iMore show 452: Apple Watch Price is Right

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

it is Monday April 11 and right now
we're going to talk photos for Mac we're
going to talk the new macbook and we're
going to talk the Apple watch try on
this is the I'm or show joining me this
week we have a leak as mu ha all the way
from Long Beach Chicago Indiana how you
doin like Ali I'm good there's not snow
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just working on the porch this is very
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alright so we have so much to go over
gonna dive right into it Apple released
photos for Mac last Tuesday and I what
was the grand total they where was it
like 55 how-to articles three guides
review and some ancillary explainers is
that the damage we did and a partridge
in a pear tree mm-hmm and we have more
how-to is coming out every day because
they're even despite the fact that you
would think that 55 how to's would
answer the questions that everybody has
but no apparently there are still more
questions so we are providing still more
answers that by bit I opened a question
all I found inside was another question
pretty much pretty much but I'm actually
I'm really happy with all the content
and if you're questioned like you're
watching the show right now or you're
link to the show and you are curious
about using photos or iCloud photo
library or iCloud photo library for iOS
you should check out our guides because
we worked really hard for them or to
make them in there they're pretty
awesome I agree all right let's go down
the room really quickly and get some
thoughts Ali have you been using I know
you been using it for a while but now
the released version is out how is
photos and iCloud photo library working
for you um it seems a lot faster to sync
photostream photos then the beta
versions did and obviously beta it seems
a little zippier and the actual release
all around I still have issues with
duplicate photos other than that it's
really great I love the concept it seems
like loading photos on the phone have
gotten a lot better I'd like to see
video load times get better because if
you're on LTE it's pretty or less than
that good luck but it's pretty painful
loading videos over iCloud photo library
and yeah you don't really have it all or
nothing option at least yet about you
Peter yeah I've been using it you know
since since the beta and I am quite
happy with the transition so for I
photos our iPhoto goodbye photos hello
on it's certainly I think we've we've
done our best to answer as many of the
questions for for you as possible I
haven't run into any real show stoppers
for both the booze and quite some time
so I've been very happy with what
Apple's done and I'm sure that apple
will continue to iteratively approve it
from here on out Wren um I've been using
iPhoto fo fo host for quite a few months
now despite that I still can't pronounce
it properly uh but I I too am very
impressed by how speedy it is I'm really
really like being able to quickly look
at photos at a moment's glance from two
thousand seven or earlier that I've
happened to have stored on like 10
million folders and tiny things I love
being able to sync between my mac and my
phone and just know that all of my
information is there and it's worked
pretty seamlessly for me there there's
still a little bit of confusion /
frustration over duplicates
I had most of my like I had no problems
with duplicates up until very recently
at which point it became very difficult
to to get rid of some pesky duplicates
and find duplicates because they were
showing up in weird places but I'm
hoping that those are kind of like
software bugs because iCloud photo
library kind of does all of that up I um
so I'm hoping that kind of like it's
improved iterative Lee I don't really
know if it was the same for everyone but
the photos that I have issues with are
the same ones that keep duplicating it's
not like random ones it's like the same
80 or 90 photos that will duplicate and
then i'll delete them and then they'll
duplicate again later so it's always
like the same set of events and in the
last beta a tech air actually
triplicated those photos but it's the
same set so it makes me think that it's
something software or something that's
causing issues with maybe some type of
exif data that yes and that I guess it's
the same photos every time hmm I've I
have not been using it hardcore like I
still have my aperture library separate
mostly because it's going to be complete
pain in the ass to integrate it because
there's no you know direct import yet so
I have to delete my current library
merge them all in aperture and then
bring them back and I will do this but I
just haven't had a time to get around to
it yet but for me like there's a lot of
little implementation details they have
to fix their thing like the imports are
things like deduplication there are much
little features that I want a little
polishes that I'd love to see but all I
think this is finally the right idea a
lot of companies have been trying to
offer photos solutions but they've never
just worked the way I wanted them to
just work they always require too much
manual maintenance or you know
management or something and I'm sure you
know Amazon and Google whatever rolling
their own versions of this as we speak
but this really is set it and forget it
for me I just turn it along and all my
devices and I've access to all the
photos in photos for iOS and photos for
OS 10 and even if I upload something on
iCloud com they're just everywhere and
that makes me so happy because
previously they were not wearing one of
them when I needed them I stopped the
whole show with that that's awesome yep
we were all in awe of your management
solution this funny what do you think no
I if you have
given photos a chance and your serve on
the fence definitely open up a test
library that's that's definitely
possible you can build a test library by
option clicking on photos um and you can
enable iCloud photo library on that
library by designated the system library
and you can sort of give it get a sense
of what it feels like with a small
grouping of photos and then if you want
anything larger than that then you can
consider okay well maybe I'll put my
full librarian and I'll up the storage
and I'll pay for the plan Renee you and
I were talking a little bit about the
the cost of iCloud photo library and how
how that it seems expensive on on you
know on paper in front of you but uh but
in reality it may be more on par with
the other photo services it's it's
expensive in that Apple is charging you
full retail price like if you go to em
Apple uses amazon s3 and asia to store
all the files they're not doing the
actual storage themselves they're just
doing some stuff in the middle and if
you go there you start pricing out what
a terabyte is on Amazon s3 or on
Microsoft Azure it's it's not
inexpensive it's not super expensive but
it's not inexpensive what Apple's not
doing which is what some other people do
is they're not using it to fuel a social
network they're not using it to show ads
against sort of defray the cost or
subsidize the cost they're not using
your material as ads and they're not
harvesting your data and your
demographics and selling those to
marketing companies to also defray the
cost if you're okay with those things
and many many people are then it is way
cheaper to use someone else's library
you won't get the awesome integration
you get but you'll save a bundle of
money but if your privacy does matter to
you and if you don't mind paying premium
price for the service then you don't
have to worry like those those photos
are your photos and only you have access
to them you and your iCloud ID so go
ahead on something that people have to
really keep in mind too that a lot of
the pricing with that you're paying for
convenience too because it's not just
iCloud photo library its iCloud all
together and for me I don't know if any
of you have friends or family members
they'd gladly pay a little bit more to
set it and forget it and not have to
worry about uploading certain things to
Dropbox and storing I cloud data
somewhere else or just having iCloud
store contacts calendars and it's one
idea to rule them all so to me I think
for a lot of people the convenience
factor is a he
thing that maybe justifies the cost
Marcus uploaded I think 400 gigabytes of
photos over the weekend jeez yeah I you
know I was debating for a long time
because I pay for dropbox storage
currently and that's where previous to
iCloud photo library all my photos lived
and at the end of the day after using
the iCloud photo library beta it is very
convenient to be able to have all of
those photos available to you and us in
a second and also the way that I cloud
photo library allows you to manage your
photos with optimized storage and saving
certain photos and being able to access
low res versions I think that's really
really important Dropbox of course you
know you can access those photos but you
need an internet connection unless you
specifically tag it as a favorite and
you tag it as a favorite it only shows
up in your favorites column you can't
really see it it's not not quite as
seamless or or note perfect as something
like iCloud photo library that's the
point and this is a conversation we just
had with my partner's mom and it was
trying to explain to her that you have
to use Dropbox for photos and then back
them up you know every once in a while
or sporadically or sort them or this is
you have to have an internet connection
and then saying or you could pay more
and have this and instantly it was an
instantaneous I'll do that I don't care
so much at it in my photos app that's
that's what I'll do so I think that
that's important to a lot of people I so
I have a couple questions for you guys
mostly because you each sort of focused
on something different for this rollout
I'll start with you ran because you
literally wrote the review on it what
was your takeaway at the end of the day
on photos hey I just disable all of my
thinks um I really like photos for Mac I
think that it's a lot better of a 1
point 0 product than apples other
re-imaginings including I I work and
final cut and imovie and garageband
which have all seen sort of reimagining
Xin the past 5 10 years photos takes a
lot of all the good things that we've
liked about iPhoto and some of the pro
features found an aperture and kind of
meshes it into this wonderful easy to
use by
a wide variety of people um photo tool
it's not perfect it's not for everybody
and I think I start off the review by
being like it's not aperture if you're
looking for aperture look elsewhere this
is not the program for you but that's
okay because I don't think Apple
intended it it's not like it's very
different from the original rollout of
Final Cut Pro 10 where it gets rolled
out and all the pros are unhappy because
it's missing all these features and
apples like but no it's for pros will
update it photos for Mac may never get
brushes or other primo aperture features
that people really wanted to do in order
to manage their photos I don't know if
Apple ever wants to get back into the
Pro editing space they may have seeded
it um but what I do think photos is is a
fantastic consumer to prosumer tool for
people who are beginning photography
users for people who are not necessarily
old pros but have some background and
want to learn more there it's it's a
very nice and simple way to organize
your images and it provides you with
fantastic editing tools basic editing
tools again it's not going to satisfy
the prosta froze but it's it gives a
very nice and intuitive ability to brand
new users and sort of burgeoning
photographers to edit their photos and
have them look fantastic without having
to know the nitty-gritty nests of like
what is a white balance what's levels
what what's the difference between
brightness and contrast and what happens
if i use these sliders no I think that's
exactly right in Peter you wrote about
that I think you pointed out that if
you're not certain Apple is not coming
to your house they're not yanking iPhoto
an aperture from your computer and
stomping them into the ground and then
forcing photos down your throat at least
not yet yeah seriously I don't think
they'll send the secret police out until
at least two point oh so I think people
don't really need to worry about that
that much I've written about this a
couple of times now because it's
something that it's certainly an honest
that I've seen from from some of our
readers and some of people who I
interact with on social media networks
you know as far as that's concerned
aperture is working fine side by side
with photos at least for me and I use
photos is sort of my primary ingestion
point for everything whether it's on
stuff that I'm sinking through the cloud
because I'm getting this stuff from my
ipad or my iphone or SD cards that I'm
inserting from my from from my DSLR all
that stuff goes in photos and in this
stuff I want to add to aperture I just
used the add to aperture share sheet
option that's in photos and it works
great and I build project libraries in
aperture that way continue using
aperture aperture is going to work just
great throughout Yosemite is run that's
for sure and we'll see what happens when
Ted Wathan comes out you know in the
interim sure if you want to be investing
in a you know new workflow if you're a
professional professional photographer
or prosumer somebody who just spends a
lot of time this stuff obviously it
wouldn't hurt to look elsewhere well
that's lightroom from adobe or something
else but uh you know it's it's it's you
you can maintain status quo right now
very easily and just kind of transition
to photos as it makes sense now you've
been you've been keeping track of a lot
of the troubleshooting what are you
coming across and how easy is has been
to work around um you know I all talked
about a lot of the issues with the beta
because it's it was beta um the only
issue i'm still really having is the
duplicate issue like you said i think
there's other little refinements and
little things that apple can do to make
it a more smooth experience but overall
it's been pretty good in terms of what
readers are confused about I think I'm
we sharing I think people still asking
for yeah well family sharing the way
that works is if you have a family
sharing group there's a family album
that gets dumped into iCloud photo
library and I think it actually well it
gets dumped into the shared session
there are sections so iCloud photo photo
sharing is where it goes and there's no
way for you to remove that album so i
don't know i don't really like that
behavior which i could hide it but if
you have family sharing enabled iCloud
photo sharing has you covered there you
can just go into that little shared tab
either on iOS and I think it's labeled
shared as well on photos for OS 10 yet
is and you can just dump photos in there
and everyone in your family sharing
group will see that um I think
somebody wrote a piece on that too yeah
I tag team a little bit with Ali since
she has some experience with family
sharing but yeah we do have a piece
available on how to enable family
sharing and photos for mac as or photos
for OS 10 as well as how to use shared
photo streams to kind of get a similar
experience for people who want to just
share their entire library with their
all their significant others and family
hi for one thing I recommend against
that because in general like once you
have a unified library that becomes very
difficult to a bad idea yeah well it's
leaked I'm sorry I love my parents and
you know what I probably don't take any
pictures that they be horrified by or
anything but my mother doesn't want to
see me take 70 pictures of my
boyfriend's dog or cat like they're cute
but I think that might drive her and say
her threshold is a dozen yes exactly
she's like 20 pictures but that's why
Apple created iCloud photo sharing yeah
the exact type of thing so maybe I like
to see pictures of dogs and Peter likes
to see pictures of cats so you know you
could have different albums for
different things if you go on vacation
with a group of people you can create an
album where all of you can dump your
creative collective pictures in there
and you know you can sift through Matt
with it but sharing whole libraries and
iCloud IDs I think family sharing a lot
of the idea behind that was to mitigate
people sharing IDs to begin yeah it just
it gets very messy when you start
sharing IDs I've had friends who let
their parents use them for itunes and
then they you know log in the wrong
thing and wipe over people's iCloud
backups or delete things they're not
supposed to have your own ID and if you
want to share photos use iCloud photo
sharing absolutely I've just been
castigated by Peter again on Twitter for
misspelling his in a possible to spell
that or dude you keep tagging in there's
probably who keeps telling me I'm
podcast he's paying me ten bucks I'm
unmentioned just for the fame it's
amazing Covington one of the other
things this is our
in our Q&A section hobby is hobby hobby
help getting that right is asking this
have any of you experienced a lot of
slow down with the image picker on iOS I
instagram has been very slow for me
since iCloud photo library that's about
the only one that I'm having any trouble
with I think a lot of that has to do
with whether or not what you're viewing
is getting live streamed into that
picker um I've still run into issues
with a couple photo apps where I load it
and it takes it chokes up for a minute
and then it says this does not support
iCloud photo library that should
mitigate a lot soon I would hope
developers and start updating that but I
do think a lot of it is if you're
scrolling in time backwards that's when
it starts to get slower for me so if its
recent pictures that I just took that
are probably cashed in my device storage
it seems quick but the further back I
scroll the slower it gets Instagram is
yeah well I always want to say Instagram
should update but they're very slowly
Snapseed updated we have a new version
of Snapseed congratulations John awesome
too and I really want more developers to
do what Snapseed did and when exporting
the photo to my camera roll since
apparently what they they have an API
where they allow them with the
extensions kit you can have the option
of saving over the existing photo as a
non-destructive edit or duplicating it
and that's one thing that I've always
hated that if I upload a photo to
Instagram now I have two of the same
photo in my library just give me the
option to save over the original if I
want yeah cloudkit it lets you add
yourself to the non-destructive editing
pipeline and then you can go back any
point in time and undo or change the
edits you made in that app and then it
behaves all super awesome so yeah I hope
so then if I want a non-square picture
later on even if I saved over it I can
go and revert it back to the original
and you can unsquare innate it and
unsquare innate my pictures I Peter any
final thorough any final thoughts on
iCloud photo library and photos for now
back your stuff up people don't make any
changes to your Mac before back up
please oh and I should say that if you
want to backup your iCloud photo library
if you have a Mac with a beefy hard
drive just check the little box that
says download originals to this Mac and
then time machine or Backblaze or super
duper or any backup solution will just
copy that entire
curry and you will be safe and locally
sound or loudly sound and you can do
what I do and get an additional backup
by storing your library in your dropbox
do that as well so much the uploads
mm-hmm alright cool so we're going to
take a quick break and I'm going to tell
you about one of our favorite things and
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all you've got to do is go to
and feed your curious mind I actually
forgot to check before the show whether
they had tutorials for photos up but if
they don't now I'm sure they will very
quickly because they almost always have
stuff day and date if not week or month
in date it just it they are once again
the matrix beaming knowledge into your
brain in any way that is legally allowed
by current you know nations and
governments some of the stuff that
they're recommending right now Excel
2013 weekly office workshops going
paperless iphone and ipad security
fundamentals income tax fundamentals if
you've still not filed growth hacking
fundamentals if you want to increase you
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Peter you've used Linda calm before any
personal favorites oh let's see what if
I used it well I used blend it way back
in the day the first time for you know
some HTML stuff that I didn't know
before and that was sort of the bread
and butter for a while but you know that
that's the thing about Linda is that you
can find stuff that you didn't know
existed so if you have any interest
whatsoever in something on your computer
that you didn't quite understand it
Linda's great place to go yeah and I'll
say this again I I switched because
Jason Snelling Dave whiskas shamed me
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didn't know how to use things and Linda
calm you don't have to just watch a
course you if you have specific
questions you can go right to that thing
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why is it sharing GarageBand and bounce
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English being English there's just so
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this iOS development is it's amazing
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week that is Linda calm / I'm or ly slash i mor e thanks Linda you
are awesome all rights we've all next
the new macbook i have one here I'll
hold it up before Peter starts making
nasty yes does that me it is so
beautiful I mean I didn't look there's
no black on the back anymore it is metal
all the way down is that um is that the
space gray it is I saw one of those in
the apple store today and it is so much
more beautiful in person we can compare
it here on I'll hold if you're listening
to this I am right now holding up a
space gray macbook a space grey ipad
mini and its face great iphone 6 it is
all it looks like i don't know um like
you're you're frozen in carbonite or
like you're wearing Mandalorian armor of
course I just took a picture I took a
screenshot that we can put in the show
notes because it is pretty glorious nice
it's it is really it is better I had
high hopes for this because every once
in a while Apple decides to leap forward
in terms of laptop technology they did
it with yuna bodies they did it with non
removable batteries they did it with the
original macbook air and they've done it
again with this the force touch trackpad
the new keyboard the USB I i I'm gonna
do this twice in the show and I
apologize for it but I was really
disappointed in a lot of the reviews not
with the macbook but I was disappointed
in how the reviews went because it felt
to me like a lot of people reviewed it
as whether it be a good laptop for them
or not and people who are technology
writers as much as we love you you are
not representative of the mainstream
almost nobody plugs in external monitors
very few people plug-in peripherals
you're talking single digit percentages
for all those things and I feel like
when you're doing a review you can't
just go into a movie and say well I
didn't like and nobody should go see it
it's incumbent upon you to do some
filtering to say this is a good laptop
for these people or any bad laptop for
these people and just clearly try to
help people make buying choices because
that's what you're doing by reviewing it
you're helping people decide whether
I it or not and that is not at all about
you and totally about them so I've had
it for about four or five days I had a
chance to use it i love the keyboard I
love the force touch trackpad I would
say that this is probably the best mac
for mainstream people the closest Mac to
being an iPad the only reservation I
have on it right now the only way reason
i can't recommend it to everybody who is
mainstream is the price tag because it's
it's new technology prices you're buying
the future now much like the original
iPad air sorry the original macbook air
if what if and when this tumbles down in
price away the macbook air does I think
this would just be the default macbook
for anybody who wants more than an ipad
right now but the way it is priced right
now I think it really is for people who
really want that ultra-fast mobility and
want that sort of futuristic technology
sorry ultra of mobility not ultra-fast
mobility I just want or sort of all that
technology today sorry you tried it out
at the event do you have any any other
thoughts on it yeah i mean i also got to
play with it again today a little bit
when i was in the store um i still think
the force touch forced touch trackpad is
magic and i am really really happy that
they put the put the forced touch
trackpad in the 13 inch macbook pro i
think that's a good sort of tester for
people who need more powerful laptops
but also want to get a head start on
programming force touch api is because i
think force touch is going to be a
pretty big thing coming in the future um
as for the price and in general the bill
like it's a it's a beautiful computer
but it is entirely superfluous for quite
a few people i think it's my same buying
advice for the twenty two thousand eight
macbook air is evident for the 2015
macbook which is business travelers
great the average person who has a bit
of money to spend and really wants the
latest and greatest shiny thing great if
you already have a laptop or if you
aren't really looking for an
ultraportable laptop for one thing the
macbook air is still out there as is the
macbook pro so there's you know there's
there's lots of lots of other options
available to you unless you
absolutely have to have the macbook
right now yeah I went by Peter you've
gone through mostly generations of Mac I
tried to go back to typing on my pro and
the keys felt loosey-goosey all of a
sudden yeah that's what I'm afraid of
i'm afraid i'm going to get my hands
near this thing and it's going to spoil
me for anything else till it comes to
the other systems I know when I'm going
to be really jealous of you Renee and
that's at WWDC so if I if I you know
react violently at some point I
apologize i know you're going to put me
on the ass anyway it's a loner i'll have
to give it back I won't have it by dub
dub well that's probably just as well
because like I said I probably would
have to take it from you and look at
several times and so on other way yeah I
know I you know as far as the as far as
the performance is concerned that the
thing that people really need to keep in
mind is that this is the first computer
that we've seen from Apple that's ever
used this generation of this particular
iteration of the generation of event el
micro processors to it got a quarter m
processor in it quorum has been around
for a while but apples never used it
before and we'll work out custom to all
things being equal pretty powerful
macbooks the macbook air in the macbook
pro you know you haven't been able to
get anything with that less than a core
i5 processor dual core processor in the
i5 group for a while now there were no I
three macbook airs or anything for a
while now so you know it you have to
make another face value but I think that
that's going to be a differentiating
issue for a lot of people who are
interested in this thing I've been using
it again for four or five days now and I
haven't used well I got final cut on
earth like to eat for final cut for
xcode for anything that hits it hard
it's not great but when I'm browsing the
web when I'm writing when I'm doing any
of the things that normal people do
every day it's fantastic and to your
point about the broad well why type
chipset you literally charge this thing
the way you charge an iPad there is no
giant magsafe adapter and power brick
and something you plug in a little USBC
cable which looks your nook not
coincidentally like a lightning cable
and that goes into something it looks
like an iPad charger and that goes into
the wall and it feels it feels like an
iOS device it doesn't run iOS it's you
it's it has a keyboard it runs OS 10 but
Ali look like when you hold this thing
you feel like this is the closest cousin
a Mac has ever gotten to an iPad yeah I
had very limited hands on with it at the
apple store um but yeah I was very
surprised by how light and how little it
was um but the screen is amazing I have
yet to even join the retina camp on any
of my machine so sigh but um yeah I
typed on the keyboard for a couple of
seconds before someone pushed me out of
the way to see it but um yeah yeah sorry
about that i did me yeah it was probably
Peter I mean it had a giant whoever it
was had a giant green dinosaur suit on
so it's probably Peter yeah it's it's
real i really like it a lot the problem
i had with the air is that I would go to
events and have to use final cut and
even the air wasn't really fast enough
for what i wanted for final cut so i
switched to the 13-inch macbook pro but
this is a great computer i would i would
recommend this computer if my mom ever
wanted another macbook if most of the
people i know wanted one except for the
price when the price comes down in a
couple of generations I really think
this is going to be the go-to macbook
for a lot of people and Apple knows that
they're like it when just hearing the
tone of the event and speaking to them
in the demo area they'd this is again a
case of Apple going where the puck is
going to be it's the same as the unibody
as the battery as the ipad area costs
more to get these things to market now
because the technology is expensive but
as they get millions and millions of
them shipped all those prices come down
intel some em series court and
processors get more pop all this stuff
just regulates it just takes time so
right now you're paying a lot but you're
paying for the future and we should have
a full review up tomorrow i'm i'm
working my fingers off to the to the
force click bone try and get it done but
i think it will be any peter any last
thoughts on the macbook before you move
on nope no Ren no I am I really want
this technology to come into apples neck
other laptops and I am a little the one
sad thing about the macbook is that it
is probably our IP 11 inch air and that
hurts my soul a little bit i love my
little buddy that's all I when we
first announced it I was worried the
reason I don't use the 11-inch areas
because 720 or whatever it is 728
whatever the pics 768 too narrow for you
yeah it's not enough height especially
on web pages and I was worried this
would be the same because by strict
retina standards it would be 720 pixels
high when they're not pixel doubling for
this retina they're doing what they do
on the iphone 6 plus they're actually
scaling yeah it went eight hundred and
scaling it down you can actually go to
900 which is the same pixel size as the
13-inch macbook air which is enough for
me it's the same as my 13-inch macbook
pro but it's almost the size of the 11
in trend it's it's like the difference
isn't that much I'm skeptical try it oh
well hello light I I did pick it up in
the store today and got a little bit of
lightness envy and I say that as someone
who has a leaven inch sitting right here
the 11 inch is great but uh but the 12
inch is very pretty yeah I couldn't use
analytics I could use this and that
surprised me that was one of them the my
biggest surprise is with this all right
we're gonna take another short break and
I am going to tell you about another one
of our very favorite things and that is
PDF pense can pluses from the awesome
awesome team at smile and what PDF pen
scan plus does it gives you the scanning
and OCR power you need any beautifully
defined sorry beautifully designed and
defined app that's always with you you
point your iPhone or iPad camera to
document you hit the button it's a
receipt business card anything PDF pen
scan plus we'll take a scan
automatically crop it prepared for
editing all without a tab I use it
because when I travel we have a barbaric
expenses to my take photos and email it
to to the person who runs all you know
all our accounting stuff and I just take
the picture i use this I scan it it goes
in it gets to him and money appears it's
a wonderful wonderful system that I
which would expand to more things in my
life you can perform OCR text
recognition you can create a searchable
and shareable PDF directory on your
iPhone or iPad you can automatically
upload to iCloud or Dropbox your scans
are available on all your devices they
say the best scanner is the one that's
with you and this absolutely is the best
scanner have any of you guys tried it
recently oh yeah I know and yes
everyone at once I don't use it
regularly but I have someone in the
house that does regularly to scan
contracts and get signatures and all
that kinds of stuff and she flips back
and forth between that and scanner pro
based on what she needs and she loves it
so yeah if you work with a lot of
paperwork it makes your life a lot
easier nice so here's a couple things
that PDF pan scan plus does its touch
free scanning on your iPhone or iPad
camera detects page edges automatically
the camera automatically crops the scans
in camera setting for color or grayscale
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page size including legal business card
receipt sizes and more there's a new
version it's I'm going to stop talking
about and just tell you to go buy it
it's 2199 alone PDF pen scan plus is
silent saying there's a PDF business kit
bundle I apologize for that PDF business
kit bundle with PDF pen for iphone and
ipad which 2199 alone PDF pen scan plus
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sorts of fancy PDF editing filling out
forms that kind of stuff which you know
like Ali said it's good for businesses
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1999 and I I have absolutely no problem
paying for this software and I bought it
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more of this great kind of software and
the only way to get more great software
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that is PDF pen scan plus for iphone and
ipad from the awesome folks at smile
please go please download it if you want
you can go to smile software com /i more
that lets them know that you heard about
it here and it helps us out but either
way just go download it and enjoy thank
you so much smile alright watch try on
Friday came the stores open the crowds
the masses rushed in I know you guys
have gone for them let's let's start
with you Ali what happened with you um
the Tryon is the first thing that got me
excited for the Apple watch I haven't
really have been a little skeptical up
till this point
not a huge fan of wearing watches but
the Apple watch is a lot smaller than I
expected it to be in person anyway even
the 42 i feel like i could probably deal
with that i'm glad i got the 38 because
that's even better yet but um yeah i
really like the experience i like that i
was able to pick out a bunch of
different bands and you know go ahead
and try them i will say there were a lot
of people asking if you order the
aluminum face if you could order other
like stainless steel bands and if they
looked okay it's really going to be a
matter of preference i ordered a
Milanese loop and I got the sport watch
and I think it's fine I don't obviously
the pin is a different color stainless
instead of aluminum it might bother some
people I don't think it's a big deal I
think runs right on the same combo and
maybe ordered the same combo as well i
did and i think actually i got a chance
to swap it out in store and take a look
at it and i posted a picture up on
twitter i'm also going to write a have
an article up on I more later on Monday
that's about just how it looks and I
really think that actually the the sport
with the other bands does not look as
garish as you might think the stainless
steel pin is a little weird um but it's
not so distracting as to diminish the
quality of the band or the sort of
stylistic stylistic use from far away
you can't even tell that the Milanese is
not designed for the sport when you're
more than a foot away it this blends it
looks beautiful yeah we got fooled at
the event someone was wearing it and I
said also stainless steel I said no no
this is the aluminum with a militant and
I couldn't tell no a friend of mine was
wearing whose methyl engineer was
wearing the aluminum sport with a
classic buckle um and I was really
really shocked when I find when I
actually realized that I'm like wait a
second that's a sport oh okay yeah no
it's uh let's break it down a little bit
so you go into the store and first thing
you see is a table right from the demo
events and it's got a glass on top of it
and every watch even if the store
doesn't carry the addition there's every
watch there's thirty eight millimeter on
one side 42 millimeters other side
they're facing out and it goes from the
colorful sport collection to the more
leather metals of the apple watch
collection to the gold and rose gold the
auditions they pretty much go exactly an
order of price too so if that's of
concern to you if you look down the line
it literally does go in order of price
so you have the stainless watches and
then all of the bands that are on that
are in that row that's I think what the
link bracelet is the most expensive so
that will be off to your right and then
I think the Milanese is I think the
cheapest option minus the sword 150 I
think yes the sports than the Milanese
and the black link is at the very end
yeah oh and this like Price is Right
game and now on a price is right game al
he was like you're totally need to stop
a little guy when it gets to watch you
can actually for without going over oh
yeah pretty much the watch price is
right and then at the next table it's a
regular apple table with mats on it but
it's got these modified iPad minis that
have like the camera taking out a bunch
other stuff taken out and they're in
this pedestal this white pedestal that
has a watch with the band looped through
it so you can't just pull the watch off
and run I mean we tried and not nothing
to go so but you can try it out and they
coordinate the ipad with what's
happening on the watch so if you're
waiting you don't have anyone to deal
with right now you can go through and
sort of explore and it's not fully
functional like you know X cream
captures taken is turned off and some of
the settings are turned off and there's
no third party apps but rent it wasn't
too different than what we got to try at
the event no no not at all I what I
really liked about this and in contrast
to the event is that during the event it
was all very very rushed and very hectic
and like oh I gotta take pictures and be
crazy and this time you know I still
took pictures but I actually took time
to kind of play with the interface and
actually feel the resistance of the
digital crown I was really lucky in that
the store I went to had open
appointments the entire day so it was
actually really empty i also went like
right after lunch so there just weren't
that many people in this already small
apple store so i got to spend you know
at full 30 minutes with my with my try
on adviser who was great
and as a result I was like oh can I try
on these can I try on those and I ended
up trying on a whole bunch more band and
watch combinations than I had originally
kind of signed up to test PS if you
favorite watch combinations in the apple
store when you make your appointment the
your advisee will be able to see those
and have those ready for you so that's a
it's a fun thing so if you if you want
to go into your appointments super
prepared favorite your special watch
combinations um but yeah I mean my
appoint what was nice and smooth and
being able to especially with a sort of
semi empty store I've heard that they
had Siri disabled on some demo units but
the demo unit i tried had Siri working
flawlessly which is impressive i think
sarah works better on the watch than it
does on my iphone 6 which makes me a
little sad but i was able to talk um at
about three and a half feet away from my
like I wasn't even leaning in to wear
the watch was positioned on the display
table it was over there and I was
standing straight up and I just pressed
that I pressed the digital crown in and
I just started talking and I asked it
for directions to a couple different
places I'd tried to get it to text
people and then I just had it do some
straight dictation and it worked really
really well the only thing I think that
bothered me was since the the models
that you tried on weren't active you
couldn't feel the touch the force touch
or what is it called in the watch yeah
except dick yeah yeah I would have liked
to be able to see what that feels like
cuz you know you should be able to the
demo loop includes it yeah the demo does
include a very sensation of the various
taps that it gives on your wrist the one
on the that you can try the one that you
try yeah the demo that when it loops
around one of the first ones oh the ones
you tried on yes dead units they weren't
didn't have a demo units turned on or
powered on at all they had the demo
units that were tied to the table with
the idols to turn those on Allie like
they have to hold you have to turn them
on when they give them to you know they
did yeah I look like that one well tis
tsk to your to your try on
mine well of them are like that at the
Chicago store yeah well so my try on
person based they come out dead and then
you just have to hold the friends button
to turn them on and then they go into
their crazy preset demo loop at least it
at the store that I went to mine too
yeah we went Saturday and everyone that
I saw that was trying them on you
couldn't use them our advisor actually
tried to turn on he said oh no the demos
don't work there just for tryin purposes
hmm ya know they work yeah I would go
back there turn them on Ali yeah you go
to a different well there's a store we
just went because we were in Chicago so
we went to that store there's a store
that's about a little bit closer to me
here so I'll go to that one and see al
you you deserve your tag got shafted I
ok oh it's so depressing alright so Ali
which which washes did you try on I
tried on the silver sport with the white
band and then I also tried on a plethora
of other bands even on a saturday in
downtown Chicago it really was not that
crazy we were able to walk right in and
play with the demo units until our
appointment and um so each I tried on I
really like the classic buckle a lot
more than I thought I would it's very
light it's very thin I don't like really
thick I'm wearing a garmin activity
tracker right now and i hate how thick
this band is and that's my problem with
most watches i just don't like the bands
and i was really surprised with how high
quality the bands that Apple has come
out with are my favorites are probably
the Milanese and the classic buckle so I
ordered a melon azon launched two in
addition to the one the silver sport in
the white band well don't spoil you I
can ask you that next don't know spoil
okay alright so I ran any last thoughts
I thought the process in general was
there no there is a lot of confusion
maybe not all Apple customers customer
service reps into the day even if
Apple's sometimes don't always have
accurate information and there's been
things like telling people that they
can't use it without a without their
iphone which isn't true or that you
can't mix and match bands within the
same size which isn't true but I thought
overall the way Apple stage the process
well not exactly Disney like was very
savvy because you could walk in and you
get to see all the watches first then
you get to play around with the
kiosk things and then you get to try it
so it goes from seeing to learning to
touching and that to me was very good
stagecraft yes I think the build-up was
very nice and I do take it varies
between store to store and also the
busyness is the store oh yeah I mean I
feel like your best bet if you really
want some personal one-on-one time with
a watch to kind of figure out and feel
how it works is to go to a smaller apple
store now obviously not everybody has
that option um but if you do live in a
metropolitan community with several
apple stores I recommend going to the
one farthest out in the boonies I just
see you have a chance to to really get
some time with it and play with it and
yet the the associates may not always be
perfect but um that said I really do
think that they're trying their hardest
to sort of get everybody up to speed um
I really I really enjoyed going in and
having some hands-on time with it so
it's a it's a little bit different than
your traditional apple store experience
because they aren't just there for you
to play with you know you do have to
make an appointment to come in ah but
it's but the actual appointment time is
so worth it and really is i think way to
help sell a lot of these watches yeah no
I agree completely we have a question
from raid 194 you want some advice I
want to know whether to get the Apple I
want to get the Apple wash but I don't
know whether I should get it now or wait
for the second generation I know Apple
is great with first gen products but it
better it's better with 2nd gen products
we actually have this actually i should
recommend our buyer's guide I'm more
calm / apple dash watch buyers dash
guide we have all of this covered I'll
give my opinion that I'm curious to hear
what you guys think for me first
generation Apple devices I have my first
iphone my first ipad i have i think the
first macbook air there somewhere the
first apple TV i like them because
they're first generation things and it's
for me it's a good collector's item but
regardless of what you think it just
depends on what's more important to you
you can always wait the first iphone
didn't have 3g or gps second one didn't
have video recording third one didn't
have a Retina display the one after that
didn't have I you know LTE went after
that didn't have touch ID you can always
find an excuse to wait and you'll always
get something better if you wait but for
350 which is essentially a dollar a day
you can have it a year earlier
try it and be part of the process of
discovering it and yes the 2nd gen will
be better but you get to be part of what
makes it better you know like the
original iPad versus the ipad 2 we still
had an ipad for a year a lot of people
still use those ipads ran any advice on
on generation hopping um I I don't know
if I have any advice actually Peter Ali
well you know I think that if you can
justify to your school to get the watch
now or you've got a youth case where the
watch is really going to help you that's
great otherwise I don't think that
there's anything wrong with sitting this
generation out if you have to ask
yourself you know is this going to be
worth it to me figure that out based on
how you're going to use the device um
but yeah I don't think anybody should
buy anything just for the sake of having
it before anybody else that does on
their block that's just silly you say
that after you say you're going to knock
me out and take my macbook matter look
so different yeah but yeah taking
something and paying for it or two
entirely different things one thing
Ali's talked about before is a bunch of
our readers now get iphones every year
by selling their old iphone to sort of
reduce the cost you think that'll happen
with apple watches al you can sell wait
for the next yeah problem i'm sure well
and I mean to the readers question I get
asked this question by family and
friends and i'm sure you guys do they
bombard us right before should i get
this should i not get this and my answer
is always I don't know will you use it
do you have a use case for it because my
reasons are not the same as your reasons
so it's it's a personal decision
figuring out whether or not you need
something or if it's just a want or if
you have a really use case for it so I
can't answer that question for you when
I can't none of us can we can give you
the best advice but this is a first gen
product so there's there's nothing else
to get there's nothing else for us to
recommend to you so it's really a
personal decision especially with
watches because their personal devices
if we answer we're just trolling you my
general advice is always just go in and
try it on see if it's something that
fits your lifestyle and talk to an apple
sales associate because like the
specialists don't work on commission and
they're there specifically to ask
questions about what you do in your life
that might be reasonable for this
technology all right on that note we're
going to take our final break I'm going
to tell you about X
machina which is a movie a sci-fi
thriller directed by the writer of
sunshine and 28 days later the telecraft
calls it so the telegraph calls it
bewitching Lee smart science fiction The
Daily Mirror declares it an instant
classic it stars oscar isaac Domhnall
Gleeson and alicia of a candor and i
hope i'm pronouncing all the name is
right this they have sci-fi powers more
hurt me if not ex machina opens in
select theaters in New York and LA on
April 10th more cities and theaters
every week thereafter I I like the idea
of this movie I like sci-fi movies I
like watching all these kinds of movies
based on the trailer which for the video
people i will insert here I think it
looks terrific and I'm definitely going
to catch it because anytime the robots
take us out I think we had it coming
just do Peter the clyde you can save us
from the robots or the robots can save
us from the kaiju depending on which
side of that particular political
argument you lie on kaiju kaiju and
robots are the two parties in the
American system and I got that correctly
that is correct all right good so once
again go see ex machina it is in movie
theaters now rolling out to a place near
you hopefully very very soon alright now
the moment of truth we want to know what
everybody got there's rumors that you
know Apple is sold almost a million of
these Apple hasn't said anything yet but
based on the ordering process alone
either they were very few or they sold a
lot so let's talk a little about the
ordering the pre order process and what
all you guys got Peter what's let's
start with you you which one was your
ultimate choice 42 millimeters Space
Gray you know I went with what I'm
finding out it to be a very popular
model based on what other people are
saying but you know Space Gray has
always sort of suited my temperament my
personality best of any of the the
iphone colors and you know what did it
get something that we complement that
and you know something that would be
sort of understated and and basic and
quite frankly I was going to get a a
sports model one way or the other simply
because the rest of them are more
expensive than than I really
sigh so that that's it you know that's
that's why I went the direction that I
did awesome I should i forgot to mention
my mom went to her tryout appointment
today and she loved it she thought the
watch was stunning much much more
fashionable than she imagined that the
build quality was spectacular she loved
the looks the textures of the bands she
wants to buy up many of the bands now
but she'll say something that was really
interesting me my mom has arthritis and
she has a really hard time putting
jewelry on now yet she found most of the
apple bands really easy especially the
loop bands to put on and take off and
this is an accessibility feature that
didn't even occur to me we had Steve
Aquino write a wonderful article for us
about Apple watch accessibility but I
didn't realize the band's themselves
were really accessible so kudos again
Apple for paying attention to that sorry
tangent serenity what did you go with
and how was your ordering am i ordering
was seamless thanks to the apple store
app other than having to wake up to 55
in the morning um on my boyfriend's
birthday where I was like I'm sorry I'm
waking you up but I have to press button
he's like are you at least getting me
the Apple watch no no just for me sorry
I'm a horrible person anyway yeah it was
really simple with the apple store app
um even though I had a minor heart
attack because I was sending it to my
parents place in California which was
not in the Apple pay address field so I
had to really quickly fill that out
while hoping that my place in line would
still exist and I wouldn't get shunted
to june or something um but I I'm Apple
pay is magical especially at three in
the morning I kind of worried that I'm
going to sleep purchase more things um I
I ended up going with the 38 sport for
the first generation with a white sport
band I actually second-guess myself I
was originally gonna go with the light
blue and I decided to go white at the
last minute and after trying on the
white in person I I think I'm actually
pretty happy with that I think it's a
nice neutral color that will go pretty
well with most of the things that I wear
when I'm doing sport related activities
and then I got the Milanese loop as an
add-on band accessory which now that
I've tried it on in the store I feel
very happy about nice Ali I ordered the
things serenity didn't we did not plan
that in the morning we did have a minor
debate I think the day before was like
whoosh whoa what are we kidding yeah
coordination wasn't it i still didn't
know I think I text her like FML I just
don't know I have no idea what I'm gonna
get yo so for a first gen I knew I was
gonna go with the sport because again
personal decision I'm not the type of
person to wear watches I get bored of
them after about a week or two and they
never see my wrist again i bought a
pebble and I kid you not I work twice so
I'm still a little skeptical about
whether or not I'll be disciplined
enough to wear it or find a reason to
wear it that often i'm hoping i do and
then it's not more of a distraction than
my phone already is so that being said
that's why i went with the sport face i
almost I almost ordered a stainless but
i said no i'm just going to get the
sport and i did the white band and i
tried it on as well and i'm glad i went
with that I do worry about um the white
band yellowing I don't know we'll see I
mean I figured it a political sticks now
yeah they are for forty nine dollars I
think I could I can handle that so ya
know I don't blame you so I I have this
terrible problem if I'm at a restaurant
I never know what I'm going to eat and
then when the waitress ass I just blurt
something out at random and sometimes
that works and this was I was very much
the same with the Apple watch because I
got to see them a couple times and I go
through this this perseveration where I
I want to get the black stainless steel
but then that doesn't go through many
bands i might as well get the silver
stainless steel but then i might as well
get save money and get the silver sport
model and then the bands that I want and
but then I like the construction I think
materials better on this day and first
anyway so what happened was I did that I
had a couple of them saved in the app i
went there and i decided it's a first
edition it is ajani I've marked newsom
first edition I'm going to go a little
big before I go home so I got the black
stainless steel with the black stainless
do loop bands it's the only option with
the black stainless steel and then on
the side I got the black leather loop
and the black sport bend and I got the
melon as day to even though I'm not sure
it's going to go with the black casing
will see and that way sort of like you
know why and you can do the pairings you
want for the activities that you're
going to have and my process also like
the website wasn't loading from
but the uploaded immediately I bought
that I actually didn't see the leather
loop there and then when I was at the
store for the try ons the apple
representative said no no it's
absolutely available there and I liked
it slice I added more loops so I don't
know how many i ended up ordering but
way too many I just hope that they're
compatible with the next generation you
know well that's my big thing and that's
why I think I didn't go too crazy with
the bands because I know I'll have Hulk
anger rage if I'd buy all these bands
and then they don't work on whatever I
get next year I would think for
something like a watch Apple would
probably stick to the same pin
construction I would hope so i figure i
mean like there's a reason they built
this and they're not yeah they're not
they're not they're usually good with
that kind of stuff yeah i mean and even
with the phones it's every other year so
i figure we'll be safe for at least
another year and i got to have an
especially fun Apple watch try on
because as I was standing there with jim
dalrymple Tim Cook crashed the place
which was a lot of fun and I mean that
well weird that well bearded man that
well bearded man who then people were
like whoa who why why is that hobo
attacking Tim Cook I think that was you
Peter in point of fact it was but yeah
Palo Alto was what it was really good
for the try ons and Mark guime from
mobile nations went down to New York
City Fifth Avenue and shot some video
for us so we have all of that pictures
and video and stuff up on the site and
Apple does these events really well they
have a lot of they have a big team they
have a really good team and they're very
well they're very good at coordinating
these things so I feel like this was a
very well organized event for Apple like
as far as like pre-orders I I mean for
the 6 and 6 plus i was awake for at
least an hour and a half trying to get a
pre-order through I feel like this
wasn't as bad and then in store it
wasn't as bad so I I really like and I
think Peter wrote something about Angela
Ahrendts saying something about
mitigating crowds or lineups I don't
know but I like this much better being
able to walk in and try things on and
see things and not have the chaos that
comes with iphone launches also no
scalpers yeah I absolutely yeah I love
that and also Ali to your point two
words no contracts
not having to deal with the cellular
providers and provide you know
authorization for for subsidies all of
that like screw that helps a lot with
their internal that depends on the
carrier servers for those orders to them
they don't care windows XP in their bag
never know I realize just how big the
demands gonna be so I think it was a
fantastic move by Apple to limit them to
online only um it's just it's so much
simpler and I think people are much
happier to just see the fact Oh a
million people order this so I won't get
my watch until May and that sucks but at
least I know and I'm not hammering on
the website for two hours pull on the
apples right described the apple store
app is a really nice ordering experience
like I think that's even how I got my
six plus or six order through was
through the app because the website just
died in a fire somewhere and never came
out but it I really hope that Apple
expands upon that because it kind of
adds to the ease of ordering Apple
products and not having to have a
computer to even do any of that I'd like
to just be able it's I always get my
laptop during launches because I never
you know control our command our command
are here just refreshing but I'd really
like to just be able to roll over and
grabbed my phone and know that an order
can go through without actually having
to get out of bed and maybe that's
asking i'd like to say Siri make sure I
get this watch and I just can go back to
sleep and insert that would be good I'm
obviously not asking a lot compared to
Renee alright so this edition one more
time of the iron more show was brought
to you by ex machina sci fi thriller
directed by the writer of sunshine a 28
days later it is in theaters in New York
and LA starting april 10th more cities
and theaters every week thereafter
please do go and check it out tell them
I'm or sent you also brought to you by is a problem solvers
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the interwebs where can they go I am at
I muggle on all of the social things and
on I more every day Peter Colin at large
f as in frank la RGH on all the social
things in HIV and there is a dedran a
good we're gonna tattooed on your wrists
underneath your Apple watch I'll get a
set up for that immediately I will want
a special floor game og from from from
Apple for the Apple watch and of course
on I'm welcome nice red etc Nessie tter
n at all of the things including Twitter
and Instagram and on I'm more calm
hopefully more today photo is how to's
all the photos how to's so many photos
that use for that you can go to I'm more
calm / photos oh s dash X it's
pronounced n but it's actually written X
as / Apple dash watchful of all this new
show notes you don't have to remember it
we're going to be doing the shows a
little bit helter skelter for the next
couple weeks because I'm going to San
Diego affinities going to yosemite
there's going to be more watch craziness
going on but we'll keep everyone up to
date whenever we record them certainly
one is yosemite yosemite starts i
believe on april twentieth and goes from
the 20th to the 23rd it is put on by
coco comp which is a fabulous
organization for doing conferences and
they decided that this year oh they're
going to have a conference in yosemite
california to commemorate the release of
it was 10 Yosemite and talk about
Apple's products I'm really really
excited to go and be able to speak along
with a large group of worthley really
awesome people including jim i believe
as well yeah jim dalrymple is going on a
trance Jason snow that's right that's
right Jason is going um Nevin is going
as well as his wife Kristen Morgan who
was a interface designer for rogue
amoeba there are lots of lots of really
cool people I think there may be like
one or two tickets left I would check
there's also many people like I English
but you right now but him yeah Oh guy oh
that dude that guy it's such cool it's
so cool because like we're gonna talk
really good technology than they're also
integrating the beauty of yosemite by
asking us to go on walks and things like
that in between the conference i'm
really looking forward to it i think
it's gonna be a good time and the best
part it ends the day before the Apple
watch release so I'm gonna drive I'm
gonna drive home that night and then
wake up bright and early to get myself
my Apple watch fingers crossed oh yeah
mine arrives mid may well see how that
happens oh no all right uh thank you
guys so much thank everyone thank you to
everyone who watched us you can find a
recording of the show on YouTube I'm slash I'm more video or in
itunes just look for the iron more show
you guys are the best community on the
web we thank you so much for joining us
if you haven't recently recently please
go to itunes please leave a review leave
a rating it helps them know that you
like to show and then they'll feature us
and we'll get more awesome people like
you everyone have a great day and enjoy
your Apple watch try ons

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