iMore show 475: iPhone 6s, iPad Pro, new Apple TV

by birtanpublished on September 10, 2020

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Apple's September event this is the I'm or show joining me today we have freshly returned from San Francisco spend ready Caldwell how are you Rin I'm doing all right um I'm excited that it is cold on the east coast right now so I'm wearing

A sweater it's it's kind of weird especially after our 90-degree a adventure on the west coast we were in the event and people were like I'd rather the Wi-Fi go down than the air conditioning it was amazing also joining

Us we have George Adele who are you Georgia I'm good I'm good I'm also wearing a sweater it's cold here as well it's like air-conditioned it was a heat wave before and now someone finally found the air-conditioning switch I'm so

Happy so we're going to get right to it because the event was a choco block full of stuff but first I'm going to tell you about one of our quick sponsors and that is see this happens sometimes they've done this twice now I click on the link

To get soft layer and instead of soft layer I get something else so I will fix that in post we're going to get right into the show so rent it started off with you know Tim Cook came out but then we immediately went to the watch and the

Watch was once again hosted by Jeff Williams now the watch is under jeff williams organization it's not yeah it's not under like the product organization it's in his special projects under jeff williams he did

Stage before for research kit I feel like yeah so what do you think what do you think of Jeff Williams doing the watch like instead of Angela errands or fill or somebody else well I'm still frustrated that Angela errands has not

Made an appearance on stage was despite the fact that she has quite a bit of stage experience and I've kind of like you have a wonderful woman in your in your VP who does great things with stage work but at the same time Jeff Williams

Really has been the public face for the Apple watch and imed you know it's that's Apple lets Apple public procedure they pick one of their VPS to be the public face of a product and then that VP is pretty much the public face of

That product for you know a while to say the least Jeff Williams is not as charismatic as Craig federighi on stage but he's doing a great job and he's getting better every time he is on stage I thought it was very funny um he's like

I'm gonna be so excited about pink apple watches you guys and hermes bands like Angela could have done hermes bands bands yes oh my gosh I want I want to wear one of these yeah so look he did it he did a good job hmm a little known

Little known fact that all if I'm supposed to say this enough but our our and our dear leader Kevin Mitchell luck has an Hermes leather band and I thought it always costs an obscene amount of money and then I actually went and

Looked at her mez and it's pretty much what you think it is it hasn't seen amount of money for a leather and fabric uh-huh and I guess that sort of fits in right Ren like you have the addition and then you have the watch and this is sort

Of sliding it in between like a high-fashion watch brand yeah this is a this is for people who want the high-fashion experience but don't necessarily want to pay ten thousand dollars for a gold watch I believe that

Hermes collection starts at fifteen or sixteen hundred dollars and goes all the way up to nineteen hundred dollars so there's a there's this weird sort of nice mid point for people who maybe want something as classy as the link fan

Apple watch but not necessarily want something sooo flamboyantly expensive as a soft gold Apple watch and then they had the gold rose gold Georgia which I knew that you'd had your eye on for oil I do I

Love them I love the gold I love the rose gold I I think that if I was like I love my black watch face and I think that I would stick with it but the rose gold watch face I know serenity you thought it was like just like it's so

Pretty and with a pink band it's just absolutely adorable although we really have to say it's not so much rose gold as it is pink gold I feel like that they're calling it rose gold but that is not what I think of when I think of rose

Gold uh yes it is it is much closer to pink than it is to like a bronzy kind of a rose gold color yeah yeah I know so it was interesting to me we'll get to this later too is that Apple is sort of being fearless in because there's this

Perception that gold is gold and now people who might have lusted after gold but so there's no way I'm paying 1200 you know sorry twelve thousand seventeen thousand dollars for a watch can get them at the price of a sport which is

Like 350-400 dollars and they don't really care that that might be seen is undercutting the value of the gold gold or real rose gold watch and I kind of like that Apple s always the Apple that I it that I'm happy about and it has a

Beautiful look to it I love that it's like like a lot of people like the brushed metal look and so I think that it has a toned-down look to it that I actually like better than the gold watch look to it but I think that it just

Brings the watch to everyone like there are certain people that really don't like the fact that the watch didn't come in different colors that they were so if you wear a lot of gold it makes sense that you would want a gold watch very

Few people can afford to spend seventeen thousand dollars for a watch yeah we got new straps and this is the interesting part to me is that I'm increasingly getting the feeling that the straps are where the investment is going to be like

Saturday and i have an indecent Franklin in decent amount of straps but I'm not too worried because I figure watch two is going to work with them and then just buying that core every year isn't as bags I can keep using the straps yeah i

I've got to assume that they're not going to invalidate the strap market anytime soon I mean we've seen Apple change their cases before but I do feel like watch bands are a bit more of an vestment than your average $60 case um

That there's a lot more there's a lot more definitive thinking towards it I think that's the life of retail ourselves are like you know it's okay to buy another watch band because my with the other watch and I might want to

Change them and so we get to kind of like accessorize but I think in the end people love to accessorize this is a fashion accessory so it's like buying shoes is buying a strap its buying new glasses well the glasses can be kind of

Expensive but it's something that you get to wear different straps and I will probably buy I will continue to buy more watch bands knowing that I really will only keep on using the one that I like the best unless it's for like a special

Occasion where I get Klingon they've got they've got a kill to be George's one and only chosen watchman right but I think that it's smart if I'm going out and I'm wearing a certain outfit in a certain color I do think to myself which

Watch band is going to look good with this and it would stop me sometimes I would not wear my Apple watch because I does the band doesn't fit with or the watch itself didn't fit well with what my outfit was wearing and so I wouldn't

Wear it at all which made me really sad so you know even buying a secondary watch that's a benefit yeah but when there was so many new bands like I thought there'd be a couple like maybe a product red but they have two tone

Leather and then I don't know how many six or something news poor pens yep I mean they basically filled in the color gaps on the support bands there are a lot of off-white variations of the sport bands including at OPA gray the more

Subtle less castelli colors for which I think was a big demand when people first initially saw the band's well they like I like the blue but couldn't it be a little bit darker and now there's a midnight blue sport band which I will

Almost certainly be getting there that I feel like they're just they're expanding the lineup to fit more day-to-day activities for people who would really like to wear an Apple watch maybe don't want the price investment of something

Like a modern buckle yeah which is still my favorite band just speak into that they made the black deal available with a sport band and I believe you can buy the black link bracelet separately now too so that's a

Lot of sort of the last project yeah yeah interesting times and we have watch os/2 that's coming on the 16th it's not a huge deal it's not like iOS 9 is more of a rounding out of all the features but at least rendering I've been using

It for a while and it does make it a more complete more harmonious experience it really does it really does and I'm I'm very happy that they took this step to really round out the watch experience yeah I'm super happy about that as well

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Where Apple believe the future of technology lies and then he introduced the ipad pro we've it's been rumored for a long time it's basically a 12 point nine inch ipad monstrously powerful and phil schiller came out to show us the

Details and the minute they showed the Apple pencil I heard serenity just demanding to buy one immediately hahaha I think my my immediate thing was a well-deserved finally hmm follow a list of here are the thing here are all the

Things I need you to test in the hands-on area Renee because I did it's vitally important no I am you did you know I am thrilled I am absolutely thrilled that Apple has taken this step I've wanted them to for pretty much

Since the iPads inception because I am a longtime Wacom user I'm a long time digital drawer I like working on digital digital machines for art but it has always been with caveat or a compromise for a long time i use the into a series

Of wacom which just requires on basically drawing on a flat surface with no screen and hoping that it will attribute properly on your computer when the ipad came out it was basically the the hope of like oh I could have a

Low-cost cintiq is at that point wacom cintiq swere in the two thousand dollar range um and and let alone not portable and i pad you know the app had fulfilled some of those desires but was wasn't quite precise enough to really be for

Pro artists we've seen people do some really amazing things with the iPad and the ipad air 2 and all of the sort of in-betweens people people who are fantastic artists can do really really

Amazing stuff with third-party styluses and with their fingers because they have a command of the craft but this allows them to take a step further and a lot of people of course have been comparing the ipad pro to the microsoft surface which

Definitely it has its comparisons on the the really interesting thing for me for the ipad pro will be to test it test its pressure sensitivity and just general responsiveness with a surface and also with a cintiq companion which is their

Line of portable cintiq seeeeee the ipad has sort of the ipad has the edge for me because a it works with all of the apps that i know and love be it has the backbone of apps like astro pad which allow you to mirror with no leg your

IPad's whatever you're working on your iPad to your Mac and vice versa so that I can work in Photoshop with my iPad and not see any visible leg and see the leg and the duration of the pencil itself on the iPad screen from demonstrations and

From videos that looks to be almost non-existent which is incredible the current leg time for the ipad air 2 on third-party styluses is something like a few milliseconds and it's very noticeable and very difficult to get a

Precise pinpoint accuracy of drawing they're doing something super clever here like the one advantage you have is that there's no like welcome as a layer that goes in between you and the pixel so you're almost like drawing on a

Buffer which is thought about like an air gap which is which is never optimal now they're also because the they have so they have double the scan lines in the iPad and then they have the forest touch technology in or 3d touch whatever

You want to call it now in the tip of the pen but they're also doing a bunch of telemetry in the pen like tilt like position and they're measuring all this the response rate I tried our thing I tried cross-hatching I tried signing my

Name I tried writing in script and they're also it I have to double check this with Apple but it looked like they're actually predicting where you're going so they can keep it super fast because a couple times I swear I

Did like an odd turn and it took a second event redrew it live as I was continuing to draw so I'm losing up losing like you remember like when safari you'd go too fast and would take a second to like it would never stop you

But take a second to catch up the scroll yep yeah this is even better than that because like it still has you never like you never leave the ink behind which is you know our experience on other stylist is it's always right there once in a

While correct while it's going but I used a Wacom tablet for ten years when I wrecked in design and this was better than any of the wac homes I've ever used and its purpose built for iOS yeah but I using procreate and using Apple's Notes

App and using you know just a bunch of the third party software I think we're gonna be delighted Wren that's my quick take on it like I just I could not beat that thing and I tried hard ya know i'm i'm really really pumped to be able to

Do some more hands-on testing with it hopefully when it when it comes out and yeah for those for those who are like oh well it's not as good a you know how can you say that it's just a surface clone or this just it will never be as good

You know what the right tool for your workflow if you really like the surface and the ipad pro is not interesting to you that's okay but for people who work primarily on macs and who interact a lot with max having an apple-branded tablet

Professional tablet that allows you to work with a pressure-sensitive stylus that's gonna be huge for a certain subset of the market and if it's that and if that's you you are most likely really excited about this announcements

I'll go so far to say that not having windows on this is a huge benefit to me because I still believe that Apple building iOS from the ground up for this kind of experience is better than trying to I wish Microsoft had taken Windows

Phone and built that out for the surface or may be stuck with Windows RT or something and made made something for this device cuz to me not having legacy like I would not want to as 10 on this I know people do want that but it's just

It was never designed for it nope no Bridget you got your big wish in that you finally caught usable speakers on an iPad I did I wanted to say something about the stylist because I've always used a stylist I really enjoy using a

Stylist from all my palm days i'm like sad when I didn't have to use a stylus so I think that it's a wonderful thing for people i think that if you have really large hands using your finger as a stylist is

A detriment because you can't exactly see where you're moving around on the screen and that can be really difficult when i'm playing various games it's much easier to use a stylus and so i often have to try to find a stylus and all of

Them had fat tips on the ends and so this is beautiful and you can make detailed work with seeing the screen at the same time and for people that have long nails or might have difficulties and mobility this is also another way in

Which they can interact with the screen so i'm so excited about that yeah it's a it really is transformative like it felt like the thing that was important as a lot of styluses don't feel like pens to me this had the weight of like somewhere

Between an HB pencil and I never know if Americans use HP pencils or not but it looks like an HB pencil and a a pen and like it had the weight and the feel another thing I have problem with stylus is is they're slippery like they feel

Like they're sliding along the glass where this had dragged and it wasn't paper texture drag but it was dragged that felt real to me but I'm gonna lose it Renee like there's nowhere that I'm gonna be able to put I need to have like

Some way of like allocate my stylist or locate my life I have yeah not on my watch or something else because I'm gonna lose it there's no place to put it unless it's being charged and so like you know we don't want it to go me this

Pen doesn't work right yeah right I don't know about that because I've had styluses again for the past ten years if we include my Wacom tablets and like I I know or my stylist like if you take good care of it it's like taking good care of

Like a Montblanc pen or something yeah you see that map it's not me I'm children they move things like food I look at this and there's likely nope it's gone there's no that's gonna be stuck in the couch or somewhere else I'm

Have to buy another one that I'm gonna find the first 1i they need to find a way okay no matter where it is and then I'm happy or like find some magnetic way that it kind of like sticks to the iPad that's what I'm use duct tape make a

Little duct tape holder stick it on the back of your board members what is like feel like I just had a combined that a spiral binding that you could put a pencil and you like all day old no bra a little tiny clip but then the clip

Breaks off so George I trying to set you up for the speaker exasperating epic rant for years and what the pot is now four speakers that are like three times louder than standard iPad speakers and as you rotate the screen they rebalance

Everything perfectly i tried i was amazed at how well they sound I'm so excited I'm so excited um and it's funny because I don't use my iPads are like you know it's a graveyard of iPads because I don't charge them I'm so

Excited for the new iPad pro because of that because even when I was listening to the keynote on my air I could barely hear it and then they're talking about really loud sound I'm like this is epic I'm so excited because if you're going

To be playing a game you want to be able to hear if you're gonna listen to music all the games are amazing George magnificent and and if you're just watching a movie then you really like stereo sounds so this is going to be

Phenomenal ya know I was super happy with it the keyboard i only got a few minutes with the keyboard it felt like the macbook keyboard to me but the most exciting thing about the keyboards that they're letting third parties

Immediately logitech announced i think the same day so that if you don't like apples take with with their i figure those new switches are called don't let the dome technology on those news we just felt like those you'll have

Logitech and other sort of keyboards but the idea that for some people some people want more of a computer than an ipad now they have the macbook which is super light but still a mac and some people want more tablet than laptop and

They can get them at the ipad pro and it's it's more ipad than mac but it's still you can you can put the keyboard on and fill that need now Renee the keyboard is that keyboard also the case and it flips over and then it's nice and

Seamless and protected yep i'm mostly seamless there's a little bit humph little bump on the edge and pretty good and so it stays closed and i don't have to worry about it opening up or anything being scratched i was super happy with

That and just in general the games are ridiculous yet the the sorry the microsoft apps the adobe apps things like i think it's called you make where you can spin around 3d objects that you're creating there is the issue of

Whether Apple can create an environment that is sustainable for software of that caliber if you're not adobe and you're not microsoft and i think that's a that's an absolutely serious issue that they need to need to

Put time and attention and the dedicated vp of app store behind to solve that problem but the device itself is is great and it looks really big but because a lot of that space is taken up by the speaker caverns if that's the

Proper technical word it's really not as heavy as it looks if that makes sense whoo alright so working our way through aventis so much there was so much Renee there was so much announced it was a little bit crazy alright so after that

We had Eddy Cue come out in his product red shirt and he showed us it was product red not Anson red if case were worried about any safety drink he came out and we got a chance and I'm gonna borrow a finally from serenity here to

See the apple TV for the or they're calling it the new Apple TV they also do call it the fourth generation Apple TV so as we don't have to just refer to it as the new Apple TV everywhere every year ahead yeah it's not apple a thought

I mean some people are concerned that it's an Apple a8 process or not an a 9 process or like the new iPads and iPhones are getting but it's only pushing 1080p video and that also caused some people some concern because you

Know 4k is a hot buzz word but the feeling is that 4k is just not president if not enough people have 4k television sets i believe is still single digit there's Netflix 4k but very few sources provide 4k video and even then there's a

Debate between you HD and 4k and when there's going to have HDR and not have HDR and a lot of people don't have the bandwidth for sustained 4k so personally as a geek I would have loved to see 4k on this but I had myself set up to not

Get it so I wasn't terribly disappointed some people have argued that since the iphone and we'll get to that in a minute can shoot 4k it should be on the TV but I get the feeling the iphone is positioned more like you have all these

Pixels if you want to zoom in or you want to downs down sample and get really really good you know 1080p or just showed up on YouTube you know those sorts of things and this this box was not about a stranger seems it was not

About the video signal is about the apps absolutely yeah I mean ever yeah exactly at the future of television is apps to quote Tim Cook yeah that the 4k signal or lack thereof I really do think that we are on the cusp of 4k being

Affordable and reasonable for everybody but we're not quite there yet and as a result I think it's a little bit hard to have the reasoning of yes we're going to put in a chip that allows that allows playback a 4k video which might require

Bumping the like the Apple TV right now is very nicely in competitively priced where you've got what 169 and two hundred dollars or that 149 I can't remember off top of my head but I either way you've got reasonably you know mid

Mid 100's here to high 100s um if you had to add in another fifty dollars to cover 4k video that then you start becoming a 200 and 250 dollar set-top box which I feel like something people would still pay for but it's kind of on

The edge of necessity i can see 4k coming console price exactly i can see 4k coming a year down the line but no the the Keystone features of this apple TV announcement we're really about Cirie and about apps but how Siri is going to

Help you control your living room but doesn't involve calling it out into the echo you know into the wilderness there's no always on listening Siri in the background you have to use a button to call it and the apps and you've got

So many different app options even just from the the programs that were demoed on stage but this this opens up a huge opportunity for us who are making games who are making shopping things who are making pretty much anything that would

Would fit nicely on it TV although we should note no WebKit so people who want to make virtual web browsers on your television a sorry yeah so just like the Apple watch on iOS all the WebKit and other flicks so basically the entire and

This is a good thing worth pointing out the other watch the apple TV the iPhone the iPad all run full blown iOS that's they always have or at least since 2010 they always have but for the watch and the Apple TV Apple goes through and

Remove the headers from a bunch of the frameworks so that basically makes some private api is they cannot be accessed by developers and that's the case for WebKit on the watch and on the TV on the watch it

Makes sense because WebKit is a pretty big framework and loading it up on the watch it's suboptimal for device that battery constrained in that screen constraint on the TV it's more interesting because some people probably

Would have given their druthers like a TV browser on the Apple TV but at the same time it might it might make them more a lot to make quick little apps you can already do the JSON apps which is what traditional Apple TV apps are but

Just throwing in a webview and pumping in your existing website might be too tempting and Apple might be trying to force them towards native apps that's only rational it makes sense to me unless they just you know we have an

Angry angry bug about the web no I agree what do you so ran you wrote about this extensively there was some brouhaha about the initial two hundred megabyte download size for Apple Store apps there was so um if you're getting an app on

The Apple TV or you're making an app for the Apple TV you're required to use what's called on-demand resources now this isn't new this is something that's coming in iOS 92 for your iphone on your iPad but what it basically says on the

Apple TV is your initial app bundle your initial download has to be 200 megabytes or less or you can't upload it to the App Store that doesn't mean that your app in total has to be 200 makes however your app in total um can be up to 20

Gigabytes which is a lot you just have to slice it into specific you have to slice it into sort of these bite-sized download chunks called tags so that when you download the app you get that two hundred megabyte bundle you can get two

Gigabytes more immediately upon install so you have an app that's two point two gigabytes and then as you need new content or as you need to sort of switch out stuff that's not immediately in the foreground you can pull up to 20

Gigabytes more off of the server so you have you know you have a much bigger app potential app size as possible but without all of the all of the necessity of making a user download 4 gigabytes of the game when they

May only ever play you know 500 megabytes of levels and of course that's that some people are understandably up in arms about this this does this does make this this makes app developers have to think a bit more creativity

Creatively and it also means that streaming services may not be able to download offline a lot of offline content because you have to sort of make it ready in that 22 x bundle so there's there's some stuff here and there about

How that might that might be a little bit of an issue but the the real thing is that a lot of people were freaking out that to hunt the two hundred megabyte number and saying oh no my apps can only be two hundred megabytes add

This is just gonna be a toy Apple Apple can't make real games with 200 megabytes and good news developers do not yes you but you can make a very good game with 2.2 gigabytes my understanding is that this is designed to solve the problem of

Small devices in general so like if you have a 32 gigabyte Apple TV and you've got 32 you've got 30 gigabytes on it and you were going to download a traditional app which can be four gigabytes in size you would just get an error saying

You're out of space go delete something they don't ever want that to happen on the television they don't want you having to go in and remove apps they just don't want that experience to exist so what happens is if you're not under

Pressure if you have lots of space it downloads the 200 megabytes then just keeps downloading the two gigabytes and whatever else you need but if you're under storage constraint it downloads the 200 megabytes then starts deleting

Other content like the extra level like the oldest levels you've played on other games and things you haven't touched in a while and that frees up space as it's downloading the next towards it 20 gigabytes twice I think is the first one

And then it keeps doing that deletes older content adds new content a sort of tries to intelligently manage it all so that we don't have to like on Apple TV I'm going to delete this game wiggly mode delete next game wiggly mode delete

Ah still not enough with lemo delete it wants to manage all of that for us and so George I don't it feels like one of those things where Apple wants to make our lives less stressful but in so doing are going to pick developers lives more

Stressful yeah I Apple always thinks about the user experience I think it's a very smart strategy I think that people look at like the small number and they they did think that as throw needed mentioned that that was the as large as

The game could be which stressful I think that it is going to put another constraint on developers because they're going to have to figure out how they're going to be able to manage this and what are people going to

Use one they're not going to use but in the end I think that the user experience is going to be better and a lot of people don't understand why they are out of memory have people come up to me all the time even wondering on their phone

And they're deleting things that they shouldn't be deleting like applications that are using up almost nothing in comparison to long videos that they could get rid of one that they're staring at their feet the entire time to

Be able to get back memory so it makes it a real mess so I think that people are a little bit up norms which we can often be we often react first and then think about it later but I think that we're going to win out on the user

Experience on using our TV and the thought of having like space constraints on when you're watching TV playing games and doing other things would be a nightmare so I think that this is the better of the two decisions that Apple

Had to make now there is long as far as I understand like this this number is is involved in ongoing discussions like some people at Apple which was higher and some people at Apple like it the way it is and it might change but i think it

Is hardest for people who use things like the Unreal Engine or what's the other big one starts with a you that I keep forgetting unreal maybe that it I forget one that you said you see this is what happens when I travel unreal or

Epic that the same one is epic stolen real i'm doing this really badly today unity that was one else trying to think i'm sorry nobody yeah you yeah so using those those engines can be huge on their own and you can't really download these

But I think serenity all you mentioned you can download like a splash screen e 200 megabytes and unload your engine and then download your level so I it it might not be workable for some people and they'll have to push back on apple

An apple will hopefully improve it but it's like one of those things where I like where the technology is going they may not have nailed it immediately but I think that this idea is good and if it gets tweaked so that everybody is

Happier maybe not happy but happier then we all benefit because of you I've had you know 32 gigabyte iPhones that I've hit up against the limit of and I've had to manage those and things and so I bought 128 and then I never got near

That and now i'm buying 64 and if i didn't have to worry about that so much if more of it was like iCloud photo library and iCloud music library and was doing this near line on demand sort of thing I would be so much happier

So am I the only one that's really excited about the remote no tell me no I'm so excited about the remote I think that it's amazing i love the fact that it's going to have the last touch service and so I surface so I'm going to

Be able to choose to swipe if i want i love that it has an accelerometer gyroscope if i want to i'm going to be able to play games using this remote i'm not sure how that experience is going to be because it doesn't come with the

Wrist strap it's going to be really expensive so the chances of me throwing the remote into the TV screen are relatively great i play in a very poor way but i also love the fact that it's three months of a charge which is

Phenomenal that's great it still doesn't have the find your remote issue I you know i'll ask Apple for that hey I don't know why I feel like find you find my remote would be so easy to incorporate into the same things I don't know what

Russell's years yes yours all times exactly exactly but I think that there is I think it's going to be amazing I think it's really going to change because remotes are a hated creature everyone and I really love a little bit

Yeah having the touch surface i think is going to change a lot and being able to talk through Siri and and for me I know Renee yours talking about people that might have mobility issues having to press a button might be a difficulty

With talking to Siri to your television set through pressing a button but I love the fact that I have that as a security measure so that it's not always on and listening to everything I say in my living room or singing like just did

Pick up all your singing and broadcasting about your knowledge what yeah what should I keep for blackmail against Georgia to me right or having my kids change the TV show without me wanting them to well I got a chance to

Try this again it really is fantastic you say like show me a comedy show me a show me an episode where serenity Caldwell guest starred what my favorite like what did what did what is she saying it goes back and then shows it's

Using subtitles which is just super awesome beside way I will use that all the time I'm often like doing something else I'm like wait a second was that what I think that happened then when you say what did she say you missed what

They said there yep and then everyone's angry at you so you can only have one apple remote connected right now I don't know if that's going to change over time but if you want additional controllers you have

To use your iOS device or you can buy me made for iphone controllers and those are cool because they can control the entire interface as well so you can have your gamepad and still control everything but you don't have to worry

About people with multiple Siri buttons trying to claim dominance of the living room now we're just still fighting over that time any I do like that the remote also controls your television that's really awesome to me to turn on it on

Off and volume right those are two very and an automatic switch to input I hate using multiple remotes yeah really do I no harm you know yeah where's the other one no the volumes on the other remote yeah oh yeah oh so as long as your TV

Supports hdmi 1.4 it's fine I we didn't talk about this with the iPad so i'll bring it up again in context of pricing and sooner he mentioned that here too like this is 149 199 dollar box if it was using an apple a6 sorry and a nine

Chip said if it had other things in it be a more expensive box and then I don't know if it's worth it the OP the ipad pro it starts at seven ninety-nine and you can't get LTE unless you go with even more expensive version and then I

Think it's 32 gigs 128 gig so I do wish there were more skews there like I wish LT was just on everything and I don't know if what it would be the right one like 3228 we ready for 256 yet i'm not sure but i do feel like there's not

Enough iPad pros I'm alone there alright so we're gonna take one last commercial break and then we're going to talk I phones so i want to let you know all about actually linda cohn would be killer on an ipad pro and they

Already support ipad app so it's just I mean the ipad pro is just ipad apps with even more potential room for more great stuff so this episode is brought to you by Linda calm the online learning platforms over 3000 on-demand video

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The ipad pro Linda calm will tell you exactly how to get the most out of them they have courses like excelling at Excel going paperless iphone and ipad security growth hacking i almost anything you could think of I've been

Looking at their photography courses lately because I want it I'm still having trouble in certain especially low light situations I want to get better at it and that's the super cool thing is you can watch an entire course if you

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Piece or the entire thing you can browse transcripts you can take notes you can download the apps for iOS for Android you can download tutorials you can create and save playlist that every feature you could possibly want Linda

Has thought of it and provided it for you so here's what I want you to do your membership will give you unlimited access to training on up sorry on hundreds of topics all for one flat rate whether you're looking to become an

Industry expert you're passionate about your hobby or you just want to learn something new I want you to go to Linda calm / I more and sign up for your free 10-day trial that's ly / I more I m.o.r.e god i hope i spelled that

Right all right i care ok so it is an SE r and s years typically mean that they keep the same design but the add extra features one year we got you know a better chipset for iphone 3gs speed then we got siri for iphone 4s and then we

Got the sensor for the iphone 5s touch ID sensor this year Apple came out and I I'm always tempted to say that by themselves no feature is incredibly compelling but taken in whole their compelling but this year I feel like a

Couple of features are really really cool to give any favorites right oh gosh pd touch is a highlight for me I think that it was done in a very natural very expressive way and it is it supports multi-touch input

Far for fingers as well it is huge which won't provide necessarily the level of sensitivity from using an Apple pencil on an iPad pro but still gives stylus makers and artists on an iPhone so much more to work with so that's my that's my

Sort of keynote is the 3d touch feature is just blockbuster it was oh well thought out like they've been working on this for a long time and they want it to solve two primary problems the iphone only has one column saw like an ipad

Where you can have like a column of messages and the contents of the message then you just tap through the column to find the message you want really quickly this is tap slide all the way over wrong one back button tap against light it's

Just not fast and also as the screens got bigger they became harder to use one-handed but the thing is you don't have to solve for one-handed use only by screen size there's all sorts of other things you can do and this is the

Culmination of that so you have both the ability and it's still not quite as fast as a multi-column layout but you can just you have three states hint peak and pop when you touch a little bit it'll show you everything else will blur out

And you'll see that this message is available for preview then you press a little bit and it pops up into this while you want a populist the name for something else but it it comes up into this peak view which is basically a

Preview and that shows you the contents of the message or the web page or the map or or anything else you can think of and then if it's the one you want you can just press a little bit harder and it pops you right into that app or into

That screen and if you if it's not the right one you just release pressure and you go right back to that list and it makes it it's like an accelerator it makes it so much faster and then for app icons you can have both static and

Dynamic shortcuts so you can touch the messages icon for example and new messages already is always there but it knows the last three people I've message so we can have Georgia serenity and Kevin for example in that list you can

Have you know I think up to four items two lines of text per item and an icon in any one of those things and you just hold down swipe over tap them and you're there so you're launching actions not apps anymore you're going you're

Avoiding going to the app going to the feature it just Georgia it makes using an iphone so you can swipe for swipe to get right into the fast app switcher so you have the back you have like the normal swipe to go back pay

And then the fourth swipe to go back apps super close so cool so cool I think it's brilliant I think it's brilliant because just as pinch-to-zoom became it's it's so intuitive it makes sense this is exactly the same thing it makes

Sense for us to be able to press down to be able to open something and press down further to go right into it and so because of that i think thats going to save us time I think that it's not every new feature that you're going to have to

Relearn something it's going to take a little bit of an adoption time but because it makes so much sense of the way that we already interact with things I think that this is going to make people feel I think one is it's actually

A feature for getting the the S which is big for Apple because why upgrade when the phone even though every real really almost everything about it is different even the outer casing is different because it looks the same people say

Well it's the same phone and so this distinguishes it and it's just such a nice usability feature to save us time and effort and stress there's so many times that I look through a message and I can't I want to see how important it

Is and so now I'm gonna have to open it up it's all going to launch its stressing me out and so I just don't do it or I launch it and then when I close that I haven't said that I've unread it and then I forget about it and then I

Might go back and I've actually missed out on something that was vastly important so I think that it's not just going to save time I think it's going to lower our stress levels when we use our phone yeah it looks and the feeling to

Like the amount o they've got a whole new hat taptic engine in the middle of the phone and when you press on it even if it's if there's no options you still get like a little bit of pressure almost like the the login dialog that shakes

His head when you get it wrong it's a little bit of delightful interaction so it makes you want to try other other buttons and it's really great for discoverability I was super happy with that the camera looks great like the

Traditional problem with going to higher megapixels is cutting up the sensor to making smaller pixels that then suck in less light and that creates more noise and what Apple did and serenity I wish the Death Star I'd had this because it

Would still be here it's got deep trench isolation like are you are you saying plus one for the Death Star well I mean like the it feels like I was such an easy problem to solve right like all you had to go deep trench isolation bb-8 is

Judging you that's all right um I'm view from aa yeah I know oh that's devastating look behind me look what do you see serenity chest wall no no he's eight yet villain UPS is holding it hostage until they get

Their payment I have my second one here oh no don't even don't really okay my heart I want I want to get rid of him I want to send him for someone else to be deserving okay i'm gonna i have one I don't need to I accidentally got to say

I want to I have no baby end up and waited him free I know we'll get you yet yes it will happen anyway yes a deep deep trench isolation allowing the iphone 6s and 6s plus sensor to shoot 12 megapixel photos which is really

Exciting the photos to look great the low-light low light looks even better and we've got a new a new gimmick in the photos and camera apps called live photos and yes nokia did invent that in 1812 that's fine aha app out Apple is

Making a lit so the live photo you get 1.5 seconds before and after that animates run is that right yes that's correct so when you open up the camera app before you press the take photo button it's actually snapping a series

Of shots as you're getting ready and so when you record that photo when you do actually snap it and then you go to the Photos app to look at it you can actually force press on our 3d press on a photo and it will show you the few

Frames before and the few frames after and it makes it look like a little harry potter photo sort of a little floating but I my friend Ali was joking and I agree with her I feel like all of my myself photos now are going to be like

Blinking blinking before you need to take us on some of them you won't have Renee oh I know yeah Renee I know a lot of people are upset over the security measures because they're saying well now apples constantly listening in and like

Taking video without your knowledge of your pictures nobody is upset CBS who cannot read a technical description no he well I'm sure they've managed to make people upset like the thing is this you can

Enable hey Siri if you want to be like previously get to be plugged in to do it you could turn it on now with an iphone 6s or six plus you no longer have to be plugged in you can do hey Siri anytime but Apple makes you say hey Siri as part

Of the setup if you want to use it and then it tries to identify your voice and then it uses local processing to do that so it's not like other services that are going to the clouds try to figure out if it's you or not it's it the it's just a

Dead device like you could be a non a complete disconnected device on there waiting for hey Siri there's nothing being stored or transmitted same for live photos a digital camera works by continuously capturing images and then

When you press the button it stores that image this is doing nothing different it's just got a bigger buffer and when you press the button it stores 1.5 seconds of that previous buffer all of this is incredibly easy to understand if

You just are you know look at the technology as we as Apple has presented it but I guess headlines right and although everything can be turned off yes you don't want hey Siri it can be turned off if you don't want live photos

It can be turned off then you can have whatever you like and not worry about privacy implications right and it's it sorry it's re using that space so you don't have to worry it's not like it's going to anywhere else it's just you

Already have your photos stored on your phone in the first place and your videos if you choose to have this you're just going to have more it's not going anywhere else but I think that a lot of people don't understand the matter in

Which technology uses works and I think that it is important for us to explain so that people can understand what's happening versus what's not what is a security risk and what wouldn't be so I am happy that people ask the question to

It so that they can get a form informed I think that other companies have done it in a way that was less than transparent and less than private and I think Apple I think it's right to ask those questions we're asking those

Questions because it's been done badly in the past yeah we have a couple other questions coming in we've answered how a Swedish we've answered the 4k question how would you choose now rent if you were trying to choose a new ultra

Portable and you're looking at the macbook or the ipad pro what would send you one direction or the other I say that say that again you froze during the end of that sorry so if you had to choose like how would

You decide between a 12-inch MacBook and a 12 inch iPad pro that's a really tough decision I would say not having spent a lot of time with the iPad pro and really I need to spend more before I'd give a concrete answer depends on what you're

Doing it for if you're if writing is a big thing writing and computer gaming and just anything that requires extensive of tools a multi like extensive multitasking you might want to continue sticking with Mac os10 if you

Think that you can work in a little bit more single stream if you can just have two apps open at once if you don't need to write as often as you do need to physically touch a canvas the ipad is probably for you yeah no I agree with

That we're getting this question a lot so I'll answer this yet again why didn't Apple go for 32 gigabytes as the base model why is there a 16 gigabyte phone with 4k video it makes the entire phone utterly you so we're going to talk about

More this one vector but there is an incredible lack of perspective taking in technology today whether you're reviewing a macbook and you say that it doesn't have enough ports you can get a macbook pro but that computer might suit

Somebody else the 16 gigabyte iphone it suits a lot of people I was talking about this earlier Georgia how many gigabytes is your husband used on his iphone only nine so he would be perfectly fine with the 16gb well my mom

Has barely used any space on her as her next iPhone is probably going to be a 16 gigabyte iphone and I disliked the tech industry calling her stupid there's also a bunch of people in enterprise and in schools who are buying thousands of

These things and all they want to do is use business to business apps and web portals and getting a low-cost iPhone is the most important thing yes Apple could go down to 32 gigabytes for them but that starts messing up Apple's entire

Business is based on the average selling price of an iphone and if that goes down Wall Street starts dumping their stocks so as a business they have a duty to maximize profits but they've done everything from those on-demand

Resources to the asset splitting to make 16 gigabytes work well for people for whom that's just as much as they want or as much as they can afford given the price plans now though I mean it's that much more money so nobody has to

Buy the 16 gigabyte iphone you can buy the last generation at a higher bandwidth I believe now especially secondhand they got a news last generation but you can why there's all sorts of ways to get the iphone that you

Want this existing is just a reflection of the differences in and style and pricing along with making like the same reason the took the ipad 2 stayed around for so long having that low price model for a certain customers so it exists but

You don't have to buy it well there's a lot of people that really use their iphone for a phone and for surfing the web and maybe having a game and so they're not going to use up a lot of gigs on their iPhone because of that and

So this would be the perfect phone for them and again that's not a defense of a boy you can you can think it's a stupid phone and not buy it but it you can't think that it's stupid for everybody I mean sorry do you have a lot of choice

Yeah they do have a lot of choice in some people like if I was getting in and I would like to get my mom I usually give her she's looking to get a new phone and so I'd want to give her something that's easy to use like an

Apple phone but she wouldn't need much memory she would truly be using that for the phone and maybe answering email and maybe searching the web every now and then mmhmm yeah so perspective taking people not every not every device has to

Be for you to be for other people can you use this is from capture to cran can you use the Apple pencil and all your iOS devices read you cannot you can only use it on the ipad pro and that has to do with the refresh rate of the screen

The ipad pros refresh rate is currently 240 hertz as opposed to I believe 120 on the ipad air 2 and 64 on the iphone 6 and 6 plus i don't know about what the refresh rate is on the success but regardless the pencil is designed

Primarily for the ipad pro could we see and expand in the future possibly but i don't think so yeah i could maybe see working on the air but i think on an iphone i love it like i believe me i would love it everywhere but it's a baby

Steps do you think we'll see apples phone switch app hit the App Store on the 60 or when do you think so Apple's making an app called move but it's actually not an iOS app it's an android app it's going to be on the google play

Store on this not the 16th but when the iphone 6s and 6s plus launch I think that's the 25th and it gets built into the iphone startup screen so when you're doing the startup you want to use Syria do wanna use location services you'll

Have an option if you're switching from Android to get that utility running on your iPhone and then the app running on Android and it'll suck over all your data and then show you where I like help you download all the apps you have on

Android onto your iphone so as far as i know we don't need it on the app store it's going to be built in that's my understanding at least alright so Georgia any final thoughts anything else about the event that stood out to you I

Mean we don't have one direction to sing us at once I onerepublic to sing us out keep doing that so what do you think you're muted Oh No Georgia ok ok I'm back I'm back it was I'm not gonna I said some amazing stuff there but I'm

Not gonna know could repeat it um I'm just the other thing I'm really excited about is rose gold I think that it's stunning looking I think that it suits everyone and so I think that's just the color to beat now I ordered it 32

Gigabyte iphone 6 plus rose gold beautiful yeah I thought about it but I went I went space black I went back to my roots spider yes yeah yeah no I don't I don't I don't blame you a like it'sit's gonna it I just like I feel

Like we need the new one like the new color so that when we have the photographs and we have all the pictures and stuff in the videos you can tell that it's and I it's almost like proof-of-work news I think it's also the

Bragging rights Renee you can go around and everyone knows i'll just put a lot pic case on anyway what do you think about people around the touch ID button that's true who asked for black faces on the white on the rose gold and gold

Phones i want it i right now so much i think that would look great yeah i just want to send the whole mm-hmm this feels very bruins black and yellow black and yellow ya know it works no it works I have a feeling that I mean I think

Apples discovered that especially on the SEO is introducing new colors increases the excitement because we discussed this before human superficial creatures scratch our surface Georgia more services or service

I knew yeah so I could see like next like in the like iphone 7s having a black and gold or you know blue or some other color to make it unique again yes they and they sell a lot yeah we just we love to be able to it's it's a status

Symbol you know for the good and for the bad it's a stem but status and everyone does notice people come up to me all the time saying set the watch blah blah blah which is going the first you know rose gold Apple watch that I see in the wild

I am gonna be let me take a look yes that looks amazing she's gonna romp it more cardio uh ya know so how was your ordering process friend um i muted the ordering process was was really a seamless aside for the fact that i hate

Waking up at three in the morning um but I went through the apple store app like I have the last three years and that is that is the best way to order I was in three minutes after 3am I tapped the version that I wanted they had an option

For reserve in store which I happily checked as I hate waiting around for UPS so i'm going to get my end and this year which is i think at first they have specific time slots when you're supposed to come in and get your phone that's

Great actually the afternoon we don't have that this year i'm sad yeah yeah well although the goodness has gone from Canada to the US I blames 20 because she's at both porter so wherever she goes the goodness does uh yeah I what

Did you get 30 sorry 64 or 128 64 64 Space Gray 6 plus this year I'm gonna try it for yap good for have it sorry I so here's my thing I would not have even considered the six plus until I got the apple watch right the Apple watch makes

It a little bit more feasible and also especially with 3d touch and with pressure sensitivity and a couple other things I really want to play with the beat like I want it I want a chance to play with the bigger screen now my

Boyfriend has a 6 plus and I'm not super enamored of his so we'll see maybe a huge missed Jake and I may go back to my sex within two weeks right the only the only thing is I would say to get like a love handle

Or like then no biggie that you can hold on to your phone one-handed and it doesn't fall down and slip and you can it does increase the usability to that yeah I just totally went to the killing their Georgia oh snap Linden yeah no I

Didn't go i didn't know you got to six plus it's gonna be awesome cuz it worse you're gonna have it for a week before you decide to change it so it'll be nice in sight to see yeah this is also true and I know maybe the two weeks oh no

They only the two weeks of the growth period changing so give it some thought the testing yeah I understand and you still got the Celeste is optical image stabilisation and optical movies he relation only on the six plus sorry the

Success plus still so I'm looking forward to that to all the 4k videos oh so many so much for k alright Georgia Sophie our last question oh yeah that was our last question well the other ones we've already answered so I'm just

I'm triaging as we go cuz we're at about an hour Georgia people want to find you on the internet if you want to find out more about you if they want to find your awesome videos where can they go if you're dealing with anxiety or someone

You love is and want to treat it at home you can check out anxiety dash videos calm and you can check me out on twitter at georgia underscored ow and of course I more well let's help me get through iphone crazy review season it might

You'd have to actually follow the the different techniques that are in there which one might be you know take a little bit more time what's to say yes we're trying to sell your videos oh sorry yes Renee okay how about you read

Where are you these days yep we're gonna find you Ren oh they can find me at se tter NS set her on Instagram and Twitter and on I'm more calm every day occasionally on the incomparable awesome yes we met with the Jason Snell and

Recorded a little bit of the clockwise it was a lot of fun so check that out of here haven't we also did a I did a twit last night with ben thompson and ed bott super smart guys so we get more reaction about the event there and you can find

Me at Rene Ritchie you can find all of us at I'm or if you go to iTunes please subscribe please leave a review it helps other people learn about the show and that's just great for everybody if you miss the video and you really wanna

Watch the video you can go to slash I more video I want to thank each and every one of you for joining us here today we are going to have so much so much almost crying when I said that so much coverage coming your

Way this week and next all the coverage Ren all the coverage none more coverage thanks everyone do it

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