iMore show 466: Music, Watches, and iPhone 6s dreams

by birtanpublished on September 19, 2020

Hey everyone it is july 10 2015 I'm Rene Ritchie and right now we're going to talk about Apple music Apple watch and a bunch of other fun stuff because this is the I'm or show joining me this week dr. Don joining me this week all the way from the cape of cod we have Peter I was

About to call you Peter Florrick again I'm so panicked about getting your user name wrong that I have tattooed it into my brain stem that's given my work here is done Renee so you are not in cosplay today even though the san diego comic

Convention is in full effect yes but i am wearing my kaiju shirt oh alright that is your your bit of solidarity yes also joining us we have a serenity Caldwell who are you Rin hello folks hmm and we have George Adele how you doing

Geo I'm goods so we're doing a roundtable show this week and that means we pick a couple topics and we sort of share our opinions are views our experiences and the first one the obvious one right now is that we've each

Had about a week and a half now with Apple music apples entry into the streaming music space so I wonder I was kind of interested to know how you're using it what you think compared to when you first started using it if you like

It better if you like it worse if you like it different let's start with you ran because you spent mostly the entire week writing I still really like it I'm in the middle of writing a piece right now on how awesome it is in the car

Specifically the new Siri features basically make this the best possible music DJ of my life while I'm commuting between where I live now and where my practice faces when I have an hour and a half drive it's like yeah I can groove

Out to whatever I want this is awesome i can switch from beats one I can pop over to like the Ramones I can listen to Smashing Pumpkins I can listen to Ellie Goulding I just have to tap the thing and be like play me some of this I don't

Like this play me more of this play me less of this it's so nice it and it so less fiddle then all of my music situation my music solutions have been up to this point in the car I like anything that allows me

To press buttons and like try and fiddle with my phone while I'm driving less is awesome I prefer not to be fiddling at all and yes I get seized with quite want to be scary absolutely ah see I never even thought of trying that yeah play

Beats one that says Pete's one live and direct to you nice that's awesome i love that so yeah you can launch you can launch any of your iTunes radio stations you can play around with your current music you can investigate the Apple

Music library I've done crazy things like um play like play me that song from tomb raider play me that song I I did I did once they play me that song by the decemberists with the boat in it it didn't quite understand that she can be

Very sad and I wouldn't be I wouldn't know what song you're talking about yeah exactly well it's that that's the kind of and that I would give to like a music friend or like or like somebody i'm watching when I want you to tell the

Shows like what is that actor but the fact that like Siri Siri has gotten so good on the music scale that I felt comfortable asking it that and expecting that make it mighty I meant it it might just work yeah exactly exactly so I'm

Like I dunno what is really impressive Renee was like totally wowing me when he was like you know play Billie Jean from this air and then he's like play Billie Jean from Glee and yes that was amazing so you're right it's the honest version

Of the story is I brought the iphone of Georgia in Georgia is always a skeptic George's natural inclination is to say no it won't work it's caribou and you're a horrible person so I took the phone I said play smooth criminal started

Playing smooth criminal michael jackson i said play smooth criminal by alien ant farm started playing it I said play smooth criminal by glee Sarah play George's face just widened up and then actually punched me really hard

It for somebody who says that he's not really that into music you know an awful lot about weird covers of smooth criminal oh I was doing it for an article I wrote an article about was cirrocumulus interested if Siri could

Actually find covers of article so I did this whole thing and that was just an easy example because I could find three covers to it no I got hit yeah now you have a bruise to remember that by oh yeah operant conditioning I may be

Afraid to look I know that when you go for the glee version of anything you get pot you get punched mm-hmm step away yeah but that is George that was sort of a turning point for you because you are you you've heard about these streaming

Services you like I know you use Siri but you seemed uncertain at first yeah I wasn't so sure that I was going to enjoy listening to Apple music it seemed to me like it was going to be a lot of work and I you know I've radio stations and I

Have my music that's really I listen to music and so because it was free a really smart play on Apple's part I was like you know what I'll test it out this out and see if I like it and not only do I like beats one which I completely did

Not think I would her her smooth English voice is fabulous so she's for a DJ but it's just I like even the curated music for you so I unlike oh my goodness these platelets are really good this is music that I would not have thought of

Listening to before and I love the fact that even when i'm on beats one if there's a song that i like I don't have to launch Shazam on my watch to figure out what's on my phone it's already there and I can just add it to my music

With a touch of a button um and that was really cool so I'm I'm enjoying all the different features that Apple music is giving me except for one thing it is a mess to look at the screen and I find that a little bit stressful and a little

Bit difficult to figure out where am i and what you know like so I think that they need to update and just kind of clean it up a little bit so like when it says launch like listen now to beats one I would love that to also be the button

That I can start beats one with and like just other things so I can find my way around a little bit because I do find that a little stressful hmm we have to a real-time follow-up li Richard says that play beats one is

Working in the UK wants to know if I can see if it's working in Canada so let's just try that now play beats 1 you need to sign in to use iTunes radio oh so maybe that's maybe that's a u.s. feature right now we will investigate this we

Will get a comment answer for the Queen I will say that the first time I try to launch it on on my iphone 6 to gave me that response and then I went into music and played beach one from their error and sin then appleton we lost you for a

Second Wren play beats 1 you need to sign in to use iTunes radio that's my Jarvis voice if you switched Siri to sound like Jarvis I did he did to do yeah oh yeah oh yeah no question Paul Bettany better be getting royalties

That's all I'm saying all right so yes we will investigate that Lee and get back to you for both Queen and country Peter what's your impression so far a week later well a lot of what I've been doing has been on the mac side as

Opposed to using at nihilus although I certainly dabbled with it in iOS two and a you know it did my enmity towards itunes has a long and storied history i've been writing about how much i hate itunes for about as long as i've been

Writing for I more and Apple music adds yet another layer of icing to the poop cake that is iTunes it's just it's a horrible user experience I really wish that apple would just go back and start with a clean sheet of paper or a clean

Xcode project I've written about this before I just I'm so sick and tired of how much of a mulligatawny stew itunes is you know it's just there's so much piled on that makes it so hard to navigate having said that I think I

Understand conceptually what Apple's trying to do here and they're really trying to blur the line between Apple music as a service and what your music is and I've got to admit that Apple music has enabled

To add a whole ton of stuff to my library that I didn't have before you know I have quite an extensive wish list on iTunes and II music which are the two music services that I download most of my music from of stuff that I would have

Liked to have gotten but didn't have the budget to get didn't have the wherewithal to get whatever and I've been able to add all that stuff plus a lot more just in the last week to my music and you know when I when I go out

For my daily my daily walk or you know if I'm if I'm working around the house all this stuff kind of helps me get through my day in a way that I really didn't have before um so I'm very excited about that however there are a

Few shortcomings just besides I'd the iTunes meson on the Mac that I'm a little unhappy with for example I set up a family sharing account so we could use so my wife and my three kids could use itunes but my two of my kids are going

To have very limited access to it because they both use Windows Phones so if unless you are completely plugged into the apple ecosystem you're missing out a little bit here and and you know that was their decision to get windows

Phones because they didn't want to spend a lot on devices because you know they were able to get devices that suited them for without having to you know finance them through the carrier or whatever and a as a result they're kind

Of left out of the loop here my wife tried to sign into the family sharing plan and get itunes cloud music or whatever it's called this week working all of a sudden to run into some errors and that's because she exceeds the

25,000 song limit now I know that Eddy Cue has said that hopefully by the time I OS nine launches later this year that's going to be lifted from 25,000 200,000 songs and that will certainly take care of it but right now that means

In order for her to get the most out of Apple music she's got to cut up her library into something smaller than 25,000 songs and she's not willing to do that right now because she doesn't question Peter the 25,000 that's for

Stuff that's not in the iTunes catalog so you and Bonnie both have that much music that's not contained sorry in the Apple music catalogue I've got about twenty two thousand songs in my library she's got about thirty six thousand

Songs and hers we've been collecting music both of us since we were teenagers and we never get rid of anything I'm just amazing applets and have those songs like I i I'm very limited in my music well we both have very eclectic

Tastes yeah I know and I mean sure you know there there's some there's some crossover there but the fact of the matter is you know Bonnie especially listens to a lot of stuff that you can't find in the itunes store at least in the

American itunes store she listens to a lot of music from Japan for example and that stuff that by and large doesn't show up and quite frankly that was a disappointment in mine too because you know I wanted to add a lot of stuff that

I couldn't you know it connect is really cool but right now connect has very limited utility to give it to you but I want a lot of these things I want to separate actually talk about cuz I think there's two are massenet ting going back

To the itunes thing for a second this is my wish I I'm hoping beyond hope that apple takes iTunes and makes an itunes for the for iCloud so that you could basically access anything that you have the right to access on the web the same

Way you can do iWork for iCloud now and that way they could just sort of offload support for windows to the cloud they won't have to make itunes for windows anymore you could just open your web browser and yeah windows people might

Hate it but they hate itunes already so it's not a huge loss for them but it would enable us in case of emergencies like us being anybody any human being to get to anything that we have anything we want to watch anything we want to listen

To in a web browser if we had to but it also mean that they no longer have to port itunes to windows which means that itunes for mac wouldn't have to be this bundled um this this bundle of functionality you could have a sinking

Program a music program a video program or radio program the way you have on iOS which doesn't get ported and I think that I see you nodding already around i think that would restore some order to the universe some must the force yeah

I'm i'm kind of hoping that we'll see it that down the line i mean when you consider it most streaming services have a web component and have an ability to access all of those tracks via the web

Apple has been actually really good about connecting their cloud services to the web in recent years including iCloud photo library which of course you can now access photos tap on iCloud com so I'm kind of hoping that that's it that's

The point one feature for music like that's gonna happen um and also I really really really really really hope that a music app redesign is coming for OS 10 because I agree with Peter itunes is a little bloated and buggy about uh what

About You Georgia would it affect you in any way like do you do you even use itunes on the desktop no I do I don't I I never do so for me it really doesn't make any difference but I'm sure they're lots of people really do I work on my my

Desktop so like on and for me it's just I i bring my air to like around with me to work and other things but if i'm gonna listen to music it's going to be on my phone so interesting that's all the problem for you Peter if they got if

They move a lot of functionality the cloud and then broke up the components I think we lost Peter i angered him so much by talking about itunes that so that google ism yes appeared into the void hopefully you'll be back in a

Couple of minutes uh so beats radio specifically i I've been listening to it I have a confession to make I actually like the DJ's so much that I want to hear more of them and less of the music like I would love to hear I think

There's interview something I would actually love to hear like a I don't know version of the view with Zane Lowe and a couple the other djs where they talk about music and talk about the bands and maybe play a couple songs but

Also we get like a lot of rich discussion about it and about the artist with the occasional guest during like almost like a podcast maybe on beats one doesn't say an idea yeah well I mean no I mean we've seen that to a certain

Extent st. Vincent put out her conversation with Piper and like a podcast type form and connect and that was a lil it was so cute uh so I wouldn't I'm not actually opposed to the idea of like pseudopod I think

Connect is where they're going to launch it because again if they're if Apple's trying to figure out a way to make beats one sustainable long-term assuming that the cost of running it is not built into Apple music subscriptions which may or

May not be but you know you're talking about extra money for royalties when you're running radio songs you're talking about paying DJ's you're talking about renting space so like let's assume that they are looking long term they

Need a little bit of revenue that's not just Apple music subscriptions um I'm I'm assuming that like or rather i'm assuming that they're going to use connect with beats one to sell apple music subscriptions basically being like

Yeah you can listen to beats one for free but if you want to catch that awesome interview that you missed or see this great playlist or any of this stuff you need to subscribe and you need to be a paying member because otherwise

Otherwise you just don't I think that it's a great i I'm really impressed with the choice that Apple made on the DJ's they are absolutely amazing i really enjoy listening to them i love the music that they choose i love the way that

They put it together i find them really really soothing and i didn't expect that you have three people I was like the chance that they will be someone that will pick music that I enjoy that this is going to be a fun experience for me

Would be very little they did a fabulous job and I don't know if I would listen to a podcast with them but i might which I don't listen to a lot of podcasts I don't have a lot of time so but you should everyone else should listen to a

Lot of podcasts we talked about it on Mac break this week Georgia but I'm ish it in your take like would you be interested the beats one has a lot of like alessandra is great and that's that's fantastic but would you also be

Interested in maybe depending on your taste it beats to that's country or classic a beats three that's heavy metal I would you like more variety more stations I would I think that and I think that if if beats one is a

Successful and continues to be sustainably successful I think that would be a great idea so I would love to have you know just something that would be an alternative station or dealing with rock station and I think available

Power hour right right exactly and then I know either when to tune in or I know which station can go to all the time to have you know great curated new alternative music that I'm might not have already gotten to a new

Rock music everyone already listened to and again then I can add it to my own library and listen to it whenever I might want to which is just such fun if we ever has anyone ever had a beat song he couldn't add to their library i think

I've heard people say that but I've never run across it I have there's a couple so in a weird because um there there are some cut there's some weird bugs in the iOS app right now where the hearts grayed out and when you go to add

The song it only lets you create a new station despite the fact that most of those are actually in the Apple music library I think by and large that's a bug um there are some songs and playing where the album isn't out yet ah Apple

Catalogues ooh there's no you know you can't save it I do wish that there was some kind of like add to wishlist but nor let me know when this song comes out so I can download it because they've been playing like they played a a track

Yesterday frats whose album is being really again but I was like me and I i would i would download that album that sounds good yeah almost like how you can pre-order stuff on itunes proper you should be able to Keeley's q it so that

You get it when it's available that'd be awesome well Peter mentioned connect briefly before before we unfortunately lost him hopefully he'll be back soon but I up Peter is back Mary up here before we transition topics i was asking

Georgia what she would think about having a beats to country beats three classic beats for metal what do you think of that idea scaling beats out as long as the damn djs stop talking over everything I would be fine with it but

If I keep having to hear about how beats one is worldwide and always on and I love that my buddy I look I was just saying I wish there was more talking you know what I think it's inevitable i think apple is probably going to build

Out different beats radio stations over time I don't know if they're ever going to go toe-to-toe with you know services like Sirius XM and stuff like that but it would be interesting to see if it's something that that they can manage but

Yeah I mean you know beats one obviously is not going to be all things to all people the fact that its genre less I think turns a lot of people off because some of us want to hear music that's thematic and

You know the the the the radio stations that apple offers are still you know by and large algorithmically program so you know that they're there isn't a lot of there isn't a lot of soul there when it comes to you know what's being spun or

What you're listening to so yeah I mean you know it'd be very interesting to see beats two beats three beats four whatever Apple would do however Apple would do it over time I haven't said that you know I'm still by and large my

Own DJ I'm still by and large figuring out what I want to hear i'm listening to it based on my own music collection some of the for you recommendations and you know playlists my usage right now is almost exactly the same as two entities

Whenever I'm alone or whenever I'm in a car i just press Siri and I say whatever song I just feel like listening to the moment it's the most liberating most magical musical experience I've ever had it's like Siri is exactly that my little

Pocket DJ with this incredible catalogue of albums it's amazing and it might be something really obscure might be something that I remember the other day I was remembering a road trip that I went on with George's husband maybe I

Don't know decades ago and I remember this song we listened to and I just it was Aerosmith what it takes and I like God did you have it I bet you do and it did and it just started playing I do wish that I know this is this is really

Dumb but because you can add to what's next but i do i said if i had the urge to listen to a song i could play it immediately without obliterating the up next queue because I would be fine with the up next queue just continuing to

Play after that but understand this point you can't behavior can you can't how so no you totally in yeah you just say play this now and it'll play next and then the up next queue will will go behind it I gotta write something about

It but there's there's like little nuances the where you can sort tell me worried yeah i want that i want serenity i want you to write up all the best commands for siri got a ton of them but there are some of them that like it's

Just that you we're discovering more and more all the time you see the problem with it i don't remember song names so it's gonna be a really frustrating experience for me you know i need something that's

Going to like i can hum it and see really like this is actually the song that you really mean if you hum it well enough she said might be able to find it right there was not a Shazam's competitor forget what it was called cuz

I haven't seen it in years but when she's am launched there was another similar app that launched and you could in fact hum a song and it would try to identify it for you you haven't heard me home yeah which is neat yeah

Unfortunately the humming doesn't always work so before we lost Peter he mentioned connect I went to connect when Dave whiskas and Joe tuple in ski put up their demo rough cut of mushroom with the exact term for it was and I look

Through it and there was a lot of stuff in there but I haven't gone back to it that often and I think it's because it's as much as it it's there it's not really alerting me about stuff and if it did maybe there's too many people that I

Auto followed to have any value from it but were you going to say about connect Peter basically just that that you know it's a work in progress right now you know I have a lot of artists that I'm interested in who have nothing to do

With connect right now so I click on the follow button you know when I when I see their artist information and don't really see anything in connect they're only there are very few select group of artists right now who seem to be doing

Anything with connect and you know most of it is just so promotion for whatever they're doing on iTunes radio in the case of Dre or you know maybe mobi throws up a playlist now and again st. Vincent you know with with the the piper

Playlist and stuff like that but it's it's really kind of a barren wasteland and this really makes me nervous because we've seen Apple attempt these social media experiments before paying anyone and it hasn't worked out very well and

I'm really helping the kinect will gain traction over time it also doesn't seem like it's very easy for independent artists to try to get hooked up with connect either and and a musician friend of mine who's in any artist I said

Something about this the other day that he can't he can't sign up for connect right now so you know I'm give an apple time to work out the kinks and give an apple I time to build up some momentum but

Right now connect seems like a solution in search of a problem hmm no yeah George have you even looked at connect doesn't connect does not seem like a Georgia future to me that's it i don't think that I'm in the use case for

Connect i I'm not great for falling in any type of social media and I there's no there's nothing recent will want to follow everything that an artist is doing and why and where it takes up just a good deal of time for me so I think

That I'm not the right case unit so have I have actually opened it though and I got to take a look at it and it looked nice and then I closed it and I've never opened it since and I don't think that I will it's just a time sink for me so if

I had extra time and there was an artist that I absolutely adored and I wanted to find out more about you know things that I could get on the connect that I couldn't find following them on Twitter or another social network or their own

Website then I think that I would be interested so like serenity was talking about a podcast with the DJ's if there was something like that that I really enjoyed and it was on connect then I might be able to use it more often but

Without that I don't think that I'll be going Taylor Swift you see that's actually that's that's what i've been using kinect for is that I think connects biggest selling point right now is getting playlists from artists that

You admire seeing the kind of music that inspired them that they've been kind of putting together from the Apple music catalogue and also getting uh show playlists from the past beats one shows or getting little tiny podcast excerpts

Or in turn a boo interview excerpts or pre-release videos like I really like that part of connect in fact i've been using is i've been using kinect almost entirely as a beats one auxiliary service as like beats one for later

Rather than oh I'm following my favorite artists that majorly the people who I'm following on connect right now or all of the beats one DJs and anyone who has a beats one show and that works really well like I love especially because it's

Like a lot of the times I won't get too I find the ten o'clock hour of beats one to be the most interesting one the ten o'clock ET hour which is generally the one hour block where they let musicians program

Or PM p.m. at 10pm 10 p.m. ET hour on beats one that last night they had Ellie Goulding it is technically 10 a.m. the following morning to uh but sometimes i don't i just don't get a chance to listen to that because either i'm

Running around 10am or I'm not listening to be 21 at 10pm if I'm not driving uh so having those playlists readily accessible to me the next day is really awesome because I like I haven't really come across a show yet by one of the

Artists where I was like this was terrible like all of them are interesting all of them are completely different wild tastes and music Ellie Goulding who's I guess I really hadn't put a name to a face before like her

Music is synth-pop and is very like bubbly and stuff and last night she did a show on on hard rock and metal where she's like these are all of my influences from when I was a child and a teenager so let me put in some incubus

Let me put on some hole let me put on some corn let me put on some like I don't know she played Chop Suey like it's it's those kind of things where it's like they're completely unpredictable playlists and there's such

Like they're really really good to listen to um josh homme e is also like I love the alligator hour there's something so delightful about putting a rock and roll next to like old-school 1950s do op tunes that I just I love all

Of his playlist so like connect four me on that level that is why i use Kinect that is why that is that is my selling point for right now and she's probably right that in article form 2 i'm hoping fingers crossed yes yes it's on my i

Have a list of about 40 articles that i keep on me like i want to write this summer that so it'll come it'll come I gotta sit down this weekend and turn out a lot of stuff we're going to take a quick break so I can tell you about one

Of our fantastic sponsors and right now that is red hat at this point everyone understands that in the right situations open talk open source software is important technology we are you know Apple enthusiasts here so we use Darwin

Colonel we use the BSD networking stack we use the webkit-based Safari Browser all the time we're using open source software can consistently it's useful and powerful and no one really agrees with that the most successful

Source project of all time is something called the internet Tim berners-lee put the world wide web on the public domain there's also Berkeley UNIX tcp/ip bsd Linux UNIX Android and a bunch of other things you get the picture the only

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Trust in the world's most demanding data centers you can find out all about it if you just go to red head calm and I want to thank Red Hat for supporting the show all right Apple watch so we saw some really dumb Apple watch headline earlier

In the week Apple watch sales plummet ninety percent that we're not based on any kind of proper journalism that I could find so um I started asking around about it and how people were using their Apple watches and it sort of became a

Really interesting discussion I wanted to bring it up on the podcast sort of how we use the Apple watch in our everyday lives because most of us have had it for a couple months now maybe a little bit longer maybe a little bit

Less but mostly we've had it in our life for a while now so I'm just curious so Georgia you are a therapist by day a psychotherapist by day is the Apple watch at all made your life easier not at all different harder how does it work

For you so the wonderful thing about the Apple watch is that I don't use my phone and I just leave it on on the table and and doesn't buzz ring anything else and so the most wonderful thing about the Apple watch is that I've been able to

You know if I have a client that's in distress I get a text message because those come through and so I know immediately one if someone's calling me and I I was worried that all of the beeping the buzzing getting different

Messages was going to be a stress for me it has reduced my stress I don't have to worry that there's a client in distress that I might have missed if I'm busier in a meeting I can wait I can curate all on my own and do a triage and say okay

This one is really important i will take it now and I think the Renee you've noticed that I have been answering more phone calls which I never do like if you call me i will just never be there because i rarely have my phone was

Almost impossible to call Georgia because her ringer was off and her phone was in her purse and she just never heard it never never never never so with this I get a little buzz and if i'm free i can answer a call if it's something

That's emergency so i was in a meeting and I had a call from my my son's school and that was wonderful that I could make sure that they weren't okay I that they were okay that i received it right away and I could say excuse me this is really

Important plus I got to leave the room and like like start with my watch right before I left just because that's so Mission Impossible and cool so I got to enjoy that as well and I think that it's also saved me a lot of time the amount

Of times that I have searched for my phone to be able to change my hue lights or hear a song on the radio that I really want ashes am and I have to get the phone or I need to make a really quick call or a message to someone it's

Wonderful to have something on my wrist that I can quickly immediately and almost seamlessly reply to or get an information about having a calculator on your wrist it's just it's such fun so I really enjoy it and I think that it's

Made my life it's given me a little bit more time to be able to do the other things in my life that I really enjoy what about you Peter know you got your watch more recently but in your day to day life is it done

Think made anything different well it's doing exactly what I expected it to before I got it which is helping me stay on the health regimen that I need to stay on a lot more consistently than I was before because oftentimes my phone

Goes wandering either i'm charging it or it's out of my pocket for some reason and I don't feel vibration I don't feel a notification that stuff I I don't miss nearly as much that's that part is great but yeah you know it's sort of working

Its way insidiously into different parts of my life and I don't say insidiously is a sinister thing just in ways that I really hadn't counted on you know like you know for example if i get a message from my wife saying he picked me up at

Five fifteen instead of 530 um you know i'll just raised my my phone too I mean my watch to my my mouth and I will respond back that way instead of actually having to haul out my phone and tap a reply and it's the dictation works

Great the only problem that I have is uh at least at least a couple of times now the watches frozen up on me for no apparent reason and I've had to sort of force it to restart I'm running watch 0 s 1 point 0 1 I have an upgraded to the

Beta so I I don't know what's going on there but beyond that it's been really kind of a great experience for me I'm quite happy with it it's one of things I realized is that after the first week or so I just nobody's continued sending me

Digital sketches just disappear it's so sad Ren I know I actually Jason's Nell and I exchanged some digital sketches on the fourth I really honestly feel like digital sketches are a inter-family thing like I don't know I feel more

Comfortable sending them to like folks I know really really closely as like a let's go get ice cream with a little ice cream cone rather than you know it takes work it's just like an email chain right it's like pen pals it's like it takes

Work to send sketches to people but I do like it actually rich and I should send more sketches to each other claymores and I said super here with logos that's all some clean claims a good guy ya know I

Really like digital sketch but but I don't use it as often as I should spit and also beta yeah so beta a couple of things that came up um I know Georgia and her husband both have apple watches petered you and Bonnie both have apple

Watches no just me and Randy you and Ricky both have Apple watches no I despite the fact that I have to Apple watches in this house Ricky insists that he doesn't want to try one I think I'm gonna make him for a couple days just to

Test out some features but he's like no i don't i don't see the point in it I don't get it I'm like but no but but yes there's a point trust me it'll pointed it see it's interesting that you bring this up because I've had this

Conversation with a few people now notice the Apple watch on my wrist and start conversations with me about it and they'll ask me how I use it and stuff like that and I tell them and they're like well I don't want one and I'm like

Well good don't get one yeah that's the thing that I think it's missed by a lot of people who have written these you know Apple is only selling 20,000 watches a day pieces and this other sort of hysteria about how many apple watches

Apple may or may not be selling you know is that that this is a device that is very much a nascent technology it's something that Apple is still trying to figure out how it fits into their ecosystem and what the use cases for

Their users it's something that users are still trying to figure out as well so you know what nobody is holding a gun to your head and saying buy an Apple watch or that your experience using Apple other apple products it's going to

Be diminished without using an Apple watch if you can't find a use case for this 350 715 thousand-dollar device don't get one it's pretty simple you know I mean what we're still trying to figure it out here a time or and you

Guys have been using it since April so Georgia I'm curious using it with you what's it like using it as part of a couple it's it's really nice it's just nice because i know that if i send a message even if so my husband was

Coaching soccer the other day and um you know my mom called and she had an emergency and he was able to get it even though if you know his phone was in his pocket he would not have been able to take the moment to be able to

Take out the phone to be able to get the call so since he saw it was my mom he was able to answer that and so I know that if I have an emergency he is by and large unless he's like you know swimming and I know people that swim with their

Apple watches he's going to get the message and I'm going to be able to reach him with that and it's kind of funny because he was having a little bit of an issue and so he brought his Apple watch the apple store and he does not

Have it right now and they took care of it really well and but he doesn't have it and he's going through a lot of withdrawal from not having his Apple watch so he has to carry around his phone like he used to and he said that

They experience like animal in his pocket and try to you know in the car try to take it out of your pocket with the seat belt which is a horrible experience I think for everyone and he's like I really did not realize how much

The Apple watch made my life easier and how it was nice because though I guess a lot of people the negative is that you feel like you're connected constantly to your phone but i find the opposite i find that it lets me be released from my

Phone i only get the the information that I have chosen as important enough to message me no matter what and that's fabulous getting directions and not having to look at anything and just getting little tiny taps if you have to

Go left and right is is it's just such a cool experience so it's it's nice to be able to have one together as a couple yeah friend of the show Ben behera and wrote an article for tech pinions that got picked up by recode about he

Deliberately took two weeks off from using it i think it was my just been a week but because he's an analyst he documented it like he documented every time he used his iphone when he was wearing it then every time used his

Iphone when he wasn't and there was a significant difference and he equated it to a modern convenience like a dishwasher where you don't need it you can wash dishes by hand but once you have it the convenience is such that you

Immediately miss it when it's gone and something I can't believe I have to watch dishes by hand again is that the feeling you're talking about George yeah it gives you back sometime and you you can also relax and that you don't have

To worry if it's something that's important you're going to get the message immediately and for certain people that are doing you know a certain amount of jobs you can have a watch and be a doctor and be you know doing all

Of your rounds but taking a look at your phone would be something that would be a huge naysay so if there's someone that wants and I think that people that carry around still which they do beepers to be able to get important messages this is a

Nicer way in order to make sure if there's an emergency that you get it right away so I think that for couples I think that for families it's a nice added extra are you using it for cooking so I found I've been using it for

Cooking a lot like just a sec quick timers uh yeah I really like that I want you know what I really want i want a nap that's timer like i want a recipe app to incorporate a watch a watch app that's timer based so that each instruction

Like if it like turkey is a great example of one of those things we were like you have to pull it out and put it back in and pull it i would love if there was a recipe app that talked to your watch and every time you need you

To do something it would tap you and be like time to go to the next time i love whip that meringue rat is a great so any that is like it you have just like God a million-dollar at right there and then like you should do this that is a great

Idea because there are certain recipes that are totally time sensitive and you're gonna like ruin your souffle if you haven't actually done something at a certain time well I think two plays you just leave them for certified time you

Know but no I think that a razor yeah I think it would be cool uh sadly I don't have nearly the program if your objective c but any developer is listening out there i'm just giving you an idea for free if you want to

Implement it yeah free is uh what about parenting I bought up the names I wouldn't get it wrong but on self magazine they actually did an iphone review and it was delayed a little bit because the writer and her name is al is

Plaza I hope I'm from the right closer she was pregnant at the time and giving birth and she waited till her child was born and then spent some time with the Apple watch and she found like because she had to carry a child around all the

Time the Apple watch was much more convenient to use then the iphone would be because her hands were literally full with life you're not in your a little bit Peters kids are significantly older your kids are a little bit older but is

There still a parenting angle here oh it's wonderful it's not just for for like caring right it's that you're always carrying around stuff and stuff that you have to deal with stuff that's like might be

Messy or goofy or you're dealing with things and so you know if you have that waiting for that call for a meeting you can do other things without worrying or having to have your phone in your hands so if you're cleaning up if you're

Picking up your child if you're changing a diaper you have any information that you want right at your wrist and you're able to answer call answer a quick message without saying oh wait a second I have to stop breastfeeding and then go

Get my laptop and move it over it's nice because it's exceptionally convenient it's small and it's always where you can see it quickly and easily which i think is great so yeah I think for parenting it makes life a little easier as well I

Need any other use cases you come across friend anything else that's been particularly good for you I really love it for Derby um I haven't been using it for coaching as much as i know i wanted to because it hides under my wrist guard

And in order to look at it i have to like slide it down uh but i really i find that it's really awesome for tracking my Derby stuff and also tracking how active I am prior to Derby because it's it's really important on

Days when I'm sitting down all day that I like do 20 minutes of cardio before getting on my skates otherwise I'm just going to break my ankle up so being able to kind of chart that and be like oh I've been sitting down all but two hours

Today I should stretch or do yoga or something uh I also like I find the children thing interesting actually because I found the opposite problem when I was traveling where like I really wanted to use the watch for everything

But I had my luggage in that hand hahaha like I can't I can't no this is bro straight but no I mean I'm actually the funny thing the beta right now the folks who are testing the beta obviously it is beta so it's buggy which means that like

Certain things aren't as fast or don't work as reliably as they did in 101 for me which means that i've been using the watch less and i hate it i really hate it um it gets I'm frustrated because I go to the like I've been there's so many

Times where I've gone to the watch being like tell this person than that and any 101 it would be like up above above but because it's a beta it's slow or it's like having problems and I'm like oh I i

Really i really miss using this which is nothing against apple's beta program it's just you know betas or buggy and i knew that when installing that on my watch but it made me realize just how much i'm using my watch for daily daily

Tasks which is pretty cool I took it off for a weekend just to see what it would be like and the amount of times i ended up staring at my empty wrist i didn't know i was looking at the watch that much just a glance it like small things

Like the weather the time what the next calendar appointment was and then you just see nothing but skit like George's old reaction before she had an Apple watch look at my wrist all I see his wrist and you suddenly realize I'm

Glancing at this thing all the time and and how much you missin I couldn't last a week I don't know obviously not as disciplined as Ben but I lasted two days and like screw this putting it back on yeah yeah it's it's just nice it I feel

Like even just getting you know having you know just on my watch face being able to know what is the next appointment thing that I have do that's a great feeling alright we're going to take one more quick break and I'm going

To tell you about one more awesome sponsor and that is zoom so zoom dot I'm gonna say zoom got us and often zoomed out us doomed us to sound so much more personal according to one hundred percent of zooms marketing team zoom is

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You're on 00 m dot us / I more I mor e and you can start hosting better video beatings immediately there are no strings attached no trials it is a free as in free account that is zoom and I want to thank them so much for

Sponsoring this show all right so um quickly Georgia you were on the clock wise podcast earlier this week and you asked a question that I was yelling at at the podcast player because I wanted a piece of so I thought I would bring it

Up here and you basically asked what we would need as our next big leap forward on the next iPhone how did you phrase it yeah I said what do you think is going to be the next biggest innovation that's going to make us more attached and want

To use our phones even more than we already have so I thought it'd be fun to talk about that because I owe iphone 6s is well not around the corner we can still we can sort of see it's light at the end of the tunnel the end of the

Summer tunnel it'll be here if Apple sticks to their usual pattern which they have for the last few years it'll be here around you know mid-september and I was curious as to what everyone else would think and I know I have some ideas

But Peter do is there anything that you would really make you say this next iPhone is something special hmm besides pouring coffee out the Lightning port of course yeah um you know I I have a very open mind about what the next iPhone

Would would really need to to throw me to the point to say yeah I definitely need one I don't really have any preconceptions though of what that might be like there's nothing in the iphone 6 or 6 s then i find so lacking that i

Would really I have to upgrade you know the thing that I've heard rumored about over and over again is forced touch and depending on how its implemented it could be interesting but I don't really see it as

A killer app as it were yeah what about your n is there anything that the way you use your iphone is there anything we'll make it a significant upgrade for you yeah I don't know um my it's funny because starting to use the watch i use

My iphone less um I yeah I honestly think the biggest upgrade that an iphone could happen for me is I actually am thinking about about getting a bigger screen and using it even less like getting the 6 plus now i want to 6 plus

A lot reliant well the soraa lion well okay so here's my here's my thing right my iphone used to be my daily driver which is to say it was always in my hand because that's what I triage things on um but uh but I didn't want it to be too

Big as it needed to be able to fit in my pocket and it needed to be able to come with me and like I needed to be able to coach with it um but with the phone or with a with the watch paired with the phone I do a lot of the things that I

Would normally do little stuff on my watch instead of on my iPhone so having that bigger screen like I'm genuinely considering going up to a plus for the next generation of I've I know I feel dirty about it cuz I'm like I hate big

Bones you know what I was rocking because I had the the beta on my six I was rocking my little 5s for a little while to listen to 8.4 and Apple music i love this form factor so i love this I did this anyway I have iOS 6 on my

Iphone 6 plus and i had 8.4 on my iphone 6 so I could try music but then i was i was doing this stuff like what has changed so i had to have ios 8.3 running on some things i put that on my iphone 5s and just holding it yeah it felt nice

But i felt i had a claustrophobic reaction georgia like i was caught in one of those mine rooms that are always getting smaller and like the CIA's wasn't raining so it that phone like rent we used that phone for two years

And it was so big compared to the 4 and 4s and it should my brain georgia our brains are just not nice to us they change our concept of reality you meet a two and sorry Peter go for it hold on excited is

This on phone for ants yes yeah right right exactly what the urea the way that are good though oh there goes a phone hope you have a look here there we go he might seem really tiny really exciting really you really want to really really

Tiny here let's do this yeah yep there we go it's ridiculous here we go how do those things I don't know I don't even know it does feel nice and that in my palm though ridiculous the way that our memories work is that we're always we're

Always comparing things to what we had before so even our feelings and emotions we compare them to what we felt before so we judge if we're happy or sad depending on if like if you were elated and now you're only happy you're gonna

Feel a little bit of a Down you so we kind of noticed the difference in between things more than we notice you know that somewhat is big and what is small it is all relative to what we had before um there are some things that I

Would be looking for I would love to have a flush camera and I would love to have just better say I want to call you on the camera thing cuz like the flush camera to me is a design detail but I would still like an even better camera

Because as good as the iphone camera is there's still like a lot of stuff they could do with depth with low light with with zoom and things I would make it a much more useful camera to me and that to me is a that would get me to upgrade

And I think people have said that the camera is always one of the most one of the biggest drivers for upgrades yeah I think that that would be a great thing I don't know if with keeping exactly the size and shape mostly the same how much

We're going to get a better camera right away but I I think that they could work on not having a little piece bumping out i think that would just look better and feel better for me and I but I would love to have better sound now that I'm

Listening to more music on my iPhone I'm noticing and I'm not much of an audio file in the first place but I am noticing that the sound is not superb and I would really appreciate that plus I would love a little bit like Syria to

Be a little bit more intelligent and be able to pre and preemptively know if there's traffic and what time I should leave in order to make my meetings so that would just be really cool the one who does baseball software it's a better

Scenery I that would be cool to me that would be cool but that's just on them would you be willing to share the data necessary for Siri to be able to be that useful you know what that's I always ask myself that question constantly I was

Just about to get a song and they're like you have to update to me iCloud music and I'm like I have to accept I'm like to I'd then how many people's other songs do I get I don't know i'm always questioning what is these cases it don't

Get me wrong i think that'd be fantastic i just find it odd that you of all people would want that that would be i want i would love to have a digital assistant i would love to about would be useful to me and i need one I'm because

I'm always later overbooking myself so it would be worth it to me and I think that because Apple has been really great with privacy and security I would be willing to take that leap and risk interesting so you want a real Jarvis oh

Yes oh yeah why do you think I changed Siri good morning George I'll your waffles already and you have an appointment in 20 minutes you must leave now so I waffles up to go yes I wanted to say you know please don't forget to

Bring this to your meeting today and you told me to remind you about this so I am and you know stop doing that yeah all of them nobody don't remember the good old days when we had frontal lobes that we used for executive functioning skills

You guys are married you have personal assistance until work loves are functional in certain situations but in others I want my phone to help in the deficiencies that I know my weaknesses in my daily life that I already know I

Have and have not yet been able to help me I mean it in one respect I'm parodying myself by you know doing the angry old man get off my lawn and yelling at clouds thing but on the other hand you do have to kind of step back

From it and look at look at how you're using or how you're scheduling yourself going am I really so over scheduled and overburdened with the stuff that I actually need this is 650 750 dollar device to help me yes that's not even a

Yes that's exactly that's my life and that's sad I know and it shouldn't be that way it shouldn't be that way for any of us I you could say that I guess that would be true but if this could make sure that I can schedule myself

Better and maybe would say you know what you're I've checked your heart rate and you seem to be really stressed and you need to take a little bit more time during the day it would be nice if all the data work together in order to make

Sure that because a lot of people don't really know when they're overbooked or over scheduled or if they're doing too much but I think that if they had a way to get all that data collection together which is already there but then Mongol

Mated it in order to be able to say to you you know what you need to get a little bit more sleep I think the more people would listen less people like me I would be a job appointed in me it's gonna be a all Renee you didn't drink

Enough water you went to bed too late do you really want that level of alcohol in your system but you know it's interesting because it is coming together in in ways like what you've described Georgia can I give you a

Practical example I would love to hear one ok so at WWDC last month um I was feeling really run down after the first couple of days and I couldn't figure out why and as I was sitting in a hotel room one night I was flipping through the the

App that I use to track my calorie intake which i've been using ever since my bariatric surgery it's called myfitnesspal and it helps me conta it helps me not only keep track of calories but it also can hook up to the step

Counter in the health app to adjust my calorie intake based on the amount of exercise that was getting it I realized that I didn't have it turned on so I turned it on and it calculated and said hey jerk you shorted yourself but six or

Seven hundred calories today and that's significant that's an internal and a half for me yeah so I was like oh okay well this makes this makes sense to me no wonder and feeling so rundown and miserable because i'm not taking in

Enough so I adjusted my my my calorie intake based on that and the next day I felt much better and I felt better for the rest of the week well so yeah exactly in cases like that in cases where you can get the technology late

And get everything working right it works out great the problem is that that was something that I actually had to actively figure out oh I need to turn on this feature in this app to get this data to pull in and you know you could

You could make the argument that that should possibly be taken out of the users hands and just should just happen auto magically personally I think it's a good thing that that does I'll walk down and given apples stance towards price

And data privacy especially I don't see that changing but we do have that that sort of functionality right now and they expect that as these apps improve and it's developers plug into more and more of this foundational technology that

Apple's presenting we're going to see more of that happen and it's going to become better and better yeah yeah I think so too so yeah so I'm looking forward to the fourth touch i think the fourth touch would be awesome there's a

Lot of things in a lot of interfaces that could be unburied from you know hamburger buttons or our new best friend the ellipse the ellipse more button and surfaced as a secondary you know touch action and drawing programs that i could

Actually have depth like three dimensional multi-touch to wear their pressure-sensitive would be fantastic and a better camera because it is still even with the Apple watch the way georgia in serenity and i were talking

About it using our iPhone the iPhone I still use the camera for all the time that is true so a better camera that takes faster less blurry better low-light and maybe it has more you know more megapixels not

Necessarily cuz i need mega mega mega pixel photos but because it can down sample and get even better quality photos as long as they keep the photon the pixel size really large i think all of that would be really really good and

If Georgia gets her Jarvis and then Peter gets his Ultron and eventually we have to save the world I think that would just be a bonus I'm good so we unfortunately lost serenity too she was having some trouble with her internet

Connection before and then it dropped her and we were losing Peter off and on as well as I'm believe right now Massachusetts has suffered an EMP and the squids are enroute so we're gonna leave so they can probably run

Themselves yeah Peters gonna guide you all over the matrix I think it has no idea what's headed for it well but i will say that thank you all of you for listening to the show if you haven't already please go to itunes please leave

A rating leave a review to it helps encourage itunes to feature us and that lets more great people like you find out about the show and that helps us make more and even better shows it is a win win win win win for everybody if you

Like the video version that's available on YouTube at slash I'm more video we always love having you live we had between 60 and 70 people early in the morning on friday and that's awesome but we have thousands and thousands and

Thousands of you tens of thousands of you sometimes close to a thousand of you watching and listening to us later so please don't hesitate to do either of those things georgia if people are interested in finding more of your

Wonderful works on the internet where can they go you can find me on twitter it's at georgia underscored ow I'm on I more and I do a podcast called asymmetric awesome Peter what about you I am on the social things if larg flarg

H and r 9 work if vanity were here she would tell you that you could find her at cetera nessie tter n you can find me at Rene Ritchie and you can find all of us at my thank you so much for listening and we will be back next week bye


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