iMore show 460: WWDC preview, part 2

by birtanpublished on September 23, 2020

Hey everyone it is i forgot look up to date hey everyone it is june fifth 2015 I'm Rene Ritchie and right now we're going to talk about home kit being available and WWDC just it's just incoming this is the I'm our show joining me today we have certainty

Caldwell with us hi rehne how you doing hi I'm good I am in the process of moving which is why I've got these lovely things as opposed to my regular microphone so I apologize in advance for my cruddy sound and I'm gonna be on a

Plane later today I go into dub dub DC changing all the things all the things also joining us Pieter Cohen from the land of where I've what landed you in today Peter well I am still stuck in Massachusetts but I will be flying out

To San Francisco for WWDC on Sunday yeah we're all traveling on different days Mary's going today you're going I'm going tomorrow you're going the next day I think that's again for presidential reasons yeah that sounds like a legit

Reason you can only take one of us people i think i think i'm flying in after and leaving before anyone else right cuz i'm not on thursday yeah hmm we'll figure that out later oh joy yes also George Adele how you doing Georgia

Good when are you flying out coming back I I'm not owe her an all party without me Oh makes me so sad no no I don't I don't know thought is you can physically survive you joy de sad fruit sad groups and girl looks pretty happy oh alright

So let's dive in I guess the biggest story for this week before we get to what's gonna be the biggest order for next week is that apple shipped home kit serenity just no no no no you got it wrong the biggest stories that Apple

Ship me my Apple watch final you actually get to do a podcast wearing your watch fancy let's start with that Peter what are you what's your quick take on the Apple watch oh I love it it you know the my thesis going into it was

That it was going to help me manage my health better and it does it absolutely does it taps me on the wrist to remind me to take my supplements Italia it lets me know that it's time to get up and move around it does a much better job of

Tracking activity then then my my iphone 6 ever did so in in all those respects it is a resounding success i'm still getting the hang of it i'm still learning how to use glances and force touch and and all the other cool stuff

That it can do and i'm still kind of you know playing around with third party apps but so far i am very pleased with the Apple watch and really looking forward to what else it's going to be able to do like teleportation oh yeah I

Remember right now that is not a feature of watch 2 point 0 as far as I know I CSO home kit arrived but if it is you heard it here first um home kit arising will tie that into the watch in a few minutes but before we get into home kit

Georgia looked at the previous generation of home automation the cusp you decided to go all in the day literally the day before good ship so you install the eco b3 with your husband how like just before we get to the home

Kid stuff okay so go be three on your husband what yeah well you know he needed temperature control so it works on anything setup was difficult but um that though setup was a little bit scary and neither of us had ever done anything

Like this before and so we didn't need to call like support and you're always scared when you call supports you don't know if it's going to be good or bad it was fabulous they were able to answer all questions put us on the right we

Didn't get electrocuted no one died it was really really simple and if we can do it anyone can do it so it's wonderful we can change the temperature wherever we are it also knows when we're in certain rooms so it'll downstairs

Instead of like so we have one of the sensors we put it downstairs if we're downstairs it'll change the temperature without us having to say anything to the proper temperature for the downstairs when we're there and then when we when

They the motion sensor notices we're upstairs it'll go back to being the right temperature in the upstairs it's so cool and you can control this from the thing itself but also your iPhone and Apple watch exactly you get it

Everything I really nice so he installed that and then lo and behold Wren I think I forget it was the Monday or the Tuesday home kit came with Tuesday yeah the day after George's whole special on the echo bay started launching than it

Was like oh just getting a guy is home kid also the echo be three will be compatible but not the version you have George's sorry hahaha to do it all over again yeah yeah now you're now you're an old pro at it now you know that's it

Yeah no home kit came out there are five products available on the market I immediately rushed to an apple store to get the only one that you could get in stores this is the lutron casetta which is a series of sort of smart smart

Lighting switches for your for your home I got the starter kit which involves like a little tiny bridge that kind of looks like the sonos bridge you plug it into your router and then you've got two plugs that go into different plugs in

Your home that you can plug lights into it and not only will it control you know lights on and off and also dims the lights which is kind of cool and because it's home kit you get to use series so I can be I can be like Siri turn the

Lights just sixteen percent and then they'll dim to 60 Siri mood lighting yes very enable this sadly scenes scenes don't work yet with Syria which makes me sad I have a I have a scene called enter the space room love it yes so sadly i

Just had to name my room space room for it that's not bad that's somebody I've Game of Thrones so freak show that i watch on my wait wait enter Game of Thrones all of the lights exact no it's so um kids really interesting and that

You need a home kit enabled bridge that your accessories can talk to in order for them to be home kit enabled so each individual light and plug and everything else those don't necessarily have to have the end-to-end encryption that home

Kit requires but they have to be able to talk to a bridge that does have end-to-end encryption so that means positive things for people who have we Mo's or Philips hue lights where you're like oh god do I have to repurchase

Thousands of dollars of lights if I an early adopter and the answer seems to be no you just have to have a little bridge that can talk to home kit so it remains to be seen whether Phillips will make a hubris that connects and talks a

Home kit or whether Phillips will partner with someone who's already making a bridge TVD right now we've got I think two manufacturers of the five that are making specific bridge type elements which lutron is lutron has a

Bridge included in their starter kit the smart bridge um and then what's what's the other one Renee I don't you feel shy on you know yet entry on yeah I think isn't real Anya yeah all of these people all of these oh my god name with their

Crazy names yeah insteon Insteon Erica um yeah so insteon has a has a home kit hub that they've released that currently only talks to Insteon products but they may be adding third-party support in future TBD and loot ron's bridge is

Really interesting I've been kind of grappling this with this and that loot ron's bridge currently lets you control your lights via Siri but despite the fact that it has nest integration using the works with nest program it doesn't

Support using your phone to control nest vs airy so when you're using Siri you can use your watch I can't right now that's the other annoying thing you can only use Siri you can only command home kit by using Siri on your phone when you

Try and use it on your watch when you're trying to be like Siri turn the lights to 60 aah your watch is like I can help you do that with your phone that's actually hoping that we see it dub dub next week is a an expansion of serious

Capabilities we know that watchkit two point oh maybe it's two point oh we know that another version of watch kit is coming that will have full support for apps not just sort of iphone handoff apps and I'm kind of hoping that along

Those lines Apple might let Siri do a few more things because right now all of the handoff things make me cry all of the tears I want to control my lights i watch the Americas me don't I don't have my phone on me anymore I have my

Watch I need everything to be controlled for my watch now exists that I can leave meetings and be like I'll be one second and then like walk out just because that's cool looking yeah it's fun uh so well lutron does have a watch app so

I've I've actually defaulted I haven't been using Siri much with home kit because of that because I have to carry my phone around to do it so I do you have to touch buttons like an animal I know touchscreen hahaha yes own 2014 god

It's super interesting to me because it's it's such a complicated problem because you do have all these vendors and there are competing standards and Apple wants to provide a common interface but at the same time the

Companies want apples market they want apples users because they're hugely lucrative but they want to maintain control of their own networks and their own systems and there's sort of these the same thing we see in Apple pay and

The same thing we see sometimes in apps and extensibility and music and all these things it's just who it's a whole power dynamic of I'm gonna throw it to George's Amelia from it but things like it's incredibly complicated fights for

Dominance but I'm kind of sad that a lot of these companies didn't include because what Apple main what Apple wants is secure chipsets down to the radio level so like once correctly from wrong honey but once you login those passwords

Are just passed around securely between your components you don't have to keep logging in each time exactly you just have to log in once to your respective iOS app and from there you're golden you're good and in fact if you're a

Shared user on it all gets passed in using iCloud keychain so if you're if you're an added user or a shared user you don't even have to have the app you can just control it by being like Siri turn on the lights on which is really

Really cool and I love that because they're these networks people have been concerned about putting home automation things on their networks almost like they used to be concerned about putting nintendo wii's on the networks because

Like just they thought they would create holes and I like the fact that these are secure and I want everyone to make them secure so yeah it's complete pain if you bought a two hundred fifty dollar ecobee and you have to replace it or you have

To replace the hub I don't know what the hub will cost on the hue but I probably will be that much 100 bucks something it's still spending under bucks I would have rather they had been secure the entire time and it was just a software

Update but I'm happy that they are secure because I didn't even think to be worried that putting a couple hubs on my network would lead to it like an intrusion or data leak or something

Absolutely it's one of those things that it's worthwhile to be able to to like you you live with a little bit of difficulty and yes it's a little bit of a cost but at least then you know that everything is safe and so that you know

I'll spend the money I'll read you the installation so that I know that everything's safe everything's good it's working the way that I should and Apple does a great job of that so it's a mild amount of annoyance a small amount of

Money to make sure that everything they have in your system is safe yeah and i hope i hope that i hope this becomes more like we've seen with carplay where vendors support android auto and car play so if there are competing standards

Like Google's got I forget what it's called bristle rishta brillo sorry brillo is the code name for what they're doing and there's there's Sanders from big vendors already and there are things like wiimote and things like you and I

Hope that they just if they can they just put all these things together because that way you can buy the equipment and not have to worry about the standard the device you use just handles all that and that shouldn't be a

Problem that humans have to take care of likes Trinity or George are Peter and I shouldn't have to go there and painstakingly look through a list of ingredients to see which what protocols are supported with these devices if

They're technologically able to do it they should just work get on that vendors agreed I want my nest to work what do you want yeah sort Neela's guys what are you looking forward to right now that you have home kit under way um

I'm looking forward to adding more things in fact once I started automating my home once I started putting the little lights in I immediately started seeing like okay what else can I do what else can I do I can do shades oh god

Those shades are horrible prohibitively expensive nevermind what else can I do it's a it's exciting it's it's a it's a really you know it is the home of the future it's what I think of when I think of the Carousel of Progress and and Walt

Disney and epcot and it get attention ya know it makes me giddy is like a little kid inside us so that like I'm I am excited to see more of those products I'm excited to see it move out of the early adopter phase into the overall

Phase and also how it's going to help us save energy um and help us you know just be more aware of what's going on in our home I'm really interested to see the elgato Eve sensors because I like some of that

Stuff like the air quality and and detection of hazardous material things that I would have never thought to look for and I'm like actually that's really interesting and then I don't know if I air is killing me my hair is killing me

I know well again that goes into the like you want to make sure that your house is secure and safe on these networks you don't want someone to be able to hack into your eve and be like I'm going to tell them they have carbon

Monoxide poisoning then they leave the house and then I go rob the house door just totally gonna Gaslight me with actual gasps wait yes exactly she's gonna she's gonna mess around but no I am I'm really pumped I'm I'm also hoping

That again I really doubt that nest itself is going to get support for home kit because nested google and apple and all of that but nest does have the works with nest program and i'm really hoping that those api's can be leveraged to

Hook into a home kit base because it would be really nice to you know not have to buy an echo beer by a thermostat just because it doesn't work with you know the standard that I want I don't want competing standards that's why I

Held off on home automation for this long to begin with is like I just want all my things to talk to each other how is it that complicated we've got it we've got the internet like so much hasn't even airplay yet so I'm not gonna

Hold my breath but it oh I know so knows I was thinking about that non-stop although you know what sonos all settled let's start with the watch controls cuz that would be really nice that would be great Georgia you have a bunch of home

Automation stuff now like you have then you have the ACO p3 you have the hue lights you don't have the home kit stuff yet but it is it an area you want to grow if you want to get more of it I do I can't I just can't wait to see the

Different things that you can automatically automate i I'm I'm really excited about it but again i'm thinking of the home of the future I want to have the blinds that when I enter the room they open I don't want to have to have

An alarm anymore I just want my blinds to open up and the light just comes in and warmly bathe los videos I wake up exactly I want to walk through rooms and the lights automatically just turn on and off as I leave because I always

Forget to turn off the light lights I want my coffee to be ready when I wanted I'm like I'm heading home coffee ready like it's just gonna be so wonderful and my only issue is to make sure it's secure cuz I don't want someone else

Controlling my coffee I to control it so I will wait as we have to go through a little bit more time but I'm really excited the Syria appeal to you the ability to control it with voice commands that make a difference I I for

Me it would make a huge difference because I don't want to have to search through and press buttons if I need not do that so yeah I would rather be able to control Siri and one is it's just the coolness factor like just pulling up the

Watch I I do feel like a spy and I'm just like you know hey Siri you know mood lighting please and then you know and just thinking of having guests over and say you know bright light please and Cirie takes care of things for you so I

Think that would be that all the lights look a circle yeah it would I'm I'm really excited for everything I just want it I want the lights to just know from my watch that I'm in the room and there it's just going to turn on i don't

Even want to have to speak to see I'm about as lazy as lazy could be so less movement the better what about you Peter is this an area you're interested in it is but I have reservations and it's it's not a matter of you know technical

Reservations or concerns over security or what have you it's just that it you know I look at the technology and I think okay how is this demonstrably going to make my life better as opposed to just make things more convenient for

Me and with with home kit stuff I'm still waiting for that that that you know that that that epiphany where it's like okay this is something where excuse me as opposed to just something that would be nice to have this is something

That's really really going to to improve what I'm doing and I'm hoping that we're going to get some clarity on that at WWDC next week because I mean that is a cornerstone of apples philosophy when it comes to making products right may they

Make products and they take technology ostensibly not just you know too surprising to like our customers but also to make their customers lives better I've seen how the Apple watch can do that for me I'm really impressed with

It the Macintosh does that for me every day the iphone does that for me every day even the ipad although i'm not the heaviest ipad user in the world does that for me home kit isn't striking me as something

That I really need in order to make my life better just things that would be more convenient and you know Georgia i think is articulated very clearly a lot of the really cool stuff that home kit can and will be able to do on that that

Will make your life more convenient but better I'm still I'm still not sold on I'm waiting for that killer apt it's gonna make me slap my head and say oh this is something I need my house right now see I thought you're going to go

Along the lines of I've almost gotten all the kids out of here I'll be damned if I refill the house with robots see but that's the wonderful thing you could use home kit to be like lock all the doors they're coming back yes change the

Combination haha I a so home kids started rolling out this fire product two of which were available either for purchase or for order the rest are coming later in june later in july and suffice it to say we have ongoing

Coverage but serenity is already got a ton of how to guys how to use it how to install how to get the most out of that a troubleshoot it how all the guides rent yep if you if you've got a home kit accessory or you're picking one up check

Out i'm mark as we've we've got run the gamut we've run the gamut kevin has been run I'm we're calm / home get we're gonna take a quick break so I can tell you about this episode in fact is brought to you by Linda calm and they

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Just want to learn something new I want you to visit / amor and sign up for your free 10 day trial that's ly / IM oor e Linda calm / I more Thank You Linda alright moving on before we get to WC we also had Tim Cook who

Gave a speech on a blistering speech it was called by Matthew Panzer me know on encryption and privacy is opening remarks were actually kind of interesting he said we can and we must provide both an equal measure we believe

That people have a fundamental right to privacy the American people demand it the Constitution demands it morality demands it he didn't call out google and facebook by name but he once again spoke about companies whose primary business

Is advertising or the selling or the aggregate and brokerage of customer data and how we believe the customer should be controlled or information you might like these so-called free services but we

Don't think they're worth having your email your search history and even your family photos data mined and sold off for god knows what advertising purposes and we think someday customers will see this for what it is the reaction to this

Was incredibly um split down the middle some people like Robert Scoble went off on a tirade saying that this is just meant that Apple's a dead company and they will never live to the future uh Ben Thompson from protector II it will

He had similar concerns nowhere nearly as hyperbolic but he said that this information is what's going to lead to machine learning that's what's going to lead to the next great leap forward in computing technology and that if Apple

Doesn't take advantage of the data that they have start providing better services because of it then they're gonna fall behind the googles and Facebook's and Amazon's other companies that do John Gruber's take was sort of

It's fine for Apple to say this but security and privacy should be the frosting on the cake they still have to have better services they can't have worse services that are more private they have to have better services that

Are more private and on the other side of it it was sort of the cry was more like thank God I'm sick and tired of Google taking all my data you can never get that back all that information is basically how the Terminator will come

Back in time and recognize Sarah Connor you will have to go through the phone book anymore George let's start with you because I know you feel really deeply strongly about privacy and security is is this flood is this calling Google out

Unfairly is Apple do that does apple have a blindside is there a happy medium what's going on with all this well I think that that there are two different separate issues so choosing like getting your privacy taken without your will

Doing something that's illegal not talking to someone is one thing Google you have a complicit you know that they're using all the data that you give them and for most people they know that the same thing with Facebook's so you

Are allowing them to do they do I think that they should know do I like it no but that's why I don't use Facebook unless i'm going to play candy crush and I have to steal Renee's account and that's fine it's Renee's data he loves

Candy crush so so what I think is that I think Tim Cook is right on the money I think that our right of privacy should come first i think that the to the many and the needs of the few well unfortunately it's the needs of the

Few companies that are selling our privacy not because they are trying to do the greater good or trying to start the new apocalypse they're just trying to make a whole bunch of money off of the information that they were giving

Them and they're exchanging a the information that they get by giving us something that we want for it now if you understand that that's one thing but I think that we have to be much more careful about the things we know even

The stuff that we put on social media you can end up one if a hacker comes in and then takes all this data that a company has allowed to take it's it's a serious issue and it can change and destroy lives because of that and so I

Think that instead of first doing something and then saying oh well can I have permission afterwards we really need to look into what does this mean for our society in general what are the negative effects that can come through

It versus what is the greater good that might happen there and I don't think that we've really had that discussion everyone's just trying to take the most of the piece of the pie that they can as quickly as possible well you Peter well

You know I think that there are two sides to this one is that you know as evidenced by the recent theft of data from the federal government you can protect yourself from you know exposure on social media all you want and still

Through no fault of your own end up with exposed data because your employer's IT policies or their security are at risk or you know what have you you know right now we're looking at a situation where millions of federal government workers

You know may have had their personal information exposed to hackers and there's nothing they can do about that if they have no social media footprint whatsoever it doesn't really matter their data is still online everybody's

Data is still online so you know the question is how much exposure do you grant to it I think some people you know these days are taking a very laissez-faire attitude towards because they figure well that information is out

In the world anyway so what can I do about it but I do think that it merits a lot of concern and Apple here is clearly delineating a difference between or at least it's trying very clearly to delineate a difference

Between itself and its competitors in terms of how it uses customer data and and and what the customer data does just today we we ran an article about how Apple pay adoption hasn't happened with some vendors because they don't have

Access to customer day on a seven percent right exactly so some some vendors you know are drawing a line in the sand and saying no Apple we're not going to support your technology because you're not handing over that data and

And we want it we need it what have you bottom line is you know the information that goes along with customer transactions the information that goes along with your data footprint on line is the coin of the realm for so many

Businesses in so many organizations these days I don't know whether I agree with scoble in and I mean Scoble you know tends to do a lot of didacticism just in the interest of stirring up a conversation and he's done it for many

Years I don't think apples dead because they don't do it but I do wonder if over time Apple is going to have to evolve this this policy in order to stay competitive it'll be very interesting to see anything to me around because you

Talked about Syria before and Apple has been a technically been able to do a lot of the things that Google does for years but as a matter of policy they've refused to operate on user data on their servers and there was some indication

With proactive that they might be changing that and they might be willing to do a few more things maybe even a serie a p.i but then according to you know mark Gurman who's who's well-sourced on this kind of stuff

They've pulled back again there they might not do the Siri API because they're worried about data leaking between apps they might not do some of the features they were going to do they're going to keep it super simple

Because of concerns over privacy and some people are are going to miss those features yeah I mean I do feel like it's a it has to be a dividing line about what you're willing to share versus what you're not willing to share the thing

That Apple has been doing very well at is that I won't necessarily say that they're completely on the highroad they do use your information but they're very clear about what they use your information for and they're very clear

About ask for your information so if you're going to be giving say your contact information to a nap it makes it very clear that hey this app is requesting your contact information then the one

Thing that Apple has been doing very well at as you mentioned was keeping that data anonymized and if it has to pass through servers doing so in a way that cannot be traced back to an individual phone or a single line that's

Helpful not only for just personal privacy in the apple/system but that's also helpful for both Apple and the end-user in the event that the government comes knocking and it's like hey we need data on this person an apple

Can can conceivably say hey no I can't hand over this data because it's anonymized like I can't there's no way for me to sift out who this data belongs to and I think that's really important and really you know a keystone of what

Sort of differentiates apples policy from Google's yeah I think that's absolutely true and part of Ben Thompson's piece was that Google and Facebook noise companies in one of mais data as well they don't do it at least

Ostensibly they don't do it because they're worried about privacy they do it because they considered incredibly valuable data and if they didn't tightly control it then it would wouldn't be valuable they couldn't make money off it

Anymore which you know maybe my concerns are several I think first of all we have to have a discussion you have I think and George and I talked about this on Zen and tech at length that people understand money they understand money

Very dearly if I part with money especially if it's a dollar bill or something that's a very palpable feeling people don't understand paying with data and they don't understand paying with attention and people are supremely

Willing to mortgage everything in their present without any concern mortgage their future just to get something in the present we're very sent like now focused people and I worry that we don't always think about what we're giving up

When we're getting these quote-unquote free is in Google services and the second thing that I worry about is not even whether Google's evil or Facebook is evil or they'll sell my data I remember when Google Buzz launched and

They just didn't think about the ramifications and several people who had been in abusive relationship suddenly had their locations available to the abuser simply because that person had their gmail address and it's little

Things like those it's it's the ramifications of all these decisions and this sounds totally paranoid but you know Google is now a company that has massive amounts of facial data location data and they own those

Horrible spider bought zombie dogs from from Boston Dynamics and satellite tracking system that is essentially the terminator scenario for me and I'm not saying that to be glib but I'm saying it start somewhere and it might be

Fantastic but we need to stop and think about it an apple does on I ad and Apple does do serve so they process data and I don't know who's going to be running like I Tim Cook is great I don't know who's gonna run apple in 10 years in 20

Years data has a lifespan I don't know who's going to be running Google the NSA has been doing all sorts of stuff with data once all my information is given over and catalogued and indexed and machine learned a neural network that's

Just it III think like now is am I crazy which I think now is the time to talk about this no I think that I think that that's the problem is that we've become complacent with it because we've already given away no one wants to have the

Debate in there like you know why it's not that big of a deal i'm not that important the problem is is that there are important people and if you think that like information truly is power and you're giving away all your power for

Free and you know say that you know people will use and they will and they do use it for political gain and so you know think about all the stuff you do on your computer all the stuff that your cameras can see all the things that the

Mics can hear and if that data got into the wrong hands and you became a powerful person could that be used against you in order to control which way you vote what funds you spend money to it sounds like a joke but i like you

Bet on a television show where a guy says i'm running for senate they say we have your search engine history and he goes you can't prove it's mine and they say we don't have to yeah and it does happen it happens all the time it used

To happen with private eyes we're just making it easier but it's it's something that you know again you know you talk about money power is money and so people in power want to keep it they'll use whatever they have to to deal with that

You know good and bad we are all at fault to that so I think that it's it's a really important debate and you know freedom of speech and freedom of privacy and you know having to go through the right channels to get that information

And then you know even if everything is done up and up and legally someone can hack in and then have the access to that and then sell to the highest bidder or use for their own personal gain not even hack in we saw

What the NSA it was it was NSA technicians were using it to spy on ex girlfriends or ex-boyfriends really yeah yeah and say everyone goes oh that's horrible but like think about yourself would you do that if you had someone

That you were madly in love with or hurt and you had all the access to that information you know we are human and we're fallible and we make mistakes and we do dumb stuff sometimes since they might have done a purposely but you know

Either way we are we are fallible to that and so we have to be much more careful and at least have the debate before we put all of the laws into effect which it's just sad too late yep all right so bring it back to WC what

Would you like to see now all of this we've been hearing certainty what would you like to see in terms of Siri for dub dub oh boy um to start I want Siri to be a little bit more functional where Siri started off as some really really smart

Audio commands um and really really intuitive stuff as we saw at Google i/o this year there's a lot of potential for voice activation especially voice activation contextually my dream scenario and I was thinking about this

While I was driving in the car where I have this I there's a website called wait but why run by tim urban and he wrote this amazing 25,000 word piece on Tesla and on electricity and electric motors I'm like I would love to listen

To this during this two hour car ride on what I really wanted to do was just be like Siri read me the contents of this web page and have Syria understand that right I love that I do that all the time with when I'm when I'm having to do

Podcast I have to actually like copy it all out and then right speak I you're exactly that yeah just having having scenery be a little bit more aware of what's going on which doesn't again I don't necessarily think that means

Compromising data I don't think it means that apps need to you know you you have to go outside of the sandbox but Siri Siri is already reaching has its 10 tentacles into various things like I think it would be really really awesome

It already knows some contextual things like you can say reply to a message okay just I want to see its capabilities grow I want it to be able to do more things you know I discovered the other day it can read

Wikipedia pages to you if you're looking up Wikipedia but it can only read the first paragraph and then it kicks you out into the into the thing and it's just I don't know I I think that its base level capabilities are good I want

It to be better especially with all the innovations that Google is making with Google now and we've got startups like viv kind of encroaching on that territory who are going to launch soon we need to see we need to see a good

Revision from Cirie and for for pete's sake the watch cannot just be a handoff machine like it's it it's so nice to have Syria on the wrist I need I need more from my serie then I can I can do that for you on your iPhone yeah yeah

I'm really in the same boat like I understand the concern about doing large-scale operations and I've told the story so many times now but I turned on my Nexus 5 it said you want to use Google now I said yes it said can we

Monitor your web history and I said no said well you can't use google now and that's complete BS it could give me a subset of functionality that doesn't mean that it's a little bit worse because I'm not giving it web results

But it shouldn't be binary and maybe that's changed but I would like that for Apple I'd like Apple to say you know if you have the contacts and we saw at Google i/o they're going to take a more Apple like model to privacy where things

Are asked when you need them so you're not sort of overwhelmed by this stuff but they're also doing things like on tap which gives google access into apps which they've kind of lost access to what you're doing other things that move

From the web into apps but I think Apple because they're they're sort of focused privacy first could really do this they don't necessarily need my email or need my web results they have a lot of data on NESN on the server they have a lot of

Data on the device that when something comes in they can read me the email they can find the emails you can do sort of very useful things to me that doesn't involve the monitoring me or tracking you're parsing me through their servers

And that feels more secure it also feels a little more private I know my data is my data but once it's on the device it's sort of an instance of it and it feels more controlled to me and I think once they start tying in the calendar to the

GPS to all those things locally and please get on get on board Siri because I still I still should not have to have an internet connection to set an alarm or do anything that doesn't require the actual use of Internet services do those

Simple things and I think with out any large privacy leaps you get a much more useful sorry yeah i'm the same thing so they like apple got Q which was like you know exactly that it was like a personal assistant it did look into your

Email and you know your calendar and your reminders and then it would just plan out your day for you with you know all of the relevant information of location of that person that you're with there and so like they spent like 40

Million dollars on cue you would hope that they would be integrating this and then I would love it to be personalized that each person can choose which applications could have access versus which wouldn't because I would not mind

Having you know right away my daily events already planned with time location and how to get there because I get lost and I as you know Renee I'm really horrible with time management so if that could already be laid out for me

Nice and neatly it would be worth the cost to that and you know if we could do like to party encryption or I have the choice of which things have access to sandbox to wear that would be something that's great I need that Siri is

Fabulous but it's a lot of effort to make sure that I'm getting the right information and I would love for Siri to passively everyday just make sure that my day is laid out for me I need Jarvis to be proactive yes we're gonna take a

Short break so I can tell you about smile software tell me about smile software actually makes me smile so they are appropriately named smile software makes a lot of great things a lot of things I use everyday like text expander

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Yeah it is it is the version of PDF pen on Hulk serum the new PDF 10 / 07 adds easy editing of OCR text from scanned documents as well as export a Microsoft Excel Microsoft PowerPoint and PDF archive format all you need to do is

To smile software com /i more and download the free demo a PDF pen pro 7 today if you haven't heard enough about it yet I'm gonna tell you just a little bit more it can sync your PDFs with PDF pen for ipad and iphone by iCloud Drive

You can do touch-ups on OCR of scanned pages as and it's never been easier with PDF then it has been with PDF pro sorry a PDF pen pro 7 you can export PDFs of spreadsheets and presentations at edible formats and you can even set the

Tooltips for form fields which allows people to create voiceover accessible forms which is terrific accessibility is a huge win both PDF pen and PDF pen pro make forms accessible via voiceover so PDF pen pro 7 does require Yosemite but

The only thing else that needs is to make your life easier so again I want you to go to PDF sorry to smile software com /i more download the free demo of PDF pen pro 7 today thank you smile Peter uh keeping on the security topic

Now there was another sort of an exploit that was found this time it was in the efi boot sequence so basically if you're someone can force your computer to go to sleep or if you could go back to sleep they would take ownage of your computer

It wasn't a remote exploit you had to previously have root access to it but this to me sounds like something that Apple's been working to solve with things like rootless are you looking forward to more security on the mac and

Is there any particular kind of security you'd like to see from them yeah I am looking forward to better security on all mac and iOS and apple branded devices and i think that you know some of the comments or some of the stuff

That we seen Tim Cook reiterate over and over again like the talk last week is partly Apple positioning you know greater security stuff love to see that happen at WWDC next week I don't know if it's in the if it's in the offing

Offering but but we'll see the bottom line is this particular exploit the security researcher is found this problem that affects all intel-based Macs because those are the ones that have this efi firmware that you're

Talking about made until i think the the middle of last year right that enable under very specific conditions for a nefarious programmer to rewrite the the bootup firmware used in the mac to make it more

Susceptible to external exploits part of the problem here is that after that's been hacked it's very hard if not impossible to unhacked so you know people who might be victims of this won't easily be able to to change their

Max in such a way to sort of close that loophole one of the other things that sort of come up through this discussion here is that you know apple doesn't offer security patches for operating systems or for max that are older than a

Certain point and you know apples got is as as many billions as apple house in the bank it's got limited programming resources it's got limited a limited number of cooks you can it can throw in the kitchen to solve these problems at

Any given time and you know it does give customers a potential incentive to get new machines as time goes on a you know that doesnt sit well with me but I kind of understand it the bottom line is you don't need to fear this although just

Stay up to date on Apple security updates when they happen and you're going to find those through the Mac App Store and hopefully over time we'll see Apple adopt a more open policy towards this sort of stuff than they have in the

Past because part of the problem here is just the lack of communication from Apple it's it's never clear leading up to these events that that that there is a problem and after the fact it's often very hard to get information from Apple

About what's going on yeah I think one of the things because one of the ways you can prevent this from happening is if you run as a standard user and not as an admin but for years most Mac users I think have just run as an admin because

We were a quasi and vulnerable and one of the things that supposedly that's been rumored again mark urman great scoops on this was rootless where it wouldn't really matter you just eat because i don't know i don't think

Normal human being should have to worry about what what privileges their user account has they should start their mac and just be protected a shouldn't the same way gatekeeper protects them from some crazy

Software they just be a system and maybe it's rootless that that protects and that stops things from getting root access that a normal person does not need like yes if you open up turnable and pseudo into all these things you've

Shown that you can escalate the situation but just at Joe average opening up a computer he should be he should not have to worry about root level exploits the average user would agree shouldn't have to worry about root

Level exploits and the fact that the average user is required I mean when you first creating a when you first set up a Macintosh the the first account that you create is by default in admin account not only what most people create its and

It's the only one that most people create exactly it leaves you vulnerable to these sort of problems so whether it's route list or better sandboxing or you know to improve gatekeeper improve malware detection I think all these

Things play an important role Georgia so what are you looking for you is that the watch stuff is the iOS 9 stuff is anything particular you're hoping for a dub dub so I would love fabulous to have native applications on my watch I would

Like again I would like more Syria to be more of a personal assistant than just someone that does a few basic commands and maps maps improve maps please I get lost me need maps so I'm hoping that they have some maps in terms of the way

They give you directions are you looking for the transit directions are you looking for indoor style I would like improved directions of shorter routes something that they're going to be interfacing with so that I am no longer

In a park I don't live in a park I have a house you know that kind of stuff stuff that Google gets out and drives around and make sure that all the hospitals and everything are properly noted yeah yeah exactly and so I'm

Unexcited about all of that but I'm I'm just really hoping for you know Siri Siri become an assistant please what about you any anything iOS 90 on your list oh gosh I transit transit transit transit I would like to see better

Actually a couple of things with maps I'd like to see better traffic well one thing mm-hmm where Google Maps I feel like has a distinct advantage over Apple maps in and especially when I'm driving through

Boston it's very very difficult for me to use standard apple maps during rush hour it just doesn't it's not as helpful to me as Google Maps in addition to that that's what I like better extensibility supports I want more you know more

Interactivity and better hand off music handoff please maybe the whole yes so there was rumors just this Willis guess let's get to the final set of rumors just this week we talked before about how a lot of things are bound to the

ITunes organization which is any q's organization and they do a lot of really awesome stuff but also it's to me it must be very frustrating because a lot of what they can do is tied to what Hollywood or the record labels will

Allow them to do and I could I cannot imagine a more infuriating group of people in this world I'm not talking about hateful or mean but you like you know like there's there's things you're angry at but then a fly is buzzing

Around your head and that fly at that moment is more annoying than anything that's truly evil or hateful and that's what I feel like with a Hollywood or and the recommend their just always buzzing always annoying you always just give me

Stuff and i will give you money it could be a very simple relationship but it's always made complicated and news has come out that apple may not have all the streaming music deals yet for their new music service and they're negotiating up

To the last minute I don't think apples afraid of launching without every deal I know when they launched drm-free music they only had EMI and you know when they don't only launch the ebooks there were a couple big booksellers that weren't

Part of that deal and they launched anyway and they let it build over time but it would be nice if all of that stuff sort of didn't didn't we didn't get any itunes stuff last year there was very very little there was like some new

Channels there was new services we did get HBO now earlier this year but there was no really big revamps of what it meant meant to be a music app or a video app or like serenity said there was no hand off for media there was no there

Was no big plays and buying beats certainly made apple change whatever was on the agenda but it just feels and I'll get into this now the Apple TV there was rumored to be new Apple TV hardware now there's rumored it won't be and part of

That might be because the streaming video service Apple wanted to offer isn't red there are fantastic engineers fantastic does is there people there these this company ships iphones and ipads every year i

Can't help but believe they could ship ipod ipod touches and apple tv's every year if it was just a question of putting that chipset in there getting something like siri working on it putting up the new user interface all

That stuff maybe there were some false starts maybe there's been some disagreements about directions but it's been since 2012 for the for the Apple a5 devices and there's been no visible movement to the outside world and feels

Like they could do such great things there and I just whoo there is an argument to be made George's husband made this the other day that until there's 4k content until there's a lot of other stuff new hardware won't mean

As much as it possibly could but even even if a game system or a game store an app store isn't hugely successful on a TV it would at least to me make apple TV a more compelling product in the roku and amazon fire and and google TV laden

Let market rent yeah absolutely i mean it's a tough situation because Apple is trying to balance the manufacturer of their hardware and all of the power they do have to create these awesome chipsets with great box support but they see the

Apple TV is largely something that can't exist on its own you know the Apple TV needs content to survive and it needs some kind of apps and it makes me really bummed that they would push it again because I don't know I don't know at

What point they would be able to launch it maybe in the fall but then you're talking about compounding your new iPhone your new iPad and a new Apple TV all at once and that's putting undue stress on engineers too so I like I just

I just don't know how like if if it's delayed now and I mean we still don't know for sure but rumors and reputable sources tend to agree that it is delayed if it's delayed when when are we going to see the next version and how much

Much forward movement from amazon fire and the chromecast and all of that are we going to see in the meantime I love my apple TV but I love my appetite but it's getting harder and harder to justify it beyond airplay like airplay

Is the primary reason I use my apple TV right now and the new home kit stuff that rolled out in 70 that allows you to control your home kit lights remotely that's cool but ultimately like I it's very hard for me if you like this this

TV box is awesome i know it's slow and cranky and it reboots sometimes because it's several years old at this point but i don't know come on Apple figure it out yeah some people believe that Apple has to go Apple's an incredibly patient

Company and they'll just wait and wait and wait and sometimes it's infuriating and all of a sudden they'll be a new Mac Pro and phil schiller will be up on stage prancing about it but in other times they're very steady in the iterate

A year-over-year and I never know which of these two apples applies to any specific situation so it might just be that they really believe that the Apple TV has to be in put one on your television has to be so good that you're

Gonna put it before any other box and I'll have all your live TV and that's that's the only play worth making here and everything else is is is not enough revenue or not enough or they can't make enough of a difference in how TV is

Consumed for them to bother with it and maybe that's fine but to your point rent I like just just for basic things I think an updated package and updated box we would would breathe enough life into it for four I don't have the numbers i'm

Not i'm not a Tunes meetings i don't know what the realities are but Peter I don't know it seems to you like this product would be better on the market than not on the market at this point well that's exactly it you know and i

Think i agree with the underlying thesis of your point which is that the the apple TV feels unnecessarily tethered to content right now I think if Apple continues to develop the Apple TV as the hub of the connected home I think if it

Offers access to content which it does have direct control over and if it continues to develop new and exciting ways for us to interact with the Apple TV and make the apple TV and accessory that works with our other apple products

In ways that we're not expecting that is a very compelling reason for people to go on by the apple TV both the third-generation product and the ostensible fourth-generation product

Which either we will or we won't see you next week depending on which rumors you're listening to so um you know it the problem is Hollywood the problem is entertainment you know this is a multi-billion dollar market this is one

Of the United States biggest exports abroad so it's no wonder that the players who are involved are so intent on keeping as much of their crayons as they can I understand that I understand their their desire to make money in the

Desire not to let what happened to the music industry when iTunes came to the fore happen again having said that as a consumer I share the same frustration that you do ranae although I have to say as an American I see it from a very

Different perspective on Apple TV than you do because I unlike you I actually have content on my Apple TV so i think i'm a little luckier there the Canadians or our friends in Europe do ok does have a lot compared to people of most of the

World right you know having said that the one point I go back to run with what you said is about you know how the apple TV is really only useful as an airplay device well that's also its killer feature right now you know anybody can

Go out and get a box whether it's a chromecast or a Roku or whatever that lets them stream content or even you know comcast DVR you know when it comes to to streaming on demand content my my x1 from comcast works just as well if

Not better and is more convenient to use than my apple TV but when it comes to streaming content from my apple devices that's where the Apple TV really comes in handy that's its killer device that's what i want to see Apple build on

Foundationally for for other Apple TV technology that's where i think that the apple TV can really stand on its own as a device that you want that you need that makes life better and as we get more into the connected home with home

Kit you know apple TV is going to be very crucial there yeah i think phil mickelson forum androidcentral Oh was telling us that he has the Amazon echo in his in I think one of his kids rooms and they just tell

It what they want to listen to and he doesn't have to worry about queueing up music for them anymore and that just that functionality of having ambient Siri just in your room and I know Microsoft does something somewhat I

Don't they call it court n on xbox one or not yet but there is something to be said for having ubiquitous ambient Siri in major locations of your house maybe not auto listening of that kind of stuff bothers you but maybe something that you

Know you can cue with the device and and turn on for four spans of time like you press the button it listens for the next five minutes or something whatever it is I think I think there's a some interesting case is there and just to

Clarify i already mentioned the apple TV with home get we keep getting the question about whether you can buy an apple TV and will automatically make all your existing home automation stuff work because it will be the unicorn hub no no

No alas no it just lets you control stuff like if if serenity goes to the airport wants to make sure all her lights are off he can use the apple TV for that she can't use it to make all her hue bulbs suddenly home kid

Compliant sorry man sadly no I I do think that could be a killer feature but it would also require a lot of work on Al's part because they would have to integrate all of those other manufacturers so and even then the other

The sub hubs wouldn't be secure anymore so then your passwords are flying around again and it's tough we got a couple quick questions before we end this is from John I'm gonna put a couple up so I'm going to just sort of aggravate them

Together Peter do you ever think we'll see from Apple unified apps meaning that you could buy tweetbot for iOS and mac and one bundle and update them in one bundle so like what Microsoft I guess wants to do with Windows 10 just runs

Everywhere I don't know I think it would do it would take a sea change on Apple's part in terms of how it approaches apps and app development and its relationship with developers to happen I don't think it's going to happen in the short term

That's for sure yeah I don't know i think is leave my apple doesn't treat everything as one like I know as much as material design wants to do that for Google and whatever they call metro now so that for Windows Apple really has

Different devices for different purposes and developers write specific apps for that and you not even want I mean it might be nice to have the option B may not even want you might have twitterrific on your mac and

Want to be bought on your iPhone and want something else on your iPad so maybe it's an option but the way it's currently architected there they're completely separate stores I think the watch might potentially be one as well I

Don't think we're seeing that right now but I think it might be one I think all the other questions we answered in the course of the show so we will just I will just ask you actually first I'll say that last week was a leak as minhas

Last week at I'm or she has gone off to pursue other interests and I just wanted to thank her for being on this show and being on I'm more for five years which seems it seems like both no time at all and forever so thank you very much ally

If you want to continue to enjoy what she does you can follow her at I muggle and Georgia people want to continue to follow what you do work in you do where can they go they can find me on Twitter at Georgia underscored Dow and I do a

Podcast called isometric awesome what about you Peter I am on the social things that flug flarg H and of course on high more everyday and ren i'm a settin SE tter n on the social things Instagram and Twitter and I'm more calm

And occasionally on the incomparable awesome and I want to once again thank Linda calm the online learning platforms over 3,000 on-demand video courses to help you strengthen your business technology and creative skill for a free

10-day trial not just a week but 10 full days visit / item or that's ly ND a calm / I m.o.r.e Linda calm / I more thanks Linda you can find me at Rene rich you can find all of us at I'm or next week you'll be able to find me

Serenity and Peter at WWDC will be doing the keynote live from moscone center starting at ten a.m. pacific 1 p.m. eastern on monday after that we're going to be doing a reaction panel just sort of like the I'm or show live from alt

Wdc which is just down the street and then after that we're going to be resuming our coverage is anything you especially would like to see please do drop us a note to those Twitter addresses mentioned previously and let

Us know I think Georgia is going to be doing the twit live stream for wdc so if you want if you want her opinion you can catch her there and other than that it's going to be an amazing week it's going to be a crazy

Week we are probably going to get almost no sleep but we're going to have a ton of fun so please do follow along with us at I'm more calm thanks everybody

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