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by birtanpublished on September 12, 2020

All right I'm gonna get started George's that's okay that's okay Eva that is ok this is ok I got a pulp an ad first got an ad before the show did you do oh when they remember all these ads looking into all the things all right you get to go yep a little likely story come on ads

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Kind of vacuum filters see if we can go back in time and previously get that all right let's try this all right here we go ok d the I'm or show is brought to you today by softlayer softlayer delivers a cloud built to compete your

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Cloud and you thanks off layer it is September 4 2015 I'm Rene Ritchie and right now we're going to talk all about Apple's Siri give us a hint event scheduled for next wednesday this is the I'm our show joining me this week I have

Georgia doubt Georgia how are you doing I'm doing great we also have sara d caldwell she is still in coming she went on an epic hero's journey this morning to rescue a droid named bb-8 I I fully understand that was a good win when you

When you told me she's gonna be a little late she has to get her bb-8 I went I fully understand that that's a good idea I can't wait to see it well so we ordered um last night and she I think she ordered to but then she wanted one

But the first place she went to it sounds like you know the employees at bought them already I suppose they're so cute yeah so she had to go to another place it was further away and she's still driving back so hopefully she'll

Be with us with us and with her droid I'm gonna have a little track behind me and it's just gonna go from side to side while I do the podcast man in America rep in front of my shoulder that's it and then continue going back and forth

Ma'am running man really turn around and then shoot something I've always wanted to have a robot friend well I thought that's why you got married these ones never complained uh okay yeah yeah you want one that actually listens to you

Yeah alright so we are less early a few days away actually as we record this it is Friday the apple event is on wednesday at the bill graham auditorium we talked about that last week with jason snelling out how large it is and

It sounds like the event is going to be expansive now traditionally this was apples music event and they would show off the new ipods because that's what their biggest business was but then in two thousand sorry 2011 Apple switched

They moved the iphone from june and wdc to the fall because the iphone was the biggest products they wanted it in the biggest quarter and then for a while georgia we had iphone plus ipod when I Paulo stole a thing but ipod is dropped

Off so precipitously that last year we had iphone and the apple watch unveiling and that was a huge event filled the foot the Fun Center they built a huge tent-like structure outside to shoot to let people go hands-on with

All the watches and the iphones and this sounds like it's going to be every bit as big so why do they need it to be so large that Renee I'm not going to be getting a car I'm not going to be which I would love that would be fine if

They've suddenly one more thing was that I get a car in Apple car I'm fine with that but I'm not getting a car so why do they need over a large space you know what I want now I want I want a black Trans Am to come in with a Serie light

The mill going whoo whoo did you say exciting love Mykel but with serious voice yeah we are the Apple industries two thousand app if you prefer i would buy that in a heartbeat that would be so hot turbo boost I get my bb-8 to sit in

Front and pretend that it's driving just to scare everyone Siri turbo boost I am NOT a 1980s TV show I'm saying like oh yeah oh yeah I mean now that would be so fantastic but that's probably still a few years off so what we do have though

Is what looks like it's going to be an iphone plus Apple TV event and maybe some ipads thrown in and that raises all other questions like if they do so let's talk about that first if they do let's say to do everything in September let's

Say there is no October event then we'd have the new iphones we'd have the new Apple TV and we'd have the ipad pro are the new max exciting enough that they would throw them in I don't think so I mean like last year we had the we had a

Separate event in October for the retina 5k iMac and the new iPads the ipad air 2 and the iPad Mini 3 this year there's no you read like the no big new features a 4k imac but is 4k big after 5k literally no it's a smaller number it is lesser

Than it is one less but you still have 10 el capitan and they usually show that off in October and Craig federighi gets up on stage and he says available now and he presses the button i cue can see you impressing an invisible button to

Release it to the masses right after the show and if there's no October event like they're not going to move up El Capitan from an October release I don't think so it just it's more nebulous to me to order what could be going on

But do they really need to have I think that you know you have all of these events and do you really need to have an October event if you release everything here do you need and for El Capitan do we need I don't you think choice of

Words I you know it's it's a huge expanse to be able to do it i think that it would be a better idea if apple just does less events a better job and they don't have to go through everything you know I'll kitchen kept tennis is coming

Out I don't know it I don't know if it needs an event to itself I immediately do you well that because i don't want everything at once okay just speaking purely selfishly and it was hard okay okay so like a supermodel complaining

About working on a beach set oh there's sand in my toes before they yes but no but right I am I don't want to tell you how many words I'm into my iOS 9 review and my watch OS and all this stuff we have so much stuff coming and we are

Working so hard on it yeah like I'm barely getting any sleep as it isn't yes oh wait me tech blog or whatever or you Renee I I you have a rough life revealing all these fabulous and then getting to do a show to be able to talk

About it no I want to do a great job with all the stuff and I feel like when it's spread out more i like traditionally I could focus on the iphone and last year the Apple watch previously the iPads in September and

Then I could focus on the mac stuff and the ipad stuff in October and it gave me well a lot of work he gave me a set amount but if everything lands at once and the rumor is if the ipad pro does come in September it still won't be

Released until october november so that that's some buffer but just having to cover all that stuff at once it feels like someone's taking me all near Thor's hammer and just cracking you in the middle of skull with it right well I've

I would just say you don't have to cover everything immediately people don't mind if it kind of trickles down I guess how they do running a site they no matter what you missed someone we will why haven't you written it's a presidential

A little app tunes we don't have to cover all the candidates on election night we can cover like I don't know rhode island on thursday yeah baby alaska on wednesday okay so i'll change my answer than just for you Renee I hope

They true it's a trickle out event and we get one thing unleashed each month which its own separate event oh you have to sit there it'll be like the sony playstation 4 event where every 20 minutes

Comes up to say something then goes away again and you're there for 14 or 15 weeks technical did I'm not asking for like like an immense amount I'm not asking for them to something like to do strewn everything across a mountainside

I just like having it separated into a logical structure where there's like iphone and apple tv and then iPad and Mac or whatever it just it seems a little bit more civilized hmm I don't know if Apple's going for civilized this

Year though shock and awe or no sorry so I apologize surprise and delight right and it just gets everyone prepared for the holiday season so they have a little bit more time to get everyone prepped if they release everything in September it

Kind of makes sense for their quarterly annual kind of their their quirky endings of you know everyone's ready for any of what am I going to be able to spend money on versus what am I not gonna be able to spend money on so I

Could just get an army of BBS to cover it all that would be adorable I'm gonna mount him know that they're gonna be in a like all of our pitch I'm gonna be constantly every single selfie I take is gonna be with my BBA uh well you know

There's I won't say it was just there was a horrible there was a horrible slide about how long it took women to make selfies on uh on a competing platforms a phone event yesterday and I won't bring it up hmm but it takes us a

Long time because we're gonna like 14 minutes or something to take one selfie yeah you take like three a day anyways not getting anything wrong with myself yeah bill Dickinson problem to solve not line so let's keep going with it so

Starting at the top we expect the new iphones iphone 6s iphone 6s plus a little thicker a little wider a little taller because they're making the case stronger apparently just 22 even though been gate i still believe is mostly

Media hype and video um you know twister II they do want to make it even more resilient so that they're it reduces the chance of accidents happening but aside from that it is a yet an S here so it will be largely the same better camera

It probably you know forced touch on the display so you can do things like press harder to get options and shortcuts but you know rose gold right Georgia you know it's so sad I'm so superficial that is the most exciting

Part of the fact it an apple knows this they found out that people you know after the gold you know iphone they saw that yes people really do care a lot about the little things about having something that is different than

Everyone else so the status symbol I love that's the only reason why I never buy an S series I always wait two years until the phone really looks different how to talk and yeah but the head I'm like all but it would be so pretty i but

I use a case so I don't even think that it would be worthwhile for me to do it for rose gold because I where use a black case over my phone and so you truly would never notice that there is a rose gold case but I would know right I

Can you scratch the surface George on what do you find more surface so though it's gonna be thicker Renee we're still gonna have the little tiny sticking out of the camera because the camera is gonna be better so they're not going to

Be able to make it flush well I so here's the thing people are wonderful so Apple made the macbook and the macbook the little new macbook is incredibly thin it so then they can't make a glowing apple logo on it and it's so

Thin they couldn't fit a normal-sized web camera and so they went with a older technology with it well not alter they went with the technology that could using modern miniaturization could fit in a space and was a 480p sort of 40 p

Something that 480 was a terribly old camera technology I keep missing what it really so is really low resolution is what I want to say modern technology low resolution because it fit in with no lump on the iphone people would lose

Their minds if you gave people a tiny little camera on the iPhone they but this is the worst camera ever cameras are really important so if they don't do it people complain the cameras no good they did with their complaint it's a

Hump and though this is laws of physics stuff like you how you have one or the other I I and i agree i think that that's the better of the 2i it bothers me and i'm sure that that next year it's gonna be flush but um I hope that it's

Gonna be foolish I must want depth Georgia all right I and I fully understand that I this is the camera that most people use even though we have some beautiful you know expensive expensive cameras this is the what I use

For most of the photos that I take and it makes a huge difference to take nice photos when I have my friends with their phones and they're taking but I'm like let me take a fun please instead because mine's gonna have better

Resolution but then there's little i mean like it some people say just make it thicker so that it is flush and just put more battery into it but i think that's that's that's one of those things to where people understand the

Technology involved and you know one has to be a battery scientist obviously but batteries are big and heavy but they're also insulators so it makes it means that the processor if it gets hotter it's harder to call that processor down

Which means you have to wrap it down more fully they're not RF transparent which interferes with radio signals it is a careful balancing act to get all this stuff to work and to work well and the other thing is Apple currently

Believes that likeness isn't poison bility that when you make a phone bigger and I have really big really heavy columns here I have like a nokia that if I dropped it I would make a dent in my floor they're not as easy to use and we

Know this because the original iPad was heavy and when I went to the ipad 2 it was so light everyone talked about how much easier it was to use and a big phone is like that if you're reading in bed and it's heavy you just can't keep

Reading that long if you're walking off that when you fall asleep you could do a chocolate but if you're walking you trying to use it one-handed like it's heavy it's hard it makes it hard to use and the idea of a battery is nice but

There's a lot of other things we can do for batteries now an apple really wants to make you know what John Syracuse a call or Marc Armand I forget which one calls it that naked computing core and then you can add a battery case if you

Want you can add a rugged case you can add a waterproof case but if they built that in you can't take it off when you don't need it you're stuck with it yeah and I think the people like the psychology of it all is that we are

Already used to you know charging our phone every night it's an easy thing to do I'm asleep my phone is of course next to me my charger is right there and we're used to that so i think that the trade-off wouldn't give us a huge

Benefit it's nice to think like my phone will last for like a day and a half depending on my usage of it that day and that's wonderful the same thing for the watch but i charge it every night anyway so it doesn't really matter and what i

Find is that if i have to charge it every third day or every fourth day often especially with with smartwatches is that if i get out of the habit i'll forget and then it dies off and then it's sitting on my counter pad right

Right yeah my river of on you know well no but the ipad last it is inconveniently time for human beings because you don't have to charge it every night but then if you don't remember to charge it so like it feels

Like it never runs out until it runs out that is horrible yes yes and that's what i have i think i have for ipads they're all not charged none of them no it's because i'm just not used to the habit and I don't have us I haven't created a

Specific ritual that works for me of where is the charger because I steal my iPads chargers to use on my phone because when we go through the hierarchy of technology importance my phone takes precedence then you know it's it's my

Air that would be a charger for and then the iPads kind of get lost in the mix because if I use the iPad or not I'm like now I would only use the iPad if I can't reach if it if my phone or my my air is out of sight of reach then I will

Use an iPad but the siders there's a lot like that Apple's still doing with software to handle a battery life like iOS 9 it's a good bridge because we're going to be seeing the grand they'll go over again what we're going to get in

IOS 9 they'll show off any new and specific features for the new phone like the pressure sensitivity stuff but they're also going to put out the golden master which is the final version for developers and apples doing a lot of

Cool stuff like they're they're going to give everyone basically up to an extra hour of battery life just by doing things like detecting when the phone is face down and not letting up the screen when notifications come in and that

Little bit adds up but they also have low power mode so when you get to twenty percent you can choose to cancel it but if you don't cancel it it'll it'll just stop background refresh it'll stop male effect if you're not in the mail app

It'll turn off animations and that can give you up to three extra hours of battery life and it's still you still you get the light phone that you can put any battery case you want on if you want one and you also get without it being

Heavier you have the ability to use it and you get software that's managing it as much as possible and I know people will still say oh they could just make they could just do this they could just do that you know other companies have

Done it there have been droid maxx's and other versions and nobody buys those phones because they're big and thick and heavy and hot and horrible as it's one of those things Georgia where we express a need without understanding the

Ramifications of that need and then companies who do try to give it to us and i really get punished for doing so we're a little bit demanding we just want we just want them to get it and unfortunately because Apple does

A good job of you know getting out things that work really effortlessly to us we kind of just expect that to happen we expect to snap her fingers and that's to magically occur what are what is gonna be coming with you know iOS 9 what

Should we what are you most excited for you just reminded me says this is how horrible humans are um last year at all everyone was saying was Apple just stop like don't don't put any new features in iOS 9 just give me stability I don't

Want to see anything else just fix all this stuff I just don't do anything and then this year all I'm getting now is oh this is not a very important upgrade it's more like iOS 8.5 where all the new fee we're totally impossible to please

We're damnable creatures yes it's it's worth a consumable society right so we're used to having things happen and happening you know faster and greater and effortlessly and that becomes the new norm so so sorry your question was

What's coming to iOS 9 that were yes yeah I mean it it's the stuff that we saw at WWDC there will again be some things that are new but it's it's it's all the cool stuff like multitasking for the ipad the new Siri intelligence stuff

It's going to be really cool and watch OS two point O is going to come along with it because Apple watch is still intrinsically bound to the iphone and while watch os/2 will bring things like native apps that are that move the logic

From the phone to the watch they're sort of like islands unto themselves finally it's they're still going to be tied together because you're going to download things on your iPhone you still going to piggyback off your iPhone but

Only coolers like if you're at work and you're on your work Wi-Fi network your watch will start to remember that so even if you don't have your phone with you anymore it'll still be able to do basic internet things like check your

Messages use Siri stuff like that if you remember a starbucks network because you've been there off than us and you don't have your phone with you you're jogging going to starbucks it'll be able to do that so it's becoming not fully

Independent but more independent and when you stop to think that watch only came out five six months ago and it's already going to two point oh that's that's a really fast pace like yes two point oh it's more of a rounding out of

What was already there but it's still only six months later and we're getting that rounding out which is cool so am I going to be able to just move the time forward and backwards and time is going to change is that suppose that is what

I'm so excited for so I tried it like you could on the old solar watch face you can do so ready you turn the digital crown and actually things around you people start moving backwards or forwards depending

Much way you're going and they go faster or slower depending off ask you spin it so if you make a mistake like you trip over something or you drop something you just rewind the the digital crown you actually see like the glass spin back up

And land on the train all the parts come back together in the no it doesn't okay I'm gonna I'm never whined and we're gonna go back to the beginning of the show dibby dibby so it's really cool to feel like the solar watch face on your

But there should be other stuff too like it should like there though should be new watch straps like sports strass we've already seen some of them showing off its at different fashion shows but I'm hoping for product red still but

There there might be other color options I don't know if you're looking for it for anything you know what for watch straps I'm not I'm really happy with the watch straps that I have now I think that you know you try it all the

Different watch straps and then you kind of fit with whatever works with you and now you know unless it is one that is really kind of girly and exceptionally pretty if there's suave ski crystals then I would probably buy it it's going

To be if we had a million as that was in the black that would be also something great so that would be one that I would would purchase the different as I don't know if this is a well-kept trevally kept secret but there are black Milanese

They just the making something that is diamond like coated is incredibly difficult and something that is almost like cloth getting it to actually stay on and not scratch and be a like an apple level product is really hard I

Believe like they're in prototype stage I don't think they've moved to product stages because it is so difficult yeah okay no no it's okay i'm gonna deal with it um wait people often ask me questions about the force touch and what is it

Going to be what is it going to do for them is going to make a really large difference so one thing that's important remember is that the when you have the tick-tock iphones the next slide like the s version is never meant for the

People who own the previous version the s version is meant for the people who haven't upgraded yet and Tim Cook said like only twenty-seven percent of people had upgraded so far so if if you have last year's phone you're not expected to

Get this year's well that's what crazy geeky tech people and people who sell on gazelle all the time do for normal people it's you get all the stuff that you got in the iphone 6 plus forest touch and stuff like that

So for such is like a nice to have it'll give you faster ways of getting to certain options and pressure sensitivity and stuff but like I've always get weary when someone thinks it's going to be like the only selling feature like like

Touch I serenity is here yeah you haven't I want I want to see it now Oh talks are nice oh I can see it in big screen isn't it beautiful she's so cute yeah I I didn't think that it was possible for it to the cuter in person

Tony is holding up a bb8 I'm spero yeah now you see Groot is gonna have to take a sidestep when i get my Vidiot they're gonna be friends with me little oh goodness I have to turn so he hasn't been turned on yet I'm going to do this

As we as we hang out on the podcast he said he is so worth it i was saying at the beginning of the show when Renee's like she has to get her bb-8 for some like I completely understand that is mandatory I i drove 50 minutes from my

House to get this after i went to the local apple store and they had they they had a store meeting before the store opened and their chair was like BBA BBA and i was like oh yay you guys have it in stock i came at him like you it so I

Was the first person in I'm like you guys look deviates they're like look at each other and they're like we don't have any stock and I look at them I was like specialists and they're like yeah we kind of reserved them all for

Ourselves and like you guys suck call it Angela errands right now but you're like you feel understand that if you were there you would have done the exact same no I would've despite the fact that it was against my stores policy when i

Worked there i would have moved heaven and earth i would have had my dad come in reserve one or something crazy right great friends oh yeah wait in line kind a friend to blackmail yes this thing is also really cool so you've got like oh

My and bb-8 but then when you take the top store shop it looks like a little it's a little storage locker so it's your bb-8 comes comes in a little oh that's so adorable is it wrong that I want all of them

Might wanna walk around like a thousand of its oh my gosh I like I um I was squeeing in the car dropped us talking about ib iphone success which i will also probably be very excited about what it know you can control bb-8 with an

Iphone 6s is totally legitimate you can that's true that's true i'm gonna have I was telling ranae that I'm gonna have a little track for it behind me and so while we do the podcast I can just have patrol mode right yes exactly and then

Take a little look over my shoulder yeah I'm unboxing live on scream unboxing via the USB cord very advanced it comes with its own Star Wars manual USB v8 yes Oh Troy's manual here we go that that was terrible Renee I don't know I don't know

If you're allowed to do teeny teeny bootie knee in TV okay I'm plugging him in but I think I need to download the app so we can continue oh alright he started glowing he started going oh he has lights I'm Way too excited about it

Yeah he's adorable I love I love his little charging station is and its magnetic it's it's Apple watch style oh he's darting to move he's ready to move oh my god I love it this i I'm sorry 20 or suddenly like why is she absolutely

She was hoarse Friday listening to this bias audio look if you miss my audio he's he's really tiny he's about the size of like because hunger all yeah he says something you and the Half Dome up a little head that's moving around and

He has little LEDs inside of him and he's he's lighting up and happy about activating charged oh my god i just said hi and he's looking at me that's I've use what a Corellian would call totes adorbs to everybody who's listening on

The podcast a little like mechanical noises you can hear in my microphone that's bb-8 I'm holding him up to the microphone right now he's participating he's telling us which iphone 6s he wants Yeah right right and

We was talkin Renee about the forest touch and how you know this will be away like I would just love if the force touch was a way that you could like when you're in a nap just reach the settings or or deal with that it's something that

Would be if its speed of use that what's cut down so you don't usually buy the S models Georgia will the iphone 6s change your mind are you gonna get one is it gonna come in rose gold yeah that's my world that is a pull premier ah you know

I still cost which iphone success you would get like sighs I would get the iphone success rose gold us or sticking or you go back with the plus i do i don't think that i can't i don't think that it would be easy for me once you're

Used to a certain size your your body adjusts that and then going smaller it's i've used someones um five the other day and I was like oh my goodness I don't even understand how I get claustrophobic how I handled that though I thought to

Myself my goodness look my thumb can reach all the way across the screen with one hand so I did think that is fabulous but I don't think that I could go down and so um yeah that would be what I would pick up 16 64 128 I'd probably get

The 64 so far I now I actually put things up to the cloud so I don't have to worry about storage as much as I did before because I take copious amounts of videos and photos what about you Wren uh I was on mute um I am probably going to

Get six alright so i'm debating i might go to the plus yes show us with watch os/2 i might go to the plus because i doing i said i'm pulling good a lot less strike down the 6s and take your place with the class haha my concern is that i

Do a lot of reading in iBooks I really like reading before bed and for some reason the the screen is it is good for me and I'm worried that the six the 6s plus will be too big for me to hold now Rick my boyfriend has a 6 plus so I

Could in theory test this before I before I decide but I'm still a little bit I'm a little conflicted it's that is one thing that is one thing I think that's a good point it is a little bit more difficult to use

And embed because of its it is bigger and so you really will knock yourself out if it falls onto you but I lean it sideways onto the pillow and I read sideways so I don't read on my back with the plus i think that there's there

Should be a danger warning label on it do not read with this before bed because it might knock you out but I mean sideways on your falling in your face what about color and capacity room uh rose gold without question i love my

Gold iphone and rose gold will be the next the next step bb-8 seems to be really excited about it's the only acceptable color this year yeah um uh rose gold and 64 um 32 or sorry 16 is too tiny and 128 is just I don't again I

Don't need that much storage but 64 I feel like is the right middle ground so there's some backlash about Apple maintaining a 16 gigabyte model and if people are familiar with how this works there's different kinds of NAND flash

Storage there's mls which is typically more expensive in terms of component pricing that's used on smaller capacity devices and then there's TLS which is cheaper and typically used on larger capacity devices the problem is there's

Nothing really in the middle ground so what you can do is either double up on mls ram which you could doing things like the ipod touch traditionally because it had there was no radio in it for cellular so it had more space it was

Just easy to put in or you can double up on the density which starts to become really expensive with TLS you're basically just out of luck at the lower end they just don't make it in smaller sizes at least as of last year I don't

Know if that has changed so for Apple um if they want to have a 32 gigabyte it's it's it's more difficult for them because either they have to double density up on the on the MLS and it becomes more expensive and it hurts

Their average selling price well yeah we're talking but it hurts their margins on the phone or they have to don't try to figure something else out and many people do is like it's not a huge problem but it does cut into the the

Price of the device so they also don't want to make the device starting like you could say just get rid of this this the 16 gigabyte version and start at 64 or start with a more expensive 32 but then they don't have something lower

Rice then they want something that starts at that 199 level on contract and 649 level off contract so apples the biggest company the world the richest company the world they could give away free iPhones all day if they wanted to

But their business is is established based on margins and when those things change Wall Street panics and and we see what happens in Wall Street panics so it's it is a weird sort of a thing but it it it is why these capacities are the

Way they are and Apple is sort of trying to handle them by doing things like app thinning which will means if you have a certain iphone it won't download all the files for the ipad all the files for other iphones a non-retina graphics or

3x graphics for sx plus if you don't need them it'll also not download levels for a game until you get to them and will also do things like Georgia said like offloading stuff like leaving Apple music online leaving iCloud photo

Library online sooo not to carry everything on your device and that will hopefully make 16 gigabytes more livable that said I'd I still wouldn't recommend it to anybody today I would I would go for 64 and you know it's not a complete

Consolation but Apple dropped the price of 64 by a hundred dollars and 128 by a hundred dollars last year and they're gonna be keeping with that so it's cheaper to get the more storage it sucks to get the lower storage but it's

Cheaper than ever to get the more storage i don't know if i'll go 128 this year i'm definitely getting rose gold definitely getting the 6 plus i just don't know if i need 128 anymore i thought i did and i haven't gotten

Anywhere near since they introduced all the iCloud stuff where do you think you are with storage Renee with your phone now i can tell you i think i'm at like 48 out of 128 yeah i feel like i'm pretty similar i think i have seven or

Eight gigs free the only reason i see to have a big a 128 gig phone at this point with iCloud and everything else is if you plan to keep your entire photo library on your iPhone or if you plan to keep your entire music lives of library

Yeah your iPhone I have 61 gigabytes free that is a lot yeah no I am yeah i agree with you at the 16 gig I hate the 16 gigabyte phone I think it's dumb I think it's bad marketing but I understand why the price point has to

Exist because Apple Apple wants to you know maintain that flash is not cheap enough yet for the for the 32 to become that stand 199 model uh but I I wouldn't recommend it to anybody maybe maybe children if

We're talking about if your children are hot getting iphone like new iPhones for what purpose is that that they would need it right the exact no look maybe if I might do it if it was with their Apple water no but if I was giving it to like

My mom who I know is not going to download anything without my help and not going to take a lot of photos but would like to have a large phone that she can read easier and that you know is the same ecosystem with her iPad that

Might be a use case where I would say it's not going to really matter someone that really is going to use it mostly traditionally it's it's traditionally the 8 gigabyte models and before that the four-game models were meant for

Emerging markets where people didn't didn't have data plans away we hadn't you were billed basically for per bit and you would have liked a Facebook plan or a BBM plan and people just use them as messaging because voice was too

Expensive the problem is that picture messaging became popular and all of a sudden those pictures started taking up all the space that the text never did but it's like illogically it's weird to me Georgia because Apple every company

Wants to do segmented marketing they want to have like the cheap version that gets you in the door the medium version the most people buy in the premium version that you know people who have to have the premium version get is how the

Small media little large good better best version you find that for fridges from microwaves for cars for everything but you have to find something that people are willing to differentiate upon sometimes its screen size like whether

You get you know 8 10 or 12 people will see a bigger screen equals more expensive I'm comfortable paying for that in some cases it's a faster processor like on the max you know it's a 1.2 or a 1.4 1.6 faster equals more

Money I understand that with with phones with the way Apple has been making them the only thing they've settled on is capacity someone says well this is 32 this is 64 says 120 I understand more is more expensive so they're willing to do

It really the the prices aren't that different and Apple sort of works it so that if you buy the middle some people buy the cheap ones you will buy the more expensive one but the average ends up all being about the average sale price

Is what's important is that being around the same and I but some people look at it and they look at the price and they say there's no way that this the twice the memory is worth a hundred dollars more I think the

People again people aren't used to buying memory probably and they don't they they want whatever's going to be cheapest I think that for Apple keeping the the 16 is just it is just marketing makes them have a really nice low price

Which makes that barrier to entry so much easier because once someone has settled in on whatever price the lowest model is people are like oh that's not too bad and so that gets them that the foot in the door in marketing and then

Afterwards it makes it so much easier for people to say at you know at the apple store other friends to say you know what probably 16 is too small and it's only going to be a hundred dollars more and so once people have settled on

One price it's easier to upgrade them if they just kept it to 32 and that makes a larger Barry door entry you're losing a whole set of the population that has not already agreed to a price and so are its big enough people won't go to 64 then

Their average sales price drops yes and and so it's a great marketing technique to help people out to be able to get into that and then afterwards people are much more willing to upgrade after they've already agreed on one price for

Something that's better but you know a great deal yeah its den or resale psychology it sucks for for customers but it's if it wasn't that it be something else like it really is you can pick anything you could make colors I

They've done that like the black macbook used to be a hundred dollars more expensive why because people are willing to pay it that's that's all this is completely abstract market right and it's all in our power this is not

They're not using anything that we have not given right to use I would completely pay more for a you know you know one that is a different color because it looks nicer and for me my phone is an accessory as well it's a

Fashion accessory it's not just a technology that I use which makes me feel just say that but it's absolutely true no I I believe that completely um alright so I'm going to take a quick break and I am going to tell you about

How am I talking about Linda no I'm not talking about Linda Linda was last week i am telling you i have gotten so mixed up this week Georgia says it's are you busy are you busy to like writing things is there some big event happening

I couldn't be possibly it we have actually it's a brand new sponsor and it's something that I'm super excited about but something that I don't know very much about I hope they're not listening to this they are listening

This but hope they're really not so it's about fantasy football is about FanDuel it's about the NFL now anyone watching show knows that I am Canadian and they have not been graced by NFL teams although i do see a lot of the border

Teams in New England Patriots the Buffalo Bills teams like that they are in the general vicinity I'm aware of them but I have not really been able to participate in them and that's the nice thing about fantasy football is it lets

Everybody participate so fantasy football fan duel week one games are almost here they're a the NFL is going to kick off literally they're gonna take a ball they're gonna kick it a game is going to start and FanDuel is going to

Start with it so fanuel is the leader in one week fantasy football the nice thing about one week is that you can just come and go it's not this huge commitment so if you have a lot of time you want some fun this weekend you go into fanjul if

Next weekend all the relatives are over and you have to have some big dinner and you have no spare time then you don't have to do it next week so there's no long-term commitment you can come and go as you please they are paying out over

75 million dollars a week I had to check that number three times because it was so big 75 million dollars this football season is a salary-cap format you can pick any players you want for and you get them for just one week so if

Somebody's injured you know if you know God forbid someone tears an ACL or something they're not on your team for the rest of the month you can you have a whole new team a week later and raphy started just one dollar anybody anybody

Can play I got to hear them talk about it a little bit earlier today and these are a bunch of people who are super passionate about football they really want to make this stuff fun so if you love the idea of football if you love

The idea of fan football all you have to do is go to Fangio calm click on the microphone this is the important part click on the microphone in the upper right hand corner and use promo code I more that way you can sign up and save

Because they've got a special offer for every dollar you deposit fan you will match it with two hundred dollars that gets earned as you play so basically if you put in a dollar they'll give you another dollar not immediately because

They don't want people just go in there and rummaging for free cash obviously but they will give you it all over the course of your plane in history hundred dollars they'll give you a hundred dollars up to two hundred dollars as you

Play the game the offer is only good for first 50 people so if you want to take it advantage of it take advantage of it right away don't wait and don't forget to use promo code I'm or fan dual comm where every day is a new season that's

Fa ND yu e l-com sign up today Georgia I'm devastated to learn that you have to leave week like we didn't have you in serenity at the same time I know a brief over lamp I'm going over to serenity to steal her bb-8 right now so he's on

Patrol mom okay yeah she's gonna go find her own little Droid and then we're gonna wait face off oh so cute well thank you so much Georgia if you want to find you on the Internet where can they go they can go to at georgia underscored

Out and if you knew you or anyone you know has anxiety we are also launching a site anxiety dash videos calm for treating basil i need all of them to get past this week not me too I think it's nice Georgia see you next time ha so

Nerdy we barely we barely got started before you got here there's so much there is so much there is so much there is so much that I had to take vacation this past week so that I could get re-energized for the insanity that is

Coming in the next month I don't want to tell you how many words I am into the iOS 9 review but I'm not done yeah I I have been despite technically being on vacation I have written a bunch of how to's for iOS 9 which we will see when

IOS 9 drops um so readers look forward to that um it is a big deal like people were saying that iOS like and we talked about this before you got on how previously last year people were saying don't do anything just fix stuff and now

People like Oh apples not doing anything what is this 8.5 but writing the review there's tons and tons and you stuff there's so much so by contrast though the watch os2 thing which we should also see is so interesting to me because it's

Only five or six months after the first watch OS came out and this really is more of a rounding out more of a filling in of features more of a emancipation for the boys and I didn't I didn't realize this but we were talking about

This too is it starts to remember Wi-Fi networks so if if you've gone to starbucks and it has connected starbucks and then you go back maybe without your iphone it'll still connect and do basic features so it really is it's it's like

Its first day of school yeah it it really really excites me on all this stuff that they've made to improve the watch it's not a whole you know it's not a big marquee features in that we would think like oh it does Holograms now or

Anything crazy like that but I you know independent app bundles is going to be huge it's going to speed up appt loading times it allows apps to do so much more on the watch better Siri integration home kid integration just faster all

Around you know um watch os/2 of course the the beta still has its bugs here and there but you know I've I found in my beta testing overall I've been very very impressed with it and I'm really excited to see it launched in GM so the more one

Of the bigger mysteries is no wrong word because there's so much I mean like like you can be it's like going to read a script for a movie before the movie debuts now you can find any spoiler you want to find now but the apple TV is

Interesting to me because Apple has positioned things where they have backboard and front board running on all their to all their their mobile devices essentially like the iPhone like the at the Apple watch like the Apple TV and

Then they have these different interface layers like they have springboard on the iphone you have carousel on the at nano time on the on the watch and Apple TVs had this front row like interface for a long time and now it's getting a new one

And there's been things like Universal Search is apparently coming now Apple has been trying to do universal search for years and they've not been allowed to because the media companies were like you're not going to commoditize us we're

A special unique snowflakes there's no way you're going to search for a movie and our competitors will get that search information but other they've been okay with other companies but you know apples not other companies but we're going to

Get that finally now Universal Search a whole new sorry no I just saying universal search is the biggest feature that i'm looking forward to with the Apple TV app store forget about like eps tours gonna be cool i like the idea of

Playing more games on my television but overall Universal Search Universal Search I am thrilled about so I was talking about this with guy in Georgia on vector earlier this week because I've seen like for example I'll be watching a

Movie with George and she'll be playing candy crush on the second screen if he was just playing candy crush I would lose my movie so I but I had all the previous generation consoles I have not bought a current generation

Console you know I by so I don't know what am I gonna want a game I'm sure for parties it'll be fun yeah i mean i think i think for parties it would be neat and depends on the games right I where you know more and more like there are

Certain iphone games that I would love to play on the big screen and I just have I haven't because the airplay leg is a little bit too bad or I don't want to set up the television but it's al if it's a lot faster I think I would be a

Lot more excited to do it and because it all does run iOS it will theoretically be easier for developers to get games up and running it'll be similar hardware it'll have metal so it'll play really well but I'm personally looking more

Forward to the entertainment apps like there there are some of them I don't have as many as you do like we don't have HBO yet we don't have yeah a bunch them but the ability for the Canadian networks don't have apps on the apple TV

I have to airplay them like an animal from my ipad and it never were but it doesn't work well because they're there at the youth separate answer yeah yeah and it loses like it just stops playing as it tries to shift from the add to the

To the content servers it's a horrible experience and some of them refuse to enable air place you have to do mirroring and it's just it's terrible it's terrible so I want all that I want to let great content I want that Apple

TV to be my like it maybe not the the input 0 but input one at least mmhmm yeah no I want I you know it's smart TVs frustrate me because everybody has a different software and it's you know televisions and dvrs were the one piece

Of technology that always just made my head want to explode give me a computer with the malfunctioning problem no problem ask me to turn to like input 3 with this remote where I swear half of the buttons are in Cyrillic uh that's a

Little bit more difficult so I'm looking forward to an apple TV I'm looking forward to seeing what Apple does with voice control on in specific I there's a lot of opportunity here there's also a lot of ways that you could desperately

And devastatingly screw up voice control so I'm hoping that Apple has figured out a way to do voice control that's not terrifying it's not going to make me cry yeah so the interesting is because people talk about the Amazon echo a lot

And there's a lot of problems you have to over and I mentioned this on vector to but I want to we'll go over it again because it's interesting like nuance has this its demo that they'll show you where it

Tries to figure out who it should listen to if you're in a room with a bunch of people and everyone starts yelling at a different command how does the device know what to do conversely you have an iPhone and Apple watch and an apple TV

And you tells me to do something how does he know which one to listen to and nuance does this thing where you snap twice cameras and microphones beam form and lock on you and blocks out all our sound so it will only listen to you but

That's not what the apple TV is going to do so like if you and Rick are both telling it to do different things and you you're both wearing watches you both have phones next to there's an iphone thing sir but that's that's the problem

They have to solve mm-hmm I'm really hoping that they have figured this out and they figured maybe it's a custom trigger maybe it's not a hoe telephone maybe it's something very specific where it you know it's hey Apple TV yeah well

I'm hoping it's a button because like yeah because they need also like there is something still yeah yeah and then if you go back to the traditional fight over the microphone over the over the remote control Oh which will be

Brilliant but yeah those sorts of things I'm never as interested in what Apple's going to do as the problems that they're going to solve and I think that's always a revealing part because some of these problems are really really hard yeah I

Mean well we look at look at television right look at how much look at how much remotes have evolved since the 1960s we went from a dial two buttons yes we stuck with buttons occasionally our buttons have have a touch screen next to

Them and you have a look at some remotes have a really terrible touchscreen that you can but their buttons ultimately buttons and complex menus with in menus within menus how great would it be to be like go to the color settings menu

Change my television so that it you know displays in movie mode instead of sports mode so everything doesn't look super fast like instead of having to navigate cause like cumbersome Lee through all of these menu options being able to like

Instantly control or to you know I want to see the latest episode of suits done uh I said I'm living that dream that's what I said that's what I want so much next week yep yep I'm crossing my fingers this is there's so

Much Renee they are there the rumors say there there's going to be a Sablan Buster event happening which is I talked about it before you got here that it feels like they're gonna hit us in the head with me all near yeah it really

Does it feels it feels a little insane which is why I went and got a Star Wars toy today because I I needed to distract myself from all of the insane tech that we're going to see so I'm like you know what's a good a good prelude to seeing a

New iphone and a new Apple TV and probably a new iPad as well I'm gonna get a robot that was that I didn't think was possible until this year it is ok I get to a halt she'll just on bb-8 i know the future the future is here the future

A future is here and it can fit in the palm of your hand really so i still want to talk to you about these ipad pro rumors but I'm gonna take one more break and tell you about our friends at smile software smile loves podcasts and

Everyone loves the deal so smile is offering twenty percent off new licenses purchased directly from smile through October 15th save twenty percent on PDF pen the all-purpose Mac PDF editor add signatures text and images i use that to

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Take twenty percent off PDF pen pro and start making interactive forms building tables of contents and converting web pages to PDF get twenty percent off text expander which I'm going to be using a long with serenity the live blog the

Apple event next week because typing in Tim Cook said over and over again waste of my fingers t TCS boom done which saves your fingers and your keyboard expanding custom shortcuts in too frequently used text and pictures so

Here's what I want you to do go to smile software com /i more and use coupon code I am or at checkout that's twenty percent off new licenses PDF pen PDF pen pro and text expander does not apply to ebooks or upgrades not available via the

Mac app store it's only available on direct from smiles webstore starts now and is actor through October 15 so if you want these products and I'm telling you you want these products they're all of them

Best-in-class they're all in phenomenal they will all of them save you something that is far more valuable than money and that is time go to smile software com /i more coupon coupon code I'm or should we do that on our iPad pro serenity yes

Let's let's do it on our iPad pro a brand new iPad pro with stylus so I'm speaking of skyline yeah their stylist mmm oh it again we missed it stylist oh this is yeah this is the this is the jot dash by the way anybody who's watching a

Don it just came out with a very nice little pixel point tech pen that has a believe a 1.2 millimeter tip that works on all ipads and I'm like this is really awesome guys you do know that Apple's releasing pressures of probably styles

Yeah but I mean this is good it's a it's a non pressure-sensitive stylus but you know so Apple could theoretically read after they've shown us the new iPhones after they've shown in sin you an apple TV or whatever water they feel like of

Course they could bring an iPad pro up on stage now may not ship until october november but they might even they might just my preview it yeah i wouldn't be surprised what would you want to see in an ipad pro you've had we had months to

Think about your editorial you wrote a while ago was super cool but we've had so many more rumors since then so many more I mean I we've talked about this a little bit on podcasts prior and my main thing for an iPad pro is I want

Something with you know we've got a retina resolution which is great on I want the screen to be interactive enough what that's force touch whether that's pressure sensitivity that we can do creative work on it specifically drawing

Storyboarding on basic artistry moviemaking you know what editing editing photos editing video I really love the touch controls on my iPad and my my pie in the sky dream has always been that an iPad pro would actually

Talk to your Mac where it wouldn't necessarily it would be basically like a second screen that had touch-sensitive controls on it so I could be working in photoshop on my imac and I could use my iPad pro

To you know saudi sheik exactly and there's actually there's a great third party app called astro pad that does just that so I'm really excited to see what what astro pad will do when it gets its hands on a you know if the mythical

IPad pro does in fact become reality I would love to see that kind of interaction because i think the the market for really good touch controls that doesn't involve me reaching up to a screen and pulling my arms out like a

Monkey um if I can use touch controls on my you know on my desk while being able to control something on my Mac I think that could be huge and really cool and a really neat way to integrate kind of iOS and OS 10 together without necessarily

Merging the two yeah there's some I've been using the iOS 9 so the ipad pro is posted shipped with iOS 9.1 later in the year but i've been using iOS 9 on my ipad air 2 and it's just the multi app stuff is phenomenally because the slide

Over the split view but there's other stuff too like the picture in picture video at one point I had to do some tech support for my parents and I was in phase time and before it would just be full screen face time but a minute I

Left face time it goes into picture and picture mode and I could go through settings I could talk them through it as I was doing it I'd love to be able I got an ipad pro if I'm in a meeting like if you and I are talking about designs for

The next version of I amor we could have facetime running while we're talking about it have the screen we could even shift maybe one day Apple will let us share screens over Fey yeah and then you have that running while you're working

Drawing on it the other person can see it you can in they haven't got facetime conference calling it the potential for this stuff is amazing yeah collaborative collaborative FaceTime and be so great well Ken Ken fairies uh app the the

Mentoring one and I'm blanking on the name now yeah but he that was you had facetime running while you were doing white boarding with people and that was a phenomenal learning experience the potential for this as a creative device

Rent is really exciting yeah I I think that if Apple does this right it could be something really really special so as you said the beginning is going to be a stupefying its potential is there for a stupefying amount of stuff and

Apple has a couple years ago I heard Apple was thinking about doing the same thing basically doing the equivalent of a Michael Bay movie where the Admiral looks up and says clear my skies everything launches uh and you know they

Didn't do it they did say split the events up but this year they might be thinking it's the time to do it just to go all into the drop the surprise and delight bomb the rest of the year we're going to be there live the event is on

Wednesday starts 10 a.m. pacific 1 p.m. eastern uh and we're gonna try our best to survive but it's gonna be a fun way to go yeah oh my gosh yeah and I I imagined that the I more crew as well as pretty much every other tech media a

Good personality who's going to be in attendance or around the theater is pretty much going to be heads down in writing in products for the next week so we really apologize if you're trying to get in touch with us next week chances

Are we're gonna be telling you some really awesome things about what Apple's getting ready to announce but we probably won't be in very good communication know or conscious what no no lots of I'm I require it's like next

Week in San Francisco i think is whiskey gingers for us all around those gingers infused with caffeine we just become writing few superstars i wanna i want a central line that's how you can finish proofreading your iOS 9 review it's so

Interesting because apples now not just like usually the word just tech press there but last year at the event and also in March there were fashion press there and what and you know horology pres I know what it's called her logical

Press we're there for the watch event this year we could have more wash stuff which means i'll have the fashion and watch people the television stuff so we'll have the the media press as well it sounds like a big venue but this

There's this such wide appeal in this technology now ya know there is I mean that's the beauty of what Apple is trying to do is there they are bringing every facet of our life into their tech so it's not just you know you have to be

A super niche geek to really enjoy a computer it's these devices are for everybody and they're built to you know to encompass every part of your life home kit the apple TV your iPhone the watch theirs

They're really you know a couple years from now we may see more on car play and maybe even a car they're there they're really branching in us we said like there's an off chance a Trans Am with the fun of it will drive on with

Hasselhoff yeah it'll just run very turbo boost uh yeah alright so we're gonna do a quick Monica we have to get going cuz Freddie is technically on vacation yesterday but we're gonna get to your question I'm having fun with my

Vacation so Israel Sandoval he says I'm worried that my 16 gigabyte 6 plus won't have enough memory for iOS 92 update should I be worried I know you should not because you for one thing iOS 9 is going to involve basically I forget if

It's called app fitting for the system but the system package is going to be a lot a lot smaller for physical space if you're talking 7 or 1.9 yeah exactly it's supposed to be really tiny if you're talking specifically about on

Device store like Ram um I think you probably should be ok with the past device um do you say iphone 6 or iPhone 5s iPhone 6 plus I think you would not downloading and installing it oh yeah exactly i think downloading and

Installing you should be fine on if you're worried about that we will produce we do a yearly guide on you know thinning your storage before upgrading if you're if you're like I have point 2 gigabytes available on my 16 gig phone

Um it'll be ok yeah and there's always itunes pitch there's always iphone um right itunes Nicholas Costa wants to know will you be able to preorder an unlocked iphone 6s and this is a question because um some countries do in

Some countries don't in a convert a year I've always been able to do it in Canada although some years we didn't know that going in you discovered it the last minute in the US it sometimes been staggered and I don't think there's any

Way to know until we know yeah I I think we'll have to wait I do think it seems more promising this year than it hasn't tears we're seeing a lot more carriers offering unlocked phones and none you know non two-year subscription plan

Locked phones so there's a there's a greater possibility but we can't say for sure until we actually see the release and what they're planning on rolling out I know add t-mobile did sudo unlocking last year where they offered basically a

It was with a tmobile contract but it was technically an unlocked phone he would use it on any network yeah so too if you're in the US stay tuned because sergeant we already answered he was asking what are we planning to upgrade

To which models and storage and colors are we going to get so thanks because we can check earlier in the show Eric punch Eckel do you guys jailbreak your iphones and i don't know if you saw it this week or not rent but there was a story about

How thousands and tens of thousands of credentials were stolen from jailbroken iPhones and that the primary reason why i don't jailbreak anymore i used to jailbreak when i felt that there was significant additional functionality to

Be had and now i feel like iOS does everything that i need not perfectly but enough that i don't want to go through the hassle of jailbreaking any more but the more important thing is jailbreak literally means breaking the root jail

Of your iphone it's stripping off all the protections that Apple is built in in order to install custom software and it's sort of like if you buy a really secure house and you take the front door off that's fine if you are skilled

Enough to defend that house on your own and some people are awesome at info second and development and that phone is as secure as any other phone in the world most people are just casual and it's not so it's not something that we

Recommend any more these on my end no baby bb-8 says no we do not do not do not do not its flashing its warning lights do not jailbreak your phone honestly on I don't see that there that many more that there that many

Advantages anymore to jailbreaking a sigh unless you really love getting your data stomach there used to be all kinds of advantages I used to jailbreak my iPad because you couldn't do a TV out signal when I was trying to do drawing

Demonstrations but now you know apples integrated a lot of the things that jailbreakers have asked for and demanded on so I mean it's a good exercise if you want it you want to see what a jailbroken phone looks like if you want

To if you're curious about the back end of the iphone and you want to poke in that kind of area did that's definitely an option but I wouldn't connect that kind of a phone to into the network I would keep that offline and

Just play with it yeah I used to jailbreak because I wanted an iPhone in Canada Apple didn't supply them and then I wanted notifications a quick look replies and I got all that stuff so I'm good dmitry wants to know when can we

Expect Apple pay in the rest of Europe this year or next that's a great question um unfortunately I don't know if we have a distinct answer for that has said anything I mean basically the the rule in question here is listen to

What Tim Cook is saying on the financial calls and listen to just his general you know Apple pace feels every time they do an event usually he will drop something like oh it's coming to the UK later this year it's coming here so I think unless

In lieu of an official announcement or overzealous rumors blogs I'm afraid we don't really have anything for you on that yeah and the thing is a lot of it is these are unknowns until they are known like Rio we saw recently that

Apple still negotiating with Australia because the amount of money that Australians the Australian companies retailers make off credit cards is less so they don't wanna pay apple as much and there's there's banking regulations

In Canada in every country they have to go and have to negotiate these things and those deals aren't made it's a horrible answer until they're made so yeah apple doesn't apple doesn't really know a lot of these countries yet

They'll they'll put them in line as soon as they can but it takes work and it takes time and it makes me so sad because we have all the infrastructure here we can't enjoy it yeah I have American Express on my Apple pay and

Canada does not take American Express through NFC sad yeah but you can't no can't use it so close so far no it's very sad angel Gonzales wants to know when do you think 30 when do you think watch OST will be released I think watch

Os/2 will be released around the same time as iOS 9 I think there will be a package deal yeah I think I still have to be at this point if you will this is not human assets but you will be able to run watch us to on an iOS 8 device but

You will not be able to benefit from all of the stuff that's being watchful eyes too yeah yeah so that it seems like they just have to be commingled Aaron wants to know their last question and we already answered this too will the

Iphone 6 s have a camera bump unless and this is before you ride your knees I was pointing out hell when Apple keeps the device thin without a bump you get the macbook FaceTime camera and everyone's

Upset and when they put a good camera and it requires a bump you get the camera bump everybody gets upset yeah it you're hitting your head against the walls of physics here so yes frustrating problems such problems we need

Breakthroughs we need breakthroughs in quantum lens technology is what we need clearly we need just swap out of Belinda's just pull it out put it back in that would be awesome bb-8 get on that yes so red we're both gonna be in

San Francisco next week we are yeah I fly in sunday night and Renee I think you're coming are you committing Sunday yep um and we will have all of the news from from this week's event and how to's and analysis and all the awesome things

That you have come to expect from I more and hopefully more I'm debating I'm so at some point right I'm not sure we know exactly yet but after it'll be after the event and probably as soon as we can after the other i might i'll attach a

Gopro to be v8 and just have him go around and does he have a camera that is that alone he does sadly he does not um however i'm so sorry baby a um this is detachable this is magnetic with little tiny wheels oh that's brilliant yes so

In theory they could offer a little top upgrade if if down the line it was like oh yes we want to put a camera in here that but it was too cost-prohibitive in the first generation but he can he can uh holographically augment send out

Holographic messages from his lens so if you hold the camera if you hold your iphone up in front of him he will on your iphone display a holographic message oh pretty cool um do you want to close out the let's see if i can close

Out the the show with talking to him okay bb-8 nope oh he stole he's a quiet type yeah he's still learning okay bb-8 it's asking me to it's asking me to prompt it doesn't understand oh well well next

Time we were yeah yep so it's ready I'll Apple music books still available Apple music books still available selling well thank you for telling your friends tell more of your friends people who are looking to upgrade to Apple music or are

Confused about any aspect of the service about itunes about the music app want to know tips and tricks troubleshooting how to's we got you covered it's on the at it's on the iBookstore it's on kindle five dollars less than a cochino totally

Worth your time and if you can leave a review on iTunes if you've already purchased the book and you liked it that would be swell because that really helps us out awesome thank you we would really appreciate that temerity if people want

To find you if they want to talk to you on the Internet where can they go they can find me at cetera Nessie tter n on Twitter as well as on Instagram and I'm roaming around on vacation this weekend but I will be in San Francisco next week

And then then back in the lovely boston metro area after that awesome you can find me at Rene Ritchie you can find all of us at I'm or you can find this show on iTunes like with the book if you can please leave a review please leave

Rating it encourages I tuned to feed to us and that lets us find more great people like you if you want the video version you can go to slash I'm more video although that might be changing you might put the show in its

Own YouTube channel just to make it nice and clean and easy to find but stay tuned about that in the meantime we are jetting off to San Francisco we will bring you all the details again Wednesday ten o'clock pacific 1 p.m.

Eastern keep it locked on time or it's going to be one hell of a ride yep thanks everybody thanks friend thank you goodbye all bb-8 says goodbye

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Hey everyone welcome back to the channel what we have right here is a brand new g-shock watch with google's wear os which means that for the first time ever...
I mean we can take them it's just got to be fast okay sure that's what she said Oh God this next to Center spring all right this we could start to the b...
That's good timing I know there's a live thing oh I guess I'm supposed to do the thing this week aren't I yes haha i typed android balance calm ...
Hey guys what's going on is Carl here back with another episode we are back to another Tech Travel Pack it is July my last episode was in June when I was ou...
Hey guys what is going on is Carl here back with another episode this one is very special we are here we've get out season three and before we kick things o...
Hey guys what's going on it's Karl here back with another episode this one just like most of them on the channel has been requested a lot of you are ask...
What's up everybody this is Danny and last week I was at the Charlotte Motor Speedway checking out NASCAR for the very first time and it was a pretty cool e...
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Hi guys is Marcus from Tokyo silence Tech and that finally I've got to experience triple screen gaming and I absolutely love it now if you know anything abo...
Already in 2019 I've been blown away a few times at the shear value for money on some of these phones we've had devices from oneplus on a Asus quite a f...
so this is the asus rog g85 o2d you that was a mouthful but I'm gonna refer to this as the favo 2d for the rest of the video now it's really interestin...
So in these third-generation Rison cpus were launched a little while ago to be more precise it was launched on the exact same day as the rx 3700 series GPUs and...
well hello with people I'm Dimitri and today we're talking about the SteelSeries apex Pro keyboard with new omni point switches now we have done severa...