whom who have gotten that named in this year because of their varying 1989

Albums um they both use voice memos to record snippets of their songs and in fact if publicize that they used voice memos then elsewhere you know we have people complaining about how hard it is to get music into Apple music connect

Artists who want to share kind of unfinished tracks and stuff like that but just don't have a good Avenue Apple saw both of these things I think saw the fact that some very high-profile musicians were using

Voice memos which is not a very good music music related app to make music and then also um they were using you know they were having trouble getting stuff in to connect and it's like maybe we can solve one problem with another

One to quote Hamilton and and they kind of merged this together so they have this beautiful voice memos app which not only seamlessly transfer store GarageBand but also has a OneTouch upload to Apple music connect if you

Have a compatible connect account I'm really waiting go ahead Goethe so are you saying that that what at like what Apple did was they said we're gonna at least please Taylor Swift and cares about everyone else with fixing Apple

Music yeah I mean well I don't necessarily like in fixing Apple music it's about making apple music more appealing to artists not me yeah not the answer well but yes so they can make more music that I can't find oh yeah

Okay they needed a needle dick there they need to make sure that they have the artists before they can fix the consumer end which sucks I I hate this I hate that this is a thing but the fact of the matter is one of the reasons why

I kind of Spotify is winning right now is that their new discover playlists and their their new algorithms that they're working on for their version of for you is really awesome um and on top of that and so right now what Apple has going

For it on the Apple music side is exclusives and is making artists happy and that's something they've been doing for years since the early versions of itunes but i don't think that that excuses the fact that Apple music still

Has needs some dire reworking in the next few months please god I hope so because there's def you know this this month I've been a huge champion of Apple music I really like beats one I really like a lot of the stuff that it has to

Offer when I was considering you know I'm cutting down on finances so i can save a little bit of money and i was definitely being like i don't know if i can have both a spotify subscription and an apple music subscription and maybe i

Just want to subscribe to I don't think I've even opened Apple music in a month look I did and then I couldn't find where I see where the music was saved that I just purchased no way you know what no yeah no I you know

I don't if you don't like listening to music and you like making music music memos is really really exciting for anybody whether you're a professional musician or whether you're like me who like I love music but I'm you know very

Much an amateur pretty much on all levels but music memos gives you a good base to start off for a song and gives you kind of places to experiment and play with the only thing that I wished add was multitrack support right now

It's just you can only record you're either if you're recording vocals it's just vocals or if you're recording a ukulele or a guitar line or piano line it's just that you can't overlay vocals despite the fact that it does this

Beautiful thing where it just loops the song over and over and over again what I really would love to be able to do is well that song is looping record a second successive memo that's like doing testing with lyrics and various things

They love the Bluebird eyes yeah yeah living ideas Greg everyday looper but yeah and transferring it to GarageBand was actually really simple so there's there are options it's really fun I had a blast testing it what's and they

Didn't stop there they released a new version of the logic remote and they also updated GarageBand for iOS to bring some of the features from the desktop GarageBand including the drummer live loops which is really cool I again I

Just heard was once once once once because it dance music but there was a lot in there I mean especially for an iOS app and we finally got ipad pro compatibility and oh my god what a garage band is so much nicer on my iPad

Pro now that i have i've had pro compatibility i do want to share this is not a garage band thing but i want to share this because it was delightful um I found this yesterday it was being shared online and I'm just going as it's

Not us singing no it is not it's not see yourself sweden points1 trillions 10th power what you take in so that's adorable isn't that amazing horrible that's correct that made me so happy yesterday

Was a very wrap that that instead of last week's wrap from Cirie this is a much better one a little bit yeah a little bit different see reboot boxing but that's basically I'm in instead of having three college students in your

Phone music my most as something very similar except without without Siri going 000000 which actually I wouldn't mind as a as a loop might record that into into GarageBand this is the one that Georgia and I were thinking of and

This is like I think iphone 3g tamam time ago yeah mm-hmm I'll just go ahead no sound yeah it's really funny to watch it without sound oh it's not playing the sound that's the worst google hangouts ah ok hang on one second we let's see I

Think I can actually fix this no why do you want me to play it on my cell I got it I'm just gonna fast for I was gonna fast boys just go a little bit into it do I got it and I tried to do something like that it did not end up anything as

Cool it was it was really sad I kept on every button and deleting stuff it wasn't one of the reasons why music memos is great is because it does the same thing that garage band which is it intelligently snaps your song to a tempo

So if you're the worst like most tempo challenged person in the world are you looking at me I think you're looking at me I am looking broad I'm looking very both of us I'm looking I'm soft ice white ice um I'm specifically actually

Talking about me because I well I have near perfect pitch I have terrible tempo which makes me an awesome singer guys so this actually allowed meat like it fixed I play a selection of one of the tunes that I did it fixed my ukulele playing

So it didn't sound nearly as off off-tempo as possible and then when I was able to add the bass and guitar and all of that stuff made it really fun so this is just the ukulele right here right

Then if I get ad in the vase my fun it's just me playing with empty words over and over again and then what I ended up doing was I brought it into GarageBand on my iPad pro and I moved around some of the samples so that some started

Before others um and then essentially just just layered over a couple vocal tracks kind of just like a tease I was like very much this is a this is like a blues norlin song apparently this is what that sounds like with you know it's

It's it allows you because it's all on tempo it allows you to vibe that much more accurately when you're actually layering stuff over so it doesn't feel like you're oh god all of my samples don't quite line up and now it just

Sounds like a cacophony of terrible ya know i think that's that's absolute terrific it reminds me i tweeted about this and i want to write about it that apple in the last year they put up the pencil and i'm drawing more than I have

In years and now they've put out music memos and you were saying it's giving you an excuse to do all this musical stuff again it's really accelerating creativity it is it absolutely is and that that makes me really excited people

Were like oh now I want them to do it for film and I'm like guys I'm moving on the iphone 6 is actually pretty good for for budding filmmakers I think people have kind of forgotten about just how awesome my

Movie is because it hasn't gotten some major love yet lately but on the iphone it's really pretty pretty nifty I do wish there were a couple more things I really should write my imovie wish list one of these days but uh but overall I

Feel like there they've covered the bases now they've got a really good you know easy music thing for four musicians they've got artists and they have had pro they've got you know people who want to make films in iMovie and I didn't

Kill Noah make a few shots in a storyboard zhdat wearing it yeah there are a lot of good apps that do that actually awesome ah so exciting sometimes hmm the other thing that was coming up last year Apple um sorry last

Year Qualcomm announced that they've managed to solve wireless charging through metal for many years other phones i think 2009 the palm pre came out with inductive charging but Apple hasn't offered in people like apples

Mean but you actually couldn't do inductive charging through metal because metal is not so you just dissipate all the charge absolutely you know Apple could have chosen to go with something else or it could have done it through

The glass I'm just saying the fries class last I don't care i wouldn't care I'm facing inductive charging but you have you self to get to the battery and if I don't want to shoot tons of electricity through the sensitive screen

Tissue I don't know but uh they could have they could have switched to a different material could have switched to plastic or to some sort of composite material a glass like the iphone 4 but they chose not to they didn't think it

Was a high enough value and Phil Schiller said we just don't think like back when he was talking about NFC we just don't have a feature for it and eventually they had a Apple pay for it but now that they've got this i was just

Wondering if that this means we're ready for wireless charging on the iPhone Apple did do it on the Apple watch but they did with ceramics but Georgia do you do you got an Apple watch would you like to be able to charge your iPhone

The same way I would I I you know I I put my I finished the day I'm tired it's dark in the bedroom I almost like throw my apple watch on to the little charging stand and it just kind of sticks and hangs there and it's really simple and

And I'm like busy fiddling with the lightning and I'm trying to get it in and I'm like and I just want to go to sleep and so it would be nice just to place it on a platform something that looks really nice and classy and it just

Charges and I would charge it more often if it was easier because even at work I have a charger there but I if I would I place my phone down and I would place it on the right platform but that small action of having to find where the

Charger has fallen down get it fiddle with it and put it in is more time than I have in between sessions to be able to charge my phone through the day so if I could have an addictive dr. charger at work I could just place my phone down

And it would be fabulous and being charged so that I wouldn't be you know stuck with the you know candy crush battery issue being an issue and that would be effortless and I think that that's the nice thing about most Apple

Products is that they work really well with a small few caveats that don't and I think that it would help people out throughout the day so that they would be charging their phones more often that's sort of that sort of the statement they

Gave with the Apple watch they were saying that when people were super tired and they came home late at night or they woke up and they were still bleary-eyed they didn't want them to have to find some little plug and have to fuss with

Putting in they wanted him just be able to put it down have the magnet do all the work and Wren that probably makes sense on an iphone to buy now yeah I mean I've I almost didn't charge actually I didn't charge my iphone until

About 5am last night because I was so tired last night getting over my sickness that I basically plopped into bed and then put my iphone down on the nightstand but didn't actually take the time to charge so when I woke up in the

Middle of the night after sneezing I'm like oh no my iphone doesn't have any battery save you for checking Twitter though then yeah yeah no I've done that I've got it's been late and all I have to do is reach down to the floor fuel

Around find the cable pick it up plug it and I just haven't wanted to do it and it's a plus so I think it's gonna be fine the next day anyway put the pad the Apple watch I never do that with I just the pad is so easy to stick it on I it's

Not a panacea because you still have to put the other end of the plug somewhere so if you have one location like an officer bedroom where you never move it it's fine but if you're traveling you still got

In the other end or you still gotta move the desk drawer out to plug that in and the other problem is because it's easy to put on and off I know someone who did testing for another company on this and they had to do a bunch of tests to make

Sure people rolled over their blankets did just knock their phone off the pad and they'd wake up and it would be in charge so there are some issues but I think overall also back then in the palm pre they were saying was fifty percent

Efficiency which isn't good but now it's close to ninety percent and you know who knows what Apple can do with this technology so I think the reasons for not doing it are falling away and the convenience is starting to win out on

This signature feature time I agree I think so serenity what is happening with Google Docs why have they abandoned forsaken us Oh Google Docs well so i went to the mystery hunt last weekend the MIT mystery hunt which is a cool

Little puzzle hunt where you basically get to run around and solve all kinds of crazy puzzles and cryptic sand I'm you sought to do the puzzle room like that Renee yeah Oh me and all the touch come up to Montreal idea with you yeah puzzle

Balloons here yeah we do we won just came into boston but i haven't tried it yet but yes so I went to mystery hunt it was really fun except for the part where I had to bring all of my devices because the iPad bro just does not work really

Well with Google sheets for what I wanted it to do so I ended up bringing my macbook air which I really haven't touched in the last two months my iPad pro and my iphone 6s plus so i was carrying and my watch i was carrying all

Of the electronics for a weekend and I forgot how heavy my bag is well yeah that's somewhat defeats the purpose it does it does and the real frustrating thing is that the ipad pro is actually perfect for a lot of the stuff that you

Do have Mr Hunt and saves a lot of paper like there are a lot of things where there are puzzle there are like PDFs of puzzles that you would like one example of a puzzle we solved was you had to take like twenty six little tiny squares

And when you line them up in the correct order they forms like an old and old number like a numbering system so even for me yeah exactly like cute Gorham yeah so normally you would have to print that out and cut it all up and move it

But on the iPad oh it was really easy to just lay like okay I'm going to take this on the move this here i'm gonna move this here here I'm going to draw this and that was you know much easier than it normally

Would have been uh but when it comes to direct spreadsheets which is how we catalog data google sheets and Google's web presence leaves major major areas to be desired for one thing Google sheets is not optimized for the ipad pro which

Some people can roll their eyes at and be like well the that many people using the ipad pro and you know what it's not that hard to fix to optimize screens especially if you're already working on flexible design layouts which you should

Be because apples been telling you to work on it for the last two and a half years is app developer so it's also probably people who care about it the most because they're there the productivity people exactly exactly if

You really want Google Docs to work um the other big thing about Google Docs is it split up into three different apps so you have Drive which supposedly contains all of your drive related things you have docs which contains just your

Writing stuff and then you have sheets which contains just your just your your your worksheets your representations to yeah oh yeah and I've even clued presentations because I never use it but the so at any time you try if you open

Up something in the wrong app for instance we do we do a shared google folder at the beginning of the hunt that has all that automatically adds all of the puzzles as spreadsheets i can only get to that on the ipad by first going

To google drive because it doesn't show up in google sheets until after I've already opened it so I have to always use two apps and then once I get into Google sheets this is awful I'll pull up my article here so you can see the the

Extent of the horribleness of the screen shots but essentially i'm on the on ipad pro this is this is a problem that a couple different apps have but when it's not optimized for the ipad pro essentially when you connect a smart

Connector keyboard um the space taken up by the digital keyboard still stays there but the keyboards guns you just get this big gray wall which you know Oh is uh is fun and all except for the fact that on the iPad pro it means you

Can only see five lines of text and it's funny it stands out because Microsoft has done such a good job of is happening so you look you look at that look at that that is ridiculous I guess Reba five five lines of text on you know the

Ipad pro is a pretty big screen and then i get this giant thing and the worst part is this is you know my dessert name yeah it is this is the same design as the iphone which on the iphone it makes sense to have a separate bar for

Searching or separate bar for entering text because the the cells of are often really tiny and you can't see what you're typing on the ipad pro i would like to just be able to enter in cell text in the cell and not even worried

About this silly little bar that comes up and takes up half the screen while I try and adjust a two so one of the bigger problems here is that this is this is an example this is sort of the consequence is the chickens coming home

To roost for Google insisting on not doing an apple like you I even when they're building for apples platform and you can say what you want about beats but beats is a very Android app on Android and Google is not making iOS

Apps and I think if they used if they use the built-in the stock UI stuff they would get a lot of this behavior for free yeah I mean yeah I think a decent amount of this is them trying to build their own unique experience which i'm

Not against I mean tweetbot has done this to great success but tweetbot is still a good you a good iOS citizen it still obeys you know the things about iOS that we like and enjoy iOS moss yeah exactly I'm and the the other big thing

That irritated me specifically to the mystery hunt was that you can't um on on excel and on on google docs the pretty common thing is if you enter in a formula in one cell you could drag down to basically copy that formula only do

It line by line that doesn't work on the iOS app so when I was trying to do a formula basically to index into a word I had to manually copy paste copy paste and after doing this about three times i was just like f it and i went back to my

Computer it just wasn't worth it hey wasn't worth the time um and that's the thing you know I'm very I'm very stubborn on the fact that like the iPad pro is only awesome if it's you know if it's saving you time or equal

You know being as good as your laptop it's not you know you shouldn't be using it for things that takes too much time or too weird or two ideas platform exactly and it's why that it's why I don't podcast on the iPad pro yet

Because they like I tried it and it just doesn't work very well so I said no I'm gonna continue podcasting on my it makes more sense cuz i can connect my like my fancy microphones to it and it's not a big pain in the butt but with the but

With something like Google Docs it's it's really frustrating and it's really frustrating cuz I've built so much of my like my work and some of my fun stuff around Google Docs that not being able to edit it is endlessly fury ating and

May it makes me think about getting an office 365 account and going with Excel cuz absolute ops lot updated and they're beautiful and they work properly and the interesting thing too is I mean some people wrote back saying that you Apple

Hasn't like Apple just put out the ipad pro update for garageband and the new music memos app it's just a scaled-up iphone app and that's all true and apple you know they own the stuff they should have this stuff done day one oh yeah

Those apps still work so like I'm if Google Docs worked that would be fine I would be like I would be asking for the update but basic functionality not working is worse than you I not scale a yeah it does show though that it's just

Not a priority to them and and perhaps it should be but it's just not there they're busy building their robot army mm-hmm Star Trek computer alright so we have we have plentiful stuff to talk about in terms of mail bag and follow-up

But before we do we have a couple tips to share with you guys Georgie you wanted to talk about 3d touch your ancient enemy yeah yes so um just get it to a page that I can show so a lovely thing is that if you find which I did is

That 3d touch you have to press too hard in order to access it and I barely touch my phone when I'm moving it around the screen it's something that's really really light and so something that's lovely is being able to press down sorry

There we go and press down on the screen and make it really really light so that 3d touch happens with just a very light pressure and so what you can do is you can change your own pressure-sensitive you can actually make it also harder

That you have to press harder on your screen which seems scary and want to do that but you can lower the 3d touch pressure sensor by heading into settings then general accessibility and then you'll see 3d touch and you'll get to

Choose between light medium and hard and so if this is great for people that are dealing with difficulties because maybe you're dealing with a disability or elderly or just like me you don't like pressing really hard on your screen and

It makes it a little bit more effortless so yeah you could say it's just because I've like early fingers but no I don't want to piss a hard on my delicate iphone screen and it works really nice and I used to be a touch more because of

It if your name is banner that you can make sure you rest really hard on CUNY iphone then you should really make sure it's light we have we have a tutorial on this I'll make sure I link that in the show notes and I also because there was

Time over the holidays I finally got through serenity is awesome two-factor authentication tutorial she put up and I I did to factor when it first came out and it broke everything like I could not get really work no I just never got to

Talk to these never showed up so I could never logged in but as I waited a year and I said over the holidays I'm doing this and serenity had everything he had Dropbox and iCloud and key in Google and I went through it and I installed

Of–they and I've got off the on my Apple watch now which is awesome because I can look at the token on my Apple watch and put it in on my iPhone and Wren I feel both convenient and secure now yay i'm glad i'm going to link that

Up too because that was a an excellent excellent follow it sorry excellent excellent walkthrough so you really need to factor because people are it's not getting too far out there you do you do should absolutely should do it and

Follow through because it's you know this might be scary for you especially if you haven't done it and you've heard horror stories about other people having their phone not work or weird things happening but serenity walks you through

It really simply with every single step so go ahead and try out for your own security and you feel like a total badass it's like you go to a web browser Lee your watch goes boom and there's a code there and you put the

Code in and it's it's like you're walking too i don't know minority report or something without the gloves yeah so some follow-up we got some follow-up from kvn a 808 on twitter and he said georgia Renee serenity on the lightest I

Amor show I'm hoping night mode can be disabled because I work at night and sleep during the day yes it can you're you're safe and sound they can e there's even a custom time schedule that you can implement night mode for so then it

Really yeah which one really work that we've you know if your house is really exceptionally dark I guess that you could work that through but you know really you shouldn't give a firestorm over what to do right exactly you should

Try vampire mode you should try not to be working shift mode but for those that have to you can turn it off so you don't have to worry about your screen going all yellow if you do not want it to and you can also change the yellowness of

The screen so yeah that's its know I know I want vampire mode really badly see what I did to myself here right so we have another question this is from floating bones in the comment section from our last podcast and he wants to

Know if you or he or she I'm sorry I shouldn't assume whose bones are floating if you could ask one question on the january twenty six twenty sixteen earnings call if you could ask tim cook one thing he's issued because he sort of

Feels or she sort of feels that the questions get wasted you know they certain people always ask about an apple television for example whole question is blown so those up to us Georgia if was up to you if you were up first and Sims

At half this is him what would you ask no I would ask something ridiculous you don't want me at there's a reason why I'm not on these calls it shouldn't be on these calls I would be like what's up with my glowing iphone logo I'd be like

When am I gonna get an iphone that i can drop in the toilet and not have to worry about um where's my hollow deck like i would i would just be ridiculous I probably actually if I really had to ask him a question it would have nothing to

Do with any Apple product I would want him to know what he wants his legacy to be what our hopes for the future where does he see Apple going and what does what impact does he want to put onto the world that would be the things that I'm

Really interested in and you know what would be you know what are the changes that he hopes to see in like culture and that so it would be these grants gaming questions that no one but for other psychotherapists and

Humanitarian koito food things would really care about so nice what about you Rin oh boy I don't know if it would this be a and then on that Culp specifically or just like turnings called right exactly um but I would ask him about

Diversity in apple and and what's going on with that and how specifically he's working to get more more ladies and more folks of color and everything into the into that specifically the higher ranks because I've you know I've worked at the

Apple store level I know friends who are engineers and there's a pretty you know there's a pretty diverse low base that's growing on but I would really really like to see more ladies and more folks of work more different minorities in

Leadership positions because there are a lot of smart people yeah it's worth talking about to because it's one of those things where I feel like it's Jed Bartlet's do next ten words were every like we want more diversity but how does

Apple systematically create that because just saying it's never enough the next ten words how do they do that and it feels like the board is easy like you could change the board overnight I say this is someone who has no idea what

Actual board procedures are but boards have turned over overnight so I feel like that's something Apple could do to absolutely show everybody that they're serious about diversity is just decide next week we are going to the whole

Board is done we re appointing a new board that is going to represent our customer base the executives are harder because Apple is an old company it was it was founded 40 years ago by two white guys in a garage and if Apple was

Founded last week the the makeup of their senior staff would be profoundly different I mean the other hand percent sure about that but based on other companies have founded recently the makeup would be entirely different so

How do you take an exec executives who've been working there 20 years 30 years do you double the executives do you remove some because diversity is more important than the institutional knowledge those people have though

That's the really hard question but that's the thing I think Apple has to to start looking at because you look and you've got you've got one Arab Israeli you've got one white woman you've got Eddy Cue who's of Cuban origin and then

You have people who are mostly of it mostly white male of course Tim Cook is gay but you've got people who are mostly European white descent and solving solving that is going to be one of the

Most painful things Apple has to do I've no idea how they do this painful my name is going to be painful I think that they just have to open the drawers to be able to you know start promoting promoting diversity is one of the most important

Things that they can do by putting more women on to the stage letting people know that that's what they're wanting to hire let them you know release things and then start taking a look at you know spending money at making sure that you

Know tech is promoted to men and women because the the problem with diversity is that fewer women if you don't see someone you don't think that that's something that you can do and I think that a lot of people that are white

Males don't understand that because every like white Meryl are in every single part field and and everywhere that they see and so the promotion of understanding that this is something possible for me as well which can often

Be lost upon people that are of the majority is vastly important in that they can do to promote and help and then the space is there for them to be able to get the jobs and we know people who are like Apple has organizations within

The company like there's women of Apple employees and there's the African American employees group at Apple and they meet and talk about these issues and we've we've talked to people previously who are now back at Apple's I

Won't name them who actually tried to make sure that women were involved in the hiring process and you have to do that for women and for every ethnic group that you want to promote it's not just enough to say we want these people

The entire culture has to be based around it and that's the only way it's better for the custom you get better products in the end it's entirely a win thing well you don't you yeah you don't see things from a different light unless

You're understanding to that I was we were talking about the jessica jones podcast and someone was talking about how and we and we were talking about women and how that's great and people that are dealing with you know stress

And anxiety and then someone set out but there's no one out of any of these superheroes is overweight and how does that make us feel that you know overweight people can not be superheroes and I thought you know what that is one

Aspect I didn't look at it too and so the wonderful thing about diversity is that you make better products which then you can sell wider variety of people so diversity equals more money yeah so again from yet

Love to see Apple just make it a make a move by changing the Borg's I think that's a very visible and that's something that can be done the executive committee that I don't know how you approach exactly the executive team I

Don't know how you approach that but the board seems like it's something that first not just fire everyone yeah hmm tough the answer but it has to be done well we're talking about it so that means that that's a big difference

Already um mailbag and we should actually will call up the bursary thing cuz it's important this is a technical question why didn't Apple utilize the Safari uiwebview option in the apple news app it's their own app use use the

Feature I really depend on the Safari reader option for vision issues and I have to do extra clicks to get the open and Safari option it seems unnecessary I agree um but I also think that news is not quite fully baked yet yeah so my

Guess is that news was a what they call like a special project at Apple which means almost nobody knows about it which is why it's not integrated with things like the series screen on the minus one home screen and it's entirely likely

That the people making the Safari view controller had no idea the news people existed and vice versa and then you know it goes back to that old guy English article where the guys like don't you people talk to each other and not only

Don't they're not disclosed they really don't need company so now that they know each other exist they're probably all working on making things better but that's one of the prices apple pays for their secrecy mm-hmm sad but necessary

Last one last male ones from Isabel she says she can't see her mac on her iPad air drop list you can see every this happens to me a lot you can see everything else but you can't see ya Mac and what I ended up doing and I don't

The same thing for you strategies I go to finder and I put the finder on airdrop so that the mac is this is is broadcasting and that seemed to pop it up on my iOS device yep that's my recommendation to especially one thing

Is if you have an older Mac it may not work at all if you have a pre 2012 mack because they're on different different airdrop networks which is kind of ridiculous but there you go but with newer macs

My sort of must use trick is to open up the airdrop window and it works yeah like we have an article that does that go through all of these step-by-step and I'll put that in the show notes all right so here is the Twitter the Twitter

Asghar if you ever want to ask us a question the easiest way possible just hashtag ask I'm more on Twitter or you can email podcast at I'm more calm so this is a good one from nick garcia how does the iphone list the message

Contacts for 3d touch none of my most frequently used names are there say that again Renee I hate so when you use the three touch icon he's expecting last replay contacted yeah and messages annecy no I actually looked at this um

So sometimes it does it for me like I'm looking at it now and it says my last three people were you my boyfriend in alley and like that is true but it also but I've gotten people since then hey my friend Sarah just you just send me so

I'm not yeah sure where it's pulling from I once had a when it when that tweet came in I actually looked at my messages and I had two very two different I message numbers for you Renee I had your iMessage your email and

Then I had your phone number I get that too is mattering yes I would assume it's an aggregate because I have the people that I have texted most within the last 24 hours so just be like an aggregate of data because like I haven't messaged my

Husband recently I messaged him yesterday but it's one of the ones that are there so my understanding is that it works almost like Siri suggestions where it's multi-factor and it's based on your location the time of day and what it

Believes is your most common behavior so even if you texted someone recently if you more often than not text your husband when you are at the office and you happen to be at the office at that time of day it'll preference that

Because that's the more usual behavior that's cool that's what it works that makes does anyone actually use that I totally don't use that okay now that i can press so lightly i should but i use it i use it like for a lot of things

That's just e but i had to force myself to use it for a week and then it became normal lady Danielle on Twitter wants to know any word on the podcast app for the Apple TV didn't the podcast app come out

With the latest beta I believe it is I believe it's in the latest beta exciting that is true and i still think we'll see that maybe not februari but definitely by march soon james wants to know as the Apple watch is a first gen product where

Do you see it developing in the future I think we did that lead to the show before this one on the show before that we did an entire segment on our wish list so I can just link that unless anyone has anything new they thought of

Yeah i'll link that for you James because that's a really long discussion I think we did a pretty well either last show of the show before that yep Greg Wilson wants to know Georgia with the world markets going down how can Apple

Still convinced sorry Georgia dropped out for a second Georgia with the world markets going down how can Apple still convince people to spend 1500 to 2000 dollars on a new phone when androids are only 400 bucks I would just point out

Beforehand that I phones are probably around a thousand maxed out and androids are probably around you can afford 100 200 bucks now so it depends what country Greg is in well the thing is is that they they deal with it by doing quality

Over price and so what you're dealing with this one is people remember not how much a product really costs how much how difficult it is but they remember is how the product makes them feel an apple really markets to that Apple works well

It's easy to use it's a premium product and so they're high price range actually works their advantage because when I walk out with a new macbook like i do i hear the oohs net as can i see it when i had the new phone people are showing off

Like to me that they have the new phone it's pink look at this and so Apple works the fact that it's expensive it works the fact that it's difficult to get to their advantage if there was a huge like you know money shortage and we

Went through a huge recession they could still work that for a good deal of time before people said okay you know the difference between an iphone are being able to eat i'm just going to keep my iphone for a while but with where the

World economies are today Apple is going to be able to market themselves as a premier product better than the rest whether that is true or not people buy into it and that's why people spend like apple or

Other big companies spend billions of dollars in how to market because they market the feeling they use the prestige and then how does that what does that mean about you so if I'm using an Apple product that means that you know I might

Be in a certain demographic I make a certain amount of money and so that works out really well for Apple so I think that it's the opposite i think that if Apple lowered their price range i think that it might even hurt their

Market share yeah there's a the phone is one of most important is play the most important device for everybody now and market has shown that people are willing to pay a premium for things that are that important to their life and they

Care more about value than cost so apple cherry valley was there yeah they plus i had the share program so you can pay a certain amount of money per month and get a new phone every year that's brilliant okay i know you save a ton of

Money you get a new phone and it's like seven dollars a month it's almost nothing and so who's gonna who could say no to that yeah i don't know what one of those programs no hand no hand me downs Logan westermann wants to know the

Iphone 7 is supposed to be thinner other than night mode what other enhancements do you think we will see that will help battery life the new processor is a give me buzz or anything else Apple can do in a thinner fallen to have you in the same

Or improved battery life if they take away the headphone jack they'll get a little bit more space for battery hmm I mean yeah the processor makes efficiency if they switch to oled LED screens especially if they have a consistent

Night theme the way the Apple watch does that can save battery by not having to light up an LED but right now hid sorry 3d touch knees and led so who knows and also the power management they're doing now since the last iOS iOS 9 the power

Saver mode is really good as possible that they can get even smarter with that and just turn off things when you don't need it when you're when you're not moving when it detects the things aren't being used and they could shift more to

Coprocessors so i think they have a lot of tricks up their sleeve i am not i don't think they're lacking for tricks so we started complaining about this earlier let me skip that serenity dunno if the Apple pencil charge this is from

Mickey some you know the UH pencil charges faster in the ipad pro or if you use a little adapter in the wall um well depends on what what wat adapter you're using in the wall if you're i believe with the with the ipad pro it has a

Quick charge time so i think 30 minutes will charge it up fully i imagine if you charge it with the 12 watt charger that's included with the ipad bro you might get a little bit faster boost than that i'm but again it's 30 minutes i'm

Not sure it's gonna matter like and it might drop it from 30 minutes down to 20 maybe but i mean you can use the pencil once you've charged it more than five percent so nice and so that's all the questions we have time for there's a few

More left we'll save those will wrap them up into next week's but i want to know for now George I have a question where can people find you on the internet you can find me on Twitter it's at georgia underscored ow and if you're

Dealing with any anxiety or sleep issues you can check us out at anxiety dash videos com awesome what about you r in you can find me at Saturn s egter n on Twitter and Instagram and on I'm more calm and occasionally on the

Incomparable where I do radio shows and talk about Hamilton because that is my life now awesome you can find me at Rene Ritchie you can find all of us a time or if you want to send in a question for the next show just hashtag a task I more

Or email it to podcast at I'm more calm you can find the show on iTunes or you can find the video version at slash I more video thank you everybody for tuning in this week and we'll be back next week with more

Delight and surprise good bye bye

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