iMore show 451: Live from Ull!

by birtanpublished on October 3, 2020

I'm the Actors Studio yes there's a garbage bin that's where I trained yeah it was time you were 30 months yeah well uh let's get the show on the road and we're rolling all right we are rolling dude on the state it is it is the 31st 33 mr. eckers it is the 31st all right March everyone it is March 31 2015 I'm Rene Ritchie and right now we're going to talk cool conference Tim Cook Apple watch and photos for OS X 0 msn I OS X OS 10 OS 10 you never saw be extra this is it the Steve Jobs book says the X well this book is bra is the I more show joining me this week we have an illustrious some would say an

Incomparable handle starting to my right guys going to be called well hello how are you I'm good I'm nairaland oh you can't see we closed yeah we wouldn't be back with but we're actually find beautiful as those of you who are in our studio audience know we are find a beautiful lake where there's lots of rice or in front of I suppose what's a brain now that's is whiskey this entirely filled with this pen sign now this room is exactly as scenic as the podcast listeners will see it yes pretty much also use your picture ports also joining us we have a Georgia down or you

Don't get i'm here i'm actually we're actually in our back office we're not even in Ireland don't ruin the illusion sorry no it's really set it up that's why we're all so tired and joining us our very special guest Jason snow thank you for having me I brought the microphones me weren't you yeah Jason we are here by the generosity and good race of cases and also thank you Jason it's teamwork teamwork Sharon is getting so ah cool conference read this is our first year here yes it is my first time in Ireland ever which is super exciting um I'm not gonna blast so far I mean

Married so this is art this is our day like this is the I'm or Sora show is kind of starting our I'm wardrobe for the day so pretty us know we've just been able to sort of sit back and relax and enjoy the conference attendees which has been fabulous there are betrayed talks except for Jordan store to dinner top yes your grace yes it was great I'm Jason I guess you were on stage yesterday so Renee I have to tell now finally you guys we woke up we stumbled out of the hotel room we sat down in front of the grants that's that sir

That's our job so far tough job no but they are the tops of an absolutely fantastic when I Jesse Chara Horace dead you know dash um also spoken already surridge sir oh jeez yes otherwise Thompson Kanye West have been everywhere hi Kanye West body unsung heroes honey is done here when he's on our minds I spirit and Georgia your clock was on motivation I talked with some motivation I was very motivated to get the top done so that I could relax afterwards there's a lot of fun you don't podcast and another talking location yes that's that's what I'm doing yeah it's gonna be

A lot of stuff filling up the day just very motivated gotta be pretty motivated yeah and we were on the OL show with yeah you got to find out what i go through every time I record debug with my English yeah oh yeah yeah God guys in a few style is idiosyncratic hearing it is it is we all look guy so it was fun to having you guys his guests we all we got to ask me questions it's true I was like you didn't really know us exactly hotel me more goes a little bit like crossfire it was a little bit intimidating I just want to get that out in the open we were there to make you

Look good okay you have a good Jon Stewart I you make the Daily Show guess the South was this I was replacing that's true I don't know his name hey remember his name Rep Emma no Trevor Noah thank you I knew we had two first names yes me two dozen Noah from City think it's good to be a lucky quick show and he takes over that's Renee playing the bad guy I'm every enemies yeah I guess so Wallace fantastic it's a single track conference in the tradition of c-4 singleton well a bunch of awesome yeah a bunch of awesome chosen he's done a great job moving it forward state of the

State of the conference arts yeah no I mean I really enjoy as I was saying there's a camera crew wandering around getting everybody's opinion so well and as I was saying to them what I find really sort of special about was that you have the traditional conference tracks and you have sort of varying lengths you have the full length you have the light and talks that are going on today but you also have these rooms these experiences I know we've got booked time she got really excited to try its second iteration from jason i meanyes you spoke a little bit words I I

Have yes I've been in the time machine not traditional I was in the original time machine Callisto is that a flux capacitor in this year it's the TARDIS The Time Machine technologies under wraps and then they're not really talking about the details of how she went forward in time to this moment right this is Sunday jason i think system guys Jennifer Brooke who runs the time machine is very courteous as a machine operator she drops you off back more or less where you left off so that way you avoid a lot of nasty Amy Pond is now 18 or 19 but yeah you don't know

Please so while they were here at apple news continued didn't stop just for our benefit how dare they how dare this there are some ongoing things we still we're finding out more and more about the Apple watch experience and a little apologize i want to take this moment ever works at apple retail and whichever specialist gets georgia I want to apologize in advance because if you've ever seen her at a restaurant then she's gonna go in and she's gonna say can I have the steel watch with this band on the side i have this pen the weather loop on the left and the the milanese on

The right you're gonna make them cry well the first thing I'm going to do is I'm gonna have to try on all the watches even the ones i know i'm not gonna like because maybe i'm wrong so I'm gonna go through them i'm going to try them on my tiny my new child like risks and then i'm going to decide if i get a large watch face so I can steal your bands or am I going to get the one that's probably suited for my mind your arms but you have to test out the experience I think everyone should what you should try it out and see so they already good she had everything almost every watch

Imaginable not on at the same time is complete but it would be really cool I would really love to be what my favor just be couple watches if I still working out retail probably selling for me to work yeah I would just be I exactly that's how you're going to see on a street okay lady what about out a lot so there's actually so there's a picture i was i just uploaded all of my photo library types library I kind of like to plunge another twenty thousand photos and it's like a little intimidating I was going through customs and there's a great shot of me in

2009-2010 lives just not my still works travel retail um where you know the ipod nanos would get like little more advanced right so it was Christmas holidays and dirty Christmas anybody who's ever been into an apple retail store i gets a little bit crazy huh to the point where you know the employees are working eight to 12 hour shifts its get you know we're all little tired all the loopy stores are open till midnight so there's at one point in time i took the ipod nano our bands I put them on like gauntlets and then I just went around basically Wonder Woman is famous

Kyra yes pretty much funding from Android shots yeah yeah so the long and short of it is if I ever went back to work at Apple that's probably what I would do during a holiday season with Apple watches and I really hope someone does that it takes picture because if you're Lee if you're planning to leave your career at apple retail that is the best multiple way to go still do with the addition because that the security might get nervous did you try them all on are you are you conflicted about sizing no I'm uncomfortable with a larger watch so I'm okay with it I it's

It's a harder thing later than I expected but I'm okay because I blowing water like the larger watch isn't that much larger it's not is yeah you're exactly right this is a choice between large and small 46 and 30 tubes is large or medium and small you get yeah unless you have risks like this yeah in which case that I mean actually you know what I tried on both 38 and 42 and the 42 is not terrible 42 is actually totally usable on tiny small wrist it just feels in pictures to me and this in a general usage it feels slightly clunkier on a small wrists than the 38 does the 38

Feels like piece of jewelry on a small the 42 feels like a SmartWatch small wrist it's the difference between the real estate area though that's like really my thought is like being able to touch the screen I would rather a larger screen and versus aesthetics of i think that the smaller watch would look nicer on me and that's kind of my eventual thing we're having tested both the 38 / 42 at the hands on areas both in September and again earlier this month the 38 to me does not feel navigationally why's that much smaller to me than the 42 so for me that kind of

Between that and the aesthetic niceties of it again it's like if I if it was just about a SmartWatch and just like meeting the SmartWatch power than the 42 makes sense for my small wrist but like Apple is intended like Alex closer watching I wouldn't always I will is marketing these things at expression accessories and apples marketing these things fashion accessories and they're going like they're taking the time to make it look like potentially a piece of jewelry I might as well get the one that is properly sized for my wrists so that I can wear it out right plus you're

Still gonna have your phone so if you want to play a game or two weber's one of you all of you know all at once you can still actually open your purse or tip neck like an animal an animal and and look at it there so I think that back sister I'm justice Jason Sol I'm not asking if you would actually know the answer this and it's more fun to ask you but if you were working at apple retail and someone came in for their 15 minutes or their hour of luxury edition time um what sort of recommendation would you make up your family through friends say how do I get the most out of

My time with the watch yeah having divided at times would you say they get to pick the case first go for the band's first make the salesperson cry uppers which I will I think you start with the software I think you I think you show them why this fits into their lives why they want to add this to their iphone and then and then yeah I think you I think you look at the bands in all the different combinations because it's confusing it's good as a as a potential level watch buyer myself I am confused by all the different options and and am convinced that some of them I have to

Try on so getting getting that try on time and saying oh did you know that the the Milanese Luke is doesn't your arm hairs and is super saw keypad with metallic and to let them have that experience so that they know oh I am confident by mess or oh no I can't wear that name that that's really important because then you're making a pretty large purchase so getting that extra time in early a discursive pillow the idea of 15 minutes knowing I have a deadline to stretch like it makes me go in there and I'm worried about my time already so here's the things I yeah I

Don't actually think that I'm gonna feel worried about it because that's actually the truth but once i'm there at least I'm getting some hands-on experience but really you've already gotten to do it but at least I'm gonna get I already have an idea in my mind I think that budgeting for me is going to be if you just you one because I know next year I'm buying another Apple watch so I'm probably not going to want to spend a ton of money but the band's I'm gonna get to keep so that I might want to spend a little bit more of an investment on and just to feel does it into the arm

Hairs are they cold how happy are they how easy are they to class on my arm is our that's a good thing because I loved ones going to fall off we won't have we don't have official confirmation this but it's been suggested that the bands would linger for a generation or killed yeah well and unless the less they form factor the Apple watch either significantly changes or significantly reduce skin width or in death I suppose you're going to presumably be able to use the same classmates of mine um probably not forever because you know Apple has a tendency to change ports and

Things like that yeah exactly it's like that they will do the Lightning port version of the of the Apple watch back to that point and you know we try them on in September and we tried them on in March and the hardware had improved oh yeah I'm not just the software but like everything about the watch I got substantially better than just I try not mine yeah I mean Apple I Apple certainly not sitting on their laurels it back in cupertino being like do-do-do-do-do I guess we have a watch your point although you can say Galaga I'm just using these keys no um I mean they're

Spending significant amount of time this is there i mean this is the first major host Steve dog spot and it's not I don't think that anyone on the executive team is necessarily like biting their nails the way that some analyst setting applets do Steve Jobs would never you know what I don't think any if they're not they're not in that mindset but I do think they want to make a good impression and they really want to make sure that this product which they like cook clearly cares about and is clear really invested they want to make sure that that's set the stage and as as good

As it possibly can be I wouldn't be surprised they weren't squeaking like little bits in the hardware yeah it felt different and you can tell they change them the processing on the aluminum money i believe is laser now and it just it doesn't come up quite a spider-man sticky as the stainless steel one now a little bit different edging and some people might like that because it is 62 your finger before and some people might find they don't like it because fixed your finger a little more yea i meant pressing it in while your time oh yeah yeah there's going to be some usability

And the thing to shock me is asperity my a couple times saw people wearing with vanilla is a band or the link bracelet and thought it was a stainless steel and it wasn't was the aluminum and it's like I know some people like we match up I can spot that from 300 miles away and say no that's called a to metal conflict and but I was full I don't think there's any problem with getting aluminum and then getting my time yeah I don't think so at all and you know there are plenty of Apple engineers out in the wild in San Francisco and elsewhere for wearing musics for beta testing in the general

Atmosphere and we've seen some just wandered around said just so a big one yeah exactly the watches are just there they're floating around in midair no good like on on people's Princeton there's a wide variety of band combinations with the stainless steel with the aluminum like it's great do they really do it's hard to describe because people see them in pictures and they look so much better in person than they do even in the pictures I think that's going to be the thing that people noticed in the final area so for people that are going to want to buy the watch

Me do you say they're going to be buying another watch new year in which cases would you say that they might get the same as steel instead of just lending sports so I mean like so this is this is my whole spiel on this I mean we saw people there at the event who think nothing of buying twenty-thousand-dollar dresses they wear once or taking a twenty-five-thousand-dollar trip to the Emirates or you know like they make all sorts of things that they do with their money because there and this some people will just wait the second generation I want this now so I'm

Willing to pay $350 a dollar a day have the future right now and some people I think once they decide they're going to get the watch they are just stainless steel watch people just like some people are gold watch people and for them the material is going to be less than the idea of buying the watch they'll choose to buy the watch than whatever their their socio-economic conditions are they'll get the watch that they would get normal mm-hmm like on the watch boutique I mean I I definitely am leaning more towards aluminum that stainless steel in part because I want

To have a stress tested a bit with roller derby and in part because I way to put good people with it I'm not going to people with it it might get hit in the process of fuller Derby uh no I mean I I don't want to put too much investment in upfront because again i want the future I want the software I want to be able to see what the watch experience is like to bring to my date day but I but I'm also not like I'm despite being bullish on the watch I also don't want put so much money into a first-generation product that you know by the time the second generation comes

Out it's twice as fast I'm you know I'm going to feel very foolish for dropping eight nine hundred dollars so i think i feel like it means to my again in my socio economic standpoint where it's like buying i am privileged enough to be able to buy a new iphone every year at a watch you know probably every year but six hundred and fifty dollars seven hundred dollars is still a lot of investment so as a results like seeing where I can you know alleviate that cost a little bit and focusing on like what what I can reasonably spend without making my accountant cry it's probably a

Probably like the account you can afford what continent I don't know if you've heard this too but there were a couple people at the event to ignore some fashion people you can tell there are fashion people because they had like hair that doesn't exist in nature and layers of clothing and it looked like that hunger game there was I'm serious yet note really did or good element and they were saying that this is Johnny I've height of his powers this is mom and use some the exemplification of all his fellow 30 years of crap and they were gonna get stainless steel or gold

Because they because it was first edition and they wanted a first edition eyes work you some on the shelf that's a really interesting way of drinking up in as a black dress I but yeah as a bit of history let's put on their shelves with all the dresses that they were one time is gonna be in so much a museum oh yeah everything about the museum right words like we saw like I have my dad's original iphone so i actually get I didn't get the original I waited until the 3g which I feel that I still have that original he's saying that if you

Know they're there is something to be said about our old problems it's all right yeah i still have my cube i still have the duo like i have i have a wide variety of older macs i still have my classic which I you know spent untold hours on as a kid um so being able to have those products like I definitely understand the appeal of like the sentimental value and from a you know these are you know these are collectibles in a certain way they may not be twenty-thousand-dollar pieces of artwork hang on all they may not have you know but they still they they have a

Place in some people's homes just the way that other people might spend it on you know autographed posters or movies memorabilia yeah people get attached to their stuff if Apple means a lot to you and that's a part of your life that you want to remember them you might choose to keep hold of it but myself I am going to enjoy the watch but I don't see that there's going to be since there are exactly the same except for differences in color and durability which I'm going to destroy the watch up through here no matter what watch I have I I could have a adamantium watch and will not survive

A year it's Georgia down no no it's not gonna happen get out of here it's my first big part of Avengers just hard to get out to Georgia Georgia just make a Marvel Comics reference before you yes I know everything changes i am disappoint your photos in Ireland is likes you you are literally I people who lived here like your six hours in the future I just tweeted out this podcast and I realized it was 930 am back in New York time and 630am back in San Francisco time and when I'm there I feel like I'm living in the past now it really like I don't happen that's not the lottery numbers

Are you got to make a flash that principle yeah all of these are copies reference before me and get all these product make us feel like we're living in the future are made in California yeah well designed in hell yeah maybe send the more have everything in the moment you tell us yes painful Ferris probably I wouldn't ship if I had found the secret to hover boards and I was in China and I was like you know what given my phone I'm leaving out the reports just let me got the watches forget it maybe it's almost almost big enough yeah why put it

Another foot or so my biggest problem is and I had this problem with when I go to restaurants and it's my version of private burger crazy is I I can't decide the last minute then I panic unemployed something out and it's going to be the same thing in the want i'm going to go that i'm going to say the only acceptable alternative is the carbon black stainless steel with a black man i'm gonna say but then no you can't get other bands then i have to go to the stream of steel like the silver stainless feel then you might as well get the aluminum because it looks the

Same with the band and then look at the blossom oh no I was the bad falam again and I just feel like this perseverating and cycling in my head and then you blurred up go go go yeah 35 37 yeah she and she was like i went by all yeah I no no I blame I blanket PRS I do not expect that to watch something and that was uh yes was we actually got them to hang out a little bit at the table and you can see you'd like a retail process and it's pretty cool so you have this like an apple retail table and they have these glass covered watches in it you can look at them and see them all and then the

Sales rep has the special badge they can tap on the side of it this beautiful drawer just opens up like like a magic Apple Magic it's like a little lick it's like a hidden yeah lights out anyone is it all the cats marcellus wallace enriquez almost half of one position he's got a 20 years ago yeah again they have all the watch in there they can take them out and you can try them on and then like if you don't buy to look back in the case backe I there you know I bet think I bet they're just try on balls yeah you know the other one loop wrap them in run we just got to

But they do do the taps they do like the loop is the same loop i think a new version of work on any songs rep tell me yeah it does tap and it does give you the full experience and you're gonna feel a full watch experience so you shot to bible on what I really love about this is that the thing that always makes me really nervous in jewelry stores I haven't gone into me again they make me really nervous you go up to the glass case and you can I have to like look you look awkwardly you're like that's nice and then attend it comes over it's like oh do it you need me to unlock this man

And there's a whole process of like lifting up the glass and you're afraid once they drop it and then all of a sudden that responsible for untold thousands dollars and glass shattering all over it's a panicky thing then Apple watch just lay the glass stays intact yeah last never has to be lifted it's just it's all under the table uh forth but and it wasn't a much friendlier right they're not trying to intimidate you they want people to go in try on the watch get attached to it and then like a new puppy you have to take it home today this is the wash you were looking

Billions of saying you know what you can come in please try it on even if you're not gonna buy it that's a great user experience versus having a really expensive high and you know jewellery company where they don't want you to touch it there so worried that your walk in they're gonna know sir the gap is next door you walk into any apple store and they all know the jewelry's know visionary was talking about it like they see me coming to keep the starts closing this is if you think about this is a product that you really need to be a company that's going credibly strong

Retail presence to sell Google be my largest yeah imagine if you were trying to sell this product and you didn't have I mean that this is a difficulty with a lot of the android stuff is you can't really try them on many places no you can just order one and see if you like it and send it back if you don't but with Apple they've got that retail power and they can they can use it turns out when you land rity giclees you have all the littles of money but they also get to control the user experience which if they were turning you over to a different place they would have to give

The user experience but who knows what it might be like I think separatism those partner stores is full to be an apple trained staff question inside their little special Apple watch a story a story yeah well the retail stores have really been one of apples great trials because you think about all the way back at 2000 2001 I know so many people who bought a mac directly as a result of oh I wandered into an apple store one day and I found myself playing with one maybe on a break and then I came back another month and before I know it I'm walking out with an

Ipod and iphone to maximum and the macro chair it's like it's the halo effect it comes it comes in slow and then it kind of rushes on you like tidal wave right on the ability to actually try out these things in stores like I can't imagine an apple where the source didn't exist an apple tried self home yeah like the iPhone the iPhone was one of those things that sounded really nifty when you saw the key announcement of course like Steve Jobs I on stage performances was next to none but even with that I was really skeptical because we need all seen touch screens up until that point

You know resistive touchscreen technology not very impressive it's like all right yes I've used a similar v theater I'm tapping I'm trying to scroll and it's super slow and see jobs can show me that this all this magical multi-touch technology it's not resistant that's capacitive it's very different but until you actually pick up the thing in your hands and you actually feel the responsiveness scroll and you're able to interact the various apps I think that's the that's the true selling point of an Apple device is actually feeling how easy it is to you

So there's one thing you can't really try and that is the day to day life experience if you're gonna have this gizmo on your wrist you can't have to feed it every midnight you can't get it that way hahaha love me the gremlins references but that you really are going to have to learn that you're adding this to your thing is one more thing to charge us one more thing like to take care of it's going to add incredible convenience to you but it's also going to add a little bit of overhead it's going to be the cost versus benefit ratio and you really want to make sure

And I think that I was going to do a great job with this one is that people are don't understand it's not funny how much too cumbersome it's often become to anxiety because really having at least with your phone if you have it all off or if you have it on do not disturb I have no sounds on it and you put it into your first you're not going to constantly notified of different things and so that's my greatest worry is that now i will know that you are ignoring all of my messages because i know right now it's like Georgia the house is on fire and missing your purse over there

Astre I could have gotten 18 messages I don't know anything Killian Jason saying if you give my thought five minutes right right exactly but I think that that's going to be one of the big differences of people to get used to is how do they interact with something that's going to be sending messages just to them immediately 24-7 all right so Jason the trial start on the tenth should people go immediately to the minute the appointments are available should they get the first one to be line up or should they do speak their time and watch like listen send the test

Subjects first it's the elevator need space depends on how bad you wanna I mean I would imagine if you're one of the first people in the door you will be you will be beta testing the new sales procedures from the store employees of that that could be entertaining but I mean how much no said are you okay or sign up at least yeah that's true but it's a different it's a very different way of approaching product so we'll be learning curve for everybody but you know I think it depends on your excitement about buying the watch it's going to completely determine how is

Anyone here getting it immediately all right Yeah Yeah right we're inner confidence of the donor conference yes and a company with two hands one for friends alright so scratching gears slightly um we have new photos or OS 10 coming out yeah that's going to hit with 10.8 point 10 min my career choice 9.7 1010 great 930 make up a song for it I need a jingle um so I this and this is apple's plan to fundamentally change the way that we deal with photography they're making photography a system-level feature they don't want people to be moving SD cards using

Cables backing up to dropbox to nass servers they want you to take on your iPhone it goes to iCloud photo library then we get in my to import stuff into photos for OS 10 and it goes into I club library they want to manage your storage we had that conversation with Leo on Mac break where he's like I can't delete the photos on my phone and we're like they would just sink back and I think it's going to be a fundamental change on how people approach to photography yeah I think it's really exciting in the sense that i have so many photos now and my primary max don't

Have enough storage to hold the originals which means i have to off load them into other places where they're not accessible to me without a lot of pain and I want to have that whole library just at my fingertips so the premise is really great I think the problem is apple a' is in the process of working out what happens in all sorts of different scenarios the one that i found out is if you've got 20,000 photos and your iPhoto cloud library your iOS devices want to download little thumbnails of all of them you can you can take up like tens of gigabytes of

Storage on your iphone without downloading the full resolution photos and that's just not going to work there has to be some state that happens when Apple's like whoa you've got a lot of photos in your library I then that is just gonna load them on the fly instead of eight you know though and there's no time and they'll work on it um because the promise is so great that it sits in the cloud so theoretically it's that means you know you've got a cloud copy they want to let go i ran i have been meticulously managing and manually Tyler I've been doing everything it was like

My dollars are automatic now I still want to shift the Holy I don't know what little thing it's like I really appreciate coming right like a five-speed it's really fun to drive you have a certain amount of control over it but you know where five-speed really sucks at is sitting in traffic like if you're stuck in bumper-to-bumper having to shift on your Lamborghini it's hard to drive in front of makeup as well I well yet all right so i am going back to two computers for a second like iCloud photo library I was very nervous about it because like most of us I have set a

Long time curating my photos and I had one really horrible photos back up disaster 2007 which resulted in using about 10 years photos it's really scary about pretty much know all they all photos i take officially at scanned up to that point so I'm worried about trusting digital services with my photography I just took the bullet and uploaded everything today the most recent data so i have 20,000 photos in the cloud of damage that earlier on and it is surprisingly functional I was actually I was pulling up the the storage uh that they've been taken up on

My phone so I have optimized turned on for like twenty thousand photos um and it's loading oh thank you that's what I'm but no so optimized storage what I find really interesting about it is it's not just we're going to take up a flat part of your device if you're going to say optimized and I only want to keep my favorites on my phone and please delete as I you know as I need space um it actually looks at how big your devices as well as how much space your device is taking up with other needs so if you have say it's why you gave me your music library um and it appropriately balances

It from there so I have optimized on right now um and I have a I have a 64 gig phone I've used 42.2 gigabytes of space there's eight point three gigabytes of photos but i also have thirteen point seven gigabytes available on my phone so even with optimized turned on my photo library Apple didn't say oh you know she has 20 gigabytes on her phone let's dump all of that into photos Apple kind of looks and says alright with a you know takes an algorithm it says okay we have this much space to work with we want to give this person this much space because they

Think that they still might want to download say apps you'll be able to access the internet and not have their phone rogers back yeah cuz they're out of space so we'll a lot x amount of space and that space grows or shrinks depending on what necessarily you're doing with elias right so like favorited pictures will be their most recent pictures will be there frequently accessed photo to be there the photos you haven't looked at in four years ya know Sophie from 2008 you know those will be safely stored in the cloud or no one has to see ya which I which I really

Appreciate this as you were saying Jason like the the nervousness of about optimized photos is the well I don't want it to be the way that I've been managing my iPhoto library till now which is take 30 days of photos and try and squeeze it onto my macbook there and then upload everything else to an external drive I've seen George are like when she originally had a smaller iPhone if you want to take a photo and she had to decide which photo shows going to delete to take new one and Georgia has her husband Anthony is in IT departments he

Literally is a mighty department and he would have to manage this with their honor computers other other devices would you are you gonna believe in honest I'm probably not I I one as I like to have control and so I'm probably going to run backups but I don't like having all of my photos on the club it's something that bothers me it's still a discomfort to me and I also as an issue of privacy so I also deal sometimes I throw those appliance photos of like credit cards to be able to transfer things photos of other things that really I have to make sure that those

Are immediately deleted afterwards so for me because I'm taking photos children doing things or art that they've created or having to send receipts to set the clients it's not going to be workable I mean and I don't think that Apple is going to have a viable solution any babe wiska stood by the camera boy no just like private browsing you press private Campbell those photos aren't sport anymore they need to expire I me yeah that'd work you really don't sort like what I got I'd have to be about the catera yeah take a look what I just need to stay all them

Is this experiment for you are you prefer yes I I would like it to work if it works I will use it mostly because I like the idea of essentially having I photo now the Photos app but it's it's very much I photo um with everything in it on all my devices including that imac with the SSD and that macbook air with the SSD because right now I can't look at those photos and its really frustrating but I don't have access to my entire library because it's just too big for my devices without plugging in X an external drive and it's a bit slow and his mess so I I wanted to work the

Cost of paying for iCloud storage now is awfully high there are competing cloud storage systems out there but just going to work as well with apple stuff so that makes me more inclined to use apple stuff even though it's more expensive the Amazon exmouth unlimited well if you're in prime it's free and it's irrelevant photos since like fifteen dollars a year yeah brother is an apple is still is it making money nine a month for a terabyte yeah yeah yeah it's just a lot there it's too much I'll be interested to see if they pre adjust that in the coming months a year

As say after they actually go on iCloud photo library but like i've been using drop-offs up till now to slow my entire photo memory I just plopped my like 40-50 gay guy photo library into dropbox and some people are a little bit worried about that because I photo has some weird cue list issues the case a result when you're sinking but um like I I really like that in some ways cuz it feels like okay great all of my photos are there I but the ease of use of being able to pull them up while offline the thing that I actually really like about XL photo library I would step up plane

Without Wi-Fi gasp I don't like a team um this is my living kind of I know um so it's like I mean I I was looking for something to do because i had forgot to download a book that i wanted to read and i was just looking for my photos and i discovered that even though I was completely offline and i have often by storage on so i only really have you know over the last thousand or so sword on my phone um ipod photo libraries sort of thumbnail capture allows you to see low res versions of all of your photos and it allows you to manage and delete anything pretty much everything except

Edit them without having the full res coffee downloaded to your device so i was actually able to go through a bunch of photos and screenshots and stuff that i had taken way back in 2012-13 that i have just never had any time to manage and i managed to do like all of this clean up putting things into albums everything when i was offline and a little voice in the back of my head is like there's probably sorry I probably just wasted your dinner baby yeah exactly I probably wasted two hours of my life is still gotta reset the second to connect to the internet um but then I

Get you know I get on the ground and i turn my phone back on and everything sound like so synced perfectly I'm saying oh it is so all of that work that I was able to do outline and being able to view 10 20 thousand photos while offline is really special like even if they're Lola's copies like if you're looking for that perfect internet meme or you're looking for that dumb picture of you you were a kid or your kid when they were you know very small normally you'd have to like in my dropbox scenario I have to pull up drops I'd have to have a wide

Hide caption unless I favorite photo ID have to scroll through and see if i could find it and then finally put up with iCloud photo library was as simple as being like photos go out to year I'm a year find a cap in tap it tap it over the last thing it's just like that that kind of ease of use in that kind of simplicity makes me very hopeful again there's a lot of there's a lot of thinking questions to be worked out there's a pricing thing to be worked out I really don't like the fact that i have to pay now the dropbox and iCloud photo library and beats and itunes badges like

It's a lot it's a lot of subscription services we haven't even gotten to paper to be yet so well one thing i was happy about is that if you do have one Mac that has a big beefy driver external drive and you put download originals to this Mac you can then back that up over time machine yet back that up over super duper or you even crashplan or backblaze and then you have like you know you're to local coffees and you have your to plow coffees and you're a responsible internet citizen your precious moments are safe and secure or you can do the even more ridiculous thing which is you

Can take sort of originals to your Mac and have your library still blowing Dropbox so not only are you downloading it to your Mac you're downloading everything up to drop a photo sen right yes photo suction yeah alright so we should be seeing that at some point between now and wc hopefully sooner rather than later fingers crossed and hopefully it works that you know really really well germs Tim Cook was in the news again did another object his off had last year was very famous his coming out about that this year his op-ed was about and I'm gonna get this wrong

Because I'm Canadian and all your laws are confusing them and scary to me but there were compositions in several of your states that what you have many yeah Indiana and Arkansas yeah and I don't know what they were about but a lot of people in internet were really upset about them I'm Tim Cooke came out and said that basically Apple believes in equal opportunity equal employment and yet something he'd been fighting for for years and he did that first time his personal Twitter account and then in an op-ed and reaction was interesting some people are like why

Don't you shut up and run apple and other people are like you are you are being that role model that you know that a lot of us desperately wanted and desperately mean it and you know he's doing all this as he is launching the watch as use your moving other projects forward and he's got new phones an iPad Jason let's see what's your take on you do this is Karen really love this Tim oh no idea i love that any introduces himself we know who you are you're Lucas action is incredibly different than you are you know I be able as calls are even less confusing than they were before and

Yet this is Tim hi Tim uh you're the CEO we know who you are so you know he said last year he doesn't want to remain silent about issues that things are important but also what you see with the this trend which is these they're they're essentially called religious freedom laws and the idea there is that people if they've got specific religious belief can in some ways ignore other laws because they're from religion or for religion well it is it is a very complicated thing but what I would say is lots of businesses because this is about this is basically about saying

That businesses can now claim a religious belief and refuse service to people who they don't match the businesses religious belief and a lot of businesses in Indiana and businesses that do business in Indiana used to serve white Catholic rich people well i mean this is this is one of the arguments is that technically not only could a bakery refuse to make a wedding cake for a gay couple they could also refuse to bake a wedding cake for a divorced remarrying Kumble if they were Catholic Jewish right so there are lots of there are lots of issues here but I

Think the broader point is that a lot of businesses in Indiana and who do business in India that want to say we're not doing that we think this is a bad idea we are open for business for everybody and I think I think it fits into that too not only is it fitting into Tim Cook story about his own personal journey and believing that people need to be treated equally in with respect but and then that goes for religion and for sexual orientation and for you name it but it's also a business issue and he's also sending the message that Apple is not

Going to obviously but you know play that game and line up on that side with a lot of big businesses that are in Indiana it's fascinating redirect because I Steve Jobs was famous for it just works and he was pure business you didn't want to get too if you want to do charity that was on your own time you wanted to do civil like civil liberties that was on your own time Tim Cook is not it just works as we believe but he really is moving out the port as a social power not just a economic power he's not just doing these as business decisions and you know he's doing this

During the times of his launch where it is gonna probably armed now their bottom line is still that they're gonna do just fine but it is going to harm the bun one there are going to be people that are going to be angry at Apple bit of a deal with it and he made a conscious choice of saying this is so important to the movement of the nation I want to make sure that I an apple stand up for something and I I think that I really commend that I commend that he not just speaks about things but he actually backs up and he backs it up with his own money he's even stated that he is going

To contribute after you know taking care of his family and schooling he's going to give this money that he earns to charity so this isn't just on paper as Matthew's education to get all the rest of the money so this is not just someone that that talks about how this is important everyone else should do it this is someone that walks it in his life and so I think that it's he's a wonderful staunch advocate for helping move the nation forward and I think it's really brave of him he's taking from from certain positions a lot of slack and he's I think it's just something

That's very inspirational well some people said that it was a little bit Hippocratic because he's not starting with apple and apples executives and their boards and their their keynote yes including with other people's laws well I mean I don't necessarily agree with that it's not like saying our Executive Board can only be straight white males I mean obviously they they have acknowledged that they have it they have a diversity problem last year's divorcée air quotes kind of that first step to being like here's where our numbers are there not what we

Want them to be here's how we're going to fix it I mean you and I account discussions before about how I'm still not thrilled that there hasn't been an apple executive a female at the old executive on the on the stage or on the keynote or any of the launches and the fact that Christy Turlington was the first woman to be on an apple stage in five years like they're definitely some improvements they need to make it that in that front um but that said I really do think this is true than smart both business decision from cook as well as a very a very welcome personal stand

Because to Jason's point I do think that it's really important that Apple did make some sort of statement about the slaw because again they do do business and being in Indiana they have employees who work in Indiana the retail store and elsewhere um they need they need to be you know they need to make some kind of statement but it could have been just a press release you know it could have been from album marketing just saying like Apple anthems this law or Apple did Apple the company does not believe in this and you know this is this instead we get cooked publicly and personally

Condemning the law and basically saying you know not not only does this car my company not believe this but I'm also taking at first and which I which I appreciate that coming from a dual fork because it's very easy to hide behind the corporate shell which many people are ya his signature on he wouldn't say that he said city's heroes were Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King jr. in it he wanted to he wanted to pave that road he wanted to put his brick in that road and it is interesting because you know as much as he comes out in the sweater and it reduces things that it's almost

Like it like the happy awful he does have that ability like he's got that southern charm but there is sort of this presence to amend this and I think lending his personal voice no way is much more powerful than Apple court you know saying anyways of course he's a very powerful man and a lot of people look up to all of the things that he's been doing and again Apple products are everywhere so it's a wonderful thing that people that buy Apple we buy into not just Apple as part but also what is the ecosystem what does that stand for and he stated specifically we're not a

Discriminatory we're gonna serve to everyone we don't stand behind us yeah and it's the theme of this conference is motivation and I think sometimes people just don't believe Tim company comes out and says what his motivation thought I think it's pretty clear about this I think he really means the stuff that he said we want to make great products you want to enrich people's lives yeah his his story is one of you know what what motivates us what makes us believe what we believe in that on Apple that means these are these are the reasons we make

These products and in his life his life story is a very specific one you know he grew up in the South witness racism firsthand was a gay man in the south growing up so witnessed issues presumably that he hasn't talked to in a lot of depth about relating to his life whether it was directly to him or just to others and that's part of his personal story too so of course those are in his values and then and those mention in a certain way with apples core values which already exist so I you know I I think it's powerful I think I think his story is powerful and it's

Great that he's standing up for the biss because people need to there was some becoming Steve Jobs came out go yeah yeah and there was a lot of press surrounding and apples executives lent their weight to it and a couple people asked you know originally Tim Cook intuitive took over kappa was doomed they were actually headline saying fire Tim Cook and those have gone away but I every interview he still asked about Steve Jobs you think we'll get to a point where Tim Cook is the story and steam develop a sort of mentioned every once in a while what do you think you

Just steamed up being Steve Jobs always gonna be there I think that if you know you never he's not going to be able to trace Steve Jobs he's going to be able to do something different and give you know a new difference a little bit of his own pathway to a plan which is wonderful because he's actually doing my charities he's dealing with different social issues and making apple a much more social company which is great because that's the time that is turning just with culture in general so I don't think it's ever going to go away i think that people will always want to know

That's just because he's so I hanukkah because we lost him too soon so there's a piece of morning that we go into when we leave someone before we were actually ready to lose them and so he's probably going to have to deal with that but he deals with it with such class and grace and i don't think that bothersome i think that he also felt very strongly for see you know the huge personal relationship with it so yeah i think ii don't literally well yeah I know I I really do feel also the narrative has kind of shifted from that you know can you any replace Steve Jobs

Is this man you know the true successor to Apple we really have moved on to Tim Cook's apple and what Tim Cook's apple looks like and while I think that see job will always be a part of that narrative because see I mean Steventon more very close and arguably like jobs like their their room but their working relationship has negley shipped like shaped how cook his way to build Apple that doesn't mean that you know he is a soft palate but it means that like see jobs will always be a very important part of Apple and thus I think will always be part of the Apple tentative

But I do feel like even in that most recent the most recent interview that he gave um it was very briefly mentioned yes you know his name is on the door yes you know I still think about him but I don't go in the office every day and it's not you know it's not it's not the shrine of Steve Jobs it's the this is cement well this is my mentor and this is you know my friend and we want to keep the spirit of the company he started alive going well in the future was a little that was a weird passage in that interview wasn't like we keep the shrine but we don't like the candles

Every day I mean yeah but I you know I feel like we've gotten there where Tim is being judged on big Tim Cook whereas right after Steve Jobs left it look as well what is the job of an apple CEO if it's not Steve Jobs and so it was very much like putting Tim Cook in this Steve Jobs shaped hole and now it's like Tim now we have started to have a conception of Tim Cook being tim cook and like oh this is what Tim Cook does which we didn't have before and that I think that says something that we now have this idea of like this is what Tim is going to do that we didn't have when he

Started and are things that he does that you know like himself on a call well where the streets I would have done it or not there are things that are that you can tell feel like 10 club yeah um so the last thing I wanted to bring up is also coming and it sometimes gets overshadowed by the apple watch becoming September 10th is also the new macbook wait an April 10 sorry I'm so bad at I just live in the time machine also coming April temp is the new macbook which has been you know we talked about this right after the event it sort of been like the original

Macbook air I spin if you have an idea like should people be pre-ordering that should they go into the store and try to you know this is for you you know this is for you yeah I mean I feel like with any PC new technology and the for such truck has definitely technology but being able to go in and play with it it's definitely definitely helpful but the macbook I mean the macbook as it is the new macbook is designed as a very niche product right now it is the leading edge future technology that Apple's put into their latest and greatest notebook and I don't think it's

For everybody I feel like it does have a very sort of specific set of use cases right now and pop it up costs which is to say like you know if you're if you're a need the future and you want the future and you have you know both of you know couple thousand dollars there random yeah exactly you can you can look at it and you know instead of making that part of your lifestyle I don't think it's the puter for people who are like yes I need it I need a replacement for my macbook air I need retina anime to be powerful that's not funny one the only funny getting a mac book right away

So the army along for the museum's it seems like it is like in the map app is like for aesthetics over power like it's just it is beautiful it is stunning is about or more not a goal but you can choose that you get a space gray you're like the only acceptable color it is setting the goals is really pretty I never liked old I didn't buy and usable like anything but I like the point as well which is so sad but it really is aesthetically beautiful if you're not going to be a power user you need to get something and you're just going to be you know getting something for your mom

Horseman else that is not no not that long as camping power users can I have relatives would keep putting us feeds the magazine showing up the machine and the level of stress about only having one port to worry about is fantastic for them they're like there's only one for it and I just hear Syracuse in my mind going I need 18 of those dumbbells it's done if it's not for you if you're worried about the number of forts and I and I find it there's kind of fascinating psychology of people getting upset when Apple releases a product that they don't want they get

Mad like how dare they release a product I don't listen to your regular there's any big problems some people wanted some people will want it down because when we talk about powerful I mean yeah this is a quorum processor it's not that fast but there's a whole huge percentage of mac users who don't me and that power yeah and so for them it's fine it's thin and light and it's powerful enough and they don't need anything you know anything to plug into the fourth other than the power plug and they're happy they're going to be happy with it it's just people in our circles we think

About this stuff a lot everybody did you lie to pose and doing a hangout and you know it may not be for us no but that's okay and that's okay thank you George Georgia has had very influence on us because I do wrong with that judgment no judgment no just say say our tests are a safe zone yeah so uh big big spring apple hasn't had a big spring in 22 years there was nothing up a double wdc and now april fields jam-packed to me yeah i mean this entire year is going to be it's pretty plug something for Apple between between the macbook between the watch between god knows what will get

The pc probably anything on some more cars yeah um but yeah it's a radio tonight rise in the in the fall and Apple has a really really strong point 15 and I'm really excited biggest product line up Eddy Cue exceeded a long time no painting please yes well um maybe a new Apple TV Jason that's what that's what everybody's saying it's about time its last time it's long past time so I hope we see that at wwc or there but do they have to have their act to get like so like there's I'm in Georgian I encountered and that means whenever awesome content DLC people

Island notice to whatever awesome content deals come with an apple TV won't get him no we asked you guys need to feel Canada without yuh so it like to eat we only care about the hardware and the hardware could have been released years ago yes no problem with the hardware has been done and you would that that team is the Apple TV team is under atque it's not under like the same team that does the iPhone the iPad um those people can just ship one hardware software ready when you have services phone in its gets all crazy and it must be really frustrating for them but for

Us it would have been the same box you know last year as it would be this year it's just you guys who might you know people subscribe to ABC you get the better sorry canada for I world rowf that's how dad you askin you muscle nice honestly that's just how that's just how it goes apples strategy and most company strategies is give it up eight if you look Apple is actually better at international roll out of there as digital things than any other companies because that will start so we still on an Amazon like they said we'd have it in 2008 I checked my watch I took them on

My Apple pocket but I took my watch this past few thousand eight yeah my name's Jim Elizondo yeah i was on video stuck in Ireland no yeah so don't lie feel for you I would even get that so yes when you I so we have the a Milwaukee are the new macbook gotta probably be a new macbook pro no brains all finally tripped enough bodwell trip to supply it Apple TV new iPhones Eli Patek I want a vacation it's a big year you are making me tired listing last day when Apple feels I mean they got actually go a simple the NOTAMs OS 10 and versions of iOS yeah like we're not even talking

About the software I stopped hearing what you're saying after you said well there were words come out of your mouth like yeah iOS iOS 10 foot 11 sorry dango dolphin yeah they're naming convention numbers continue or not yeah maybe it's like a clock and get 11 and will get 12 go back around yeah I'm still saying iOS can I think it's just it's just time to well I like after iOS mine is next you're gonna be iOS iOS olimpica okay yeah I hope not no to the music yeah pretty much too much that the press requests are in the museum so Jason if people are interested in

More of your fabulous shows and just you in general what can they go besides right you're right i can write buns massage right here you could read things I read about technology on six colors com you can read things I say about whatever on twitter and you can hear my podcast at relay FM and at the incomparable calm and you began couple episodes come you know you finish your your revenge of the sith back outside yeah what we've got we've got some current up so if it's up as watching a bad movie called the ice pirates which is a bad night or tortillas on I can't

Believe it either you don't have your chance with another terrible movie at a later time I can watch and total party kill is on there which features at the dungeons dragons playing talents the older episodes of syrupy coldwell and the current episodes of Georgia del Sol if you'd like to hear these people play Dungeons and Dragons on the internet for your amusement that it is available i'm just gonna actually do that and James and I here we are doing something comfortable rated actually at a wall and a lil later today apparently there's going to be a performance of the

Incomparable radio theatre did you know about this no wasn't aware well we'll see which I made aware recently that this is Depp yeah George Oh Devon you where were you where you found on the interwebs around you can catch me on I symmetric podcast podcast artists about gaming isometrics about gaming from different perspective and respect to others I'm on to a party kill I'm going to be at before but I books are feminine yet NS not you know and I got sick of Don velvet let it break guys here I don know they do not know they did not and you can also check him out on Twitter to

Actor John sort out Brody I am online at Saturn sut te RM on many many other things including instagram twitter i'm here at all I am I more calm every day I'm on the incomparable calm and here's the ozone an apple floating elsewhere sometimes I am on skates praise yes exactly I don't have ski or more trips this year I'll be somebody later this year later this son next month that's what is later so what you're going yeah Jason and Jason guy will be okay give 70 along with a host of other really really awesome people and also Yosemite both the tickets

Haven't sold yeah yeah you kinda crazy Go Go Go some of these out of 70 Alec oh yeah Coco calm cool if Ali was with us you would be able to find your at I'm mogul if Peter was here you will find him at flower you can find me a pranay Richie we're going to continue doing activities from here we're going to have debug at 6pm british summer time yes i believe is 1 p.m. eastern time and 10am big time it's a miracle of the egg bedroom I think you're probably right I will send out tweets of your general direction actual you can find me at Rene Ritchie to make sure you keep following

Six colors I more all the things for the Apple coverage coming up because it's gonna be a lot of it in no one's sure I said no need to know the I more show was was taped before a live studio audience good the crime I love you

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