iMore show 491: Apple in 2016 preview!

by birtanpublished on August 24, 2020

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Customer support start building your website today at enter offer code i'm more check out to get ten percent off Squarespace build it beautiful it is December 30 2015 I'm Rene Ritchie and right now we're going

To do our best to preview Apple in 2016 this is the I'm war show joining us this week from the West Syed we have a serenity Caldwell back in her native land how you doing Ren hello um it is very cold here but not as I understand

As cold as it is back there for once yeah we were beating you for a while and all of a sudden hof descended yeah yeah I got another week out here so I'm looking forward I'm hoping that it might warm up a little bit so I can just Lord

My warm temperatures that is very sunny outside we've got no sloth a sloth no no I sleep no I just be cool we just like we like awesome locks are awesome yeah I quote me more slots that is the equally frozen voice of Georgia dal how you

Doing Georgia well besides being snowed in practically I'm good I'm like it what else yeah yes walk here don't you have that warmed up my yes well unfortunately not yet it's all frozen over we'll have to use the deicer on it it takes for a

Like they look good ran those scout lockers but I'm gonna chip out those legs from that I stormy oh not easy not easy you know how to get built in hand warmers like Paul warmers Oh or just have that you ox hug them until they

Warm up little little booties like we put on little dogs no no as they know at booties Georgia no all right so let's dive in and we have a lot to cover and we don't want to spend all day covering it so Apple in 2016 let's assume there

Is a March event and let's assume it is headlined by Apple watch to Georgia let's start with you because you have been begging and you were begging and pleading for years for an Apple watch you finally got it you've had it you

Know good six months with it where do you want to see them take the up watch next the first thing I would like for the Apple watch is to be a better watch I'm not asking for too much it fails as a watch it's good for

Everything else but i would like to display do you want ambient time right so that has like an oled display in is always showing you a little bit of time right even if it's sleeping please please i'll charge it twice a day I just

Need I need to it to be a useful watch because it's such a sad thing I can't do a little flick or tap while I'm in session and I need to keep track of the time so I have actually bought a little tiny digital display which is sad that's

It's a sad thing that I would have to do that you just want your watch to be on and when I watch to be a better watch it's not that big of a not that bigger than I'm really honest came for too much no it is called the Apple watch what

About your in what do you like to see I want apps to not stink which is actually to say but I want a better incarnation of the carousel and the app picker and more guidelines from apple on what watch app should and should do because we've

Seen a wide variety of apps that work on the Apple watch now all of them are slow because of the way that the watch loads things um none of them work as quickly as I like them too and almost none of them get the UI right I've been using

Complications a lot and I've said this on earlier shows i really like complications I don't use glances and the carousel is the worst freaking thing in the world because you got this little tiny dial and you pick trying to pick a

Nap is painful you use do you use the dial do you actually ever use it I never I never use it it might as well not be there I use this to scroll I'll use it to scroll but the actual carousel the Act the the app listing is terrible you

See I don't even use that to scroll though I don't use the castle journal I I you know what I think it's really cool but no no i don't i don't use it at all alright so here's my thing i really want to see what Apple does with the s2

Computer on a chip it because it's such a cool idea and apples one of the few companies that can do basically computers on the chip but I agree with both you i want the ambient time i think with the

Display technology is there for that now i hope and i and III also i don't use apps but i'm not sure they can fix carousel rent so much as i could with the iphone they took apps from the mac and basically put the home screen on the

Iphone if you click a button in app launches and i just don't know if that works on the Apple watch they might need to rethink it maybe iphone apps just shouldn't exist on the watch and there should be some form of notification

Complication entry into functionality that's different than a traditional app the thing is I think they could actually do a pretty good job with it if Siri was faster because if Siri was faster than I never have to use the stupid dial and

Carousel I could just press in and be like open avi also it would have to understand what off he is and not give me oh did you say Oh ffs ie ? every time at apps like avi would actually be perfect for the watch because I do this

All the time where I'm on a site that I have to factor for and I'm using a new computer or I'm logging into it after a while and it acts it asks for my authentication code that's a perfect use for the watch because then while i'm on

One device i can very quickly be like open offi okay this is my six digit code and i could look at it while i'm typing it great for texting you know perfect but authy currently takes something like 30 seconds to load on the Apple watch

Which by that point I could have easily double taps to swipe over to off the e on my phone and found it or it's just it's too too long the I can't hold my watch up like this I do think the health stuff is pretty good um we need more

Refinement on that I would like to see more exercise types they've got this huge fitness vulnerable well not even Derby just like a skating sports option would be good and also weight training is a big thing I know I have a lot of

Friends who who lift dead weights and the like and the watch is really bad about train are about sort of figuring out caloric count for that because it can't really tell what your muscles are doing it can't it can only sort of guess

What you're doing based on your heart rate and unfortunately if you're doing really quick you know really really quick things you know a deadlock uppal of deadlifts you may only be doing one max rep that's really

To correlate to the watch in terms of how much exercise you're actually doing I think that I think that's absolutely true and what what about the bit so I i don't think the a Bosch needs to be anything I know eventually we'll get

There doesn't have any much lighter is on my wrist and the aluminum one is ridiculously light anyway and they're running that chipset i think it is thermal limits anyway so it's not like they have a lot of space and energy to

Give up on there but i won't the apple watch bands to be compatible i got so many bands i don't care if they change the case i'll buy a new case as cheaper than buying all these bands now which sounds dumb but is there anything you

Want to see in terms of the casing of the bands i really like what we have going i like i like the fact that we got a rose gold and gold on the sport I think that's pretty cool on more more advanced I'm always in favor of more

Partnerships i think is a really good idea trying to expand it out but if they change the band the band mechanism i will be so mad I won't learn I will march on cortina with signs and I'll put sparkles on my side oh okay with

Sparkles like it like okay like Kevin Smith Dogma signs with like the sparkles on them I I think that they do have to make it a little bit thinner it's still too large to fit when I when I have you know any any shirt that has a closing

Sleeve or if i wear my jackets it's too hot i wear suits during the daytime what I'm not my snugglies if not i'm in my snugglies 24-7 but and and it gets caught all the time and it is it is okay looking but it is not exceptionally

Feminine so it doesn't really the bands that they have are not great so when I go out and if I'm wearing a dress the Apple watch sticks out I can't wear it and that makes me infinitely sad so sometimes I wear it anyways but it's

Slightly more like swarovski because i know your big swarovski fan I would love it if they had like you know something that would be more like a double bracelet strap on the watch something that would be a little bit more dainty

Wrinkle in all switched yeah I would go even dainty ER than that because that's still thick and so if your red dress it's still thick if you hadn't metalwork yeah double like you know so that there's

Space in between that makes it look a little bit more delicate then I could get away with wearing it even if they did just you know yeah they had those swarovski you know bands that are there that make it look a little bit more

Metallic and delicate and that's the problem is that it's bulky and large and if they make it a little bit thinner I have infinitely small wrists I think serenity you do as well and so it takes up my entire wrist and when I'm wearing

A dress it does not go with that I think that for men it looks fabulous on and all the bounds bands look good whether you were dressing up or not but for for women I think that they it's nice that they have a smaller watch face but it's

Still missing yeah I I can't help but agree with that in part um I found that to to minimize its harshness I end up wearing a lot of bracelets with it which I actual from you Georgia didn't bring it I have the modern buckle and what

I'll usually do is I'll use the brand modern buckle and then I'll have some red and and that makes it look more like a piece right right i mean these the maze bands and the fake or maize bands i have are probably the daintiest looking

Watch fans of the collection and the other blue ones are cool yeah they are um the only other problem that I have especially I think you can't get much smaller with the 35 millimeter screen um but there might be something that you

Can do with corners and the way that it sits on the rest I have a weird problem and that my wrist bone is like right here uh so I what happens is the watch gets like up here sometimes and then it doesn't read my my heartbeat and it

Can't actually it thinks that it's disconnected and so I actually have to push it down a little bit for ages a little bit higher than I normally wear a watch because of the way that the back is currently rounded so be interesting

I'm not really sure if they could fix that um but it's from a personal perspective and I wouldn't mind and slightly nicer setting for the way that it connects with your with your skin all right so quick transition before we get

To the bigger macbook e stuff ipad air three we'll probably see you around then as well if it doesn't get moved back a nine processor maybe Apple pencil support rim questionable I would like to think Apple

Pencil uh but I don't know I'm the refresh rate is the big deal here whether or not the a nine versus the e9x can support the 240 and 360 refresh or the price point yeah or the price point for that matter to include that is a

Huge question um ideally I would like the Apple pencil to be available on the entire iPad line because I think it's a wonderful stylus and I think that the more devices that they have it available for the more artistic tablets they're

Going to sell I just don't know if it's financially feasible this time around I'm hopeful because I know people who don't necessarily need the the space of the pro but wanna still draw and draw Preston sensitively or honestly I

Wouldn't even mind if they if they went the other way if they looked at bringing 3d touch to the ipad air three rather than and then i'm basically providing built in multi touch sensitive multi pressure sensitivity for all styluses

Rather than having the perfect ipad you know Apple pencil for just that's the one ipad yeah I guess the question is whether you could measure the deformation of LED of the glass two LEDs accurately on such a large display which

I don't know because not optical physicist yeah me neither Georgia you've had all three now for a little while which one do the ipad air still have a place for you I know I don't use my iPad air I don't use it at all because my

Phone is so large I don't um I I love my my large iPad but it it's pretty much I i waver in between them we were using the huge ipad actually as our display for our TV so we're using it as like a remote and it was on movie but it was it

Actually blocks out the Sun and it made like a huge dark patch and my favorite book which is hilarious so I do my own fun sketches and drawing on that and then the rest then I use my phone or my air my macbook air in

Interesting all right so speaking of macbooks last year we got the macbook the new macbook the macbook with the retina display that was so thin they could only get at 720p camera and it has the all new keyboard with butterfly

Switches on it ended the force touch trackpad but it only has one port according to phil schiller they wanted to make a macbook with no ports but there was no way to charge the thing you know charging over turning through metal

Inductively just didn't exist at that point so they had to put a power plug in there if you can add a power plug you might as well get a multi-function plug so that way you can power it and do some peripherals but that upset a lot of

People conversely those people can still buy macbook pros so r nu and i were both at that event we've got chance to use it you know way back when do you see it moving forward this year you know maybe a skylake version of coram but what else

Could they do yeah I mean it's it's all about keeping the processor speed down right and or not even necessarily the processor speed but keeping it cool enough so that the laptop isn't going to explode in users hands I'll to your size

Yeah I wonder if this this year might be the death knell officially for the macbook airs where we might get a slightly more powerful version of the 12 inch macbooks and then the macbook airs are quietly shuffled off into that good

Night which would make me really sad but also now that i've been using yak head pro my my air is kind of been a paperweight yeah the air is getting squashed on all sides yeah well i mean the the main the the bummer with the air

Right now is that it doesn't have the retina screen it's one of the only Mac products and really the only Apple products at this point without a retina screen and there's no real way that it can continue to exist in the lineup

Unless they decide oh well we're gonna offer the 11-inch MacBook but I really do think that they prefer that 12 inch that 12 inch square where screen yeah it's weird because they didn't make an 11 inch and then we all think although

Make a 13-inch next year or 13 inch and oh they'll make an 11-inch next year it's right in between there's no like making one on either side is not there's no point maybe a 14-inch 10-inch would be too small yeah I wouldn't want a

10-inch left up I I saw that the macbook pro or not mad with power book than the old oh yeah yeah the baby powerful so far i've been using it for most of the year and for me it really is the Intel the

Broad well core is broad well why the core m processor that is the sticky point like I said when my might when my ipad pro walks by i hear a crying it just eats a person to jump off the counter so I i'm hoping skylake

Addresses that I know Intel had a ton of problems getting to the 10 nanometer process now they're there so hopefully we'll see some benefits I'm hoping they can get the webcam back up to spec I know you know thin is not the it's not

The friend of cameras but otherwise I think it's a great machine and even an increment it's it's brand-new even an incremental boost right now I think it'd be great absolutely i mean if we remember the original macbook airs when

Those released those released with very underpowered processor in comparison to the other laptops that were out and then in the next couple of generations they were seriously revved to the point where they were actually functional useful

Machines so I'm I have full faith that this will happen with the macbook Georgia you have an 11-inch macbook air are you thinking training it in for a retina macbook maybe in golden rose gold right it's so it's so pretty um I love

Using it um but i'm just like i bought the air it's like the you know like right at the end where so i don't know it still works so beautifully i'm still really attached to my air it's not really that light anymore but I take a

Look at your back on like this is sad the reason that I got it was because of how light and effortless it was to use and now it's starting to become a little bit sluggish the both and noticed how I had a smaller computer with a bigger

Screen yeah yeah it was really it was really a little bit sad it was a little bit sad but I think that I'm gonna wait I'm going to take a look they'll they'll probably tempt me and I will I will see um you know just using the keyboard it's

Such a nice difference in between both of our computers I'm going for the IC cuz a rev a board maxin and reveille boards are all with your tempting because they're new and shiny but you did all their problems yeah and whether

It's any any reveille porch and I promise is the first one you got to work out those kings so I'm really hopeful for a year to because I think it's a great machine um let's let's jump forward to WWDC time

And the software across the stack what are you looking for start with you Ren what are you looking for and you know iOS all the os's alright well I'm iOS on the iphone I think I'm looking for more wider adoption of 3d touch and more I

Think more of a push into what we're looking what we're really supposed to use it for we've got it sort of as a gimmick right now but I think they could be of it could be embraced on more places system-wide that I think that it

Would encourage at makers to use it um i would i would really like a rethink of the lock screen that's kind of been in a in popular discussion over the last week because of the fast touch ID sensor on the lock screen at this point is it's

Kind of in a quandary for these fat for folks using a 6s and 6s plus because they just don't see it if they touch their thumbs to the doctor but the hilarious part of this and I don't know how widely known this is but Apple

Actually slowed it down for the tech Titan I believe that was to be much faster but they were so the problem here is that if you don't show the lock screen people think that the phone is not locked that they left it open they

Have no way of knowing that it was actually in a lock state so there's a concession to that they kind of show you the lock screen briefly but people are just so used to using the home button see the lock screen and is really not

Supposed to do that that was an effect of them not having a way to get you through lock screen not typing in a code or sliding to avoid accidental or unauthorized access so basically the sleep/wake button and the home button

Worked the same and now they're getting back to their intended purposes where sleep-wake actually wakes it and home button takes you to the home screen and we are we don't deal well with change we don't well I you know what I honestly

Don't think that that necessarily is a problem that the thing that I've heard the most complaints about is people who relied on the lock screen to check all of their notifications not really realizing that notification center now

Has that same kind of organizational state and you can still preview that so maybe something where it's a little bit easier I don't know even know if it's a tutorial the first couple times you unlock your phone or once if you

Accidentally click or if you even intentionally click on the lock on the home button to open your phone a little modalert pops up that's just like you what wouldn't it be nice though like really if I just pressed it and I

Got just my day's itinerary like you know instead of having to do anything I just want to press I would like to actually just shake it but then everyone else so what we feel about like Apple watch like functionality where you

Either right raise it tap it or force press it to wake I would love it that would be fabulous for me because sometimes I just want to check what is my day what is my to-do list what's the weapons out of your pocket and raising

Up they already use that for like messages in so they know how to determine that they know it's not accidental well then turn it on or off depending on yeah but I don't have to you know I don't have to do that's my

Point though I'm saying that Dave screaming would be a great I would love to see some of the today widgets make their way over to the lock screen yeah just have that be you know a more substantial part of apples eco structure

I know that in the past they've kind of shied away from doing that yeah it's a security work we're gonna hit I OS 10 and if I mean OS 10 was any indication like that that is that's ten iterations of iOS maybe it's time to give the lock

Screen and the home screen and app organization a second thought let's get them married their time to be hitched the only problem there is a lock screen bypass which is a continual challenge for them of course and security has to

Be the number one concern here but but I would like to see a UI UI overhaul and refresh on the iPad side I really want more Pro features I want more push and push into multiple when I'd read Alice yeah well ipad OS would be amazing um

But I I also worry about diverging like I think Apple has made so much of this idea that apps can be universal and that things can you know work on multiple multiple areas just a springboard sort of like the watch it gets its own

Springboard treatment yeah well you see I would be okay with that I would be okay with a custom for up for iOS 10 a custom springboard for for the iphone and a custom string board for the ipad and each has slightly different tasks

Requisite of it but the big thing for ipad for me is I want more from split view I want to be able to drag and drop between apps I would love something that I kind of realizing today actually I was

Working with a new wonderful app that i've been using called clipped which is a clipboard manager that uses iCloud to manage all your clipboards all across iOS and mac and i was using it in some ways as like a text expander of

Replacement where i was just hiding things in Notification Center to frequently use I would love I don't know how terribly it would hinder iOS security but I would love for there to be a new class of apps that don't just

Like the extensions essentially but instead of just requiring them from to be used via the share button actually integrating extension system wide so that you could pull them up with a key command if you want it or you could pull

Them up you know by the tangent text yeah exactly 3d touch to pull up the action extensions it would just be it would be so much nicer because there's so much especially with workflow so much potential here with in a way that I

Think would preserve the sandbox state and not necessarily compromise security but I would really I would really love some investigation into that even if it doesn't make it into iOS 10 it's something it's a it's a big thing for me

To increase productivity and finally audio work the funny Oh situation on on the ipad right now is horrendous the fact that it requires an iphone and an ipad for me to record a podcast and the fact that in lieu of you know this is

The second time i've used a mac in about a month because i normally you know I've been really enjoying just using my iPad pro but it's really it's terrible to use an iPad pro for hangouts right now it just doesn't work very well because I

Can't hook up a mic and it doesn't recognize it properly it's just it's too much hassle make it easier Apple what about you George on what's giving you what's what's giving you be bored like to see fixed or improved this year oh ok

So let's go into Apple music it's such a sad experience I really I would love to have and this might be shocking different intuitive Apple music I like and I know serenity you have done like a lot of work in helping people understand

How to use where did it go what happened to it where my playlists I I don't feel like listening to ABBA today thank you um and so you know it's it but it shouldn't have to be that way and so I have not been

Using um music on my phone at all because of such a yeah encompassing experience it is and bad user experience it's really upsetting like to say that because i think it was i really want to want to get all of it I really tried

Like I tried I was like like trying beats and I'm like I won't I really I don't even know where the icon is right now that's so sad um but it's I just it's some men I've had an impossible jolla get was told to serve the needs of

So many so different users at but that's the wonderful thing is that sometimes you have to say no yes you can't be everything for all people because then you just make everyone frustrated and um I I'm frustrated I'm frustrated with

Using it and I'm I'm sad with you know all of my leg playlists that are different now and I have to find things and where did I download that music where did it go and why is it not there and I just give up and I just say okay

I'm just gonna find that I'm gonna you know redo everything fine we also have a family account for Apple music so you get 1900 versions of the other playlists your kids have made any given night yes yes but I you know I had I had that at

One point beforehand I had that kind of setup you know though I have like now tons of ore e soundtracks and stuff but from video games but you know I had it I had a way that worked for me and music for people is their way of soothing and

Decompressing and creating a mood and so to have that messed with and and it's not working better it's not more intuitive it's less so is very frustrating for many people so your use case is actually really cool cuz close

To mine but different from me i just use Syria to play whatever song I want so I'm perfectly happy I never even looked at the music app I just say Siri play me this song by this artist and I'm fine but you would purchase the songs that

You'd hear a song you chism you purchased this and I have a list and that your music I would only contain the stuff that you had picked and now you have no idea what those songs are anymore and I ask you remember most

Songs names I don't remember so it's Robin is that song again and I'm like oh it's wayward sweat that's what I men like it with 80,000 versions of every you see song and it tried to fit his needs and

Failed and there's Millennials who only ever want to stream and it took their needs and in failed because it was too complicated and I just want I'm fine because I just all sorry to play stuff but you know it's rena d had a Hydra

Doesn't serve any it so it's one app trying to do too many things not divided against itself and it could not but fall it's so frustrating and again there are there's a good way to do multiple versions of an apple but they did not

Have enough time and they did not put enough care into it and it just it just feels like a half a half-built version of three different things so hot dog oh yeah the engineers but part of me feels like the develop the engineering team in

Itunes org should be moved over to the main software team under craig federighi and isn't integrated into the entire side because they they just do this all the time they make these things it's an integrated whole and i have a feeling

That we would get a very different experience of that happened well let let Eddie in his department do what they do best which is negotiate the licenses and make sure the artists are happy and then let the engineering team do what they do

Best which is build apps that are hopefully solid and yeah I mean Apple has had some problems there in other arenas but overall you know Apple music has the potential to be something really special and because the sharing is so

Weird and connected is just a pain point and terrible you know I look I have currently three music subscription services because I've been testing them for a couple months I've got Apple music I've got Spotify and I now have YouTube

Bread um and you know despite the fact that I like the only reason I have an apple music subscription right now is for beats one which technically you can get without a subscription it's just it's depressing to me the fact that like

Spotify is actually a nicer user experience and their custom playlists has even improved which is my big knock against them when Apple music first came out um I want to champion Apple music I think that they have a lot of things

Going for them and I actually think that beats one is really special and the people who work on beats winner is it's a really potentially great way for people to discover music but they're just they're throwing away

All of this goodwill and all of these special deals like the world tour with Taylor Swift of that video that they got to release exclusively just throwing the stuff away they're just that I don't know it's I fun when you land there

There was no beta label on it at launch yeah well it's like if you want videos you can just go straight to YouTube red now and download those yeah they created the Frankenstein of music unfortunately a lot of different things into it so

We're gonna take one last break and we'll come back with final words so I want to once again um let me just bring it up here I want to once again thank Squarespace for sponsoring the show today squid know they are they are

Absolutely awesome actually recently Georgia wanted to make a website for one of her nefarious projects actually was probably a well-intentioned world healing project I shouldn't cast aspersions on it and typically in the

Open I'm trying to help people no but in the old days she'd be like can you build me a web site I go I'd open koda and i get an ftp account and i'd upload it and she called me a several times a week to update and it's not just here i'm gonna

Make your website its i'm gonna commit to supporting this thing for you every week every month for the next few years and that's a lot of work which is why was it only used to cost so much and now i just said go to Squarespace and she

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Designed similar websites so that you can if you're not really sure what it should or might look like they have beautiful beautiful designs they have pictures that you can put up that are just free to be able to use they go

Through the fonts it's it's really easy to make a professional looking website with zero knowledge I have knowledge just not on newest no but that's the thing is that it opens it up to everybody one of my new

Resolutions is to blog about non-apple things like people keep asking me for recipes because i post these pictures of stuff that I cooked an instrument i I really don't have a place to put those I've been thinking in i was going to set

Up a website and i found myself opening code and as much as i love it I'm like no I'm just gonna do this you might think some people do like self-hosted what no i reinvent a week someone's made a better wheel yeah so I started and

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Show your support for the iron horse show I want to thank Squarespace for their support Squarespace build it beautiful Thank You Squarespace ipod lineup came in june the III don't think we're gonna see an update to it this

Year I wonder I think I I can't think I don't think they can end of life it now because they just updated it but I don't think we'll hear word one about ipods outside chance we get a bigger one but i don't even know if they're gonna bother

With that anymore yeah the new ipod yeah yeah i like really the use case for it is is minimal i forgot to ask you guys radios in the apple watch serenity or too soon um o celular sell your own GPS i would all right i'm hoping for gps I

Think cellular is too soon but may what I love that I would be so excited to have an Apple watch because that would eliminate a lot of the the handoff problem that's going on between the iphone and the watch right now it's

Gonna be pretty hard i were in a starbucks in florida for the mobile nations meet up and we were using your Apple watches the guy behind the counter got so excited and brought out his galaxy gear and he said yeah it's got

Three it's got LTE but it was the size of the original iphone yeah exactly it's huge so I would prefer to you know keep the size to reduce the size rather than shove in a cellular radio I must be awesome yeah I'm a home wait for gps

Honestly something ipod that occurred to me this year 2016 is all gonna be about wireless I mean I'm wearing wireless headphones right now wireless headphones have really gotten to the point where they're comfortable they have great

Battery life and I wonder if we might see an integrated ipod beats headphones like we're pretty tight right where you actually us worried yeah I headphones and then it's all Siri related right I almost want you to stop bugging and

Write that up right away that's a great idea no I think that that I think that that would be a great way to revive the ipod I was I remember I was talking to Jason Snelling out like how i would also love it to be like a walkie talkie like

In just in between just like you know when you're playing hey like you know paintball or something else out in the field that we could just like you know have a little signal in between each other which we work well with you could

Play music and then you could like talk to someone else that you do this a shortwave radio to you can't you just see that can't you just see the apple commercial where someone just taps like this and it's like clay taylor swift and

They come to write that ops ready i love that's a great idea that's brilliant earpods already done yeah your pods i think it's the name is already in the name and you know there was a joke about this and I want to say SNL years ago

About like the flea pod where you just stuck it in your ear laughs that i am but i think because the way that bluetooth earphones have evolved there's a lot it's a lot friendlier of an fo market in a neighborhood and it neces

You don't necessarily have to have teensy tiny things that goes in your ears it's probably going to be you know a big beats headphone maybe maybe not for exercise just yet but take the potential is there being it

Could be really cool okay all right that just mates whole podcast worth it for me hi so the big deal via where Apple makes all their money the iphone this year is not an S here this year is the year we traditionally get a redesign there's a

Lot of time on the table now because there are ways to do inductive charging through meadow now so we could have wireless charging for the iphone there's rumors written about them that they might get to the home button and there

Could be some combination of forest touch and touch ID in the screen and things like that which would let them make the iphone case smaller so even with the large screen it wouldn't be as physically hard to hold the fallen

There's there's just a lot going on this year Georgia what aside from your long demanded espresso dispenser out of the Lightning port what do you want to see yeah I've given up that I'm ever going to get a lit up logo in the back okay

I've given it up but know what I would love is one I would love the inductive charging it makes it easier for me to charge and I wouldn't have to fumble around with at night you can just throw it down on to you know your little

Charging state and that would be knock it off with your cost you comforted oh I've knocked my Apple watch all three or four times in the last couple weeks which is true but at least it would be the entire area that you could just

Place it down on and it was just charge which would be lovely I think that I i think that i would really greatly approve of having a waterproof iphone because like i have been one of those people to drop my phone into the toilet

Um I I have dropped it often into the bathtub because I i usually have it relatively close to me and so if they could make it waterproof that would be fabulous I thought lives a hard life I mean it needs to be you know

Shatterproof would be fabulous but waterproof I think is just so fat and I would love if it was like really waterproof so we could I could take it diving when I do my scuba I could take my phone and then take some great you

Know pictures with it and video I'll also waterproof the way the Apple watch is where you can take it in the show and quickly swim or actually take a 30 foot shark diving I would like like a 10 15 foot be able to use my life I would

Really like it to be not water resistant but water three times the size in bright yellow like in one of those kenner case no no though it's Apple made a nice waterproof case I thought it would be fabulous but even though innit

Damn why would i would go with that yeah because the other cases are just hideous or you end up with like little ziplock pouches which I I have to use but I think that it's something that people would use a lot it's the phone that's

Easiest to carry with you to bring a camera to be able to take diving pictures or pictures at the beach and not having to worry about having sand and sleet and dust and other things that are going to get stuck all around your

Phone is lovely and if you're cooking or doing other things and having your hands that are wet you don't have to worry as much about using it so i can i can get fully on board with a waterproof into the degree the Apple watch is but I

Don't want to pay the construction cost of Georgia shark diving I think I don't necessarily need the iphone i don't think the iphone needs to be fully waterproof and in fact we've seen you know unofficially the iphone is more

Water resistance than iphones past but i would love to have them at least have it be tertiary waterproof waterproof up to 10 feet 3 meters 10 feet on good with i could do 10 objects i I would accept that it's a good deal you talked to them

Circles ya got the water proof enough so that if you drop it in the sink or the toilet or god forbid the pool so Craig honking vertical swim with it that's fine yes he just attached it to his arm and swim he'll be great it's normal size

For him okay no big deal yeah um I would love to have apple pencil support on my phone because I like to game with it and I draw my thoughts too long you know what it's actually I like the length because if I were playing a game that's

Like um you know like a ass whopping game your hand is what gets in the way of being able to see the screen so I'm having a long so most of the stylus is that I really loved were long styluses for that reason so my hand is not in the

Utd yeah exactly so I'm okay with the length like you could make a cute one for me and I'll be okay without you I would recommend Georgia a jot dash for the iphone I feel like that's the right length for the iphone personally good

I'll take a look I'll take a look at it okay we're I God will admit that when i'm using my ipad pro and i pick up my iphone occasionally I will try and do it on the iphone no luck it would be like field

Notes yeah the iphone 6s play iphone 7 plus would be like field notes for the Apple pencil yeah exactly so what about your any big iphone requests for this year iphone requests um camera I'm always I mean yeah they did a pretty

Good upgrade and in the 6s but I would actually love to see some software side we've heard lots of rumors of camera companies that Apple has acquired and the various technology that they have acquired therein and I think the iphone

7 might be a great place to kind of launch that 4k video is only going to get better right now we can only shoot it at 30 frames per second I would really love to see 60 frames per second 4k video or god forbid have have a 240

Frames per second slo-mo on or maybe 30 frames per second HDR yeah there's there's a lot of little stuff that they could do in here um I don't think I think filming in 3d is pretty much a gimmick and nothing more but it would

Still be a cool I would be cool to see Apple tackle it um Holograms are we gonna get hot bounce hey we already have sudo bb-8 Holograms oh my my big thing honestly is I want a little bit I want sapphire screens it may still be too

Expensive but I'm hoping I'm like we're just the capacity to venture yeah well I mean that that too for that matter um because you know I've got this the 6s plus and there is a giant there's a giant gouge in this screen and it has

Never been dropped no us hold on let me see if I need to pull up a I need to pull up a white screen so that you can see I know I'm so clumsy and I have to say I have been so good I don't know if you can see it it's a it's right here

And there's just a little it's like we have a trench right down the mill and that happened maybe within the first week or two that i had the iphone um it's it's the point where it says it's a really great screen

I think it it's protected from drops a lot better because of the way that the corners are made but it's still not the strength that it needs to be and while scratches are going to ruin your iPhone experience it's still one of those

Things where if we have a sapphire screen it look a lot nicer um and any any way to keep it from being his slippery would be great more battery life would be great you know with that not without the expense of the extra

Weight it's so funny I was talking about this with an engineering friend the other day and he was like because you Apple people are nuts and I'm like why is like everything I read it's like get rid of the bezels make the screen bigger

Make it thinner but double the battery life no big deal hey you asked for a wish list you didn't ask for a like could we make it well so I drove up the picture of the Tony Stark phone from iron man wears transparent aluminum like

Done he's like even that's got a bezel not good yeah that that kind of stuff is uh yeah I'm super exciting things that if Apple doesn't do it this time there's some interesting things like are we going to switch screen technologies i

Would have thought we might go to 0 lead but now they're using the LED themselves as part of the 3d touch sensor so maybe they'll go to quantum dot instead and we have all these different technologies out there and it's super interesting

They have had you know 23 years to work on this and so it's not the technologies of today that they've been working on technologies or 23 years ago but they're the place where they can afford to buy the future so i think the iphones most

Exciting things this year also on the list an ipad pro two are we ready and that's can also bring in the apple a 10 processor so I ipad pro to rent too soon to have big changes it's gonna be iterative does it need major hardware

Overhauls i I'm pretty happy with the ipad pro right now i don't know if there's anything that they really could do other than you know and always speed it up no one's going to complain if you put a better graphics processor and that

I juice fast like touch ID to way too fast I I think that anything they can do to encourage developers to make more pro level applications is great and if that means putting even more power hardware in it that's awesome I also

Think this may be a little bit iOS related but they have these adapters right they have their lightning to USB adapter and I think it would behoove them they've they've come out with a new version of the SD adapter which now

Supports USB 3.0 version of the USB adapter to my knowledge um the USB adapter is still USB 2 so I would be very curious to see if this next year brings a lightning to USB adapter that is a USB 3.0 and B might support a wider

Variety of accessories I would like all of what I need to go because they have the new controllers the storage controllers are all super fast now so I'll lightning cable should just go to three point out of course but I like in

Addition to just having you know connections with cameras I really do think you know the iPad I don't think needs a USB port in it because that's just silly but I do think that it should be able to connect two microphones it

Might even you know what if you want to use a wired USB keyboard with your iphone with your with your ipad pro i really don't see a reason why you shouldn't be able to ok hit me use your keyboard go fuck yourself drivers

Drivers aside um there are a lot of things that Apple could potentially support with a USB connection that would be good for the ipad pro and good for the app market surrounding it making making it easier to connect things

Without having to have a powered USB hub between the ipad and whatever you're using that would be awesome if i should ask this then it because they are conflating Thunderbolt 3 and USB see a little bit like they're gonna

Essentially be the same interconnect at the end the cables will be on will be all virtually the same should Apple just ditch lightning and go all in on us bc i mean it is haha I you know what for for future sick I kind of want them to I

Don't know if it's gonna happen this year will be mad because if they got super mad we switched from 30-pin dock delay yeah I can see that the argument of were unifying courts and as the iPads and iPhones get closer in some raised to

2 Macintoshes I don't necessarily see a huge problem with that but ah we've only had what three years with lightning for you so long your accessories it's just having to change everything yeah I've got enough charging

Like you know you're like oh yay now I my feel comfortable I've one of my personal yeah exactly switch it and you're like ah now I have like one and I have to find it and I've stolen one from Renee I don't know where oh yeah well

Super nourishing to me those when you look at all the stuff that was announced this year everything that is just charging is using lightning like all the magic accessories even the Apple pencil that's all being charged off lighting is

Only when they go to date heavy data use like the Apple TV that they're using us bc so i don't know if if really USBC gives them everything that they want on the charging end yet yeah it might it might be and also you know we're talking

About the potential of wireless charging that may mean you know that may not be necessarily a thing so yeah thank you it on that topic ditch the the 3.5 millimeter headset jack is a time oh yeah all right listen teacher honest

Honestly um I really like my wireless headphones they're not that much more expensive than normal headphones and if Apple either provides wireless headphones in the box or precise maybe I don't know an adapter in the box with

Lightning so that you can use a third user regular headphones lightning earbuds in the box and optional $30 adapter or wire list for 120 I just I think honestly that they could get away with giving offering cheap earpods

Wireless earbuds I think they can just bite the bullet and do this this is this is a place where they can move the industry forward and just say you know we don't welcome with that those serenity is that I would lose them the

Only reason that I don't lose them is because they're attached by this wire the only reason your hair you would be able to find them I wouldn't be able to find you like searching yeah quietly where it's not a little Barrett's I'd

Have to have it on my wife my watch to be able to find them then so they've been work with your ward they were clean bluetooth yeah I would be a tribute yeah and a bleep people has these things so it's just a question of whether they

Released him or not but the interesting is not about fitness because you know the portlet us bc and lighting is not that thin but it goes a fair bit into the phone it takes up space in that space could be you know used to

Help fill up taptic engines or batteries or all sorts of other things that they want to put into those phones so it is space that can be reclaimed and it feels like eventually I know the thing is 100 years old will survive another hundred

Years like to use the Syracuse a time over time over destiny theorem how long will those things be there and it feels like you know it Apple can do these things when they're when they're in the big redesign years and we accept them

Better yeah i mean it's it's crazy it feels crazy but it also feels very apple dan ya know so moving us along cuz we're sir i don't get too long I'm fine yeah yes Apple TV do we need new hardware next fall we just got the new one but it

Did not come with things like HDR did not come with 4k did not come with an a 9 processor it does its job but its its current technology it's not very future proof yet I mean we could get one that has an upgrade but honestly I would

Prefer to see more iteration on the software side and especially to offer extra controllers and honestly I wouldn't even mind seeing a Bluetooth accessory that works kind of like the kinect does where it has a camera and

The ability to to track especially because i was playing an apple TV game the other the other night called just dance now which was I think we're riginal II released on the xbox yeah so on the xbox did you see the Kinect

Camera tracks your motion that way so you can just dance not holding anything on Apple TV you're required to hold either a remote or an iPhone because they do can't have multiple remotes like you do with the wii you have to hold

Your iPhone in your hand while you're dancing dan boat hands georgia did i beat you the superman on xbox over you winning with i think i was winning then at the kinect game i think i was winning yeah so they're just I I don't know I am

I think that the apple TV is huge potential and very little execution right now especially on the games and app front and I would like to see the software more expanded to promote good good apps and games too

I would like to see URLs for apple TV game Universal just ran versal App Store let me buy an app on any platform or on the web and then confirm it when i get to the vice whoops and ready sends me this is a dancing game you have to beat

Georgia at this game let me tap out or not my iphone are you sure you want to buy this when i get to my apple TV it says use began a purchase do you want to complete it and let me get that on the web everywhere yes agreed how to perfect

Good for everybody and can they can they fix the controller I still stick it the wrong way it's facing the wrong way I'm in the dark i'm in a movie Anna I don't know any way i do it i added the strap and that's the only way i can figure out

Which way is up I've got up a redesigned today if you go to I'm or so you can see I did I did an alternate version I don't like you're out there Renee oh I don't like you're out barrel I know I know it's controversial I'm more than I'm

Gonna take a peek to compete now what about like there there are a lot of problems with bluetooth like bluetooth is not an ideal technology if it gets anywhere near complicated it falls down and starts to cry so would you be okay

With Apple coming up with a proprietary wireless protocol that then enable them to have like 4 10 active controllers and inputs sharks sure but knots non-standard oh I mean non-standard yes actually i would i would be more up for

Them coming up with the future of bluetooth and just being like we're tired of waiting for bluetooth 5 and bluetooth is cranky here's our other standard and people could use it if you want but for now we're using it with the

Apple TV I would love that too because there's just there's so many constraints that are based on limitations of Bluetooth because apples not willing to have controllers that sometimes work so they've restricted the number of

Controllers to the very the ones that they can absolutely guarantee you're going to work and that means very few and that makes me sad yeah so fix that um other max so mac mini mac pro imax OS 10 uh georgia you you i don't think

You've even upgraded to El Capitan yet so I don't know if you're gonna be able to complain about it no I'm not complaining at all everything is absolutely great I'm not on it okay alright so I'm loving it's all good I

Serenity I I don't fermi split fee we talked about this before split view is just not manageable on on a West yet it's a bummer I really won't enough app don't support it to make it worthwhile and once you're logged in you gotta

Destroy it if you want to make any like you can't switch it's it's I love my flexibility they made it's funny to me because it meant in El Cap Mission Control is much better and they made Mission Control so much more flexible

And then they introduced split view which is which is kind of like the the tiger is not the tiger but the lion version of Mission Control or it's like super strict and you could only do this and you have to exploit you can't like

Drop apps on top of each other to create new split view I don't know it's hmm it's not where I would like it but again one point out it's there's this room for improvement I i think the mac pro just again depends on intel shipping the

Healing processes that Apple actually wants nothing I'm sorry xeon processors that Apple actually wants to use I would love if they finally shipped that 5k formerly 4k now 5k monitor and that's waiting on Thunderbolt 3 those just

Those chips have to ship and once they do and they will see macbook pros that supported imax and supported mac pros are supported and then everyone who ever wanted to have their eyes blown out by gorgeous gorgeous pixels will be super

Happy and multiple monitors with them if you're is the first year that will see a thunderbolt display I hope so I mean it's forcing Billy is just waiting on Thunderbolt three ports cuz it needs more yeah I hope so um I just realized

You mentioned the mech pro I'm like I know what I want from next year I want to see the first version of final cut f post Randy Aviles oh yeah because we you know we haven't really seen a lot of Final Cut update we've seen little bits

Here and there in the last year but I want to see I want to see where Final Cut Pro 10 is going from here it's a pretty great program also i want final cut on iOS darn it yes final cut xcode all the pro apps Cora corel built a

Really lovely sort of version of a film at a non-linear film editor on top of avid's iOS app called pinnaclestudiopro and I've been using that and that's pretty good but I want to see final cut on the iPad pro it totally can support

It it has that it has the potential I I want to see it forget I movie I agree all right so end of the year big picture stuff we've got Phil Schiller not taken over the app store Jeff Williams is officially COO Johnny suruchi officially

Senior vice president of internals Jony ive is chief design officer that a bunch of cool vice senior vice presidents and vice-presidents a lot of energy a lot of cool stuff for platforms now I osos 10 watch OS and TV us georgia in general

From apple what are you most looking forward to in 2016 i'm most looking forward to of course my my other iphone 7 i'm really excited about that and and another watch we're watching next watch the next I want a next watch in uh what

Color would you like it in Rose rose purple I I think I I'm thinking black or gold edition gonna stick around like a platinum edition or something a white gold edition I don't think that I don't think that there's a huge like again

Because it's not showy the rose gold is showy and people want to show off their technology they want to show off something bright and beautiful and because it will look so similar to one of the cheaper versions i think that oh

I don't really believe at all straps I'm not into that kind of thing I just want it to be something that's there's delicate and something that looks really rugged and cool I'm into either rugged and cream or delicate and pretty and

Sarah Connors watch strap I'll take that what about you ran big picture stuff a big picture stuff I'm looking forward to iOS 10 I am looking forward to a new redesign of the iphone um and a new watches I want to see what what they're

Gonna do for a watch I was too or what choice to watch it was three and in the next version of Apple watch are both of you gonna stick with a plus yeah I think so lets you see that that's the I am I love it I'm there's no way that I could

Go back to a smaller phone I just could not do that I think they'll be a smaller folks I think there's enough of a market for there to be one but I think apples I loved it a 60 minutes thing with Jonny I've showed all the different sizes that

They test it out and he went with the ones that just felt right to like he has its intrinsic sense of design and this would fall right but there is addressable market there and one of the things that as Apple gets

Bigger you have to add addressable markets that's why they getting into watch is why they're getting into can talk about cars think it's bit early to talk about how flick are still yeah a little bit but they're still working on

And why they're getting into these markets and why they have to do them differently because you do not sell a car the same way you sell an ipod this is all new businesses and they've got us try and that's that that's why I think

They're trying all this stuff and I think it's gonna be super interesting I do hope they get a little bit clearer with their messaging I feel like you know Steve Jobs controlled messaging so tightly it was such a great presenter

That absent him you have a group of people who are all really really good presenters and they've been much more open and they've been much more engaging and we see all these fantastic interviews now but it still feels like

You need someone to be like that director that editor and Johnny I've had such a different personality that it probably can't be him and maybe it has to be Tim Cook because he is the boss maybe it has to be Phyllis Schiller

Because he does on marketing but someone to just say here is the message of iPad which really hasn't been that clear since 2011 and we believe and here's here's the focus of Apple watch it's not these 19 different things it's

Convenience and you know and maybe a couple other things to just nail all that super hard again I think that would evaporate a lot of the problems that we saw with things like music and things like wedc and even things like the

Battery case which people's didn't understand when it shipped i think that to me is the big thing who all right ding gacho georgia if people want to find you on the interwebs over the holidays where can they go um if you're

Dealing with anxiety or sleep issues you can check me out at anxiety dash videos com or of course on Twitter it's at Georgia under squid Oh awesome and and that's also what it is on Instagram though you refuse to use it I I

Occasionally go there if forced to okay so nerdy what about you I am Saturn on instagram and twitter as well as hanging out on I'm more calm we just put up some tech tips for your family working on some home kit stuff working on my best

Apps of the year list which is becoming federer Federico the TG will s claw length right now it's pretty terrible cetera reference to his writing or his beard oh good question I think he's writing haha

But nice and then I'm apparently and typing up that your pods piece as we see really should that's a great idea that's genius I told them I'm surprised no like Chinese company has thought of this yes I'm sure they have what they probably

Suck an apple could do a good job yeah exactly I just haven't heard of it I haven't I've never seen it if you're at CES in tiny town send us a picture yeah exactly you see if you see a music embedded in earphones and if you haven't

Already there is one holiday forget Doctor Who there's one holiday special you absolutely have to listen to and that is serenity friend of the TARDIS Jason Snell and company doing what's the official name again always forget the

Name of the company there's me a comparable radio theatre on the air also personally yeah finley quality network awesome awesome sounds like a whiskey a good whiskey brand it does finley quality yeah so check out that Christmas

Specials got all your favorite line hmm we had a ton of fun there are lots of cameos um it's a it's a story about space and hope and exploration and new beginnings awesome awesome you can find me at Rene Ritchie you can find all of

Us at I am more the video version that shows at slash I more video the audio is at iTunes if you haven't already please take a moment please leave a review please leave a rating it sounds silly but it really does help and

Encourage this itunes to feature us so we can find awesome additional people in the audience like you have a whop you all had fantastic holiday too hope you have a terrific new year we're gonna have a ton of content coming your way we

Are the 500th episode coming in like nine weeks oh boy yeah we'll make that something special that for the fourth episode I think Georgia Georgia yelled this is sparta and kicked me into a ditch see if we can well simply as you

Guys should all come down to boston and then we'll just do a crazy parade through the snow or i'll come up to Montreal that sounds good come up to Montreal alright alright everyone have a head tastic yours to you the new season

Happy new year I more thanks for listening

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