iMore show 489: Year in review, part 2

by birtanpublished on August 24, 2020

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Hundred dollars will be free thank you transfer out with wise it is December 17th 2015 star wars day but we allow da-da-da-da-da right but we last have apple stuff to talk about this is the i wore show and star wars we can get it

Happen everything is going according to my design here we can we can start it off with two apple star wars news bits before we move on I awesome good one if you have apple music um even if some free subscription I believe there is a

John Williams Apple music channel on Apple music and it is glorious and it just plays nothing but soundtracks from the various movies uh interspersed with little tiny sound clips from the film so you might hear like a chewy go roar or

You might hear a droid beep or you might hear a blaster noise and I'm a turn it around on him man I'm better it's it's delightful um I apologize to every no I don't I don't apologize to everybody who's like why won't you shut up about

Star Wars because you know what I am an unabashed in Star Wars nerd Renee is an unabashed should star wars nerd you come to I more I I think for the Apple news but also for us so uh so we're going to talk about Star Wars a little bit with

Art with her Apple news yeah a thing offends is yes haha every night may just talk like the Emperor the entire time and just quote people I but yeah we're gonna let's talk about it let's talk about the new Apple news before we talk

About our finish up re-review or continue our year in review ah there's so much so we woke up this morning an apple put out a press release and its new information for the public this apple has been

Undergoing a very subtle internal reorganization for months and it's just it's not something that was public because it was a lot of pieces and needed to be moved around and they got to the point today and I don't know if

They were waiting on the jeff williams bit too just because I Jeff Williams went from senior vice president to chief operating officer and officers are really important from like a finance and Wall Street and everything point of view

It's an officer of the company they are oh yeah so Jeff Williams now he was let's talk about Jeff flames were so he was a vice president of operations when Tim Cook was chief operating officer under steve jobs Tim Cook became chief

Executive officer jeff williams became senior vice president of operations but Tim Cook has always been an OP Skyrim that's just that's just where he lives he's not a product either way Steve job is what it was so there was some talk

About whether he needed a COO the way that Steve Jobs did yeah for sure I mean I think what's uh what's really nice sort of a no-brainer is that Williams has basically been Tim Cook's number two on the operations side for years and I

Feel like this is just an official sec recognition of all of the work that he's doing um and yeah I I think that it's probably time also Tim Cook has a little a little few more things to do other than watch over the operations side at

This point yeah and you know Tim Cook is world-class when it comes to operations he is arguably best in the world you give me an argument out of Jeff Williams his best in world cuz Tim Cook has other things to do but it's it's super

Interesting because Tim Cook was widely not was not that much was not well recognized at first his contributions like that famous saying I think from John Gruber where how can Apple make an iPad because of steve jobs how can i

Make it for five hundred dollars because of Tim Cook and his value became more apparent but because he was in charge of ops Jeff Williams his role was always even like one step more shadowed I think yeah I mean we've seen him actually kind

Of come out of the shadows recently with research kit and a couple of other things by renowned the watch yeah he did ran the watch um but but yes he's very much an operations guy and by nature that kind of means the operations guys

Not exactly skulk skulk is the wrong word they just they take care of things they do they do the work that the the CEO can't really take care of right now the fix-it guys yeah well I mean according to like Wall Street the

CEO raises money and manages shareholders and the COO just like make sure everything runs apple doesn't work that way never has worked that way but there is still huge massive supply chains and products to ship and thing

And yeah we have talked previously about how like still hard to find an Apple pencil it was hard to get you know a steel watch for a long time but Apple is shipping more products than ever before and more variations of products ever

Before and that's an incredibly difficult job mm-hmm no question and I mean yeah just like you were saying we've got a lot of things now we've got an iPad we've got several different kinds of iPad several different kinds of

IPhones max battery cases battery cases pencils which are still in short supply maybe they promotion to COO is like hey Jeff Williams fix this will give you a promotion but get people pencils yeah I think it's a recognition because Apple

In many ways is still a tiny company it's all a giant company composed of tiny startups yes but they have to act like a big Wall Street company they have to have like the CEO and now they've got four they've got the chief executive

Officer the chief financial officer Luka maestri the chief design officer johnny life and now the chief operating officer jeff williams and yeah he's doing watch the way you know Scott Forstall used to do iOS before that was folding cuz the

New product and you have to have you have to have and this is we'll get to this later in the apps or thing but unless someone wakes up in the morning and their only job is to make a new product amazing that product will never

Be amazing so you have to have someone run it but over time I think this clarifies if there was any doubt about who was doing operations at Apple weather Tim Cook how involved he still was and how much jeff williams i think

This clears it up and it's sort of in a weird way freeze them both to focus on what's next for Apple absolutely I agree with you there so the other big news is Phil Schiller is officially taking over the app store and the App Store is a

Really weird creature inside Apple because it overlays several different organizations even if we discount Craig federighi organization that actually builds the frameworks and a lot of the software that developers use to make

Apps you still have any q's org which runs iTunes which is what the app store runs on that means the servers and all this the software that runs on those servers the CMS that runs itunes itunes connect all those things

Supremely important but he also did app store management and business development and App Store editorial so everything you see up when you go to an app on an app page that's all any q's organization but at the same time

Traditionally phil schiller and developer relations and here an evangelism which was getting people which is directly interfacing with developers and he runs famously or infamously app review and you had these

Problems because they were two separate organizations behind the scenes i think phil was unofficially the head of app store the entire time but now it literally is his name on it everyone knows the buck stops with Phil yeah I'm

Really kind of hoping that this is also a as you said a move towards more a recognition to the developer community that hey we recognize that our there's some problems with the App Store and Phil Schiller you know Phil Schiller get

Stuff done um he hasn't he hasn't been around Apple this long um just because he's a pretty face he he knows how to he knows how to fix things he's very well attuned with the developer community he knows what's going on I'm kind of hoping

That this is a sign of the times saying yes the app stores are a priority for us and we're gonna go in deep on it we're gonna we're gonna make it work I'm cautiously optimistic because there's been significant pain points on both

Sides like on Eddy Cue side a lot of people just don't think he gives enough resources to it and the App Store is built easy multi-billion dollar business it is arguably as important to Apple as any of their their take the ipod

Probably more port of the ipod right now arguably is important as the mac maybe as the eye as the ipad you know it didn't have someone whose only job it was to wake up the morning and make it an awesome product and you people would

Say there's not enough resources we just can't get enough servers we can't get enough engineers the mac app store all the engineers we can get there working on iOS and not working on the Mac App Store and I don't know if Schiller

Solves this and conversely all the problems that people have been complaining about about app review that's all been under Schiller's watch already when people say like the app stores capricious and non-responsive

That's under Schiller he's already in charge of that so it is him having his name more officially on the door does that give impetus to maybe get it fixed better yeah i mean i'm hoping so I mean you

Can't say for sure this it could just it could just be in name only could just be like oh yeah we're really paying attention to the App Store but I do i do think that Apple is aware of the issues and keyed into it I still so we have

This huge just saying like a lot of us have we have really good friends who are indie developers and we feel their pain but at the same time the way Apple looks at indie developers and their importance isn't always the same thing I'm in my

World any developers would would just like be there be high priced apps they don't make fantastic livings writing all the software I ever want them to write but say i give it apples bills right now are being paid by the candy crush's and

Electronic Arts and there's a huge disconnect there and when apple says like when they say apple doesn't care they might just not care about you and that that might be a bad thing but it also might be a thing that you can

Change by pointing out how important it is like in a way and it sounds weird say this you guys sell this to Apple you got to sell them how important the mac app store is and why and why it deserves resources over something else and I

Wonder if with Schiller in charge and a single person in charge we we sort of had we know who to lobby now yeah I mean that it is really nice that there's a face now on the App Store and the fact that Schiller is um I won't say he's the

Most accessible Apple executive in the world but he is certainly more accessible than other Apple executives here applies to things on his Twitter he goes on John Gruber's a talk show you know he he replies to people who reach

Out to him which is really really awesome so I'm hoping that that's that's one Avenue but to your point about you know maybe Apple cares less about indie developers as they do about the people who really make them the money some of

The big pain points for the App Store like clones are still those are important for big developers as much as they are for little developers they just eat into a little developer salary much more you know the fact that 2048

Overcame threes of course which is a popular indie game tile matching game and like that that's a big deal the fact that there are clones of candy crush there are clones of flappy bird there you know there are bad apps floating

Around because the app store is so big Facebook fights a clone snapchat exactly so I do think that um addressing those issues are going to help all of its bottom line and is I mean to be honest the more apple

Treats its developers on all scales as these you know we are committed to you guys and it doesn't matter that there are millions people who want to develop our our platforms because we want to make sure it's a good experience so that

People continue to want to develop for a platform i think that is there there has to be their goal because the worst that the app store experience gets the worst people are going to feel about it it's going to be more frustrating yeah and I

Don't mean to imply that they don't care like I think people inside apple care desperately a lot of them were indie developers they know all those pains is just they are deal and no one believes when we say this but they are dealing

With limited resources there's fierce competition from other tech companies like Facebook and Google from startups where people think they can make a lot of money more quickly and not everyone wants to live in cupertino quite frankly

And that's a requirement for working on a lot of the stuff and when they have these resources they're like I don't have enough I have to put it where we're making the most value with most money and to get them to change that to get

Them to think that it's incredibly important and they have to fix it you got to tell them why and why it aligns with their business and their interests and you got to find the best way to do that and sometimes that's just one

That's why I love it when people complain because sometimes it's just that one article like you know Phil Schiller or somebody will pick up that article and that article will state the case better than anybody has standard it

Before and they'll have sort of like an aha moment and radical change will follow and it could be any computer entities article it could be yo Craig sorry I'm blanking on um ok no I hockenberry you can be talking girls are

Talking very writing an article it could be Marco could be anybody but it just got it crystallizes the problem the way it's almost like a radar we're like the first few radars interested it was a problem but they couldn't see what it

Was and then suddenly one comes across that lets them reproduce it exactly and fix it and it was just it wasn't that they didn't care so they didn't know how to fix it and that you know it helped him understand mm-hmm I hope people keep

Complaining to me though I I still want that dedicated like right now if everything goes under Schiller's org and it's sort of unclear because right now a lot of people on the App Store team actually work like off in a different

Area of Apple like a different campus in the iTunes section and do those move to schiller to like that do they physically move to the reporting chains move and I don't even know if all of them know that this is happening right now so we'll

Have to wait and see but I would still like there to be a vice president of apps or underneath phil schiller who's again only job it is to wake up in the morning and make the App Store terrific to to

Read those articles to care about that to be a dub dub as a focal point because phil schiller like Eddy Cue is only one person and the portfolio of an executive vice president at a senior vice president Apple it is unimaginably hard

Like if you look at all the responsibilities they have and I'm glad they hired I'm blanking on the name but they hired a new vice president of marketing communications that's great apparently Greg Dobbs back is doing more

On the product side that's great because you need you need a team now one individual cannot do all this so I'm just hoping there is a get like the way there's a VP of Product VP of Markham's VP of App Store to me would be an ideal

At this point yeah i agree i mean is it Phil Phil is just one guy as you pointed out and he does have a lot of other jobs it's not just like he's throwing away everything else being like okay time to focus on appstore I imagine that there

Is a vp e or there soon to be a VP of App Store there is a director of App Store in the iTunes organization but it's very different than what i think of BP would do yes I imagine that probably one of their first priorities will be to

Get somebody to focus on revamping the App Store it is getting long in the tooth it's still in html5 web view you know they're there are some things here that can definitely be overhauled whether or not that means overhauling it

In a way that indie developers will love or not but um but there's their options here there are potentials yeah and it's the a and I think Oh as much I think this is supremely important like so the day-to-day stuff is a bit confusing to

Me like if if you work on the App Store and it's your job to actually manage what shows up on the App Store you're still managing that inside iTunes so like you maybe you report to Phil Schiller but if something's not working

Or you need something different that's still an itunes thing that's still under Eddie so I mean it's it's not like it is still a organizations right it is still a job that spans organizations not is always tough because you have competing

Interests like maybe the guy who's actually in charge of programming the CMS is working on something for itunes movies it just can't get to you and but you need it you know it's it's it's it's not going to be simple for a while I

Think yeah I agree I saw the other one this one warms my heart and so Johnny saloojee is the other job any like Johnny when you say Johnny a nap while you immediately think about yeah yeah so the same way like Williams

Was a little bit hidden by Tim Cook Johnny suruchi just be a virtue of being the other Johnny knows was he in an apple he joined their several years ago my understanding is that he's been reporting tim cook for a while so senior

Vice president lately is more of a recognition of what he's already is than anything else but i think is super important because to meet in arguably the story of this year maybe the story the last couple years is Apple silicon

Yeah I mean silicon isn't something that necessarily gets a big name in the in the news because it's not necessarily as sexy as people might think like oh you know you think speed you're like yeah fast fast phones but you don't

Necessarily think of the underlying processes and the ARM chips that power all that speed and make your camera so fast and make your apps download so fast um and Johnny you know I didn't I'd actually hadn't heard of Johnny's name

Until I think last year um because he was so under the radar because he was very much like this is my team I'm talking you know i'm i'm working on my good fight and and then it'll just go into two phones and tablets but the

Stuff i mean the stuff that they have pulled off in the last couple years is nothing short of remarkable the fact that crazy crazy things you would not expect to have arm chips in them have arm chips in them I and and the fact

That they've been able to essentially best some of the best chip makers in the world in such a short period of time and do it on mobile which is you know not it's not an easy thing to work extremely small bits of silicon into into

Something super powerful we saw you know we saw at IBM struggled for years for the PowerPC architecture on Intel struggled with broadwell and sky lake in its in its laptop so for for them to really just hit a home run out of the

Park with Armas is hugely important and I mean I think that this title very very rightfully bestows some honor on this guy yeah and it's it's so interesting to see because apple with the a4 they started doing a custom silicon and if

You'd said to me before that that Apple was going to become arguably the best chip design company in the world I would never have believed it you know Apple just doesn't do that it sort of like saying Intel it's gonna be the most

Popular phone company in the world is you don't see them operating in those venues but they have they have done stuff that because of the way that Apple operates and they don't have to sell their chips

Other manufacturers and they don't have to support you know multiple platforms on it they can custom build things exactly for the hardware they want Bob Mansfield sort of retired he still at Apple he stole you will still see him

There but there was this question of who was going to fill that void and Dan ratio obviously did it on the the actual hardware engineering side but in arguably Johnny tsuji has done this on the platform technologies everything

From the chipsets and the boards on up and it's it's so important to apple and so it's so hidden to people but their doings like the apple a nine and the apple a 9x their flabbergasting chipsets the power like you went iPad pro you're

Using that now as your main mobile I know it's the fact that my iPad pro is faster to editing video in some respects than find new my brand new Retina imac is kind of crazy yeah so yeah like you said that is an incredible team top to

Bottom and they I think we're also just seeing the beginning of them like they've been very carefully very quietly building up since PA semi send centricity and I think most people still don't know the quality of the talent

There are just not that many triple-a like first-rate chip designers in the world and Apple has a startling amount of them but I think that's why like I in beginning I was saying how can Apple do this why yo Samsung fabs our own chips

Intel fabs don't have talked them they're not the ones doing this and Intel still has a way better process and apple doesn't have a fab at all and all these things are absolutely true but sheer design wise i think apple is

Really well positioned going forward on this oh absolutely i mean they've again they've been snapping up the right talent which is incredibly key they have a really good product roadmap going forward and the fact that they've had to

Develop silicon on all sizes I think really puts them in a in a really good place going forward for mobile I know that you know until struggled a little bit in this in a serene ecause they've had to play catch-up in some respects

Especially because you know III I don't want to assume this because I don't have the numbers to back it up but I wouldn't be surprised if you know Apple putting in an order for your chipsets probably forces

To innovate in a certain regard because apples like this is what I want this is how I want to build this this is how I you know this is this needs to fit into here yeah and without that I imagine like without millions of orders of of

Cell phones you know it tells what into is Intel working on until powering them to the surface I don't know is it is it powering they have a phone project I don't know how successful it's been yeah I mean they just they haven't had the

Chance to really experiment at scale with with arm-based processors um the way that I think that Apple I think they still want X cities like I did it but I still think they want x86 everywhere and that's sort of like wanting windows

Everywhere I think going forward yeah it just doesn't it's it doesn't make sense in every in every circumstance it really doesn't yeah so it's gonna be and as far as I know Apple did not announce everything that they've been

Reorganization no spoilers cuz you know these are people's lives and jobs and careers and it's not our job to say anything that Apple's not saying there but I'm super excited because apples got a lot of stuff I was a lot of things

They're working on even if you take stuff like project tighten it completely off the grid for now there's a lot of stuff that's happening at apple and your biggest strength is always your biggest weakness and that for Apple is culture

The culture that makes them a series of small teams inside a large company when you start to scale and we saw that a bit with products not shipping on time this year and other things that it's hard it is so hard to scale even when you

Already Apple sighs and I'm hoping that what this does is is keep the functional in their functional organizations and the stuff that Tim Cook started when he when he wanted enhanced no communications and cooperation by

Putting everything under Craig federighi by putting everything under angela errands i think doing this it only increases it even if it's just we know the guy or you know we know the person at this point yeah i'm really crossing

My fingers and hoping that that's true alright so congratulations to everybody on their on their awesome new titles look forward to using all your stuff in the new year i'm gonna take a quick break and tell you about something else

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And then it comes out alright so Apple news aside we were doing our massive year-end review and we got all the way to WWDC so now and it is time to talk about all the OSS all the OS is all of them mm-hmm so I was trying to think

Which one was the most important and like obviously iOS is the most popular and as the foundation for watch OS and now for tbo s2 and but the the news this year for everything was sort of you people keep saying a Snow Leopard year

And snow leopard still had massive changes like it had you know exchange and it had opencl all these things I went under the hood but i think the messaging this year was similar sort of like we've heard you and we're working

On making things better mm-hmm no question i it's it's um it's interesting for me to like pick a pic a OS right because i think at the end of the day iOS 9 wins for me but it was you know there's some really really good stuff

That came down the pipeline of the latest version of OS 10 i really like the fact the way that they're combining iOS and OS 10 features without necessarily making them the same platform I think split screen apps and

The new mission control are amazing as a frequent I used to use Mission Control non-stop when I was on my 11 in chair and the new version of iOS 10 just makes it so easy uh but ultimately i think the iOS 9 iPad multitasking features are the

Thing and the n low battery mode are the things that like win my best feature of 2015 watch os/2 is nice but so the thing for me is that iOS 7 was this radical redesign and iOS 8 was this functional revolution and we went from having sort

Of like this really it was a personality change to because Scott Forstall left and Craig federighi took over Johnny life took over design it really was a transformation period for Apple and they had they toured a lot of stuff down and

We know from past history that Apple is relentlessly fearless about embracing what's new so we went from this heavily textured environment to you know suddenly we have multiple sizes of things and we have a very clean look and

We have extensibility which to me is still one of the biggest advances in the history of the platform and all of that was super painful but a lot of what we had like we wouldn't have watch out watch at all now for example if we

Hadn't gone through all that no we wouldn't um did I feel like the early versions OSS are a lot of pulling teeth right it's a lot of throwing features out there seeing if they stick seeing how

They work and then fine tuning them um I know Apple is you know usually wants to release an app and feature when it's complete but even when it's you know even copy and paste you know they they put that out with with iOS too I guess

Iphone OS to uh and it's more or less than the same that it is but they've they've done little tweaks to the text selection since then I think that's the that's the mentality of OS updates that I like to see is there cater to yeah

It's like it iterative is that it ERV is the watchword yeah and it's really so what they chose to focus on they ended up leveraging a lot of the technologies in super super interesting ways like so we had the stuff that happens in iOS 8

Including continuity and extensibility but it turns out that they use the stuff for continuity do things like in app search so uh i remember i launched overcast and I just said remind me of this and immediately Sri put up a little

Reminder because Marco had built in continuity it had the activity tracking stuff built into it already so i could just saved a reminder for me about what podcast in what place I was in and that was tremendously like tremendously good

Functionality and then you could record your video game but because of extensibility the app had no idea like it had no ability to record your messages or anything else private that might happen while you were and we

Started seeing the benefits of the of apples investments in these technologies yeah I I think that iOS 9 and the latest version of OS 10 both compound on extensibility to stores not as much as I wished I'm still kind of waiting for her

Music to develop and off technology like there was an app called seamless that was available five years ago that could do this come on guys I but they have made incredible strides forward in terms of they have you know point a here we're

Going to lay the groundwork and now in iOS 9 + OS 10 we're going to put extra features on there that take advantage of that groundwork loop like it is one really really great example they did I think some under the hood work with

Airdrop this this iteration that wasn't necessarily out but it's much more reliable now which is really awesome low-power mode is phenomenal is not necessarily an extensibility space thing but that's

Something I keep coming back to we're at low power mode I think takes a takes a problem that Apple realized its consumers were having its users we're having just saying oh hey my phone is dying and is getting out of battery and

It turns out that there are a couple of very specific things to blame for that batteries suckage so let's see if we can address this on a system level so that the user doesn't lose their battery I only wish that it would prompt me sooner

Because I would totally run my phone in a little batter motive low batt low power mode all the time I don't need push email really yes yeah no I mean there's a lot of really really good stuff in there and if people aren't

Familiar with the way that it works it's sort of like a continuous not like this is what's going to be iOS line it's like these are the features that we're working on and a certain point federighi sits down and go through all the minute

It's really cool at Apple because marketing does push down things that we need you know messaging is competitive we need this and this and this to be competitive and messaging but engineers can also proposed off and say we think

This would be a great feature and that gets put in the pile and when they do those discussions that can make it in as well but at a certain point they would figure out what they can deliver by the deadline like if you notice iPhones

Always ship in iOS always ships you know some companies that's not true and some products that's not true but the iPhone and iOS always ship and that's because they make these hard choices so there's stuff that shipped in iOS 9 that was

Being worked on for iOS 7 it just wasn't ready on time so I think that's absolutely true that they they work on these things like Siri is always being involved on the on the server side but it there's certain things that need to

Go in the OS and then people complained all I have these apps I can't erase but it's tied into that app too so like yeah that app has to be updated to support these things so it's this really complex little web and it does cause pain but I

Think we were talking about this the other day um some people like Android phones have like 3 gigabytes of RAM or four gigabytes of RAM and eight processors and yeah but it's an interpreted language and it has garbage

Collection and it has to run software is available for multiple platforms and uses chipsets that have to carry that the the overhead of may be supporting opengl and i'll direct XL it has all this extra stuff to carry and because

Apple is using native code and native frameworks and their features are coded specifically for that platform it gives them a tremendous advantage but the the problem is that level of integration like everything

Every every good point also has its disadvantages that level of integration means that when there are problems like our good friend the one that mdns responder replaced discovery d what's absolutely like discovery d happens

Which we should talk about you get pain everywhere oh yeah it's the one downside to apple trying to integrate all of its things because sometimes the integration comes off poorly and in fact funny funny story about discovery d despite the fact

That OS 10 has been updated some of my some of my airport expresses still have I think anger pains about discovery T because I've broken a time capsule in an airport express I think permanently as a result of that anytime they connect to

The network they just kill the entire network which is problems but mostly usually Apple those well with this discovery be sort of emblematic to me so for years there was an idea within the company to do this modern networking

Stack called us and end up being called discovery d and people said no because they knew how painful it was going to be and they said no for years and then eventually continuity and extensibility because of the way it worked there like

Yeah we might as well try this now and it managed to get in there and it just it just ended up causing problems and people tried to fix it and try to fix it and try to fix it and what I liked is that Apple at some point decided that it

Was not worth it they could not fix it and they were willing to roll it back and a company Apple sighs can sometimes be too proud to do that and that's a real problem but they fixed a ton of bugs and they fixed a ton of problems

And they had to barely had to backport the continuity code and some other things into an N DNS responder but they did it they sort of um eight bitter that's a chinese journal of a translate well but they they suffered through

Doing that because it is a loss of face for that team and it is you know it's sort of not an athlete thing to do but i like that because it makes me believe that they're willing to admit when things went wrong and fix them no matter

What the cost yeah and I'm i'll be honest i hope the 2016 is a lot of a lot of that a lot of reasoning some of the things that maybe don't work so well we talked a little bit in our last your show about the watch and about how

Certain things on the watch work really well but certain things they may need may need to reexamine I kind of feel the same way about certain aspects of software too I went on a big rant on Jason Snell's clockwise I heard that

That was good or how does the for instance iOS 9 does a lot to forward the iPad as a first class citizen and as a as a proper mobile citizen but there are certain things like audio that just don't work uh and I would really love to

See polished in the future I mean I've been I've been yelling about styluses four for four and a half years five years so now that my stylist crusade is mostly finished I think it's time that I move on to a new iPad related passion

And that's gonna be core audio I'm so sorry designers and engineers in advance but core audio needs to must must be fixed for iOS ya know because now I see that's the thing is the cost of making a tablet that people will use as a primary

Mobile computer is that you're gonna have people using it as a primary mobile computer and any pain they feel will be expressed to you directly yes sir yeah so the other interesting since we had this eerie and the search we had the the

Split the multitasking for iPad and Apple III get a lot of crap when I say this but iOS has always had really good multitasking because it's based on OS 10 it's a full multitasking stack for various reasons including performance

And security Apple just completely crippled what it could do for years but if you recall that first Steve Jobs demo and the for the iphone he was uh he was listening to music a phone call came in he answered the phone call he went

Looked up something on safari looked up something in mail went back to the phone call hung up and the music came back in and if you had a trio back then you your jaw dropped because that was just not possible you're it would crash and

Reboot several times during that is even working how is this magic yeah and then the App Store came across and they just had they allowed it wasn't that they couldn't this day allowed zero multitasking for that and then slowly

Over the years they allowed very specific api's and then background tasks and now they're doing side by side apps so you can do a picture-in-picture you can do the slide over you can do the split view and have

Two or three apps on the screen at the same time but it's still in a highly constrained way it is not the tile drag-and-drop sort of interface of OS 10 yeah I and and I there are some things that I think are actually better in that

Regard I wouldn't want window based viewing the way that we have in OS 10 I much prefer single apps and split screen apps I would like to be able to pull maybe a few more things out um I you know what it what I would really love

And this is kind of a long shot but the old dashboard interface it's had a way that you could make basically a web clip of something on Safari where you'd clip some of it and then you could paste it in dashboard it would be really cool to

Do that for for other apps kind of like picture-in-picture for videos I don't picture a picture for apps would be great like let me run p calc in the picture and picture window exactly like just have a reset one resizable floating

Floating window and i know people are like well that gets us to close to OS 10 and you're just you're just hacking it at that point and you know what it may not work I'm sure someone an apple is already playing with it and testing it

And you know I I would be cool to have but the the main thing I do want is drag and drop between split view I think that that could be incredibly useful especially when you come like photos and and Dropbox things like that uh and yeah

It's a like a lot of little things especially I've noticed as I've been using my pro as my primary computer uploading the images from Safari is another thing where you you can do it now you can upload files which is great

And that's how I've been uploading all of our images to the CMS but renaming files requires using workflow um and getting them out of iCloud Drive means basically tapping the tap iCloud Drive tap the folder that the photos are in

Tap the photo okay go to the next photo tap iCloud Drive tap the photo folder the photos in tatha photo and there you know there are things that OSN has done right for a long time like remembering what folder you were last in when you

Tap the highlight pecker and that might be something where sandbox runs in trouble there um but it's still something that I would like to see little little productivity improvements or being able to select multiple files

At once to upload um if they pick our supports multiple upload files yeah this so like we talked about this a couple shows ago about multitasking in general like that you still can't change the primary or secondary window in the same

Way they have completely different ways of changing them on OS 10 the split view you basically can't alter it you you create it and then destroy it but you can't alternate what our apps are in there there's no switching mechanism at

All so I like that we have it but it and I understand like not when I when I say like you know there's certain things you can't do a lot of stuff is really hard like Apple really wants to maintain that security model they're building out all

These remote view controllers so that apps can't leave you know malware or something between one and the other or they can't expose your private data between one app and the other but and the idea that you can start putting

These remote feels like maybe having to Safari windows side by side we talked about or being able to dynamically change them or float data I think all that is is really awesome but I think you know it takes us it release what

They can one year and then like we said they iterate and iterate yeah which is totally fine I understand there are only so many developer hours in the world and I appreciate a stable system over it crazy system one thing we did get

Finally and I'm using the giant cat all caps finally here is iCloud Drive on iOS 5 oh my god it you know what that is one of the single biggest ways that I actually can function on my iPad pro it was one of those things where you know

And Marco said this really well in one of his podcast when he was talking about the original version of the magazine and his desire not to have a preferences screen and you have to start doing so many gymnastics to avoid having a

Preference screen that it's it's it's more complicated than just having it and I think that was the same thing with apples their desired not to have not not to sort of in fay force a file system on people because if austin really isn't

Human it's something that people grew up with computers understand but nobody should have to deal with a file system but they were so adamant against it that it created far more complexities like a couple of generations ago if you wanted

To create a text file you'd open an app and create it but then it would be jailed inside that app and if you used a different app or deleted that app and then you wanted to find it you had no way of finding that file by itself it

Was all of the pain all the pain and now you can just go to iCloud Drive and you know maybe you have to go through the folders to find it but you can just search and find that and it's always been a better idea and Apple

Solved it with photos the first generation of iphone they had the Photos app and they had photo picker and now they have iCloud Drive app and document picker and it took us nine versions to get here but I'm so happy we finally got

Here yeah me too um it's it's again as you said it's not necessarily something that the average user is going to to need but for people who really do you know require files in their life and also who need to name files I think

That's also really important uh working with our CMS our content management system for I'm or we need to upload photos and we may need to find those photos again at a future time and date and if you just upload them from Photos

App all you get is photo.jpg every time you upload an image which is really unfortunate for what I'm like oh I want to find old Star Wars images i uploaded let's see if I can find them oh no no okay that's a problem I so in exchange

Having iCloud drive there and having photos that I can properly named when I import them into iCloud Drive that's really awesome and then as I said combining it with work flow allows me to also resize the photos so that their

Proper the proper size and ratio for web and that's really cool too so there's there's a lot of really I think it's really nice features for people who really do want to use the system for professionals yeah no I agree completely

And i think the stuff that was in awe Westhead El Capitan and the name itself El Capitan is a mountain range with in Yosemite which was the name of the previous version shows that Apple did consider it a refinement but I think it

Did it may like spotlight much more useful and much more flexible and it brought the split view and I think it did stuff that made the Mac experience just better yeah I absolutely agree so watch OS ren we got much choice we were

We were both really really hoping for custom complications and custom complications we got this is the number one number one thing I actually actively use on my Apple watch is custom complications native app says and really

We haven't seen a lot of it yet we haven't seen a lot of native app haven't seen a lot of the other things but custom complications oh man does that make my life easy yeah they did they did the native apps so basically

The way native apps work though is previously the extension the interface lived on the Apple watch the extension of the app of the iphone app lived on the iPhone and communicated back and forth now the app still lives on the

IPhone but the extension lives with the interface on the Apple watch so it's not a full-blown apt way it is on the iphone but it is native code running on the wat it's just native code on the watch it's still not clear that's the best way to

Do it and I think like you said custom complications things like Syria things like glances might end up being a better a better path for or maybe something we haven't thought of yet I lost my mute key yeah I think and I we talked about

This a little bit when we talked about the watch earlier but I do think that this sort of minor interactions are more the way that the watch you go I don't want to be tapping something I don't want to be searching through the

Carousel much rather glance down on my watch like I am right now and I see the carrot whether glance that says feels like 53 degrees high of 53 low of 40 rain for the hour that's really helpful and that's something that I would

Normally launch two apps to find out or slip down or try to look at a glance i also have a little traffic complication that tells me how long it's gonna take to go see the force awakens tonight how long the traffic is on and the one of

The really cool that's on speeder bike by the way right you're going on about hitting um hello yeah the hair is perfect for speeder bikes I one of the other cool complication features that I've seen is a quick shortcut to launch

An app there aren't very many apps that I use directly on the watches I think I said last time but just press record is one of them it's a little I think one or two ninety-nine app that's available on iOS as well as on the Mac where all you

Have to do is tap the complication which I just did and then it immediately switches to the app and presses the record button so I'm talking right now and as you can see for people who are watching on the on the live stream it

Actually records anything that you say into the into the watch microphone and then is saved using iCloud Drive over to your phone and then can be accessed on iCloud drive from any app which is super super cool for me I

Really like it because sometimes I'll get ideas for articles or four songs or for pretty much anything while I'm driving and previous to that I had to pull out the Notes app and try and press dictation and if dictation didn't get it

Down right it was awkward and I'm still fiddling with things and now if I'm driving or from somewhere where it doesn't really make sense for me to be typing or writing all I have to do is press that one little button and then I

Can just be like hey how about an article about how i use my workflow and specifically i want to mention this workflow and how it helps me organize my photos like that's really awesome I if one at one of my favorite complications

One of the things i do most is is now that we have the yo sería functionality is to say yo sería take a note and then just blab a bunch of stuff and hope that it comes out and recognizable form but if that moved to the watch I'd be super

Happy to i just i still want notes on my watch I really want notes on the watch I really really really want notes on the watch please Kevin please Kevin settle for a one writer extension on the watch uh yeah no absolutely alright we're

Going to take one more quick break then I'm going to come back and talk Swift and Apple music statement whoo this episode is brought to you by Linda calm the online learning platform over 3000 on-demand video courses to help you

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Hundreds of topics all for one flat rate whether you're looking to become an industry expert you're passionate about a hobby or you just want to learn something new I want you to go to Linda calm / I anymore and sign up for your

Free absolutely free 10-day trial that's ly / I MRI mor e thanks Linda so let's do music first we can end on a happy note how's that dang let's do that so Apple mute it was it was one of the weirdest things WC because after all the

Software announcements Eddy Cue came up on stage and he announced Apple music which included a new music app a new streaming music service beats 1 radio a connect sort of a social network and you know there was a Drake up on stage with

Them Jimmy I align was up on stage most people were not very happy with that some of our more musically inclined friends kind of dug it depending on what their musical tastes were but it was not your usual wdc segment it was not um and

As someone sitting in the audience for that dubs of GC especially after a very tight very quick moving dub dub that had a lot of different items in it the music section was a little a little strange it wasn't bad I won't say but it definitely

Was a little more meandering than the rest of the presentation which I think what everybody step back I think that was a big a big sort of red flag not a red flag but like I a it stuck in their

Minds the way that I don't think it would have it would have been quite so out of the ordinary if it had been a little bit tighter we had sort of we had a jimmy iovine kind of wandering the stage you would actually really what I

Thought was a really good speech by Drake but some people are like oh that was a little little too too long little too pandering some people are really so some people really love the classic apple like they love the steve jobs

Keynote and a lot of people at Apple can do that like they can get up there and they can do the Phil show like Phil Schiller can absolutely nail that Craig federighi is more jokey than previous but people like some people really like

That other people really want they like stick to the script and Drake and Jimmy really were not stick to the script people no no they really wanted to just I mean it's musicians right musicians spend their entire life writing their

Their thoughts down in rhymes and and clever lyrics they're not they don't tend to you know they wanna they want to do their own thing yeah absolutely so I but Apple music the thing to me two things stuck out to me one was the

Ambition of it it wasn't just that Apple was adding streaming music is that they were redoing the app adding streaming music adding radio adding a social network and a Jimmy Island he stated it was supposed to be one single thought

About music like everything about music all in one place and that is incredibly hard to nail but the and you've mentioned this many times before they did not ship it as a beta no they did not and I'm really frustrated but they

Did that honestly because i think that there's a lot of potential there right there's a lot of there's still a lot of potential in Apple music and to ship it as to ship it as oh yeah this is fully finished when it clearly wasn't even you

Know even the folks at beats one or like we're experimenting we have no idea where this is going but that's kind of the fun of it let's be part of the experiment my photo library was a beta serio subpoena there's tons of it

Exactly as since Apple has had the history of betas for its cloud services like please guys I and I think that bit them that bit them in a place that it probably shouldn't have you know there are a lot of people who are very

Frustrated with Apple music Jim uncle who could have been one of apple music's biggest supporters being a music guy they say you know he his library got inadvertently ruined and while I got fixed um it still did not put a good

Taste in his mouth not put a good taste in a lot of people's mouths a lot of a lot of stuff just got jumbled I've been answering questions about I about iCloud music library and about music and Apple music for months now so I'm just kind

That was it was a bit of a feat like a themed like to both be fair and unfair to gym like his problems a lot of it stem from him having a mass of music collection but people who had massive photo connections had collections at a

Lot of pain with iCloud photo library and people who had massive video collections had a lot of pain with the new Apple TV in these products are mostly designed we're sort of people coming and also design that way but they

Were most useful for people like me who don't have any collections and just want to say hey Sarah do this do that do this and then they work great but if you came to any of these new services this year with a massive pre installed base of

Material you had pain yeah it was it was really frustrating so um he the upside though all this is that Craig federighi came out and he announced not only Swift 2 point 0 but he announced Swift going open source and if you knew chris

Lattner who was the person in charge of all this at apple in his background with llvm and clang all these open source projects you kind of had to think that this is the direction they wanted it to go but it's still you know a major step

For Apple yes WebKit is open source absolutely but Swift is their next big programming language and I think it makes a ton of sense but it's also always a little surprising when a company like Apple does something this

Big yeah I mean is it I we've talked about this before on how you know when they said open source were like okay Apple yeah open source but no there are a hundred percent committed to this there's a github there are literally

Committed um they are letting people commit to their projects which is pretty committed to committing yeah commit they're committed to committing I know this is this is in my opinion as they done I'm not a programmer other than a

Front-end you know what PHP is my language not see but it's it seems to me that this is a really really exciting meant for development for developers I guess I'm going all in on the word play tonight I I really want to try my hand

At a swift project because I think it's something that I'd actually enjoy learning I've played a little I've played a little bit with playgrounds hahaha playground is where I spent most of my day on the playground um I really

It makes me really excited and happy that Apple is doing this yeah I love the optimism of it like a they really and if you haven't already please go listen to the latest episode of John Gruber's to talk show where he has a really good 30

Minute episode interview with Craig federighi senior vice president of software engineering and then about a two-hour episode with John siracusa dissecting the 30-minute interview which is also great because you know I I don't

Really understand Swift pretty well so hearing them talk about it's incredibly educational for me but there is this huge optimism they want this to be the language for the next 20 years but not just for Apple they want when we talked

To us before when I was a kid I had like logo in school and basic and they were approachable languages and now like my little God kids are doing bits pop rocks and out of code with like it was essentially move around javascript stuff

Which is cool but it's not really approachable and something like Swift could absolutely be a revelant not just a revolution but a revelation for kids and classrooms have you been listening to the Hamilton soundtrack I yeah I was

Told to I yeah under orders cuz it's delightful I yeah I I think this could be huge for classrooms and it it really makes me I said it makes me excited that Apple is going down this direction and that they're providing so many materials

And documentation for four people in education for professors for students the closer look more quickly that this language gets adopt in the plot adopted in the classrooms and by people who are curious about it the more apps are going

To get written and Swift the Moores which is going to get adopted across the board we do have we talked at all a little bit about its potential in sort of taking over data servers to and that's that's something where I will be

Curious to see how that shakes out especially considering you know apples a the on-and-off cloud services prob one I wonder if ever having their data centers rewritten in Swift might help them at all I don't know I don't not a

Programmer here so I'm probably just talking out of my out of my other but people are excited about it and that's interesting when people who are into code are sort of excited about this kind of stuff I think it's it's it's super

Important absolutely so it seems to me like Steve Jobs famously said that Apple was like Babe Ruth they you know they swung and they just kept hitting it every time and I think arguably you know over the last couple of years because of

Their size because of how many balls are trying in at the same time they have fouled it off a couple times they have even struck out a couple times but things but they're still when they do connect they're still connecting really

Really solid and knocking it out the park and that's sort of the story or this year we still haven't even gotten to the fall go through next show on fall yeah so my stuff but it's really interesting to me just watching company

Like Apple the world's biggest company in term in the cross a wide variety of metrics sort of struggle to be the world's biggest company and to see like how do you become even bigger biggest company yeah whoo so we have now

Officially gotten through two-thirds of the earlier the very big year and so next time we get to talk about this yeah we got talk about two iphones two iPads some new imacs accessory cases yeah knocks Apple please don't release

Anything I've been using it I've been using it for a couple days so i'll be sharing more and more thought you think it all week i have some interesting i have something i'm gonna we're gonna hash tag love the hump and see how that

Goes hahaha orono both figure it out on the bat on the band-aid uh so serenity if people are interested in following you in the meantime before we continued on next week where can they go they can follow me at saturn sc tter n which is

Currently going under the name r2d2 nature which is my roller derby name in honor of star wars the force awakens which opens today they can also find me on instagram and on I more calm and on the incomparable calm / radio we're

Going to do some radio theatre magic awesome you can find me at Renee rich you can find all of us at I'm or you can find this show at slash I'm or video or on iTunes I so we talked us before but it's ours was

The first movie I ever saw in the movie theater and it was the biggest impression that the movies ever made on me because it was the first and I don't I don't my affection for Star Wars is not literal it's not based exactly on

The movie I saw but what that movie means to me that's be incredibly careful not to say like not to measure this by the same thing because that that trilogy if the trilogy exists in me wave differently that exists in the real

World yeah um I my goal going into this I tried not to get my expectations up too much I want a movie that I enjoy that I have fun with that's my that's my only goal there like if I can have fun with this movie and if I can enjoy it

Then I will be a happy camper um it doesn't need to it doesn't need to be better than Star Wars for me it just needs to you know capture some of the joy it needs to not be the prequels and I'll be I'll be okay really that's not a

Hard barter to jump over not worse than the prequels there are things like deeply love in this world and when I like when I cannot watch the sequels like I literally I can watch movies hundreds of times in the row i can just

Watch them over and over again because i care about the story yeah but once I've seen this story I just love the way that they're rendered like what the actors are doing and this story there I love story even more than gadgets I love

Story I cannot watch Matt Steele and I cannot watch the prequels ah they are the opposite of story to me they're just so badly done the choices are so terrible that I can't watch them without getting like without getting up and

Leaving so that's my goal for this is I just want a good star wars movie and like we totally the rebel show is great the Clone Wars was great people can make great Star Wars I just want to see great star wars in the movie theater again yes

Agreed agreed alright so next neck no spoilers but next week you'll see whether Ren and I survive this yes exactly no spoilers and in fact I have a guide on I'm or right now about keeping yourself spoiler free and also things

That you can do to enjoy like hype yourself up before you go see the film I highly recommend it so far my filters have worked very well into I have not seen any any articles and I'd like to keep it that way so please be nice do

Not spoil me I otherwise I will come send banthas after you and sand people I almost have to report pans we know for abuse until he backed off it was very close now i will open twitter i just don't

Open twitter i leave it on the at section i don't go to the the timeline I've heard this with other people too i think this is the only the only time I've ever heard people actually being like I'm staying off social media

Because social media is seriously spoiling me and I don't want to do it I'm like man thank God I have nice friends well I mean I'd have to reach through the screen and just end people like dark force lightning and now you

Die I don't you gotta you gotta put up here all right there we go help me Twitterati do not spoil me good all right ran so I will we will talk thank you everyone for joining us we will be back we'll be back next week adios bye


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