iMore show 473: Hey Siri, give us a hint!

by birtanpublished on September 13, 2020

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Software com / p 0 DZ AST who hey everyone it is August twenty-eighth 2015 I'm Rene Ritchie and right now we're going to be talking about the upcoming apple event new iPhones new Apple TVs and all that is new in the world of

Apple this is the I'm or show joining me today as always we have the incredibly book savvy serenity Caldwell how you doing red I'm doing great I'm about to take off on a trip to Chicago oh but until then get to hang out with you fine

Folks until then you're selling thousands and thousands of Apple music books so great also joining us we have George Adele how you doing George a fresh off her giant psychology tour yes I'm doing really really wonderfully well

You gave a talk to like a couple hundred people last night yeah we gave a talk we're launching like a diet e treated at home video series and so um we got to launch that it was a lot of fun I'm a little tired but this at the end of the

Show also joining us very special guest the incomparable Jason sanel how are you Jason hello I'm doing I'm doing well giant psychology sounds to me a little bit like the psychology of giants so I Rosewell d20 yeah we'll do some DNT

Later you think Giants have inferiority complexes uh yeah I think I think so they take up so much space I got to feel like everybody's looking at them I'm sitting in an airplane is such a problem all right so we have so much to discuss

I'm gonna get us going first up Apple has put out invitations for their traditional September it used to be a September music event back in the day but it's become a September iphone event I start with you Jason because you had

This up on six colors anything out of the ordinary is is this just is this like double W DC now for Apple it just happens every year yeah well so far yeah I think I think that's basically it this is the sep tember event it happens every

Year in September it happens pretty much it's the same day as last year at this point so Apple like this early September event it's a good time it fits in with their production cycle for whatever they're targeting to release the new

Hardware and to get it in the channel in time for the holiday quarter because october november december as people who look at apple's financial back background documents that they have to file those that's the big quarter of the

Year that is by for apple is a very seasonal company even though you would think something like an iphone wouldn't be seasonal it's seasonal that the holiday quarter so there's just a huge spike some of that driven by the fact

That there are new iphone some of it driven by the fact that there are gift-giving periods in there but uh it's it's it's big and so they need to launch it and this is their this is their big shot that this is the most-watched apple

Event of the year to as you know from my days of macworld i can tell you and you guys probably see it in your stats to you know we we Apple fans get excited you know the the Mac watchers the Apple watchers are like owww see well dig into

The future of operating systems no it's people want to know about the iphone that's it that bottom line people want to know about the iphone and this is that so here we are September 9th again there's a couple big websites who will

Not tell you on the record off the record tell you that this is bill paying day this is like black black Tuesday or black wednesday for them when all the ad money comes in that's a big day it is a huge deck and and and for yeah for

People in our business it it is the start of the high season in a way because you're going to get all the interest about the iphone all the interest about iOS and then that's going to roll into whatever else they

Announced their potentially you know new iPads coming this fall as well a new version of OS 10 and so it just kind of keeps on rolling and it becomes a very very busy few months for all of us what did anything did you take away from the

Invitation I mean it was more blatant than most year is rent well yeah I mean yeah you know hey Siri give us a hint I think in part that was a little bit of fun having on Apple pr's part Cirie has since since its release

Basically been a vignette font of sarcasm and occasional jokes you know hey Siri where can I bury a body so you know integrating this into their latest event I think is a fun little bit of cheek Tucker II I'm their part uh I I

Don't know if it's necessarily blatant cuz Syria is not really giving away anything we knew that Syria is gonna be involved because it's gonna be a new iphone uh of course people saw that and also thought oh well new iphone could it

Also be a new Apple TV that has Syrian Eveld and then the crema criminologists that is that little radiologist yeah the criminologist have been all over this like yeah let's uh let's let's figure out all the all of the hidden meanings

Inside this tiny little half picture it's funny because some people were saying they want an automated Siri like there was an on and on device series some people are saying in Syria on the Apple TV some people are saying series

Gonna host the thing and Tim's gonna take the day off I mean how that works I would really enjoy just to put it out there a Serie keynote I mean I think it would get boring after about 10 minutes but I think it would be hilarious to be

Like and here to introduce proactive on the iphone is Siri and then Siri walks you through what her day looks like man I have to deal with all of these terrible humans in the morning I have to play yoga music yoga music is the worst

You terrified me there for a minute by saying Siri walks and I thought sir walking on stage the end is nigh I'll Georgia you're born on Judgment date is it does it actually concern you that Siri well at one point decide that the

Best way she could serve us is to get rid of us I you know what it's something I think about every now and then as I talked to my phone and it sends me to dial the wrong number that I have to do um it was funny because I was looking

Through the invitation and Jason I have to ask you the invitation itself is in six colors yeah Apple uh not too long after I announced my site which of course invented the concept of a six color apple logo right all right

The the apple seems to have their whoever's designing their stuff seems to have embraced the fact that there are those six colors in Apple's history and that they they dated one that was the explicit rainbow logo and they're using

It in other ways too and I think it's adorable just aside from my site being men you know referencing that I think it's great that there's somebody at Apple thinks you know this is part of our legacy let's not bury it let's use

It so uh you know I my question is will we see a rainbow apple logo at some point in the next few years even if it's just in one slide or one ad watch for it I would love that we've seen the rainbow apple logo in part with the pride flag

Yeah and the stickers yeah the stickers commercial had an apple rainbow apple logo in it too so you know it's out there it's out there than six colors are out there there are only so many years that uh that we can go through during a

Plated chrome and aluminum and black well and I think the style wise I mean it was good at the time that they got rid of it it was overdue that it felt very 70s but the fact is these days you know actually lots of things are very

70s and there it's sort of cool again so I think there's something to be said for Apple working that stuff the you know it's old identity back in as part of its uh its current identity and so the event takes place as widely speculated on

September 9th we're going to be there Jason's going to be there so far we'll get more into later in the show but so far Jason iPhones maybe an apple TV this is not traditionally mac or ipad month yeah usually the iPads are October right

So IIIi don't know I think I don't know if there's any anything behind the rumors that the ipad might appear at this event it doesn't make a lot of sense to me it's not how they've done it in the past it would really be kind of a

Sad story if Apple's trying to boost the ipad and say they're bullish on the iPad to just roll an ipad update into the back end of the of the iphone event it seems like a it's wrong and if they truly have an

Ipad pro coming down the pike they're gonna want to they're gonna want to show that off and they're gonna want an event to do it and and everything is going to get swamped in the new iPhones so I'm skeptical that we're going to see iPad

Until you know in October they're going to have OS 10 presumably it'll probably come a little bit later they might have some new Mac models that's a good time to launch the iPad as well they've got so much stuff that they have to launch

For this huge quarter that they can't do it all and I think they shouldn't do it all in one event I've heard no iPads to yeah I've got to assume that that was a rumor misheard and that what what whatever that they actually heard was

Something along the lines of when talking about iOS 9 we might briefly talk about the ipad features of iOS 9 in this event which is not the same at all as introducing a new ipad no unless they do some weary wacky press release dumped

To get some old models out of the way but even then they could wait it's no pressing need for this mr. boy and we would they want to be able to really fully when they have like you know something that's coming out new you want

To spend the time so that that's when it's gonna be unveiled instead of having people be writing about many things to have one thing that they're going to be dealing with which is the new iphones and then they can go through with the

New iPads at the ipad about them one thing that was delightful is at apple and I heard from a little birdy that maybe this wasn't so much a PR thing as you know as something that surprised and delighted a lot of people in the company

They actually got Syria involved in all this so you can say give us a hint I can neither confirm nor deny that I am not authorized either to confirm or deny that I cannot disclose anything that you would then have to confirm in any case I

Would deny it got it Oh Sarah you tease oh there's about nine of them I mean like the engineers must have had some fun there there's like I don't know go ask a rumor blog and like I've already given you a mini colored hint I mean

It's just a lethal yeah I think that it's a brilliant idea though because it gets people actively involved with the release of their events so even if you're not a huge techie you could do this you could be involved in the

Process and you could try to find out what might be happening we might be getting and so I think that it's a really smart idea because once people are involved in a product they're more invested that's just the psychology

Of what we like we like to be a part of the process and this actively allows us to be part of the process with it and it's so cute so one thing that Cirie didn't do is that Cirie did not email jim cramer Surrey made Tim Cook all on

His own and this got might have emailed through Siri but 30ml Jim Cramer would you like to tell Jim Cramer but so the stock markets were being nervous because China is a sort of a gray box normally knows what's going on there and the

Markets are having trouble lately and because Apple is their second biggest market might be their biggest market eventually they were they were worried about apple and china so Apple stock started plummeting and Tim Cook to the

Entity unusual I know if it's unprecedented but the unusual step of emailing beloved TV personality Jim Cramer actually as I understand a Jim Cramer email tim cookie said I'm going on TV at nine o'clock is there any I'm

Going to be covering this is there anything that you can add give me to add to my coverage and Tim Cook responded about an hour before the show went on about 8am and then CNBC tweeted out the letter Jim Cramer went on what do you

Think of this Jason I mean both from Tim Cook doing it and and just years of covering Apple in general I so want to do my Jim Cramer impression here but I want to blow out everybody's speakers know it's you know i heard from tim cook

I just got my god a guy needs to cool down a little bit i take take a nice uh some spend some time in the hot tub maybe um you know I don't think Tim Cook said a whole lot more than he said before I think this was about restating

Apple likes to recycle a lot of the things that it's already said publicly I mean we've all noticed this that you know Tim Cook will say something and people like Oh Tim Cook compared to this event and said something or this apple

Of executive appeared of dissident and said something and usually that's something we've actually heard before and it's not really news they said it somewhere else first and occasionally they'll roll out something new obviously

But they you know Apple being bullish on China Tim Cook as randon I know from having typed of transcript of it Tim Cook taught went on and on about China at the at the quarterly call so I don't feel like there was anything really new

Here this is this is about just common people down and saying look it's going to be fine in the long term uh you know that look at that you can do the math like this is a this is a country what four times the size of the

Population of the united states with it with a growing middle class it's going to be the equivalent of you know it's like it's gonna be apple's largest market eventually like the just the numbers the way it the way the math

Works so calm it down it's going to be fine and i think that's I mean we'll see if they if they if the regulators want to ping them for something that they said that was a new disclosure but I i I'm not sure I saw I need new

Disclosures there yeah said about App Store numbers I think and the last two weeks i'm not sure ND remember no i mean the only the only thing that the SEC might get tim cook on were saying that our numbers so far this year look look

To disprove the theory that china is tanking readily but if i believe i'm not an expert on si si los oh no when so if i'm totally wrong here ya go go for it but i believe if Kramer asked for a public comment and Tim Cook public like

That email was designed to be broadcast publicly from the start I think they're in the clear it's only if its private disclosure or if Kramer like traded stocks based on that but I'm assuming yea though is that he does have apple

Stock and it was through emails but usually you're allowed to give private information to journalists for public disclosure after and so I don't think that the SEC is gonna come down on Tim Cook this was not he said right away

That he didn't mind having it shown that's why it was given to the TV this was not something that people found afterwards that you know this was a private email it's Jim hey Jim this was this was this was made for public

Consumption from its inception and you're allowed to do that with journalists for the public which you know made a huge difference to the stock so there was a psychology of that I mean everyone panicked and started selling

And then Tim Cook says hi this is Tim everything's good stuff to Southern drawl email it's call me this is tim just just comment down everything's gonna be okay just get a glass of warm milk and

And buy more apple stock do you breathe in do you fight mom mentality with mob mentality dodges a business I think that it shows one that we do trust that Apple's as what it does and does what it says which is a really nice set for for

Apple but I also think that it's it's how much Apple actually controls the the stock exchange there's apple holds a huge percentage now of whatever happens with Apple has to do with the entire world global economy and so I think that

Everyone that deals and socks gave a little bit of a sigh of relief and and had to say like thank you tim cook for for helping us all out america's coach Tim yeah yeah but we're kind of made to follow we're kind of made to be to

Follow the group we like to think of ourselves as exceptionally individualistic but we're not we're actually meant to follow the tribe and we're meant to follow the tribe leaders that's the way that when we worked in

Lar look we the only way that we survive as defenseless little tiny creatures was to work in large groups and then to follow what we think is the best advice to that and so we're much less individualistic than we would like to

Believe and that's why we you know advertising works and why if someone that we really like is saying you know what you should buy this product it does actually increase the chances if we like that person that we're gonna say well

Then I must also like this product because you want to say that you use this product so do I we're the same like coming that's how my vine efforts are being funneled durga right I saw started yeah in stranger news and you and I were

Talking about this this morning and just didn't know what to make of it ian rogers who came to apple from beets and basically spearheaded a lot of apple music especially beats radio I mean he's hired Zane Lowe he's leaving Apple to

Take a job at an undisclosed but not competitive European company this is very I mean again we talked about this before the program this is very odd to me Apple music definitely had some stumbling blocks out the gate but it was

In no way like it in no way to me resembled the same kind of fiasco that we've seen with mats in the past or with other blunders on there is no reason at least from my point of view for like somebody

Someone has to take the fall like how music is get you know has had its share of bugs and there are definitely things that it need that needs to fix but all in all it's been a fairly positive you know Luke warmed a positive reaction on

Apple music being like this is cool it has some bugs and we're probably gonna wait a couple months to see how that works out but it's still pretty cool uh and and of course there's there's beats one with ian rodgers is a huge part of

Its just i don't understand where this move is coming from especially because he seemed very you know i mean i guess we haven't heard a lot from him the press since since apple musics release and it's possible that he just got jaded

With with the program or decided that he wanted to do something else now that it was off the ground but in the months leading up to Apple music he seemed very very passionate like this was very much his baby to get off the ground and put

Together so I'm not sure if it's just it just it just rubs me the wrong way like something something's up here yeah and he still Houston tweeting like he tweets almost like he's a program manager for the station yeah i mean he's he has been

Very very involved like he's not not what you'd think of like a corporate overlords was very much in the fold you know i'm going to the station's you know he met with a cup he met with journalists during the during the

Preview and was like talking nonstop about it to pretty much anybody who would listen so Jason this doesn't sound like a paper master or I forget the gentleman who was left who's given the door after mobileme doesn't sound like

The maps with Williamson or Forrestal eventually it does this just happen is what happens in relationships well you know I hate to speculate about about people's jobs but i guess here I go um it this was an acquisition he was a CEO

So I think there's a scenario here where as part of this like somebody at Apple decided maybe even as the acquisition was going on or before the acquisition saying look in the long run you're gonna not stay like in the long run we want

You here for a year we want you here for nine months or whatever like that and then at some point prepare your exit you know we will pay you through the end of 2015 and you can stay you know you know in the last half the year leave at

Some point because we don't we don't need somebody your level to manage this we've got people at Apple who are going to do it it could be that simple we're not right yeah yeah it absolutely happens where they're like we're gonna

Pay you a lot of money as part of the acquisition and part of your own personal thing but we don't want you you know and and we want you to continue the integration and all that and then at some point you're just going to go out

The door and that that's possible it's possible that they were dissatisfied with him in some way and then they would that they showed him the door after the fact and it was unanticipated it's also possible that he read the writing on the

Wall in terms of how hard it is to integrate two companies like this and decided that he was going to start pursuing other opportunities because he knew in the long run he didn't want to stay with this so those are all

Scenarios that are that are up there and that's all we know so all we really know bottom line is that the guy who was the CEO of beats music is going to not be an apple anymore and what does that mean in terms of what the offering is going

Forward yeah I mean it's not like that it's not like Apple music is losing its only visionary here I mean obviously we still have jeep Jimmy IVA and we still have Trey we still have Trent Reznor there is no render that Trent Reznor

Whose name I can't pronounce on the podcast today is l yeah yeah I there there are still good people behind Apple music and I don't think it's a you know a warning sign for Apple music at all but it does it does concern me a little

Bit uh just in that you know as as Jason is saying there are all kinds of potential political and non-political movements in this in this arena but it does strike me as odd that you know ian was very much the front-facing member of

Out like he and Jimmy Iovine were like the two people sort of being put forward to press to you know just as the public face of Apple music and it seems odd that somebody who you know they all really only wanted around for a year or

Even if he only really wanted to be around for a year um to have them just you know to have him be on the the national stage and then just quietly be like yeah I'm good yeah I'm literally leaving the country I mean I'm

Sure I am sure there are good reasons for it and and again like jason said I don't want to speculate too much on the on the man's personal and job life uh it's just it's it's a little disappointing to me because i really i

Thought that he was doing good work and the people he were or the people he worked with seemed to like him so and it could even be that he decided that he you know he did that it's a huge pressure it's a lot of stress and maybe

He said you know what i did it i launched it it was successful and now i want to do something a little bit more low-key spend more time maybe with my family and enjoy is something different it you know i think that people often

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So much more Red Hat different for the sake of better technology so this one hits near and dear to my no no we're nearly as near Indira's rennes but hits near and dear to my heart too and that is Apple is apparently going to be

Getting rid of their one-on-one program which is where you paid nine dollars when you bought a mac and you would get one-on-one training and my mom went she wrote an article for us on it she loved it they showed her how to use

Things like calendar on her iphone and mac like em to sync together which sounds simple to a lot of people but to some people who technology is is either awkward or inaccessible or alienating that's that's huge for them that gives

Them it empowers them and I understand around that Apple is is changing that there's so many people there that maybe that wasn't the most efficient use of specialists or creatives but I'm still going to be a bit sad yeah as a former

Creative a former trainer I you know I wrote a little bit about this on I more and I actually talked a bit about this on Jason show clockwise but it bums me out I in that you know this is a really really special program that granted was

Designed in the age of Apple needing evangelists for its products right it needed it needed to bring people into the fold especially people who have maybe never used a mac before and weren't quite sure how to go about it or

An iPhone and the 11 program was a great way to build long-lasting fans of the probe of the service and of the computers because it's like all right we're not going to just you know we're not going to lecture at you and we're

Not just gonna be like yeah okay so click this and click that and click that it was it was you know guiding them on a journey through their computer and giving them highly you know hyper focused information that they could then

Use to further develop their own you know their own projects or their own their own creative endeavors or even their own work endeavors going forward and to lose that from the store is a is a blow from the you know from the

Evangelist angle from I feel like it's Apple is getting very big now an apple doesn't necessarily need those hardcore fans and building those hardcore fans the way that they used to but that doesn't mean I'm not sad to see that

Part of it go uh I feel like the reason why Apple became you know the why Apple has endured throughout the throughout the history through its ups and downs is that it made good products that people were passionate about and while I think

They're the group workshops that they'll be replacing this with are still useful and are still valuable and people can still ask questions and go to an apple store and talk to somebody it's just it's not quite the same and I

Worry about you know I I think people who would have got taken advantage of the one-to-one sessions may not go to a workshop because they don't like the idea of learning in a big group environment is scary especially when

You're older um and I I just worry that you know it's shutting a door it's shutting a door to people who don't know how to use or any of that it's shutting a door yeah I think that's a great point that a lot of people that

That could use the one to one if you have social anxiety or if you don't know a lot about technology you might be too shy to ask a question group and maybe look sillier or if you don't know how to use just like you know a trackpad you

May not want to ask that question cuz you see that everyone else is able to do that and you're so far outside of the group and so it's sad i guess it says something for the fact that you know people most people know they they feel

That most people now know how to use apple products and this is no longer a necessity but i felt like you did I thought that was too bad because it's so nice for people that you know you give them an apple product and then you have

This which is okay like once a week you can it came down to like dollars procession you could not get that training and it's so it's so relieving for people that you know you can you can give the product and know that they

Would learn how to use a bit by eyepiece personalized in a kind happy environment oh well we hope we hope that they will be better and writer things in the future the opposite of that of course is a whole situation with content blockers

Ad blockers online advertising it came up again this week because a lot of people started getting beta access to some of the iOS 9 content blockers and some people chose to blog about it and show the difference and that the next

Web put up an article showing a bunch of popular sites including I'm or what it looked like when you ran them with and without content blockers and they're called content blockers and not ad blockers because they can block any

Arbitrary block of CSS or JavaScript the most common issues is going to be ads but Federico vtg tweeted out some pictures where he was pulling out whole blocks of CSS that he considered that weren't content and basically made it

Look like a reader view with with nicer pictures so people be able to do a lot of things like make facebook look entirely different if they want to there is some concern that it will break social networks like you'll go to your

Facebook page and you won't remember that you have a content block are running and things won't work right but nearest facebook apps for that so I don't think that's going to be a huge concern but we do sort of feel caught in

The middle because if given our druthers a time where we'd run no ads or we'd run ads that were all fantastic weather mentioned before we're not in charge of our ad destiny that's all done through ad exchanges and and stuff like that and

We kind of hope that this makes them improve better but I I'm just interested in general I don't know if anyone else has any thoughts on this but for me in general it just feels like this feels like a very aptly thing because they've

Been content blockers on Windows and on Mac and Don you know there have been some one android though apparently they're not as easy to use I thought they were you have to root Android and then install them it's not a lot of

People do it I just don't know how big and how damaging this is going to be or maybe not damaging the right word I don't know how how much this is going to actually push to make companies provide better as well problem is that once the

Ad blockers are in place it's going to be hard for them to provide better ads that will be seen by anybody so that's that's part of the issue I I did I love the next web story with the charts I've also been using crystal the the ad

Blocker that they tested here it is uh it's very nice it's uh it has no interface essentially at this point I think that that's one of the challenges for these app developers is to work on ways that you can sort of say what you

Want to see and what you don't want to see and have it I think a Content blocker that's like a preferences panel for the web of like what do you want to see in what do you not want to see we could end up it could end up not being

Quite as bad as we as we think but on mobile devices in the charts don't lie you're talking about reducing like let's take my old employer Macworld's I'm serenity zold employer you know the page load times were about like 16 seconds

And they went to something like three and a half um uh with crystal installed and it's just it's spectacularly better and so this isn't all about ads being annoying although ads can be annoying it's also about just improving the

Experience and and I think I think in the end you know maybe we'll see some better ads but I think it's also going to be that we're gonna start to see a lot of native stuff we're going a lot of see we're going to see in content

Material we're gonna see stories that are sponsored stories and you know what as long as they're not trying to pull a fast one on on the readers and make it seem like a real story as long as it's

Clear that this item is an ad in content form I think it's probably okay it's not my favorite thing but I feel like that's where we're going to be left with when the because this has been abused all of the the display ads are just going to go

Away even the even the ones that are not offensive they're all going to go away that's the best-case scenario my nightmare scenario is Ren like a company like AT&T offering ultra cookie services to add companies yeah I mean we saw that

A little bit AT&T experimenting with injecting ads into its open Wi-Fi networks yeah I which they're like oh no that was just a test it's not actually really happening we're not being security exploited i think verizon was

Or berating you were trying super cookies previously yeah it's a that's a dangerous path to walk down uh in in regards to native advertising which i think will they'll at least you know give a and give a good shot for uh

I'm you know I'm not completely opposed to it like it unlike with it with it the caveat that it has to be done well you know I cuz i look back to you know i am a big fan of old-time radio shows and things like that and i look back to

These sponsored troops of the 20s the 30s the 40s and you had those little like brought to you by campbell soup ads and i'm even on podcasts we have that right we have our podcasters talking about all right let's talk to you about

Harry's let's talk to you about Linda let's talk to you about Squarespace as long as it's very clear you know John Gruber of daring fireball has been doing this for years with uh with AD pitches in his RSS feed but they're very clearly

Labeled and I actually don't think that's a terrible thing you know I gripe a lot about Facebook's crazy ad system and how terrible it makes it for page owners but I've actually felt like I have genuinely found some good things in

Facebook's feed injection because they're very they're at this point they're pretty conservative about what they put into your news and like they they do collect creepy data on you but at the same time it's

Like all right okay this is actually a product that I might and that I'm not like horrified to see in my newsfeed it's not like you know I made the mistake of telling him I'm singles and all i get is dating service oh boy yeah

I gotta uncheck that box yeah every time you get around an anniversary of your relationship by the way the engagement ring ads oh man really ah nice that would help me remember you haven't posted a picture very should marry

Georgia it doesn't count what you merit although I Bentley probably did like flowers yeah like I posted a picture with your husband in a month would you like a divorce lawyer service haha so that's the that's the creepy end of

Never native advertising maybe we don't go down that route we're not facebook but I do think that there's a happy medium that can be found with native advertising that genuinely produces interesting content that readers might

Want to click on but is also well labeled as an ad and well labeled as like this is you know this is helping support us help support you know support them help support us everybody's happy I don't know you mentioned support i

Wanted to mention that too i think one place this is going is every site that you read now that is not a huge traffic site like huge huge like BuzzFeed huge I think you're going to see more stuff that that people are going to ask to

Support via actual cash money and that may be a special newsletter or a special membership area or it may be just a tip jar I and you know maybe there are paywalls I mean people have been so opposed to pay walls but at some point

That the game and on the web since the beginning has been give everything away because you get all the traffic that you that you can that you can stand and then you make money off that traffic by selling ads but once the make money by

Selling ads part falls apart the rules change and so it's not important yeah it wouldn't show it wouldn't shock me if you saw sites that are of an in that middle range pull back and say you know we we meet you to give us money and then

We'll give you something in return whether that's content uh that you are to reading or its newsletter or it's something else I feel like that is gonna happen I'll do like I'll perform for dance but thanks well sing more I more

Songs no I I really think I mean we've seen we've seen the explosion of Kickstarter and patreon and go fund me over the last the last few years you know it's funny because you know I was in the arts industry the summer before

Kickstarter and and the cup like the comparison between indie film artists trying to raise or andy writers trying to raise money pre kickstarter and now where it's like hey I'm gonna start a patreon and all you need you know they

Talk about the 1000 true fans all you need is a certain subset of people who like your content enough that they're willing to pitch in five bucks ten bucks a month and you can sustain yourself now granted that's you know that is

Primarily designed for smaller sites I don't know what that looks like what that means that people are going to have to scale down to do what they do whether we're going to look at more single proprietorships that have all hyper

Niche audiences it's a it's a long-term question and also we have it we can't discount the oncoming stampeding elephant that will soon be in the room Apple news and see if Apple has any revolutionary ideas on monetizing

Content without my readers want to cry ads I asked me present I ads will be Brett but but here's the questions like are I ads going to be redesigned and redeveloped in such a way that it's not just here's another banner at the top of

The thing I am I gonna generate any income exciton apps yeah yeah I don't know it's a that that I think we will have to wait until the release of news to find out so awkwardly now I'm going to pause so we can pay some of those

Bills and I'm gonna do that by telling you about Linda calm the online learning platform with over 3,000 on-demand video courses to help you strengthen your business technology and creative skills for a free 10-day trial you can visit

Linda calm / I'm or what is Linda it is the closest thing you can get to an hour world to jacking into the matrix to learning helicopter flying kungfu well maybe not helicopter flying a conclude but

Certainly things like at microsoft office like security essentials like going paperless tax fundamentals growth hacking almost photography almost anything that interests you you can go to Linda calm and you will find experts

There who will teach it to you these are people who are passionate about what they do they stream thousands of video courses on demand so you can learn at your own schedule you can watch an entire course if you have a question you

Can just ask that question find the bit of the course that addresses it and just watch that you can take the entire thing bite-sized pieces it really is up to you you can create your own learning experience there's transcripts there's

Support for iOS for iphone for ipad for android devices so you can take stuff on the go you can make playlists it's just it is a customized on-demand learning experience so you can use your membership it will give you unlimited

Access to training on hundreds of topics all for one flat rate whether you're looking to become an industry expert you're passionate about a hobby or you want to learn something you just go to Linda calm / I more and sign up for your

Free 10-day trial that's ly ND a calm / I more I m.o.r.e alright so we are moving into as we mentioned before the apple event and we're widely expecting to see almost certainly expecting to see a new iphone there are lots of rumors

Now I want it to break them down starting with the most important one georgia rose gold rose gold mmm-hmm if it's not pink in rose gold i am all over that I think that it's beautiful like a file or laws all gold yes I think that

It's I think that it's gonna be a nice seller I think that it's gonna be a great seller among men and women I'll probably get one yeah I own is because what we liked yeah we like to want to say I have the newest and greatest

Product so I think that that works really well for us to merger not not any gloating purposes of course pardon me strictly aesthetically I like it i'm not gonna do to gloat or anything haha alright of course not you would never do

That Renee I would never do it let it rose go my rose gold like this only Rosie well yes exactly no one's gonna be using a case i would be worried about break more broken screens right right right get applecare

Um but I think that that's the first thing is that that's going to be one of the differentiators that I have an S and you just have sex and I think that a lot of people enjoy that with their products it is it's it's a fashion accessory as

Well and so people like the newest best and the greatest and it's also it's a beautiful color it's warm which is really nice because this adds a warm color onto the color spectrum for the phones and I think it's also classy and

If you have a rose gold watch it matches yeah no I agree completely i think III think when we set this on the last show I think that Apple you know traditionally made a lot of internal upgrades and thought people be impressed

By new cameras and you things like touch ID and it turns out we just wanted a new color we really you scratch our surface what do you find more surface we're surface jason is a new camera excite you the idea of a 12 megapixel shooter does

Apple need to go there now ah the more the better I say um phones are our cameras I mean there are cameras now I I just on my on my road trip i just took for 10 days i didn't take my SLR I've got a very nice SLR I left it in the

Drawer here because I didn't want to deal with another charger I didn't want to deal with lugging it around and I you know we're gonna go down to a windy wet Beach are we gonna even take it with us we you know we would have left it in the

Car anyway and then I would have worried about the camera being in the car so you know the phone our phones are our cameras now so the better the camera the better the product and you know what Apple has been on 8 megapixels for a

While having a baker sensor gives them more stuff it gives them more pixels for image processing and presumably you know they will continue to build a lot of signal processing into the next generation chips that are inside these

Iphones and that those are definitely the rumors and so so yeah I'm excited there's some talk about you know you might be able to shoot 4k video that seems gratuitous on one level and yet being able to shoot 1080 video seemed

Gratuitous and then a few years later it doesn't seem that way anymore open zooming Jason well I I keep well I keep thinking yeah you shoot a 4k video and then you can actually crop it to 1080 with image stabilization

And have it look good also filmmakers will are already using iPhones to make films and being able to shoot a 4k will will be a thing that will happen for filmmakers too so I think it's all good i think having more sensor space to do

Image processing and and stabilization you know software stabilization essentially i think that's all good too so Apple has proven that they care a lot about the camera and the iPhone because everybody uses it and it's a key feature

And and I'm excited to see them improve it and likewise looking at my daughter and how many selfies she takes improving the front camera is also something we should probably keep doing yes mark Gurman was all over like as every year

Has been all over the rumors for the new devices and one of the things i don't know if i was reading this right but it looked like he was saying that apple's using their own custom sensor this time in not sourcing them from Sony which

Would be really interesting that is really interesting I'm not surprised because they're they're manufacturing so much silicone at this point on that I wouldn't be surprised if they were investigating building their own CMOS

Sensor um it's today because they don't have the experience building a CMOS sensor at least not a public publicly on high demand I would worry if they weren't partnering with somebody behind the scenes at least with experience I

Don't know they have they really hired or acquired any companies recently that have experience building sensors I know they had primeSense yeah primesense but the other Mueller with the multiple layers yeah with with triple so that

They potentially have the hardware the hardware expertise to do it um if they did do it it means you know even greater greater connectivity with their software um it means that they have more flexibility about what they can get

Their cameras to do but there also is the downside of you know sony has been manufacturing CMOS sensors for pretty much as long as there has been a CMOS sensor i had a sony camera over 2,000 to like it say they've been going on awhile

I don't to misquote marks what he says is they're moving from an 8 megapixel sensor to a custom imager billed as a 12 megapixel in both the new iPhones now it could also be the way they did with like with the apple chips they made an a4

Chip which was designed by Apple but it still used reference designs it wasn't an apple only IP and then a couple years later they they designed their own ship they moved from sort of packaging other

Parts and it could just be that they're getting they're doing something where they take the sensor and instead of taking the whole package they're making their package around it but it's interesting that Apple you know as is

Their want it wants to get further detailed into this the other thing George's stole more force touch rumors but also motion wallpapers like on your iPhone the little little squids and things could float it let's quit so

Jellyfish can float around your screen I'm really excited about that I I think I'm one of the few people that loved having like you know a butterfly or jellyfish and I loved when I got to show off my watch everyone was in awe of

Seeing the jellyfish as it that I won't say floats but swims across your screen and I would love to have a animated wallpaper when i unlock my phone I'm really excited I mean the Apple is moving to oh like they did all that on

The Apple watch they are going to move apparently 20 LED on the phones they're gonna you know make up a dark theme and all that stuff but that might not be now an S model I don't usually make big technological leaps on the on the

Displays and it would it work on a LCD display or would it look like a poor jellyfish on a gray background no I mean I think an animation would still look nice I may not have the same kind of crisp clarity that you'd see on an Apple

Watch but it's still it's still gonna look great I mean we've are they've already experimented with the idea of semi animated wallpaper with parallax where it kind of moves as you move your your phone around true animation might

Get people less motion sick because it doesn't actually feel like the ground is tilting while you move your phone uh but yeah I I don't think there should be too big of a problem Oh LED or next to it yeah exactly we're used to on the watch

Those are great people people who have seen it the other thing on in that sort of areas as oli d i think is still too expensive for full screen usage for for the price points that they want it's getting there there's their biggest

Concern traditionally was that other companies willing to sacrifice on the quality of the display like they've used things like pentile sub-pixel yeah alignment and they would you news with the latest generation are

Getting really really good but the capacity for companies to make them is still limited and a lot of those companies like Samsung who makes them use them a lot of them on their own fault hmm absolutely what I get they

Don't want to get a sort of her channel delayed yeah and they won't use in for your technology they're gonna want the best of the best all I just play has ever ever conceived of by man or yes I'm a scientist ointment I I wanted to point

Out that you can today use dynamic wallpaper but there's it's just a one the bubbles in the colors that's in ILS that you can you can so if you want to see something moving on your lock screen you can do it if it's bubbles it's

Bubbles all the bubbles anyone have any thoughts on the Apple to me we've heard the Apple TV we've all we've heard all the rumors that it's going to have a higher end processor probably an Apple a8 it's going to be able to maybe do

Series so you can command everything from your living on the way you can with an Amazon echo it's going to have a redesigned controller with some buttons on it but also a touchpad and maybe it'll be work for gaming and it could

Have an app store is there any big selling point for you Jason ah well I mean the hardware need to be refreshed I think that if it's got an app store in games it's going to be exciting I think if it's got integration yeah with my

Home network or with with Siri I think the having having seen the Amazon echo in action I'm I like the idea of having a device that could potentially listen to your voice commands wherever you are in your house it's unclear whether Apple

Do that or it'll just be embedded in the remote like what what amazon has done with their fire TV stuff but I feel like having more encroachment into the home is a good idea for apple and and the Apple TV seems like not a bad place to

Do that although they probably should put it in the airport base station at some point too because not everybody needs a to attach a thing to a TV but yeah this hardware is old i mean they've done some stealth revisions to it but

It's not dramatically different and the interface is not dramatically different from a few years ago and in that time there the competitors have really done a lot of work to create clever small powerful devices that attach to a big

Screen so I I'm I'm excited to see what they're doing and I will be disappointed I don't need them to do a revolutionary TV service in order for me to be excited here but be disappointed if there aren't

A lot of new features if it's just like you know uh uh it's a new box that looks a little different but you know it needs to have something and is that home feet are those home features is that an app store I think an app store would be huge

Make a much more interesting product if developers could leverage their knowledge of iOS to build that apps that run on the appletv don't know how they price it though because if you start putting in a definite a 9 for sure but

Even in a eight in it you start putting a bunch of extra ram in memory and blah blah blah to handle all this stuff you're not a $69 box my don't even be a $99 bucks anymore and the competition is cheap right i mean but the fact is you

Can run apps on amazon fire fire TV and that's a cheap box and the fire stick and that's a super cheap thing that's not even a box so i mean they've got up they've got a play in that a good thing is they've got hope set of processors

Going back a couple of years they don't need it to be the latest and greatest processor in order to drive a TV in her face they could they could put something in there that's pretty old in terms of ipad and iphone and have it still be

Plenty good enough to drive what they need to do on the TV do they need in itunes for Cameron um I don't think they need one right now I think that they will probably end up find it like building up one either beginning this

Year saying oh we have these five titles available in 4k but next year I think we'll be there really the really big rollout 4k TVs this year we'll have finally dropped to the point where they are affordable for most users the 4k

Standard you know people have pretty much agreed on on the of what that what that content should look like it's just a matter of whether or not they can get a big enough collection and whether or not the the people that they're

Delivering it to have the bandwidth to view it in 4k because the 4k file is going to be significantly bigger than your 1080p or 720p got it down to fantasize but still twice us yet it's still twice the size and if you have a

Slow you know if you have a slow connection or poor bandwidth I your you're looking at a little bit a little bit tougher of a cell for most users yeah I I have a 4k TV and it's got netflix is 4k service

Built into it and you know the picture looks good it streams pretty well you're essentially going from 1082 2160p obviously it's heavily compressed but it does look better than the compressed 1080 it gives you a step up you could

Argue that maybe the next step up would just be a less compressed 1080 stream and I'm not sure it looks at that much better than that less compressed 1080 stream still it's something that's out there would each dr afford it but it's

Yeah i just have to want to be ahead of the game here does Apple want to wait you know because maybe Apple wants to wait that is a game Apple usually plays we just let's let this settle down we don't need to be fully embracing this

Thing that's not settled down yet Georgia do you have any qualms about having an open Siri Mike in your living room I do it's something I wouldn't turn on it just bothers me it creates so convenient it is it is but I I just

Don't like the thought of my phone my computer my TV listening to me waiting for a command I would have to get more comfortable with it and then I go through all of the different privacy concerns I know apples really good about

That but I don't know i think the creep thought you had to press a button on the apple remote before he could use Siri with that a suede you like an actual hardware button I would be okay with that them that would be fun I mean when

You think about it currently the way that the toy telephone function works on iOS tonight I almost said it and I did it in a way that the automatic Siri function works on your iPhone as it's plugged in and then it only listens for

The key commands hate a holy telephone I'm gonna try not to anger any of our podcast listeners today I so I imagine if it's going to be put into the apple TV we're going to see the same sort of functionality where it's only going to

Be listening for those key phrases however it's it's still a little creepy you know even with apples privacy record having that will be like yes we only listen for the these two phrases still doesn't mean

That someone can't figure out how to hack the box to listen for more than those phrases no famously that still not gonna mention any names a very well-known reporter as I started dming me just because there was Google glass

In their bag as they were walking down the street so I mean these things happen right it's technology so to wrap up I'm gonna just do a quick bunch of QX we did get some questions and sky more yeah and one of the things we got some complaints

Last week last week we talked about Ashley Madison and I always blank on the name Spotify and Apple in terms of privacy and we got some people saying that they would never ever not ever listen to the show again and that always

Surprises me because if you disagree with the point of view just yell at us we'd love to have the conversation with you I don't think there's any conversation that we address on this show that is an all-or-nothing thing so

They took issue with the fact that if you look at a pure privacy model law enforcement has been going around and I personally think this is terrible and telling people that if you have secure encrypted connections you're allowing

The worst of the worst criminals to get away with doing the most horrific crimes possible and that is the definition of fear uncertainty and doubt and if you say that it companies like Apple and Google who want secure encrypted

Connections are doing the right thing inevitably some people think that you're Pro crime or pro criminals and that's the furthest thing from the truth the thing is that the those people are going to use encryption anyway a total

Encryption is incredibly easy you can it takes no effort anymore they will continue to use it it's just normal people will have no protection against being hacked by those people who are very safe and secure so if you think

We're wrong about something please just yell at us if you want to write us long letters telling us why we're horrible people because we happen to have a different set of beliefs that's fine too but we're happy to discuss it with you

The next thing we're getting is a bunch of people have been asking us whether they should buy new macs now or wait till after the event I would suggest in correct me if I'm wrong anybody wait till after October that is your best

Point for if you can wait and if you're not writing your thesis and you need a mac immediately borrow one and then wait because you know it always happens you buy mac in the new if I had only waited a little while wait

A little while if you can think further ahead of the game it's always a little bit more fabulous and you'll be like I wish I had that one yep if your computer is not dying yeah okay it's a two quick questions serenity what project managing

App do we use for I more we've mentioned it but they can't remember we use a nap technically it's a web service called Trello tre llo which is wonderful it allows you to organize your to do's by cards and lists and sections you can

Move those around really easily you can assign people to them you can assign due dates to them you can track and subscribe specific threads if you don't care about the overall board but you just care about these you know five

Specific areas um and it's so popular that my dogs like it too now we really important yeah exactly we really like it and we dig it it's actually fun it's actually a fun interface and I don't like I'm I'm change adverse to something

That might be really really scary to look at and seems like if you press a button something Bad's gonna happen and Trello is none of that it's actually really really cute like playing cards mmm trail yeah i apprec– we got frozen

Rent I'll move on quickly Brad dogs brett wants to know if we have any recommendations for mac software that converts flac flac to AAC Jason you have any favorites oh my god i have an audio converters oh you know i used i don't

Even know the name of it i use something to do this when i had a bunch of black stuff and can need to convert it and now for the life of me I can't even remember what it was I feel terrible i think when i use is called pro audio converter and

I just did that because logic use logic refuses to bounce anything longer than an hour and then i get it that awful CAD file enough to convert it to an AIF uh-huh yeah so that's what i've been using but i will i will do some

Investigations on this and i will supply people with better truer answers all right in the meantime I think I think max is what I used macs in ax so people should check that out for search for max I think that's what I

Use it's not a great interface but I believe it will convert your flac files to other formats awesome and jason has been writing a series of terrific articles on doing all sorts of audio stuff specifically for podcasters but

It's valuable to anyone who works with any kind of speech I think related audio thank you all sororities internet went down so oh if they heard us talking about encryption and they just took her off the internet mm-hmm so Jason if

People are interested in reading more of your in-depth insightful coverage where can they go uh I did you can find my coverage at six Heller's calm I was going to say something self-deprecating there but thank you for saying that it's

Insightful six colors calm and then they can listen to me talk about technology stuff on the upgrade podcast in a clockwise podcast which are relayed FM and I talked about all sorts of geeky pop culture e stuff on a bunch of

Different podcasts at the incomparable com including a total party kill the dungeons and dragons podcast where we play D&D and georgia is one of our players so and as I much fun yeah they needed tech esis wasn't available you

Needed a different clean of darkness and sound that worked out ya know and it is absolutely terrific stuff so please do make sure that you check out all of it and really FM is celebrating a birthday so happy birthday to relay FM we we

Might have coincidentally gotten Steven Hackett to write an article on Apple history for us earlier this week and my curl he might be writing something for us later today just purely coincidental II during their birthday week I like how

That works out but happy birthday double to all of you you do terrific shows Georgia where can people find you you can find me on Twitter it's at Georgia underscore tau I do some anxiety videos if you or someone you know has anxiety

And they're too shy or they can't afford to go get treatment for that we have launched some videos that you can watch at the comfort of your own home and that's that anxiety dash awesome congratulations thank you you

Can find serenity if she was here at Saturn se TT e RN and she has the Apple music book out on the ibookstore and the kindle book store right now so just go take a look for either Apple music ultimate guide or I'm or editors

In your in your book your ebook app of choice and it should be there and you can find her regulator I'm or you can find me at Rene Ritchie you can find all of us at I'm or if you haven't already please go to itunes check us out if you

Want the video version what you can see georgia rolling her eyes at me in live action just go to slash I'm or video Jason thank you so much for joining us happy to be here thank you for inviting me and I my time I see you

In two weeks yeah yeah hopefully see you in early September

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