iMore show 455: Testing tattoos

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

hey everyone it is May first 2015 I'm
Renee rich in right now we're going to
chat about apple earnings going to talk
about macbooks and oh yeah the Apple
watch week one this is the I'm or show
joining me as always back on the east
coast we have Trinity Caldwell who are
you Rin good I am I'm doing well
although I did dis discover that iCloud
photo library was eating my data
connection so it actually was I my gosh
uh I crowd he uses the lottery that's
what Renee said when you cut out he was
like its iCloud photo library well
they're not throttling it yet they
really need to put some sort of throttle
on that thing mm-hmm that was the lovely
voice of ally of the equally lovely Ali
Cosmo how are you Ali good only good
yeah it's nice out so better you can
enjoy your two months of of niceness
before Michigan become freezing again
yeah we're not as bad as Canada so I
might have four months you only have two
months all right and also the equally
lovely Peter Coe and how are you Peter
fine how you doing Renee good we were
just we were just saying that if
lamentable the DC Comics hasn't hasn't
paid you for one of the movie roles for
their major villains yet you know what
my mic my shooting calendar is booked
with kaiju stuff this summer so I
couldn't work it into my schedule anyway
they'll get Eric Stoltz instead it's
what they do there we go all right so uh
let's get started with apple earnings
first we'll go we'll run through this
ran the iphone is still making ungodly
amounts of money it looks like it made
more money in its second quarter than
previously in everything but this last
holiday quarter I think we froze right
again everything just froze for me no I
phone earnings yes ah yes the iphone did
make a lot of money I think it's 60 61
million devices is that right 60 1.1
million uh which is pretty insane people
are still buying iphones especially if
they happen to live in asia there china
china mobile and china unicom not
sadly are doing banner business for
Apple and they are they seem to be
raking it in so to speak the which is
really exciting you know people are
still buying iphones despite the fact
that we probably will have an iphone
coming down the corner i suspect that
might be in part also because of this
thing which requires an iphone um and of
course we've got great iphone sales we
haven't even heard about Apple watch
sales yet because they weren't actually
we lost Brenda get the calculated in
this next time um and then of course
there's the iPad yes so the intern thing
with the iphone for me and Tim Cook said
that you know chinese new year is huge
in age if you're not familiar with it
it's a it's become this day-long
celebration and traditionally you don't
give someone a present because it's
considered presumptuous to try to figure
out what you should what they will want
so you give them money you put it in a
hung ball which is a red envelope and
then they take that money and they buy
whatever they want and a lot of them
turns out are buying iphones and that's
partially the growing middle class and
the Tim Cook was asked specifically does
he think it's middle class and he said
the numbers they're seeing means that it
it can't just be the top earners in the
country anymore they have to be
penetrating into the middle class and
maybe even slightly beyond the middle
class and that's really interesting
because it looks like China is is going
to become the major market for Apple and
they're investing heavily in it with did
I remember this right there be 40 stores
in there by the end of the year
something like that yeah China is
definitely something that they are
keeping an eye on and really really
focused and on coming years it's yea
though i pad I'll me a lot of people it
oh sorry we lost you good yeah no I'm
saying it's gonna be it's going to be a
factor in the coming years no question
um and in addition to that the fact that
there are so many iphones being bought
in china really does suggest the
presence of some kind of middle class by
snapping up iphones as you mentioned
which is which is potentially a huge
market for you know Apple was told for
years that they couldn't get into that
market because o their products are too
oh you know Xiaomi and and the other
Chinese manufacturers have that at
market sewn up but it seems like apples
apples doing pretty well it's no it is
and in the BRIC countries in general
Brazil Russia India China are going to
be massive growth opportunities for
Apple and like you say even they do they
do keep around old units at lower prices
but the the numbers that they're getting
suggest that they're still making
significant profit when you look at
other companies like Samsung has been
hurt by the discount Chinese and maybe
discounts not a fair word but the less
expensive Chinese competition I don't
know how well those competitors are all
doing haven't been keeping track of
their results but out samsung did not
have a good quarter apple had a really
good quarter the only people are
spinning the ipad is a downside alley so
i i'm curious how you feel about this
because i still feel like if you take
the ipad and make it its own business
like any anyone in the world would love
to have that that amount of money and
revenue as a business yeah well and if
Apple's own products are cannibalizing
its other products I don't necessarily
see that as a bad problem for Apple so
it could be worse um I don't know I've
always felt like the iPad is kind of one
of those I don't want to say a niche
product but it's it has a different user
base if that makes sense some people
just need a mac and an iphone some
people don't want a mac and they want an
ipad instead so I don't feel like it's
fair to compare the ipad to iphone sales
i know a lot more people that have
iphones and have use cases for everyone
needs a phone not everyone needs an ipad
so i don't know it's interesting to me
that they're sliding but I can kind of
see why kinda I think it's more fair to
compare it to Mac metrics than it is
iphone much surprisingly the mare one up
didn't it yeah the mat clean up again
the ipad the ipad is still sold faster
than the iphone than any other i think
so than any other product in the
acceleration was tremendous it did drop
off but that that might be a factor
first at the the refresh cycle is longer
people don't buy new iPads every year
the way they buy phones every two years
or and we've seen that with the mac but
we didn't know what it would be with the
ipad also the ipad isn't this really
weird and I know you've written about
this Trinity but I've had in this really
weird spot right now where
the hardware is ridiculous what Apple's
chipset division is doing is is insane a
lot of companies would say the a7 is
fine take a few years off don't do
anything else they made the ax which to
me is just more powerful than iOS can
take advantage of but I think these
rumors that we're hearing about next
generation iPads maybe with force touch
could make it more interesting again
absolutely III really believe that kind
of we're on the edge of what the iPad
can and can't do the ipad is you know I
think it needed to be released when it
was released basically as I proof of
like look the tablet computer can be
useful and and can provide a great use
case for the people who can make it work
for them you look at Federico vtg who
has made you know he runs his business
off of his iPad which is really awesome
not everybody can do that however I
think that the innovations that Apple
has been working on both on the Mac
lineup and on the iOS line up with the
with the watch and with force touch and
with the for stress track pads and all
of that that could integrate into the
iPad in a huge way as I my my shoot for
the moon kind of scenario is imagine an
iPad that gave you haptic feedback as
you tight so it wasn't it was no longer
typing on a glass keyboard but you could
actually feel the keys as you put your
hands down and as you press down it felt
like you were pressing we can still hear
you yeah i finished my thoughts oh okay
so I cuz you cut off for one second then
you cut right back and it was over
sports no no yeah I'm just saying
haptics that could make you feel like
you're pressing into a key as opposed to
just pressing on glass one that can be
translated to any number of things
translated to drawing making it feel
less like you're sketching on glass and
maybe more like you're sketching on a
physical surface i mean the ipad is huge
in fact gives it the advantage of having
you know that 10 plus hour battery life
so Apple can experiment with having a
little bit more haptics maybe that takes
a ding into the battery life but it
gives you a more well-rounded experience
with your iPad and I think that might be
really cool whether or not we'll see it
this year is another question entirely
there's still the rumors of the iPad pen
all of that it's kind of fallen by the
wayside in the event of the watch and
everything else but I do think that it's
potentially on the horizon something we
can look forward to Tim Cook certainly
doesn't feel she see he still feels
bullish Tim Cook still feels bullish on
the iPad and he's not worried and I feel
like if the company's CEO is not worried
about i phone number or iPad numbers
then analysts you know you can tell you
with a grain of salt but like apples
it's it would be one thing if Apple's
entire business was the ipad right but
at this point the iPads like ten percent
of its business um it's not not
necessarily something that you need to
worry about terribly that's the part I
should just add in changi who
contributes time or in android central
is listen to the podcast on twitter he
said that he got an iphone six-plus in
china for for a chinese new year and
there's actually a lot of middle class
people who are buying iPads as well just
to have one because they're they're big
on their brands and that the thing that
you said about the CEO not being worried
I would take it a step further there are
mobile companies on the verge of
bankruptcy that analysts are just fine
with it you know at the ipad is making
gobs of money on by any other measure
except when put against apple's products
like the iphone it's a fantastic
business and yes it's going down but
it's still supremely profitable and it
addresses an area and we'll get to the
mac sales in just a second it still
addresses an area for people who are you
just can't use traditional computers who
don't find them accessible or engaging
enough the ipad is a great alternative
they're just keeping them for two or
three or four years which changes how
frequently they buy them was changes a
lot of metrics for Apple but I'm hugely
optimistic and I think that I that Apple
is patient as a company I mean a Peter
can talk about this in a second but with
the mac they were fine making lots of
money on a very small part of the market
and rode that up and down for years
before their latest take off and now
it's been quarter after quarter of
improvements and I think with the iPad
they're happy to have it on the market
like Ali said iphone six-plus mighty to
it from below macbook miting to eat into
it from above but they have that product
and people who want it can get it from
them and I think that's going to be
hugely valuable valuable to them five
years from now 10 years from now Peter
those Mac numbers no
yeah pretty sweet pretty sweet Mack
numbers this this quarter it's pretty
remarkable actually something
interesting happened this quarter that
we haven't seen since 2011 and that is
that Apple's revenue for max was
actually bigger than its revenue for
iPads now you know you one can argue
that's because ipad sales are on the on
the decrease but the fact is it Mac
sales were on the increase as well you
know they sold a lot of Max and one of
the reasons why they sold a lot of max
it's the same thing that we were talking
about earlier on the podcast china mac
sales in china have been off the charts
he Tim Cook actually called them
unbelievable during his QA with analysts
after Apple published its numbers
thirty-one percent a year-over-year
increase in in mac sales in china that's
remarkable I mean you know in fairness
all Apple products and services have
been exploding in China but the mac is
is not immune to this either which is
great interestingly China is just like
the rest of the world in that people are
kind of staying away from the pc in
droves pc sales in china are expected to
contract five percent this year
meanwhile the apple selling more macs
than ever so great news for Apple and
the mac and it's not just China
worldwide people are buying max I have a
question for you Peter and maybe you
guys want to wait on it too because I
was looking at the macbook and what that
sort of portents for apples lineup and
I'm not sure I like highly competitive
markets and I'm not sure how to compete
with that kind of stuff like do you go
to Microsoft and say hey we need some
sort of taptic API like how do the
manual is is really zeroing in and
making their competitive strength things
that are unique about how they develop
integrated products and traditionally
know like Dell was famous for giving you
tons of options but being able to module
ii assemble or something doesn't give
you the taptic doesn't give you the
taptic trackpad that's why the the touch
trackpad it doesn't give you a lot of
the elements at OS 10 is really focusing
on now so i want to see how Dell and HP
and all the other manufacturers are
going to respond it'll be interesting
for sure you know that the question is
really how Microsoft is
respond right because Microsoft's got
the holistic idea now of how Windows 10
can sort of niche itself into every
environment and they've they've got some
great hardware too I mean you know the
surface pro 3 is a fantastic device for
what it's doing and you know that I like
I actually like Windows Phones quite a
bit both both of my sons have them and
you know it's it's it's a it's a solid
platform so it'll it'll be very
interesting to see how Microsoft and
other companies respond to Apple going
forward with the stuff that they're
zeroing in on and it's interesting to me
also the Tim Cook was so forceful in his
comments to to analysts that you know
everybody recognizes that the macbook is
the future of the laptop I think that's
very telling you know and I think that
if you take away from that everything's
going to be small and and iPhone like
and you know have a processor that you
don't like you're taking away the wrong
message you know we've already seen the
force touch trackpad make itself make
its way into the 13-inch retina MacBook
Pro you know will undoubtedly see that
keyboard technology spread like wildfire
Apple's putting a lot of innovation into
the macbook that's I think is going to
spread to the rest of the product line
very quickly I absolutely agree and you
already wrote about that before but how
quickly Apple went from having fourth
press on the watched having fourth press
in the last end and maybe soon in the
iPads and you know force touch on the
iPad I mean on the on the de macbooks
trackpad is so bizarre because it's
initially when you first experience it
it's so similar to what you're used to
but then you shut the computer off and
that trackpad just goes dead it's weird
um no it absolutely is and I think we're
going to see a lot more of that one of
the super interesting things to me Ali
and um I loved your take on this because
you spent so much time ninja ng up all
your devices Tim Cook was asked about
margins on the Apple watch and they
weren't as high as a lot of people
wanted and he pointed to companies like
I supply who do these tear downs and say
that this is how much the components
cost as not being realistic gay
he actually told that the analyst he
should dig deeper and I kind of equated
that to saying a human being is worth
the sum of the water and minerals I make
up their body which is not an adequate
measure but i also think apple is doing
so much customization like I saw all the
the teardown people struggling to really
understand what components are even
using anymore because there's so much
custom stuff in there well and I think a
lot of the problem with a lot of these
companies without me going on a rant as
they're trying to add up raw component
costs but they're not looking at the
overall how much did it cost Apple to
produce that chip and R&D costs and
everything else that goes into producing
product so when you average all that in
the cost is probably a lot higher so I
mean and then there's really no way for
them to know what Apple gets things for
supply from suppliers for so I mean I
know just in the time that I did you
know bulk iphone ipad ipod repairs my
price was a heck of a lot different than
what a regular person buying a
replacement battery or replacement
screen or anything else would have been
so there's no way for them to really
gauge what it costs Apple to produce a
product and I think someone else said
something like you know producing the
second iphone costs sixty seven dollars
producing the first iphone costs 400
million so and that's a perfect gauge of
you have no way of knowing what apple's
costs were in that sure you can look at
10 KS and financial statements and see
what they put in rd but those breakdowns
are only so meaningful yeah i think
their interest is much is mainly because
the analysts and the investors want the
highest possible margins where those of
us buying the products want margins that
let apple keep making these kind of
products but also don't damage us too
severely in the wallet while we're
buying them now mm-hmm i think that's
sort of the balance peter anything else
stand out for you in the conference call
let's see um on the mac end the only
other thing that really jumped off the
page at me was that the Apple managed to
sell a lot of max without flooding the
retail channel with inventory this has
happened with them with with iPads once
or twice right you know where they've
sort of overestimated public demand for
iPads and then had to scale it back and
it made their balance sheets look worse
for aggravated a 1.1 million adjustment
on my pad right exactly and this isn't
the first time it's happened
so you know Apple managed to leave the
the quarter with about about the same
amount of Max and inventory then then
then it started with you know that's a
good thing and it shows I think also
that that Apple's ramping up approach to
the macbook is probably pretty smart you
know especially considering it's got new
technology and you know we'll see where
everything goes but it's just a little
frustrating not being able to walk into
a store and walk out with one right away
you get a sense of that's change because
it seems like the built order 1.3 um
went out and people are getting them
more now that's right absolutely the
bill to order 1.3 is just started
shipping this past week or so and that's
that's the high-end model it's I think
1750 if you configure it with the 1.3 so
I don't need to break in but like I
people been asking this is it really
worth getting the 1.3 because I kind of
feel like a lot people are saying the
turbo boost is so similar anyway and
they fire turbo boost so often that I
don't know how much difference it really
makes I think you've got to have a
realistic expectation of what the
machine can do you know if you try
loading it up with a ton of apps or you
know apps with very big documents in
memory you're going to bog down pretty
quickly but if if you're just using the
macbook to run one or two or even three
apps that you know have modest memory
footprints and you know whatever it
doesn't matter which processor you get
my soul experience of the macbook is on
the one point one gigahertz processor
the base model 1299 I think it's
perfectly adequate for general use I
wouldn't buy a you know loaded to the
gills murdered-out macbook with the
expectation that is going to replace my
retina MacBook Pro no Ren you did as
always the phenomenal this is tim
takeaways you got I know other than tim
is in full form firing off against his
analysts and thank you also bring a else
helped on that and he's not taking any
of the credit which is which is very sad
uh no I am I always think that you know
we didn't used to transcribe Tim's
opening remarks and now I always do
because I think there are some
there's some interesting tidbits that he
drops in there that it's a it's a candor
that we don't usually hear from Apple in
pre prepared remarks um and though he
reads them very speedily um they're
still there's a lot of interesting stuff
in there through the environmental stuff
that he was talking about in terms of
making making apples activities
basically carbon neutral and China is a
big thing that there's that they're
seeking and that that would be huge you
know Apple has repeatedly said that it's
very committed to the environment but
the fact that they are going out of
their way to build so many solar farms
and data centers with solar panels on
top of them and really working to make
sure that their their carbon footprint
is as small as possible given as much
that they produce I think that's really
really admire about it's uh he did stop
saying this is tim every time he speaks
now because i believe he actually
understands that Luca mystras accent is
different enough from his own that we
can infer that the speaker ah Lucas
doing well I mean like it's always this
is apple's third CFO transition we went
from Anderson to I'm blanking on was
after Anderson I apologize Oppenheimer
Oppenheimer and now we have my street
and it seems like he's doing a great job
everything is just the the trucks are
still delivering on time yeah no
absolutely he's a and it would I
appreciate also about him is that he's
very interactive with analysts when they
start asking questions you know during
the Q&A so he's engaged he makes a lot
of sense he gives a different
perspective on the company's operations
than you get from Tim so I think that
they're a powerful combination when
you're listening to those calls I know
that many of you know the inside
baseball is that many of us who listen
to these calls quarter after quarter
always kind of roll our eyes and have
snarky things to say about the questions
the analysts ask but it's not really
about the analyst is it it's it's an
hour of Tim and Luca speaking candidly
about the company that they run it
that's the kind of insight and sort of
information that if you're an enthusiast
about Apple who just interested in tech
in general is
actually really interesting thing to
listen to there were no major attacks on
the competition which you know sometimes
the funnest parts of the call there was
no gene munster question about apple
television which sometimes the most
predictable part of the call he did say
Ali that people are new people new
buyers are still coming to the iphone
and people are still switching to from
android to iphone in greater numbers and
ever before um I don't know I think the
whole android/ios debate could be beaten
into the ground people are always going
to switch back and forth I think there's
a certain amount of tinker's out there
and Fiddler's that are just going to do
that and then there's other people that
really don't care what phone they use or
what ecosystem they're using they're
looking for the best deal from their
carrier so you're always going to get
those back and forth people I think the
big screens help with I think some
people just wouldn't go to an iPhone
because they didn't have big screens
yeah the six plus i think is a huge
factor because of the big screens i know
a lot of people that went from a note to
an iphone 6 plus i think Apple sometimes
has a greater retention rate because
they they get you and you can't leave
it's like a caged box like I message and
some of the things that you use I would
hate to even think about going to
another platform because of all the apps
and the music and all of the things that
I would lose going to Android so I think
that plays into effect for a lot of
people too and I've had to remind people
of that sometimes they're like well I'm
gonna get this injury because it's
cheaper I'm like well the hundreds of
dollars in apps that you bought aren't
going to transfer over to your Android
phone but the same holds true the other
way around two so well it's going to be
it's going to be super interesting we're
in that you know so nerdy alluded to
this earlier in q3 now when people's
eyes start turning towards September and
there's no more seasonal booths like
christmas or chinese new year so my
expectations rent is that where that q3
will see the usual like blockbuster
release and then sort of the quiet
period before the next one i assume so
yeah I think deb dub DC is going to be
really important for developers in terms
of setting the stage for stuff that's
going to come down the line i'm kind of
hoping we'll hear more
about the force touch API and we'll get
of course a sneak preview of the next
version of iOS and OS 10 I'm really
excited to see how that looks maybe that
maybe we'll see watch 1.1 which is I
think technically watch 8.3 uh-huh watch
OS uh yeah and then in the fall we'll
have our we'll have our yearly hardware
at least assuming that Apple is not
going to buck tradition this year and be
like just kidding we're not gonna have
an iPhone this year you guys have the
watch that's fine we're switching to hot
tubs we're going to take a quick break
so I can tell you about red hat red hat
is it's tried its trusted it's tested on
a little thing called the internet now I
worked in enterprise for longer than i
would like to or care to admit and we
used reddit and we used it for a lot of
the reasons that i'm about to tell you
that we used it now this point everyone
understands that in the right situations
open-source software is important
technology almost every platform that we
use every day even the ones we think of
as proprietary have major components
that are open source because it's useful
because it's powerful no one really
disagrees with that the most successful
open source project of all time is
little thing called the internet Tim
berners-lee put the end of the world
wide web together and put it in the
public domain there's also Berkeley UNIX
tcp/ip BSD which is the foundation of
the mac android the Internet of Things
all sorts of things people only really
disagree about what's meant about
whether open source software is
enterprise friendly enterprise-ready
there's a lot of big companies left very
powerful companies that made a lot of
money by keeping enterprise software
proprietary and locking people into
upgrade cycles and you know there is an
alternative we found out those in our
children when I worked in enterprise
there absolutely is for a lot of people
Red Hat has been key to settling this
debate one customer at a time for over a
decade they started with red hat
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it's that simple red hat enterprise
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amazing things are the things that you
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find out what Red Hat can do for you
just go to redhat com thanks red hat oh
so many hot tubs all right so um alle
serenity you've had your Apple watches
for a week now I'll start with you Ali
so what's the Apple watch like a week
later um I find myself carrying a lot
less about where my iphone is so that's
good um I think a week with it I use my
phone way too much so I think I've
almost kind of always known that um but
and I think we touched on this in the
last podcast mainly it's not because I
want to it's because I go to do
something that is important and then I
get tied up in 20 things that aren't
important so I do find myself being more
productive with it which I don't think I
really expected because I mainly wanted
an Apple watch for fitness and health
reasons I kind of went into it with the
assumption that i'm going to use it for
that and then probably not really pay
too much attention to it um and that
hasn't been the case so so far I'm
impressed um I I do feel like it's
there's little things it's a 1 dot 0
product and I feel like sometimes like
if you're holding your wrist like this
and your apps take an incredibly long
time to load that's really like to see
fixed in a next iteration but I've
noticed what I'm doing this the screen
goes off and then I have to start the
process over again sometimes because
i'll either move my wrist and thinks i
put it down or you know i mean it's just
it there's there's pain points that make
it a little bit difficult to use with
other apps um so those are little things
i'm sure that will improve over time but
as a fitness tracker as a you know
helping me triage things i find that
it's working pretty well it has a
battery life been for you my battery
life is a lot worse than Heather's at
last night I ended the night at like
eighteen percent by like nine or 10pm
she had like 60 I'm not tribute a lot of
that probably to the fact that I'm
taking screenshots all day for I mourn
fiddling with it for work so
I i think as that winds down over which
probably won't be for a while but once
that does i think that maybe it'll be a
better gauge but i do feel like it does
get me through the whole day and i put
on my Apple watch it probably 6 630 in
the morning what do you want right now
it's about six hours later um five hours
later i am at eighty-five percent and i
did use it to log an hour long walk this
morning so i'm at ninety-seven percent i
put one on three hours ago but I haven't
done any how to is yet to how thought
you ran a week later uh well I'm at
ninety-three percent on my on my watch
um I am loving it a week later I it is a
1 point 0 product and there are definite
pain points where I'm I was timing
things for a for roller derby last night
and I was like oh the timer is really
useful but if the screen goes off then
you go back to the clock face and all
that and I want like I want to just be
able to i also found myself doing old
Casio habits where i'm like i want to
press this the digital crown to start
that yeah at the timer but honestly
overall I find that like Allie it's
really helped me disassociate from my
phone and pick up my phone for specific
tasks rather than just pick up my phone
being like I'm bored a boy and I'm going
to read Instagram for 20 minutes I if I
have to pick up my phone it's in very
specific unit purpose reasons or I'm
doing something on my on my watch and I
will send handoff a specific task to my
iphone it really helps when I can't get
distracted by all the pretty home screen
icons so i'll just be like open you know
this thing on safari and the watch is
like I can't do that but your iphone can
and then I'll swipe up and it'll
automatically send me to where I need to
go is this micromanaging me so that I
can't you know goof around probably but
i like it i think it works really well I
love dictation and Siri on this thing I
think I mentioned that during our first
podcast but oh man this is so nice I did
a couple of call handoffs I use this
thing in the car for the first time and
that was awesome driving driving home I
didn't have to touch my phone once to to
you know make sure that i had like I was
going where I needed to be going and I
was able to answer a call on my watch
without having to like fiddle with
anything it was just it was really nice
um again definite pain points definite
things that take too long third party
apps take too long there are too many
taps associated with some things but
overall I really like it I had an
interesting experience oh I hate it when
Kevin Mitchell looked by his apple
products because it means he wins to me
instead of film Dickinson with Android
products and he got his Apple watch and
I just got to sit a steady stream of
what how do I do this is so dumb odd
whats going and live but some of them
some of them are Kevin being Kevin but
some of them I thought were legitimate
like for example there's still not a
complete parity between settings on the
watch in settings on the app and all he
was trying to do was turn off the
activate on wrist rotation on wrist
raise and on the on the Apple watch app
on the iPhone all you can do is switch
between clock face and last app but on
the Apple watch itself you can switch
between those but also disable it and
that's if that's setting a bit on the
phone you would have found it much
faster that was his first instinct was
to do everything on the phone cuz how he
set it up and we had an interesting
discussion I'm you straighten your guys
thoughts and Peter too because you're
gonna deal with a bunch of people
eventually you know coming into your
store with these problems Kevin felt
that maybe Apple should have done less
to begin with not less in the wash but
when you enable the watch it has to
transfer over all your apps it can
transfer all your notifications and his
thinking was maybe if it didn't if it
just let you add apps over time or
prompted you to add more notifications
over time and didn't give you everything
to start with is he felt morning will be
turnin stuff off that would be turning
stuff on so if you if you if you
targeted it on minimal interactions at
first and let people build them up
they'd be more useful than giving them
everything and having to having to force
them to turn them off yeah I agree with
that um honestly when I set my watch up
I in intentionally set it up without any
of the apps and then just add it on my
apps manually because I actually
remember I remember getting my iphone 3g
and installing every app known to
humankind that i could on it and that
was disaster for about three weeks and
also killed
iphone's battery life uh so I decided to
start minimalist here and then build up
and that actually gave me a really a
really good couple of days to figure out
what I really wanted to see on my wrist
and what I could turn off I also i
mentioned on on the podcast monday but
i've turned off haptics for everything
except a few select notifications and
that has improved my daily calmness so
much because i'm not constantly being
like buzz oh no something's wrong and
it's like oh it's just it's just a hip
chat or it's just a it's just an
Instagram notification uh which you know
if those those can happen in some
frequency when you first post a picture
yeah i minimized everything I have
everything minimized on my iPhone I
think I said before that the only thing
that can actually make sound on my
iphone is messages VIP email calendar
and phone or facetime calls and I put up
an article about this because I really
want VIP for everything VIP is still a
male only thing but I i would really
prefer it if like you know Peter
serenity and Ally with their messages
would come through but Rogers dude you
are you don't take advantage of this
plan that you're already taking
advantage of messages didn't bother me
every goddamn always but that sort of
stuff I think would be really good but
having the minimal notifications has
made my life so much better in so many
ways and the watch has forced me to
reduce like i used to have Instagram
comments like not like something but
just comments come up so I could see
them because people were complaining I
wasn't responding to them in Instagram
comments and I'm IVs huge guilt issues
and but you know I really don't need
that information so i just turned it off
and I'm so happy you're like Twitter i
have twitter dms on but i used to get at
replies from people who i follow and I
turned that off too because when I go
back to my phone I am going to look at
Twitter and they'll still be there and I
don't there's no urgency involved in
that because anyone who needs me
urgently can escalate to messages or
phone calls so am i getting saner alley
or less sane I don't know I think you
and I are a lot alike with notifications
maybe with the exception of sounds like
I don't know i have sounds on for
twitter otherwise i think i'm pretty
much the same as you like I more did it
for battery life to initially because
not having your lock screen light up
every two seconds people would be
surprised how much battery you save so
I'm very much the same messages um VIP
stuff like that is the only thing that
gets pushed through to my lock screen
most of the time my phone is on silent
so it just vibrates and if it's on a
table somewhere you know it that's part
of the reason i like the watch too
because if I don't miss anything
important only the important things I
think I only let like messages there's
very few things I let come through to my
wrist and I think that amounts to
messages phone calls yeah and I think
that might be it pretty much email I
turned off because I don't I feel like
email in real life is not as urgent as
messages if you have something important
to tell me your serenity does or Peter
you're probably not going to set it an
email you're in a sudden and I message
so um yeah email I don't even mess with
on the watch and I think it's too small
we're going to take a quick break so I
can tell you about automatic automatic
is awesome we've looked at it here
before on IM or but you know I just let
me tell you about it again it plugs into
your car's diagnostic port that's the
one that manufacturer uses and has it in
every car since 1996 every one of those
cars has this port you pair it with your
phone and then you drive around and it
connects your car to the Internet what
can you do with it well you know those
check engine lights the kind of the dr
sheldon cooper professor dr. Sheldon
Cooper out of his mind you can find out
what it's caught what's causing that in
plain English if it's a tiny problem is
not a significant problem you can even
turn it off right from your phone you
can log your trips your park you park at
any location and never lose your car it
gives you feedback on your driving it
helps you drive less aggressively and
save on gas and because you're driving
less aggressively in saving on gas you
can drive even less aggressively and
save even more gas there's crack this
crash detection and automatic
automatically can detect the crash and
call for help for free as well a human
level you'll even stay with you on the
line until your help arrives automatic
also provides nest integration they can
heat your home when you're on your way
home that that right there is the reason
internet was create
it can also connect your card accounts
on the services like Google Doc Twitter
Evernote and connected home devices like
Philips you as I Drive in I could have
my house heated and my lights come on
and set themselves up for game mode I am
just saying there's no subscription fees
there's a special offer with this
podcast though you can get twenty
percent off normally normally automatic
costs 9995 but with this offer you can
get it for just 80 bucks that's twenty
dollars off the URL is automatic com /i
more that's where I want you to go
automatic com /i more it ships in two
business days for free there's a 45 day
return policy I'm sure you're going to
like it but if you don't they have
confidence enough in their product to
make you that that policy so just go to
automatic com /i more today get twenty
percent off of automatic and you'll be
happy that you did thanks automatic I'm
loving continuity but no Peter wrote
about the tethering this week but the
continuity is so close to being great
for me but the part that's missing is
driving me a little bit crazy like for
example when my phone rings I'm happy
that it rings my phone in my watch and
I'm happy that it rings my Mac but it
always takes like the mack 10 or 15
seconds to stop ringing after I've
answered the phone call and if I'm air
playing my apple TV is ringing when I
make it what I'm getting the phone call
Peter if you run into that with your mac
too I've fern into it with max in the
house that won't stop ringing even
though the call has gone to voicemail or
has been answered somewhere else he's
anything we can do about that or is that
just something we gotta file a radar on
I think that that's an implementation
problem i think that you know clearly
there are still bugs that have to be
worked out with some of the continuity
capabilities you know we've a lot of
what I've been reading about speculation
for 10 point 11 and and and iOS 9 and
even on our own site you know seems to
deal with sort of battening down the
hatches a little bit you know getting
getting the the seams worked out between
this technology that was introduced in
iOS 8 Yosemite well and I feel like if
continuity and handoff can listen for
what apps i'm using it can certainly
listen for what device them on so if i'm
already on my mac and i'm actively doing
something why can't it tell and not make
17 devices ring i love that it does
right message it does that great
messages does that but well but yeah i'm
wondering if calling has anything to do
with the kid with the carriers I don't
know I will but here's the thing that
continuity between the watch in the
phone works really well yeah where it
knows if you're if the phone is open
it's not going to ring the watch I
thought using a Bluetooth connection and
I think that might speed things up a
little bit as opposed to I believe and
correctly from wrong I think the ipad
the Mac everything else being on
continuity calling is depending on your
iCloud ID and some kind of relay between
those that I don't think it's done
through bluetooth I should be all the
same so basically the bluetooth for the
bluetooth LE connection broadcasts
availability and negotiates the
handshake and then it hands off to Wi-Fi
through the actual data transfer because
they need a lot of big pipe for that if
the bluetooth isn't working it'll
escalate to apples push notification
system which then involves the internet
and it's kind of less reliable but
theoretically it should all be working
the same but I wasn't fix it I wonder
what you said I wonder if the mac is not
detecting for unlocked iphone the way
the Apple watch is that could be it I
don't know I mean because the worst
thing ever is like if you have a you
know and get it all and I answer it and
then for 15 seconds I'm plugging one ear
because all of my other crap is ringing
so yeah it's not a pleasant experience
the problem I've had recently I don't
know if anybody else who's listening has
had this or if any of you have had this
problem is that face time on the mac
takes forever to launch so if i get a
call and my iphone happens to be my
pocket i'll feel it buzzing long before
i'll actually see any activity on the
mac to let me know that there's a call
to take decades very frustrating a
distractor distracting and i found the
opposite i sometimes my mac reason
before i notice my phone I've noticed
that it has entirely to do with what you
want so if you're right next to your
computer it'll ring immediately and
never stop if you're far away from your
phone it won't bring I think what you're
saying is that it's screwing with you I
think so sorry Wren you were gonna say
something about messages oh no I was
just saying that messages is not ninety
percent of the way though
last really close buh buh not yeah the
closeness is the frustrating parks I
think if it just didn't work well I
would like kind of understand and not
use it but it's so close to being
perfect that it that when it's not it's
like it's that thing like you start to
rely on stuff and then you rely on it
enough and when it screws you over your
da I knew this was coming fooled me
twice shame on me and I feel like there
are certain instances to like I've heard
people complain to that if i delete a
message thread her messages on my phone
why does it not delete on my mac and i
think that's kind of a double-edged
sword because it could go the other way
where what if i accidentally deleted
something i didn't want to delete in my
phone at least it's still on my mac or
my iPad so i see a lot of those types of
complaints too and I can see why that's
kind of a issue to really mull over on
Apple's part because what they don't
think know what's better they don't and
they can't sync the state of the message
of old messages on your computers
because they don't want to keep them
they don't want have anything to do with
them once they've delivered them so
they'll try to deliver messages i think
is between 10 and 14 days and it'll
download it to that computer and then
that will no longer be available and
that's just for security and privacy
reasons so if you delete it on your
phone they don't want to have any idea
that you've done that so there's no way
for them to stand it maybe be convenient
if they did sink it but given their
current property the current philosophy
or corporate priorities they just want
to have hands off after they've given it
to you it's like yeah yeah email does
that over i'm at like the email will do
that if using an imap server but there's
no analogue yet for four messages at
least um ran now that you've had it for
a week i'm assuming you've had a little
bit of Derby time with it but is there
anything in general that you've done
with the health and fitness stuff you
liking it I I'm liking it so far
honestly since I was traveling most of
the week my first sort of Derby ish
experience with the watch happened last
night and I wasn't playing i was just
skating and coaching however i did do a
speed skate before coaching and i did an
activity tracker sadness and sorrow
despite the fact that in the health and
fitness api there is a trigger to you
know to record skating sports that is
not visible in the activity app on the
Shh so the only thing that I can record
it is it as is other and in my nine
minute speed skate despite the fact that
I was basically hitting my target heart
rate the entire time it gave me very
very little credit for exercise which I
was very unhappy about like dude this is
really hard this does the equivalent of
it you know as a high intensity exercise
and it was like no 20 calories I think
the workout app is very one dot o and
that's where I think it's almost better
to use and i think i'm going to post
something on this kind of a workaround
is to use workout apps that are a little
bit more mature in the app store that
can take advantage of health and then it
doesn't feed in your workouts the way
that the act the workout app would to
activity but it still picks up the
calorie counts and things i'm pretty
sure it reads from health as well so if
you're using an app that's depositing
information in there it should reflect
it and your overall day so that money
just nice to build us getting at yeah
ultimately the one for skiing why not
skating yeah well it's it's shocking to
me because in the m in one of the most
recent commercials Apple shows a figure
skater doing a sit spin and I think just
a regular spin actually with a watch on
and I'm like oh does that mean that
they're skating tracking no no it
doesn't it just looked pretty another
you get lumped it in the other category
that is not equal to other activities I
guess yeah I don't know it's it's one
dot oh I don't know I hopefully will see
more or maybe they'll even just open up
the API at work and pull I don't know I
don't know it's it's still kind of murky
as to what developers have access to you
what they can build on how that's going
to integrate with health workout
activity it's all very confusing still
have two other quick questions Ronnie
starting to run low on time serenity you
wrote about the about the tattoos and
that made all the media rounds I think
oh my god on TV the other day so what's
the deal with tattoos what do people
need to know ah first of all good job
getting out in front of this one no it
is oh she
yeah yep hold on it's my computer just
went hey what I can't see anything right
now but oh okay my back yes your back
and you brought tattoos with you back is
that good yes hooray yes I did Ashley I
didn't I have I have no tattoos I'm to
toolless however i happened to be
vacationing with a gentleman who has a
fair amount of tattoos so when we saw
this the story pop up we did some
in-depth testing of like all right let's
see what the heart Raider what the heart
reader can and cannot see through
artificial ink and actually Apple
updated their support doc today to
include some information on why tattoos
in the heart sensor may not get along
basically if you have deeply saturated
artificial ink pic basically inside of
your skin it's going to make it harder
for the heart rate sensor which
essentially uses in infrared light and
light to bounce off of your blood
vessels to see oh how much blood is
running through your veins if there's
tattoo and getting in the way there it
makes it a lot harder for that light to
get through and bounce back and give an
accurate reading so if you're if you
have a really dark color tattoo or a
solid tattoo or black ink basically
saturating your skin around this area
you might be in a bit of trouble however
I will say that most everybody i have
seen with a full sleeve their sleeve
usually ends about here because you want
to be able to wear collared dress shirts
without your tattoo grouping out um so
anybody who has you know a traditionally
cut tattoo sleeve should be fine with
the watch and even if you have a tattoo
that reaches all the way up to your
wrist here you're probably going to be
okay if the ink here is fairly late like
grey even variegated or pattern tattoos
seem to be okay when we used it but at
the end of the day like if you have a if
you have a full length sleeve that goes
all the way up to your wrist my
suggestion is just go into an apple
store or find somebody with a watch and
really see if you can test out those
health sensors in person you also have a
14 day return policy so if you get a
watch and then you discover that it's
just not seeing through your tattoos you
have the option to return it so I guess
the apple watch
isn't going to be a big item of lust to
any Yakuza apparently not well there's a
Lee posted how to connect to a heart
rate monitor if the heart rate monitor
is your issue you can get a third party
one if it's the security setting which
disables the which makes you login if
it's lost skin contact then you might
just have to disable the passcode and
not use Apple pay if you really want to
watch and you have both wrists tattooed
or you just refuse to wear it on your
non tattooed yeah it does it does take
away Apple pay which is kind of a bummer
yeah well expres one outside the US will
be just fine al you wrote I don't know
if it's live or not yet but you wrote
about how the Apple watch is making you
take a second look at applications yeah
yeah that did I think it went up this
morning um yeah so I found myself giving
apps another chance that maybe I
previously didn't particularly care for
not care for but maybe like a good
example was I've always used
myfitnesspal to log things about fitness
obviously your meals and things but it
only gives me a brief glimpse on the
Apple watch of things and for some
people that's okay and people that need
to count calories religiously that's
probably a good way to go they have a
reminder on the wrist but for people
like me that maybe aren't as religious
life saw my previously I'm not crazy
about their iphone app but their Apple
watch app lets me actually log meals in
small medium and large categories so I
can quickly do it on my wrist and then
go in and set those things if I want to
later to be more specific but it also
lets me track water on my wrist which is
one thing you have been trying to do is
drink a lot more water so um being able
to do this stuff without having any
interaction on my phone is awesome um
it's one less thing that I have to do
during the day that's going to distract
me and make me get on Twitter and
Facebook and Instagram and everything
else so I've been looking for apps that
that more do that so Jim apps especially
I've never really found a lot that go
hand in hand with being able to actually
work out and not have to interact with
my phone so I found a couple that really
do that well and put everything that's
on my phone on my wrist so i can see
okay i need to be doing swats or I need
to be doing this so I can kind of
along with it without having any
interaction with my phone so I think
that um I don't who said it Ben Bajoran
and I think you brought it up in the
last podcast computer hours phone
minutes watch seconds so I feel like
developers that can nail and execute
Apple watch extensions in an efficient
way have a whole new potential to
basically reach a new market because
people that have a watch have it for a
reason I have it because I want to spend
less time on my phone and more time with
the people in front of me interacting
with them so an app that isn't going to
do that for me is probably not what I'm
going to install in my Apple watch so I
found myself actually looking at apps
that I use now and then second guessing
who this one has a nicer Apple watch
extension that's a lot more meaningful
so I've second guests productivity apps
other apps that I've used for a long
time in favor of ones that are going to
simplify my life even more and I think
that that's kind of going to be a trend
with people that have watches it's going
to become a purchase factor yeah I think
that's that's absolutely fair i was
experiencing apple watch rage apps
because the apple store app updated with
an Apple watch extension and with then
with that you can just tap and you can
see your orders but on the iphone app
you still apparent password there's
still no touch ID and now the watch is a
better conduit to me getting updated
orders that order status as n my iphone
which is nuts to me it's baffling to me
that the apple store app doesn't support
touch ID order statuses and things and
I've had times where I'll go to an order
status and then I'll accidentally
tapping the back button tap a
notification and then I literally launch
the app two seconds later and have to
enter my password again so for me it was
like okay order statuses on my wrist
that I can see without typing a password
great and there was another one
Instagram came out with a watch app
right away there's still no iPad app and
some people said that's because they
still use crappy quality photos and I
would totally expose the crappy quality
photos that they use fair enough up your
resolution but also the Apple there's an
Apple watch extension out but there's
still no share extension and again
people said well Instagram doesn't want
to provide write access for anything but
comments and likes they don't want you
to write photo straight to the service I
don't know if Apple needs an
extension where is just like send this
to instead of opening like you just go
to the show extension tablet it'll take
the photo that you're looking at and
move that over to Instagram and preload
it for you in Instagram still gets to
control that experience but there's
still a lot of apps that don't give me
native share extensions and I'm starting
to get grumpy about it I think that's
kind of what some photo apps have done
with Instagram minutes I you know it's
almost like I expect now when i launched
an app um so i'll edit a photo and then
share to instagram and it has to launch
the share sheet and let me pick
instagram and then open it instead of
just launching the app so yeah I'm kind
of the same way and I find myself
looking for that stuff especially now
after being so used to it with the apps
that I use regularly and that is another
area where I've actually switched around
some apps that I use because they have
share extensions yeah all right so
coming up so nerdy you're gonna be at
Jessie char's design conference during
wdc I will at layers I'm really excited
for it she has been telling me all kinds
of crazy things that they have in store
I think it's going to be an awesome
conference it's being held right down
the street from moscone at the spoke in
the Westfield center and it's featuring
a whole ton of really really awesome
speakers myself excluded you guys are
not simply you gots got Simpson you've
got Merlin man you've got Susan care who
designed the Mac icons um you've got
Laura Savino who is one of the best
speakers I've ever been able been
fortunate enough to see oh gosh you've
got a krista and nevin Mergen who are
designers for rogue amoeba and panic
respectively and also an adorable couple
with with two really cute kids um
there's there's just so many people who
are I'm I'm really looking forward to to
seeing what they have to present and I'm
also looking forward to some of the fun
magic that Jesse and I are planning for
for my stuff too awesome and Peter
you're going to be talking it all
together I am indeed yeah so if you're
going to be in town for WWDC but you
don't have a ticket or if you were
thinking about going to San Francisco
for WWDC but you
can get a ticket don't let that dissuade
you from from coming into town anyway
this there's a lot of stuff happening
peripheral to WWDC like all which is
free it doesn't cost you anything to get
into you can mix and mingle with with
other developers and see some really
cool talks and even get free food on the
first day so Alta all-conference is
definitely worth checking out awesome so
what's on tap for this week Ali what's
what do you want to be working on oh I
haven't really decided yet so many how
to watch yeah with all the Apple watch
tomfoolery I haven't really had time to
plan out my next week but yeah I'm
pretty sure you can bet on some apple
watch how to use probably some apple
watch roundups of some sort um yeah so
lots of things and then i'll make sure
to put some stuff up for it non apple
watch people so they don't want to pull
their hair out if they don't really care
about the Apple watch you don't want to
come after us yeah what about your n
well I'm pieces going up in a few
minutes on and should you use a stylus
with your Apple watch no spoiler no um
I'm also working on some productivity at
productivity tips for Apple watch users
we're gonna have our bobble ipad air to
round up coming out I'm gonna work on
some some tough problems with photos for
OS 10 what I hope gets fixed in the next
iteration and some other some other some
fun stuff coming your way awesome what
about you Peter uh well lots of how to's
coming up next week you know we seem to
run in to do stuff every week that
people people are having problems with
that I'm just trying to make sure they
can deal with as clearly as possible got
some cool hints and tips if using mac ID
which is a really cool app that lets you
unlock your your mac with your touch ID
device and a whole lot more so here's my
dream and I have already said this the
1password guys so I don't mind sharing
you have touch ID now on your phone you
have skin contact on your Apple watch I
never liked Bluetooth trusted device
because if I take off Peters dongle
suddenly I'm Peter I know that sounds
rude but that yeah that's how you take
someone's identity now how dare you
touch my dongle so so I never liked
those but now we have a bluetooth
trusted device that actually knows we're
the one wearing it has its its its aware
enough to know who's doing it and I
would be super cool if either apple or
one password or LastPass just would
unlock when it detects an Apple watch
owner with in the very near vicinity or
a touch ID being unlocked with in the
very near vicinity and there's all sorts
of ways you can do that kind of stuff
now so that's I'm just putting that out
there you make me very happy come double
WD see if we start getting a little bit
of crust a Bluetooth action that would
be very cool i have to agree and if
you're like magic bluetooth action all
right Ali if people are curious about
following you on the interwebs where can
they go I am at I muggle on all of the
social things so basically Twitter and
Instagram and every day on I more calm
serenity etc su tter n and both Twitter
and Instagram and on I more calm and
occasionally on the incomparable I hear
we might be going to a screening of
Avengers this weekend and doing a lot of
podcasts so stay tuned very nice I'll be
hitting up the Avengers this weekend as
well can't wait Peter what about you
well on all the social things at Florida
flarg H&I awesome and you can
find me at Rene Ritchie you can find all
of us at I more what's new Instagram
accounts penury is it I more TV yes I
more TV on Instagram I more Graham isn't
it changed a bar oh yes more I more TD
yep we got locked out of the old one oh
I'll tell you the story later mr. ma'am
uh and you can find us on youtube at slash i'm more video for all
of these shows and a lot lot more if you
haven't already please go to itunes
please subscribe please leave a review
it means a lot to us and it encourages
itunes to feature us which is really
good for everybody not you're the best
community in mobile we love having you
at X best community anywhere you're a
handsome handsome talented smart and
exceedingly generous group and we adore
that you're with us here every week have
a great weekend and we'll be back next
week thanks everyone there was music
I dance doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo-doo yeah
my my watch is like stand up move around
my massage training i know i was tryna i
was trying to like dance in the
background because i was like if I'm
cheating it is it really doing me any
good just do the do the Arsenio Hall
thing that's just you know I was trying
to do this cuz it went off like and I
don't know 1050 or something like that
it's 10 minutes to the hours when they
go off at Apple's explanation or two
said that non rhythmic movements can
confuse it as well it's very good with
rhythmic movements not very good with
non rhythmic movements I was doing I was
doing air punching for the people on the
audio stream not very good but I was
doing it alright guys thank you so much
have a great day

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